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With professional craftsmen the situation is clear. Every tool must be of the highest quality so that it can withstand the daily hardships in the workshop and at the construction site without complaint and over a long period of time.

Whether as a hobbyist DIY, professional handyman or just in case - in your own four walls there should be a certain basic equipment of tools available. There is always some task to be done, whether it is briefly putting up a shelf, hanging up pictures or renovation work.

Especially with power tools, many tasks can be done professionally without having to call a specialist. But nowadays the consumer is spoilt for choice. We therefore set up power tool reviews from various suppliers for their costs and benefits. So every reader can decide for himself which tool is best suited for his own needs.

Everyone must decide individually in which equipment to invest and how much to spend. It depends on how much time you spend working in your house and garden, whether it is a real hobby or just the bare essentials.

However, a certain amount of basic equipment cannot hurt and can easily be accumulated over the years. Even as a Christmas or birthday present, hobby craftsmen are always happy to receive a high-quality electrical appliance.

When buying a power tool, it is always important to pay attention to the quality - after all, you want to have something from the tool for a long time and the purchase should be worthwhile. But which power tools should not be missing in a good home workshop?


Also a jigsaw should not be missing in any hobby workshop. No matter whether a piece of furniture is to be adapted according to your wishes or something is to be built and cut to size, a jigsaw can be used for particularly precise work. Here, too, it does no harm to find out exactly about offers and criteria before buying. With a jigsaw, a larger investment can often be worthwhile, because accurate and frustration-free work is only possible with the right quality. Finally, it is also important that the jigsaw can be operated well depending on the user's experience, because this type of power tool is not a risk-free device. Users have a choice of different handles and the weight of the jigsaw can also be a decisive factor in deciding for or against a purchase. Ultimately, however, it is the gear and of course the saw blade that influence the quality of this tool.

Table Saws

Not only a jigsaw, but also chop and miter saws can be useful to a hobby craftsman in many situations. They allow clean and accurate angles to be cut. If the quality is good enough, it will accept a chop and miter saw with all types of wood. When buying, the consumer should pay particular attention to the quality of the saw blade, which should be adjustable. The precise settings and the power of the motor are also decisive criteria when buying cross-cut and miter saws. Finally, good operability also plays a role. Especially for laymen, it is important to invest in a safe and easy to use saw.

Hammer Drills

The hammer drills are also power tools, the purchase of which is recommended for basic equipment in the home workshop. This is because they can already be used for smaller jobs. The main advantage of the hammer drill is that it can be used flexibly - whether you simply want to hang up a picture or work with materials such as wood and metal. The impact drill in particular proves to be a helpful all-rounder in many situations. Before you have to ring your neighbor's doorbell or ask a friend for a hammer drill for every little homework, you should get one of your own - you usually get something from it for many years, often for a reasonable investment. Also branded devices are available in simple design for low costs. However, in households where hammer drills are used more frequently, it is worth investing in a professional tool that offers particularly flexible use with various attachments and, above all, is particularly powerful.

Drill Drivers

As a real DIY enthusiast you are dependent on a good cordless drill. Therefore you are able to drill holes completely wirelessly, for example to attach dowels for a curtain rod or similar. But when choosing a good cordless drill you should pay attention to some important things, which we point out further down in our big buying guide. In my main website you will find reviews of the best cordless drills from the various brand manufacturers. So find out directly which models are suitable for you.

Portable Generators

When it comes to portable generators, most people probably think of camping. This form of independent holiday has been enjoying increasing popularity for years. A portable generator makes camping comfortable. You don't have to do without your power-operated devices such as your beloved coffee machine and your mobile devices are always charged. However, the practical portable power generators are not only used for camping. In the course of rising costs for craftsmen, the DIY market is also booming. When renovating and especially on building sites you will hardly manage without the mobile power generators.


Every home and business should have a ladder, because it is very useful in everyday life and is always needed. Namely, exactly when there is work to be done for which your own height is no longer sufficient. This already starts when windows are being cleaned, where even a small folding step is usually not enough.

Ladders offer a much more stable foothold and at the same time a device on which a bucket or other tools can be placed or deposited. But also when installing lamps or other diverse work, the ladder quickly becomes a helper and is needed again and again.


Your car is not only an object of daily use for you, but also an investment of value and money? Then you probably want to ensure that your car is well maintained for a long time. Polishing is one way to perfectly care for the paintwork and to remove minor paint damage, matt surfaces and scratches. However, polishing your car by hand is very time-consuming and it also requires a lot of strength. In order to save time and energy, the purchase of a polishing machine is a good idea. But where do you find the polishing machine that meets your requirements and is also affordable in price?

Oscillating Multitools

With the electric multitools you can perform various tasks such as grinding, cutting, scraping and sawing. Some of them are even suitable for polishing, engraving, cleaning and drilling. Materials such as metal, wood, plastic and glass can be processed. You can use the multi-functional tool in many areas thanks to the many attachments. Learn more about the top rated multi-tools and their features in my review on my main website. In my guide you can find out even more information about the multi-function tools and you will learn important purchase criteria. At the end of our guide I go into more detail about the results of a multi-function tool test.

Paint Guns

Wherever a new coat of paint is needed, a spray gun provides a fast and even application of paint. Large areas can be sprayed just as effectively as rough or difficult to reach surfaces. The advantages are obvious. A fine atomization results in an even application, which would be difficult to achieve with a brush. A spray gun is suitable for applying paint to walls and objects as well as for spraying glazes on wood or spraying oils for rust protection. In my paint spray gun review I will introduce this practical tool for applying paint in more detail. I have evaluated a number of spray guns and consulted a paint spray gun test report from the do-it-yourself people and have contributed our own paint spray gun experiences.
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