MyKaryotes is copyright © 2011-2012 Christopher Kyle Horton (a.k.a. WarriorIng64). This program is free open-source software. You may freely re-distribute MyKaryotes and any derivatives you create with it, as long as you provide your .gm81 (or any later Game Maker file format) source file along with it, change the copyright information in the ShowAbout() script and other relevant places, and don't claim you wrote the original software (giving me credit for it would be nice, but not required).

You may freely modify MyKaryotes as long as your changes are made to the provided source file and are recompiled to create a new executable. That version of the modified source you create is the version which must be redistributed with the executable you create. YOU MAY NOT DECOMPILE THE PROVIDED EXECUTABLE UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES; this is frowned upon in the Game Maker community, and part of the reason the source is provided is to make this unnecessary.

Any derivatives you create must also be distributed under this same license, albeit with copyright information changed for your version. You should keep this license freely accessible in the F1 Game Information text and in a separate LICENSE.txt file.