SavageEd Documentation

This program may or may not be distributed with documents
and source.  The only required file is "SavageEd.exe"
There is no installation.  SavageEd does not write to the
registry unless the user specifies through the options menu.

Change Log
-fixed version somehow got reverted back to broken version
-on update, recent menu removes files no longer available
from list.
-replace with empty string now works
-fixed find/replace not replacing properly
-fixed find/replace not replacing properly
-small update that prepares for future language versions
-makes NFO viewing with TERMINAL font easier
[1.3.1 was not released, changes included here]
-fixed rare bug that crops up when File Open dialog
is canceled.
-font color now works
-added "Background Color" to Options
-consolidated find and replace under one menu item
ctrl-r still works, but opens the same dialog as ctrl-f
-find/replace now work wih multi-line text
-fixed Replace All sometimes not replacing all!

-fixed bug in cancelling "Save As" of Untitled documuments
during Auto Save.
-fixed recent files under private profile
-recent files now only save one copy
-added new Menu Option Recent Files > Open Most Recent
-changed behavior: switching from "Use Private Profile"
to "Use Registry" no longer deletes any existing
SavageEd.ini file... in case user decides to switch
back and wants to restore previous settings.
-changed behavior: automatic log entry for .LOG options
no longer changes the modified status of a document unless
user makes changes directly.
-fixed double log entries

Added recent file history with 10 file memory
and new related options:
Recent Files > Open In New Window - Clear On Exit
-check your options menu, some previously set itmes
may have changed.
-added Documents to help menu - only works if SavageEd_doc.txt
in in the same folder as SavageEd.exe

Printer margins are now preserved
Added Read Only option.
New function shortcuts for 'Word Wrap' and 'Read Only'
Adjusted position of context menu to go under caret
Fixed a commandline issue- not opening files with
Fixed focusing
Added context menu support
Fixed saving location of SavageEd.ini file.  Now it
properly saves in the folder where SavageEd is launched.

SavageEd is designed to be a small, fast editor-
front utilyzing Microsoft Windows riched20.dll

This software is open source freeware written in a high level assembly
language (HLA).  The only necessary file is SavageEd.exe
The author takes no responsibility for the use or misuse of this software
or any damages real, implied or imagined in any form.
It may be re-distributed in whole or in part, with or without sources
bundled or stand alone.

Most basic functions you would expect in Notepad.exe
are included in SavageEd.  This short documentation
will cover only items that may differ.

File Menu > New Window
This menu option executes another instance of SavageEd.

Edit > Find/Replace
This opens a find/replace dialog that allows searching and replacing
multi-line text.

Options > Font
Allows you to select font, point size, effects and color.
Changes will affect the entire document.

Options > Background Color
Allows you to select a color for the background.

Options > Autosave
With this option selected, SavageEd will save the current
document without prompting upon quitting (including quitting
via ESC key).

Options > Stay on Top
This option makes the SavageEd window a "top" window,
meaning it stays on top of other non-top windows.

Options > Read Only
Goes into readonly mode, no changes can be made to documents.
Save and SaveAs still function.

Options > Recent Files
>> Open In New Window
Opens Recent files in new window.

>> Clear On Exit
Clears the files in the Recent menu on exit.

>> Open Most Recent
Opens the most recently accessed document when SavageEd starts.

Options > Save Configuration
>> Use Private Profile
This saves the selected configuration options to
a private initialization file in the current

>> Use Registry
SavageEd is non-invasive, it will not make any
additions to your system registry without your
prior approval via this option.
If neither of the above 2 options is selected,
SavageEd will not be able to save your current
window size/position and selected options.

>> Uninstall Registry
If you have previously used the "Use Registry"
option and wish to discontinue use of SavageEd
(why anyone would do such a thing is beyond me),
use this option to uninstall any changes made to
your registry.  Once uninstalled, you may manually
delete any copies of SavageEd on your system.

Log files.
If you wish to use the log feature, it is compatible to the .LOG
feature of Notepad.exe, with an additional extension.

Type .LOG at the top of your document, on the first line, with
nothing else on that line.  From now on, anytime you open the
file with SavageEd, the current system date/time stamp is appended
to the bottom of the document.

Type .LOG< at the top of your document, on the first line, with
nothing else on that line.  From now on, anytime you open the
file with SavageEd, the current system date/time stamp is inserted
at the top of the document, just below the .LOG< .  So the most
recent updates will appear near the top of the document instead of
the bottom.

Find and Replace
Find/Replace dialog and function differs from the standard Nodepad.
There is the added option of "Whole Word".  Further, there is a built
in quick find feature.  Double clicking to highlite a word (or select
a series of words) will enter the selected phrase into the find buffer,
from which a quick F3 will find the next instance.

The Find/Replace allows multi-line searching and replacing.

A simple printing interface is provided for convenience.  If a line is
too long to fit on a page, it is broken off directly and continued on
the next line.

Recent Documents
A list of up to 10 recently opened files are stored in File > Recent menu.
The most recent file will be at the top of the menu.
These files are saved from session to session.  To clear the recent menu,
use the menu Option "Clear Recent On Exit"

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