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TypeWhat year did you open?Rank the most prevelant age ranges represented among your members. One (1) being most represented and five (5) being least [Youth 5+]Rank the most prevelant age ranges represented among your members. One (1) being most represented and five (5) being least [Teens (13-18)]Rank the most prevelant age ranges represented among your members. One (1) being most represented and five (5) being least [Post-Secondary Students ]Rank the most prevelant age ranges represented among your members. One (1) being most represented and five (5) being least [Adults]Rank the most prevelant age ranges represented among your members. One (1) being most represented and five (5) being least [Seniors (65+)]What is the price range of the workshops you host at your space?Which initiative contributes the most to your bottom line?How many members do you have?Are you profitable?How many staff members do you employ?How are your membership fees structured?What is the most popular piece of equipment used in your space?CountryWhat type of outreach tools do you use to attract new members?Rank the range of expertise represented in your membership. [Absolute beginner (never touched the tools before)]Rank the range of expertise represented in your membership. [Moderate knowledge (some experience but still needs lots of direction)]Rank the range of expertise represented in your membership. [Intermediate (working knowledge looking to refresh skills)]Rank the range of expertise represented in your membership. [Professional (uses tools for a living and uses the space for access to more equipment)]Rank the range of expertise of your members [Other]What is the average number of participants in the workshops you host?What have been the biggest challenges to making your space a success?If you could get help with any one aspect of your work what would it be?What percentage of the people involved in your organization are volunteers?What are the operating hours of your space?Are you non-profit or for-profit?Do you receive government subsidies or grants to support your operations?Would you consider your space well integrated in your cities arts, design, and tech culture?If No: what are you missing to help you become more integrated? If Yes: what has helped this?
Makerspace2012None5514FreeMembership Fees0-50Yes1-5$503D PrinterUSASocial Media, Word of Mouth, Community Boards, Open House Nights, Workshops312412Boot strapping starting from nothing has been a challenge. It's difficult to convince everyone what a hackerspace CAN be when all they see is the tools that we lack. We're growing slowly, and acquiring more tools, so the problem isn't as bad as it once was. When we first started out and we rented a big empty space, though, was intimdating.advertising/marketing10024/7Non-profitNoNowe don't know what we're missing. it seems that a lot of people express sincere interest but don't follow up. current hypothesis is that our physical location in oak ridge is too distant for most knoxvillians and are trying to work out a move into town.
Makerspace2009NoneNone353Free, $0-20, $20-40, $40-60Membership Fees200-300Yes0$40,$70Laser engraver, by far.USASocial Media, Word of Mouth, Open House Nights1134Encouraging volunteerism.FINANCIALS10024/7Non-profitNo
Makerspace201053None13Free, $20-40, $80-100Membership Fees400-500Yes0$35,$50Laser cutter and 3d printersUSASocial Media, Traditional Media (print, tv, radio, etc.), Word of Mouth, Community Boards, Open House Nights, Workshops423151. Growth - the more voices there are the harder it is to hear a coherent message from the membership as a whole.
2. Diversity - Makers come from all walks of life, and a good portion don't play well with others. So when growth happens, doing what you can so everyone gets along is a very real challenge.
corporate sponsorship or government grants10024/7Non-profitNoYes1. Growth - the more voices there are the harder it is to hear a coherent message from the membership as a whole.
2. Diversity - Makers come from all walks of life, and some don't play well with others. So when growth happens, doing what you can so everyone gets along is a very real challenge.
Makerspace201334224$20 - $150Membership Fees, Contracts with Corporations0-50Yes1-5$100Laser CutterUSANewsletter, Social Media, Word of Mouth, Community Boards, Open House Nights, Workshops, Events21236Time, its like any other business in dealing with scaling issues.Some backend systems vs. systems not suited for our needs224/7
Staffed Tue - Sat 10am-8pm
Non-profitNoNoYes on the Design and Tech culture, being a start-up of our own to show this grow from a weekend idea pitched to launch.

No on the arts side at least as I view arts in our area.
Fab Lab2013None115NoneFreeEvents, Government Subsidies50-100No5-1003-D printers
Laser cutter
SingaporeSocial Media, Word of Mouth, Workshops123420Machine maintenanceMeaningful projects to attract the young in arts, design and engineering700800 to 1730Non-profitYesSomewhatYet to be taken up by the communities
Makerspace2011None3214$150+Events0-50Yes1-50Laser CutterSingaporeNewsletter, Social Media, Word of Mouth, Open House Nights, Workshops123420Physical space in a land constrained and expensive city.Lower rental.4010am to 8pm (Tuesday to Saturday)For-profitYesYesWe are the first Makerspace in Singapore. Being a first mover helps.
Makerspace2013None5414$20-40Membership Fees50-100No1-5$75,$100,$200Welders, miter saw, sewing machinesUSANewsletter, Social Media, Word of Mouth, Open House Nights, Workshops, Monthly Craft Fair32224Getting folks to join. We have given tours to close to 1500 people since we opened. Also, overhead expenses.A more proactive marketing approach.524/7
Office closed on Monday
For-profitNoYesWe have made an effort to get to know the local organizations that help contribute to the area'a arts and craft scenes.
Makerspace20132NoneNone1None$0-20Events0-50No0$40,$60Knowledge. Meetups.USASocial Media, Word of Mouth, Open House Nights, Workshops13245We are in a rural area. We still educating the region on the Maker Movement.Startup resources. Funding. Equipment.10024/7For-profitNoNoSo much opportunity, overworked volunteers.
Makerspace2013None1324Free, $0-20, $20-40, $60-80Workshops, Membership Fees0-50No0$25,$50,$993d printersUSNewsletter, Social Media, Word of Mouth, Community Boards, Open House Nights, Workshops12346Getting enough members to sustain operations.To not have to worry about money.10024/7Non-profitNoYesWe have reached out using social media, special events, etc.
Makerspace201312453Free, $0-20Government Subsidies, Grants and support from our Friends groupPublicNo1-503D printer is by far our most popular piece. This is the hook that gets them in and then they discover all the other things we have to offer.USANewsletter, Social Media, Word of Mouth, Open House Nights, Workshops123415Marketing is one of the biggest challenges, getting the word out and then getting people to our programs. Adults seem to be an elusive audience to reach. The other challenge is that we are sometimes limited in what we can do because while I had planned some programs to be more "club" like we don't always get the same people attending from program to program so it's been hard to build upon previous sessions.More knowledgable people to help run workshops20AppointmentsbothYesNoWe would like to be more integrated with the local schools. This is something we are working on and will be meeting with the school superintendent and principles this summer to hopefully make that bridge.
Makerspace201053214$0-20Membership Fees, Sales50-100Yes0$50Laser cutterCanadaSocial Media, Word of Mouth, Open House Nights, Workshops321415getting members to respect the space and other membersmarketing3024/7Non-profitYesYesWe participate in many many community activities, and are well known for helping to any group that asks.
Makerspace200853214$60-80Membership Fees, Studio Rental100-200Yes1-5$35laser cutterUSANewsletter, Social Media, Traditional Media (print, tv, radio, etc.), Word of Mouth, Open House Nights, Workshops21345Producing a for-profit business modelMarketing1024/7For-profitNoYesAttending arts events, meeting the arts and culture organizers for the city
Makerspace2009None4312$20-40Membership Fees50-100Yes0$30Makerbot ReplicatorUSASocial Media, Open House Nights, Workshops432112Getting the word out to the right people. MeetUp has been a good tool.Broader member interests10024/7Non-profitNoNoWe tend to be very technical and computer oriented. Creative people do not see us as useful. We have a craft group for monthly Maker Monday, but it gets no interest.
Makerspace201453313$20-40, $40-60, $60-80, $80-100Workshops, Membership Fees0-50No0$503D PrintersUSANewsletter, Social Media, Traditional Media (print, tv, radio, etc.), Word of Mouth, Community Boards, Open House Nights, Workshops22238Getting memberships upPromotion100Mon - Fri 6pm - 10pm
daytime and weekends vary depending on who's available to staff the space on a volunteer basis
Non-profitNoSomewhatmore awareness that we exist and what we are about.
Makerspace2010NoneNone213$0-20Membership Fees50-100Yes0$80Laser CutterUSANewsletter, Social Media, Word of Mouth, Community Boards, Open House Nights, Workshops431210Keeping the place cleanFinding a space2524/7Non-profitNoYes
Makerspace2013NoneNone315Free, $0-20Membership Fees0-50No0Most used: table saw
Most people are interested in: 3D printer
USANewsletter, Social Media, Traditional Media (print, tv, radio, etc.), Word of Mouth, Community Boards, Open House Nights, Workshops321210Can't have [a space, tools] without paying members. Can't have paying members without [a space, tools].real-estate. We need to expand but not pay more.10024/7

Many members need to check in with the security guard in the facility we are renting to get access to the space, so our hours are limited by the availability of the security guards. Security guards are there M-Sat, 8:00 AM - Midnight.

Some members have been able to get key cards from the management office and have 24 hour access.
Non-profitNoSomewhatWe are working to improve inter-makerspace integration in our city
Makerspace201344212$0-20Membership Fees0-50No0$103D printerUSASocial Media, Traditional Media (print, tv, radio, etc.), Word of Mouth, Open House Nights, Workshops212310Finding low cost physical spacecontacts and exposure100Normal business hours, but soon to transition to 24/7Non-profitNoSomewhatcontacts and exposure
Makerspace2013NoneNoneNone1None$0-20, $80-100Membership Fees50-100Yes0$75,$225InternetUSANewsletter, Yelp, Craigslist, Coworkin Space listings44415No huge challenges.Not sure.2Evening and Weekends Access M-F 6pm-2am & Sa-Su 6am-2am
Weekday Days Access $225 M_F 6am-6pm
For-profitNoNoLocation and events
Makerspace2011None4312$40-60, $60-80, $80-100, $100-150, $150+Membership Fees100-200No5-10$50,$125,$175SawStop tablesawUSANewsletter, Social Media, Word of Mouth, Workshops32124Keeping expenses down while growing the business and establishing a strong membership base. Constriction on people resources ie: small staff, overworkedciriculum60Mon-Fri 9am-10pm and 9am-9pm Sat-SunFor-profitNoYespartnering with groups like Design Museum, hosting Design Week each year, hosting days of building for arts/design companys around town
Makerspace2006None4123Free, $0-20Membership Fees50-100No0Project40W CNC Laser cutterUSASocial Media, Word of Mouth, Community Boards, Open House Nights, Workshops321410Organization and responsibility. We're mostly driven by members voluntarily helping clean, repair, etc., but there are always cases where things start to fall apart. We try to have monthly "clean-up days" to help combat this, but there is always cleaning and fixing to do.Managing and maintaining a clean, but useful space1524/7Non-profitNoYesWorking with local city- and arts-groups on projects has helped solidify our standing int he community, to the point where we're contacted to help out with events and projects around town.
Makerspace2013None5112$20-40, $80-100, $100-150, $150+Workshops, Membership Fees, classes100-200Yes10-20$99laser cutter, then 3D printers, then woodshop, then welding.USANewsletter, Social Media, Word of Mouth12239people don't know or understand what a makerspace is. They assume we are a vocational school.

We are the world's first "education-focused" makerspace. We are more about teaching and learning. Access to tools is just a benefit.
grants for people to take classes2011am to 11pm, 7 days a week.For-profitNoYesWe are well connected to our city's arts and tech people. still making more connections every day.
Makerspace2009NoneNone213$0-20Membership Fees100-200Yes0$40Laser cuttersUSASocial Media, Word of Mouth, Community Boards, Open House Nights, Workshops43125Politics and debateGovernance3024/7Non-profitNoYesLocal industry, owners/employees of various businesses, entrepreneurs, teachers, students, networks of other members
Makerspace201453312$0-20, $20-40Membership Fees0-50Yes0$50,$1003d PrintersUSANewsletter, Social Media, Word of Mouth, Community Boards, Open House Nights, Workshops32225Finding instructors to teach classes and workshopsFundraising10024/7Non-profitNoYesWe co-host the Mini-Maker Faire which gives us a great outreach mechanism, which we use as best we can to fill in gaps.
Makerspace2013NoneNone31NoneFreeMembership Fees, Government Subsidies0-50No1-5$80Laser cutterNorwaySocial Media, Traditional Media (print, tv, radio, etc.), Word of Mouth, Community Boards, Open House Nights312210The biggest challenge for us is the local context. The concept of sharing and collaboration is really new in Norway, so you don't only have to "sell" a makerspace membership, but sort of the whole concept of collaborative workspaces. Seems like it's difficult for people here to understand the value they can potentially get out of having a membership here.

The other challenge here is that people are less interested in working on something in their free time. Free time is much overvalued here, and they consider it scarce.
I'm in need of talented people who are willing to share knowledge so we can organize paid courses. And some opinion-leader organizations could talk about us.024/7For-profitYesYesI think since we are quite new, time is probably is the most important element. People have to catch up with the international scene and change the mindset. It takes time.
Makerspace201122212Free, $0-20our bottom line is knowledge sharing and content creationPublicNo20-5003D printers, sewing machines, laser and vinyl cutters, STEM kitsUSANewsletter, Social Media, Word of Mouth, Community Boards, Open House Nights, Workshops, certifications and classes2122spreading the wordconnect with other similar organizations to share ideas and best practices3066 hours per week, mirrors library operation hours , 7 days a week accessNon-profitYesNoTime to make the connections and nuture the relationships
Makerspace200943123Free, $0-20, $20-40, $40-60Membership Fees50-100Yes0$25,$50,$100Laser cutterUSASocial Media, Traditional Media (print, tv, radio, etc.), Word of Mouth, Open House Nights, Workshops, Main Street location32135Being run entirely by volunteers; makers rarely want to lead the organization. They'd rather just make cool stuff.volunteer coordination1024/7Non-profitNoYesProactive outreach to those organizations and the public. Don't assume that they'll come to you; it's very easy to be insular and somebody needs to make the first move to reach out (and create reliable points of contact between organizations)
Makerspace201412445$60-80sponsors0-50No0$50TBDUSANewsletter, Social Media, Word of Mouth, Community Boards, Open House Nights, Workshops33325We are new, so getting the word out.Funding50Tuesday-Saturday 10-2, Sunday noon -5, open Monday and Thursday nights 5-9 as well...trying to staff more hours as we get things going.Non-profitNoNoneed to partner with other organizations.
Makerspace201313None1None$20-40Workshops, Membership Fees, Events0-50No1-5$603D Printers and the Nerdy Derby.USANewsletter, Social Media, Word of Mouth, Open House Nights, Workshops21123Constant memberships and a constant workshop schedule.Marketing and Funding75Tuesday through Sunday 12:00-6:00pm .Non-profitYesNoExcitement of the public and better marketing strategy.
Makerspace20131245350-150Membership Fees50-100Yes1-5$49,$99,$199Laser cutterUSANewsletter, Social Media, Traditional Media (print, tv, radio, etc.), Word of Mouth, Community Boards, Open House Nights, Workshops13425Reaching outside our immediate maker community and attracting members in the broader area.Membership Marketing100Generally open M-F 9-5, many members have 24/7 access.For-profitNoYesN/A
Makerspace201011243Free, $0-20, $20-40, $40-60, $60-80Workshops, Membership Fees0-50No0$50,$25Other people's knowledge and skill setsUSASocial Media, Traditional Media (print, tv, radio, etc.), Word of Mouth, Community Boards, Open House Nights, Workshops12314Increasing membershipMotivating a volunteer organization10024/7

Free Public Nights every Wednesday and occasional weekends
For-profitNoNoTime and commitment of volunteer members to reach out on behalf of the space
Makerspace20133None55NoneFree, $0-20Membership Fees0-50Yes1-5$50the spaceColombiaSocial Media, Traditional Media (print, tv, radio, etc.), Workshops112212make friendselectronic2024/7Non-profitNoYesthis is the very first space witch integrate culture, art and technology
Makerspace2013NoneNone414Free, $0-20, $20-40, $40-60, $60-80, $80-100Membership Fees0-50No0, 5-10$35Laser cutter followed by 3d printersSpainSocial Media, Traditional Media (print, tv, radio, etc.), Word of Mouth, Open House Nights, Workshops431210Finding a space that is suitable for the kind of activity we are doing, getting the word out there we existPromotion, workshops organization, administrative/tax advice100Member access is currently 18:00 to 22:00, with some members having daytime access as well and some 24/7 access.
We are moving to a new space where we want to offere 24/7 access for everyone.
Non-profitNoSomewhatWe're too small and not well known enough. The events we participate in gets us recognition but take a lot of work. We need to be part of some big project that puts us in the public spotlight.
Makerspace2010NoneNone213Free, $20-40, $40-60, $60-80, $80-100, $100-150, $150+Membership Fees300-400Yes1-5$150,$100,$60Unknown.USANewsletter, Social Media, Word of Mouth, Open House Nights, Workshops32135Rapid growth, collective decision-making, leadership inexperience in business operationsBusiness plan refinement3024/7

We have staff at the front desk Mon-Thurs, noon-10pm, and Fri-Sun 10am-6pm.
Non-profitNoYesWe started out by reaching out to existing groups and entities, which helped us engage from the very beginning. A lot of our members & volunteers are involved in other organizations/entities/groups. We aren't as integrated as we'd like to be, because we don't have the bandwidth to participate enough.
Makerspace20131243None$20-40Membership Fees, Government Subsidies1000+Yes50+$10Woodworking equipmentUSANewsletter, Social Media, Word of Mouth, Open House Nights, Workshops124412Balance between unfacilitated activities and facilitated, focused activities that require a time commitmentMake it more sophisticated, but still for children57 days a week, 10am-5pmNon-profitYesYesCommitment to supporting and inviting other groups into our space
Makerspace201355None1NoneFree, $0-20Workshops, Membership Fees, Events0-50Yes1-5$150,$30computers,ColombiaSocial Media, Traditional Media (print, tv, radio, etc.), Word of Mouth, Workshops431215to integrate the members into proyects whit community sense. Overcome selfishness
The prices of some tools and materials.
The working time of the members
better machinery, tools and materials024/7Non-profitNoYesThe space is open for artists, fotografers, and artistic industries in general to do their events for free.

The memberships are cheap.
We are the only ones.
Makerspace2013NoneNone215$20-40, $60-80, $100-150, $150+Workshops, Membership Fees0-50No0$125Festool CAPEX
Festool Domino
AustriaNewsletter, Social Media, Word of Mouth, Workshops11113Product-Market FitMarketing / Spreading the idea0wed / thu/ fr : 1PM - 8PM
sa 10AM-6PM
su 10AM - 6 PM
For-profitNoNotoo little time to get relations / network started
Makerspace2009NoneNone252$0-20Membership Fees0-50Yes0$503D PrinterUSASocial Media, Word of Mouth, Community Boards, Open House Nights, Workshops12338Finding a stable space; transportation options for students at local universities.securing grants10024/7Non-profitNoYesPersonal connections, collaborations, an open and embracing creative community.
Makerspace2014NoneNone213$20-40, $40-60, $60-80, $80-100, $100-150Membership Fees0-50No1-5$150Most all of the woodworking tools.USASocial Media, Word of Mouth, Open House Nights, Workshops431210Generating enough revenue to cover expenses.Drumming up members.95Current 10 to 8 seven days, will be 9 to 9.BothNoNoOnly time.
Makerspace201453214Variable depending on workshopMembership Fees0-50Yes1-5$50,$75,$12,$1753D printing and lasercutterUSANewsletter, Social Media, Traditional Media (print, tv, radio, etc.), Word of Mouth, Community Boards, Open House Nights, Workshops23147Getting the word out to the community (there is no context for them to compare to. No Fab Labs within four hours, and no makerspaces for at least an hour away)
Getting corporate buy ins.
Funding75We will be open from 8am until 10 pm seven days a week (we are building out the space now)Non-profitNoYesGetting the equipment moved in, and the public to see what the space can do for them. Also getting the cities zoning commission to stop considering us an industrial zone, instead of an educational non-profit.
Fab Lab201152314FreeMembership Fees300-400Yes1-5$10Laser CutterUSASocial Media, Word of Mouth42137Showing impact to fundersMore Personnel0S - Closed
M - Closed
T - 11am to 8pm
W - 11am to 8pm
R - 11am to 8pm
F - 11am to 6pm
S - 11am to 6pm
Non-profitNoNoDifficult for traditional organizations to see benefit of the new technology.
Fab Lab2012None5115$80-100Government Subsidies0-50No1-5ProjectSliding table sawNorwayNewsletter, Social Media, Traditional Media (print, tv, radio, etc.), Word of Mouth, Community Boards, Open House Nights, Workshops11115Attracting broad government financing and securing a suitable locationAdministration5009-17.00 (hoping to expand soon)Non-profitYesYesA comprehensive research program set up to analyse the needs of the different creative market segments
Fab Lab201211123$20-40Workshops, Membership Fees, Contracts with Corporations, EventsCommunity - 2000, regular participants - 400+, attendees, 50ishYes1-5ProjectLasercutter
Lee Bennett consultant
New zealandNewsletter, Social Media, Traditional Media (print, tv, radio, etc.), Word of Mouth, Open House Nights, Workshops123412City rental and cheap memberships.

Low perceived value of 'making' experience from general public.. Everyone wants free consultancy and not to pay for advanced skills
Funding to make using the space Free010-8 mon,
10-6 tues to fri
No weekends
Fab Lab20134312NoneFreeGovernment Subsidies0-50No1-50Laser cutterSurinameSocial Media, Traditional Media (print, tv, radio, etc.), Word of Mouth, Workshops124410Machine breakdown, repairs and maintenance
Staff (we're understaffed)
Machine maintenance80Monday to Friday from 8 to 17.00Non-profitYesNoWe just started a year ago and promotion is just starting
(More) staff needed
Fab Lab2014None5214$0-20Workshops, Membership Fees, Events50-100Yes003d printFranceNewsletter, Social Media, Word of Mouth, Workshops23146......100from monday to friday, from 3pm to 8pmNon-profitNo...
Fab Lab201323212$0-20, $20-40Workshops, Grants0-50No1-5ProjectRight now, we only have 3D printing capacity so it would be that.USANewsletter, Social Media, Word of Mouth, Open House Nights, Workshops11346Connecting the dots between industry and makerspaces.Funding!!!251-6pm Tues - Friday and 11-4 on Saturdays.Non-profitYesNoFunding to increase capacity (staff and equipment)
Fab Lab2012NoneNone213$20-40Events100-200Yes1-5$10The laser cutter!FranceNewsletter, Social Media, Word of Mouth, Workshops122210Finding a place to set it up: we solved that by being hosted in a youth center
Fighting almost full-time volunteer tiredness: we hired someone to help us
Making volunteers from users: this is not solved yet, sadly
We need to make a community out of many interested people and partners.100Wednesday 2pm - 9pm
Saturday 10am - 6pm
Tuesday, Thursday and Friday reserved for professional use (rapid prototyping) and projects preparation
Non-profitYesYesWe managed to get well integrated by asking for help when needed, and by working in partnerships: we always try and find someone in the know-how when we tackle any subject, be it arts or handicap.
Fab Lab2013NoneNone312FreeMembership Fees0-50No1-5$30laser cutterJapanSocial Media, Community Boards, Workshops12345Making 3D printer, robot
Join the mart city project
?1000Saturday and Sunday 12:00-19:00Non-profitNoYes
Fab Lab201053124Free, $40-60, $150+Membership Fees1000+Yes1-5$30Laser cutterAustriaNewsletter, Social Media, Traditional Media (print, tv, radio, etc.), Word of Mouth, Open House Nights, Workshops421316Initial financingmaintenance staff1024/7For-profitNoYesWide community which links us to many other organzations in the city; Participation in public activities (exhibitions, markets, workshops, etc.)
Makerspace2013None5414$0-20Government Subsidies100-200No5-10$30Laser cutter, 3d printersFranceNewsletter, Workshops222415No challenges at this timeImprove my english...20We are just open 2 days per week. It will be change in april 2015. At this date we will be open 5 days per week.Non-profitYesNoWe need a new space. This one is actualy in "progress".
Fab Lab201254123$20-40, $80-100Workshops, Events, we are the Arduino's Fablab, the enterprise supports economically the fablab100-200No1-5$70lasercutitalyNewsletter, Social Media, Word of Mouth, Community Boards, Workshops, open day321312make our users independent using the space in a responsible waycommunicate and create the documentation about the projects done in the fablab95from tue to fri
from 16.00 to 00.00
Non-profitNoNowe had problems to explain to public institution what's the utility of a fablab in a city. this slow down every collaboration with museum, schools, public events, etc.

our user are, on the other hand, pretty reactive to our suggestions and now they're trying to change things from the inside, bringing what they experienced here inside their working places (such as museums, schools, and so on)

the problem is to create something durable
Fab Lab2013NoneNone123$150+Workshops, Membership Fees, Contracts with Corporations, Events, Government Subsidies0-50No1-5$10CNC Milling Machine to create molds for glass slumping and blowingFranceNewsletter, Social Media, Traditional Media (print, tv, radio, etc.), Word of Mouth, Community Boards, Workshops123412Coordinating all the subsidersmaintaining machines508am to 17pm + till 19pm on tuesdayNon-profitYesYesConnections with craftmens and artists due to school net and managers'ones.
Makerspace201113342FreeGovernment Subsidies50-100No1-5$5CNC mill.
3D printers are pretty popular too.
Laser cutter was the most used when it was running, will be back online soon.
franceNewsletter, Social Media, Traditional Media (print, tv, radio, etc.), Word of Mouth, Open House Nights, Workshops12336Finding a space. Since we have it things have been pretty awesome.Website/promo material9924/7Non-profitYesYesWe are getting help from art schools, it's doing a lot for us.
Fab Lab201453214$60-80Workshops, Contracts with CorporationsPublicYes1-50LasercutterThe NetherlandsSocial Media, Word of Mouth, Workshops21225Funding, good machines, good employeesFinance09.00-17.00For-profitNoYes-
Fab Lab2011NoneNone13None$0-20, $20-40Government Subsidies, Sale of Materials and Machinetime0-50No00The LasercutterGermanyNewsletter, Social Media, Word of Mouth431281. Acquiring space
2. Planing of finances
3. Motivating people to join us
4. Introducing processes
Accounting and Controlling10024/7
Any student (of any university or school) can come to our 15 hours of weekly StudentLabs.
Anybody may come to the 4 hours of weekly OpenLabs.

Out side the opening hours we also allow people in, if members are present and willing to open the door. But we offer no introductions into our machines. This time is intended to work on projects without support by supervisors.
Non-profitYesSomewhatFor art and design: manpower to organize events in public library and other public places as well as space for more people to work in the FabLab

Tech: We are part of the university and participate in the student welcoming events.
Fab Lab201331434$100-150Workshops, Government SubsidiesPublicNo1-5ProjectEpilog LaserUSASocial Media, Word of Mouth, Workshops232325MaterialsIdeas Networking258 am to 3 pm with evening hours as available.Non-profitYessomewhatTime. We are realities new.
Makerspace201243115FreeGovernment Subsidies3000 studentsNo1-50Lasercutter.DenmarkSocial Media, Word of Mouth, Workshops, Webpage traffic.213430Communication, telling the good story.Politics, and fund raising0mon-tue-thur-fri 8.00-16.00
Wed 8.00-18.00 fablab is open for the public on wednesdays.
Non-profitYesNoWe're planning a maker-city strategy to involve other parties in the creative communities. It would be a great help if politicians were more open minded towards experimental projects.
Makerspace2012NoneNone12NoneFree, $0-20Membership Fees0-50Yes0$40,$15CNC-Portal Mill
GermanySocial Media, Traditional Media (print, tv, radio, etc.), Word of Mouth, Open House Nights, Workshops413212Finding a suitable locationpublication of videos10024/7Non-profitNoNoParticipating in city wide events and giving workshops.
Telling friends and family
Fab Lab200654213$59-$1200Classes400-500Yes1-5ProjectEpilog Laser.USASocial Media, Traditional Media (print, tv, radio, etc.), Word of Mouth, Classes31237Marketing; getting public to know we we exist.Administration109am to 9:30pm M-Th; 9-4pm Fridays. 9-2pm Saturdays.Non-profitYesNoWe tend to get wrapped up in the world inside our lab, and need to get out more to establish ties to the community. More personal marketing, as well as more social media and advertising.
Makerspace201254213$40-60, $60-80Workshops400-500No0ProjectMy giant cutting tables. Then, my sergers.USANewsletter, Social Media, Traditional Media (print, tv, radio, etc.), Word of Mouth, Community Boards, Open House Nights, Workshops21346Educating people about the value of spending money on an enrichment activity instead of on buying "stuff."Technology integration100Sun 11AM-6PM EST
Monday SHUT
Tues BY APPOINTMENT ONLY (w/additional fee)
Weds 11AM-6PM EST
Thurs 11AM-6PM EST
Fri 11AM-8PM EST
Sat 11AM-8PM EST

Classes and special events also held outside of those hours (either 6-8PM Weds and Thurs or up to 10-11PM on weekends.
For-profitNoYesI serve on the Board of Directors of a major arts center, I was a founding Board member and business sponsor of a local chapter of the Modern Quilt Guild, I maintain special media lists for arts reporters and organizations, and I participate in a monthly regional "Arts Night Out" where I devote a portion of my space to rotating gallery exhibits.
Fab Lab201254213$20-40, $40-60, $150+Workshops, Government Subsidies1000+No1-5ProjectLaser cutterAustraliaNewsletter, Social Media, Word of Mouth, Open House Nights, Workshops412325Attracting continuing government funding.Ongoing funding50We are open to the public on Thursdays between midday and 8.30 pm, and Fridays between midday and 5.30 pm.Non-profitYesYesWe are based at a city centre art college which helps. Also we are in a small city so any interesting initiatives such as ours get a fair amount of word of mouth recommendation.
Makerspace2011None5512$0-20Membership Fees0-50No0$25the 3D printerUSASocial Media, Word of Mouth, Open House Nights, Workshops43216Actually obtaining a space.Funding7024/7Non-profitNoNoEnough connected members
Fab Lab201254123$20-40Contracts with Corporations0-50No1-53D Printer and this is only because we don't have a laser cutter yet.CanadaNewsletter, Social Media, Word of Mouth, Open House Nights, Workshops42139Finding public / private fundingFunding50Monday to Friday 9 to 9.
Special events on weekends sometime
bothNoSomewhatAs we are not an Art creation and diffusion centre, it is considered a lesser sub-type of space by the artistic community although many artist uses our space and services.
Makerspace20131None32NoneFreeTuition0-50No1-50Laser CutterUSASocial Media, Traditional Media (print, tv, radio, etc.), Word of Mouth, Open House Nights, Workshops124420Community knowledge and engagement.Supplimental Funding to offer more community trainings/outreach09 a.m. - 5 p.m.For-profitNoYesMini Maker Faire
Fab Lab201253124Free, $0-20, $150+Contracts with Corporations1000+Yes1-5$10Laser cutterEgyptNewsletter, Social Media, Word of Mouth, Workshops42137Supporting the space financially whilst continuing to work with unemployed youth and students.Income streams.1010-6pm or 10pm if there's an event on. Sunday to Thursday. Friday or Saturday subject to events.Non-profitNoYesCommunity-building is crucial, as is multi-stakeholder events and dialogues. Working together to solve common challenges goes a long way towards bringing people together.
Makerspace201133453$0-20Government Subsidies200-300No1-5$10lasercutterFranceSocial Media, Traditional Media (print, tv, radio, etc.), Word of Mouth, Open House Nights, Workshops222210pricing, waste managementobtaining funding09-12 / 13.30 - 17.30 week days, 14.00 - 18.00 weekends
3 nights a week, till 22.00
Non-profitYesSomewhatcommunication, inviting people to co-construct
Fab Lab201243144FreeWorkshops0-50No5-100Laser CutterColombiaSocial Media, Workshops122120Local credibilityexternal promotion108:00-12:00
Non-profitNoNolocal integration of different social, economical sectors of our community
Fab Lab2013NoneNone42None$20-40Tutorial Workshops0-50No1-5Project3D printerLatviaWord of Mouth21344huge workload, scarce resources and little feedbeck on what is going right or wrong.Marketing010:00 - 18:00, everyday except sunday.Non-profitNoNoWe had not full team to engage on these kind of projects.
Makerspace2010None5313$0-20Membership Fees50-100Yes0$25,$653D printersUSASocial Media, Word of Mouth, Community Boards, Open House Nights, Workshops234315Price of space and availability, or lack thereof, of space.Safety10024/7Non-profitNoYesReaching out to other businesses, non-profits, and community workspaces has helped us become a big part of the community without working directly with the city.
Makerspace200921132Free, $0-20, $20-40, $40-60, $60-80, $150+Workshops, Government Subsidies, university classes and consultation0-50No5-100laser engraver, but 3D printers are closeUSASocial Media, Traditional Media (print, tv, radio, etc.), Word of Mouth, Community Boards, Open House Nights, Workshops, events, partnerships with other orgs421210having enough people with the right skills and dedication, until recently leadership was lackinghelping people be motivated to be organized3024/7 for key holders or 6-9p Tue/Thu, 1-5p Fri, 1-6p Sun for general public.Non-profitYesYeswere an interdisciplinary unit in a university.
Makerspace2013NoneNone124$0-20Membership Fees0-50Yes0$25Wood working toolsCanadaNewsletter, Social Media, Word of Mouth, Open House Nights, Workshops21348Have enough volunteers to run the space
- Have a democratic system to make decisions
- Do all the buisiness plan and work with other organizations in the city to find a bigger space and find funding to expand
governance + health and safety + how to design membership fees10024/7 accessNon-profitNoYes
Makerspace201254314Free, $0-20, $20-40, $100-150Government Subsidies200-300Yes1-5$245Laser Engraver / CuttersUnited KingdomNewsletter, Social Media, Traditional Media (print, tv, radio, etc.), Word of Mouth, Community Boards, Open House Nights, Workshops233312Creating a sustainable model that has growth / expansion.Sustainable Finance20Monday 9am - 5pm
Tuesday 9am -8pm
Wednesday 9am -12pm
Thursday 9am - 8pm
Friday 9am - 5pm
Saturday 11am - 4pm
Non profitYesYesAll staff come from architectural / design background.
Makerspace2011NoneNone213Free, $20-40Membership Fees100-200Yes0$150Laser cuttersCanadaNewsletter, Social Media, Traditional Media (print, tv, radio, etc.), Word of Mouth, Community Boards, Open House Nights, Workshops12346The work to be done sometimes falls outside the envelope of volunteer time availability or skills.Media coverage724/7Non-profitNoYesLocated in artsy area
Makerspace2009NoneNone312$0-20Membership Fees100-200Yes0$50Laser cutter, hands-down. The big-bed (90x120cm) machines are about 10x more popular than the small-bed (30x50cm) machine.USASocial Media, Word of Mouth, We're not really trying to attract more members...32138Convincing a hundred-plus "socially awkward penguins" to act socially, break out of comfort zones, admit mistakes, help each other, etc. It's incredibly rewarding when it works but all of our shyness is anti-community, and it's hard!Member data management, billing, software for this all sucks.10024/7 for members.
Open Shop Friday for visitors to work on stuff (6-9pm officially, runs much later in practice)
Tuesday meetings are always open, but loud tools discouraged because we're having a meeting!
Non-profitNoNoNot certain we need to be any more integrated, some folks already know to come here when they need to do certain work, anyone else, well, it's on them to find us!
Fab Lab201153114$40-60contracts with education0-50No1-50Lasercutter and 3D printersNetherlandsSocial Media, Word of Mouth, Open House Nights, Workshops11238Administrative challenges:
We are located/linked to a university of applied science which has a challenging organization/infrastructure to set up a non-profit shop.
Purchasing, payments, decision making to name some.
PR and communication25Operating hours are 4 days a week, with 8 public open hours a week (2 afternoons) outside the open hours, people have to make an appointment / reservation.Non-profitYesSomewhatWe need more capacity to approach and involve our target groups, for example through Public Relation and communication.
In the original setup there was very few people planned, as users were expected to work very independent with the machines.
Reality shows users need a lot of introduction, support and guidance or want to outsource their projects.
Makerspace2013None2413TBDTBD0-50No00brainsUSASocial Media, Word of Mouth, NDoCH23136telling our storylocal buyin100startup membership based nonprofit in the middle of making it happenNon-profitNoYesbeing inclusive
Makerspace201254443$20-40, $80-100, $100-150, $150+WorkshopsPublicYes1-50Solder Irons and 3D PrintersUSANewsletter, Social Media, Traditional Media (print, tv, radio, etc.)112410Creating the consistency our audience has come to expect through our arts programs.Educators59am-9pm dailyFor-profitNoYesStep by step building and research. We pay close attention to the numbers!
Fab Lab199751213FreeContracts with Corporations, Events, Government SubsidiesPublicNo1-50Laser Cutter and Vinyl CutterUSAWord of Mouth, Community Boards42325Having a knowledgeable manager to oversee the making and can assist folk in the making.management99We operate M-Th 6-8pm, Fri. 1-4pm
Other hours by appointment
Makerspace2009None5415Free, $0-20, $20-40, $40-60, $60-80, $80-100, $100-150, $150+Workshops, Membership Fees100-200Yes0$55,$75,$30The 90W laser etcher.USANewsletter, Social Media, Word of Mouth, Open House Nights, Classes432210Lack of enough volunteer hours. Always lots to do but having more hands would be helpful.more hours in the day100Members have 24/7 access to the space, open-house is Wednesdays 7-10Non-profitNoYesOur members interacting with other groups and city
Makerspace201111225Free, $0-20, $100-150Workshops, EventsPublicNo1-50the Laser cutterUSANewsletter, Social Media, Traditional Media (print, tv, radio, etc.), Word of Mouth, Community Boards, Open House Nights, Workshops111415time. it is 100% volunteer run with contractor workersMoney to have time to plan things903pm- 9pm weekdays
10am - 6pm saturdays and sundays
Non-profitYesYesyes. We hustle.
Makerspace201012NoneNoneNone$80-100Workshops, Events50-100No0$95Drill pressUSASocial Media, Word of Mouth, Community Boards, rec dept catalog123410Carry all needed materials since maker space is mobilepromoting availability10Scheduled classes are from 9 am to 12 pm. It is too hot for classes in the afternoon.Non-profitNoNoCommunity participation
Makerspace2010None5415Free, $0-20, $20-40, $40-60, $60-80, $80-100, $100-150, $150+Workshops, Membership Fees, Events50-100Yes0$115, $40Laser cutterCanadaSocial Media, Word of Mouth, Open House Nights, Workshops32115People. Participation. Cleanliness.

The cost of space in downtown Toronto.

All of these are fun problems to have!
paying rent100Operating hours are dependent on membership type, as outlined in the previous response.Non-profitNoYesI think we have pulled people in from all different parts of the city, which integrates us into many different communities. We have programs that work in conjunction with other organizations.
Makerspace2014None4213$20-40, $40-60, $60-80, $80-100, $100-150Workshops0-50No1-5$95kilnCanadaSocial Media, Word of Mouth, Community Boards, Workshops31248getting members!
determining the layout considering we have woodworking and ceramics happening simultaneously.
finances!010-7pm weekdays
weekends by appointment
classes in the evenings on weekdays and during the day on weekends
For-profitNoYeslack of other resources has helped us to easily integrate.
Makerspace2014NoneNone514FreeContracts with Corporations0-50, 100-200No1-50Desktop CNC- 4 axisCanadaSocial Media, Word of Mouth442215As part of university we offer a free service but in the same time it's really hard to work with university and bring a change in its structure as we are absolutely considered as a changeMoney408-5Non-profitNosomewhatwe just need to give it time, we expanded really fast and it takes time to get integrated
Fab Lab201353213FreeGovernment Subsidies, and fundingPublicNo1-50LasercutterDenmarkSocial Media, Traditional Media (print, tv, radio, etc.), Word of Mouth, Community Boards, Open House Nights, Workshops212130Our location - which is about 35 min. from city centreelectronics workshops0Tuesday and Wednesday 09am - 4pmNon-profitYesYesThat we have a School Service where we teach about 2000 students per year and an inventor advisory that we've had for 40+yr
Fab Lab201454213$20-40Workshops0-50No1-5Project3D printerSpainNewsletter, Social Media, Word of Mouth34125Getting an attractive brand
Getting a centric location
Gathering the best employees
Business strategy509-21h

Wednesday day off
For-profitNoYesMore integration with local industry
Fab Lab2013None3123FreeGovernment SubsidiesPublicNo1-50LasercutterDenmarkNewsletter, Social Media, Traditional Media (print, tv, radio, etc.), Word of Mouth, Workshops123415Establishment of a group of advanced users wishing to help develop the space.Inventory database, user-registration, common-for-all-global-website-for-sharing-designs1008.00 to 23.00, 7 days a weekNon-profitYesNoThe space as a hang-around for advanced users.
Makerspace2014None2134FreeGovernment Subsidies100-200No1-503D-Printer and LasercutterGermanySocial Media, Word of Mouth, Workshops21345Biggest challenge rigth now is to get the missing machines like a CNC-machine. Also the development of workshops and creation of knowledge to help our useres more efficiant with their projects.detailed guides to different technologies or applications. Like Arduino etc. (creation of knowledge)010hours every week usually a wednesdayNon-profitYesNoWe still need time to make ourself known to the public as we are only open now for 4 month now. We are well integrated into University structures though.
Fab Lab201355214$80-100Contracts with Corporations, Events50-100Yes1-5$70LasercutterGermanyNewsletter, Social Media, Word of Mouth, Community Boards, Open House Nights, Workshops, Mobile Fab Lab23325Getting the staff paid. Motivation is big to contribute time, but when it comes to striving duties one should get paid.Donations to extend the Open Lab Time10Monday till Friday 10am - 8 p, Saturday 12 - 6 pmFor-profitNoYesPersonal networks in this fields. Located at the heart of Berlin.
Makerspace201212253$0-20, $20-40Workshops, Membership Fees, soda and materials sales50-100No0$403dprinters, followed by laser cutter,USANewsletter, Social Media, Word of Mouth, Open House Nights, Workshops22328Dealing with the clutter,volunteer/workshop coordinator10024/7 for members,
7pm-10pm Tuesdays and Sundays for the public.
Non-profitNoSomewhatMissing the free time for people to shake hands and go around to places. we all have dayjobs.
Makerspace2013NoneNoneNoneNoneNoneFreeGovernment Subsidies1000+No1-50Computers, 3D printerUSASocial Media, Open House Nights, Workshops, library programs123415Time (only 20 hrs/wk are dedicated to the space and all programming)Equipment repair/maintenance10M-Th 9am-9pm
F 9am-6pm
Sa 9am-5pm
Su 1-5pm
Non-profitYesSomewhatMore equipment, more space, more integrated staff.
Community partnerships have helped.
Fab Lab2013None4313$20-40Membership Fees, Contracts with Corporations0-50, 50-100Yes1-5ProjectLaser cut - 3D printerItalyNewsletter, Word of Mouth, Community Boards, Workshops, events432210To buy the digital toolsMore employers024/7For-profitNoYesA good network and communications with media
Fab Lab201033115$40-60, $80-100, $150+Workshops, Contracts with Corporations100-200No1-5$10Laser cutter. Never stops!!Saudi ArabiaSocial Media, Traditional Media (print, tv, radio, etc.), Word of Mouth, Open House Nights, Workshops43348Educating people and enhancing the awareness of digital fabrication and DIY.Collaboration20We operate 5 days a week (open for everyone, community users and businesses) from 9 am - 6 pm.BothYesYesOur space is creative and fairly a new experience. Therefore, people are always interested to explore and use our space.
Fab Lab201153214Free, $0-20, $20-40, $40-60, $60-80, $80-100, $100-150, $150+Membership Fees100-200Yes0$40LasercutterGermanyNewsletter, Social Media, Word of Mouth, Open House Nights, Workshops21345Consistently working on bringing it forwardTax/adminsitration work4024/7Non-profitNoYesMembers with contacts
Fab Lab200734212$80-100Workshops, Membership Fees, Government Subsidies0-50Yes5-10Projectlaser cutterSpainNewsletter, Social Media, Workshops12217a lot of work and a great teamspace309-20:00Non-profitYesYesdifferent public events that we participate with demos or workshops, big scale models of cities
Fab Lab201343215Free, $0-20, $20-40, $40-60Workshops0-50Yes1-5Projectlaser cutterLuxembourgNewsletter, Social Media, Traditional Media (print, tv, radio, etc.), Word of Mouth, Workshops213220the biggest challenge is to embrace a community, it takes time!building machines20Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays from 9:00 am to 6:00 pm
Tuesdays & Thursdays from 10:00 am to 7:00 pm (open access afternoons run from 2:00 pm to 7:00 pm)
For-profitYesYeswe are located in the heart of the new 'science city' and are the 3rd branch of thebusiness incubator & co-working place
Makerspace201123145$20-40, $150+Membership Fees0-50Yes0$20Soldering IronsUSASocial Media, Word of Mouth, Community Boards, Open House Nights23418Getting others to help run the space
Getting new members, getting members that are involved
Everything10024/7Non-profitNoNoOur town doesn't really have a tech/arts culture. The next closest city that does have this, has their own groups.
Fab Lab2013None5124Free, $0-20, $20-40Equipment rental400-500No1/5/2014ProjectLaser cutterPortugalSocial Media, Traditional Media (print, tv, radio, etc.), Word of Mouth, Open House Nights421312making the space inspirational, cozy and practical
- managing the staff
- developing projects in collaboration
team management5010-19h
monday to friday
Non-profitYesYes- the location
- the network in the city hall
- being open to everyone
Makerspace2011None5313$20-40Membership Fees0-50Yes1/5/2014$110BandsawUSASocial Media, Word of Mouth, Workshops32135Time required & Delay in shop setup/space organization,
relocating the facilities.
marketing9910am-10pm in general,
Reality 9am to past midnight, 2am closing.
Fab Lab2012None4212Free, $20-40Workshops, Contracts with Corporations, Consulting100-200No1/5/2014ProjectLaser CutterJAPANSocial Media, Traditional Media (print, tv, radio, etc.)22125Monetize, Build community, Make project.

we collaboration other company make some "Fab" projects.

Mobile FabLab = collaborated NISSAN, TOYOTA.
(sorry, this site is Japanese.)

"Fab" shop = LOFT, MUJI

3DP Fab Challenge = Stratasys, Autodesk

and more...
OpenLab is every wednesday, 5PM - 9PM
Other time, we take some "Fab" projects.
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