2018 Contest Winners (Public)
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Publication/Station/Website/CompanyParent CategoryChild CategoryAwardEntry TitleJudge CommentsFirst NameLast NameName 1Name 2Name on Award
(614) MagazineBEST OF SHOW - PRINT SM (<75,000 circ.) Best MonthlySecond Place(614) MagazineTravisHoewischerJeni RuischDustin GoebelPlease list on award as (614) Magazine
(614) MagazineBEST OF SHOW - PRINT SM (<75,000 circ.) Best Special PublicationFirst PlaceStock & Barrel Vol.15Bright, witty and well-designed. The graphics are great, and the writing whets the appetite. (I have the impression that this publication and Canvas will vie neck-and-neck for first place for years to come.)TravisHoewischerJeni RuischDustin GoebelList on award as (614) Magazine
90.3 WCPN ideastreamRADIO Best Criminal Justice ReportingFirst PlaceTraffic Tickets and Court Costs Can Be Too Much for Some to HandleInteresting story about an apparently wide-spread problem - nice job finding this source.MattRichmondMatt Richmond 90.3 WCPN ideastream
90.3 WCPN ideastreamRADIO Best DocumentaryFirst PlaceUnsettled: Immigration in OhioGreat reporting and good coverage. The audio is clear and crisp, which helps the listener follow the story.TonyGanzerNick CasteleTony Ganzer and Nick Castele 90.3 WCPN ideastream
90.3 WCPN ideastreamRADIO Best Education Issues Reporting, K-12First PlaceDACA is an Education IssueAn interesting angle to take on a heavily reported issue. Voicing was lively. Great quotes from the teacher at the top. I would have liked to have heard more about how schools are helping affected students, and less about the political background of DACA.AshtonMarraAshton Marra 90.3 WCPN ideastream
90.3 WCPN ideastreamRADIO Best Feature ReportingFirst PlaceAs Housing Market Heats Up So Does Competition Among RealtorsClearly the standout entry in this category. The use of sound was superb, and the story flowed well from scene to scene. The reporter's voicing was clear yet casual, informative yet not stuffy. An added bonus was the great use of video -- it was a great touchpoint to the story as a whole. Well done.AdrianMaAdrian Ma 90.3 WCPN ideastream
90.3 WCPN ideastreamRADIO Best Minority Issues CoverageFirst PlaceSound of Ideas: Divided By DesignVery educational project. Loved all the voices and perspectives included.MikeMcIntyreRachel RoodMichael McIntyre and Rachel Rood 90.3 WCPN ideastream
90.3 WCPN ideastreamBEST OF SHOW - RADIO Best Public Affairs ProgramFirst PlaceSound of IdeasThe cross section of people affected by the opioid addiction in the same room, where they can play off each other and contextualize each other gives the program a powerful depth. In an unfortunate sea of stories about opioid addiction and the repercussions of it, this format sets the program apart.LeighBarrLeigh Barr 90.3 WCPN ideastream
90.3 WCPN ideastreamRADIO Best Environment ReportingFirst PlaceNew Faces, New Issues: People of Color and the Environmental MovementComprehensive analysis on lack of diversity in environmental policy and activism -- and its consequences for (and exclusion of) people of color.ElizabethMillerElizabeth Miller 90.3 WCPN ideastream
90.3 WCPN ideastreamRADIO Best Medical / Health ReportingFirst PlaceBell Well: OpioidsGreat reporting; the conversation between the addict and the officer was particularly powerfulLeciaBushakNick CasteleMarlene Harris-TaylorLecia Bushak, Nick Castele, Marlene Harris-Taylor 90.3 WCPN ideastream
91.7 WVXURADIO Best Investigative ReportingFirst PlaceShould Jurors Be Picked From More Than Just Voter Lists?A well-rounded look at an interesting question: whether juries should be selected from more than just voter registration lists. The reporter looks at many sides of the issue, giving listeners some food for thought.BillRinehart
91.7 WVXURADIO Best Criminal Justice ReportingSecond PlaceTensing Trial Ends In Hung Jury, AgainTanaWeingartner
91.7 WVXURADIO Best Enterprise ReportingFirst PlaceMetro Looking Into Weapons Policy, Training After IncidentA good look at how an admittedly rare incident can lead to an examination of a much broader policy -- one that could have an effect on citizens' lives.TanaWeingartner
91.7 WVXURADIO Best Spot NewsSecond PlaceCameo Night Club ShootingBillRinehart
91.7 WVXUBEST OF SHOW - RADIO Best Public Affairs ProgramSecond PlaceCincinnati Edition: Cincinnati to Refresh Historic Policing AgreementPeteRightmireMark HeyneSelena Reder
91.7 WVXUBEST OF SHOW - RADIO Best AnchorSecond PlaceMaryanne ZeleznikMaryanneZeleznik
91.7 WVXUBEST OF SHOW - RADIO Best NewscastSecond PlaceNewscast: May 23, 2017MaryanneZeleznik
91.7 WVXUBEST OF SHOW - RADIO Best ReporterSecond PlaceTana WeingartnerTanaWeingartner
91.7 WVXURADIO Best General Assignment ReportingSecond PlaceTana WeingartnerTanaWeingartner
91.7 WVXURADIO Best Continuing CoverageSecond PlaceThe Release and Death of North Korean Prisoner Otto WarmbierAnnThompson
91.7 WVXURADIO Best Spot NewsFirst PlaceThe Release and Death of North Korean Prisoner Otto WarmbierAnn Thompson's reporting on Otto Warmbier informed the nation, and provided clear, concise and compelling information about an international story's impact on Ohio. Her reporting had the voices I craved and the facts I needed to better understand this complicated story. Well done.AnnThompson
91.7 WVXUBEST OF SHOW - RADIO Best News OperationSecond Place91.7 WVXUWVXUNews Team
ABC 6 On Your SideTELEVISION Best Consumer ReportingFirst PlaceRotting TrimA report that raises awareness for all homeowners about faulty construction -- and possible remedies.BrooksJaroszBrooks Jarosz ABC 6 On Your Side
ABC 6/FOX 28TELEVISION Best Investigative ReportingSecond PlaceWhistleblower InvestigationsBrooksJaroszMatthew SpurrierBen FreckerBrooks Jarosz Matthew Spurrier Ben Frecker ABC 6/FOX 28
Akron Beacon JournalBEST OF SHOW - PRINT (75,000+ circ.) Best Graphic Designer in OhioSecond PlaceEdna JakubowskiEdnaJakubowskiEdna Jakubowski Akron Beacon Journal
Akron Beacon JournalBEST OF SHOW - PRINT (75,000+ circ.) Best Reporter in OhioFirst PlaceAmanda Garrett, Akron Beacon JournalThis writer shows great ability to introduce characters to readers with tiny, telling details. Great variety, excellent writing, all different.AmandaGarrettAmanda Garrett, Akron Beacon Journal
Akron Beacon JournalPRINT LG: (75,000+ circ.) Best Sports ReportingSecond PlaceMarla Ridenour, Akron Beacon JournalMarlaRidenourMarla Ridenour, Akron Beacon Journal
Akron Beacon JournalBEST OF SHOW - PRINT (75,000+ circ.) Best Daily NewspaperSecond PlaceAkron Beacon JournalStaffAkron Beacon JournalStaff, Akron Beacon Journal
Akron Beacon Journal/Ohio.comPRINT LG: (75,000+ circ.) Best Arts ReportingSecond PlaceMalcolm X Abram, Akron Beacon JournalMalcolmAbramMalcolm X Abram, Akron Beacon Journal
Akron Beacon Journal/Ohio.comPRINT LG: (75,000+ circ.) Best Business ReportingFirst PlaceSumma Hospital, What went wrongThe entry of politics into most business fields spells trouble. But when the field is medicine, it can spell disaster. The entrants reported details of the anger of health-care professionals, the it's-just-business stances of others -- and, last but not least -- how all of this affects the quality and quantity of health care delivered to the people.BettyLin-FisherAmanda GarrettBetty Lin-Fisher, Amanda Garrett, Akron Beacon Journal
Akron Beacon Journal/Ohio.comPRINT LG: (75,000+ circ.) Best Consumer ReportingSecond PlaceBetty Lin-Fisher, Akron Beacon JournalNice breadth. Good consumer information.BettyLin-FisherBetty Lin-Fisher, Akron Beacon Journal/Ohio.com
Akron Beacon Journal/Ohio.comBEST OF SHOW - PRINT (75,000+ circ.) Best Critic in OhioFirst PlaceClint O'Connor, Akron Beacon JournalI like the depth with which you analyze not only what appears onscreen during the films, but also the backstories involved in production. I also like that you weren't afraid to challenge conventional thinking on a couple of these reviews.ClintO'ConnorClint O'Connor, Akron Beacon Journal
Akron Beacon Journal/Ohio.comPRINT LG: (75,000+ circ.) Best Headline WritingFirst PlaceMark J Price, Akron Beacon JournalThese entries immediately stood out to me. While other entries had to label which headlines were the specific entries on the page, I had no doubts about which headlines were submitted for this entry. They were short, succinct, creative and had funny plays-on-words. Plus, they matched well with the page design, which is always a plus. I do believe there must be some mix-up with one of the submissions, as one of them is missing, but even still, the five that were entered is enough to demonstrate this headline writer's quality and wit.MarkPriceMark J. Price, Akron Beacon Journal
Akron Beacon Journal/Ohio.comPRINT LG: (75,000+ circ.) Best Arts ProfileSecond PlaceFathers, sons, and "Field of Dreams"ClintO'ConnorClint O'Connor, Akron Beacon Journal
Akron Beacon Journal/Ohio.comPRINT LG: (75,000+ circ.) Best Human Interest WritingFirst PlaceReformed tattoo artistWhile there weren't many entries in this category, all of them were well-done, and it was difficult to pick a winner. Thus, as I'm only allowed to submit comments on the first-place winner, I feel compelled to give feedback on all the stories and some reasoning on why I chose the ones I did.

The giraffe plasma donation story: A very unusual subject matter. It's not everyday you get to follow around giraffes for an assignment. However, this entry was at a disadvantage because of its length and style. It reads more like a newspaper story (which, I mean, it is); whereas the longer pieces felt more magazine-style and benefited from a longer length. I felt this piece, while a good read, didn't have the vibrancy and richness that the other pieces did.

The shoe repair workers: I think this story had a lot of potential, and included some really good quotes and details. However, I think the story would've been stronger if it had focused equally on both men, which is what the lede was hinting at. How are they similar? How do they communicate? Why did the store owner feel that the Syrian man was so similar to him? I would've liked to have heard more about their friendship, which the story touches on but doesn't dive into as deeply as it could've.

Abuse survivor working for church: It was hard to decide second place between this and the shoe repairmen. This one was longer but told its story more compellingly while the other one was shorter but wasn't quite as detailed. Still, I felt that this entry's length was both its greatest strength and its greatest weakness. It's obvious that the reporter(s) spent a lot of time with this man, hearing different facets of his story, his life, his faith, etc. But, the story itself was far longer than any of the other entries and I had to step away a few times to take breaks from reading it. Granted, this is all heavy subject matter, so it's appropriate for the story to be long; and with six months' worth of material, I don't expect it to be 700 words. In any case, I do feel like, by the time I got to the end, I knew this man's life story. His struggles, his triumphs, his pursuits, his insecurities. That's what a good piece does -- it gives the readers a glimpse into a person: who they are, what they do, how they live.

Tattoo artist helps breast cancer survivor: Finally, we get to the actual first-place winner and comments on their story. This entry was unique, well-crafted, and read a lot faster than I thought it would. It was well balanced between the tattoo artist's past and the survivor's present, and the strange connection they've now formed. It would've been easy to make the story about the survivor alone, and her struggle to find some normality and security in her situation, but also focusing on the tattoo artist's journey and the fact that this man she's worked with for 11+ hours never shared much of his story with her... those are the kinds of details that make a story stand out for the readers. I felt like I got to know both of the people in the story in a rich, detailed but succinct way. Well done!
AmandaGarrettAmanda Garrett, Akron Beacon Journal/Ohio.com
Akron Beacon Journal/Ohio.comPRINT LG: (75,000+ circ.) Best Minority Issues ReportingFirst PlaceWhat does it mean to be white?This entry is an example of looking at things differently and telling an important story. It's so far well-executed, creative and enlightening. Good luck with the long-term effort to make a difference. It's already very ambitious and well-executed.StaffAkron Beacon JournalStaff, Akron Beacon Journal
Akron Beacon Journal/Ohio.comBEST OF SHOW - PRINT (75,000+ circ.) Best Columnist in OhioSecond PlaceBob Dyer, Akron Beacon JournalBobDyerBob Dyer, Akron Beacon Journal
Akron Beacon Journal/Ohio.comPRINT LG: (75,000+ circ.) Best Government ReportingSecond PlaceDoug Livingston, Akron Beacon JournalDougLivingstonDoug Livingston, Akron Beacon Journal/Ohio.com
Akron Beacon Journal/Ohio.comPRINT LG: (75,000+ circ.) Best Newsmaker ProfileSecond PlaceRetired Judge Carla MooreStephanieWarsmithStephanie Warsmith, Akron Beacon Journal
Akron Beacon Journal/Ohio.comPRINT LG: (75,000+ circ.) Best Religion ReportingSecond PlaceFaithful servantsBettyLin-FisherBetty Lin-Fisher, Akron Beacon Journal/Ohio.com
Akron Beacon Journal/Ohio.comPRINT LG: (75,000+ circ.) Best Political ReportingSecond PlaceDoug Livingston, Akron Beacon Journal/Ohio.comDougLivingstonDoug Livingston, Akron Beacon Journal/Ohio.com
APNews.com, many othersPRINT LG: (75,000+ circ.) Best Criminal Justice ReportingSecond PlaceCriminal Justice reporting in OhioDanielSewellDan Sewell
Bar•Bat MitzvahPRINT SM: (<75,000 circ.) Best Religion ReportingSecond PlaceComing of AgeAlyssaSchmittAlyssa Schmitt Bar•Bat Mitzvah Cleveland Jewish News
Bloomberg Businessweek, Outside, Columbus Monthly, Columbia Journalism ReviewBEST OF SHOW - FREELANCE - PRINT SM: (<75,000 circ.) Best Freelance WriterFirst PlaceBest Freelance WriterIncisive investigative journalism focused on big economic players capitalizing on a permanent underclass, ready adherents to the prosperity gospel and hidden tax breaks provided tech giants without contributions to the public good.MyaFrazierMya M FrazierMya Frazier
CanvasPRINT SM: (<75,000 circ.) Best Arts ReportingSecond PlaceMichael C. Butz, Arts Reporting Body of WorkMichaelButzMichael C. Butz Canvas Cleveland Jewish News
CanvasPRINT SM: (<75,000 circ.) Best Arts ProfileSecond PlaceMaking a StatementMichaelButzMichael C. Butz Canvas Cleveland Jewish News
CanvasBEST OF SHOW - PRINT SM (<75,000 circ.) Best Special PublicationSecond PlaceCanvasCanvasstaffCanvas Staff Canvas Cleveland Jewish News
CanvasBEST OF SHOW - TRADE PUBLICATIONS Best Trade PublicationSecond PlaceCanvasI love the new "On Deck" referenced in the editor's note that takes creates new entry points to draw readers into the product.
Great use of graphic elements, headlines and stories throughout.
CanvasStaffCanvas Staff Canvas Cleveland Jewish News
Canvascle.comTRADE PUBLICATIONS Best Trade Publication WebsiteFirst PlaceCanvasCle.comDynamic website with numerous points of entry for readers to enjoy. So many creative links between online and print products.
Strong writing and photos keep engagement and page views up.
Great job!
CanvasStaffCanvas Staff Canvas Cleveland Jewish News
Chillicothe GazettePRINT SM: (<75,000 circ.) Best Investigative ReportingSecond PlaceDeadly AmbitionJonaIsonJona Ison ChillicotheGazette
Chillicothe GazettePRINT SM: (<75,000 circ.) Best Criminal Justice ReportingFirst PlaceDeadly AmbitionGreat records work to recreate how Pigge was able to commit more murders once in jail. The effort to recreate his psyche and life adds a further element of horror.JonaIsonJona Ison ChillicotheGazette
Cincinnati Business CourierBEST OF SHOW - PRINT SM (<75,000 circ.) Best Page One DesignFirst PlaceDid You Know?I liked the lighthearted nature of the cover and the pig with wings was just really attention-grabbing. I wanted to learn more.KevinCoxKevin Cox
Cincinnati Business CourierPRINT SM: (<75,000 circ.) Best Medical / Science ReportingSecond PlaceDr. Garcia's goal: End the violenceBarrettBrunsman
Cincinnati Business CourierPRINT SM: (<75,000 circ.) Best Business ReportingFirst PlaceP&G activist investor isn't going awayCuts to the meaning of the proxy war for the seat and what it could mean for Cincinnati, while not shying away from the drama of the battle, either.BarrettBrunsman
Cincinnati Business CourierPRINT SM: (<75,000 circ.) Best Business ReportingSecond PlaceKroger beat coverageMain bar reads like a national story, though it never loses its local focus. Just great research and reporting presented in an eminently readable fashion.SteveWatkinsSteve Watkins, Cincinnati Business Courier
Cincinnati Business CourierPRINT SM: (<75,000 circ.) Best Sports ReportingSecond PlaceFC Cincinnati coverageSteveWatkinsSteve Watkins, Cincinnati Business Courier
Cincinnati Business CourierBEST OF SHOW - PRINT SM (<75,000 circ.) Best Weekly NewspaperFirst PlaceCincinnati Business CourierA terrific use of presenting information in a way that's a joy to digest. I really like how this publication is designed and presented to the reader. It's clear this publication understands the importance of graphics and design in supporting the written word. It keeps my eyes on the page and prevents me from just thumbing through. Great job!Cincinnati Business CourierStaff
Cincy MagazineTRADE PUBLICATIONS Best Feature DesignSecond PlaceCincy Magazine 2018 FeaturesGuyKellyCorinne Minard
Cleveland Jewish NewsPRINT SM: (<75,000 circ.) Best Education Issues Reporting, Higher EdSecond PlaceAmanda Koehn, Higher Education Issues Reporting Body of WorkAmandaKoehnAmanda Koehn Cleveland Jewish News
Cleveland Jewish NewsPRINT SM: (<75,000 circ.) Best Education Issues Reporting, K-12First PlaceAmanda Koehn, K-12 Education Issues Reporting Body of WorkThe "back to school" article was a refreshing approach to what can be, in some ways, an annual evergreen story. The graphs, as well as the mini-profiles of each Orthodox Jewish day school was a nice twist on what could have been a dry story.AmandaKoehnAmanda Koehn Cleveland Jewish News
Cleveland Jewish NewsPRINT SM: (<75,000 circ.) Best Headline WritingFirst PlaceBob Jacob, Headline Writing Body of WorkGood play-on-words with the headlines. Creative and some are amusing.BobJacobBob Jacob Cleveland Jewish News
Cleveland Jewish NewsPRINT SM: (<75,000 circ.) Best Public Service JournalismFirst Place‘IT’S HAPPENING ON YOUR STREET’ Opioid epidemic impacts Jewish communitySome entries in this category indicate that it is the year of addiction and suicide. Neither topic is fun to report. Part of the reason is the subject matter itself. Another part is the broadness of the issues. But this entry took an excellent approach, breaking the issue down to a community issue, recognizing that it might have differences, even if subtle, from the broader group. This technique, along with insight from the rabbinical front and straightforward presentation of facts and humanity, made it worthy of first place.AmandaKoehnAmanda Koehn Cleveland Jewish News
Cleveland Jewish NewsBEST OF SHOW - PRINT SM (<75,000 circ.) Best ColumnistFirst PlaceRegina Brett, Body of WorkImportant topics, powerful writing -- especially the column about Charlottesville, Va. That was one of the best pieces I've read about that horrible event, and I've read a great many.ReginaBrettRegina Brett Cleveland Jewish News
Cleveland Jewish News/cjn.orgPRINT SM: (<75,000 circ.) Best Deadline ReportingFirst PlaceBob Jacob, Deadline Reporting Body of WorkBobJacobBob Jacob Cleveland Jewish News
Cleveland MagazinePRINT SM: (<75,000 circ.) Best Arts ProfileFirst PlaceSelf ImageKelly Petryszyn's profile of artist Derek Hess is haunting and moving in its portrayal of his mental illness and alcoholism as a backdrop for his art work. A interesting read from start to finish.KellyPetryszynKelly Petryszyn, Cleveland Magazine
Cleveland MagazinePRINT SM: (<75,000 circ.) Best Minority Issues ReportingSecond PlaceSurvival GearJamesBigleyJames Bigley II, Cleveland Magazine
Cleveland MagazineBEST OF SHOW - PRINT SM (<75,000 circ.) Best Graphic DesignerSecond PlaceMaria Amador, Best Graphic DesignerClever use of color and font, especially on Creative Types.MariaAmadorMaria Amador, Cleveland Magazine
Cleveland MagazinePRINT SM: (<75,000 circ.) Best Explanatory JournalismFirst PlaceOur EpidemicThis is essential reading for anyone who wants to understand one of the gravest health crises this nation has ever faced. It makes no assumptions; this journalism carefully explains the origin of the opioid epidemic, what it consists of, and who's behind it -- past and current conventional wisdom in the U.S. about pain management; Mexican cartels; internet shipments from China. Step by patient step, it layers its presentation with the experiences of the addicted, the first responders, the treatment professionals, the survivors. Its data analysis drives home the point that this emergency impacts everyone; no one, regardless of race, class or any other conceivable distinguishing factor, is immune or isolated from the epidemic. And it explains several potential options for that first step from addiction. This demonstrates that the highest standards of journalism in the public interest are alive and well.Cleveland MagazineStaffCleveland Magazine Staff
Cleveland MagazineBEST OF SHOW - PRINT SM (<75,000 circ.) Best CriticSecond PlaceKim Schneider, Best CriticKimSchneiderKim Schneider, Cleveland Magazine
Cleveland MagazineBEST OF SHOW - PRINT SM (<75,000 circ.) Best MonthlyFirst PlaceCleveland MagazineFrom the cover to the subject matter, this edition grabbed my attention throughout. The cover story was well thought out and executed.ClevelandMagazineCleveland Magazine
Cleveland MagazineBEST OF SHOW - PRINT SM (<75,000 circ.) Best Reporter in OhioFirst PlaceSheehan Hannan, Best Reporter in OhioThis was an extraordinarily competitive category. Sheehan’s powerful, clean writing makes clear complicated topics, brings to life national issues and showcases phenomenal reporting. Excellent writing, range of stories, sourcing and creativity.SheehanHannan
Columbus AlivePRINT SM: (<75,000 circ.) Best Newsmaker ProfileSecond PlaceThe White Nationalist from WorthingtonAndyDowningJoel OliphintAndy Downing and Joel Oliphint, Columbus Alive
Columbus AlivePRINT SM: (<75,000 circ.) Best Public Service JournalismSecond PlaceThe White Nationalist from WorthingtonAs much as I deplore the need to give attention to those spotlighted herein and in other fringe causes, I find it necessary and educational. The author set the scene, followed through and gave us a picture of a part of our society.AndyDowningJoel OliphintAndy Downing and Joel Oliphint, Columbus Alive
Columbus AlivePRINT SM: (<75,000 circ.) Best Sports ProfileFirst PlaceThe WrestlerThe author does a great job of providing a behind-the-scenes look at "pro" wrestling. It's very nostalgic and interesting to see the scene of NXT and also former WWE/F greats.

The author does a terrific job of painting the picture and using quotes to further detail that description.
AndyDowningAndy Downing, Columbus Alive
Columbus AlivePRINT SM: (<75,000 circ.)
Best Rock and Roll Commentary / Best Music Review
First PlaceDrive-By Truckers at Newport Music HallThis may be the most newsy concert review I've ever read. You told a real story.AndyDowningAndy Downing, Columbus Alive
Columbus AlivePRINT SM: (<75,000 circ.) Best Human Interest WritingSecond PlaceInside Edith Espinal's life in sanctuaryEricaThompsonErica Thompson, Columbus Alive
Columbus AlivePRINT SM: (<75,000 circ.) Best Rock and Roll Feature WritingSecond PlaceLast Wordz: The magnetic life and tragic death of Sheron "Nes Wordz" ColbertAndyDowningAndy Downing, Columbus Alive
Columbus AlivePRINT SM: (<75,000 circ.) Best Feature ReportingFirst PlaceJoel OliphintRiveting. Simply riveting. Joel Oliphint's three entries are the kind of writing that readers will read from start to finish. Intense subject matter told in a compelling way. His work was head and shoulders above the other entries in this category.JoelOliphintJoel Oliphint, Columbus Alive
Columbus AliveBEST OF SHOW - PRINT SM (<75,000 circ.) Best Graphic DesignerFirst PlaceMatthew BaileyThese are beautiful designs with great use of color, photos and symmetry.MatthewBaileyMatthew Bailey, Columbus Alive
Columbus AliveBEST OF SHOW - PRINT SM (<75,000 circ.) Best CriticFirst PlaceAndy DowningThere's a lot to like here: You do a good job of describing the music, the stages, the movements of the singers and their political and social commentary. I also like that you occasionally work some humor into your pieces. And the fact that you're obviously comfortable reviewing artists with many different musical styles.AndyDowningAndy Downing, Columbus Alive
Columbus AliveBEST OF SHOW - PRINT SM (<75,000 circ.) Best PhotographerSecond PlaceRob HardinRobHardin
Columbus CEOBEST OF SHOW - PRINT SM (<75,000 circ.) Best Special SectionSecond PlaceColumbus 2020: It Happens HereStaffStaffStaff Columbus CEO
Columbus Monthly magazinePRINT SM: (<75,000 circ.) Best Medical / Science ReportingFirst PlaceThe VolunteerA compelling account of a critical, but sometimes overlooked, element of advancement in medicine -- the volunteers who allow themselves to be prodded, probed, analyzed and inconvenienced for the benefit of the greater good for a greater number.ChrisGaittenChris Gaitten Columbus Monthly magazine
Columbus Monthly magazineBEST OF SHOW - PRINT SM (<75,000 circ.) Best PhotographerFirst PlaceTim Johnson portfolioGreat portraits and use of light. I wouldn't have included the hawk photo though.TimJohnsonTim Johnson Columbus Monthly magazine
Columbus Monthly magazinePRINT SM: (<75,000 circ.) Best Business ProfileFirst PlaceThe Queen of ChaosWell reported and well written piece on someone coming in at the top of a rapidly growing company. This was entertaining and informative of both the person and the business in the profile.ChrisGaittenChris Gaitten Columbus Monthly magazine
Columbus Monthly magazinePRINT SM: (<75,000 circ.) Best Explanatory JournalismSecond PlaceDoctors DividedDaveGhoseDave Ghose Columbus Monthlymagazine
Columbus Monthly magazinePRINT SM: (<75,000 circ.) Best Newsmaker ProfileFirst PlaceHillbilly HomecomingThis is an interesting mix of detail about the man, from his personal life and background to his politics, with a well-curated selection of telling details. The voice is interesting, the details well-chosen. All over excellent.
SuzanneGoldsmithSuzanne Goldsmith Columbus Monthly magazine
Columbus Monthly magazinePRINT SM: (<75,000 circ.) Best Social Issues ReportingFirst PlaceScenes From the Front Lines of HomelessnessA fascinating (and compulsively frustrating) analysis of the complexities of homelessness in Columbus _ and the equally complex approaches (not always coordinated) to cope with or address the issue. In turn, the root causes are explained: long-term declines in public benefits, deteriorating rental markets, affordable housing shortages, evictions, opioids. And the faces are deftly portrayed: families; youth; women; African Americans. There isn't an easy or effective solution, but this well-reported piece lays it all out for all of us _ neighbors and government _ to try.ChrisGaittenChris Gaitten Columbus Monthly magazine
Columbus Monthly magazinePRINT SM: (<75,000 circ.) Best Human Interest WritingFirst PlaceIt's ComplicatedWriter Dave Ghose tells the story of felon Norman Whiteside and county treasurer Cheryl Brooks Sullivan in a compelling manner. This is a great read from start to finish.DaveGhoseDave Ghose Columbus Monthly magazine
ColumbusUnderground.comDIGITAL MEDIA Best Editorial WritingFirst PlaceOpinion: Endless Abortion Bans Constitute Class WarfareLauren Sega makes a strong case for ending abortion bans, logically and thoughtfully laying out her case. An adept piece of work.LaurenSegaLauren Sega ColumbusUnderground.com
ColumbusUnderground.comDIGITAL MEDIA Best PhotographySecond PlacePhotos: Columbus Coffee Fest 2017LillianDentLillian Dent ColumbusUnderground.com
ColumbusUnderground.comBEST OF SHOW - DIGITAL MEDIA Best Online Still Photographer in OhioFirst PlaceMatt Ellis - PhotographerI loved the composition of the photographs submitted for this photographer — they were visually engaging, well-focused and featured a range of subjects. Above all, the images seemed to capture the big take-home of the events at which they were captured.MattEllisMatt Ellis ColumbusUnderground.com
ColumbusUnderground.comFREELANCE - DIGITAL MEDIA Best Feature WritingSecond PlaceHistory Lesson: Looking Back 25 Years to AmeriFlora ’92DougMotzDoug Motz ColumbusUnderground.com
ColumbusUnderground.comBEST OF SHOW - FREELANCE - DIGITAL MEDIA Best Freelance WriterFirst PlaceArt Reviews (Series)Engaging in all senses of the word: An art critic whose lively writing shows a deep commitment to educating, sharing and appreciating both artist -- and audience.JeffRegensburgerJeff Regensburger ColumbusUnderground.com
Crain's Cleveland BusinessBEST OF SHOW - PRINT SM (<75,000 circ.) Best Page One DesignSecond PlaceBusiness page designDavidKordalskiDavid Kordalski Crain's Cleveland Business
Crain's Cleveland BusinessBEST OF SHOW - PRINT SM (<75,000 circ.) Best Special SectionFirst PlaceTwenty in their 20sNot the typical listicle click-bait, but a snappy and informative recognition of a diverse group of up-and-comers. Nicely done.DavidKordalskiDavid Kordalski Crain's Cleveland Business
Crain's Cleveland BusinessPRINT SM: (<75,000 circ.) Best Education Issues Reporting, Higher EdFirst PlaceSchools amp up fundraising efforts / Enrollment slips, but colleges remain optimistic / Jim Tressel tackles Youngstown State's problems with gritImportant developments in local higher ed are explained thoroughly and clearly; the range of stories indicates a reporter in tune with the education community.RachelAbbey McCaffertyRachel Abbey McCafferty Crain's Cleveland Business
Crain's Cleveland BusinessPRINT SM: (<75,000 circ.) Best Rock and Roll Feature WritingFirst PlaceRock Hall 2.0: It’s evolution, babyGreat pieces that dives into the Rock Hall's history and rebranding and goes beyond a simple construction update.TimothyMagawTimothy Magaw Crain's Cleveland Business
Crain's Cleveland BusinessPRINT SM: (<75,000 circ.) Best Sports ProfileSecond PlaceThomas tackles weighty issues on TwitterKevinKlepsKevin Kleps Crain's Cleveland Business