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U.S. Sanction Justification [SDGT]​ = Global Terrorism Sanctions Regulations
[SDNTK] = Foreign Narcotics Kingpin Sanctions Regulations
(Green = sanctions relief "available", Red = not subject to sanctions relief. Yellow = Unclear)​[VENEZUELA] = ​​Executive Order 13692
[Venezuela] = Executive Order 13884
​[VENEZUELA-EO13850] = ​Executive Order 13850
[SDNTK] ​[VENEZUELA] = Sanctioned Under Kingpin and EO
NameUS SanctionsUS Sanctioning Date
Canada Sanctions
EU SanctionsSwitzerland SanctionsPanama Sanctions Formal Governmental AffiliationNotes
Hugo Armando CARVAJAL BARRIOSX9/12/2008National Assembly; former DGCIM
Arrested on the request of the US authorities by security forces in Aruba, but was quickly released after the intervention of the Dutch government. Arrested in Spain and charged with a conspiracy to import cocaine into the U.S., currently under the process being extradited.
Fauzi GANANX6/18/2008None
Venezuela-based supporter of Hezballah, also uses the alias "Fawzi Kan'an." Owns Biblios Travel/Hilal Travel agencies to courier funds to/from Lebanon.
Armando GONZALEZ APUSHANAX5/30/2008None
Drug trafficking suspect; leader of the Guajira Cartel and also known as Hermagoras González Polanco. Alleged member of the Autodefensas Unidas de Colombia (AUC) that used Venezuela to transport arms from Europe to Colombia. Sentenced to 15 years in prison in Venezuela in 2013.
Rodrigo GRANDA ESCOBARX9/28/2006FARCKnown as the Chancellor of the FARC, granted special persion by the JEP (Jurisdicción Especial para la Paz) to exit Colombia in March of 2019.
Abass Hussein HARBX6/27/2012NoneFarc; Lebanese-Venezuelan linked to Lebanese drug kingpin Ayman Joumaa
Walid MAKLED GARCIAX5/29/2009None
Syrian-born Venezuelan citizen also known as "El Turco/ElArabe." Worked with El Cartel de los Soles & the FARC. Extradited from Colombia to Venezuela under the Santos administration, and was sentenced to 21 years in prison.
Jose Cayetano MELO PERILLAX8/20/2009FARCColombian national allegedly involved both in FARC's 27th front and PSUV
Henry de Jesus RANGEL SILVAX9/12/2008Governor
Current governor for the state of Trujillo. Former Defense Minister. Also former Director of Venezuela's Directorate of Intelligence and Prevention Services
Ramon Emilio RODRIGUEZ CHACINX9/12/2008Executive Branch Former minister of interior and justice, alleged main weapons contact within the Venezuelan government for the FARC back in 2008.
Kassem Mohamad SALEHX6/27/2012NoneMoney laundering/drug trafficking suspect; also linked to the Ayman Joumaa network
Carlos Fernando SERRALDE PLAZA X12/14/2010NoneAlias "El Doctor," extradited to the U.S. for drug trafficking charges in 2013.
Jair Fernando URREA LENISX10/13/2010Sinaloa Cartel Network Drug trafficking pilot and operative of the Sinaloa Cartel based out of Colombia
Vassyly Kotosky VILLARROEL RAMIREZ X8/21/2013Sinaloa Cartel Network Ex-member of the GNB; involved in money-laundering for the Sinaloa Cartel
Roberto Manuel LOPEZ PERDIGONX9/13/2012Constructora FR de VenezuelaDrug trafficking suspect
Amilcar Jesus FIGUEROA SALAZARX9/8/2011Parlamento Latinamericano
Former member of Venezuela’s delegation to the Latin American Parliament (Parlatino) who has served as a primary arms dealer for the FARC, and is a main conduit for FARC leaders based in Venezuela. He has also provided training for the FARC.
Cliver Antonio ALCALA CORDONESX9/8/2011FANB (National Bolivarian Armed Forces)
Former Major General of the Red de Defensa Integral (REDI). Led a group of exiled soliders to forcefully enter Venezuela on February 23rd and safeguard the passage of humanitarian aid, but stopped by the Colombian government in fear of violent clashes
Ramon Isidro MADRIZ MORENOX9/8/2011SEBIN (Bolivarian National Intelligence Service)Intelligence officer accused of coordinating security for the FARC
Antonio Jose BENAVIDES TORRESX3/9/2015XXXXChief of caracas Capital District; Former GNBFormer GNB head (at time of sanctioning in 2015), Caracas District head as of June 2017.
Justo José NOGUERA PIETRIX3/9/2015XXGovernor
Governor of the state of Bolívar since 2017 with the PSUV party. President of the Venezuelan Corporation of Guayana (CVG), a state-owned entity, and former General Commander of Venezuela’s Bolivarian National Guard (GNB). Possible connection to the death of members of the pemon tribe in his state by colectivos armados under his alleged leadership.
Manuel Gregorio BERNAL MARTINEZX3/9/2015XXFANB (National Bolivarian Armed Forces)Chief of the REDI in the Andes as of 2019, and director of operational readiness for the FANB in 2018. Previous director of SEBIN.
Ex-Viceminister of the Integrated System of Criminal Investigation. Former public prosecutor with the public ministry that has charged several opposition members, including former National Assembly legislator Maria Corina Machado and, as of February 2015, Caracas Mayor Antonio Ledezma Diaz, with the crime of conspiracy related to alleged assassination/coup plots based on implausible evidence.
Manuel Eduard PEREZ URDANETAX3/9/2015XInstituto Navional de Transporte Terrestre
Ex-VP of the National Institute of Terrestrial Transport. Former head of PNB. Became Vice Minister of Prevention and Citizen Security, but was replaced in June 2017
Miguel Alcides VIVAS LANDINOX3/9/2015FANB (National Bolivarian Armed Forces)
Former Inspector General of Venezuela’s Bolivarian National Armed Forces (FANB) and former Commander of the Strategic Region for the Integral Defense (REDI) of the Andes Region of Venezuela’s Bolivarian National Armed Forces.
Gustavo Enrique GONZALEZ LOPEZX3/9/2015XXXXSEBIN (Bolivarian National Intelligence Service)Head of SEBIN (briefly replaced by Manuel Ricardo Cristopher Figueroa), but reinstated ater the events of April 30th
Tareck Zaidan EL AISSAMI MADDAHX2/13/2017XXXExecutive Branch
Minister of National Industries and Industrial Production. Former Vice President with oversight of SEBIN. Currently accused of a money-laundering scheme through the CLAP program (Comités Locales de Abastecimiento y Producción).
Samark Jose LOPEZ BELLOX2/13/2017NoneAlleged frontman for El Aissami, Venezuelan businessman.
Maikel Jose MORENO PEREZX5/18/2017XXXXTSJ (Supreme Court of Justice)
Chief Justice of TSJ, who refused to turn against Maduro in the April 30th uprisings. Head figure in the movement to dissolve the National Assembly in favor of the ANC.
Gladys Maria GUTIERREZ ALVARADOX5/18/2017XXTSJ (Supreme Court of Justice)Magistrate of the Constitutional Chamber of Supreme Court of Justice (TSJ-C)
Juan Jose MENDOZA JOVERX5/18/2017XXTSJ (Supreme Court of Justice)Second Vice President of Venezuela's Supreme Court of Justice, President of TSJ-C
Luis Fernando DAMIANI BUSTILLOSX5/18/2017XXTSJ (Supreme Court of Justice)Magistrate of the TSJ-C
Lourdes Benicia SUAREZ ANDERSONX5/18/2017XXTSJ (Supreme Court of Justice)Magistrate of the TSJ-C
Carmen Auxiliadora ZULETA DE MERCHANX5/18/2017XXTSJ (Supreme Court of Justice)Magistrate of the TSJ-C
Arcadio de Jesus DELGADO ROSALESX5/18/2017XXTSJ (Supreme Court of Justice)Vice President of TSJ-C
Calixto Antonio ORTEGA RIOSX5/18/2017XXTSJ (Supreme Court of Justice)Magistrate of the TSJ-C
Tibisay LUCENA RAMIREZX7/26/2017XXXXCNE (National Electoral Council)President of CNE
Nestor Luis REVEROL TORRESX7/26/2017XXXXInterior Ministry; Former GNB
Currently  Venezuela's Minister of Interior, Justice, and Peace. Also former Anti-Narcotics Police. In charge of Operación Gedeón, during which Oscar Pérez was murdered.
Tarek William SAAB HALABIX7/26/2017XXXXAttorney GeneralDesignated attorney general by the ANC; Former Ombudsman
Elias Jose JAUA MILANOX7/26/2017XXXX
ANC (Constituent Assembly); Ministry of Education
Minister of the Popular Power for Education; Former head of the ANC Presidential Commission
Maria Iris VARELA RANGELX7/26/2017XXMinistry of Prisons; ANCMinister of Prisons and ANC delegate
Carlos Alfredo PEREZ AMPUEDAX7/26/2017XXPNB (Bolivarian National Police)
Former Head of National Bolivarian Police, replaced by Elio Estrada. This changed is rumored to have happened as a result of Perez Ampueda's alleged negotiations with the opposition for the uprisings in April 30th.
Sergio Jose RIVERO MARCANOX7/26/2017XXXXFANB (National Bolivarian Armed Forces)Inspector General of Bolivarian National Armed Forces (FANB) designated Jan. 2018. Former General Commander of the FANB
Jesus Rafael SUAREZ CHOURIOX7/26/2017XXXXFANB; REDI Central
General Commander of Venezuela's Bolivarian Army. Former Commander of Venezuela's Comprehensive Defense Region of the Central Zone. Suspected to have been involved in planning the military uprisings of April 30th, but have since sworn loyalty to Maduro.
CENCOEX (National Center for Foreign Commerce)
President of the National Center for Foreign Commerce (Centro Nacional de Comercio Exterior, or CENCOEX) until 2018, when he was replaced by Yomana Koteich.
Franklin Horacio GARCIA DUQUEX7/26/2017XXFormer PNB
Former National Director of the Bolivarian National Police and the former Commander of the West Integral Strategic Defense Region of Venezuela’s National Armed Forces.
Alejandro Antonio FLEMING CABRERAX7/26/2017XXFormer Foreign Ministry; former CENCOEXFormer Vice Minister for Europe of Venezuela’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs; former President of CENCOEX
Carlos Erik MALPICA FLORESX7/26/2017XXFormer Treasury
Former National Treasurer of Venezuela; Former Vice President of Finance for Petroleos de Venezuela, S.A. (PDVSA). Nephew of the first lady of Venezuela, Cilia Flores.
Simon Alejandro ZERPA DELGADOX7/26/2017XXExecutive Branch
Current Minister of Economy & Finance. Former Vice President of Finance for PDVSA , replaced Feb. 2018. Allegedly involved in a money-laundering scheme through the CLAP program (Comités Locales de Abastecimiento y Producción) alongside Tareck El Aissami
Nicolas MADURO MOROSX7/31/2017XXExecutive BranchPresident
Member of the Presidential Commission for the ANC.  He is the ANC Constituent for Zamora Municipality in Miranda State. Part of a special commission of the ANC to evaluate what policies to take against the AN. X8/9/2017XXANCMember of the Presidential Commission for the ANC.  He is the ANC Constituent for Zamora Municipality in Miranda State.
Tania D'AMELIO CARDIETX8/9/2017XXCNE (National Electoral Council)CNE Rector
Francisco Jose AMELIACH ORTAX8/9/2017XXANCConstituyente. Former governor of Carabobo State; prominent PSUV figure, retired military officer who participated in 1992 coup
Carmen Teresa MELENDEZ RIVASX8/9/2017XXGovernor; ANCGovernor of the state of Lara. ANC delegate, Navy Admiral, former Sectoral Vice President of Political Sovereignty, Security, and Peace
Bladimir Humberto LUGO ARMASX8/9/2017XXGNB (Bolivarian National Guard)Commander of the Special GNB Unit to the Federal Legislative Palace
Adan Coromoto CHAVEZ FRIASX8/9/2017XXAmbassador; ANCAmbassador of Venezuela to Cuba as of 2019. VP of International Affairs of PSUV. Brother of Hugo Chavez Frias.
Erika del Valle FARIAS PENAX8/9/2017XXMayor; ANC
Mayor of Libertador Municipality; accused of using municipal funds meant for social services to finance armed collective groups associated with PSUV.
Constituent of Venezuela's Constituent Assembly for Vargas Municipality in Vargas State; in 2017, he was in charge of the Constituent Command Zamora 200.
Freddy Alirio BERNAL ROSALESX11/9/2017XXXX
SEBIN; Minister of Urban Agriculture; CLAP (Local Committees of Supply and Production)
Commissioner General of SEBIN; Head of the National Command and Control Center for Local Committees of Supply and Production (CLAP); Former Minister of Urban Agriculture. Designated by Maduro as the "protector" of Táchira.
Elvis Eduardo HIDROBO AMOROSOX11/9/2017XXANCSecond Vice President of Venezuela’s ANC and was previously the First Vice President of the ANC
Sandra OBLITAS RUZZAX11/9/2017XXXXCNE (National Electoral Council)Vice President and a Rector of Venezuela's National Electoral Council (CNE); President of the Commission of the Electoral and Civilian Register
Socorro Elizabeth HERNANDEZ DE HERNANDEZX11/9/2017XXXXCNE; JNERector of Venezuela's National Electoral Council (CNE); Member of the National Electoral Board
Manuel Angel FERNANDEZ MELENDEZX11/9/2017XXCANTV (National Telephone Company)President of Venezuela's CANTV, and the President of Movilnet, C.A., a subsidiary of CANTV
Jorge Elieser MARQUEZ MONSALVEX11/9/2017XX
CONATEL (National Commission of Telecommunications)
CONATEL director; GNB Colonel; formed part of an interim VP body of Culture & Communication led by Jorge Rodriguez as Minister of the Presidency (2017).
Carlos Alberto OSORIO ZAMBRANOX11/9/2017XXAEB (Agenda Económica Bolivariana)
Ex-Minister of Transport, removed in 2018 and demoted to Motor Transport Chief of the Bolivarian Economic Agenda (AEB); Former Food Minister. Maduro attempted to designate him as commander of the Central REDI, but was limited in this action as a result of corruption scandals during his time as Minister of Food.
Carlos Enrique QUINTERO CUEVASX11/9/2017XXCNE (National Electoral Council)Alternate Rector of the CNE, and a member of Venezuela's National Electoral Board. Also a director for the Electoral Registry and IT.
Julian Isaias RODRIGUEZ DIAZX11/9/2017XANC
Former ambassador to Italy as well as former Vice President of ANC. As of May 2019, he is no longer the ambassador to Italy given a very delicate economic situation in which he has not received payment due to U.S. sanctions and restricted access to Italian banks.
Ernesto Emilio VILLEGAS POLJAKX11/9/2017XExecutive Branch; PSUV Ministry of Culture & part of the Political Council of the PSUV; Former Communications Minister
Gerardo Jose IZQUIERDO TORRESX1/5/2018XEjercito Bolivariano (EB); Executive Branch Major General of the Army; Minister for the New Border of Peace and the Executive Secretary of the Presidential Border Commission
Rodolfo Clemente MARCO TORRESX1/5/2018XXGovernor
Governor of Aragua State; Previous External Director on the Board of Directors for PDVSA. Previous Minister of Economy and Finances, and a retired General of the FANB. Has been linked to food import-corruption schemes.
Francisco Jose RANGEL GOMEZX1/5/2018XXFormer GovernorFormer Governor of Bolivar State and is retired from the National Army. Once sanctioned by the U.S., he solicited residency papers in Mexico.
Fabio Enrique ZAVARSE PABONX1/5/2018XGNB (Bolivarian National Guard)
Division General of the Bolivarian National Guard, is the Commander of the West Capital Integral Defense Operational Zone (REDI) of the National Armed Forces and directed the Bolivarian National Guard Forces in the Capital District of Venezuela in zone 43.
Américo Alex MATA GARCIAX3/19/2018XBANAVIH
Alternate Director on the Board of Directors of the National Bank of Housing and Habitat, also known as BANAVIH, under the Ministry of Popular Power for Habitat and Housing. Mata was also the Vice Minister of Agricultural Economics and the President of the Agricultural Bank of Venezuela, both of which attached to the Ministry of Popular Power for Agriculture and Lands. Mata is a former President of Corpomirand
Willian Antonio CONTRERASX3/19/2018XExecutive Branch; SUNDDEMinister of National Commerce. National Superintendent of the Superintendency for the Defense of Socioeconomic Rights (SUNDDE)
Nelson Reinaldo LEPAJE SALAZARX3/19/2018XXTreasuryFormer Head of the Office of the National Treasury of Venezuela, replacd by Reinier Alejandro Merentes
Carlos Alberto ROTONDARO COVAX3/19/2018XXIVSS
Fleed to Colombia & denounced Maduro's government as inept and corrupt in March, 2019 - Currently still sanctioned by the U.S. government. Recognizes Guaidó as the legitimate president. Former President of the Board of Directors of the Venezuelan Institute of Social Security (IVSS)
Pedro Luis MARTIN OLIVARESX5/7/2018Former SEBIN
Former Chief of Financial Intelligence for Venezuela’s National Directorate of Intelligence and Prevention Services (DISIP) now know as SEBIN from 2004-2011 and from 2013-2014. Part of the American blacklist of drug traffickers.
Walter Alexander DEL NOGAL MARQUEZX5/7/2018NonePartner of MARTIN OLIVARES
Mario Antonio RODRIGUEZ ESPINOZA X5/7/2018Former SEBIN Retired member of SEBIN. Partner of MARTIN OLIVARES
Diosdado CABELLO RONDONX5/18/2018XXXXANCFirst VP of PSUV, President of the ANC, Former presdident of National Assembly
Rafael Alfredo SARRIA DIAZX5/18/2018None
Alleged Frontman for Diosdado CABELLO RONDON; Brother to Edgar Sarria, who is the director of the Quintana Trading & Panazeate SL companies, former member of the Venezuelan Military
Marleny CONTRERAS DE CABELLOX5/18/2018Executive Branch
Current Minister of Public Works. Previous Minister of Tourism (MINTUR) -replaced by Stella Lugo - and former President of Venezuela's National Institute of Tourism (INATUR), former ANC representative for the state of Miranda from 2011-2015 where she formed part of the Commission for Finance and Economic Development, married to Diosdado CABELLO RONDON
Diosdado Cabello's brother. Since Feb 2008 he has been superindentent of Venezuelan tax agency SENIAT. He was also head of Conviasa from April to June 2006. Former Minister of Infrastructure from July 2006-February 2008
Vladimir PADRINO LOPEZX9/25/2018XExecutive Branch Minister of Defense. Trained in psychological operations at the School of the Americas and at the Army Infantry School in Fort Benning, GA.
Delcy Eloina RODRIGUEZ GOMEZX9/25/2018XXXExecutive Branch
Current Vice President of Venezuela; Minister of Popular Power for External Relations; Former ANC president; former foreign minister; Maduro loyalist; former member of the ANC presidential commission
Jorge Jesus RODRIGUEZ GOMEZX9/25/2018XExecutive Branch
Minister of Communication and Information. One of the delegates of Maduro for the Oslo talks. Along with sister Delcy, key alies of Maduro in PSUV. Former Libertador mayor and former Vice President.
Cilia Adela FLORES DE MADURO X9/25/2018XANCANC representative for the state of Cojedes, wife of Maduro, and current First Lady
Jose Omar PAREDES X9/25/2018Averuca, C.A. Chief Pilot of AVERUCA, C.A. Responsible for the Operation Control of Diosdado's aircraft.
Edgar SARRIA DIAZ X9/25/2018None
Director of Quiana Trading, and sole shareholder of Panazeate SL. Quiana Trading is the beneficial owner of Diosdado's aircraft through a trust agreement
Claudia Patricia DIAZ GUILLENX1/8/2019Former Head of the ONT
Served as National Treasurer between 2011 and 2013. Diaz accepted bribes from Gorrin and her husband, Velasquez. She, along with Velasquez is currently under house arrest in Spain under moneylaundering and criminal association charges. Owner of Bleckner Associates Limited, a company based in the Republic of Seychelles along with her husband.
Leonardo GONZALEZ DELLANX1/8/2019BIdV (Industrial Bank of Venezuela)
Former head of the Industrial Bank of Venezuela. Currently resides in London. Served as a front person for Venezuelan senior Chavista military and political figures, including Andrade. Supported money scams involving Venezuelan financial sector.
Raul GORRIN BELISARIOX1/8/2019Globovisión
Owner of Globovisión. Indicted by the U.S. Attorney's Office for the Southern District of Florida in August 2018 for conspiring to violate the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act and for conspiring to bribe Ven. officials, including Claudia Diaz & Alejandro Andrade. His properties in New York and Florida were recently confiscated by the US government.
Gustavo Adolfo PERDOMO ROSALESX1/8/2019None
The brother-in-law and business partner of Gorrin. Perdomo made wire transfers and held property on behalf of Andrade. Linked to the "banda de los enanos,"a lawfirm operating in the judicial system of the country.
Adrian Jose VELASQUEZ FIGUEROA X1/8/2019None
Former edecan to Chavez, and has been linked to Chavez's son, accused of being in charge of protecting him and his illicit food and mineral businesses. Received bribes from Gorrin on behalf of his wife, Claudia Diaz. Gorrin held and purchased assets for Diaz and Velasquez in the same way he did for Andrade. He, along with Diaz, is under house arrest in Spain.