ABD Member LocationResponse EffortsMore Information
3M Global*3M is at maximum production of N95 respirators, doubling its global output to a rate of 1.1 billion per year, or 100 million per month. This includes 35 million per month in the United States, and over just a seven day period 3M delivered 10 million N95 respirators to healthcare facilities in states across the country.
*The company put into motion additional investments and actions that will enable it to double capacity once again, to 2 billion globally within the next 12 months. In the United States, 3M expects to be producing N95 respirators at a rate of 50 million per month in June, a 40 percent increase from current levels. In the U.S., more than 90 percent of 3M's N95 respirators are going to healthcare and public health, with the remaining deployed to other critical industries such as energy, food and pharmaceuticals.
*3M is partnering with Ford to bolster production of 3M’s powered air purifying respirators (PAPRs). 3M is moving forward quickly with the goal of increasing PAPR production by six-fold within the next 60 to 90 days.
*3Mgives, the social investment arm of 3M, also pre-stocks supplies with humanitarian aid partners, and these product donations were provided to be rapidly deployed to affected communities. This is in addition to local 3M China product donations of respirators, surgical masks and hand sanitizer, totaling more than $1 million USD.
*3M also continues its commitment to acting on reports of counterfeiting and price gouging related to 3M’s respirators.
AB-InBevGlobal, US, Colombia, Peru, Ecuador, BrazilTogether with local governments and partners Ab-InBev is using its existing operations and infrastructure to address immediate needs by developing, donating and distributing essential resources needed to fight the pandemic. This includes:
*Producing and donating nearly three million bottles of hand sanitizer and disinfectant to hospitals and front-line health workers in 20+ countries
*Providing water and medical supplies to front-line emergency workers around the world, including the donation of 3 million face shields in Brazil by Cervejaria Ambev
*Contributing to the enhancement of health infrastructure in several cities, including a project in Brazil where Cervejaria Ambev, alongside Gerdau, Hospital Albert Einstein, and the City of São Paulo are partnering to build a public hospital with 100 beds
*Identifying available arenas and stadiums to be used by the American Red Cross for temporary blood drive centers across the United States
*Mobilizing our fleets of trucks in Colombia, Peru and Ecuador to deliver essential food and medical supplies to areas where they are needed
ABBGlobal*Since the outbreak started, ABB's leaders and teams have gone above and beyond the call of duty to safeguard the health and safety of our people and communities, and to maintain business continuity, in challenging circumstances. In our factories, we are sparing no effort to ensure that our people are safe and protected from the risk of infection. I am particularly proud of all our colleagues involved in keeping our operations going. Their team spirit, unity and personal commitment are an example to us all in these extraordinary times.
*ABB serves society by supplying and maintaining critical infrastructure to keep essential goods and services available and running. We are working around the clock with our customers and partners to maintain power supplies and services deemed critical by local governments. Our teams across the globe are also helping our customers and partners maximize our existing digital services to keep critical services running safely, and we are finding new virtual ways of connecting with each other and our stakeholders.
*To further support our customers, we have decided to make some of our software services available free to ensure uninterrupted power supplies to critical healthcare applications and to support commercial and industrial facilities in better managing their facilities.
*To help our communities, we have donated masks and used our resources to deliver protective equipment to hospitals and frontline workers in some of the most badly affected countries, such as China and Italy. We are currently working with governments to assess where ABB could use its technology and expertise to support the production of critical equipment, such as ventilators and masks.
*ABB will make an initial contribution of CHF 1 million to the International Committee of the Red Cross COVID-19 effort and thereafter ABB Group will match 1:1 all donations made by its employees around the world. The money will be used to provide infrastructure for healthcare centers, sanitation infrastructure, and crucial items such as soap and masks.
AccionaGlobal, Spain*ACCIONA is working with a number of public institutions and social agents to help mitigate the effects of the virus. The company has put together a dedicated taskforce, specifically created and organized for this purpose. ACCIONA is cooperating with more than 75 public institutions and social agents all over the world to help to mitigate the effects of the virus.
* ACCIONA is making our corporate capacities, resources and personnel available to public administrations and various entities involved in transport (vans or motorbikes), logistics (storage spaces), structures (positioning of work booths), cleaning (normal and specialised) and maintenance, for institutions that do not have resources at the moment. Among others:
* has deferred payment of the micro-quotas for maintaining clean water and energy services in remote communities in Cajamarca and Loreto, Peru, and in Ngäbe-Buglé, Panama.
*In Mexico, Chile and South Africa we are carrying out various donations (hygiene kits, prevention kits, food, containers to be used for medical purposes, etc.) to around 45 communities near our renewable energy parks.
AdvaMedUS, Global*Since the onset of the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak, AdvaMed member companies have donated millions of dollars’ worth of medical products and cash to hospitals, foundations and charities around the world. Medical device companies are responding to increased demand by ramping up production wherever possible, coordinating closely with governments to ensure the delivery of supplies where they are most needed, and in some cases, creating new devices and diagnostic tests to help effectively diagnose and treat sick patients.
*AdvaMed is actively working with key U.S. government agencies – including HHS, FDA, and CDC – as well government agencies around the world, to identify how the industry can help ensure that providers and patients everywhere have access to the medical technologies they need to help diagnose and fight this deadly virus.
*On May 8, AdvaMed announced the availability of newly created “Code of Ethics Compliance Guidance Related to the COVID-19 Response”. Development of the guidance was overseen by AdvaMed’s Global Compliance Steering Committee, with active input from over a dozen member company compliance officers. ;
AirbnbGlobal, Colombia, Mexico*Airbnb announced on March 26 a new global initiative to help those providing medical services during the COVID-19 pandemic with safe and appropriate places to stay while doing their jobs. The company's goal is to help house 100,000 healthcare professionals, relief personnel and first responders from around the world. Airbnb will not charge fees for stays organized through this initiative.
*Airbnb Hosts can opt in to provide homes that follow new cleanliness protocols based on recommendations from medical experts
*Airbnb is partnering with the International Federation of the Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies, the International Rescue Committee, International Medical Corps and other nonprofit organizations to help support their relief workers on the front lines.
*This initiative builds on two pilot programs in Italy and France where Airbnb announced that doctors, nurses, caregivers and other medical support staff who are responding to the outbreak can access free accommodation through Airbnb.
This initiative builds on two pilot programs in Italy and France where Airbnb announced that doctors, nurses, caregivers and other medical support staff who are responding to the *outbreak can access free accommodation through Airbnb.
AmazonGlobal, US, Canada, Argentina, Colombia and Chile*Amazon leveraged its worldwide logistics and operations network to donate more than 1 million items, including medical-grade protective masks, isolation suits, and disposable gloves, to healthcare professionals to help with the coronavirus outbreak relief efforts.
*Amazon Future Engineer program offering free online virtual robotics & coding classes for any student or teacher affected by COVID-19 in the US, Canada, Argentina, Colombia and Chile.
*$25 million relief fund for partners (e.g. delivery drivers) and seasonal associates who face financial hardship or quarantine.
*Added 100,000 jobs and are adding 75,000 more, to help meet customer demand and assist existing employees fulfilling orders for essential products.
*Focusing on high-priority items to ensure the fastest delivery of household staples, medical supplies, and other high demand products coming into our fulfillment centers.
*Vigorously combating price gouging to help protect customers, help ensure fair pricing, and combat those seeking to profit off the COVID-19 crisis.
*Free Kids Section in Amazon Prime.
*Free select titles on Audible.
Amazon Web ServicesGlobal, US*AWS has created a public source for critical COVID-19 data to aid ongoing research. The data lake, which compiles datasets from multiple sources, will help healthcare workers, medical researchers, scientists, and public health officials working to understand and fight the novel coronavirus and COVID-19.
*AWS launched the Diagnostic Development Initiative—a program to support customers who are working to bring better, more accurate, diagnostics solutions to market faster and promote better collaboration across organizations that are working on similar problems. As part of this, AWS is committing an initial investment of $20 million to accelerate diagnostic research, innovation, and development to speed our collective understanding and detection of COVID-19 and other innovative diagnostic solutions to mitigate future infectious disease outbreaks. ;
AppleGlobal, US*Tim Cook, CEO of Apple announced on April 5th that the company will design and make face shields for medical workers battling the COVID-19 crisis, to the tune of one million shields per week. This announcement follows already publicized efforts to source face masks from the company's supply chains; Cook said that effort has produced 20 million face masks to date.
*Website and APP developed in partnership with The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), The White House and FEMA.
Asociación Latinoamericana de Internet - ALAILatin AmericaWe are working with all of our members to confront COVID-19. This crisis is unprecedented, but it unites us as never before and we know that the importance of the Internet in this situation is fundamental. That is why we are together, to respond to users in the region, collaborating with tools that can provide them with the best solutions and opportunities. We seek to help our community in whatever is necessary so that it is safe, informed and with access to useful services to face this exceptional situation. Our partners are developing various actions that facilitate online education, carry out telework, online commerce and guarantee the stability of networks and information.
Asociación Nacional de Empresarios de Colombia - ANDIColombia*(ANDI) junto a otras organizaciones del sector público y privado, a través de la campaña #UnidosSomosMásPaís, presenta la Convocatoria Nacional a la Solidaridad. Esta iniciativa está compuesta por una serie de alternativas a través de las cuales, empresas, empleados y funcionarios pueden hacer donaciones en dinero o en especie, que serán destinadas a atender los desafíos sociales causados por la emergencia nacional provocada por el Coronavirus - Covid 19.
*Uno de los dispositivos médicos que se requiere para el tratamiento de pacientes con complicaciones respiratorias agudas a causa del Covid 19 son los ventiladores mecánicos, los cuales están agotados en el mercado mundial. En respuesta, más de 100 voluntarios de 20 instituciones de la academia, el sector empresarial y el público se unieron bajo la articulación de ANDI y Ruta N para trabajar en #InnspiraMED en tres prototipos que puedan ser escalados rápidamente.
*Bono Solidario Unidos Somos Más País: Apoyo financiero directo para necesidades básicas de población vulnerable, cesante, informal y desempleada con el fin de aportar a sus medios de subsistencia. Por ejemplo, los vendedores ambulantes que dependen de la interacción social actualmente restringida, de los cuales existen registros realizados por sus asociaciones y programas sociales de las alcaldías.
*Movilización de recursos en dinero o en especie para dotación de Unidades de Cuidados Intensivos, Intermedios y Respiratorios.
*Apoyo a iniciativas en curso a nivel territorial: Las empresas pueden vincularse a través de la articulación liderada por las Gerencias Seccionales de ANDI y entidades locales que actualmente promueven iniciativas relacionadas principalmente con los siguientes temas: Salud, seguridad alimentaria y bienes de primera necesidad para población vulnerable.
*Adicionalmente, la ANDI junto con la Unidad Nacional para la Gestión del Riesgo de Desastres (UNGRD) y la Asociación Bancos de Alimentos (ABACO) hemos activado de manera articulada el “Protocolo de coordinación del sector privado como parte del Sistema Nacional de Gestión del Riesgo de Desastres (SNGRD) en la respuesta a emergencias y desastres”.
Bahamas Chamber of Commerce and Employers Confederation - BCCECThe BahamasThe BCCEC has compiled a helpful list of coronavirus recommendations from the Center for Disease Control (CDC) for businesses and workers across the country. We continue to encourage Bahamian businesses to follow guidelines from relevant Government Ministries and to source reliable information from agencies such as the World Health Organization the CDC. BCCEC has created a portal with COVID-19 resources on their website, including government updates, business updates, recommendations for workplace peventative measures and business continuity plan templates.
BarrickGlobal*President and Chief Executive Mark Bristow said the company was closely monitoring the very fluid situation, constantly updating scenarios, reviewing the latest guidance from the international medical community and engaging with its host governments and states. The corporate executive and site management teams engage continuously to monitor the situation and daily updates are received from each of the sites and offices.
*All non-essential business travel has been suspended and non-essential projects have been curtailed. In line with directives from our host governments and the international health authorities, we have put measures in place to mitigate the risk of infection while ensuring a safe environment for operations to continue as usual. We have extended our 24-hour call service to communities and the families around our operations in Argentina and have implemented similar response services across the group’s operations. Similarly, we are observing new industry guidelines regarding social distancing and have increased sanitation measures at our mines and offices.
BayerGlobalBayer is focusing on three areas to assist in tackling the crisis:
*Looking after our employees’ health
*Maintaining the supply of our products and services to hospitals, doctors, patients, consumers and farmers
*Providing governments, health authorities and municipalities with urgently needed medicines, medical supplies, expertise and financial assistance. We’re assisting in the search for a new active substance to treat COVID-19. Pharmaceutical companies and universities are working together to search for a new substance. Here, we’re providing access to our substance library and conducting screening work to find a potential active ingredient. Bayer is supporting the COVID-19 Therapeutic Accelerator Initiative of the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation and is also contributing to the search for an active substance to treat COVID-19 as part of the Innovative Medicines Initiative (IMI). Bayer is also providing financial assistance in severely affected regions. In addition to providing financial support in China, we also recently donated one million euros to an aid fund in Italy that will be used to buy urgently needed apparatus for intensive care units and protective equipment. These are just two examples of the many ways we’re helping. We’ve set up our own task force to provide assistance quickly and efficiently.
BechtelGlobal, US, Canada Peru, Chile*Stopping the spread of COVID-19 is a responsibility we all share. Bechtel is taking whatever actions are necessary to care for the well-being of everyone who works at our company, their families, and those whom we work alongside.
*We are also here for our customers. Many of our government and commercial partners provide essential services. Throughout this crisis we will deliver for them wherever and however we are able to do so safely. The same goes for our communities. Bechtel is donating critical supplies to local hospitals and first responders in several areas near our active projects. We will look for additional ways to help those who are on the front lines in this fight.
*The Bechtel Group Foundation will donate $3 million to communities across the world coping with the coronavirus pandemic, in partnership with the crowdfunding nonprofit GlobalGiving. The newly established Bechtel COVID-19 Relief Fund will support local nonprofit organizations that provide vital services to people in areas where Bechtel Corporation maintains offices and project sites. "This gift is the largest disaster response in the Bechtel Group Foundation's 66-year history," said Bechtel Chairman and CEO Brendan Bechtel. "These gifts will help local nonprofit organizations respond to urgent needs such as food, emergency financial assistance, and physical and mental health services." The Bechtel Group Foundation selected GlobalGiving as its partner because of the organization’s innovative approach to connecting philanthropic organizations with humanitarian needs around the world. GlobalGiving’s network will enable the Bechtel COVID-19 Relief Fund to immediately activate in support of suffering communities. GlobalGiving will distribute more than $2 million from the Bechtel COVID-19 Relief Fund to local charitable organizations in Australia, Canada, Chile, Egypt, India, Peru, the United Kingdom, and the U.S. (specifically, in the northeast, Southern California, and the Gulf Coast). ;
BMW GroupGlobalThe BMW Group fully supports the measures to contain the spread of COVID-19 and is meeting its responsibility to society.
*The company is providing vehicles to social and healthcare facilities to ensure the mobility of health sector helpers and workers. At its German and international locations, the BMW Group is also helping social and public institutions with donations of goods and materials such as breathing masks and disinfectants.
*The company is currently working closely with its global supplier network to procure the necessary respiratory masks and other medical equipment at short notice. It is also reviewing the possibility of producing medical masks itself.
*The BMW Group is providing its retail partners and customers with the best possible support in this difficult situation. Since the situation differs from one country to another, specific measures are being implemented for individual markets in close consultation with retail partners.
*Where currently appropriate, the BMW Group is also offering its customers measures such as the extension of warranties from new vehicle sales and the extension of maintenance intervals and continues to provide workshop services, as far as the legal requirements allow.
BoeingGlobal, US*Boeing will begin using its 3D printing capabilities at several facilities across the United States to manufacture face shields to help protect those who are on the front lines of fighting the virus. Our initial production goal is to produce thousands of face shields per week followed by subsequent production increases. Boeing has additive manufacturing machines in St. Louis, Missouri; El Segundo, California; Mesa, Arizona; Huntsville, Alabama and Philadelphia, Pennsylvania that will be used for this initial response, as long as those facilities remain in operation, consistent with federal, state and local health orders and the health and safety of Boeing employees.
*Offered the use of our Dreamlifter, one of the largest cargo carriers in the world, to help transport critical and urgently needed supplies to healthcare professionals. We’re coordinating closely with government officials on how best to provide our support.
*Donated tens of thousands of masks, gloves and other equipment to hospitals in need. We’re also analyzing several other ways we can use our engineering, manufacturing and logistics expertise to help the cause.
BRFGlobal, BrazilBRF believes that this is the time for all companies to put solidarity into practice, in line with the unprecedented situation we are experiencing, with great impact for all.
Thus, to contribute to the efforts to combat the effects of this adverse scenario, we announced:
*Donations of R $ 50 million in food, medical supplies, and support for research and social development funds. The action will reach hospitals, social assistance organizations and health professionals in the states and municipalities where we operate. In Brazil, the initiative initially covers about 60 hospitals in 50 cities in 9 states. In hospital institutions, including “campaign” hospitals, donations should help more than 15 thousand people / day, through nearly 2.5 million meals over the next three months. As a global company, we will extend this initiative to countries where we have production units, such as Turkey and the United Arab Emirates.
*We also plan to donate medical supplies, such as tests and thermometers, personal protective equipment, such as plastic suits, disposable caps and gowns, gel alcohol, respirators, and others that may be necessary. The materials will go mainly to health institutions in the states and municipalities where we have production units, distribution centers and corporate offices.
*BRF undertakes, during this period of uncertainty, to maintain all positions in the months of April and May, with only normal movements in the regular course of its operations. It is important to mention that BRF is hiring more than 2,000 people, including its own collaborators and third parties, to maintain production and supply and replace employees considered as risk groups who received preventive instructions to stay home.
*With the aim of providing support and comfort to our collaborators who continue to operate in the field, in factories, in Distribution Centers, on the streets and in customers, we will also make available, starting this week, a weekly credit in BRF products or food vouchers, providing and facilitating the access of these professionals and their families to food.
*We continue to work throughout our chain, taking daily measures to guarantee the safety, health and sustainability of all those involved in our operating context, such as the creation of a prevention and awareness campaign, availability of EPPs, temperature meters and tests for COVID-19, among others.
CabifyGlobal, ColombiaGlobally:
*Work Committee: For Cabify, strict compliance with preventive hygiene measures is a priority, which is why it moved forward with the creation of a specific committee to guarantee proper monitoring of COVID-19 and activate the internal protocols recommended in each case. The company mandatorily promotes all official health recommendations to prevent the spread and works to be a mobility alternative that can be used in the scenarios allowed for the movement of passengers.
*Ongoing recommendations to users and driving partners: The company has proactively disseminated information and recommendations from official sources on the coronavirus, mainly from WHO, to its drivers to promote collaboration and protection for all, a communication that has also been made extensive to users. In addition, the company advises the disinfection of the vehicle daily with hydroalcoholic disinfectants, based on the measures that have been taken in public transport.
*Availability of data infrastructure and operations team: Cabify makes available to public officials its the assets, technology, people, management capacity and mobility experience available so that they can ensure traceability of possible positive cases.
*Delivery of "prevention kits": Cabify will initially deliver face masks, gloves, antibacterial hand gel and alcohol soap for surfaces as a "prevention kit" to more than 3,000 taxi drivers and driving partners in the coming weeks.
*Financing for driving partners over 70 years: To protect those over 70 years of age, the population most vulnerable to coronavirus, and some other selected populations, the company will be granting interest-free financing, and with a grace period, to its partners drivers and taxi drivers who meet certain requirements while the preventive isolation measure decreed by the authorities lasts.
Cámara de Industrias del Uruguay - CIUUruguay*La CIU elaboró un documento con un paquete de propuestas que fueron enviadas a las autoridades nacionales, con el objetivo de mitigar las dificultades que atraviesa el sector.
*A través de la Dirección de Estudios Económicos de la CIU, se realizó una encuesta dirigida al sector empresarial manufacturero, a efectos de relevar los impactos económicos de esta pandemia a nivel nacional y las principales medidas paliativas que sería necesario instrumentar.
Además de la CIU, diversas instituciones procuran contribuir con las PYMES industriales uruguayas a través de herramientas de orientación y apoyo, el marco del COVID-19.
Cámara de Industrias y Producción de Ecuador - CIPEcuador*Coordination of POR TODOS Emergency fund, aimed at mitigating the impacts of the crisis with effective and timely solutions, especially in aid of those who need it most, as a way to ensure the well-being of all. The fund is managed by a Trust in FIDEVAL and audited by PricewaterhouseCoopers under the responsibility of a board of directors, with a strict focus on integrity, transparency, effectiveness, agility and compassion. It has no political, regional or corporate flags of any kind.
CargillGlobal*Cargill is committing $35 million to COVID-19 relief and recovery efforts through global and regional partnerships, product donations and employee personal giving.
*Cargill will donate Rmb2m ($288,321) to the Chinese Red Cross. The company will also supply several hundred thousand face masks.
*Cargill is joining with hunger relief organizations to help feed people in our communities. For example, in our U.S. headquarters community, the Cargill Foundation has donated $1 million to Minnesota Central Kitchen for emergency food relief and has turned our corporate cafeteria into a community kitchen, preparing 15,000 meals per week. The foundation is also partnering with Second Harvest Heartland to support shelf-stable food distribution.
CarvajalColombia*Carvajal and all its subsidiaries have complied with the directives of the governments of all the countries where we operate, especially the temporary suspension of operations (when required) and the health care of the collaborators, mainly with isolation measures, distancing, protection and prevention elements, extreme cleaning and safe transportation, in addition to working at home for all those who can do it.
*Carvajal, through its subsidiary Carvajal Empaques in Colombia, has joined in supporting causes that have a positive impact on society at the moment, through a campaign led by the Cali Chamber of Commerce and together with various entrepreneurs, for the development of 100,000 face masks for medical personnel.
*Carvajal Empaques will be the one who provides the sheets made of PET for the masks, a protection element to be used by health personnel to avoid contact with fluids of the patients and contact of the hands with the face.
CiscoUS, Global*Cisco is committing $225 million in cash, in-kind, and planned-giving to support both the global and local response to COVID-19. In addition, we are rallying our 77,000 employees and encouraging them to give what they can to help our community partners on the front lines bolster their operations in this time of need.
*As part of the commitment, Cisco is allocating $8 million in cash and $210 million in product to the global coronavirus response. We are focusing these resources on supporting healthcare and education, government response and critical technology. Part of this will go to the United Nations Foundation’s COVID-19 Solidarity Response Fund, supporting the World Health Organization’s (WHO) worldwide efforts to help prevent, detect, and manage the spread of COVID-19.
*Through its Country Digital Acceleration (CDA) program, Cissco is providing funding for heads of state, government agencies, and businesses to rapidly deploy COVID-19-related technology solutions. We are also empowering those on the front lines with access to our critical technologies with our free Webex and Security offers. To date, we are helping to secure over 2.2 million people online, and Webex has facilitated virtual response meetings for the French, Canadian, German, Colombian, and other governments around the world.
CitiGlobal, US*The Citi Foundation has committed $15 million to support COVID-19 immediate relief activities globally. Of this, $5 million will be deployed to international, country-specific efforts in places that are severely impacted. The remaining $10 million will be split between No Kid Hungry to support emergency food distribution programs across the U.S. and the COVID-19 Solidarity Response Fund. In addition to immediate relief, the Citi Foundation is working with its community partners globally in supporting longer term recovery efforts.
*Citi is helping customers affected by the Coronavirus outbreak with assistance programs, available 24/7, to help with credit line increases and collection forbearance. Citi has also made a number of enhancements that make it easier to manage accounts digitally.
*Beginning March 9 and for “an initial 30 days” Citibank said it would waive monthly service fees and penalties for early CD withdrawal for regular and small business customers.
Confederação Nacional da Indústria - CNIBrazil*The National Confederation of Industry of Brazil developed a set of 37 proposals for measures in the areas of taxation, monetary policy, financing, regulatory standards and labor legislation, aimed at facing and mitigating the effects the economic crisis resulting from the covid-19 pandemic caused by the new coronavirus. CNI President Robson Braga de Andrade estimates that the difficulties in producing, generated by the lack of inputs and the lack of liquidity, with the drop in sales, may lead several efficient companies to bankruptcy - which, certainly, will increase the consequences negative social consequences of the crisis.
Confederación Nacional de Instituciones Empresariales Privadas - CONFIEPPeru*Peruvian business sector, led by CONFIEP, continues to provide resources that today exceed two million dollars, for the purchase of medical supplies that hospitals require to care for patients with coronavirus.
*CONFIEP, through the “CONFIEP Emergency Fund”, delivered to the Ministry of Health (MINSA) the first stock of five-parameter vital function monitors required by the country's various hospital facilities to care for patients with coronavirus.
*This first installment is part of the process of acquiring medical equipment promoted by the "CONFIEP Emergency Fund" to help strengthen the public health system in our country facing a health emergency due to COVID-19.
Consejo Nacional de la Empresa Privada de la República Dominicana - CONEPDominican RepublicIn the face of the health emergency that the Dominican Republic is going through due to the spread of the coronavirus, the Sanar a Nación business alliance, led by Grupo Popular, Grupo Rica, Grupo Ramos, Grupo Universal and the international non-profit organization CitiHope Relief & Development, jointly with the National Council of Private Enterprise, Inc. (CONEP), will contribute RD $ 263 million, with the aim of mitigating the impact of this health crisis on the population.
*The aid, in which companies such as INICIA, CCN, Grupo Martí, CEPM and Humano have also participated, will be channeled through the Dominican Government, which in turn will distribute it among the high-level commissions, especially the Prevention and Control Commission. of the Coronavirus, which are facing this health crisis.
*Specifically, this business contribution takes the form of 100,000 "Antibody Test Kit IGM / IGG" tests for SARS-Cov-2, which have shown high effectiveness, yielding results in a time of 10 to 15 minutes. In addition, Heal a Nation and CONEP would deliver another 10,000 units of the PCR rapid test. The contribution would also comprise five Real Time PCR Diagnostic machines, 10,000 N-95 masks; 100 Hazmat Rated face masks and 10,000 disposable protective clothing kits for hospital and laboratory professionals, as well as 10 AEONMED VG70 ventilators.
*Additionally, medicines and fortified food will be distributed for a joint value of RD $ 175 million, with the aim of mitigating this health emergency and directly treating patients affected by COVID-19. With this, more than 1.4 million servings of fortified food will be distributed, which will help children, pregnant women and elderly people in vulnerable conditions to strengthen their immune systems to face the crisis. Also, RD $ 159 million will be contributed in medicines destined to treat chronic, cardiological diseases and opportunistic infections, which will benefit more than 100,000 patients.
Consejo Superior de la Empresa Privada en Nicaragua - COSEPNicaraguaCOSEP has made available an inventory that is updated regularly with actions undertaken within companies and unions, focused on responding to COVID-19. As of May 13, over 315 actions initiatives have been undertaken. COSEP has also made available a dedicated portal with specific resources on COVID-19, including:
*Relevant information from international organizations
*Daily report on the status of COVID
*Guides with measures to prevent the Pandemic
*Guild news portal about COVID-19
Copa AirlinesPanama, Chile, BrazilCopa Airlines delivered to the Ministry of Health of Panama (MINSA) a donation of supplies destined for health and safety personnel in Central Panama, San Miguelito and Eastern Panama. For its part, the Ministry of Social Development (MIDES) received a milk donation to support the food needs of the shelters it serves nationwide. Copa Airlines committed to the well-being of Panamanians and aware of the challenge facing the country to address the health situation, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, participates in the generation of solutions that seek to join efforts and support the competent authorities for the attention to the needs of vulnerable sectors of the population.
*The airline delivered a donation of 30,000 triple-layer masks and 50 high-spectrum infrared thermometers to MINSA, for health personnel who work in patient care at Hospital Hotels, San Miguelito Health Centers and East Panama, as well like the security personnel who operate the checkpoints throughout the city. Similarly, Copa Airlines delivered 550 personal hygiene kits for hospitalized patients.
*In addition, the team of volunteers from the Copa Airlines technology area is supporting MIDES and other non-profit organizations in the development of web platforms that provide the necessary logistics support in this situation. All these actions add to the efforts that Copa Airlines has been making since the beginning of this pandemic, in response to addressing the health emergency situation that we are experiencing.
*Copa Arlines has also operated humanitarian flights to take chilean and brazilian citizens back to their countries
CortevaGlobalSince the early days of the coronavirus outbreak, Corteva Agriscience has taken steps to help protect the health and safety of our employees, their families, their colleagues and their community. We have engaged crisis management teams at the country, regional and global level, and our Integrated Health Services Pandemic & Infectious Disease Planning Team has been monitoring the situation and developing guidelines and protocols that have been communicated to all of our employees globally. We have taken special measures including:
*Suspending all international travel and restricting all other travel to business critical
*Cancelling participation in internal and external meetings
*Instituting self-quarantine for employees with symptoms or any possible exposure
*Moving to site essential employees only at our facilities and encouraging work from home wherever possible to reduce exposure
*Conducting enhanced cleaning and disinfecting of our sites and increasing frequency of cleanings
*Screening contractors and visitors to our sites
*Encouraging our employees to follow WHO and CDC guidelines for handwashing and social distancing
*Conducting tests of our “I’m Okay System” for tracking employees who may need assistance
DanoneGlobalOur top priority is to ensure the safety of our 100,000 employees around the world as well as that of our partners.
Danone is taking radical measures to strengthen the resilience of our teams and our value chain :
*All employment contracts secured and wages guaranteed for the 100,000 Danone employees worldwide until June 30.
*Extensive coverage (health, childcare, quarantine) for all employees worldwide.
*Specific bonus for all employees working on site during the pandemic.
*Financial support of € 300M, financed by Danone's cash flow, to the 15,000 small businesses in our global ecosystem (farmers, suppliers, service providers), to the entrepreneurs of Danone Manifesto Ventures’ portfolio, and to the communities of Danone Ecosystem.
DentonsUS, GlobalDentons has been helping clients address the challenges COVID-19 has presented since the outbreak started. We will continue to do all we can to support our clients and communities at this time:
*Global COVID-19 insolvency tracker including procedural changes, directors’ duties & third party enforcement rights comparison
*Pro bono hub to help charities & NGOs On March 31, Dentons announced the launch of our US COVID-19 50-State Tracker that provides a review of state and local governmental orders, directives and financial assistance that may impact our clients and communities.
*Suite of complimentary client resources available publicly, the 50-State Tracker includes reviews of US state and local governmental orders, directives and financial assistance, official links, public restrictions, health and business directives, school closures and updates on courts and legislative sessions. Official links are provided where possible throughout the Tracker to ensure that latest guidance and orders are available.
*The Firm will publish the Tracker as an offering to help clients and companies address the pandemic’s legal and business challenges. In addition to official links, the Tracker will be updated regularly. Be sure to sign up for our COVID-19 mailing list here so you will receive these regular updates.
*The Tracker and the multiple resources Dentons has developed are available to the public and global business community at large through the COVID-19 hub on the Firm’s website.
DHLGlobal*DHL launched a Coronavirus Supply Chain Resource Center where the company provides daily supply chain update reports on the Coronavirus.
*In order to closely monitor and manage the Coronavirus outbreak, a Deutsche Post DHL Group Coronavirus task force has been established, led by the Group’s CEO. The Group’s task force also coordinates with international organizations (such as the WHO, CDC, ECDC and Robert Koch Institute) and provides the necessary information to all employees and relevant operations.
EmbraerBrazil*Actions, developed jointly with Embraer's supply chain, include the manufacturing of parts for the ventilator and respirator industry, the replacement of imported components for ventilators, the development of high-efficiency filtration systems for transforming regular hospital beds into intensive care beds and studies for the development of simple, robust and portable respirators aimed at rapid implementation and availability.
*In partnership with the Albert Einstein Hospital, located in São Paulo, Brazil, Embraer is also working to provide technical support for the development of biological air filter systems for air-quality control, which can convert regular hospital beds into intensive care beds. Using highly efficient filters for absorbing air particles, already utilized in air conditioning systems on aircraft, the objective is to provide this solution to hospitals with immediate needs.
Enel GroupGlobal*Enel has created a global work team to coordinate and direct the measures taken in the 32 countries in which it is present, in synergy with the Group's Global Business Lines, and is in charge of providing official guidelines for each country, to Through committed work teams, you can manage any local emergency that may occur.
*Enel has established an insurance policy to cover the Group's more than 68,000 employees worldwide in the event of hospitalization due to the COVID-19 virus. This solution represents the first insurance intervention in the world aimed at guaranteeing assistance at the global level in the face of the current pandemic emergency.
*In every country where it operates, Enel says it is constantly monitoring the information concerning COVID-19, taking preventive measures and all necessary actions. This is in accordance with the recommendations of the World Health Organisation and national and local authorities. The aim is to ensure the health and security of its staff, while guaranteeing the continuity of the service it provides.
*Enel has also carried out a series of simulations, tests and verifications on its infrastructure, and says it has “encountered no issues for normal operations”. It adds that in light of the possible evolution of the situation, incremental measures have been set up for generation and network facilities that are necessary for the continuity of the service and the security of national electricity systems.
*To support the response to the COVID-19 emergency, Enel X, the innovative global business line of the Enel Group, and HERE Technologies, global leader in geographical data and mapping services, have launched “City Analytics – Mobility Map”, a big-data solution that estimates variations in the public’s movements and kilometers travelled throughout national, regional and municipal areas in Italy. The solution is an addition to the City Analytics suite, created by Enel X for government agencies and urban planning.
EquifaxGlobalThroughout the COVID-19 pandemic, Equifax continues to prioritize the health and wellbeing of our employees and to proactively and responsively deliver for our customers and consumers. Our BCPs continue to operate effectively with high levels of service and delivery.
During this challenging time, the Equifax team is uniquely positioned to continue to provide vital support via our unique and differentiated data assets. As I have stated in previous notes, we have remained agile and focused throughout the pandemic.
*Our teams have also responded to create timely, new solutions that address the evolving needs of businesses in the wake of COVID-19. This includes new Equifax Response solutions that were designed to help organizations assess current and predicted trends during this period of unprecedented market uncertainty.
*Our tools and efforts are playing a role in helping small businesses access needed credit under the Paycheck Protection Program, and we are also working on streamlining the loan forgiveness process.
*The unemployment claims management teams have quickly ramped up to process nearly 3.5 million claims in April for our employer customers, again helping the state unemployment agencies get unemployment insurance payments out to those in need.
*Our digital social service verification solution, which can be accessed by case managers working remotely, was in place and has continued to help state agencies continue to process nearly 5 million applications for social safety net programs in the first quarter of 2020.
In addition, we continue to produce content to help you understand the unprecedented consumer and small business impacts from unemployment, salary reductions, furloughs, and forbearances in the current environment.
ExxonMobilUS*ExxonMobil announced it is partnering with the Georgia Institute of Technology's Global Center for Medical Innovation to design and produce "reusable personal protection equipment" such as face shields and masks, for use by healthcare workers treating patients afflicted with COVID-19.
*ExxonMobil is also proving one million meals to Houston-area residents impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic. The Houston Food Bank will receive $200,000 to help deliver food to those in need. The donation includes $50,000 worth of gasoline gift cards for Exxon- and Mobil-branded retail stations. The company is also allocating $50,000 to the Montgomery County Food Bank.
*ExxonMobil is helping to meet demand for products like medical hand sanitizers, alcohol wipes and disinfectant sprays by manufacturing a key ingredient, isopropyl alcohol (IPA), and providing it to the customers and areas that need it most.
FacebookGlobal, US*Facebook is spending $100 million to support news outlets around the world that have been impacted by the coronavirus.
*Facebook is announcing a $100 million grant program for small businesses impacted by the coronavirus pandemic. The majority of the grants will be distributed in cash, with some ad credits for business services.
*Facebook also is matching up to $10 million in donations, and 100% of funds will directly support the work to prevent, detect and respond to the outbreak around the world. The company will also match $10 million for the CDC Foundation, which will launch a fundraiser in the next few weeks focused on combating the outbreak here in the US.
*Facebook will donate $20,000 in cash to the Chinese Newcomers Service Center (CNSC), a local San Francisco-based nonprofit, which supports businesses in its Chinatown. The company said it would be donating another $5,000 total in non-expiring Facebook ad credits to those in the community who want it.
*Facebook also will provide free advertisements to the World Health Organization (WHO) in attempts to keep misinformation on its platform at bay.
*The company has donated over 700,000 masks and are working to source millions more to donate.
Fasken MartineauGlobal, CanadaAs the coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) continues to spread, ensuring the health and safety of our people, clients, and business partners is our top priority. Given the growth in the number of cases of COVID-19 in North America, and continued uncertainty around the world, organizations must plan to manage the impact on their operations and workforces, as well as protect their employees, their families and communities.
*Delivering and Maintaining Client Service to You: We realize that business has to continue as usual where possible, which includes continuing to provide you with the level of service that you expect and require. We have taken steps to ensure that the timeliness and quality of that work remains unaffected. As a Firm, we have invested in technology to ensure that our lawyers and business professionals can work remotely. We will tailor our approach to communications to meet your specific needs and policies. We have many options we can deploy, and can adapt with you as circumstances change. We are able to host meetings remotely via videoconference, Webex or conference calls. We also have our client portal, Fasken Edge.
*Sharing Insights With You: Like you, we are continuously monitoring information from official health organizations and planning and adjusting for business continuity in changing scenarios. To help our clients and business partners navigate this situation, we are centralizing all our COVID-19 related materials here into one information hub. This includes webinars, bulletins, blogs and links to key trusted information sources. Our timely insights focus on the evolving impact of the novel coronavirus including: employer preparedness, regulatory, contractual and legal guidance. We will continue to update this resource centre.
FedExGlobal, US*FedEx committed $1 million of charitable shipping to support Coronavirus relief efforts. Initially, FedEx shipped 10 shipments of medical supplies to China through collaboration with Direct Relief. The shipments included 814,835 masks, 952,500 gloves, 409,000 shoe covers and various other medical supplies totaling more than $350K. FedEx is also working with the American Red Cross to enable them to move their limited blood supply where it's needed most urgently.
*More recently, FedEx is working with International Medical Corps (IMC) to deploy more than 55K lbs. of medical supplies and equipment, 41 medical shelters and more than 13K units of PPE. Also supporting 10 hospitals through IMC reaching LA, NYC, Puerto Rico and Manila. For Direct Relief, FedEx has transported 32 tons of PPE and is teaming up with Direct Relief to deliver supplies to 1,000 community health centers and free clinics in all 50 U.S. states. With Heart to Heart International, FedEx has transported thousands of hygiene kits in support of at-risk populations in St. Paul, MN, and hundreds of kits to NY and NJ. In just one-day last month, FedEx transported 675 units of blood for the American Red Cross, enough blood to save up to 2,025 lives.
Fundación para el Desarrollo Guatemala - FUNDESAGuatemalaThe private sector through FUNDESA Guatemala, a private nonprofit organization that works on public policies, has been coordinating with the Government of Guatemala to increase the capacity of the Health Ministry and public hospitals. Also, FUNDESA has launched a national campaign to receive donations in order to purchase Realtime reverse transcription polymerase chain tests (rRT-PCR) from Korea, USA and France, as international demand has made these tests scarce.
Through more than 150 donations of private companies, people from the business community and private individuals, FUNDESA collected US$1.5 million dollars, that are now being used to purchase rRT-PCR tests, swabs, reactors, protective medical equipment, respirators and other medical supplies for the public hospitals.
This public-private effort coordinated by FUNDESA and the technical capacity of the del Valle University is now supporting not only the Health Ministry but the Guatemalan Social Security Institute (IGSS) to increase the capacity and knowledge about the different rRT-PCR tests available and how to scaleup these purchases with the support of UNOPS.
The effort of FUNDESA of coordinating with different organizations to support the Government of Guatemala, has led to the donation of 6,960 initial rRT-PCR tests as well as reactor supplies and more than 20,000 rRT-PCR tests will be purchased in the following weeks. Test capacity in the country has increased from 25 to 300 daily tests. Epidemiology experts of the Del Valle University estimate that we must prepare for 10,000 cases by the end of May (because of undetected cases) so minimum capacity required must increase to at least 1,500 tests per day. We will continue to accompany our authorities to incorporate skills and technical assistance, at the political and institutional level, from successful experiences from around the world. FUNDESA is also working very close with CACIF (the Guatemalan umbrella organization of the private sector) and the Ministry of Economy, on implementing a Back to Work strategy. This will require more rRT-PCR tests, as well as serological testing, to find out how large a proportion of the population have had the infection and developed antibodies to it.
General ElectricGlobal, US*GE Healthcare has provided information on its website on the use of its anesthesia devices for patients requiring mechanical ventilation. This information helps make ventilation capabilities more widely available to support patients with respiratory failure or difficulty breathing caused by COVID-19. Clinicians can use these details in the treatment of patients at their discretion. As a leading global provider of anesthesia devices with a global installed base of over 100,000 devices, this update provides immediate assistance in the global demand of ventilators.
*GE Healthcare and Ford Motor Company will work together to scale the production of ventilators, arming clinicians with medical equipment important in the treatment of COVID-19 patients. Through this collaboration, Ford will provide its technical and production expertise with the goal of manufacturing a simplified design of GE Healthcare’s existing ventilator.
*GE is increasing its manufacturing capacity for medical equipment, including ventilators. Since the COVID-19 outbreak began, GE Healthcare has doubled its capacity of ventilator production and has plans to double it again by end of Q2 2020 to address unprecedented demand – independent of the collaboration with Ford.
GoogleGlobal, US*Gogle is announcing a $800+ million commitment to support small- and medium-sized businesses (SMBs), health organizations and governments, and health workers on the frontline of this global pandemic. The commitment includes:
$250 million in ad grants to help the World Health Organization (WHO) and more than 100 government agencies globally provide critical information on how to prevent the spread of COVID-19 and other measures to help local communities. In addition, Google is providing $20 million in ad grants to community financial institutions and NGOs specifically to run public service announcements on relief funds and other resources for SMBs.
$50 million, committed by, to the global COVID-19 response, focusing on health and science, access to educational resources and small business support.
A $200 million investment fund that will support NGOs and financial institutions around the world to help provide small businesses with access to capital.
$340 million in Google Ads credits available to all SMBs with active accounts over the past year.
A pool of $20 million in Google Cloud credits for academic institutions and researchers to leverage Google's computing capabilities and infrastructure as they study potential therapies and vaccines, track critical data, and identify new ways to combat COVID-19.
Direct financial support and expertise to help increase the production capacity for personal protective equipment (PPE) and lifesaving medical devices.
Google increasing the gift match it offers every employee annually to $10,000 from $7,500. That means Google employees can now give $20,000 to organizations in their communities.
*On Google Search, Google has launched an SOS Alert to connect people with authoritative information from the World Health Organization about the coronavirus outbreak. These SOS Alerts are now available in over 20 languages. On YouTube, Google launched an informational panel covering the Coronavirus topic and are pointing users to the World Health Organization that provides advice to the public about prevention/protection against the virus.
*Apple and Google will be launching a comprehensive solution that includes application programming interfaces (APIs) and operating system-level technology to assist in enabling contact tracing. Given the urgent need, the plan is to implement this solution in two steps while maintaining strong protections around user privacy.
Grupo SuraLatin America and the CaribbeanEver since the current outbreak with COVID-19 began, Grupo SURA, in conjunction with our subsidiaries, have monitored, evaluated and taken measures aimed at taking care of people, ensuring the continuity of our operations and services, and helping to contain and resolve this current situation. The following are just some of the decisions and recommendations we have made in this regard:
*All our Companies have instructed their employees to telework from home for which they have facilitated the required tools; this in addition to postponing or canceling all business trips, corporate events and face-to-face meetings, thereby promoting self-quarantine as a preventive measure, which is the recommended course of action in these cases.
*All our Companies throughout the region are taking the necessary measures in order to opportunely attend and assist our clients, by prioritizing our on-line and remote channels, as well as with our suppliers and partners. More specifically, SURA's health care operations and services in Colombia are working in full coordination with the Colombian Ministry of Health and the respective authorities, given the enormous responsibility we all have in a situation such as this.
*Also, and with regard to the financial markets, we are fully aware that the current situation defies regular evaluation parameters, and therefore requires serenity and prudence in making decisions in this respect. We know that we have expert teams of staff with the necessary knowledge to advise our clients and maintain a sound management of our financial strategies.
*From all fronts of our business, we are fully committed to acting proactively, closely monitoring the manner in which this situation is evolving and with the professionalism and responsibility that has always characterized our SURA staff throughout the region.
Finally, we wish to invite you all to abide by the precautionary care measures taken by our governments and authorities, and to look on this situation as an opportunity for us to learn and grow together both on a personal and institutional level.
GSMA Latin AmericaGlobal*GSMA has provided a COVID-19 portal featuring industry updates and guidance, including a recently published report on the Mobile Industry response to COVID-19 in China
GSMA Connected Society recognises the vital need to help and empower people through digital skills at this time and, as part of our efforts, we are supporting industry initiatives by:
*Enhancing the GSMA Mobile Internet Skills Training Toolkit (MISTT), to support safe access training materials with a range of new modules available remotely.
*Launching a GSMA Innovation Fund to encourage the development of innovative solutions for mobile internet adoption and digital inclusion, including overcoming digital skills barriers. The fund will focus on countries in Asia and Sub-Saharan Africa with grants of up to £250,000 (application closing date 22 May 2020).
*The GSMA recently agreed a Joint Action Plan with the World Bank, the International Telecommunications Union (ITU) and the World Economic Forum (WEF), outlining a set of concrete actions to help governments and the private sector cope with the pandemic.
IBMGlobalIBM is leading a consortium of national labs and IT leaders to pool more than 330 petaflops of computing power to help researchers everywhere better understand COVID-19, its treatments and potential cures. This is in addition to IBM’s Summit, which has already enabled researchers to screen 8,000 compounds to find those that are most likely to bind to the main “spike” protein of the coronavirus, rendering it unable to infect host cells. They were able to recommend the 77-promising small-molecule drug compounds that could now be experimentally tested.
*Putting trusted data at the fingertips of citizens and health experts: IBM and The Weather Company created a new and precise COVID-19 'incident map'. Using the Weather Channel app or online, you can access AI-enhanced interactive "Incidents Map" of COVID-19 data and stats, including confirmed cases and more by U.S. state and by county, where available. With 300 million users per month, this data is at the fingertips of people across the country to help them understand the situation in the local area and also to check on their family and friends’ neighborhoods. This is currently in the US but will roll out to more markets soon. In addition, an interactive dashboard driven by IBM Watson and built on IBM Cognos Analytics is designed to help users such as data scientists, researchers, media organizations and more conduct a deeper analysis and filtering of regional data.
*Getting technology in the hands of the first responders: IBM has established a global 'Call for Code' with the United Nations to develop technology solutions that can help seize and reduce the impact of COVID-19 on our daily lives. Focus areas include community cooperation, remote education and crisis communications: IBM is also offering the IBM Clinical Development system at no charge to national health agencies as well as donating risk insight software to help non-profits preserve their supply chains.
*Helping virtual education around the globe. More than 3,000 IBM volunteers in 10 countries in Europe are helping implement distance learning tools and curricula. A similar approach is also developing with governments throughout Latin America. IBM is also working with New York City Schools to bring 300,000 students access to online learning. IBM also donated 2 million RMB (US$280,000) to support efforts to combat COVID-19 in China.
Information Technology Industry Council (ITI)Global*ITI is part of a multi-association global call to action regarding essential services guidance that includes more than 25 tech associations from around the world. As governments around the world are issuing various shelter-in-place, lockdown, and quarantine orders, we hope that this guidance can be useful in creating clear, comprehensive, consistent rules for ICT services and workers.
*Additionally, as the world grapples with COVID-19, the tech industry is committed to playing a constructive role in responding to and helping to mitigate the spread of the virus. From free platforms that can help teachers connect with students to guidance on how to optimize managing a team of employees remotely, technology companies are making tools and resources available to communities, educators, employers, and governments across the world that will help as we face challenges associated with COVID-19.
*To that end, ITI launched a directory of technology tools and resources for educators, employers, businesses, governments, and community partners that our member companies have available to help during this crisis. The directory,, will be updated regularly with new information and will include resources made available by industry partners.
IntelGlobalIntel pledged $50 million in a pandemic response technology initiative to combat the coronavirus through accelerating access to technology at the point of patient care, speeding scientific research and ensuring access to online learning for students. Included in Intel’s effort is an additional innovation fund for requests where access to Intel expertise and resources can have immediate impact. This is in addition to prior announcements of $10 million in donations that are supporting local communities during this critical time. Those donations include 1 million gloves, masks and other equipment for healthcare workers, $6 million from the Intel Foundation toward relief efforts in local communities and $4 million from Intel and its subsidiaries around the globe. Approximately $40 million will fund the Intel COVID-19 Response and Readiness and Online Learning initiatives:
*The Intel COVID-19 Response and Readiness Initiative will provide funding to accelerate customer and partner advances in diagnosis, treatment and vaccine development, leveraging technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI), high-performance computing and edge-to-cloud service delivery. Through the initiative, Intel will help healthcare and life sciences manufacturers increase the availability of technology and solutions used by hospitals to diagnose and treat COVID-19. It will also support the creation of industry alliances that accelerate worldwide capacity, capability and policy to respond to this and future pandemics, building on Intel’s own experience in driving technology innovation in the health and life sciences arena.
*The Intel Online Learning Initiative will support education-focused nonprofit organizations and business partners to provide students without access to technology with devices and online learning resources. In close partnership with public school districts, the initiative will enable PC donations, online virtual resources, study-at-home guides and device connectivity assistance. The Intel Online Learning Initiative builds on Intel’s long-standing commitment to technology that improves learning. It will begin immediately in regions with the greatest needs across the United States and expand globally.
Intel has also allocated up to $10 million for an innovation fund that supports requests from external partners and employee-led relief projects, addressing critical needs in their communities.
John DeereGlobalJohn Deere continues to operate in the face of COVID-19 because our business, as designated by the United States Department of Homeland Security, is essential to ensuring community and national resilience and well-being. John Deere's response efforts include:
John Deere Foundation announces a 2-for-1 match for employee donations up to $250,000 to select home-community food banks and American Red Cross chapters. For example, employee donations of $250,000 plus the Foundation's $500,000 match would provide $750,000 in much-needed support to these organizations.
*Manufacturing engineer creates simple, low-cost solution for no-touch positioning of hand carts on the manufacturing floor.
*Deere engineer designs no-touch door opener. The original design was shared publicly for 3D-print manufacturing and later altered for laser-cut manufacturing.
*In Brazil, where farmers are harvesting their first crop and beginning to plant their second, Deere parts operation in Campinas is open and our dealers are servicing our customers to ensure they receive the support they need during this critical time for their business. On the other hand, John Deere's agricultural and construction equipment factories in Brazil are undergoing temporary closures. We anticipate that our facilities will return to operation as soon as possible and we are closely monitoring the situation.
*Deere employees begin production of protective face shields for health-care workers.
*Deere ingenuity makes use of in-house 3D-printing technology to improve employee safety, manufacturing face shields to affix to existing bump-guard ballcaps. Company releases plans via its COVID-19 innovation page, free of charge, so other companies can do the same. Read John Deere Journal article​.
Kimberly-ClarkUS, Global*Kimberly-Clark and the Kimberly-Clark Foundation have committed to donations totaling more than $8 million to assist with COVID-19 response and recovery efforts around the world.
*To help those most threatened by the virus, the Kimberly-Clark Foundation has donated $2.5 million to UNICEF and its programs focused on preventing the spread of the virus, including providing hygiene and medical kits to schools and health facilities, as well as efforts to increase children's access to health, education and social services during the pandemic.
*In addition, the Foundation will donate $2.5 million to the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies and the American Red Cross, a global humanitarian network of nearly 14 million volunteers, to deliver its lifesaving mission to help prevent the spread of this disease, alleviate human suffering through basic humanitarian aid, and deliver lifesaving health messages amidst this global pandemic.
LinkedInGlobal*Since early March, we’ve delivered news and perspectives about the coronavirus from official and trusted sources, all curated by our team of 65+ LinkedIn Editors.
*We’ve created a “Special Report: Coronavirus” box on the top right of our homepage and ensured that when members search for terms or hashtags related to the virus they see this coverage first.
*Through our Daily Rundown feature, which reaches 46 million people in 96 countries, we deliver timely and relevant updates to our members.
MarfrigBrazil, Argentina, Chile, Uruguay, US*Meat producer Marfrig -- with plants in Brazil, Uruguay, Argentina, Chile and the US -- has announced that it is currently operting at full capacity and that it would work tirelessly to keep open its production facilities to ensure local and so its 100+ export markets do not experience shortages.
MasterCardGlobal*Partnered with Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, and Wellcome to launch Initiative to Speed Development and Access to Therapies for COVID-19. Under the partnership, the three organizations will create a COVID-19 Therapeutics Accelerator and commit up to $125 million in seed funding for the entity.
*Contributed $300,000 to the China Development Fund and encouraged global employee donations to Give2Asia with a 1:1 match.
*Provide U.S. small business owners with access to necessary resources to help protect their business and their employees through free cyber vulnerability assessments and identity theft protection for the 28 million small businesses eligible to participate in the Small Business Administration’s Paycheck Protection Program.
*In partnership with Scholastic, makes the Girls4Tech online curriculum for grades 3–7 available to parents and teachers looking for learning resources.
Mercado LibreArgentina, Mexico, Brazil*In Argentina, ML has partnerered with the Argentinian Red Cross and Food Bank network of Argentina to deliver the equivalent of 10,000 safety kits for health personnel, 3,000 kilos of food, 1,300 hygiene kits for the contingency, through matching donations.
*Similarly, inn Mexico through Mercado Pago is helping reinforce food assistance, hygiene products and personal protection kits for evaluation and health care during the emergency and has already donated the equivalent of 7,500 kilos of food and 15,000 hygiene kits for the contingency.
*It also supports the Mexican Red Cross so that it can reinforce its prevention and care actions for the Mexican population by purchasing protective equipment for its health and volunteer personnel. ML will donate the equivalent of 10,000 security kits for the Mexican Red Cross personnel who will respond to this emergency.
*In Argentina, Mexico and Brazil, Mercado Crédito is extending the due date for the collection of monthly loans to support its clients and will not charge interest surcharges for arrear in the mothly payments.
*ML has also eliminated commissions to sellers so that they can offer more basic products to users. The purpose is to satisfy the high demand and guarantee the non-increase in the costs of the articles.
Merck US, Global*In support of the U.S. and global response to the COVID-19 pandemic, Merck has committed $500,000 to the UN Foundation Solidarity Response Fund for WHO and $250,000 to the CDC Foundation Emergency Response Fund. This is in addition to earlier donations totaling $225,000 to Direct Relief, Project HOPE and Give2Asia and 1 million RMB to the Chinese Red Cross Foundation. Merck has also provided 1.3 million masks and other PPE and equipment globally, $1.15M in medicine to China and more than 25,800 inhalers in the U.S.
MetlifeGlobal, Latin AmericaMetLife Foundation today announced that it is committing $25 million to the global response to COVID-19 in support of communities impacted by the pandemic.
*The grant funding from MetLife Foundation will span all regions where MetLife operates, and will address both short- and longer-term relief efforts. Initial grants will support communities and people with urgent needs for food, healthcare, childcare, and direct financial support. MetLife Foundation will also stand by its existing partners on the frontlines of helping low-income people and small businesses build financial health, helping them to respond quickly to emerging needs.
*As part of this commitment, MetLife Foundation and other MetLife entities have already pledged $4 million to relief efforts in Asia, EMEA, Latin America, and the United States, including $1 million to U.S. food banks to help them deal with increased demand for their services as a result of coronavirus.
Over time, MetLife Foundation will closely monitor the global landscape for opportunities to deploy the remaining funds where they can make the biggest difference in helping people recover from the pandemic.
MicrosoftGlobalMakes Teams software available for free, with the aim to support public health and safety by keeping teams connected while they work apart.
It also launched a portal that includes resources for Responding to COVID-19, focusing on four themes:
*Remote working: How technology can help people stay productive and connected
*Education: Strategies and innovations to help students learn online
*Community support: What we're doing to help the community right now
*Technical support: Helping people use technology to solve new challenges
Microsoft is also offering its Healthcare Bot service powered by Microsoft Azure to organizations on the frontlines of the COVID-19 response to help screen patients for potential infection and care.
Organización CoronaColombiaCorona ha creado distintos programas y servicios con fin de seguir estando presentes, acompañando, educando y facilitando la vida y trabajo de los consumidores, distribuidores y maestros de obra, ante la coyuntura generada por el COVID-19 y con el propósito de contribuir al distanciamiento social:
*Asesoría técnica a distancia para ayudar a solucionar inconvenientes que los consumidores puedan tener en casa, tales como por ejemplo una fuga de agua en un sanitario o una grifería. Un consumidor puede hablar con un asesor experto que lo guiará, usando distintos recursos como videollamadas y videos instructivos, para solucionar el problema sin que otras personas entren al hogar.
*Capacitaciones via streaming dirigidas a consumidores en temas que incluyen la adaptación de espacios, reparaciones locativas y recomendaciones para el ahorro de agua en el hogar, entre otros.
*Capacitaciones virtuales en línea a través de Facebook para los maestros, plomeros y pintores que hacen parte del programa de fidelización Llave Maestra. Corona recientemente llevó a cabo una de estas capacitaciones virtuales con la participaron de más de 700 maestros.
*Capacitaciones virtuales para la fuerza comercial de los distribuidores respecto el portafolio de productos y soluciones de Corona para que estén aún mejor preparados una vez se reactive el sector de la construcción y remodelación. Adicionalmente, Corona les ofrece atención personalizada para aclarar dudas y complementar la información presentada en dichas capacitaciones. Esta iniciativa ha contado con la participación de 22 distribuidores y se ha apoyado en la plataforma virtual de gestión de aprendizaje donde Corona habilita cursos específicos, sesiones pregrabadas en las que se amplía información sobre las características, ventajas y beneficios de los distintos productos y soluciones, cápsulas de conocimiento para los distribuidores que se envían a través de grupos de WhatsApp y videoconferencias recreando sesiones presenciales a través de Microsoft Teams, Zoom y Facebook Live.
*Conversatorio virtual con más la participación de 140 personas que hacen parte de la red de distribuidores para hablar sobre las acciones implementadas por la compañía a fin de hacer frente a la coyuntura y las acciones necesarias para salir adelante más fuertes juntos.
*Refuerzo en el canal de asesoría virtual para atender a un mayor volumen de consumidores interesados en realizar cambios y remodelaciones en sus hogares o espacios de trabajo.
PaypalGlobalPaypal announced a set of relief measures to help its more than 24 million merchants around the world impacted by the coronavirus (COVID-19). The company is waiving certain fees and will be deferring repayments on business loans for some of its most affected small business customers. PayPal's efforts to assist its business customers impacted by the coronavirus include:
*Business loans and cash advances: Customers can request to defer repayment, with no additional cost.
*Chargeback fees: PayPal is waiving chargeback fees for merchants if their customer files a dispute with a credit card issuer through at least April 30, 2020.
*Instant funds transfer: PayPal is waiving fees to instantly withdraw money from a PayPal business account to a bank account, Mastercard Debit or Visa Debit card through at least April 30, 2020.
*Customer disputes: PayPal is extending the window in which merchants must respond to a customer dispute from 10 to 20 days through at least April 30, 2020.
*PayPal Business Debit Mastercard: In partnership with Mastercard, PayPal is doubling the instant cash back reward on all purchases beginning April 1 through at least April 30, 2020.
PepsiCoLatin America, GlobalTo help Latin America prepare for the expected increase in COVID-19 cases, PepsiCo is helping to strengthen local food bank capabilities, providing:
*More than 10 million meals in Mexico for out of school children and their families through nonprofits Un Kilo De Ayuda and Save the Children
*Support for The Global FoodBanking Network to enable food banks in Mexico, Brazil, Colombia, Argentina, Guatemala, Chile, Peru, Panama, Ecuador, Costa Rica, Dominican Republic, and Uruguay to stock up on key food staples and train staff on how to reduce COVID-19 transmission, in accordance with World Health Organization guidelines
As efforts accelerate worldwide to provide relief from the ravages of COVID-19, PepsiCo, Inc. and The PepsiCo Foundation today announced + $45 million initiative focused on helping people and communities most affected by this devastating virus. $6.5 million would be allocated to Latin America to help prepare for the expected increase in COVID-19 impact by strengthening local food bank capabilities. Specifically, PepsiCo's food bank support will enable the stock of key food staples, provision of meals and staff transportation, and training of food bank staff on methods to reduce COVID-19 transmission. PepsiCo's nonprofit partnerships will also provide millions of meals for out-of-school children and their families. In addition to its direct response, PepsiCo is working closely with its peers, suppliers, customers and other leading foundations to identify joint impact investing programs that can expand and sustain access to critical nutrition resources for families affected by COVID-19.
PfizerUS, Global*The Pfizer Foundation announced a commitment of $40 million in medical and charitable cash grants to help combat the global health effects of the COVID-19 pandemic in the U.S. and around the world. The donation addresses the urgent needs of partners who are working to slow the spread of the virus within communities and strengthen vulnerable healthcare systems against future public health threats.
*Outside the U.S., grant funding will be provided to international non-governmental organizations (INGOs) and partners that support direct COVID-19 relief and longer-term health systems strengthening. Over the last several weeks, more than $1 million in grant funding has been provided to established partners, including Direct Relief, Project HOPE and International Medical Corps, to support the provision of urgently needed supplies to frontline healthcare workers and to aid in global recovery efforts.
*Through its Global Medical Grants program, Pfizer will provide $5 million in funding to support meritorious educational and research proposals that seek to improve the recognition, diagnosis, treatment and overall management of patients with COVID-19.
*Pfizer and BioNTech annouched a partnership to jointly develop COVID-19 vaccine, initially in the United States and Europe, and scale-up manufacturing capacity to support global supply. This partnership has the potential to supply millions of vaccine doses by the end of 2020 subject to technical success of the development program and approval by regulatory authorities, and then rapidly scale up capacity to produce hundreds of millions of doses in 2021.
PhRMAGlobal*America’s biopharmaceutical companies are committed to developing solutions to help diagnose, treat and prevent COVID-19, the disease caused by a novel strain of coronavirus called SARS-CoV-2.
*As of April 8, 2020, there are 310 clinical trials testing COVID-19 treatments and vaccines.iii Sponsors are trying a variety of approaches, including 303 clinical trials for COVID-19 treatments and 7 clinical trials testing a vaccine, with more than 40 of these clinical trials taking place in the United States. Some of the trials are being conducted in multiple countries at the same time.
*There are currently 139 unique treatments being tested globally for COVID-19 and COVID-19 related complications. When analyzing the active clinical trials, of the 310 active clinical trials, a little more than half (51%) are targeting the virus directly, while the rest of the trials focus on related effects of COVID-19 such as pneumonia.
*Of the 310 active clinical trials, more than 200 trials are testing medicines previously approved for another indication, such as hydroxychloroquine and antiviral combinations and over 50 trials are testing novel compounds.
*There are currently 7 clinical trials underway to test six vaccine candidates. Five phase I clinical trials are collectively seeking to enroll nearly 800 patients, and one of the vaccines previously tested for TB has another 5,700 patients participating in phase 3 clinical trials. There are also an additional 48 preclinical trials ongoing for vaccine candidates, with many looking to move on to phase I human clinical trials in the spring and summer of this year.
PwCGlobalThe PwC Charitable Foundation, Inc. is giving $2.85 million to support the people and communities most impacted by COVID-19. PwC is also supporting and caring for its 55,000 staff by providing enhanced benefits during this time, including up to $2,200 in emergency childcare support, $1,000 of which can be applied to elder care; everyday flexible work arrangements; mental health and wellness resources including virtual doctor visits and free mental health coaching; and an unprescribed number of sick days for all US full-time and part-time staff. Below are more details on the PwC Foundation grants:
*$500,000 to Feeding America’s COVID-19 Response Fund to assist in mobilizing the distribution of emergency food boxes through Feeding America’s network of 200 food banks across the country, including low-income families and children who may no longer have access to school meals, as well as seniors.
*$500,000 to Direct Relief to support efforts to help contain the spread of COVID-19 by obtaining and delivering personal protective equipment to frontline health workers at community health centers (CHCs) and clinics, and increasing support for CHCs’ management of patients with chronic illnesses, who are at greater risk for COVID-19.
*$1.5 million to be distributed locally to address specific challenges cities are facing. The PwC Foundation is designating funds for nonprofit organizations to address community needs across the U.S.
*In late February, the PwC Foundation made a $350,000 grant to Project HOPE to help purchase and deliver protective equipment to health workers in Wuhan and Shanghai Provinces of China.
RELX Group - ElsevierGlobal*Elsevier, which is part of the RELX Group, is a global information analytics business specializing in science and health is providing full access to content on coronavirus information center for PubMed Central and other public health databases, such as the WHO COVID database, for as long as needed while the public health emergency is ongoing, to accelerate fight against coronavirus.
*This additional access allows researchers to use artificial intelligence to keep up with the rapidly growing body of literature and identify trends as countries around the world address this global health crisis. In January, Elsevier created the COVID-19 Information Center with free information in English and Mandarin on the novel coronavirus.
Elsevier launched its COVID-19 Information Center on January 27, and populated it with over 19,500 articles and additional content from global experts. It provides free health and medical research on COVID-19 to the industry and public. The portal is regularly updated with new research from across our journals, including The Lancet and Cell. The site is approaching half a million unique visitors and over a million downloads of Lancet articles alone.
ADDITIONAL BACKGROUND INFORMATION: Brief summary of what RELX Group's other businesses are doing to address the COVID-19 challenge:
*LexisNexis Legal & Professional: Leading provider of legal information and analytics, recently launched free and comprehensive legal news coverage and practical guidance content to help legal professionals, lawmakers and business leaders become better informed and navigate the legal issues and intricacies surrounding COVID-19. Information can be found on Law360 and LexisPractice Advisor.
*LexisNexis Risk & Business Analytics: Cirium, which brings together aviation and air travel data and analytics, has created a data visualisation on the impact of the virus on the aviation industry.
XpertHR, a compliance and benchmarking business driving global HR topics from pay equality to compliance and HR policies, is providing guidance to employers on compliance with legal changes and practical measures that they can take during the coronavirus crisis, including new guidance on how to consider alternatives to redundancy.
*Reed Exhibitions: Has collaborated with the City of Vienna, Austria, to transform an exhibition venue in central Vienna into a functional hospital, to provide greater medical care to those in need with the help of contacts, suppliers and in-house support. With 880 beds completed over the weekend, just five days after beginning the project, the final capacity is expected to reach 3,111 beds once complete – see the redesigned space here.
S&P GlobalUS, GlobalThe S&P Global Foundation Board of Directors approved an initial USD $2 million pool of funds, to be put toward grants for nongovernmental organizations (NGOs) focused on supporting food scarcity, medical supplies and broad COVID-19 response. The companies support for these areas aligns with concerns raised by its people and local site leaders, as well as critical needs in key operating locations for its business. S&P's first wave of grants will support the following NGOs:
*UNICEF COVID-19 Fund, for prevention education and hand washing supplies, medical supplies, and support for vulnerable children and families around the world
*Direct Relief, for protective gear and medical supplies in communities globally that are highly impacted by COVID-19
*Feeding America COVID-19 Response Fund, to ensure that food banks across the United States are able to meet the needs of hungry children, low-income families and individuals in need
*Food Bank of New York City COVID-19 Readiness Response, to provide food to children and low-income families and individuals across all five boroughs of New York City
Give2Asia, to provide critical medical supplies to high-need communities in China
SalesforceUS, GlobalFounder Marc Benioff announced his company is donating $1 million to the UCSF coronavirus response fund and another $500,000 to the CDC emergency response fund. All vendor hourly service providers and interns will be paid during this time. Salesforce is also making its technology available to customers, partners, and communities. Through Health Cloud, Salesforce will provide free access to technology for emergency response teams, call centers, and care management teams for health systems affected by coronavirus. It is also matching donations by its employees.
SanofiGlobal*Sanofi Pasteur, the vaccines global business unit of Sanofi, will leverage previous development work for a SARS vaccine which may unlock a fast path forward for developing a COVID-19 vaccine. Sanofi is collaborating with BARDA, expanding the company’s long-standing partnership with the Authority.
*Sanofi will use its recombinant DNA platform to produce a 2019 novel coronavirus vaccine candidate. The recombinant technology produces an exact genetic match to proteins found on the surface of the virus. The DNA sequence encoding this antigen will be combined into the DNA of the baculovirus expression platform, the basis of Sanofi’s licensed recombinant influenza product, and used to rapidly produce large quantities of the coronavirus antigen which will be formulated to stimulate the immune system to protect against the virus.
SAPGlobalAt SAP, we have colleagues and customers in every corner of the world. Our thoughts are with all those affected and the many communities that continue to face extreme measures as we work to slow down and contain the spread of the virus. We also want to express our deepest thanks and appreciation to all the healthcare workers, first responders, police officers, emergency workers, and all others in essential functions and on the front lines caring for the sick and keeping us safe.
*As a company we have always believed in our responsibility to support the next generation of professionals and users with our best-in-class digital learning. Now students and subject-matter experts need safe and healthy learning environments to continue their education virtually. Therefore, we are broadening access to some of our offerings to facilitate the continuity of innovation and enablement. This includes free access to select learning journeys for students at one of the 3,800 member universities of the SAP University Alliances program, online courses allowing young learners to explore technology, as well as the massive open online courses (MOOCs) available on the openSAP platform. All offerings are free – please find more information here.
*We also recognize the massive disruptions impacting global supply chains, and we’ve opened up access to SAP Ariba Discovery so any buyer can post their immediate sourcing needs and any supplier can respond to show they can deliver. Our TripIt from Concur and SAP Litmos teams have offered up free services to help with travel issues and remote training capability. Check back here for updates as our teams continue to come up with new ways to help.
*SAP is establishing a €3 million COVID-19 emergency fund and increasing its support of social sector partners globally.
ScotiabankGlobal, Canada*In an effort to support those populations and communities most at risk during the COVID-19 outbreak, Scotiabank has committed $2.5-million to community response efforts across its footprint, most notably through donations of:
*$1.2 million to empower our regional teams to support local charities that are working very hard to address the most urgent community needs;
*$400,000 to the United Way's COVID-19 Community Response and Recovery Fund
*$150,000 to select academic partners working on rapidly scalable COVID-19 healthcare innovations
*Scotiabank has also established a $750,000 fund to support the emerging needs of local charities as the crisis continues to unfold.
ShellGlobal*Shell announced more than 15,000 participating retail sites across more than 30 countries are providing free food to healthcare professionals such as nurses and doctors, as well as truck drivers and the delivery people who are vital to maintaining supplies. Shell will also offer free access to showers to truck drivers at participating motorway sites. In the UK Shell handed out more than 30,000 free sandwiches so far.
*Shell is also adapting production where possible to support efforts to halt the spread of the virus. At manufacturing plants in the Netherlands and Canada, Shell is diverting resources to make isopropyl alcohol. This chemical ingredient makes up about half the content of hand-sanitizing liquids. In the Netherlands, Shell is making 2.5 million liters available free of charge for the healthcare sector.
*Also in the Netherlands, Shell is part of a consortium that includes other companies, hospitals and Delft University of Technology, which has been developing new face protectors for doctors, made of snorkel masks. These adjusted masks cover the face fully and are connected to a medical filter by a part that is being produced using the 3D printers at the Shell Technology Centre Amsterdam. The team has been involved in the design and testing of the part and is ready to scale up production.
SiemensGlobal*Siemens Healthineers announced today the availability of its molecular Fast Track Diagnostics (FTD) SARS-CoV-2 Assay test kit used to aid in the diagnosis of infection by the SARS-CoV-2 virus that causes the COVID-19 disease. Test kits are already being shipped within the European Union for research use only (RUO) to expedite availability while the company continues to pursue Emergency Use Assessment and Listing (EUAL) from the World Health Organization (WHO) for clinical use. In addition, Siemens Healthineers has begun discussions with the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for release of the test under Emergency Use Authorization (EUA). Both applications are in progress. While the controlled roll-out of the assay for research use is continuing, Siemens Healthineers is simultaneously expanding its production capacity.
*Siemens has established processes for ensuring the continuity of manufacturing operations to the greatest possible extent.
Sociedad de Fomento Fabril - SOFOFAChileThe business sector convened by the Confederación de la Producción y del Comercio (CPC) and its branches, established the Private Emergency Fund for Health in Chile in order to collaborate in the most pressing needs of this health emergency. In addition to the economic resources gathered, the contribution in capacities, infrastructure, networks and management of the business world is added, which is being materialized through initiatives with the State, with municipalities and with foundations focused on the most vulnerable population. CPC delivered delivered 5 billion pesos to the Telethon, an amount that is part of the business fund for the emergency.
The 5 billion pesos contributed to the Telethon by companies, entrepreneurs, families and business groups, add to the 6 billion contributed this week by the business fund to eight other foundations, which will impact a total of 100,000 people. vulnerable (older adults, children with cancer, people on the street, chronically ill, among others).
SofttekGlobal, Mexico*In total, Softtek has implemented over 800 Business Contingency Plans with all our clients and projects. As new capabilities have been put in place, we have been able to achieve 98% of Softtek people working remotely worldwide.
StefaniniGlobal*Stefanini is providing its Cognitive Platform, Sophie, to use free of change which can be used to communicate information to your employees about COVID-19. Updated daily by a dedicated team that uses reliable sources, Sophie provides the most up-to-date information about coronavirus and is here to improve their overall quality of life.
TelefónicaSpain, Global*Increase, at no extra cost, the GB enjoyed by our Fusion and Movistar mobile customers with an additional 30 GB every month, for two months.
*In order to facilitate home entertainment, we will increase our entertainment offer, especially children and sports content, free of charge, accessible through the Movistar + Lite application where customers and non-customers can enjoy a month for free.
*Movistar Junior app available to our Fusion customers, free of charge, with special content for the youngest members of the household.
*Depending on the evolution of the outbreak in each country, we will adopt similar measures in other regions where we operate.
In addition, from Fundación Telefónica we are going to strengthen our educational content through technology and our online learning platforms aimed at teachers, parents and students:
*Scolartic: A social space for learning, innovation and quality in education in which free online courses are offered, as well as talks, lectures and workshops. It is aimed at current and future teachers but can also be used by parents who want to closely follow their children's learning.
*Conecta Empleo Platform: We offer free online training courses focused on digital profiles in topics such as: JAVA, web analytics, video game design... up to more than 25,000 open training courses available worldwide.
*In addition to ensuring reliable connectivity, we have made our services and capabilities available to public administrations and health institutions to help contribute to efforts to contain the outbreak. Big Data capabilities and management of anonymised and aggregated data from our network, mobility data, cloud data processing centres, as well as telephone or digital assistance capabilities.
The Adecco GroupGlobalIn light of the rapidly evolving COVID-19 (coronavirus) situation we want to reassure all Adecco Group customers and clients that the health and safety of our entire workforce is our top priority.
We are taking every necessary step and precaution to ensure the well-being of everyone, both in our company and yours. These include:
*Strict adherence to national and regional authorities, to ensure compliance with all health and safety standards
*Sustained communication with our employees to help them avoid contracting the virus, and ensuring that these standards are adhered to at all our work locations
*Implementing flexible working practices, where available, to ensure business continuity and high levels of service.
In addition, we have also established a committee of Adecco Group leaders who are responsible for following developments and preparing for any next steps. We would welcome feedback regarding your own contingency plans and how we can work together to ensure people’s health and wellbeing and business continuity.
The Coca-Cola CompanyGlobal, China, Italy, US, Phillipines*The Coca-Cola system and The Coca-Cola Foundation have made contributions to support relief efforts in China, Italy, the United States and Canada. The company is also redirecting a big part of its marketing funds for community relief programs, medical supplies and equipment during the outbreak phase. The pledge will also help develop other actions for the recovery and back-to-normal phases in markets hit hardest by the pandemic. These contributions will take Coca-Cola's total community support beyond $120 million.
*Coca-Cola Philippines is redirecting P150 million (USD $2,943,704) earmarked for advertising to assistance for frontliners and affected communities amid the coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) outbreak.
The Private Sector Organization of Jamaica - PSOJJamaica*PSOJ has coordinated a COVID-19 Jamaica Response Fund to facilitate donations and contributions of cash towards meeting the needs of citizens and mitigating the threats associated with the pandemic.
*It is organized in partnership with PSOJ member and umbrella organisations, the Council of Voluntary Social Services (CVSS), along with the Jamaican Money Market Brokers' Joan Duncan Foundation, Sagicor Foundation Jamaica, the American Friends of Jamaica and others.
*The target raise for the fund is initially $250 million, however, this target may be increased based on the duration and scale of support required.
U.S. Chamber of CommerceGlobal, US*The U.S. Chamber of Commerce is marshalling its full resources to help companies continue to operate and keep paychecks flowing to American workers and families, while mobilizing the business community to combat the pandemic. Through its COVID-19 platform, it is delivering the latest resources, advice and information to help small businesses navigate this challenging time, including financial aid guides, remote working tips, best practices, links to webinars and townhalls, and much more. It has also developed a live blog with the latest news and updates related to the coronavirus outbreak – tailored specifically for the business community.
*The U.S. Chamber Foundation has made available a corporate aid tracker that outlines examples of how how businesses are responding to the COVID-19 pandemic.
UberGlobal, US*Uber is supporting restaurants impacted by coronavirus by driving demand to small businesses with $0 delivery fees for orders from independent restaurants. Uber announced that it would be offering 10 million free rides and food deliveries to those in need during the COVID-19 outbreak. This includes 300,000 meals for healthcare workers and first responders.
*Uber Health is helping provide transportation for front-line health care workers, both to and from patients’ homes, as well as between healthcare facilities. In the US, Uber is partnering with 1199SEIU, one of the country’s largest healthcare unions, to make sure their members can get to work.
*All relief loads transporting critical goods booked on the shipper platform in the US will be hauled with zero profit pricing by Uber Freight, while the current FMCSA hours-of-service suspension is in place.
*Uber is partnering with school districts to offer a discount or trips taken to or from the school lunch pick up locations to ensure students can continue to access free meals (riders under 18 must be accompanied by an adult).
*Any driver or delivery person who is diagnosed with COVID 19, or is individually asked to self-isolate by a public health authority due to a risk of spreading the virus, can be eligible for up to 14 days of financial assistance while their account is on hold.
Unión Industrial Argentina - UIAArgentinaThe Argentine Industrial Union (UIA) works with the authorities at all levels to ensure that the production of goods and services is maintained and reaches all Argentines. In the framework of this public-private cooperation, the UIA has developed a set of proposals to face the current situation ,updated with the contribution of the institution's partners and technical departments, to provide solutions in the areas of financing, tax burden, production and distribution, labor measures, energy and trade.
UnitedHealth GroupGlobal, USOver the last several months, the emergence of the COVID-19 virus has caused well-documented challenges to people, businesses and institutions and across national and global health care systems. Among them is the disruption to traditional patterns of care and related downstream economic disruption and imbalances to the nation’s health care delivery and coverage systems. UnitedHealth Group is committed to move quickly to respond to these challenges until more normal patterns of care, coverage and health system stability are restored.
UnitedHealth Group actions include:
*Waiving all cost-sharing for COVID-19 diagnosis and treatment while simplifying access to care by reducing prior authorization requirements.
*Accelerating nearly $2 billion of our own funds to health care providers to support liquidity needs in early April and assisting in the $100 billion CARES Act funds distribution for care delivery partners.
*Pioneering a non-invasive, self-administered COVID-19 test that streamlines testing, reduces PPE usage and increases safety of health care workers.
*Dedicating senior executives to support major scientific discovery and relief efforts.
*Designing and deploying a new protocol, process and supportive technology to help keep the nation’s health workforce safe and to support employers return their employees safely to work.
*Providing a special enrollment period for fully insured customers to allow employees to get coverage.
*Significantly expanding access to telehealth and redeploying 10,000 Optum clinicians to expand telehealth capacities.
*Launching a free nationwide emotional support line to manage the stress and anxiety.
*Investing $75 million to help communities in need, protect the health care workforce and help people and clinicians cope with stress and anxiety from the pandemic and related economic challenges.
*Study completed with the Yale School of Medicine found that older COVID-19 patients with hypertension taking angiotensin-converting enzyme (ACE) inhibitors had a lower risk of COVID-19 hospitalization. A pragmatic clinical trial will be a critical next step.
UPSGlobal, US*UPS provided air cargo shipments of masks and other medical supplies when the outbreak first began to escalate in Wuhan, China in January. The virus was first detected in the city in late December. The shipping company also announced it is altering its delivery practices in light of the pandemic, allowing for delivery drivers to release packages without signatures or collect signatures that have been signed on the slips left on doors to maintain safe distances.
*Commits over $6 million in grants, logistics and transportation, and collaboration with more than a dozen relief agencies. UPS announced the company is managing and brokering 25 charter flights in support of Project Airbridge, a coordinated effort between the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), numerous countries and the private sector designed to expedite the arrival of critical supplies needed in U.S. hospitals. Supplies being delivered include masks, surgical gowns, gloves, medical swabs, and thermometers...
VerizonUS*Verizon’s has committed a combined $13 million donation to nonprofits directed at supporting students and healthcare first responders, including No Kid Hungry, the American Red Cross, the Center for Disaster Philanthropy (CDP) COVID-19 Response Fund, Direct Relief, and the COVID-19 Solidarity Response Fund in support of the World Health Organization (WHO)’s global response.
*Verizon’s support for small business also includes adding 15GB of high speed data for wireless consumer and small business customers to be automatically applied with no customer action necessary; providing first responders with priority and preemption abilities for voice and data and no data caps for consumer and small business Fios and DSL broadband internet plans.
VisaGlobal*The Visa Foundation announced a commitment of two programs totaling $210 million to support small and micro businesses, aligning with the Foundation’s long-term focus on women’s economic advancement and inclusive economic development, and to address an urgent need from local communities following the spread of COVID-19.
*The first program of $10 million is designated for immediate emergency relief to support charitable organizations on the frontlines responding to the COVID-19 pandemic, such as public health and food relief, in each of the five geographic regions in which Visa operates: North America; Latin America and the Caribbean; Europe; Asia Pacific; and Central Europe, Middle East and Africa.
*The second program is a five-year, strategic $200 million commitment to support small and micro businesses around the world, with a focus on fostering women’s economic advancement. This action expands the Visa Foundation’s long-standing support for small and micro businesses globally. The funds from the Visa Foundation will provide capital to non-government organizations (NGOs) and investment partners supporting small and micro businesses.
WalmartGlobalTo help meet the critical needs resulting from the global COVID-19 pandemic, Walmart and the Walmart Foundation have committed $25 million to support organizations on the front lines responding to the outbreak. The commitment is intended to provide:
*$5 million to support global efforts to help countries prevent, detect and manage the coronavirus
*$10 million to support food banks, school meal programs and organizations that provide access to food for underserved populations
*$10 million to support efforts in local communities in the United States and international markets
To serve their customers and support their workforce, Walmart is also adjusting store hours, lending their parking lots to mobile testing centers, and providing nearly $550 million through bonuses and salary advances to hourly and supply chain associates.
WärtsiläGlobalAt Wärtsilä, a global crisis management team was activated immediately in January when the novel coronavirus outbroke in China. Since then it has implemented numerous measures to help protect the health, safety and well-being of its 19,000 employees as well as all external stakeholders around the globe. The company is encourages social distancing in daily work, using online meetings, and restrict all non-critical travel, off-site meetings and external visitors to Wärtsilä sites to contain the virus. To mitigate the negative impact caused by the pandemic and actions to contain it, Wärtsilä is taking proactive steps to minimise the negative impact on its operations globally. These actions include reduced worktime and temporary lay-offs of personnel, while aligning the activity with customer needs. Meanwhile, the company is ensuring its ability to return to normalised operations and to capture future growth opportunities when markets recover. Wärtsilä Global Logistics Services supervises the supply and logistics chains daily. By identifying alternative operating models and implementing proactive risk mitigation actions, including buffer stocks of spare parts, we aim to avoid disruptions because of the COVID-19 outbreak.
WEGBrazil*WEG will use the current structure of its factories in Jaraguá do Sul, in the state of Santa Catarina, to produce ventilators and works with the possibility of adjusting the project to speed up production.
*The plan is to immediately purchase all required components in order to produce 500 ventilators. Once the production line is installed, WEG will have an estimated capacity to produce 50 ventilators per day and deliver in mid-May.
Western UnionGlobalAt Western Union, we believe that we are more successful as a company when we operate according to the highest ethical standards, address unmet social needs and promote the well-being of our stakeholders. This is more critical than ever during a situation like the one we face with COVID-19, which has widespread health and financial impacts on our customers, Agents, employees and communities across the globe. With the ongoing spread of COVID-19 and the speed at which things are changing around us, we remain committed to doing everything we can to support the health of our employees and Agents, ensure that we can meet our customers’ need to send money for critical support to loved ones, and support communities impacted by the spread of the virus globally. Our areas of focus include: Employees, Customers, Agents and Front Line Associates, Business Clients, and Global Community.
XignuxMexicoAs part of our responsibility to the community and to protection of our collaborators and their families, Xingnux is promoting actions that reduce the likelihood of contagion of COVID-19.
The company has made available a portal that will be continually updated, with the preventive measures that have been implemented, inlcuding, sanitization of workspaces and common areas, medical grade filters at the entrances and in hallways, mandatory use of face covering, as well as emotional care and other measures.
Also, through the Xignux Foundation, 1,000 liters of antibacterial gel has been donated to eight red cross affiliated associations, to be distributed and benefit more than two thousand people in vulnerable conditions.