"Cooltzine #1" A-Z of Contributors:
A - Alison Little. Alison Little is a visual artist and writer based in Liverpool, she looks to combine her visual arts and creative writing practice. As an artist, she has worked on numerous commissions from Go Superlambanana's to Kirby Town Centre Renewal. Her creative endeavours are to include the project management of Rags Boutique: a project to open a disused retail unit as an exhibition space and workshop venue.
"Cooltzine #1" A-Z of Contributors:
A - Angus Vasili. Angus Vasili is a print maker based in York. A passion for architecture, photography, textures inspires his prints which are highly experimental and constantly evolving. Working from his make shift print studio Angus is a silkscreen obsessive, driven by process, using abstract concepts to define the rules of each project. This encourages him to work intuitively, allowing
his subconscious to guide ideas and creativity.
"Cooltzine #1" A-Z of Contributors: Anna Cortada - At present Anna is based in London and Barcelona. These cities are Anna's inspiration sources for creating and disseminating her collections and artwork. She's been painting and drawing since early age, and following her degree in Fashion Design, Anna set up the Social Fashion Monsters project, a fusion of modern art and fashion through paintings, clothing and performances.
"Cooltzine #1" A-Z of Contributors: Ass Halt <> What did @Ass Halt prepare for Cooltzine? Read here: "I wanted to be a part of Cooltzine because I love the idea of people celebrating their home place. I have been making digital art for a long time but have just begun experimenting with street art. I make stickers in the form of the Ass Halt logo, a donkey next to a stop sign, and take photos of them around my city, Galway. The material I use is commercial vinyl, the kind used on the road signs and vans I see around my city, so it is at home in the environment itself. This edition was something that really interested me as it coincides with the art I'm making at the moment-stickers that become a part of where I live, my place. I like to put the stickers in places I pass every day, like a trail of breadcrumbs around the city. When you look for somewhere to put a sticker or a panda mask, you notice the lesser spotted elements of your world, the neglected spaces where beauty resides."
Cooltzine #1 A-Z of Contributors: Ben Duax <> Glasgow-based figurative painter. ABOUT his Cooltzine vol.1 submissions: "two paintings of the Manhattan bridge are very much about specific space, first through a meditation on Edward Hoppers paintings of the same space, and its transformation over the intervening century. When Hopper lived in Lower Manhattan, he was navigating the transformation of New York from a 19th century factory town to the imperial capitol of the twentieth century. Living in the same neighbourhood and painting some of the same spaces was a different exercise in 2017. Instead of Garment factories I was surrounded by Matcha Bars and social media contractors. The Garbage Dump behind the NADA art fair is a particularly melancholy site, juxtaposing the grandour of the bridge, the monolithic public housing projects, and the Millennial opulence of the New Art Dealers Association. The more recent Glasgow Drawing has to do with my loneliness after moving to the UK, Staring at the windmills on the horizon, drinking Tesco energy drinks for breakfast and smoking cigarettes and looking at pornography all night."
"Cooltzine #1" A-Z of Contributors: Charmaine de Heij <> Charmaine de Heij, a Berlin based photographer. In her photography she explores the boundaries between dreams and reality: "I visualize my utopia with a lot of colors and alienation. My inspiration comes from thoughts, femininity, happenings and the nightlife. Photography is for me my visual diary. It's a look inside my head. When I moved to Berlin I started to capture my neighborhood. New streets, new people. And everything here is very anonymous. Although moving to a new country can be very scary, I lost that feeling after walking around in my neighborhood. For me this is Berlin. Not a very known side of Berlin, but for me it's the most inspirational one. A hidden gem in Berlin." FOLLOW:
Cooltzine #1 A-Z of Contributors: Claire Yspol <> Claire is currently Dundee-based artist whose practice revolves around the relationships that reveal themselves when objects are placed in juxtaposition. Her artworks take the form of printed matter, writing, photographs and the occasional sculpture, essentially creating documents that pay homage to the everyday.
Cooltzine #1 A-Z of Contributors: Emma Sywyj <> Artist, DJ and photographer, Emma has exhibited her artwork internationally in the US in New York, LA & San Francisco and Athens in Greece and Budapest in Hungary. Her artwork aims to capture and show life at it’s most vibrant & exciting. The photographs Emma takes encourage people to see the intricacies & beauty beyond the everyday, centered around the immediate environment and cultural identity. Her work is a celebration of culture in all its varied forms all over the world. FOLLOW:
Cooltzine #1 A-Z of Contributors: Francesca Busca <> Francesca is currently in residency at the London School of Mosaic and part of BAMM (British Association for Modern Mosaic) In her work she strives to show the beauty and significance of each material uses, in each tiny piece, eagerly crisscrossing the boundary between mosaic and mixed media, including photography. FOLLOW:
Cooltzine #1 A-Z of Contributors: Francesca Ricci <> Born in Florence, Francesca currently lives and works in London. Her work is in the collections of the National Art Library at the Victoria and Albert Museum, London, of the Tarot Museum Mechelen (Belgium) and Museum of Tarot (Museo dei Tarocchi), Riola (Bologna), Italy and in several private collections in UK, Italy, Russia, Spain, Portugal, Norway, Sweden and China. It has also been featured in several magazines, including 'Dazed and Confused' (November 2013) and 'Abraxas Journal' (September 2013). In 2015, together with musician Gaston Gorga, she launched PNEUMA, a collaborative project including song-writing, spoken word, live performance, sound manipulation, improvisation and visuals. Amongst other independent projects she has launched, are 'Interlude magazine', which published four issues (2004-2007), and '20×20 magazine', which published nine issues (2008-2013). Cooltzine #1 will feature photos from her SUAXDADO series (2008-11) - photographs taken around London as portraits of a becoming; places that no longer are, and are not yet, images of transformation. FOLLOW:
Cooltzine #1 A-Z of Contributors: Femme Fatale Project <> Femme Fatale Project is a creative collective, which acts in the field of digital photography, video-art and AV installations, based in Sofia, Bulgaria. The usual team is presented by Martina Panayotova and Mery Adam, but members could variate. The highlight in almost all works explores the interaction of the gentle by presumption body frame with surroundings that reflect the crude modern urbanity and aims to achieve an abstract visual statements that is rich but furtive. FOLLOW:
Cooltzine #1 A-Z of Contributors: @Gemma Tierney <> Gemma explores her adoration for the unconventional beauty of deconstruction and decay through the merging of both installation and curatorial practice, taking the viewer on an experience through an environment inspired by a dilapidated landscape. Often using lighting to transform the atmosphere in which the work is being exhibited, she manipulates the space to create an immersive environment that pays tribute to the source of her inspiration.Gemma investigate her adoration for the unconventional beauty through the use of a range of materials to explore the method of screen printing. Including vinyl, fabric, UV reactive paints and wallpaper from the original site of inspiration. She is also part of the Middlesbrough-based @TheBigNothingCollective FOLLOW:
Cooltzine #1 A-Z of Contributors: Georgii Valeev <>
Cooltzine #1 A-Z of Contributors: Giovanna Iorio <> Giovanna experiments with both written word and captured visuals. Journalist, writer, she believes there are million of stories out there. Suddenly they appear, they shine, they find their light. Giovanna writes about daily insignificant objects and their lives, pushing to overcome the limitation of listening to only one story at a time. FOLLOW:
Cooltzine #1 A-Z of Contributors: Gobscure <> A self-taught artist, performer and writer, actively involved in disability arts and North-East Mad Studies Collective. FOLLOW:
Cooltzine #1 A-Z of Contributors: Heather McDonough <> Heather McDonough is a fine art photographer with a background in print and design, and Senior Lecturer BA & MA Fine Art - Photography and Graphic Design at the London Metropolitan University. Aside from her own work, which is often sequence-based, she edits photos for a variety of clients including artists’ monographs published by Chris Boot, Prestel and PhotoWorks. Heather's work—often portraiture, but also installation-based—is concerned with the process of photography. Her participation in #1 Cooltzine is work discovering the "Overlooked". FOLLOW:
Cooltzine #1 A-Z of Contributors: Ivo Nedyalkov <> Photographer/Videographer/Traveller, Ivaylo has a passion for analogue cameras, admitting that the process of it makes falling in love with inevitable - from the moment you see your shot somewhere on the street and the sound of the shutter to the eager anticipation of the final result revealed in the dark room. Ivo's submission for Cooltzine vol.1 are shot on expired film rolls, with various old cameras; they are of places that have marked and shaped him, one way or another: "Everything that carries the energy of life, inspires me - lights, shadows, silhouettes, people's reflections - known and unknown. I take part in social projects and those that are connected with visual arts." FOLLOW:
Cooltzine #1 A-Z of Contributors: Jessi Lloyd <> Jessi is a keen amateur photographer using traditional analog materials and processes. They enjoy working with a range of subjects including urban scenes and cityscapes. FOLLOW:
Cooltzine #1 A-Z of Contributors: Lili Koss <> Writing, directing, photography and music are just a few of the pies where Lili had her fingers stuck in over the years; every piece is a piece of herself, posing hard questions for the lighter being. FOLLOW:
Cooltzine #1 A-Z of Contributors: Luca Serasini <> Luca has been successfully combining academic research with artwork production, since his time with the Institute of Clinical Physiology (IFC) of the italian National Research Council (CNR) and its associated Multimedia Lab in the 1990s; He startedd as self-taught painter in 1996; since 2003 he's been also experimenting with the photography medium, video and video installations for his artworks. His recent projects also include land art installations with added interactive devices, utilising the knowledge gained through work in electronics.He is also one of the two founding members of Cantiere Nuovo, a cultural association based in his native village of Marina di Pisa that since 2012 brings contemporary art installations and exhibits to the locals, and a member of Corte Tripoli Cinematografica, a short movies cultural association based in Pisa. FOLLOW:
Cooltzine #1 A-Z of Contributors: Luis Elvira <> Poet and painter from Madrid, based in London, Luis' current work deals with maps of cities and countries, used as a surface to paint onto. FOLLOW: http://luiselvira.blogspot.com
Cooltzine #1 A-Z of Contributors: Lynn Cowan <> Lynn's work is usually a response to outdoor locations, where she's drawn to investigate, highlight and work with the everyday and the overlooked. In a project called Drain Crack City she explored cracked roads and potholes from a cyclist's viewpoint. Lynn also experimented with making own cracks in plaster and installing these as climbing walls and small tableaux, in print on different surfaces, and a 'city block' installation of cracked road and drains plinth-forms. Her work generally begins and ends with photography, initially as a research resource, then as artwork in itself, and as documentation - not trying to recreate the subject, but rather present a visual recording of the actual source, in ways that surprise, maybe looking familiar but not necessarily immediately recognisable. Print is often part of finished work, but rarely framed, usually combined with some other material such as mdf, plywood, aluminium dibond, vinyl. Lynn is also exploring new materials through ceramic works, inspired by formation ideas and structures of rock face strata in Argyll, Scotland. FOLLOW:
Cooltzine #1 A-Z of Contributors: Mack Mathod <> Artist/photographer/teacher/writer/performerand all round creative, Mack's work humourously reflects our society by creating an alternative absurd answer to it all. In his own words, Mack is "an absurdist artist who works to make people realise the world is absurd so don't try to change it." He has been teaching Art, Photography and Drama in secondary schools in the UK for over thirty eight thirty years, while also writing comedy professionally for stage and TV. FOLLOW:
Cooltzine #1 A-Z of Contributors: Mada Pucilowska <> Currently studying MA Photography at London College of Communication, Mada Pucilowska is exploring notions of identity and its connection to the landscape/environment through her photography. Most of her projects involve gender and national identity concepts, through which she is looking into both her personal experiences, but also explores the societies around her. FOLLOW:
Cooltzine #1 A-Z of Contributors: Mark Beechill <> Mark Beechill is a writer / designer / visual artist based in Canterbury in not-so-great Britain. His work is about place, jobs and mental health and mostly appears in book or zine format. His hope is to one day become completely invisible. FOLLOW:
Cooltzine #1 A-Z of Contributors: Marta Raimundo <> Portuguese London-based illustrator and printmaker; currently completing her BA in Illustration at the University of the Arts London, Marta has always been fascinated by the human irrational logic. Her work functions as a response to these observations of human psychy and interactions, finding the smallest details and working with them to create something bigger. Marta can go from etching to ceramics, watercolour or even murals - as one commissioned by Dalston Roof Park. FOLLOW:
Cooltzine #1 A-Z of Contributors: Moira Ness <> Moira is a self-taught emerging photo-based artist born, living, and working in Toronto, Canada. She specializes in contemporary landscapes and algorithm-based writing. With a life long fascination for landscape photography and cinematography, Moira draws inspiration from artists Gregory Crewdson and Patrick Clair. Her submission for Cooltzine is part of the series “HEX”, where she seeks out bold, single coloured buildings to photograph. She samples the colour in Photoshop, revealing the associated hexadecimal code. The code is then input into an online colour identifier and the piece is then named after the discovered colour. The name brings an unseen and unintentional personal meaning to the photo as one tries to connect and relate the title to the subject. Moira had participated in the Toronto Outdoor Art Exhibition where she won the Emerging Artist Award and was shortlisted for the Founding Chairman's Award. Moira showed her work at NordArt in Büdelsdorf, Germany in the summer of 2017. She will have work in Gallery 44's 2018 Salon 44 and will be showing at the Artist Project in 2018. She recently was the artist in residence at The 108 Residency in Upstate New York. FOLLOW:
Cooltzine #1 A-Z of Contributors: Natalia Monakhova <> Natalia is a Video artist, currently working from Moscow; she had studied fine arts at the School of Contemporary Art "Free Workshops" but also holds an MA in Linguistics. Natalia's recent solo show at the Moscow Museum of Modern Art (MMOMA) "What is the Time" (2016) was dedicated to one of the issues that occupies her most of all: the category of time. In her works the artist simulates atemporal reality by means of improvisation, free camera movement, rapid changes of scene without any attempt at unity. Natalia also works with gender issues which for her are primarily connected with the exploration of the subject of motherhood from unpopular, asocial point of view.She is also involved in routine studies, aesthetic revaluation of the everyday. Her content is about getting rid of solidity, completeness and perfection. As she explains in her personal statement, "The reality is not perfect and the artist is not a perfect person, not a perfect woman, not a perfect mother etc. I believe that in art, just like in the boundless Abbey of Thelema, there’s a room for everyone. And my room is called «imperfection». I create my own anti-utopia, but it’s not frightening, it’s poetic and sometimes even funny. I work with ordinary, useless things looking for harmony without perfection, celebrating the reality as it is." FOLLOW:
Cooltzine #1 A-Z of Contributors: Olga Guse <> Olga was born in 1981 in the city of Saratov, Russia. She studied Art History in Saratov before moving to Dresden, Germany in 2003, where she still lives and works; she specialises in video art, animation, painting and filmmaking. Many of her animated films participated in different international art and film festivals, including: XXVII Festival Les Instants Vidéo (France), 17th International Art Exhibition NordArt (Germany), The Digital Graffiti at Alys Beach Festival (USA), OSTRALE international panorama exhibitions of contemporary arts in Europe (Germany), INCUBARTE International Art Festival (Spain). You can get a glimpse into her moving image world right here! FOLLOW:
Cooltzine #1 A-Z of Contributors: Rebecca Hancock <> Born in Birmingham and currently studying BA Fine Art at Central Saint Martins, London, Rebecca's practice tends to revolve around herself, the subject - autobiographical in content, she address her emotions, trauma,
anxiety, dreams, ambitions and fears. Her materials vary, but her submission for Cooltzine vol.1 is digitally based. Deeply personal, Becky shares finding herself "in a strange in-between I have bouts of intense fear anxiety when out and around London. On the bus, in the studio, in the waiting room, in the bread aisle, in my bed - nowhere offers sanctuary so I do what I can and just start to write it down on the one thing that's always to hand in these places - my phone." FOLLOW:
Cooltzine #1 A-Z of Contributors: Rochelle Asquith <> Rochelle is a writer, illustrator, self-described "part-time pixie, and plant eater from West Yorkshire, UK, whose passions lie in socialist theory and making collages that look like they could’ve been done by a 7-year-old". Besides this, Rochelle is an avid cinema goer and fan of dancing to Bruno Mars in her kitchen. Rochelle’s work can be found at LAPP The Brand (bi-monthly column), The Affinity Magazine (weekly column), Tabloid Art History zine (issue 1), Peach Melba zine (issue 1), Guillozine (Film issue), Girls zine (issue 1), Polyester Zine, and FGRLS club. For Cooltzine vol.1 she is sharing snapshots of Wakefield: "an old mining city with almost a line running through the middle separating the wealthy from the poor. Contrary to popular belief, the poor side, despite its flaws and lack of upkeep has a character to it that the rich side could only dream of. There's no mask of wealth to hide behind so everything's laid out to bare, so I took pictures (with an old DSLR) whilst wandering around my city hoping to capture what was and still is right in front of me."
Cooltzine #1 A-Z of Contributors: Roisin O'Donnell <> Roisin currently lives and works in Leeds, UK. Specialising in painting and marker drawing, Roisin's work aims to document the spaces and places that surround her day to day; the over looked and under appreciated. Not unlike the Magical Realists, O’Donnell tries to create a harmonious union between the real and the unknown. You are transported to a place that can only ever exist partially in Roisin's mind. She is inviting you to become a spectator in this world and consider it with new understanding. O'Donnell often paints Nocturnes, and uses darkness as a vehicle to evoke uncanny feelings and distort conventional reality. By combining the natural and the man-made, she allows for a Romantic notion of the sublime to be experienced within 21st century urban setting. FOLLOW:
Cooltzine #1 A-Z of Contributors: Ryan French <> Ryan's practice is primarily based around digital collages formed from photos taken around central Manchester, where he lives. His work concerns the state of our current hyperreal mode of society, that of the spectacle: "I found myself embodying the idea of the derive, exploring little side streets and taking the ugly parts of the city and making them beautiful. There is an element of self constructed fantasy in my work; what does the city mean to the individual, what is our subjective experience of the city? What is the psychogeography of the city?" Ryan's urban exploration also deals with the dichotomies present to the homosexual male - the city as a place of anxiety, but also freedom - and the concept of LGBTQIA "safe havens" in the notion of gay sectors, ‘villages,’ which could be argued to actually perpetuate an even more dominant heteronormative presence in the rest of the city: "having a designated ‘safe’ zone may encourage one to feel less safe in other zones." Ryan has also explored how the corporeal space of the city differs from that of the intangible, yet very real, digital plane (e.g. online social media) and how our interactions with one another and the projection of our personas differ in these spaces. FOLLOW:
Cooltzine #1 A-Z of Contributors: Sophie Popper <> Sophie works across a variety of mediums including installation, sculpture, performance, sound and video. Her work revolves around an exaggerated form of real life, and often plays with the use of invented characters, narratives and puns. She'd recently participated with projects at the Tate Exchange @ Tate Modern (2017, 2018) and the Rrose Sélavy’s Dada Extravaganza (part of RA Lates and Dali/Duchamp events programme @ Royal Academy of Arts, December 2017) FOLLOW:
Cooltzine #1 A-Z of Contributors: Svetoslav Todorov <> Svetoslav is a culture journalist, short story writer and an occasional music selector (w/ @Indioteque), born in Varna and based in Sofia. When he picks up a camera, it's to capture the beyond obvious spirit of familiar places: "What I always find fascinating about Sofia is that it doesn't feel like a big city yet it's big enough to let anyone have a different narrative about it. A familiar street might look different if you take a turn to a smaller street. A well-known park might suddenly look authentically wild if you decide to step away from the crowds. And what's not obvious, is often neglected." FOLLOW:
Cooltzine #1 A-Z of Contributors: Sydney Lee <> Born in Malaysia, Sydney currently studies Bachelor (BA) Fine Art in Bristol, UK. Intrigued by why things are the way they are in the world and what is the purpose of life, Sydney is currently making works that concern self-reflection. She is interested in exploring the connection of her memories and identity, culture and society, through experimenting with different art forms, including but not limited to collage and new media. FOLLOW:
Cooltzine #1 A-Z of Contributors: Teri Anderson <> Teri creates work that looks into the idea of craft in art, textiles, installation and sculpture to create a linear or surreal environment which the audience have to inhabit. The work links to her heritage and how textiles were key in their family history including sample machinists and pattern cutters. Building on this Teri proposes an art practise which incorporates a craft based techniques into the art based discipline of installation. FOLLOW:
Cooltzine #1 A-Z of Contributors: Topp & Dubbio <> Topp & Dubio is a multidisciplinary artist duo based in The Hague in the Netherlands. Topp & Dubio study and scrutinize reality from a conceptual starting point, often arising from a desire to explore parallel worlds. Most of their work originates in response to given situations or opportunities. Topp & Dubio projects flawlessly deal with fact and fiction, the search for meaning, the interaction of art and daily life, the personal and the public, observation and participation, history and documentation, the romance of imagination and subjective realities. Topp & Dubio have shown their work in The Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, United Kingdom, France, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Indonesia, Singapore, Hong Kong, Brazil, United States, Romania, Poland, Latvia, Belarus, Russia and Ukraine. FOLLOW:
Cooltzine #1 A-Z of Contributors: @Vanja Mervic <> Vanja lives and works in Slovenia. His main subject of interest lies in the society and its forms of expression when considering an individual. Each of his work's is developed in its own unique way; the form and medium shifting from painting to photography, video art, new media installations. n/a (image)
Cooltzine #1 A-Z of Contributors: @Willie Robb <> Willie is a is a Scottish photographer, video producer and artist who is based in Lewes, East Sussex. He graduated from Brighton University in 2008 with a BA(Hons) in Photography and continues to create self-initiated projects using a blend of autobiographical and documentary practice. In 2010 Willie started producing commercial video and photographic work for clients throughout the UK including The Princes Trust, The NHS, Jellyfish Media and Macmillan Cancer Support. Willie shares that societal concern is at the core of his personal work: "The notion that a loss of empathy leads to dangerous actions has fuelled my work for the last ten years. I take solace in the hope that lessons will be learned before history has the time to fully repeat." He uses a variety of photographic styles and approaches to - the approach is always relevant to the subject matter.