2020 User Conference Agenda
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TimeSuite Training Conference 2020
Start Time
End TimeThursday - Hands OnThursday - ConceptsFriday - Hands OnFriday - Concepts
8:30 AM10:00 AMThursday Hands On Session 1: Hands on exercises: Web, Mobile, and Toolbox. Web and Mobile Calendar/Scheduling. Web and Toolbox Estimating. Web and Toolbox Job Status Projection adjustments. TimeSuite Web and Mobile Centralized Email Communication Log. Placing calls and sending texts from TimeSuite Web and Mobile.Thursday Concepts Session 1: TimeSuite's Roadmap over the past year. TimeSuite Project Management overview. Cost Control components. PO/Subcontract Approvals, Invoice Approvals, Capturing, save and retrieve images. Google email and unlimited storage concepts for web attachments. Views, View Scopes and Manage Views Setup/Options. New Role Based Security.Friday Hands On Session 1: - Web CRM including Opportunities, Contacts and Tasks Management. Gantt Chart Scheduling, Resource Scheduling, Calendar and Calendar Tasks. Notifications Setup and Management. Form letter creation and management. Meeting notification emails.Friday Concepts Session 1: Budgeting and Financial Statement Analysis - Basic budgeting techniques and determining gross profit goals (Bottom Up, Top Down, and Break Even). How to check the health of your company. Percentage of Completion method of accounting concepts applied correctly (conservative and fair). How to ensure the information is correct, and how it correlates to the basic financial statements. How is the information used by my surety and bank? Why I want to make money, and why only accurate reporting is sustainable.
10:00 AM10:15 AMBreakBreakBreak
10:15 AM11:45 AMThursday Hands On Session 2: Web Project Management, Web Mobile and Toolbox transactions including AP Invoices, Purchase Orders, Subcontracts, AR Invoices, Journal Entries, Manual Cash Disbursements, Manual Cash Receipts, Inventory Transactions and Fixed Asset Transactions.Thursday Concepts Session 2: Percentage of Completion reporting, and the various methods for projecting the profitability of projects within TimeSuite Web, Mobile and Toolbox, and TimeSuite Web.Friday Hands On Session 2: Case Study. New Company setup, dialog options, grid options, web options, mobile options, reporting options, implementation options. Dynamic setup concepts, and changes available to you long after implantation. Efficiency audit concepts.Friday Concepts Session 2: Burden Utility Grid - Explore the options that the Burden Utility Grid provides. Accounting for projects in a way that matches your estimating process is essential. The Burden Utility Grid provides almost limitless burdening functionality. This session includes hands on exercises designed to help you become proficient with the use of this Grid.
11:45 AM1:15 AMLunchLunchLunch
1:15 PM2:45 PMThursday Hands On Session 3: Buyout, AP invoice, paychecks, accrued wages, over/under billings, percentage of completion financial statements. Fixed Assets Subsidiary: Equipment Depreciation Schedule. Equipment indirect pool concepts. Allocating equipment to the job via employee time cards, equipment transactions, automated depreciation entries, over/under allocation of Equipment costs, equipment utilization and calculated vs applied rates.Thursday Concepts Session 3: RFIs, Submittals, Plans and Annotations, Daily Logs, Specifications, Task Management, Change Orders, Change Order Requests, Specifications, Punchlists, Contacts and Task Management. Emails, Email Responses, and Email Log. Friday Hands On Session 3: Continue with Case Study. TimeSuite Web, Mobile and Toolbox Work Order options, Bidding options, Time and Material (Cost Plus) Billing, Progress Billing.Friday Concepts Session 3: A) Bringing it all together - closing an accounting period and checking the reports using all of the skills you have learned at this conference, including accruing wages, adjusting over/under allocated indirect costs, and accruing Over/Under Billings. B) Fraud - Bring awareness to owners and management of the common fraud schemes, where it can occur, and how to prevent and detect (including specific TimeSuite Toolbox reports and functions).
2:45 PM3:00 PMBreakBreakBreak
3:00 PM4:30 PMThursday Hands On Session 4: Use TimeSuite Web Report Writer to modify and create reports and forms. Overview Crystal Reports used with Toolbox.Thursday Concepts Session 4: Mobile Picture Uploads, and Mobile Offline Mode (no service). Economics for the Construction Industry nationwideFriday Hands On Session 4: Web, Mobile and Toolbox Timecard options. Timecard Approvals including Security Role Based Approvals.Friday Concepts Session 4: Review the material presented in the online webinars for month end, year end and cost control. Review cost control concepts for POs, Subcontracts and Labor hours. Tie your cost controls to your estimating and financial statements concepts. Review a list of accountability reporting options, and improve on that list through an open forum with conference attendees to share concepts and ideas. TimeSuite roadmap for the next year.