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CompanyContact PersonEmailKindDescription (140 char)LocationCompany type
Adam Feldman
Automotive (in-cabin) air quality management system
$100-500KCrispify designs the future in-cabin user experience through its all-in-one air quality management system. Crispify system detects and eliminates wide range of pollutant and bad odors. In-cabin and on-road air quality is a major health risk according to the World Health Organization and has a significant impact on current automotive customer satisfaction. Combining advanced sensors and AI powered software, Crispify delivers clean air and an exceptional user experience to car companies, ridesharing and autonomous vehicles.
Herzeliya, Israel
Patent PendingB2B
CLUBBIKPablo Ramirezpablo.ramirez@clubbik.comTinder for bars and clubs$500kProximity-based Tinder-like app that allows you to interact with people who are in the same party as you thanks to indoor location tracking. See people in real life first, find their profile in the app and indicate your interest or even send them a drink.
Madrid , London
* 69 signed paying venues.
* IOS, Android and Platform.
* 2 pilot runs.
* Go to market strategy ready.
B2B and B2C
SkyUpNesher Eitan
An Autonomous Lifesaver Drone$670-820KWherever ‘n Whenever Rescue is Needed... [SkyUp] Increases the Technological and the Survivability Probabilities of Any Life-threatening Event.Pardes Hanna
Patent Pending
GymetryxSam Guiguigymetryx@gmail.comFitness IoT and AI500KGymetryx has developed a patented, easily transferable pod called the TopEx that turns any weight training machine into an IoT weight training machine that means that this orange TopEx can transfer useful data and analytics to any smartphone or tablet. Learn more at gymetryx.comTel Aviv
Patent, Working Prototype and Platforms
TraxiDoron Revivi doron@traxi.co.il Deliver sharing, machine learning and affordable, user friendly, end-to-end transportation management system.Raised - F&F 1M$, seeking 400- 500K$Emerging technologies present new potential for future autonomous car industry * Telematics and Data Analytics, With an increasing number of user-friendly features added to telematics systems every year, you will be able to formulate logistical reforms based on reliable data * The process of integrating transportation services in a single, on-demand platform * Logistics companies are desperate to find solutions to streamline their operations also be applied to the fleet industry.Tzafririm
TourVRyotam@tourvrapp.comPlatform for Creating Virtual Reality StoresTourVR is a platform for store owners to create their own virtual reality app. This will enable the world’s shops to be accessible to users everywhere and will provide a more intuitive online shopping experience. The stores that are generated by our platform will be accessible through a standalone app for store owners to promote and distribute. In addition, the stores will be available through an app of our own that brings them all together in a dedicated marketplace.Jerusalem
We have working demo. Below is the use of proceeds:
✓ Platform Development
✓ 10+ VR Stores
✓ "TourVR Shop" Marketplace App
whosyourguest.comYahav Cohenyahav@whosyourguest.comThe Tripadvisor for the accommodation industry$500KWhos Your Guest (WYG) is an innovative platform designed to protect accommodation establishments against problematic customers. It serves as a strong and effective deterrent for nightmare guests, saving millions of dollars in occupancy losses and damages to hotels who in return can pass the savings on to their guests. It also allows establishments to “report” exceptionally good guests
#N/AAmotz Koskasamotz@sayvu.cox22 0zsituational awareness, HLS, Smart Cities, Personal/Public Safety, reporting platform2.5m$Our business model is to work with major market integrators in the industry of HLS (Homeland Security), Smart and safe cities and large enterprises. We provide them with our flexible reporting platform - SAAS and as a mobile software (white Label or SayVU labeled), Api or SDK. We provide the reporting, alert & communications, solutions to our integrators portfolio.

SayVU achieved an Important project with the US and Israeli government in a BIRD Foundation budgeted program. It is a B2G model approach that will benefit our penetration rate significantly. Taking SayVU to all First Responders in developed countries will position SayVU as a market standard for tactical alert & communications.
Ramat GanB2B
SellFee Tech LTDTomer Warschauer Nunitomer@sellfee.ioeCommerce / Marketplaces / Social / Mobile / GamesRaised $540K F&F Raising $2MSellFee is the 1st all-in-one gamified eCommerce business platform in the world! In SellFee, players create their own real online dropshipping store and learn how to manage and market it as they play the game. SellFee is completley free - our fees are paid by the suppliers every time an item sells.Israel
Pilot, Initial Revenues
Interview (EN)
Demo (EN)Review (HE)Demo (HE)
YourTalentsTzur Baraktzur@yourtalents.meSAAS, AI, Enteprise Software for employee experience managment.$500KYourTalents is an AI an based marketplace for employee talents development experiences. Employees build for their organizations valuable experience-products: Classes, Workshops, Hackhathons, Art exhibitions, Mentoring and more. Using Artificial Intelligence, the marketplace will predict each employee' talent development needs and will enable it through internal or external providers. We remainge engagment and productivity.
Draft FantasyEliezer SteinbockElie@draftfantasy.coSports Gaming, MobileWe are the market leader in American-style of fantasy sports gaming known as draft for football (soccer). We've acquired a UK gambling license and offer cash games.Tel Aviv
150,000+ registered users
GORILLA PLAYRon Palasron@gorillaplay.comSocial Casino Games "Funatika - slots & casino" & B2B vendor$1M in Co-invest No Buzzwords. Mega-talented Team builds the first complete Turnkey soultion for social casino games engine that convert Fun-To-Play games to revenues. Period!

<----- Deck: https://goo.gl/Yw3p9H

Social Games B2B + B2C: Game engien including stable Html5, Custom creative,
killer Game Economy/mathmetics and User aquistion based on $200M insights - Included.
Status - platform completed and Funatika brand launched on Facebook!
Team - executives led the Tier1 compnies to success
IsraelTurnkey Soution is completed.
Funatika App Launch - Oct. 16
Social Casino Games, Online Gaming, B2B, B2C
WeKastNoemie Allielnoemie@weKast.com
Instant wireless presentation from smartphones
$500K- $1MWeKast - wireless device to enable you to present from your phone, to any screen, anywhere you wantTel Aviv
smart space, entreprise product
Navi.doCnaan Avivcnaan@c2kb.comProductivity app - Waze for Errands$300,000Find the best route, get reminders for your todo list, tasks and scheduleHerzeliya
LocalHub.ioNoam Halavinoam@localhub.ioTranslation & Localization platform (B2B)$150,000Translation and localization platform that cuts out all unnecessary steps and time to market.Tel AvivB2B
Browz'InMaxime Seligmanmaxime@browzin.net Improving the Shopping Experience by Sharing Targeted Special Offers.$300,000
אפליקציית Browz'In מזהה את העסקאות הרלוונטיות ביותר למכירה באזור קמעונאי ספציפי בהתאם לפרופילי משתמשים, תוך חיסכון בזמן ובצרכנים, ומאפשרת לקמעונאים ליצור פרסום דיגיטלי ממוקד.
Capricia ProductionsArnold Nesis
Music albums produced as video games400,000$יצירת אלבומי מוסיקה כשחקנים עם אמנים ידועים (GUNS N 'ROSES, EVANESENCE, EPICA וכו')Jerusalem
RevelatorBruno Guezhello@revelator.comMusic business SaaS$500,000One-click to run your entire music business: monetization, marketing, business management. For individual artists and music companies.Jerusalem
MeebaA. Hatzav
Social Network for Travelers$500,000meeba is a social app for travelers that provides real-time travel information and advice wherever you are, by connecting you to travelers around you.
Tel Aviv
ShapeDoAri IssacsAri@ShapeDo.comGitHub for 3D design for architects and engineers (B2B)$550,000Coordinating the efforts of your team is complex and time consuming. ShapeDo streamlines and automates many of the processes
that today you handle manually, reducing costs and timelines for CAD project managers. architects and engineers.
uGotit!Aviv Majormajor.aviv@ugotit.usNext generation Sharing Economy app$250,000Got some spare time? Help others and make money from your talents.
Need help?! Tons of people, just like you - will be happy to help you out for a fair payment. So simple, isn’t it?

whether it’s assembling your new closet by a Handyman with hands of gold from the neighbourhood, get lesson from a talented private tutor, have a nice manicure or treat yourself with some yummy home cooking - anyone can call for help, but also help others with what they’re good at and get paid for it.
And no matter which role you play this time in the deal, you will always get an opportunity to meet other members of your local community and meet new like minded people, as a “by-product”. It’s built in ;)

Tel AvivC2C, B2C
http://getin.mobi/ avishai cohensupport@getin.mobinightlife app------"Get In" is an App that will be offered to IOS and Android users, providing users & clubs to connect with each other. giving users relevant information about the clubs that intrest them, and helping them "get in" those clubs immidiatly as they arrive- skipping the line.jerusalem
http://tiviclick.comIftach Ben Zviintech@012.net.ilVideo Chat for every website$ 100 K
Zichron Yaakov
B2B, SaaS, Mobile
ActifileSimon Chulskysimon@actifile.comActifile superior intellectual property protection service - Information Security$0.8M - $1.2MWith Actifile, you get automatic documents backup to secured cloud storage, centralized access and monitoring from any deviceHerzelia
ChiprixShoshi Rushnevskyshoshi@chiprix.comReshaping customer experience to drive up restuarants revenues$1,000,000Jerusalem
Customer Experience, Big Data, IoT, NFC
www.beatmed.comOren Gavrielyoren@beatmed.comMarketplace for medical products, helping clinics and surgery centers save money$1,000,000
BeatMed's marketplace for medical suppliers offers 150,000 products for clinics and surgery centers, a $5 billion market. Medical manufacturers are thirsty for alternative ways to reach practitioners, while medical buyers are constantly looking for ways to improve the bottom line. At BeatMed.com, clinics can purchase medical supplies directly from the manufacturers at significantly lower prices and plan ahead. BeatMed was founded by a team that has years of experience in healthcare and e-commerce, and a passion for redefining this industry.
NJ / Galilee
Eaerly Revenues
Saver1Ami Guramig@saver1.netPreventing Texting While Driving (No - we are not an app.)$1,000,000SAVER1 system prevents the use of illegal applications by the driver while driving (texting, browsing etc.), thus eliminating the Texting while Driving global problem.Tel Aviv
PractiOhad Folmanohad@practi.netOmniChannel/ On&Offline turnkey solution for SMB retailers$1.5MPlug n' play omnichannel solution for SMB retailers focused on chains and franchises utilizing its own iPad POS, e-commerce engine, sensors & customer facing app.
Natanya - Poleg
Ushahar cohenshahar@softrule.comtechnology app+product$100KA product that everyone should handTel Aviv
RIdersItsik LevyRiders@mail.comBlockchain analysis$100KCredit score for the Blockchain
Adventure mobOded sharon
Game development$100k-$300kGame industry veterans making adventure and mobile games using the latest techs such as VR's oculus rift with multiple successes on crowdfunding campaignsTel aviv
img.AdsRon Levinson
Digital Advertising$100K-$300Kimg.Ads is a unique digital advertising platform based on images. we offer a quick and easy way to automatically assign ads to images.
INST-OREnadav ravivnadav@inst-ore.comB2B cloud platform on Instagram$100K-$450KFor Brands & Publishers that want to convert their Instagram followers into Traffic & Sales, we enables Instagram pictures to be hyperlinked!Tel Aviv
Link-Big.comnadav ravivnadav@inst-ore.comAdvertisers & Publishers & Brands$100K-$500KWe create a "SMART LINK" that identifies user gender (wo/man) and RE-DIRECT her/him to relevant content – in real time, in less than a second! Increasing engagement, interaction & Conversion - For Advertisers & Brands & Publishers. (Works perfect on web & mobile…)Tel Aviv
Storyline WorldNaveh Tal
EdTech start-up$150kA system that aims to improve children's book reading, using app, online & real world gaming and written booksTel Aviv
GobopassDavid Komerdavid@gobopass.comCommercial movie sales platform with competitive new features$150K-$1MMHigh-quality, studio movies made shareable and downloadable via a proprietary system that is easy-to-use and enforces business rulesModiin
E-commerce / Advertising / Entertainment
http://www.choozzee.com/Ronit Hayman Striflerronit@choozzee.comDecision making, Big Data,$150K-$250KChoozzee is a platform to manage decisions in a mobile lifestyle. You simply need to Ask a question, decide through a Social decision process by chatting and voting, and finally Acting on the result.

Tel Aviv
MYEASYDOCSYuval Susskindinfo@myeasydocs.co.ilWe are the 'DropBox' for original, hard copy documents- via an online platform$150K-$300KWe're doing to 'hard copy' documents what PayPal is doing to money. No more 'hardy copy' original documents with an web-based platform that enables to send/receive original documents- easily. We've secured a US Patent, have initial customers with +$20K/month and growing an international customer base. R&D is over, we need money for global marketing. Looking for investors that are comfortable doing business in emerging markets: Brazil, China, E. Europre, Russia, Africa and S. America.Tel Aviv
B2C/ Web/ E-Gov
www.otonomic.comYoav Tzukeryoav@otonomic.comAutomagically site creation$1MAutomagically creating content-rich, responsive websites in just seconds. The platform creates instant websites by transforming Facebook pages or a short ad-hoc form into professional websites. The company's technology provides business owners with a wide range of additional services, making Otonomic the go-to place for business owners looking for an effective digital presence.Israel
Social l
PhoneClickShimshon Lapushnerlapushners@gmail.comCommunications services for SMBs$1MIntegration of phone and personals computers for best commucitation productivity in small office environment
Rishon Le-Zion
Vecoy NanomedicinesErez Livneherezliv@vecoy.comDisruptive Bio-Nano-Pharma platform$1MVecoy Nanomedicines develops patent pending virus-traps for the treatment of Influenza, HIV/AIDS, Ebola and other viral infectionsTel Aviv
Awear SolutionsLiron Slonimsky
Frequent flyer for fashion brands and retailers$1MWe make wearing clothes a customer loyalty experience by rewarding consumer behavior and continuously gathering data about item's usage after it leaves the store..
It's sort of like combining Delta Miles with Nielsen ratings.
Tel AvivB2B, IoT, SaaS
Crypto Next Sharon Greenbergadmin@cryptonext.netDigital currency exchange/payments platform $1M ($150k secured)The only digital currency platform to support all bitcoin 2.0 assets, we are seeking to bring cryptocurrency to the masses by creating a simple, accessible and multicultural platform, with unique features such as token creation facility. We have signed up over 20 white label exchange operators.
Haifa, Isle of Man
UTR Security TechnologiesDr. Abraham "Abe" Gillabe@utrsectech.com"In-Cyber" Security - Minimizing and Preventing Insider Threats (Snowden, WickiLeeks, etc)$1M to $2M"Game Changer" in the Cyber Security space. Focus on Minimizing and Preventing Insider Threats.Qiriat Onu, IL
AlwaySupportTal Perrytal@alwaysupport.comAutomatic customer support for sites and mobile apps$1M-$1.25MThe only customer support solution that increases conversions while truly minimizing support load and costs by recommending daily to-do tasks.Tel Aviv
KiddyUPZoe Bermantzoe@kiddyup.co.ukWeb and mobile solutions for advertisers$1M-$1.5MDisrupting the way business use mobile technologies to communicate to parents where and when they need it mostJerusalem
Contondo Inc.Aviv Ben Zeevaviv@contondo.comThe "OutBrain" for the Enterprise$1M-$1.5MContondo will make enterprise search redundant by proactively bringing context specific content to users from any enterprise systemTel Aviv
OktopostDaniel Kushnerdaniel@oktopost.comSocial Media Management$2.5MSocial media management platform for B2B. Paying customers, growing MRR.IsraelProductionSaaS
PeakardoAvi Priceavi@peakardo.comSaaS marketplace providers$2.5MPeakardo offers publishers and top content websites a hassle-free fully, customized Cloud Marketplace, adding a significantly-high margin revenue stream. Peakardo is generating revenue from its SaaS costumer - Israel's largest media and publishing consortium, the Yediot Group, showing great promise and potential and has raised seed capital from Mr. Jack Greenberg- Former Chairman & CEO of McDonalds corp. Tel Aviv
E-commerce / SaaS
ReverseFunderRon Grossron@reversefunder.comCrowdfunding meets Crowd Wisdom$200-$300KReverseFunder is where ideas get brainstormed, vetted, funded and realized.Tel Aviv
http://estateya.com/#Lior Hermanlior@estateya.comReal Estate Investment Platform$200-$500K
Market Network for Real Estate Investments with decision support tools,
Estateya enable the long tail of people to invest in real estate using a new market network platform whcih offer decision support tools.
densys3DAlan Greenspanalan@densys3d.comintraoral 3d scanner$3MScanner for dentists to map teeth and transfer open source .STL file to labsJerusalemMedical Device
AwayTeamNiv Calderonmy@awayteam.coWearable communications for enterprise$200,000-$500,001Tel Aviv
ShopendationSigal Holdeman
Community for Shopping Recommendations$200KShopendation is a community that gives you personalized shopping recommendations. Post a photo of what you're looking for and get personalized recommendations.
North (HaTzafon) Israel
launched 8/8/2105; currently in beta
ZikitIdan MeirIdan@zikitapp.comRevolutionizing the shopping experience we've known so far.$200K - $500KZikit is a mobile app that helps retailers get insights on their business while improving their customer's shopping experience.Ra'anana
loop88Dave Weinbergdave@loop88.comBig Data Analytics and today the leading marketing platform for Pinterest$200K-$1.2Msaas product suite combating big data analytics from a contextual point of view.
Washington, DC
HoneItamar Kestenbaumitamar@outlook.comCommunity / Education$200K-$400KBecome, or improve your web development skills. Save hours of googling and dead-end tutorials by curating and following others' learning paths.Montclair, NJ
KoboloRan Leonardran@kobolo.comSocial Apartment Hunt Platform$200K-$500KKobolo is a social apartment hunt platform which simplifies the search process as well as the the moving processTel Aviv
shopagent.meavi braunavi@gosearchfor.mea new DIRECT MARKTING channel, for small & mid sized retailers.$200K-$500Khttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JZ1K3CXcpCcTel Aviv
Dvisionsystems.comRoy Wainer
D-Vision’s technology enables generation of accurate 3D models adapted from 2D video or photo images utilizing a series of complex algorithms to reconstruct depth data, which is lost during conventional filming.
D-Vision designs and develops computerized vision systems and related applications. D-Vision’s revolutionary technology enables generation of accurate 3D models adapted from 2D video or photo images utilizing a series of complex algorithms to reconstruct depth data, which is lost during conventional filming. The 3D imaging market is a $4.9 billion market, projected to enjoy over 27% compound annual growth to reach $16.6 billion in 2020
The company has also developed and implemented state-of-the-art defense solutions, primarily for the Israel Defense Force, in fields such as 2D to 3D conversion, anti-missile interception models, and camera based navigation and more.
Tel AvivB2B
www.solvesting.comRon Ben-Chaim
Peer to peer lending portal for developing countries$200K-600KBringing peer to peer lending to businesses in Africa, using a network of local lenders for origination and servicing and proprietary borrower assessment algorithms, and bridging an $850 bilion financing gap in the processTel Aviv
MaMappAlex Zyabkinalex@mamapp.co.ilSocial, B2C, advertising app$250KUnique social-advertising application MaMapp eliminates the need for individual app development for small and medium-sized businesses, allows users to share marketing info and reduces untargeted advertising.Netaniya
Initial customers
StellarNovaYael Schuster and Margot Stern
yael@stellarnova.co; margot@stellarnova.co
role models and science experiences to inspire girls in STEM$1.5MWe make specially crafted science (physics, chemistry, biology) products for girls aged 8-12 built around a combination of strong female role models and scientific experiences. Winner of 2016 MassChallenge Accelerator. Rehovot
www.indiepush.comAbed Hathout &
Mahmood Jrere
info@indiepush.comMusic & Gaming platform$250k - $400kIndiepush is a platform where independent artists efficiently market direct-to-fan in a content sharing
based platform, and fans market to family and friends and get rewarded for experiencing music
popbumYosef Coelhoyc@popbum.commobile rewards - better than ads$250k - $500kRewards are better than ads. popbum enables advertisers to send text, image, GIF, video rewards through our mobile app. Sending rewards through a dedicated interface brings better results since: 1- The audience's entertainment isn't being interrupted; 2- The audience receives a tangible "benefit" in the form of points for each Message/Reward they open and read. The points are exchangeable for real cash, coupons, products etc as well as a payment currency at our customers.

Right now we have a mobile app (iOS) and site (for advertisers & users) already working.

We are looking for an investment in order to revamp our interfaces, develop for android (windows phone?), grow "beyond tests", increase our user base as well as implementing the "popbum box" which will drive foot traffic to our clients (possibly patentable). At this point we are already holding meetings with Israeli food/retail chains, malls and other companies with a lot of interest and feedback but pending "signatures" (deals still on the table)

Israel tests, growth in Australia, Asia, North America
BetaMobile, Advertising, B2B, Payments
www.voyajo.comJoel Reshefyreshef1@gmail.comWorldwide community free trip planner$250K-$1.25MVoyajo website and mobile application provides the user with simple yet powerfull and convenient tools along with profound tourism knowledge to plan every aspect of the trip.Herzliya
www.adioslock.comNaftali Sadant.sadan@sds-tech.comIOT locking and management solution .Home automation$250K-$1000KSmart Door Systems :We bring the IOT to the front door of any house and business . We turn traditional locks to smart and connected platform. and providing cloud based management solution for SMB . West Galilee
Product ready , Sales
DandyLoopOmer Rachamimomer@DandyLoop.comeCommerce marketing $250K-$350KA marketing solution that enables eCommerce sites to partner and promote each other's productsTel Aviv
Windows HiderRon Fogelcodecaged@gmail.comDesktop enhancment utility to hide windows$29.90KWindows Hider is designed to protect your privacy by instantly hiding windows in the taskbarNordiya
NonIssue.comDori Kafridori@nonissue.comContent Discovery\Marketing$2M-$3M
NonIssue is the Sharing Economy version of Outbrain - We are the framework for publishers co-oped quality content network that generates free traffic to its members without mediators
Launched Beta
SensoryTreatOren Steinbergoren@sensorytreat.commHealth platform for home therapies$300-500KWeb & mobile platform where therapists (occupational, speech, physical, emotional, behavioral...) can set and monitor home care program for patients and their families. Improves adherence through tailored app based care plans. Launched, first, in the sensory processing space (Autism, ADHD, SPD...).Tel Aviv
Wizcall (www.wizcall.com)Jonathan aboujedidjonathan@wizcall.comMobile Dialer with international call rates comparison $300K We offer a unique and first of its kind free smartphone application, that helps you save real money by automatically calculate the complicated comparison for you on the fly, letting you make a smart economical choice and dial immediately. Cheapest call is guaranteed using WizCall.
We plan to become a leading affiliated partner for international calls carriers in Israel as the 1st step in approaching international markets. This will be carried by executing an aggressive business development and marketing process completing as much as possible agreements with carriers starting at Israel and Brazil.
Iphone and Android apps are already launched and running in Israel but with thin marketing, Initial investment needed in order to enter the Brazil market with a new VOIP and for the continuation of Israel activity.
MySkillsRonen Teva
Removed after receiving spam messages.
Social ranking platform$300KAcademic degrees are no longer relevant for skill measurementJerusalem
CognilyzeBruce (Dov) Krulwichkrulwich@cognilyze.comE-commerce product recommendation and customer profiling$300K-$1MUses cognitive and behavioral sciences to analyze each customer individually, not using collaborative filtering or clustering. This generates recommendations that truly relate to each customer's motivations, rather than "more of the same" recommendations based on the majority.Bet Shemesh
LedSwimDavid Lempertdavid@ledswim.comB2B, B2C, Big Data$300K-$2MLedSwim is working to keep the sport of swimming up to date for the 21st century by implementing user-friendly IoT technology in swimming pools. Our platform will enable users to maximize results and share the swimming experience with tens of million of swimmers around the world.Nir TzviPrototypeB2B, B2C, Big Data
ProductWiseDavid Sigaldsigal@productwise.coB2B eCommerce Technology$300K-$400KIntelligently curates and displays the best product reviews, helping consumers make better buying decisions.Jerusalem
Beezer TechnologiesTomer Baumel
SaaS marketing platform for loyalty programs$300k-$500KAutomated SaaS marketing platform for large retailers loyalty programs. The platform maximizes ARPU, prevents financial cannibalization, and exposes near real-time campaign results.Herzliya
polycoin.ioAlfred Shaffiralfred@polycoin.ioBitcoin-processing platform for regulated financial organizations$300K-500KAllowing financial organizations such as forex or binary-options operators to start accepting bitcoin (and other altcoins) depositsEven Yehuda
AppLystSolly Tamaristamari@applyst.meMobile and Web College Application App$300K-750KAppLyst is a College Application App, providing a personalized, pre-loaded task manager that makes the college application process easier to: understand, fill in the application and to manage the process.Herzliya, Israel + USA1000 DownloadsMobile, Big Data
MyLeisureOmri Shabiomri@myleisureapp.comA cutting edge personalized recommendations engine for leisure activities$350K ($250K already invested)On the growth stageRishon Lezion
FununaNir YeminiNir@fununa.co.ilMarketplace$400,000-$500,000Book entertainers online for your event.Tel Aviv
BizzyNir Shubnir@bizzyinsights.comData driven Insights for Small Businesses$400kWe help small business managers to track the business performance, inventory status, workforce schedule and cash flow in real-time from anywhere via easy to use web based and mobile appsTel Aviv
Big Data, Saas, Small Businesses
BablicGabriele Manassegabriele@bablic.comSaaS automated website localization solution$450KBablic can turn mono-lingual websites into multi-lingual (using professional human translation) by simply pasting a code snippet in the site Tel Aviv
deepricer.comDmitry Pavlovdmitry@deepricer.come-commerce services, analytics, price intellegence$50-$800kdeepricer's goal is to provide automated algorithm-based solutions to the needs of all on-line retailers.Tel Aviv
Big Data, eCommerce
CartMagnetAmir Shpitalniamir@cartmagnet.comContent Monetization: Native-Buy-Buttons for Publishers$500 - $1MCartMagnet generates an incremental new revenue stream by enabling publishers to pin native-buy-buttons into editorial content. it's a little like FB's new in feed buy buttons - just for publishers.Tel Aviv
B2B2C, content monitezation, eCommerce,
www.tapawayapp.comEli FishelEli@tapawayapp.comB2B Saas marketplace for local neighborhood stores$500 - $1MTapway is a mobile app designed for local neighborhood stores and their customers.
We give small business owners the ability to sell through a mobile app and for the very first time, to really compete with the big retailers. We are an INSTANT Solution for stores that want to go digital. no effort, no headache just a new revenue stream available within 24 hours
Tel Aviv
B2B SaaS marketplace
JVMEChaim maizlitzchaim@jvme.comProject based crowd-funding social network$500,000-$1,000,000Tel Aviv
AskourtTomer Limoeytomer@askourt.comE - commerce$500KASKOURT - The Human Touch for E-commerce Sites
Askourt is your eyes and ears on the virtual floor - identifying customers that might leave before buying and keeping them engaged till they complete the purchase.
Askourt significantly improves conversion rates and customer engagement in fashion online retail stores. Our powerful tools transform 'browsers into buyers' and attracts new customers through the buyers’ social network.
HerzliyaE - commerce
MOBTARIvan Greenwaldivan@MOBTAR.comSurvey Research & Ad Tech$500KAn alternative to ad monetization. Mobtar’s SDK allows developers to profile and deliver their own & monetized surveys to their audience.Ra'ananaB2B
WearocOfir Cohen
Upgrade your shopping experience into a new level$500KWearoc is going to change all you know about consuming fashion.Rishon Lezion
Student MundialJosh Danan
Student Housing Marketplace$500KA free and safe platform for student housing and roommates
Tel Aviv / London
ShakeCardDaniel Zivinfo@rastapps.comMobile platform for exchanging business cards$500KShakeCard is a platform for exchanging business cards with new people.
It works on both Android and iOS devices.
ShakeCard is a one-stop-shop for all of your personal-network's contacts.
A place where you can meet the people who means the most to you.
Fitfully.meBatia Mach Shepherdbatia@fitfully.meVirtual fit as a service - 3D reconstruction for ecommerce$500K - $1M (matched with OCS grant)Today’s online shoe returns are at ~35%. This is due to fitting issues.
With added restocking fees, retailers’ OPEX are cutting profits by nearly 50%.
Fitfully’s Virtual-Fit-as-a-Service platform enables online consumers to virtually try on shoes they intend to purchase.
Tel Aviv
FocusFeedDavid KestenbergDavid@focusfeed.comB2B Saas$500K- $1M (convetible equity or equity)
Pittsburgh PA USA
qDatum Data ExchangeElad Leschem
B2B data marketplace: sell data you produce, buy data you need$500K- $1M (convetible equity or equity)A B2B data marktplace, like an eBay for data. Companies with byproduct data (e.g. mobile app owners, IoT) can monetize it by offering it for sale. Other companies buy access to this data. A programmatic data trading with full tech and business support.
Tel Aviv / Berlin
B2B, data trading, big data
CliniClicks Ltd.Yair Ilanyair@cliniclicks.comCliniClicks is a proactive management
application, designated for the Therapy, Consulting and Holistic-Medicine
$500K-$1000KCliniClicks is primarily the virtual administrative manager for therapists. The system can track the therapists’ activities and adapt business rules which automatically guide the therapist in performing administrative tasks without effort Tel Aviv
HyCloudAmit Spitzer
Cloud envelope soultion for all Cloud IAAS vendors$500K-$1MWe are going to changed the Cloud world , with our soultion cloud vendors (AWS , Google Cloud , Azure , etc..) will changed the way they are working. we wil give "home" to all cloud users and let them to move from vendors with simple "Click". for more info.. talk with us... Cloud is about to changed!Israel
Platform almost ready
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