(Rank is a 1-5 number which indicates how much love and/or nostalgia I have for this particular title, 1 being greatest. Represents value to me, but not necessarily actual monetary value)
AkalabethSelf-Published (R. Garriott)Apple IIMintZiploc Baggie1979Received directly from and signed in person by Richard Allen Garriott de Cayeux. Only maybe twenty of these exist today. Possibly less.1
Dunjonquest - Temple of ApshaiEpixApple IIGoodBig Box1979This is one of the oldest Apple II RPGs. Clunky, but the best you could get back then.2
Wizardry I: Proving Grounds of the Mad OverlordSir-TechApple IINear MintBig Box1980This was the biggest RPG hit of 1980 by far. I enjoyed it, but not as much as my father did.2
Castle WolfensteinMuse SoftwareApple IINear MintZiploc Baggie1981Early "orange manual" released prior to the boxed version. I'm lucky to have this one. Includes manual and disk, the baggie is not original.2
Castle WolfensteinMuse SoftwareApple IIGoodBig Box1981Box has a little more wear than I'd prefer, but still good. This game used to scare the crap out of me!2
Castle WolfensteinMuse SoftwareApple IIVery GoodBlister Pack1981I got this one from eBay. I'm not sure how rare it is, but I know it is a later release. (Maybe 1982, but I don't know yet)2
FalconsPiccadilly SoftwareApple IIVery GoodZiploc Baggie1981I loved this game as a kid, despite the fact I was not very good at it. :) 2
MasterTypeThe Scarborough SystemApple IIFair & SealedBig Box1981Sealed and unopened, but the box is slightly crushed. Lame, but it did teach me to touch type pretty well!4
Olympic DecathlonMicrosoftApple IIFairBig Box1981Top flap is missing, box is a little bit worn, but still holds it's shape well. I don't know why I ever thought this game was fun, but it's very nostalgic.2
OutpostSirius Software Apple IINear MintZiploc Baggie1981I had a blast with this game when I was a kid. Used to have daydreams about defending a space station spawned from this game.2
A2-PB1 Pinball (Night Mission)SubLOGICApple IINear MintZiploc Baggie1982This is the first edition and first printing of the game. Not my original copy, the original (which was the boxed 2nd edition) was lost to time somehow.2
AztecDatamostApple IIMintBig Box1982A true classic, but man do I hate the keyboard controls. I've never been good at this game.3
Cannonball BlitzSierra OnlineApple IIGoodBig Box19822nd Edition, sadly missing the box but all other materials in good shape3
Canyon ClimberDatasoftApple IIGoodBig Box1982A classic, but was never one of my favorites.4
ChoplifterBroderbundApple IINear MintBig Box1982A true classic. Box is in good shape. There's a good number of the sleeve versions of this game, but not too many boxes like this one.2
ChoplifterBroderbundApple IINear MintSleeve1982I bought this on eBay just becuase I didn't have the sleve version. :) 2
Crisis MountainSynergistic SoftwareApple IINear MintZiploc Baggie1982I didn't play this as a kid, but grew to like it later, so I picked up my copy from eBay.3
David's Midnight MagicBroderbundApple IIGoodZiploc Baggie1982I liked Night Mission Pinball better, but this was still a lot of fun.3
Rendezvous: A Space Shuttle SimulationEdu-WareApple IINear MintBig Box1982Loads of fun, although these days I doubt most people would tolerate it.2
Rocky's BootsThe Learning CompanyApple IIMint & SealedFolio1982Got this from eBay. It's in excellent shape, and sealed. Probably won't ever open it! :)3
Rocky's Boots (School Edition)The Learning CompanyApple IINear Mint3 Ring Binder1982A pretty rare find, this is the version of Rocky's Boots distributed to teachers in schools in the 80s.3
Rocky's Boots *The Learning CompanyApple IIGoodFolio1982Precursor to Robot Odyssey, and a lot of fun. This is the one I orignally owned.3
Rocky's Boots *The Learning CompanyApple IIGoodFolio1982I don't know where I got this copy of Rocky's Boots. I seem to have far too many copies of this game.3
SheilaH.A.L. LabsApple IIMintZiploc Baggie1982This is the first "multi player" game I ever played, even though it wasn't really multiplayer. My dad would drive and I would shoot the arrows. Fun!2
Sky BlazerBroderbundApple IINear MintBig Box1982Identical to Star Blazer, but released later in the year with a different name, in a big box instead of a baggie with an insert.1
Snooper Troops (Case #1)SpinnakerApple IINear MintBig Box1982This game, which I loved as a kid, is not nearly as cool as I remember it being. :) Still lots of nostalgia for it, though.3
Snooper Troops (Case #2)SpinnakerApple IINear MintBig Box1982Identical game engine as case #1, with a different mystery to solve.3
Star BlazerBroderbundApple IINear MintZiploc Baggie1982One of my favorite action games on the Apple II. The tank levels drove me nuts. Sometimes I'd get it on the first try, sometimes it take 20 minutes!1
The Arcade MachineBroderbundApple IINear MintFolio1982Lets you make (relatively primitive) Apple II arcade games without knowing how to program. Strangely hard to find and somewhat valuable.4
Typing Tutor II *MicrosoftApple IIGoodBig Box1982This made me the typist I am today. "fads dasf" I say!2
Ultima II: Revenge of the Enchantress...SierraVentureApple IIVery GoodBig Box1982A rare find in good condtion, this game is fun but rather ridiculous. :)1
Wizardry II: Knight of DiamondsSir-TechApple IIGoodBig Box1982Same game engine as Proving Grounds with a new maze. The silver box I have is rare compared to the more common box.3
ArchonElectronic ArtsApple IINear MintFolio1983In nearly perfect condition, this was one of my favorites when I was a kid. I loved the Unicorn character the most. This is my original.2
Archon *Electronic ArtsApple IIVery GoodFolio1983Second Copy. Availabe for trade or sale.2
Dino EggsMicro FunApple IIFairBig Box1983Complete, but box has some crush damage and the disk is slightly creased. Looks good on the shelf, though, and I loved it as a kid.2
Flight Simulator IISubLOGICApple IIGoodBig Box1983I'm glad flight simulators are not this crappy any more. Heh, heh. Truly amazing for it's time, though. Flight sim with 64k of RAM and 1 mhz CPU!3
Hard Hat MackElectronic ArtsApple IIMint & SealedFolio1983Factory sealed, mint condition3
Hard Hat Mack *Electronic ArtsApple IIMintFolio1983In perfect condition despite being opened.3
In Search of the Most Amazing ThingSpinnakerApple IINear MintBig Box1983Another game that I absolutely loved as a kid, but really hasn't aged that well.2
JumpmanEpixApple IIVery GoodBig Box1983To be honest I never had this when I was younger, but I picked it up because of it's relative rarity.4
Learning Bridge Made Easy (Charles Gorin) *CBS SoftwareApple IIMintBig Box1983This game, and it's accompanying book, actually taught me how to play bridge. My dad loved bridge. Sadly, I never really got into it.3
Lode RunnerBroderbundApple IIVery GoodBig Box1983Great condition except for a small amount of tearing along the box top. A true classic that really deserves to be remembered.2
One-on-OneElectronic ArtsApple IINear MintFolio1983One of the most heavily hyped games of it's time. I liked it but it gets repetitive pretty quickly.3
Pinball Construction SetElectronic ArtsApple IIGoodFolio1983Unfortunately the EA release rather than the original release. I used to make the most ridiculous things with this...3
Pinball Construction SetElectronic ArtsApple IIGoodFolio1983Also the EA release rather than the original release. Identical condition. I honestly have no idea why I have two of these.3
PlanetfallInfocomApple IINear MintFolio1983This is the first Infocom game I ever beat, and will always be my favorite.2
Spy HunterBally MidwayApple IIGoodBig Box1983Manual, disk, sleeve and registration card only, box missing. Crease in manual. I have never even seen a photo of the original box!2
The QuestPenguin SoftwareApple IIGoodBig Box1983Open, but has original shrink wrap. Hoping to gert it autographed by Dallas Snell.2
The Standing StonesElectronic ArtsApple IIFairFolio1983Rare NFR demo copy. Slightly frayed corners, has some masking tape on the box. I wasn't a big fan of this game when I was younger.5
Ultima III: ExodusOrigin SystemsApple IIGoodBig Box1983Second Copy. Availabe for trade or sale. Sort of. Not really.2
Ultima III: ExodusOrigin SystemsApple IINear MintBig Box1983This is when Ultima really started to get good.3
Wizardry III: Legacy of LlylgamynSir-TechApple IINear MintBig Box1983This game features a newer engine than the first two, but it's also a bit sluggish in comparison.4
Archon II: AdeptElectronic ArtsApple IIMint & SealedFolio1984Sealed and in perfect condition. Very rare. Not *quite* as much fun as the original Archon, but still lots of fun.3
Below the RootWindham ClassicsApple IINear MintBig Box1984A truly incredible game that is fun to play despite it being thirty-five+ years old. Strongly recommended. Also, this copy is in awesome shape!1
Below the Root *Windham ClassicsApple IIVery GoodBig Box1984Second Copy. Availabe for trade or sale. Sort of. Not really.1
Beyond Castle WolfensteinMuse SoftwareApple IIVery GoodBig Box1984Great shape, but I only have the disk and manual, the box is missing. This is a very fun game, that holds up well even today.2
Beyond Castle WolfensteinMuse SoftwareApple IIFairBig Box1984Complete copy, but the box has some crush damage. No tears though, so I think I'll be able to restore it if I'm really careful!2
Bruce LeeDatasoft Apple IIGoodBig Box1984Complete, including all inserts, and in fairly good shape although, there's some moderate creasing wear on the box.2
EliteFirebirdApple IIVery GoodBig Box1984Everyone loved this game. Oddly, I didn't. Game and box are in good shape though.3
Fahrenheit 451TrilliumApple IIVery GoodFolio1984The folio is awesome, it unfolds to five panels. Amazing. Sadly the game kind of sucks, but the book it was based on was interesting.3
GhostbustersActivisionApple IIGoodBig Box1984Loved the movie! Game, not so much. A valiant effort, but it doesn't really capture the movie very well. Complete, but box is slightly squished.4
KaratekaBroderbundApple IINear MintBig Box1984Hard to believe that an Apple II computer could do this. Some of the best visuals on an 8 bit Apple, lots of fun, and in nearly perfect shape.1
Kung-Fu MasterData EastApple IIGoodBig Box1984In good shape except floppy label is detatched. I'm going to try and re-affix it with glue. Sooner or later. One of these days. Real soon now.4
MicroLeague BaseballMicroLeagueApple IIVery GoodBig Box1984Not your typical sports game, this was all about statistics and management and it was a lot of fun.2
Microzine #7ScholasticApple IIMint & SealedFolio1984Sealed in mint condition. "Brain Drain" was fun when I was a kid. Isn't quuuuite as engaging these days. :-) 3
Music Construction SetElectronic ArtsApple IINear MintFolio1984This sucks without a Mockingboard. With one, however, it's pretty cool!3
Rescue Raiders (Manual Only)Sir-TechApple IIVery GoodBig Box1984It's misleading to say I "have" this game, because I am missing the box and floppy, I only have my manual. But, some day, I'll get what I'm missing!1
Robot Odyssey IThe Learning CompanyApple IINear MintBig Box1984This is the 1st edition of Robot Odyssey, in near perfect condition! Note the I in title vs the 1. The manual in this one is about 20 pages shorter, too.1
SkyfoxElectronic ArtsApple IIGoodSleeve1984This is the sleeve only verison that doesn't open.2
SkyfoxElectronic ArtsApple IINear MintFolio1984This is the "cool" version with the comic on the inside of the folio. Not an accurate flight sim by any means, but easily the most fun.2
Spy vs. Spy (Mad)First Star SoftwareApple IINear MintBig Box1984Had a love/hate relationship with this game when I was younger. Mostly hate. :)4
Sundog: Frozen LegacyFTL GamesApple IIVery GoodFolio1984Another of the best games ever written for the Apple II. Incredibly fun despite its age, I recommend everyone try this game if they haven't already.1
Sundog: Frozen LegacyFTL GamesApple IIMintFolio1984This is in perfect shape, looks like it was just taken out of the shrink wrap in 1984.1
Sundog: Frozen LegacyFTL GamesApple IINear MintBig Box1984The very rare boxed version 2.0 release of Sundog. Got fleeced on eBay for this one, but sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do.1
The Hitchhiker's Guide to the GalaxyInfocomApple IIVery GoodBig Box1984A great Interactive Fiction version of the equally great book, Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy. Complete with all feelies and paperwork.2
The Hitchhiker's Guide to the GalaxyInfocomApple IIGoodBig Box1984Same as above, but the box is a bit more worn, and it's missing a few inserts (warranty cards and such, all the feelies are present)2
The Seven Cities of GoldElectronic ArtsApple IIMint & SealedFolio1984Factory sealed, mint condition, got it from eBay. Didn't have it as a kid but I always wanted to try it, and now I can!4
Alice in WonderlandWindham ClassicsApple IINear MintBig Box1985Coded by Dale Disharoon, the same fellow responsible for Below the Root, this isn't as immersive, but is still fun to play.3
AutoduelOrigin SystemsApple IIVery GoodBig Box1985This is a copy of Autoduel that I got from eBay because it contained the toolkit that I had, but lost, in my original.2
Autoduel *Origin SystemsApple IIGoodBig Box1985I really did poorly at this game when I was a kid but I liked it anyhow. Sadly my childhood copy is missing the little "toolkit" that the game came with.2
Balance of PowerMindscapeApple IINear MintBook1985I didn't fully grasp what this game was trying to teach me as a kid. It's a surprisingly grown-up game for something designed for children.3
Bop 'N WrestleMindscapeApple IINear MintFolio1985Got this only because it cost $7 and my original was in bad shape. "When I'm done, yer face will be hog slop."4
Bop 'N Wrestle *MindscapeApple IIPoorFolio1985Severe wear on corners. Not ripped, but looks pretty bad. This game sucks, by the way, but it was amusing when I was a kid.4
Captain Goodnight and the Islands of FearBroderbundApple IIVery GoodBig Box1985Simplistic but fun, I loved this game as a kid. Sadly I lost the box, but still have everything else (disk, manual, and code wheel)2
Chem LabSimon & SchusterApple IINear MintBook1985I enjoyed intentionally making things explode. :)3
Garry Kitchen's GameMaker - Science Fiction *ActivisionApple IINear MintBig Box1985Add on that provides a bunch of Sci-Fi resources for Garry Kitchen's GameMaker4
Garry Kitchen's GameMaker *ActivisionApple IINear MintBig Box1985Didn't have this as a kid, but I always wanted to try it. It's more flexible than I thought it would be.4
Hardball!AccoladeApple IINear MintFolio1985Truly impressive graphics for it's time, especially considering the capabilities of the Apple II 8 bit hardware.3
Hardball!AccoladeApple IINear MintBig Box1985Identical to the folio version, I don't really know if the big box release came out before or after.3
Karate ChampData EastApple IINear MintBig Box1985They did their best to port this, but it's just not the same without the two joysticks.3
Law of the WestAccoladeApple IIVery GoodFolio1985While not a particularly complex game, I really loved it as a kid. Really simplistic, I know, but I thought it was awesome to be the sheriff. :)1
Microzine #11ScholasticApple IIVery GoodBig Box1985As a ten year old, I absolutely loved "The Dark Tower" which is an adventure game included in this release of Microzine2
Moebius: The Orb of Celestial HarmonyOrigin SystemsApple IIVery GoodBig Box1985Complete copy that I found on eBay that included the headband!4
Moebius: The Orb of Celestial Harmony *Origin SystemsApple IIGoodBig Box1985My original copy, in good shape except that I'm missing the headband. I wore that thing all the time as a kid but I have no idea where it is, now. :(4
Movie MakerElectronic ArtsApple IINear MintFolio1985I'm not sure why I have this, or where it came from. Must have been in my collection as a kid but I never knew I had it.5
PhantasieStrategic SimulationsApple IINear MintBig Box1985A little more fussy to play than Ultima, and not as deep, but still a lot of fun.3
Project Space StationHesWareApple IIFairBig Box1985Minor rip on top of box. Hard to notice. First/original edition, two years prior to being published by Advantage.4
Reach for the Stars (2nd Edition)Strategic Studies GroupApple IINear MintFolio1985This is the game that launched the entire 4X game genre. It's a lot of fun, especially this 2nd edition. 3
Ring QuestPenguin SoftwareApple IIMint & SealedBig Box1985Sealed and unopened. Hoping to have it autographed by Dallas Snell and Dr. Cat.2