European AI Startups 2017 (@HaDuong_)
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A software platform to integrate Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Analytics/Predictive Analytics into business$89,390$89,390
Convertible Note
Aug 2016
Koengen (Stuttgart)
Business Intelligence, Analytics, Consulting, Software, Big Data, Artificial Intelligence, Enterprise Software, B2B, Internet of Things
5Analytics focuses on the integration of artificial intelligence into business processes, including areas such as sales management or dynamic pricing.
Road Safety through AI & Engagementvivadrive.ioHasseltBelgium2016
Transmetrics provides a big data solution that eliminates empty space within cargo vehicles
$1,070,000$380,000AngelOct 2015
Sofia, Grad Sofiya
Shipping, Business Intelligence, Transportation, Analytics, Logistics, Big Data, Predictive Analytics
Transmetrics brings big data to the freight industry to improve capacity utilization.
LAUNCHub Ventures
VISUAL provides the agricultural industry with a management platform to plan, control quality and cost, purchase, and communicate.
$1,230,000$1,080,000Seed roundApr 2015
Rafelbuñol, Comunidad Valenciana
Chile, Spain
agriculture, business and industry, data visualization, farming...
2014Farm mangement platformWayra
Dataiku develops Data Science Studio, the tool that lets data scientists and analysts do machine learning on any (dirty)$17,700,000$14,000,000Series AOct 2016ParisFrance
Data Integration, Machine Learning, Analytics, Big Data
Designers have Photoshop, Web Analysts have GA, but where is the go-to-tool for people who work with data?
Deepomatic helps companies and scientists build massive, high quality, image-based datasets to unlock the new generation of AI.
$1,450,000$950,000Seed roundSep 2015ParisFrance
api, artificial intelligence, computer vision, computers/technology...
Thanks to vanguard machine learning technology, Deepomatic automatically understands images.
Alven Capital
Scortex is an artificial intelligence company with the mission to bring intelligence to machines, robots, and$99,870
Non Equity Assistance
Jun 2016ParisFrance
Machine Learning, Hardware, Software, Artificial Intelligence, Industrial Automation
Data Driven Software Engineering Platformacellere.comSeedFrankfurtGermanyVisualization2012
Software engineering is still a young discipline. Although they could claim some sort of success by simply pointing out the software underlying almost every facet of today’s world, that success has not been consistently repeatable nor teachable. As they become dependent on trillions lines of code in the next 50 years, there is little comfort they still have no fundamental scientific understanding of how to create software.
Augmentation Industries
Augmentation Industries (AI) provides mobile assisted driving, a patent-pending technology that connects cars to the$1,900,000$2,380,000Series ACologneGermany
Internet of Things
Based on the Internet of Things and machine to machine (M2M) communication AI developed hardware and implemented an open Vehicle-2-X (V2X) interface that connects cars manufactured after 1996 to the internet and is accessible with a smartphone via WiFi. Crowd developers are able to develop own apps for the car and B2B customers are able to use the interface to offer automotive near services (e.g. insurance, repair, reselling, gas, IRS, emergency services, etc.).
Alexander Marten
Evertracker makes supply chains transparent to revolutionize processes.
Undisclosed Amount
Undisclosed Amount
Seed roundJan 2016
Hamburg, Hamburg
artificial intelligence, big data, industrial automation, internet...
2014We give movable objects a voice in order to revolutionise processes
German Autolabs
German Autolabs is a Berlin based technology company, focussing on the future of the car. Making every car smarter and safer.
$2,200,000$2,200,000SeedNov 2016BerlinGermany
Automotive, Navigation, Internet of Things
We are building the first digital co-driver to create a safer and smarter mobility experience for everyone.
Target Partners
Redefining automobility through digital extensions.
$1,140,000$1,110,000SeedMar 2016BerlinGermany
Developer Tools, Product Design, Automotive, Mobile, Internet of Things
HIGH MOBILITY has designed sensing platform around user’s movement through domains. They have broken up IoT ecosystems into much smaller units - micro-connections -making the implementation so versatile that services can be built cross-platform, for homes and cars in unison.
Ali Alghanim
Developing smart sensor systems helping industrial companies to reduce maintenance costs with artificial$9,500,000$7,500,000Series AApr 2016MunichGermany
engineering/construction, hardware, industrial automation, industrial goods and services...
Developing smart sensor systems helping industrial companies to reduce maintenance costs with artificial intelligence.
Andreas Bechtolsheim
LEVERTON develops and applies disruptive deep learning / machine learning technology to extract and manage data from corporate documents in more than 20 languages.$5,560,000$5,560,000Series AJun 2015BerlinGermany
Intelligent Systems, Information Services
LEVERTON develops and applies disruptive deep learning / machine learning technology to extract and manage data from corporate documents in more than 20 languages. Global clients such as Bilfinger, Clifford Chance, Deutsche Bank, Goldman Sachs, JLL and Strabag trust LEVERTONs smart data solution which enables a web-based contract management with the highest data security. We have a very experienced IT team with developers & researchers with 5-18 years of experience and we are now looking to grow our Research team further.
DAH Beteiligungs GmbH
Micropsi Industries
micropsi industries is an artificial general intelligence software company based in Berlin, Germany.
$270,140$270,140SeedOct 2016BerlinGermanySoftware, AI2014
micropsi industries is a software startup with roots in the artificial general intelligence community, building autonomous software agents and researching true cognitive machines.
Asgard Capital
Data Science Platform. We empower organizations to easily prep data, create models and operationalize predictive analytics.
$36,000,000$36,000,000Series CJan 2016
Boston, Massachusetts
Germany, Hungary, United Kingdom, United States
analytics, artificial intelligence, big data, machine learning...
RapidMiner, the industry’s #1 open source predictive analytics platform, is disrupting the industry by empowering enterprises to include predictive analytics in any business process—closing the loop between insight and action. RapidMiner’s effortless solution makes predictive analytics lightning-fast for today’s modern analysts, radically reducing the time to unearth opportunities and risks. RapidMiner delivers game-changing expertise from the largest worldwide predictive analytics community.
Ascent Venture Partners
AImotive, formerly AdasWorks, develops artificial intelligence-based software for self-driving cars to make automated driving safe.$9,450,000$6,710,000Series AMar 2016
Budapest, Budapest
Cloud Computing, Data Visualization, Computer Vision, Automotive, Software, Artificial Intelligence, Information Technology
Almotive, formerly AdasWorks, develops artificial intelligence-based software for self-driving cars to make automated driving safe and affordable. Our dedicated team of experts with hands-on experience in artificial intelligence, computer vision and navigation technologies, provide solutions optimized for embedded platforms and GPUs. We work closely with automotive and technology companies (OEMs, suppliers, platform providers) to revolutionize the architecture of cars and bring intelligent and reliable self-driving technologies to future vehicles.
Day One Capital Fund Management
Innoviz Technologies
Innoviz develops technologies for autonomous driving that includes smart 3D sensing, sensor fusion, and accurate mapping and localization.$9,000,000$9,000,000Series AAug 2016
Kfar Saba, HaMerkaz
Autonomous Vehicles, GPS, Automotive
Innoviz is developing the key technologies of Autonomous Driving - Smart 3D Sensing, Sensor Fusion and accurate Mapping and Localization
Reinventing the way data is utilized in$14,000,000$7,000,000UnattributedAug 2016Tel AvivIsrael, Spain
agriculture, data integration, machine learning, software
Prospera is an agriculture technology data company that develops intelligent solutions for farmers to grow crops more efficiently. The company develops both hardware and software solutions that collect and analyze multi-sensor data with state-of the-art machine learning algorithms.
Bessemer Venture Partners
AI software to embed automated real time predictive intelligence in applications, infrastructure, and IoT edge
Undisclosed Amount
Undisclosed Amount
Seed roundMay 2016
Boston, Massachusetts
Italy, United States
artificial intelligence, chats and forums, computers/technology, machine learning...
Rulex provides revolutionary AI software that enables business and process experts to embed automated real time predictive intelligence in applications, infrastructure, and IoT edge apps. Rulex’s proprietary machine learning algorithms automatically learn and extract predictive if-then logical rules from raw data with no need for speculative data exploration or iterative scientific experimentation. Unlike the math-based predictive models produced by conventional machine learning algorithms, Rulex’s logic-based models are compact and efficient, and can be easily used for making predictions on highly distributed systems and low cost, low power IoT devices. With the Rulex platform, business analysts and solution developers can easily create a new class of advanced applications for automated decision making, self-managing networks, and real-time native prediction on IoT edge devices.
Algoritmica makes predictive maintenance software that predicts asset failures using machine data and deep
Utrecht, Utrecht
Analytics, Big Data, Predictive Analytics, Energy Efficiency, Clean Energy
Algoritmica makes predictive maintenance software that predicts asset failures using machine data and deep learning. The success of our customers shows that we can decrease downtime and maintenance costs significantly. Algoritmica wants to transform the way organizations use their data to make machines, devices, and infrastructure smarter.
ScyferScyfer is a spin off of the University of Amsterdam specialised in machine learning solutions, founded by professor Max Welling. scyfer.nlAmsterdamNetherlands
Machine learning, Artificial Intelligence, Data mining, Computer vision
Scyfer is a spin off of the University of Amsterdam specialised in machine learning solutions, founded by professor Max Welling. As an artificial intelligence company we are partners in making intelligent software work for your company. We do that by enabling you to teach AI to work with you. From steel industry to finance, medicine and more, Scyfer brings to life innovations with impact on the bottom line. We build the bridge between academic research and state-of-the-art technology used in business.
twitter: @scyfernl
Fullstack Data & Analytics Managed Platform : As A Service Infrastructure + Analytics tools to build Smart / Predictive$6,000,000$5,000,000Series AOct 2016Paris, France
Paris & Normandie
infrastructure As A service, DataLake, IoT, Streaming, ML, Deep, Data Governance, Data Visualisation
Saagie provides best-of-breed data technologies in a fullstack platform that empowers data driven companies. With Saagie, start working on business pains and opportunities on day 1, make data accessible in hours and build predictive apps in a few days.
Kima Ventures, Caphorn Invest, NCI, Bouygues, BNP Paribas, Matmut, NFactory
Serie B with US launched plannend end 2017
24 is a scalable IoT platform for service creation, automation and integratio, connecting manufacturers and industry to IoT
Kraków, Malopolskie
Wearables, Private Cloud, PaaS, Internet of Things
2015 empowers ambitious developers to build tomorrow. It provides an integrated solution for IoT projects development, combining cloud integration with business intelligence in order to integrate both hardware and web technologies. It offers data gathering, cloud logic, triggers, real time remote control and analytics in a friendly user interface.
Avrios - Ihr gesamter Fuhrpark in einer
Undisclosed Amount
Undisclosed Amount
Angel roundApr 2014ZürichSwitzerland
automobiles and parts, automotive, big data, business intelligence...
Avrios is the first fleet controlling software, pulling together data from across the enterprise and turning it into actionable insights.
BestMile is a cloud-based company offering a fleet optimization platform for autonomous$3,500,000$3,500,000SeedJul 2016LausanneSwitzerland
SaaS, Machine Learning, Cloud Computing, Autonomous Vehicles, Transportation, Automotive, Mobile
BestMile is an innovative Swiss start-up developing technology for urban mobility. Spin-off from the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Lausanne (EPFL), BestMile provides a fleet management platform designed to operate and optimize any fleet of autonomous vehicles. BestMile’s cloud technology leverages the full potential of autonomous vehicles to tackle urban mobility challenges. BestMile fleet management platform is designed to connect, operate and optimize any fleet of autonomous vehicles. Unlike other monitoring systems that are passive, BestMile B2B2C platform translates schedules and real-time demand into executable missions for autonomous vehicles. As well, the platform takes care of dispatching and sending active commands to the right vehicle at the right time. BestMile technology acts as remote intelligence for autonomous vehicle fleets that brings on-demand autonomous mobility to people. Using heuristic algorithms and machine learning techniques, BestMile empowers customers to increase the efficiency of their fleet with a reduced number of vehicles while ensuring compliance regarding frequency and schedules or real-time demand. Furthermore, BestMile platform is independent of any vehicle manufacturer and thus allows customers to remotely manage heterogeneous fleets composed of autonomous vehicles of different types and brands. With its cutting-edge technology, BestMile is shaping “individual robots” into an intelligent, innovative and flexible mobility system. Thanks to its flexible and modular platform, BestMile provides either a turnkey solution, including a smartphone application, or interfaces with customers’ existing infrastructures and applications.
Andreas Arpagaus
Large-scale diagnostics of farmland using hyperspectral imaging and artificial$3,200,000$3,230,000Series AMay 2016LausanneSwitzerland
Drones, Agriculture, Big Data
Gamaya provides the world’s most advanced solution for diagnostics of farmland using a
Parquery is a technology spin-off from the Computer Vision Laboratory of ETH
Undisclosed Amount
Undisclosed Amount
Seed roundAug 2015ZürichSwitzerland
b2b, computer vision, image recognition, parking...
Parquery is a technology spin-off from the Computer Vision Laboratory of ETH Zurich.
Momenta Partners
Robots Can ThinkWe create Artificial Intelligence capable of controlling robots (factory robots, household robots, cars and others).
We create Artificial Intelligence capable of controlling robots (factory robots, household robots, cars and others).This is the fastest learning AI in the world, by a great margin. And the only AI capable of solving complex, real world problems. It's capabilities include long term planning, memory, curiosity and creativity.Heart of the AI is a new deep neural network paradigm we call Deep Network Type O, especially well suited for unsupervised learning and reinforcement learning. It is vastly superior to the current state of the art.We have a prototype as shown on the YouTube video and are currently working on a full scale generic solution, applicable to control arbitrary robots.
Accelerated Dynamics
Accelerated Dynamics provides intelligent fleet management for drones and robots using AI.
United Kingdom
Autonomous Systems
Accelerated Dynamics provides intelligent fleet management for drones and robots using AI.
Alchera TechnologiesEnabling Smart Cities & Intelligent Infrastructure
United Kingdom
Infrastructure, smart city, machine learning
REAL TIME DATA for SAFER, CLEANER & LESS CONGESTED CITIES. ​We help you to understand what is happening across your city in real-time. Our world leading Computer Vision and Machine Learning platform powers smart cities, intelligent infrastructure & transport systems across the UK, EU and Worldwide. ​To date, our systems have helped to: - Reduce Congestion, - Reduce Overcrowding, - Increase Efficiency
Chatterbox Labs
Cognitive computing, Machine Learning, AIchatterbox.coLondon
United Kingdom
Machine Learning, Natural Language Processing, Analytics, Big Data, Artificial Intelligence, Predictive Analytics, Enterprise Software, Information Technology
Chatterbox Labs power cognitive solutions for the world's leading technology and professional services companies. The Chatterbox Cognitive Engine has the data science baked in
Using AI to half the cost of manufacture for >$300B of components every$2,230,000$2,010,000SeedJul 2016London
United Kingdom
Artificial Intelligence, Manufacturing, Industrial, Mechanical Engineering
CNC milling machines are at the heart of manufacturing with almost half a trillion dollars worth of components produced by them each year. Despite this, their software is in the dark ages. Industrial CNC machine in action: We’re researching and applying breakthrough AI methods to control these machines autonomously and more optimally than ever before, revolutionising how the things around us are made. From MacBook cases, to jet engine turbines. Our mission is to make milling machines one click devices that can produce a part easily, efficiently and with minimal human intervention
Entrepreneur First, Episode 1
ComplyAdvantage uses artificial intelligence and machine learning to help firms manage compliance obligations and reduce costs
$8,200,000$8,200,000Series AOct 2016London
United Kingdom
Information Technology, Information Services
ComplyAdvantage was founded in 2014 and takes a unique approach in providing proprietary, dynamic risk data with more efficient screening and monitoring technology. The startup is already enjoying early success, with some 200 clients globally relying on ComplyAdvantage technology to reduce financial crime risk and take the pain out of regulatory compliance.
Balderton Capital
Drayson Technologies
An IoT platform company using innovative wireless charging technology & machine learning software to create smart sensor networks
$36,600,000$11,550,000Series BMay 2016London
United Kingdom
Sensor, Wireless, Hardware, Software, Energy Efficiency, Internet of Things
Drayson Technologies is an Internet of Things platform company using innovative wireless charging technology and machine learning software to create smart sensor networks that deliver tangible business value for customers.
Capital Invent
Evolve Dynamics
Evolve Dynamics is an UAV company working on machine vision, aerodynamics, long flight time and fast ready-to-fly solutions.
Debt Financing
Guildford, Surrey
United Kingdom
Drones, Machine Learning, Aerospace, Innovation Management
Evolve Dynamics is an UAV company working on machine vision, aerodynamics, long flight time and fast ready-to-fly solutions.
Software company enabling enterprise data to be better organised, de-risked & more productive.Debt Financing
Newbury, West Berkshire
United Kingdom
Information Technology
The company’s mission is to revolutionise industrial automation in the process systems and energy$13,360$13,360Debt FinancingSep 2016London
United Kingdom
Energy, Industrial, Industrial Automation
Flexciton is a London based company founded in the early of 2016. They have an expertise in engineering, optimization, statistics and data analytics with strong academic foundations and significant industrial experience.
Entrepreneur First
IntelliSense.ioPredictive Analytics for the Mining Industryintellisense.ioCambridge
United Kingdom
Optimisation as a Service (OaaS) enables capital and asset intensive industries to eliminate inefficiencies across their operations through a No CAPEX, Just INSIGHT model. OaaS applications for the Mining industry deliver an integrated Pit-to-Port operation resulting in better forward curve decisions and dramatically improved throughput and efficiency across their Extraction, Processing and Utility systems.
Integrated data analytics and monitoring for farmers and growerskisanhub.com1000000$1,000,000Seed round42552
Cambridge, Cambridgeshire
United Kingdom
agdata, agriculture, analytics, big data...
2012Integrated data analytics and monitoring for farmers and growersNotion Capital
Limejump is a Technology-Driven Utility: harnessing the power of big data to positively disrupt and transform today’s energy market.$1,590,000$1,590,000Debt FinancingSep 2015London
United Kingdom
Energy Management, Big Data, Energy Efficiency
Limejump is a next generation, technology-driven utility providing aggregation, trading and supply services to their customers. Limejump's technology empowers businesses and generators to become active energy market participants, generate new revenue streams and contribute towards a greener energy future.
Angel CoFund
Logical Glue
Logical Glue is a software company that creates products to analyze data for a business to predict profitable outcomes for a business.
United Kingdom
Business Intelligence /Analytics
Logical Glue specializes in predictive analytics software. The Logical Glue platform allows businesses to manage key areas of their enterprise including customer retention, new business development, process optimization and risk management.
Machines with Vision
Novel sensors with embedded AI for autonomous vehicles and robotics.
Undisclosed Amount
Undisclosed Amount
United Kingdom
Robotics, Sensor, Autonomous Vehicles, Artificial Intelligence
2015Innovate U.K.
Massive Analytic
We've made machine learning code-free, so you can make your decisions data driven. Start making better decisions with Oscar:
$2,040,000$2,020,000UnattributedMay 2015London
United Kingdom
artificial intelligence, big data, business and industry, data visualization...
Massive Analytic is a London-based analytics innovator, with patented world leading technologies and global big data heritage.
Mentat Innovations
Smart Data : Data driven insights,$50,000$27,740Series ?Jul 2016London
United Kingdom
analytics, artificial intelligence, big data, business and industry...
2012Smart Data : Data driven insights, stati
CyLon (Cyber London)
Metageni creates predictive models for customer journey optimisation and growthmetageni.comLondon
United Kingdom
Business Intelligence, Machine Learning
Neo AI
Neo AI develops a technology that makes using machine learning cheaper and faster, enabling new applications around different industries.$13,360$13,360SeedSep 2016London
United Kingdom
Machine Learning, Developer Platform, E-Learning
Neo AI develops a technology that makes using machine learning cheaper and faster, enabling new applications around different industries and making complex computations available to more customers.
Entrepreneur First
Oseven Telematics
Oxbotica is a UK-based self-driving car company.oseven.ioLondon
United Kingdom
Auto Insurance, Machine Learning, Transportation
OSeven is a pioneer insurance telematics and driving behavioral analytics company. Following an end-user centric approach, the company provides a social-oriented Behavioral-Based insurance (BBI) platform for motor insurance companies and fleet owners to create motivated Safe&Eco Drivers offering financial incentives and Awards.
49 is a AI / machine learning startup focusing on behavioural learning and simulation in virtual$1,950,000$1,950,000SeedSep 2016Cambridge
United Kingdom
Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence
2016 is a research led, Cambridge based startup focusing on behavioural learning and simulation in virtual environments. We use inverse reinforcement learning and deep reinforcement learning for capturing behaviour for abstracted decision making. Our technology promises to change the development of video-games and smart-city simulations forever. Our system takes games and real-world data to train AI-bots that adapt to their environment, learn to mimic humans and compete or collaborate with other bots.
Passion Capital
Rainbird Technologies
Less artificial, more$3,990,000$1,850,000AngelNov 2016Norwich
United Kingdom
Cloud Computing, Artificial Intelligence, Enterprise Software
RainBird is a cloud-based artificial intelligence platform that enables anyone to capture their knowledge and publish it so that others can solve problems.Creating a powerful knowledge base in RainBird is easy. RainBird will then use reasoning to help users solve a wide range of problems efficiently. It learns more simply by being used and can solve problems beyond those the author visualised.Each knowledge base can easily be added to a website or incorporated into software or mobile apps via a REST API. The first release will be available to those with only basic programming skills. Future versions will be accessible to everyone.RainBird is not just a tool for creating knowledgebases. It represents a new technology eco-system and more on this will be revealed in time. RainBird also has a big social enterprise component and the vast majority of users will be able to use it for free including schools and universities.
Anglia Capital Group
AI-driven Customer Data Management, Intelligence and Activation platform for ecommerce$441,360$218,710AngelApr 2016London
United Kingdom
Data Integration, CRM, Business Intelligence, Data Mining, Big Data
Machine learning infrastructure for data scientists and
Undisclosed Amount
Undisclosed Amount
United Kingdom
Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, Open Source
Organisations want to build a one-to-one relationship with customers and make better decisions. But skilled data scientists are in short supply, and building machine learning in-house means reinventing the wheel instead of solving the parts of the problem that matter most.
Chris Adelsbach
Forecasting machinery failure.$1,610,000$1,620,000Series ?Nov 2016
Southampton, Southampton
United Kingdom
computer company, internet of things, manufacturing, predictive analytics
2015Forecasting machinery failure. Automatically.
Momenta Partners
Predictive performance platform to optimize decision$912,240$912,240SeedOct 2014London
United Kingdom
Analytics, Simulation, PaaS, Big Data, Artificial Intelligence
We help senior leaders accelerate optimum performance by providing a platform to help make radically better decisions.
Sky-Futures, which uses drones to help monitor and inspect oil and gas facilities.
$9,530,000$5,700,000Series AFeb 2016London
United Kingdom
Consumer Electronics
Sky-Futures are the global leaders providing Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) inspection services to the Oil and Gas industry. We provide High Definition (HD) video, still and thermal imagery and technical reports written by industry experts in flare systems and structural engineers.
Bristow Group
StatusToday is a SaaS based employee insights platform that uses AI to ensure security, engagement and productivity
$6,570,000$5,270,000SeedFeb 2016London
United Kingdom
Psychology, Cyber Security, Human Resources, Intellectual Property, Artificial Intelligence
StatusToday is a SaaS based Employee Insights and Security Platform that helps ensure security, engagement and productivity. Through patent-pending AI that understands human behavior, StatusToday maps out human threats and key behavior patterns internal to the company. The core solution provides direct integrations with Office 365, Exchange, CRMs, Company Servers and Google Apps (upcoming) to enable a seamless no-effort Technology Intelligence Center. StatusToday has received mainstream recognition and industry features for its solution that transforms the understanding of employee behavior within organizations. A brainchild of ex-Microsoft and ex-Just-Eat entrepreneurs, StatusToday has been identified as one of UK’s top 10 AI startups by Business Insider, TechWorld, VentureRadar and AIConics.
Entrepreneur First, LocalGlobe
Smart tools for teams to develop better software fasterstepsize.comLondon
United Kingdom
Our first product solves a problem developers working in teams face every day: what is this piece of code, who wrote it, and why? Since these questions emerge from the code, we aggregate metadata from the tools they use daily and provide a context layer available directly from their editor. Over time, we’ll introduce intelligent assistive products to automate the vast majority of what is known today as software development.
Third Space Auto
Artificial Intelligence for connected cars
United Kingdom
Machine Learning, Natural Language Processing, Automotive, Artificial Intelligence
We make driving stress free and a time where drivers and passengers everywhere can get things done without reaching for their smartphones because they have no other option.
Xihelm is reinventing how city infrastructure is managed and tracked using our computer vision and machine learning$13,360$13,360SeedSep 2016London
United Kingdom
Machine Learning, Computer, Infrastructure
At Xihelm, they are reinventing how city infrastructure is managed and tracked using our computer vision and machine learning platform.
Entrepreneur First
61 is a full automated Machine Learning Platform, IoT compliants : AI everywhere also between machines.
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