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11/17/2015 22:55:44Ruth GarrottPrivate Pratice and Boston Institute for PsychotherapyCambridge and Brookline333client provided info therapy@ruthgarrott.comMedicare, Tricare, Blue Cross/Blue Shield, UBH, and Aetna! I also try hard, for people who don't have an insurance I take, to negotiate a self-pay fee that works for them-- my base rate is $175/hour, but I really want everyone to get the care they need. - (updated by mod in corespondance w/ therapist 3/16/20)No - (updated by mod 3/16/20)Also Geek/gamer friendlynot accepting new clients as of 8/21/20
11/18/2015 0:03:57Bill SlaughterCambridgedata not collectedhttp://www.wds-­‐
6/13/2019 11:44:52Bill SlaughterPrivate PracticeCambridge33322client provided infosee other entrysee other entryYesunsureMain building is wheelchair accessible; Slaughter's office is notably /not/. Not sure what arrangements could be made if accessibility is an issue. Office is accessibly by public transportation (bus and T).Yes
11/18/2015 0:10:39David AlpertPrivate practiceCambridge, near Davis Square333data not collected,LADC,CADC,NCC,PGS_West+Newton_Massachusetts_108128 (617) 674-1428Didn't accept mine but offered me an affordable price??He knows about energy healing and somatic bodywork too.
11/18/2015 0:26:51The Meeting PointThe Meeting PointJamacia Plain, Bostondata not 308-3242
11/18/2015 0:28:28The Phoenix CollectiveThe Phoenix CollectiveRoslindale, Bostondata not collected info@phoenixcollectiveboston.commod was unable to reach via email listed 3/16/20; website is gone as of 8/21/20
11/18/2015 0:45:07Matthew CzaplinskiArlingtondata not collectedwww.mindful-therapy.com617-­718-­7080 info@mindful-­
11/19/2015 15:20:21Dr. Monique NoellePrivateCambridge333data not collected617-388-9985Yesdon't know
11/21/2015 19:50:59Elizabeth BoskeyThe Meeting Point, also possibly private practice (?)Green Street, Jamaica Plain, Boston333data not collected generous sliding scale, though this may have changed "I do sliding scale but do not take insurance at this time" - updated by mod in contact w/ therapist 3/16/20NoElizabeth is an EXCELLENT resource for trans/nonbinary/queer/gay and poly/kinky topics of all kinds, and she's pretty creative in terms of finding solutions to difficult or complicated problems of a concrete nature. I met with her when she was interning at the Meeting Point last spring, and at that point the matters under discussion were largely pragmatic ones, which she was instrumental in helping me navigate. She's full of creative solutions to weird problems, and especially knows a lot about interpersonal dynamics. She can shed a lot of compassionate but realistic light on power imbalances and tacit dissatisfactions between/among partners. She's personable, interesting, knowledgeable, and unconditionally accepting. She's got another website (the first result of her name on google) that outlines the other work she's done, much of which informs her knowledge base and her approach to being a therapist. In terms of what I don't know about her: idk about the degree to which she's practiced in trauma-focused therapies, and I don't know about her background working with people of color.
11/21/2015 20:02:20Story StephensonThe Borum AND/OR private practiceCambridge and Brookline333data not collected 574-0953Private practice: out of network; Borum: Tufts, MassHealth, everything that Fenway acceptsonly if you see her through the BorumStory has essential tremor-- she's visibly shaky. For people who don't have physical disabilities, please try not to be put off by this.
11/22/2015 9:35:40Dr. Marshaun GloverPrivate PracticeyesDowntown, Boston211is a person of colordata not collected Network: Blue Cross Blue Shield, Aetna Student Health Plan for BU Students, Allways Partners - Out of Network Plans: Pay for session and clinician will provide superbill for reimbursement (if your plan allows out of network)Unknown Straight, man of colorupdated by mod 8/21/20
11/23/2015 8:39:28Rachel McBride, Psy. D.Brooklinedata not collected617.277.0071Therapist found on a kink/poly-friendly list. Please submit additional info!
11/23/2015 8:41:56Shelby Ortega, PhDCambridgedata not 617.453.8501Blue Cross Blue SheildTherapist found on a kink/poly-friendly list. Please submit additional info!
11/25/2015 11:46:30Jessica AlvarezThe Meeting PointDorchester or Jamacia Plan, Boston233Disability-friendly, spirituality-friendly but is not a faith-based counselordata not collected2039135923YesYesShe has been really great for me. Her specialty is CPTSD and I've been having a lot of success with her in actually digging into it all. I like NEVER would make this kind of recommendation usually but she's just been super helpful. She has not studied but has experience with Internal Family Systems as well which I have found extremely helpful. I believe she is a Buddhist, and is good for people whose life involves some amount of spirituality as she would never judge that. I am not clear on her overall familiarity with polyamory, but I am out to her as polyamorous and it was completely not a big deal to her. Not aware of how familiar she is with kink although I may find out.... She is literally the best therapist I have ever had and I think that she's highly adaptable to whatever people have going on. She is also
11/25/2015 15:16:26Jenn BrandelThe Phoenix CollectiveRoslindale Village, Boston 3333data not collected 356 - 8020,"I currently accept BCBS and can see people who have other plans that offer out-of-network benefits." - updated by mod in corespondance with therapist 3/16/20no (confirmed by mod, 3/16/20)WRT POC Friendliness: I'm recommending her as a white person and do not know this information first-hand, but do know she has patients of many different ethnic and racial backgrounds.

Very trans friendly. Good with anxiety disorders and depression in particular. Also knowledgeable about drug use / abuse. Good about responding to e-mails for those with phone anxiety.
11/30/2015 16:47:34Jenn BrandelThe Phoenix CollectiveRoslindale Square, Boston (17 Poplar St, Roslindale) 333data not collected 356 - 8020; jennbrandellicsw@gmail.comBlue Cross Blue ShieldNoShe's great at replying to email. I have found her very comfortable to work with. She is good at using humor and analogies/ metaphor to create new and useful ways of looking at a situation. "I accept Blue Cross Blue Shield,United Behavioral Health and Harvard Pilgrim. I'm willing to see people who have out-of-network benefits on other plans but require them to pay out of pocket and submit for reimbursement themselves."
2/18/2016 14:32:35Kim ClarkPrivateNeighborhood Nine, Cambridge3222data not collected 617 547 7292NoNoTechnically retired and working under the table.
LICSW practiced in individual, group and couples' counseling for over 35 years. Has personal experience with multiple poly/open/triad lifestyles.

Takes clients mostly on referral.
3/9/2016 12:00:09Justine SullivanJustine SullivanBack Bay, Boston3321data not collected 213-8012YesUnsureShe's based out of Marlborough, but spends at least 1 day per week in Boston. Wonderful queer activist specializing in LGBTQ+ identity and issues.
3/9/2016 15:32:18Naomi AltmanPrivate PracticeCentral Square, Cambridgedata not collectedwww.naomialtman.com617-299-0813 naomi@naomialtman.comBlue Cross Blue Shield PPO plan (updated by mod 3/16/20)No
3/29/2016 8:25:15Naomi AltmanPrivate PracticeCentral Square, Cambridge3233data not collectedwww.naomialtman.comNAOMI@NAOMIALTMAN.COMBlue Cross Blue Shield PPO plan (updated by mod 3/16/20No
6/16/2016 0:14:28Naomi AltmanPrivate practiceSomerville33333data not collected, NAOMI@NAOMIALTMAN.COMBlue Cross Blue Shield PPO plan (updated by mod 3/16/20No
1/3/2017 13:19:17Naomi AltmanPrivate practice Central Square, Cambridge333data not collectedNaomi@naomialtman.comBlue Cross Blue Shield PPO plan (updated by mod 3/16/20)
10/6/2017 16:12:15Elliott KronenfeldInsight BrooklineBrookline31311Queer Femmes: 0 Trans people: 1client provided infoYesI *think* so?Do NOT see Elliott. He minimizes femme invisibility, talks about himself a lot to the point where the client then has to try to redirect the conversation back to themself, has made messed-up assumptions about trans people (like assuming a cis person would be sad about their trans partner's genitals during sex because the person is trans and not cis), and exhibits a #notallmen attitude at times (like when talking about being traumatized by mass shootings) because he's so obsessed with validating masculinity. I felt like I often was his go-to gender resource when *I* was paying *him*.
3/28/2016 20:21:59Elliott Kronenfeld Insight Brookline (owner)Brookline & Newton3332data not collectedinsightbrookline.comYesNoHe's a homonormative white gay veteran but is not at all judgmental of more ~alternative~ lifestyles. Lots of experience with trans people including teenagers.
5/2/2018 23:09:56Charles StraussPrivate practiceDavis Square, Somerville3333client entryCharlesstrauss.comI don't knowI don't knowRequires stairsYes
3/29/2016 9:45:48Charles StraussPrivate PracticeSomerville333data not collected YesCharles is a fantastic, queer-friendly, poly-friendly, kink-friendly therapist. Has specialized in dealing with bisexual and bi-curious men but sees a wide range of clients. Wonderfully grounded and compassionate and skilled.
3/29/2016 10:22:24Rachel KahnThe BorumChinatown, Boston3333data not collectedwww.sidneyborum.orgrkahn@fenwayhealth.orgYesYesShe has walk in hours every week, but the Borum is part of Fenway, so there's a long wait to get in for an intake for long term therapy. She's good with writing letters of support for surgery.
10/5/2017 23:50:35Rachel Kahn, LMHC The Borum Chinatown, Boston3333client supplied infowww.sidneyborum.orgrkahn@fenwayhealth.orgYesYes
6/17/2016 16:28:41Rachel Kahn The BorumChinatown, Boston3333info not 927-6372YesYes
3/29/2016 10:49:45Audra Gilsing-CoronaPhoenix CollectiveRoslindale, Boston3info not collected and Tufts -verified by mod 3/16/20No -verified by mod 3/16/20really helpful with sexual assault; uses humor and is real and amazing
6/10/2016 10:25:53Sara KimmelCambridge 3333Trasngender expertise info not collected 495-2323Sara Kimmel has a small private practice in Cambridge. She also works with Harvard faculty and their families. She has extensive expertise with queer and transgender clients, and spent years advocating for access to health benefits for transgender Harvard affiliates.
6/15/2016 19:33:18Maggie JarmolowskiPrivate PracticeHarvard Square, Cambridge33spirituality friendly - 3info not collected 858-6840Yes
6/15/2016 19:52:15Emily PilowaPrivate PracticeAllston, Boston3322info not collectedhttp://www.emilypilowa.com617-943-6260Blue Cross MAUnknownShe's amazing, but is frequently full / can only rarely take new clients.
6/15/2016 20:51:51Gaiana Germaniprivate practiceHarvard Square, Cambridge22info not collected isn't versed in all the language and culture, but I've never felt that she was being judgmental in any way about poly or queer things.

(She also never made me feel in any way like being queer or poly were the cause or symptoms of my struggles with mental health, even at moments like expressing frustration with a metamour.)
6/15/2016 21:35:18Jenn Bortle, Ph.D.private practice Harvard Square, Cambridge & Newburyportinfo not collectedjennbortle.comjenn.bortle@gmail.comNoNo
6/15/2016 21:42:37Scott Bortle, Ph.D.private practiceHarvard Square, Cambridge & Newburyportinfo not collected
6/16/2016 10:07:34Bruin Christopher RunyanWise BodyYesTeletherapy Only3333Radical Communities: 3info not collectedwww.wisebody.org8023223525Has some sliding scale spotsNoBruin was recommended to me by some fellow East coast organizers. I've been working with him over Skype for just over 6 months, and I highly recommend him. He's a former organizer with fabulous politics and does somatics aka body based work. I was skeptical about what was possible given that it had to be Skype work because he's physically based in Vermont but he's clearly figure out how to adapt therapy to a distance model, and I can't believe how many tools I've gained and how much my life has changed since starting to work with him. Highly, highly recommended, particularly for queers looking to heal trauma.
8/5/2016 15:00:01Leah SoumeraiCambridge Health AllianceSomerville3323Abuse/Trauma/D.V. Survivors - Friendliness Rating - 3info not collected Has given her permission to be listed on this document
- Extremely high EQ and interpersonal skills
- Is essentially a "bridge therapist" (she does not see clients long term, typically 1-9 sessions, with the intent of placing them in long term therapy after evaluating them.)
- Need a PCP at a Cambridge Health Alliance facility in order to be seen by her, but can request her if patient does have a PCP there.
- Comes highly recommended by her co-workers, and most people's only complaint is that they are sad she's not a long term therapist.
8/17/2016 10:16:54Ariana DeeleyWhole Living CenterCambridge, MA333Assault/Trauma- 3, Gender Identity- 3info not collected 648-5920 Blue Cross Blue ShieldI don't knowNo longer in the Boston area
9/6/2016 21:15:26Emily LamkinCommunity Counseling of Bristol CountyTaunton, MASelf identifies as friendly to Goths, Burners and Artists, and rates herself a 3 on friendliness to non-mono, queer, and kink not collectedComcounseling.org508-828-9116YesNoHolistic counseling with an understanding of Buddhist philosophy, art therapy, and reiki.
9/15/2016 9:45:11Kathryn Buchanan-HowlandPrivate practiceBoston - near Copley333Multiples/systems - 3info not collected 496-6515 katie@buchananhowland.netYesNoKatie is excellent with folks with trauma. She does a great job educating herself about things she's less familiar with.
1/1/2018 22:54:17Samantha ManewitzPrivate Practice
Cambridge - Harvard Square
3332Non binary experiences -2.5client made entry flexible online scheduling and remindersNo longer in the Boston area
11/8/2016 16:59:15
Samantha Manewitz LICSW CST
Private Practice Cambridge, Harvard Square info not collected 617-402-5551YesNoNo longer in the Boston area
12/20/2016 9:33:18Patricia (Trisha) MoorePrivate Practice1776 Massachusetts Ave, Cambridge, MA3333Alternative religious views 3, Social justice 3info not collected 929-3377YesAmerican Association of Sexuality Educators, Counselors and Therapists (AASECT) certified. Out-of-network for Harvard Pilgrim.
12/20/2016 9:44:09Magdalena J. FossePrivate Practice49 Hancock St. Cambridge, MA 02139333Poly multiples therapy 3info not collectedwww.drfosse.comdrfosse@yahoo.comHave to file your own insuranceNoCertification by American Association of Sex Educators, Counselors and Therapists (AASECT).
Very well qualified and insightful.
High end: Costs $200 per session and insurance almost certainly doesn't cover this.
1/19/2017 21:52:58Jennifer TaubJamaica Plain, Boston 3333info not collectedWww.drjennifertaub.comDr.jennifer.taub@gmail.comYesNo
1/24/2017 14:40:52Haley MazzarellaPrivate PracticeCentral Square, CambridgeLGBTQQIA+ 2This therapist created this 453-8383 haley@haleymazzarella.comout of network providersNoI offer therapy on a sliding scale.
2/3/2017 18:04:39Christina GarbarinoBrookline Community Mental Health CenterWashington Sq, Brookline2212client provided info the main office: (617) 277-8107the center takes manyYesThere are several therapists, psychiatrists and other mental health professionals there. Also, preference is given to Brookline residents.
2/10/2017 19:23:54Aida ManduleyThe Meeting Point (Private Practice in Collective Space)Jamaica Plain, BostonThis therapist created this; (401) 227-0769Responsive fee system for out of pocket costsResponsive fee system for out of pocket costsTherapist is gendequeer, Latinx, queer, kinky, and polyamorous themselves! Also particularly available to pagan and other folks whose faith systems are less well-known or competently addressed in therapy.
6/27/2017 8:38:38Leslie BermanRasi AssociatesCopley Square, Boston23client provided info is great on trans/gnc issues.
6/27/2017 9:34:06Isa Matteiprivate practiceArlington2323geek friendly, good at AS/spectrum communication needsclient provided info,LMHC_Arlington_Massachusetts_67650617-410-8245YesI believe only for existing patientsIsa does Internal Family Systems therapy, which I looked hard for after reading up on it. It's very good (IMO) for depression and trauma, which are her main specialties. I found her extremely warm, open, non-judgmental and "safe", as a person, to do the rather intense internal work that IFS entails; and the experience made me a big fan of it as types of therapy go. Also, she has personal experience with mentally-ill family members, which can be SUPER helpful if that's a thing you deal with as well.
7/21/2017 13:31:46Carol Ann Licitraprivate? Harvard Square, Cambridge33client provided info (857) 342-3576Yesunsure
8/10/2017 12:00:03Liz McAuliffeprivateDedham33client provided info - Aetnanot sure about kink/POC as I am white and not kinky but I suspect she'd be open. Don't know about insurance other than mine, Aetna, which she does accept.
8/11/2017 15:48:59Jessica Johnson South Bay Community ServicesMaldeninfo entered by therapistsouthbaycommunityservices.com7818512648 - Malden office numberAny insurance that allows therapy with license-eligible counselorsYesClients may need a referral but can request Jessica as their assigned therapist
8/15/2017 23:43:33Sarah WardCambridge Health AllianceUnion Square, Somerville3322i feel comfortable discussing the therapeutic benefits of substances - 2client provided info6176653220 is Cambridge Health Alliance - ask for Sarah WardYesYesmy kink/poc responses are 2 because i'm white and rarely discuss kink. i can't know for sure but based on her other views i feel good about my conjecture
10/4/2017 20:09:38Sixto Muñoz, LICSWFenway HealthSouth End/Back Bay, Boston23233Sex work - 3, PTSD/trauma - 3, Islam - 2, behavioral therapy - 3client provided infoYesYes
10/4/2017 21:02:53Stephen KnowltonPrivate Practice
Kenmore Square, Boston / Teele Square, Somerville
232client provided info6178595806Unknown, offers sliding scale for those not acceptedUnknown
10/4/2017 21:25:44Christina PetersonUnique Outcomes CenterArlington333transgenderclient provided info, Tufts Commercial and MBHPunsurenoI as a white person cannot speak to POC friendliness rating, but I have no reason to believe the rating would not be a 3. mod updated with info provided by therapist on 7/8/20
10/5/2017 8:31:50Margot MeitnerThe Meeting PointJamaica Plain, BostonTherapist made this of network - verified by mod 3/16/20
No - verified by mod 3/16/20
10/5/2017 12:02:51Randi Schalet PSY.DPrivate Practice Roslindale, Boston3333client provided info 870-0709Aetna BMC HealthNet Blue Care Network Blue Cross Blue Shield BlueCross and BlueShield Cigna Empire BlueCross Harvard Pilgrim Health Net MHN Magellan Behavioral Health Medicare Military OneSource Neighborhood Health Plan Network Health PacifiCare TRICARE Tufts UnitedHealthcare ValueOptionsYes
10/5/2017 18:24:32Emi Barkus, LMHCAprivate practiceCambridgeDisabled/chronically ill, trans/non-binary, parentsTherapist made this, 206-856-1337NoNo
11/14/2017 12:13:14Jennifer JopeFamily Continuity PlymouthTherapist made this entry508-470-1235YesYesyesIndividual and couples counseling, CBT, EMDR, MCBT (mindfulness based, sex therapy.
11/30/2017 19:36:21Ashley AnechiaricoInsight Counseling and WellnessJamaica Plain, Boston333great for chronic pain/disabilityclient provided info, Blue Cross/Blue Shield, Harvard Pilgrim, Tufts, Optum, United Healthcare, United Behavioral Health, and most private insurances with PPO plansYesI didn't rate her on kink-friendliness because we haven't talked about it, but I am kinky and would feel totally comfortable talking to her!
10/23/2020 17:23:55Ashley AnechiaricoInsight Wellness and Counseling and a private practice (via a video call platform)YesJamaica Plain; remote333I am a client of this therapist. Cross Blue Shield and Out of Network (unsure of other insurances she accepts)unsureThe 11 Green St office (in JP) is extremely inaccessible - 4ish flights of stairs, some very steepYesNo
12/1/2017 13:55:05Michael C Gallagher LICSWInsightful DirectionBurlington LGBT - 3, BDSM - 3, Infantalism - 3, CBT - 3, Furries - 3, Watersports - 3Therapist made this entry Cross Blue SheildNoI am fantasy and fetish friendly; recognizing the benefit, joy, and happy prevalence of kink. I am Escort, Dancer, and Dominance affirmative. I specialize in trauma as well as sexual addiction - CSAT in process. Some clinicians believe that trauma always precipitates KAP. Hopefully certain clinicians evolve their understanding. Nonetheless, trauma, if experienced is insidious. And in that, many have used their kink as therapeutic transcendence. Fantasy is life. We all have a public, personal, and private world. Some like their worlds mutually exclusive; never crossing. Some meld their worlds into a uniform reality. Whatever your satisfaction, I am happy to work on your Insightful Direction one step at a time. Your journey, Your direction. Cost per Session: $110 - $250 mod updated insurance 8/21/20.
3/29/2018 20:07:13Jennifer RosselliColumn HealthDavis Square, Somerivlle. Other Column Health locations3333Trans (3)client provided infoColumnhealth.comGo through column health, doesn't give out info.YesYesDavis location is accessible, bathroom is accessible. All locations have all gender bathrooms.
4/22/2018 17:59:09Analinda MarcusThis therapist created this entry Cross Blue Sheild --added by mod 3/16/20No -verified 3/16/20in the South End close to RedLine, silver Line and walking distance from Back bay station. Also an inexpensive pay lot to park in across the street. No stairs.Rates herself as 3 on Nonmono and Queer Friendliness, 2 on Kink Friendliness; Relatively Abled/special needs=3, all religions= 3, nationalities=3 <<<Curator's Note: This therapist did not entirely fill out the form or follow directions. >>>
5/1/2018 16:06:03Brent ReynoldsPrivate PracticeHarvard Square, Cambridge333client provided info 254-8285 YesTop floor walkup with no elevatorYesCis(het?) man - Brent is extremely compassionate and open to learning about my relationships without judgement or assumptions.
5/1/2018 16:55:46Ashley WeaverPrivate PracticeyesNYC (remote), licensed in MA232Burner Friendly: 2 - Sex worker friendly 1 (Not bad, doesn't know much but is nonjudgemental)client entry 617-401-7701 or email: ashley@whole-living-center.comAetna, Beacon, Blue Cross, Fallon Health, Harvard Pilgrim, Neighborhood Health Plan, Network Health, TuftsLots of narrow steep stairs to get to office, near Harvard Seems to be open to working with poly issues and mentioned working with nonmono folks before. I gave her a 2 because she doesn't seem to be super versed in poly culture, but it's not a problem for me. Seems to be fine with pansexuality and my relationships with trans/GQ people. I haven't brought up much in the way of kink yet. Did seem a bit clueless about sex work, but nonjudgemental beyond "safety concerns." I'm white, so can't comment on POC friendliness. Does seem to be burner culture informed but isn't making assumptions. So far we're meshing well on discussions of boundaries and drug use. Dance/movement therapy aspect is a nice, low key addition to sessions and very helpful; I wish more therapists integrated the body into their work with clients.This therapist is now in the New York City Area 6/13/19 - is licensed in MA and doing remote therapy for MA clients 8/30/20
5/1/2018 17:06:48Douglas BakerCambridge Mind Body (Private Practice)Cambridge32client provided info websiteOut of Network only, $200/hrNoUp a few steps to get into the building, office is on ground floor, hallways might be a little narrowYesDidn't bat an eye at poly stuff, pretty sure he's worked with other nonmono friends. Really good on communication strategies in couples therapy - actually ignored all the content of our issues and just focused on communication styles. Was all about meditation and traditional approaches to mindfulness - not my thing, but it might be yours; tbh I felt kinda judged when it didn't work for me. Didn't seem to recognize (definitely didn't validate) when my partner was manic/psychotic in couples therapy.
5/2/2018 9:41:52Danya GoodmanGoodman Psychotherapy AssociatesDowntown, Boston (State Street T)333client provided info surenot very accessible. the front door has two small steps to enter the building. there is an elevator to the second floor but then there are 5 stairs to enter the therapy office. Not sure if there is any other entry.
5/2/2018 10:08:53Marion SimoneauInsight PsychotherapyBrookline - Coolidge Corner333client provided infoYes
5/3/2018, 4/13/21Michelle S. WexelblatPrivate PracticeYesTeletherapy onlyTherapist made this entry and 978-436-1764Tufts, BCBS, Anything under the Optum umbrella, Beacon, Fallon, GICYesTeletherapy, no accessibility for location, only for internetYesmod was unable to reach via email listed 3/16/20. Updated by mod 8/21/20. updated with therapist supplied info 4/13/21.
5/7/2018 21:50:26Ben KudlerPrivate PracticeBack Bay, Boston332client provided info(617) 229-7228Blue Cross Blue Shield MAMultiple stairs up to main door, and office is on 4th floor. There is a very small staircase up from the ground floor, or a very old elevator with a maximum capacity of 2 people.Yes
5/30/2018 10:46:28Deborah Robinson-ThompsonPrivate PracticeBurlingtonTherapist made this entrywww.debrobinsonthompson.com978-729-3683; debrobinsonthompson@gmail.comBCBS and all Optum (Harvard Pilgrim, United Healthcare, and Allways Health Partners)NoElevatorYes
insurance info updated March 2020
9/19/2018 9:04:47Jeff BrodyPrivate PracticeBraintree3client provided infoBlue CrossNoLocated about five minutes off the Red Line/Commuter Rail at Braintree. Easy walk.Jeff is a trans man, so he has experience with trans individuals. He had a lot of toys, books, and other fun things for kids, so I assume he is used to kids just as well.
9/19/2018 11:34:20Steve KlannRasi AssociatesCopley Square, Boston2332client provided infoRasiassociates.com6172662266Aetna US, Blue Cross Blue Shield, Chickering, Harvard Pilgrim, HMO Blue and other Magellan plans, PHCS, Tufts Associates, United Behavioral HealthUnsureHas an elevatorYes
10/11/2018 8:24:48Lenore PollenPrivate practiceArlington33client provided info617-623-6010, 22 Mill street, Arlington YesElevatorYes
11/24/2018 15:03:28Jackie mascherPrivate practice Central sq cambridge 2323Hiv/substance abuse/recovery 3/3/3client provided infoPaychologytodayYesNoStairsYesI love Jackie. She’s done a great deal for me in my recovery from substance abuse and has been very understanding of my history and situation.
11/24/2018 16:41:05Xavier QuinnFenway Health Violence Recovery ProgramFenway, Boston33Trauma sensitive (3)client provided infofree treatment through the vrp, all fenway health acceped insurance otherwise Yesfully accessible No
12/17/2018, 5/12/2021m. addyson tucker (they/them)Private YesTelehealth only in MA; Eventual in person near Providence333disability and chronic pain awareness- 3client provided; insta: @wholehearted.psych -; insta: @wholehearted.psych - 734-635-0424NoTelehealth only in MA; Eventual in person near Providence, no phsyical location as of 5/12/21NoNo Licensed in MA & RI; Gender Surgery AssessmentsUpdated by mod with info provided by therapist on 7/30/2020 and 5/12/2021
12/17/2018 21:02:43Michón NealMetanoiac Other, private practiceJamaica Plain, Boston This therapist created this entryMetanoiacother.educationMichon@metanoiacother.educationI provide reparational sliding scale services.YesCurrently, this location is not wheelchair accessible, but help up and down the stairs is available. It is scent-free, quiet, Black-affirming, and led by a minority of marginalized identities.YesI provide Accountability Counseling, Trauma-Informed Kink Education, Abuse Culture Guidance, Disability Counseling, and Sensitivity Editing. I am an inclusive Sex Educator, Public Speaker, and Emotional Literacy Guide.

I am not licensed and cannot provide medical services, but I have extensive personal experience, education, and expertise on a wide variety of issues affecting marginalized populations.

I provide a safe space in which to process, learn about, and heal if necessary from aspects such as: intergenerational and personal trauma, abuse culture and oppression, (a)sexual health, relationship styles (including queerplatonic partnerships and other friendships) and communication (whether monogamous or non-monogamous), help and resources living with invisible illnesses and disability, genetic testing results, safer sex and comprehensive sex ed, harm reduction, emotional literacy, developing accountability plans and teams, culture-specific trans/gender information, healing through art and writing, confronting amatonormative or other isty templates, racially-aware and inclusive kink, and a whole host of other tools and guidance on a wide variety of subjects. I am super comfortable (a rating of 3) with all marginalized populations, inclusive of asexual, intersex, trans, autistic, enby, agender, disabled, undocumented, Two Spirit, aromantic, polyamorous, BlaQueer, and impoverished people. I am super comfortable (a 3) working with traumatized populations as well.
12/26/2018 19:05:31Evan HubbardPrivate PracticeCopley Square, Bostonthis therapist created this entrywww.evanhubbardLICSW.comevanhubbardLICSW@gmail.comI don't accept insurance at this time but I offer responsive fee modifications/sliding scale. NoThere are several steps to the main entry for the building and a small elevator inside. My office is on the 4th floor and is .3 miles from Copley station and .5 miles from Back Back station. NoEvan is trans and queer. He specializes in gender identity and/or expression, sexual orientation, and life transitions. He is passionate in his commitment to provide the most effective and evidence-based care for trans, non-binary and intersex communities. Evan is also experienced in supporting individuals in a variety of relationship structures, as well as members of the kink community. He is only accepting individual adult clients at this time.
1/4/2019 9:58:52Anna SternPrivate PracticeDavis Square, Somerville3333Anna works with folks around childbirth, particularly experienced in LGBTQ couples/parents (3)client provided info Cross Blue Shield HMO PPO "BCBS and that's it, unfortunately. I maintain a slot for Spanish speaking queer or trans folx regardless of their ability to pay. I also am a GALAP provider, meaning I will write letters for hormones or surgeries free of charge regardless of insurance." - updated by mod in contact with therapist 3/16/20No5-7 stairs into building, single level into office with doorway lipsNo
3/5/2019 14:39:23Haeden PeasleeChild and Family Counseling Center - Home For Little WanderersSomerville / Reverethis therapist created this entry 617-356-2579 hpeaslee@thehome.orgYesYesI provide outreach counseling to the individuals home or a location in the community.YesAble to accept most insurances.

I consider myself comfortable working with POC, poly/non-monogamous, ace/aro, trans/nb, kink, and queerness.

If I don't respond to your email within 2 business days please text or call, sometimes emails get stuck in the filter.
3/31/2019 22:17:38Jennifer Schneider, LICSWStrong Roots CounselingWest Newtonthis therapist created this entry, Blue Cross Blue Sheild, Optum/Allways/Harvard Pildrim/United CareNoThe office is on the 2nd floor of a commercial, storefront building only accessible via stairs.Yes
4/15/2019 22:28:43IlanaRei Goss CAYA - Come As You Are Behavioral Health Malden Center, Malden 3323 - burner culture client provided info itself is what appears to be ADA compliant. Ramp to get up to building, automated doors with press buttons. CAYA's office is on the first floor. If I recall correctly, the office has ADA compliant door handles, and has no thresholds or stairs. I can't speak from personal experience with mobility devices, so I'm unsure how accessible the individual therapy offices or the (single stall) bathroom within CAYA are. She practices EMDR as well as talk therapy. She and the other practitioners at CAYA are *very* queer, kink, and non-monogamous friendly.
4/18/2019 12:53:15Dr. Peggy EnrichPrivate PracticeLexington3223client provided info 534-9993Blue Cross/Blue Shield onlyNoYesI started seeing her 14 years ago and she didn't know anything about polyamory. She educated herself through research and discussion with me. Dr. Enrich is comfortable enough now, that she has educated colleagues and requested I add her to this site.
5/20/2019 22:57:56Nic WildesPrivate PracticeNorth Andover332client provided info floor office, stairs onlyYes
4/3/2020 12:28:54Nic WildesSmall group practiceBack Bay, Boston (likely to move soon)333client provided infowww.nicwildes.comTakes BCBS and maybe other insurances, but using insurance restricts what appointment slots you can use. About as inaccessible as you can get: four steep and narrow flights of stairs, narrow bathroom.
6/9/2021 22:32:08Nic WildesSAYFTEEYes233I am a client of this therapist. old office in Back Bay was a fourth floor walkup. As of June 2021, I know they intend to move (or already have? I'm still doing zoom sessions) but I don't know anything about the new location. Yes
6/12/2019 17:48:56Maria MerloniPrivate PracticeMilton33333client provided info via websiteNoNoHer office is in her home, on the 2nd floor. She does do Skype/Facetime sessions however if you can not or prefer not to meet at her home.YesShe has been a life saver for me over the past few years and has helped me change numerous behavior patterns. She is particularly amazing with trauma work. She is actively poly herself. She is very much 100% zero judgement. She also runs cuddle parties with one of her partners in a unique special space in the 3rd floor of her home. She does wonderful couples therapy as well. She currently charges 140/hr and does not accept insurance of any kind, but is worth every dime. I highly recommend her to anyone who can afford her.
6/13/2019 15:05:45Carol McCoinPrivate PracticeFramingham333client provided info(508) 277-5662YesUnknownMonday/Thursday, no stairs. Accessible bathrooms. Good parking. Tuesday/Wednesday, 3rd floor, no elevator, less parkingYesNoShe's older and not super up on everything, but she's very supportive. She's sex positive and supportive for queer and poly. I can't really speak beyond that.
6/13/2019 18:38:10Dr. Corey GiffordPrivate PracticeNew Bedford23232client provided info, BMC, Blue Cross Blue Shield, and others are unknown. YesTwo small steps outside, unsure if ramp available. No automatic door openers, and doors quite heavy. Inside layout has no known obstacles for a wheelchair. One right-side-of-street parking spot is saved for clients. YesYesVery accommodating, can text with her and do mobile sessions, has an activity room and option to do sessions outdoors in Westport, MA on specific days.
6/13/2019 21:05:54Shannon McCarthyThe Meeting PointJamaica Plain, Boston 23233client provided info basics Harvard Pilgrim, Blue Cross, etc.I don't know10 minute walk from Green St. Station. Parking is on street only. There is a ramp for person's with a disability though the front entrance is a bit tight for wheeled mobility devices.There are multiple therapists at this location, and they are specifically LGBT focused. If you went to Pride you likely saw them there. Shannon was not well versed in poly when I met her, but she was open minded, listened, asked questions to clarify, and ultimately helped me navigate poly as well as my own life. I was a patient of hers for over 5 years, and wish I was still local enough to see her.
6/17/2019 14:22:38Sarah LancasterCome As You Are Behavioral HealthMalden3332client provided infohttps://cayabh.com339-221-7524 / sarahlancasterlicsw@gmail.comYesRamp and wheelchair-accessible waiting area. YesYes
6/18/2019 16:05:50Kerry PinnisiKerry Pinnisi Counseling, LLCSomervilleJewish, see mod notesI am this, kerrypinnisicounseling@gmail.comNoNoNoNoThis therapist rated herself a 3 for familiarity with Jewish communities; as well as a 3 in the nonmono, Queer, and kink categories. She rated herself a 2 for POC.
6/18/2019 16:23:09Kerry PinnisiPrivate PracticeSomerville33333client provided info (she/her pronouns) is 29 years-old as of 2019, in case the age of your therapist matters in your consideration. She has a deep background and a high level of competance, experience, and most importantly, she creates a very safe feeling environment to work on hard stuff.