Fall 2021 Plant Sale Fundraiser - Vegetable Start Guide
VarietySpacing (inches)Lighting PreferenceWatering NeedsDescriptionDays to Maturity
Rainbow Chard8-12"Full SunKeep soil evenly moistA mix of white-stemmed swiss chard, red chard and golden chard. Related to beets. Plant in well-drained soil.50-60
Collard Greens12-18"full sunweekly 1-2", Collards like water.This cooking green is packed with Vitamins A, C and K, calcium, folate and soluable fiber. Similar to kale, they have a tough stem and dark green leaves. 62
Tiara Cabbage12" apartsun or partial sunRegular, even watering. Cabbage is a leafy green and likes water, but the heads can split from heavy irrigation after a dry spell. "mini cabbage" produces 1-2lb round heads. Sweet leaves that are excellent for cooking or fresh use. Delicious flavor—an annual favorite in our taste tests. 65
Caraflex Cabbage12-18" apartsun or partial sunCabbage requires heavy water from planting to head formation. moderate water late in the season. small "cone shaped" or "arrow head" cabbages. slightly sweeter and less dense than traditional round cabbages. This is a chefs favorite! 65
White Russian Kale12-18" apartfull sun or part shadeIt's important to keep well watered and fed. if rain is incosistent, provide 1 to 1.5 inches of water each week (about 1gallon per square foot"white-ribbed kale" Atractive blue green leaves and long white petioles. A wondeful complement to Red Russian kale, with similar, toothed leaf shape. Frilled leaf margin gives a nice lift for baby-leaf production.50
Winterbor Kale12-18" apartfull sun or part shadeKeep kale watered."standard green curly kale" The plants are tall growing up to 2-3', with excellent yield annd good cold hardiness. The ruffled blue-green leaves have an attractive curl. 60
Black Magic Kale (Dino kale)12-18"full sun or part shadekeep kale watered, if rain is inconsistent provide 1 to 1.5 inches of water each week.Mamba is a robust variety with high yields of upright, exceptionally uniform plants. The attractive dark green leaves are deeply savoyed and have good flavor. 65
Red Russian Kale12-18"full sun or part shadeKeep kale watered.purple-stemmed kale. Atractive blue green leaves and long purple petiole and toothed leaf shape. Frilled leaf margin gives a nice lift for baby-leaf production.55
Waltham Broccoliaround 18"sun or partial sunlikes moist soil HEIRLOOM. A variety prized for its lovely dark blue-green heads and marvelous flavor. Produces 4"-8" green head, also produces some small one from side shoots 50-70
Kohlrabi8-10"full sunkeep soil moist, 1-1.5"/weekBulbous base of the root grows above the soil. Tastes like a mild, sweet turnip. High in fiber and Vitamin C.45-60
Greenwave Mustard Greensaround 8"sun or partial shadelikes moist soil Reliable, large light green leaves. spicy leaves that mellows when it is cooked. 40-50
Cilantro4-6"full sun or light shadelikes moist soil, after established they do not need much waterLikes well-drained soil, and cool weather50-60
Scallions / bunching green onion3" between bunchessun or shadeshallow rooted so prefers frequent light waterSmall green onions. Eat green. These do not bulb. 60
Little Gem Lettuce6-8"shade or sunlettuce likes consistant moist soil. It is relatively shallow rooted so does not need deep water Little gems are a mini head lettuce that is a combination of a small romaine and butter lettuces. Sometimes thought of as a mini romaine. They have tender "buttery" leaves with a think hearty center stalk. 30-50
Oak Leaf Lettuce8-10"sun or partial shadelettuce likes consistant moist soil. It is relatively shallow rooted so does not need deep water Tender oak shaped leaves. Forms a full open head of lettuce but you can also harvest outter leaves at it grows48
Red Butter Lettuce8-10"sun or partial shadelettuce likes consistant moist soil. It is relatively shallow rooted so does not need deep water large dark red heads with green centers. Tender "buttery" leaves47
Green Butter Lettuce8-10"sun or partial shadelettuce likes consistant moist soil. It is relatively shallow rooted so does not need deep water large green heads. Leaves are tender and "buttery"47
Cegolaine Lettuce 8"sun or partial shadelettuce likes consistant moist soil. It is relatively shallow rooted so does not need deep water small dense heads of sweet buttery lettuce. Red tinted/tipped leaves. An Alemany Farm favorite.
Escarole18"full sunkeep consistently moist or it will get bitterhearty green with broad leaves. Looks like lettuce but just like endives, it had a slight bitter flavor, and leaves are thicker than lettuce50-95
Joi Choi Bok Choi10-12"sun or shadechoi likes consistant moist soil. It is relatively shallow rooted so does not need deep water Joi Choi forms a 12-15" tall, broad, heavy plant with dark green leaves and thick, flattened white petioles.50
Mei Qing Choi6-8"sun or shadechoi likes consistant moist soil. It is relatively shallow rooted so does not need deep water misty-green stems form a thick, heavy base with broad, oval, rich green leaves. can harvest as mini or full heads. 45
Napa Cabbage12-18"full sun to partial shadekeep consistently moist, 1"/week, best to water earlyWidely used in East Asian cuisine, it is sweeter and milder than traditional cabbage. It has thick white ribs and soft crinkly light green leaves50-90
Sugar Ann Snap Peas4-6"full sunlikes moist soil a sweet snap pea with edible pod. 50-60
Lemon Balm12"sungrow in moist, well draining soilIn the mint family and has a distinct lemon flavor. It has a spreading growth habit and can take over an area. It flowers are great for attracting pollinators.
Lavender1-3 feetFull SunWhen young, water well (1-2x/week until established)A beautiful perrenial flower variety that attracts pollinators to your garden. This Meditteranean native grows into bushy shrubs and requires well-drained soil. Once established, it is very low-maitenance and does not require frequent watering.90-200
Rosemary2-3 feetFull SunWater frequently until established. Once established, water deepy but let soil dry between wateringsA fragrant evergreen herb that is native to the Mediterranean. It is a woody-stemmed plant that reaches about 3 feet in height. Likes well-drained soil.120-180
Mexican Marigolds3 feetFull sunregular water to establish and deep watering weekly once establishedPerennial Bushy evergreen shrub with bright yellow flowers. Leaves produce a bold fruity mint frangrance. 70-100
Ground Cherry (Cape Gooseberry)2-3 feetFull SunKeep soil moist and water weekly.Despite their name, these are not related to true cherries. A member of the nightshade family, these small yellow-orange fruits have a sweet and tart flavor. *******While the ripe fruit is edible, the rest of the plant (husk, stems, leaves, roots and flowers) are toxic to humans and animals when ingested.******** Plant in well-drained soil.70
Italian Oregano12-18"full sun to partial shadewater deeply only when soil feels dry to the touchversatile and delicious herb. great for soups and sauces. Harvest before the flower appears for best flavor.90
Alstroemeria (Peruvian Lily)24"Full SunKeep soil evenly moistThis orange variety of alsroemeria are great for bouquets for their long ase life. They are rhyzomes that will self-multiply, gradually increasing plant size each year. Fertilize during bloom time with organic high potash fertilizer. Ok for containers
Californial Native Coastal Strawberry12-24"Sun or partial shade3 times a month once establishedThis is a great ground cover. Evergreen, grows about 5" tall with glossy leaves. Rarely fruits.
Basil (Italian)8"full sunlikes even regular moisture throughout the growing seasonclassic italian basil.
Mrihani Basil8"full sunlikes even regular moisture throughout the growing seasonSpicy, ruffled leaves with undertones of anise and fennel. From Zanzibar (“Mrihani” means “sweet basil” in Swahili). Resistant to downy mildew. Great for tea, pesto, salads and dressings.
Red Parilla (Shiso; cha jogi)18"full or partial sunIntermittent moderate watering recommended. Avoid prolonged periods of drought.Korean red perilla is breathtakingly beautiful. Leaves are medium sized, variegated green on top with deep iridescent red undersides. These plants are day length sensative and will flower as the days become shorter.
LimitedGarden Sage20-32"Full sun.Well-drained, medium to dry soil. Soil that is too wet or moisture that stays on leaves can cause rot.Salvia officinalis. Cooking herb with medicinal properties. Use fresh or dried. Prune often after plant is established, after about a year. Parts Used: LeafPerrenial
Thyme12-24"Full sunOnce estalished, water less frequently. Prefers slightly dry soil.Thymus vulgaris. Culinary and medicinal herb. Snip leaves once stalks are 6-8 in. tall before flowers open. Easy to grow. Can become bushy if not pruned back regularly. Parts used: Leaf.Perrenial
Nettles8"Sunny, partial shade okayMoist soilUrtica dioica. Culinary and medicinal herb. Can be invasive. Grows in patches and can get tall. Cook or dry leaves before using in sauces, soups or teas. Parts used: Leaf.80-90
Epazote 12'' - 24''Full Sun - Part ShadeLet soil dry completely between wateringsDysphania ambrosioides. Culinary herb. This bushy kitchen herb grows heartily and quickly. It is an annual and leaves can be used in soups, beans, or salads. When added to beans reduces "gasiness". Also used to cut or clear energetic parasites and unwated negative energy. Parts used: leaf.60-90
Bronze Fennel12'' - 24''Full Sun - Part ShadeEnjoys a good drink and can go without.Foeniculum vulgare ‘Purpureum.’ Add leaves and flowers to salad for a little anis kick. Foliage is a pretty bronze color. More here.60-90
LimitedMarigold8"Full Sun - Part ShadeModerateTagetes erecta. Iconic orange and yellow flowers are a staple in Dia de los Muertos altars and celebrations. Beautiful cut flower, pollinator and dye plant. More here.30-60
Roman Chamomile6"Full Sun - Part ShadeModerateChamaemelum nobile. Creaping groundcover offers yellow and white flowers which are used in teas and processed into essential oil. Grow as a patch for a relaxing nap pad. More here.30-60
Yarrow8-12"Full Sun - Part ShadeLow - ModerateLocal native. White flowers and leaves are used as an herbal remedy and cut flower. Energetically great for holding healthy boundaries.Perrenial
LimitedVarigated Nastrurtium12"Full Sun - Part ShadeModerateTropaeolum majus. Varigated leaf and dwarf features make this an excelent choice for a salad mix to impress your friends with colors and flavors. More here. 30-60
Pineapple Sage24"Full Sun - Part ShadeLow - ModerateSalvia elegans. Ornamental sage with leaves that have a fragrence reminicent of piña! Red flowers are edible, great for salads, and attract butterflies and hummingbirds. More here.Perrenial
Rose Geranium24"Full Sun - Part ShadeLow - ModeratePelargonium 'Attar of Rose. 'Small pink flowers, leaves have a citrus-floral scent. More here.Perrenial
LimitedSkullcap 8-12"Full Sun - Part ShadeReally loves water.Scutellaria lateriflora. A member of the mint family, this herb is commonly used as tincture or tea for caffinee addicts looking to catch a break. Great for relaxation, safe for kids. More here.Perrenial
Burdock12"Full Sun - Part ShadeModerateArcticum lappa. Medicinal root used for gentle detoxificaiton, Japanese vegetable, aka gobo. Hearty taproot. Seed heads are the origin of velcro.
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