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1117Mr Dursley notices weird things happening. Cat reading a map, people dressed funny, overhears someone refer to the Potters, owls talked about on the news. He worries something has happenedNormal life to weird. + / -Mrs Dursley confirms that her sister's son's name is HarryOmniscient
Mr Dursley
TuesdayAll DayPrivet Drive / TownVernon Dursley, Petunia Dursley, baby Dudley, the cat, unnamed wizard(s), Mr Dursley's secretary6+Lily and James Potter2
21810Dumbledore shows up and talks to Prof McGonagall (the cat in the previous scene) about Voldemort's defeat, James and Lily's death, and leaving Harry with the Dursleys. Hagrid shows up with Harry and they places him on the front stoop of the Dursley's house.Joy to Sadness + / -Dumbledore tells Prof McGonagall that they are leaving Harry with the Dursleys.OmniscientTuesday15 minsPrivet DriveDumbledore, Prof McGonagall, Hagrid, Harry4Voldemort, Lily and James Potter, Dursleys5
321813(10 years later) Harry Potter wakes up in the cupboard under the stairs. We see how badly he is treated (broken glasses, old clothes, not enough to eat, spoken to rudely, etc). It is Dudley's birthday. They go to the zoo. Harry ends up going because the babysitter got hurt. In the reptile area Harry interacts with the boa constrictor, the glass magically disappears, and Dudley freaks out. Harry is punished. Also, several weird things have happened to Harry over the years.Left out to included - / + / -The glass disappears and the snake gets out.Omniscient, intracranial Harry PotterDudley's birthdayMorning, zoo trip, eveningPrivet Drive / ZooVernon, Petunia, Dudley, Piers (Dudley's friend), Harry, the snake.6
43315Fast forward to the Summer vacation. Harry is avoiding Dudsley and looking forward to school starting where he will be in boarding school and away from Dudsley. Dudsley gets new uniform for school. One morning the mail shows up and when Harry gets it, he finds a letter on parchment addressed to him. Mr. Dudsley takes it before Harry can read it, reads it, and then freaks out. Vernon kicks the boys out of the room and he and Petunia discuss what to do, deciding to throw it away and hope that's the end of it.Excitement to Fear + / -Mr Dursley reads the letter addressed to HarryOmniscient, intracranial Harry PotterSummer vacation, a July morning.15 minsPrivet DriveVernon, Petunia, Dudley, Harry4N/AN/A
53362Vernon is scared about the letter (since it had 'cupboard' on the envelope) and moves Harry up to Dudley's second room. Dudley is none to happy about it.Treated poorly to treated less poorly - / +Harry moves into Dudley's roomOmniscient, intracranial Harry PotterLater in the day after the first letter arrived15 minsPrivet DriveVernon, Petunia, Dudley, Harry4N/AN/A
63388More and more letters keep coming. Each time Harry tries to get them, Vernon keeps him from getting one, and Vernon goes a little crazies. First, he nails the mail slot closed, but letters come through the chimney. So he packs up the family and goes to a hotel, but a letters show up in their hotel room. Then, finally, he finds an old abandoned house on an island and takes them there. That night (which is the day before Harry's birthday) a big storm comes up and just at midnight, there is a loud boom and someone knocks on the door.Fear to Panic - / --Letters show up at the motel and Vernon decides to get as far away as possible.Omniscient, intracranial Harry PotterThe 3 days after the first letter arrives.3 days.Privet Drive, Hotel, abandoned cabin.Vernon, Petunia, Dudley, Harry4N/AN/A
744615Hagrid shows up at the house. A bunch of back and forth between Hagrid, Harry and Vernon, where Hagrid tells Harry all about his parents, being a wizard, Voldemort, Hogwarts, etc. Each time Vernon and/or Petunia protest and each time Hagrid yells at them and finally puts a spell on Dudley. Harry is all excited but then can't believe it's true.Hagrid finally convinces him it's true and that they will leave in the morning. They go to sleep at the cabin.Fear to Excitement - / +Harry believes he's a wizard and wants to go to HogwartsOmniscient, intracranial Harry PotterThe night they are at the cabin on the island.30 minsabandoned cabinVernon, Petunia, Dudley, Harry, Hagrid5Voldemort, Lily and James Potter, Dumbledore4
856115Hagrid and Harry leave the next morning to head to London. He tells Harry about Gringotts and Diagon Alley. He also explains that they keep hidden from Muggles. Hagrid shows Harry the list of supplies he needs for school. They visit the Leaky Cauldron where people notice it's Harry Potter and he meets Professor Quirrell, the defense against the dark arts professor. Meets Prof Quirrell who ends up being the villain. Hagrid picks up the Sorcerer's stone from Gringotts.Confused to more confused- / --Meets Professor QuirrellOmniscient, intracranial Harry PotterHarry's birthdayCouple hoursabandoned cabin, London, Leaky Cauldron, Diagon Alley, GringottsHagrid, Harry, bartender, bar people, Prof Quirrell5+
95718They go into Diagon Alley and into Gringotts. While at Gringotts, Harry gets a bunch of money out of his own safe. Then they go to a special vault where Hagrid gets something hidden out of a safe.Poor to rich- / +Harry gets his money from GringottsOmniscient, intracranial Harry PotterHarry's birthday1 hourDiagon Alley, GringottsHagrid, Harry, goblins3
105763Harry goes into Diagon Alley to shop alone. At the robes store he meets Dracus Malfoy for the first time. They talk and Dracus talks about how half-bloods shouldnt be in the school. He doesn't know who Harry is. Ends with Hagrid coming to get him.Draco tells him about Quidditch and first introduces the rascism in the wizard world.Lost to more lost- / --Hagrid shows up to get HarryOmniscient, intracranial Harry PotterHarry's birthday15 minsMadam Malkin's Robes for All OccasionsHarry, Dracus Malfoy, Hagrid3
115796Harry finishes shopping with Hagrid (who buys him his owl, Hedwig) and then goes to get his want. He tries a bunch of wands (the wands choose the wizard afterall) and finally the one that picks him is the counterpart to Voldemart's wand.Hagrid explains Quidditch and the school houses. Harry aquires one of the tools he needs for the job.Normal to special- / +Voldemart's wand counterpart picks HarryOmniscient, intracranial Harry PotterHarry's Birthday30 minsDiagon Alley, OllivanderHarry, Hagrid, Olivander3
125853Harry questions everything and wonders if he will be good enough for the journey ahead. Hagrid assures him he will.Hagrid gives him what he needs for the next part of his journey after assuring Harry that he can do it.Despair to hope- / +Hagrid gives Harry his train ticket for HogwartsOmniscient, intracranial Harry PotterHarry's Birthday15 minsLeaky CauldronHarry, Hagrid2
136882Harry asks Vernon to take him to King's Cross to catch the train. He shows him the ticket and Vernon scoffs at 9 3/4s. Then tells him they have to go into town anyway to get Dudley's tail removed.No plan to plan- / +Harry shows Vernon the ticketOmniscient, intracranial Harry PotterAugust 31st5 minsPivet DriveHarry, Vernon2
146903Vernon drops Harry off at King's Cross. Harry is lost trying to find where platform 9 3/4 is. He overhears the Weasleys come by, follows them and overhears them as the boys go through the wall. Harry talks to Mrs Weasley and she shows him how to go through the wall into the right platform.Harry meets the family that will be his friends and they help him find his way.Lost to Found- / +Harry meets the WeasleysOmniscient, intracranial Harry PotterSeptember 1st15 minsKings CrossHarry, Vernon, Mrs Weasley, Ron, Fred, George, Ginny7
156935Harry enters the platform 9 3/4. He meets Fred and George who help him and figure out that he is THE Harry Potter. We also meet Neville, who has lost his frog. Also overhear Ginny asking about Harry and wanting to meet him. Harry finds a compartment and the train leaves the station.Unknown to Known- / +Fred and George figure out it's Harry Potter.Omniscient, intracranial Harry PotterSeptember 1st15 minsKings Cross, Hogwarts ExpressHarry, Mrs Weasley, Ron, Fred, George, Ginny, Neville7
166987Ron joins Harry in the compartment. They get to know each other. Talk about wizardry world, tells harry about his family, Harry buys a bunch of snacks and shares with Ron, Neville comes by looking for his frog, Ron decides to try to change Scabbers yellow just as Hermione enters.Ron helps Harry understand the wizard world a bit more. Also, Harry gets the dumbledore card that has Nicolas Flamel's name on it. This comes up later in the story when they are trying to find out what is being hidden under Fluffy.Strangers to Friends- / +Harry shares his food with RonOmniscient, intracranial Harry PotterSeptember 1st30 minsHogwarts ExpressHarry, Ron, Neville, Hermione4
1761053Hermione meets Harry and then keeps helping Neville look for the frog. Ron tells Harry about Gringotts robbery and then starts talking about QuidditchShares info that ties to Gringotts visit with Hagrid and future stuff in the book.Ignorance to knowledge? + / -Ron tells Harry about Gringotts robberyOmniscient, intracranial Harry PotterSeptember 1st15 minsHogwarts ExpressHarry, Ron, Neville, Hermione4
1861082Draco comes to Ron and Harry's compartment with Crab and Goyle. They start arguing. Harry firmly sides with Ron against Draco. Just as they are about to fight, Scabbers bites Crab and ends the fight before it starts.Harry's sworn enemy shows up and Harry firmly sides against him.Indifference to hate + / -Harry sides with Ron over DracoOmniscient, intracranial Harry PotterSeptember 1st15 minsHogwarts ExpressHarry, Ron, Crab, Goyle, Draco5
1961103Harry and the rest of the first years dress and are taken to the castle by HagridOut to In - / +They get to hogwarts castleOmniscient, intracranial Harry PotterSeptember 1st30 minsHogwarts Express, HogwartsHarry, Ron, Hermione, Neville, all first years, Hagrid6+
2071135Harry and the other first years are taken inside by Prof McGonagall. They are told some instructions and said they will be sorted into the different school houses. The ghosts come by and the kids freak out. The first years are taken into the main hall and shown the hat who sings the song.Meet more people in the new world (ghosts)Excitement to Fear + / -They are taken into the hall and introduced to the sorting hat.Omniscient, intracranial Harry PotterSeptember 1st30 minsHogwarts, Great HallHarry, Ron, Hermione, Neville, all first years, Prof McGonagall, sorting hat, all other students.10+
2171185The sorting hat sorts everyone out. Ron, Hermione and Harry end up in Gryffindor. Crab, Goyle, and Draco go to Slytherin. Harry could have gone either way but the hat let him choose.Fear to Resolution - / +Harry is sorted into GryffindorOmniscient, intracranial Harry PotterSeptember 1st15 minsHogwarts, Great HallHarry, Ron, Hermione, Neville, all first years, Prof McGonagall, sorting hat, all other students.10+
2271238Harry meets Nearly Headless Nick and more of his friends in Gryffindor. He is also told about Snape. And Dumbledore says they can't go to the third floor. They then sing the Hogwarts song and Percy led them up to the Gryffindor dormitory. Ends with Harry having a bad dream.Ignorance to knowledge??Seems just exposition. Giving us information about characters.Omniscient, intracranial Harry PotterSeptember 1st30 minsHogwarts, Great Hall, Gryffindor towerHarry, Ron, Hermione, Neville, Snape, Quirrel, Percy, Dumbledore, Peeves, all other students.10+
23813111All the kids are astir about the Harry Potter being in their midst. Harry has his first potions class with Snape and it does not go well. Snape is obviously mean to Harry and quips about his "fame". Afterwards, they go to see Hagrid. While there, Harry reads another article about the break in. He puts it together that it happened the day they were there and that it was the vault Hagrid had emptied.Connects back to the visit at GringottsAll is right with the world to something sinister is going on + / -Harry reads the article in the Dail ProphetOmniscient, intracranial Harry PotterFirst week of classesAll DayHogwarts, potion class, Hagrid's houseHarry, Ron, Hermione, Neville, Snape, Draco, Crab, Goyle, Hagrid, other class mates10+
24914210Neville gets a Remberall. The first years head out for their first flying lesson. Nevilles breaks his wrist. Malfoy steals his Remberall and flies off. Harry goes after him. Malfoy throws the Remberall and Harry dives after it. McGonagall catches him and, instead of kicking him out, puts him on the quidditch team.Worried to victorious- / +McGonagall catches Harry on the broomOmniscient, intracranial Harry PotterEarly in the school year30 minsHogwarts, outside, classroomHarry, Ron, Hermione, Neville, Snape, Draco, Crab, Goyle, Prof McGonagall, Madam Hootch, other class mates10+
25915211Draco and Harry get into it and end agreeing to a duel at midnight. Ron and Harry sneak out to meet Draco for the duel. Along the way they pick up Neville and Hermione as well. When they get to the room, Draco isn't there but Filtch shows up. They run away, Peeves finds them, they run away again and end up on the 3rd floor behind the door they're not supposed to go through. They see Fluffy for the first time, freak out and run and go back to the gryffindor dorm. They realized the dog was guarding something.Fluffy is guarding where Hagrid put the thing he took out of GringottsIgnorance to knowledge + / -When they see fluffy and realize he's guarding somethingOmniscient, intracranial Harry PotterEarly in the school yearAll DayHogwarts, Gryfinndor tower, 3rd floorHarry, Ron, Hermione, Neville, Filtch, Fluffy6Draco, Crab, Goyle
26101633Ron and Harry put it together that whatever Hagrid took from Gringotts is what is underneath Fluffy under the trapdoor. At breakfast Harry recieves a Nimbus 2000 - the best broomstick - since he's joinded the quidditch team. Malfoy is pissed. And Ron and Harry love rubbing it in his face.Worry to Excitement- / +When Harry gets the broomstick in the mailOmniscient, intracranial Harry PotterNearing Hallowween30 minsDorimitory, breakfastHarry, Ron, Hermione, Neville, Draco, Prof Flitwick6
27101664Harry is taught all about Quidditch by Oliver Woods, the Gryffindor team captain. He's also introduced to his role as seeker.Ignorance to knowledge- / +When Oliver reveals the snitchOmniscient, intracranial Harry PotterNearing Hallowween30 minsQuidditch fieldHarry, Oliver Woods2
28101702Hermione is a know-it-all in class again and Ron gets really upset cause he can't figure it out. Ron says something really mean about her that she overhears and gets really upset. She doesn't show up for classes the rest of the day.Friends to hurt feelings + / -When Hermione overhears what Ron saidOmniscient, intracranial Harry PotterHalloween1 hourClassroom and hogwarts hallwaysHarry, Ron, Seamus, Neville, Hermione, Prof Flitwick, other first years10+
29101728A troll shows up at school and all of the kids are sent to their dorms. Harry and Ron realize that Hermione is in danger and go look for her. They end up saving her from the troll by knocking it out. Hermione lies to the teachers to protect all of them. In the end, they are safe and good friends.Danger to safe- / +When the troll gets knocked outOmniscient, intracranial Harry PotterHalloween15 minsThird floor, girls bathroomHarry, Ron, Hermione, the troll, Percy, Prof Quirrel, Snape, Prof McGonagal, all the students in the hall10+
30111803It's november now. Harry, Ron, and Hermione are hanging out in the courtyard when they see Snape limping along. He sees them, comes over and takes Harry's library book and takes 5 points from Gryffindor for a made up rule. Later Harry goes to find him to get the book back and sees Snape's leg that is very wounded and overhears him referring to fluffy. Ron and Harry think he was trying to steal what was under Fluffy.Suspicison is thrown on Snape, who ends up being the hero.Non-suspicion to suspicison- / +When Harry sees Snape's leg and hears him refer to Fluffy.Omniscient, intracranial Harry Pottera day in November30 minsHogwarts courtyard, dormitory, teacher's room.Harry, Ron, Hermione, Snape, Filtch5
311118311The first Quidditch match that Harry is a part of. They get revved up and head out for the match against Slytherin, which is playing pretty dirty. All of a sudden, Harry's broom starts going crazy. He's completely lost control of it and it keeps going higher and trying to buck him off. Ron and Hermione look at Snape and see him chanting a spell while looking at Harry, so Hermione sneaks over and sets his robe on fire. In the commition, Snape stops, but Prof Quirrel also gets knocked down (which is actually what saves Harry). Harry then regains control and ends up catching the Snitch and winning the match. In the end they are with Hagrid and he keeps saying Snape is innocent but Ron, Harry, and Hermione is convinced he is trying to steal what is under Fluffy. Hagrid mentions Nicolas Flamel.More suspicion on Snape, and more clues from Hagrid.Suspicion to more suspicision- / --When Hermione and Ron see Snape trying to set a spell on Harry's broomOmniscient, intracranial Harry Pottera day in November2 hoursHogwarts, Quidditch field, Hagrid's houseHarry, Ron, Hermione, quidditch players, the rest of the school, Hagrid, Snape, Prof Quirrel10+
32121945It's now December. Ron and Harry have another run-in with Draco. Hagrid is present and they end up talking to him about how they are looking into Nicolas Flamel. Hagrid is NOT happy about this, but they continue on their quest looking through books in the library and trying to find who he is.Not sure what to do to searching for a particular clue- / +When they tell Hagrid their looking for Nicolas Flamel.Omniscient, intracranial Harry PotterThe day before Christmas break.1 hourHogwarts hall, libraryHarry, Ron, Hermione, Hagrid, Draco, Madam Pince the librarian6
33121994Harry is staying over Christmas break at Hogwarts and all the Weasley boys are there. When opening presents, he opens one from Dumbledore (though he doesn't know that at the time) that is an invisibility cloak that was his father's. After presents, they head down to christmas banquet.Harry gets another tool he needs for his journey. I think the mentor role is split between Dumbledore and Hagrid. No connection to his father to connection- / +When he opens the invisibility cloakOmniscient, intracranial Harry PotterChristmas day30 minsGryffindor dormitoryharry, Ron, Percy, George, Fred5
34122036Ron and Harry go to the Christmas banquet and eat a ton. When they get back in the room, Harry considers the invisibility cloak and decides to go exploring after curfew. He goes to the library and the restricted section thinking he may be able to find something about Nicolas Flamel, and the first book he opens starts screaming. Filtch shows up and Harry tries to run. Then he overhears Filtch telling Snape that someone was in the restricted section. They keep looking for Harry, but Harry slips into a room to hide. Inside he finds the mirror that shows him his parents. He's so excited to see them and stays there for hours before leaving for the night but promising to come back.I need to think more about what the mirror represents and why it's in the story.From covered wound to open wound - he's never had to really face his parents being gone. + / -When he finds the mirrorOmniscient, intracranial Harry PotterChristmas evening2 hoursbanquet hall, dormitory, library, other hogwarts halls/roomsHarry, Ron, Snape, Filtch4
35122096Harry takes Ron to see the mirror, who gets excited about it, but doesn't reach the obsessiveness that Harry has with it. The next night Harry goes again with a plan to stay all night but when he arrives Dumbledore is there. He tells Harry what the mirror is and why it's dangerous and encourages Harry to never seek it out again.Ignorance to knowledge- / +When dumbledore interrupts his time with the mirrorOmniscient, intracranial Harry PotterTwo days after christmasTwo days, then 15 minsdormitory and room with the mirrorRon, Harry, Dumbledore3
36132152The next term starts and it's busy busy. During a Quidditch practice Wood tells Harry and his teammates that Snape is refereeing the next match. Harry tells Ron and Hermione and they are freaking out thinking it's Snape wanting to hurt Harry again. They want him not to play, but Harry decides he has to.Safe to unsafe + / -When he finds out Snape is reffing the next gameOmniscient, intracranial Harry PotterDay in January1 hourQuidditch field and dormitoryOliver wood, other teammates, Ron, Harry, Hermione5Snape
37132173Neville stumbles in having being cursed by Malfoy. Hermione undoes the curse but Neville is sad, feeling like he doesn't belong in Gryffindor. Harry gives him a choclate frog to make him feels better and when he looks at the Dumbledore card, he suddenly realized where he had seem Nicolas Flamel's name before... it was on the back of the card because him and Dumbledore had worked together. Hermione looks him up and they realize that he made the Sorceror's Stone and that that must be what is being hidden and protected under Fluffy.Refers back to scene 16 when Harry gets the Dumbledore card.Ignorance to knowledge- / +When Harry realizes where he's heard the Nicolas Flamel name beforeOmniscient, intracranial Harry PotterDay in January15 minsdormitoryNeville, Ron, Harry, Hermione4Snape
38132205A short lead up to the day of the next Quidditch match. Harry gets the feeling that Snape is following him. During the match, Ron and Draco get into a fist fight over Draco's insults. But Harry finishes the Quidditch match barely 5 mins in by catching the Snitch. Harry is ecstatic and feels happy.Defeat to victory- / +When Harry wins the matchOmniscient, intracranial Harry PotterDay in January1 hourHogwarts, Quidditch fieldRon, Harry, Dumbledore, Hermione, Draco, Neville, Snape, the whole school10+
39132253Right after the match Harry sees Snape sneaking off to the forbidden forest. He follows him on the broom. He overhears a conversation where it sounds like Snape is threatening Quirrel to help him (later we find out he was threatening Quirrel because Snape knew he was up to something). The conversation also confirms that the Sorceror's Stone is what is being guarded. Harry tells Ron and Hermione and they are terrified that Snape is going to get the stone.Excitement to Fear + / -When Harry overhears the conversationOmniscient, intracranial Harry PotterDay in January30 minsForbidden forest, dormitoryHarry, Snape, Quirrel, Ron, Hermione5
40142283Weeks pass by. One day towards the middle of the term, they run into Hagrid in the library. They tell him they know who Nicolas Flamel is and that Fluffy is guarding the Sorceror's Stone. Hagrid is none too happy about this and invites them to his house later to discuss. After Hagrid leaves, they realize he was researching dragons, which are illegal, and wonders to concern + / -When they realize Hagrid was looking up dragonsOmniscient, intracranial Harry PotterDay somewhere midterm30 minslibraryHagrid, Harry, Ron, Hermione4
41142312The trio go to see Hagrid. Hagrid tells them all of the professors including Snape (and Quirrel) set spells around the Sorceror's Stone to protect it. This freaks the kids out and only deepens their concern and suspicision of Snape. Then they notice the Dragon's egg and realize that Hagrid is going to raise a dragon. Hagrid tells them he won it from a stranger in to concern - / --When they see the dragon egg.Omniscient, intracranial Harry PotterSame day as previous scene.30 minsHagrid's house.Hagrid, Harry, Ron, Hermione4
42142338Hagrid sends for the trio to come see Herbert the dragon hatch. Malfoy overhears and ends up following them down to Hagrid's house and sees the dragon. The trio come up with a plan to have Ron's brother Charlie (the dragon tamer wizard) come and big up Norbert. They send a note to him and he responds that he will come pick up Norbert at the top of the tower at midnight. In the process, Ron's hand gets bitten and Malfoy figures out the plan. With Ron at the doctor, Hermione and Harry have to take Norbet to the tower under the invisibility cloak. Along the way, they hear and see Prof McGonagal catch Malfoy in the tower and dragging him away. He gets detention and 20 points from Slytherin. Ron and Hermione take the dragon the rest of the way and give it to Charlie and his friends. Worry to Safety- / +When they finally get rid of the dragon.Omniscient, intracranial Harry PotterThe week after Norbert is born1 weekHagrid's house, the infirmary, Hogwarts towerHagrid, Harry, Ron, Hermione, Malfoy, Prof McGonagal6
43152416On the way back down from the tower, Hermione and Harry forgot the invisibility cloak and Filtch catches them. In her furry, Prof McGonagal takes 50 points from Harry, Hermione, and Neville (who had overheard their plans). That moved Gryffindor from first place to last place. All the students hated them after this and gave them a lot of grief. Harry promised himself to stop meddling in things that weren't about him. Then he overhears Quirrel agreeing to do something. When Harry looks, there was no Snape but he assumes he was there and now worries that Quirrel has agreed to help Snape get the Sorceror's Stone. When Harry tells Ron and Hermione, Ron insists they do something but Harry refuses because of his promise to stop meddling.concern to more concern- / --When Harry overhears QuirrelOmniscient, intracranial Harry PotterThe week after Norbert leaves.1 weekAll over hogwartsHarry, Hermione, Ron, Quirrel, Neville, Prof McGonagal.
44152479Harry, Hermione, Neville, and Malfoy are taken to Hagrid and the forbidden forest to serve their detention. Their job is to find what is killing unicorns. Along the way they meet a couple centaurs. Eventually, Malfoy, Harry, and Fang (Hagrid's dog) finds a dead unicorn. Then a black figure raises up and comes at them. Malfoy and Fang run but Harry is stuck and pain hits his scar and drops him to the ground. The black figure comes at him but a centaur shows up and saves to danger + / -When Harry and Malfoy find the dead unicorn.Omniscient, intracranial Harry PotterThe day after Harry hears Quirrel2 hoursForbidden forestFiltch, Hagrid, Neville, Harry, Hermione, centaurs.
45152563The centaur Firenze puts harry on his back and starts riding towards his friends. The other centaurs are furious with Firenze for having a human on his back and for interfering in what is going on. Firenze thinks he should fight the darkness. On the way back, Firenze explains why killing a unicorn is so monstrous and how the unicorn blood can keep someone alive. Right as they meetup with Hermione and the others, Harry finds out the creature that was drinking the blood was Voldemart.Danger to more danger- / --When Harry finds out it was Voldemort drinking the unicorn blood.Omniscient, intracranial Harry PotterSame day as previous scene.30 minsforbidden forestHarry, Firenze, other centaurs, Hermione, Hagrid
46152593Harry and Hermione rush back to tell Ron what happened. Harry is convinced that Snape is helping Voldemart get the Sorceror's Stone so that he can come back and kill Harry. at the end of the scene, someone (we find out later Dumbledore) had returned Harry's invisibility cloak under his pillow.Fear to more fear- / --When Harry realizes Snape is helping VoldemortOmniscient, intracranial Harry PotterSame night as previous scene into the following morning.1 hourdormitoryHarry, Ron, Hermione
47162624All of the students get through there exams, but Harry is constantly worried. He keeps having nightmares and his scar keeps hurting. He also keeps feeling like there is something he should know but can't put his finger on it. Finally, it pops in his head. They run down to Hagrid's house to question him about where he got the dragon egg. He tells them it was a cloaked figure and then tells them that he told the man how to tame Fluffy (by playing music for him). The trio freak out and go to see Dumbledowe.Fear to more fear- / --When they realize Hagrid told the stranger how to deal with fluffy.Omniscient, intracranial Harry PotterDay of final exams30 minsHogwarts and Hagrid's houseHarry, Ron, Hermione, Hagrid
48162665The trio find out that Dumbledore has been called away. This convinces them Snape is going after the stone that night. Then Snape threatens them to stay in the dorm. Hermione goes to trail Snape and they boys head to the third floor to check on Fluffy. Prof McGonagal catch Ron and Harry and sends them to the dormitory with strick warnings to not leave. Then Hermione shows up having lost Snape. Finall Harry decides he's going after the Stone that night before Snape can get to it and Hermione and Ron say they're going with him.Fear to Resolution- / +When they all end up back in the dormitoryOmniscient, intracranial Harry PotterDay of final exams1 hourHogwarts, dormitoryProf McGonagal, Snape, Hermione, Harry, Ron
49162714The trio wait out the evening until everyone has gone to bed. When they go to leave, Neville tries to stop them, but Hermione puts a curse on him. They head to the third floor with the invisibility cloak avoiding Mrs Norris and Peeves along the way. They find the door to where Fluffy is already ajar so they think Snape has already gone through, Harry asks them one last time if they want to turn back, and Ron and Hermione agree to continue on.Resolve to more resolve + / ++When they make the final decision to go through the door to where Fluffy is.Omniscient, intracranial Harry PotterNight of final exams30 minsdormitory, Hogwarts, 3rd floorNeville, Ron, Harry, Hermione, Mrs Norbits, Peeves
501627513Harry, Hermione, and Ron all go through the door and start working their way through all of the traps and puzzles put in place to protect the Sorceror's Stone. Along the way, there is something that matches each of the professors, and uses many things referred to throughout the book. The whistle Harry was given by Hagrid at Christmas. The fire Hermione had made in earlier chapters (to get out of the Devil's Snare). The broom flying to get the flying key. The chess game, because Ron was good at chess. The potion logic,because Hermione is smart. However, during the chess game Ron is knocked out. In the potion puzzle, only one person could go forward so Harry decides to go forward and sends Hermione back to help Ron and get help. Harry goes through to the final room.Together to alone + / -When Harry decides to go forward alone.Omniscient, intracranial Harry PotterNight of final exams2 hoursUnderneath HogwartsRon, Harry, Hermione
51172887When Harry steps through, he sees Quirrell there instead of Snape. Quirrell ties up Harry and stands in front of the Mirror of Erised trying to figure out how to get the Sorceror's Stone out of it. In their discussion, many pieces from earlier in the book are explained. Snapes wasn't trying to curse Harry during the Quidditch match, Quirrell was and Snape was trying to stop him. Quirrell let the troll in that almost killed Hermione. Snape wasn't threatening Quirrell to help him steal the stone, Snape was trying to protect the stone. (Also, Quirrell reveals that Snape and Harry's father hated each other.) When Harry met Quirrell in Diagon Alley, he had been there to steal the Sorceror's Stone from Gringotts. Finally, Quirrell is told by Voldemort (who is under his turban) to put Harry in front of the mirror. When he does this, the Stone ends up in Harry's pocket. Quirrell reveals that Voldemort is attached to him under the turban. Quirrell attacks Harry but is burned whenever he touches him (goes back to when Quirrell wouldn't shake Harry's hand). Finally Harry attacks Quirrell burning his face and then passes out.Ignorance and danger to knowledge and freedom- / +When Harry gets the stone.Omniscient, intracranial Harry PotterNight of final exams30 minsUnderneath HogwartsHarry, Quirrell, Voldemort
52172956Harry wakes up three days later in the infirmary. Dumbledore is there and explains that he got there just in time to save Harry. He explains that the stone will be destroyed, explains that Snape was trying to save him to make up for Harry's dad saving Snape, etc.Ignorance and fear to knowledge and safety- / +When Dumbledore starts explaining what happened.Omniscient, intracranial Harry Potter3 days later20 minsInfirmaryDumbledore, Harry
53173016Harry is reunited with Ron and Hermione, who discuss what happens and figure that Dumbledore let them go after Quirrell. Harry meets up with Hagrid as well. At the final feast, Dumbledore gives enough points to Ron, Hermione, Harry and Neville to allow Gryffindor to win the house cup.Safety to joy + / ++When Gryffindor wins the house cupOmniscient, intracranial Harry Pottersame as previous scene1 hourInfirmary, dining hallEverybody
54173072Everybody returns home and Harry returns to his Uncle's house
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