J202 Fall 2018 IS pitch (Responses)
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First nameLast nameLabFocus of your story in one sentenceWhy is this story important?Name and brief description of a person you interviewed while coming up with your ideaDescribe the nature of *any* connections you have with this organization or subject matter you're proposing to explore.Approved/ Revise/ RepitchKaty CommentsJesse Comments
BashirAdenLab 302/ElenaProfiling a rising artist from Madison that is slowly gaining fame nationwide and analyzing UW's own imprint on the artist and how the local music scenes are gaining steam.There are small music scenes and artists in Madison that are becoming nationally recognized and the lack of music journalism on the campus is shrinking these artist's own hometown fanbases.Trapo, a rising hip-hop artist who started his music career on the UW campus and is now being recognized by large news organizations like NPR and XXL.I have been writing music criticism and profile pieces since I was 16 and I had never heard of him since I came to Madison, so I want to take the skills I have gained over the years and investigate an artist on the campus.Approved
BrennanBahrLab 303/DaveThe importance of independent music venues in the city of Madison by focusing on one of Madison's newest venues, Communication.This story is important due to the recent buy out and monopolization of most major local venues (Orpheum, Majestic, High Noon) due to the Frank Productions and Live Nation Merger, as well as the closing of one of the most popular independent venues, The Frequency, making it difficult for local/smaller artists to find space to perform, get compensation, find their audience, and continue to keep Madison's music scene alive.I have discussed this issue and Communication with members of WUD Music (a student group who books free concerts the the Union) and have reached out to Communication for interview.I was once a member of WUD Music but as of May of last year I am no longer involved in the committee.Approved
JosieBrandmeierLab 307/NoahWhat it's like in a Porchlight shelter located on the UW campus, how it impacts homelessness in MadisonUW Madison is a prestigious institution with a backdrop of poverty. Hearing the stories of employees and residents at Porchlight will humanize homeless people that students on their way to class often ignore. Porchlight is a great organization but cannot take care of all the systematic poverty in the city. I plan to formally interview Karla Thennes, Executive Director of Porchlight. I used to teach Karla Thennes' daughter piano. Approved
DanaBrandtLab 303/DaveMany traditions have been built over the years at UW by the university's marching band.Lots of students attend sporting events and participate in the traditions but don't know their origins. Also, it is especially relevant this year with Mike Leckrone retiring. Jim Nelson, a news editor who came and spoke to the staff of The Daily Cardinal about writing and newsworthy eventsNoneApproved
SamBuismanLab 304/GillExploring feelings of youth political efficacy with the backdrop of the midterm elections.Young voters have the potential to be a powerful voting bloc in the United States but participate at a much lower rate than older age groups. However, recent events may suggest that this is beginning to change as politics encroach upon young adult life. An exploration of youth political efficacy will shed light upon what motivates teens to participate, why many feel disenfranchised and how recent political events have contributed to these feelings, if at all. I had a brief discussion with gubernatorial candidate Tony Evers, who suggested that the rising cost of college is a motivating factor for students to participate in politics. I am a reporter for WSUM Student Radio and a producer of the weekly news hour. Our reporting occasionally regards youth voting patterns but it has always been within the wider context of statewide or national elections, never within the context of exploring this issue alone. I am also a Political Science major, and I have been exposed to topics regarding voting patterns, but my focus within my major is on international relations and comparative government rather than domestic politics. Approved
EmilieBurdittLab 307/NoahUW's efforts and abilities to bring healthy food to its food resources (like Open Seat, the UW food pantry).NPR and the Washington Post just came out with articles on the impact of hunger on college students. Food hunger can effect a student's ability to concentrate on their studies. Additionally, the food available at food pantries is mostly processed or canned food items, which means students who use these resources are most likely missing out on quality nutrients. I want to research the nutrition a student can get from UW food resources (including available foods to those with dietary restrictions), as well as the social effects of poverty-induced hunger. For example, how does it effect a student socially, who can't afford to buy food, when their friends go out to dinner and they can't go along? I interviewed Owen Martin, a sophomore at UW-Madison looking to create a more highly-developed food program for homeless people in Madison. I've been to F.H. King's free vegetable handouts on Fridays. I might use them as a possible source.Approved
SonyaChechikLab 305/Min-HsinExploring student education/interaction with other cultures in and out of the classroom (narrowing focus onto either the role of multicultural student orgs in aiding this or what the University is doing to provide less Eurocentric education)It is important for students to be exposed to a variety of viewpoints and ideas and the diversity of the campus environment influences the extent to which this occurs so investigating efforts made by student orgs and/or the University to increase multicultural exposure or investigating how often student orgs with different views have conversations to develop their ideas could help show if/what steps could be taken on campus to improve.Maria Ahmed is the assistant director for leadership and involvement at the multicultural student centerI am not involved in a multicultural student organizationApproved
MackenzieChristmanLab 304/GillI want to look at what makes an international student choose UW. I always hear from fellow Wisconsinites what made them choose UW, but I'm curious how someone from another country perceives UW. This story is important because it will offer readers an alternative perspective/lens to view our school with. I have a classmate from a political science course last semester who I'd like to talk to, and through him I could become connected with other international students to interview for my story if needed. I have many friends who are abroad or are international students here.ApprovedPlease be careful not to make this into a list story about Person A coming for Reason X, Person B coming for Reason Y and Person C coming for Reason Z. You have to find consistent themes or really compelling stories.
MaddieClark Lab 301/AlexTaking a close at the on-campus resources that exist for people with eating disorders.According to a 2013 study from the National Eating Disorder Association college years (from ages 18-21) is a time when eating disorders can be more likely to arise. This time can be very dangerous for students so it is imperative that they have access to the right resources. I spoke with a friend of my roommates. She attends another university and recently exited treatment for an eating disorder. None Approved
Dale CrittenbergerLab 302/ElenaThe way that scandal in the Catholic Church and the cycle of abuse between priest and children has affected the Catholic Community in Madison.. The on going scandals and investigation in the Catholic Church that have recently come been exposed has left a large percentage of followers at the religion distraught and confused, religion is an important aspect of many members of our community, and I think it is important to see how people cope when the institution they trust in most act in egregious ways. I have been hearing from many friends and acquiescent on campus about their confusion and conflicted feelings about how they will proceed with their religion when it I do not have any strong connections to this subject matter. I know that their are many student organizations for Catholic students on campus, who would be beneficial to talk to. I also hope to talk to priest about how they plan to cope and bring their community back together. Approved
JulietDupontLab 303/DaveHow different campus groups and institutions approach reproductive healthcare and why those approaches matter in the face of a potential ideological shift on the Supreme CourtCollege students need to understand their options regarding reproductive healthcare and how their options could change as the American political climate evolves.I plan to interview a medical professional working at the Women’s Health Clinic in UHS.I have received medical treatment regarding reproductive health, but not from the UHS Women’s Health Clinic. Approved
BrantFistelLab 301/AlexThe rise of e-sports on at UW-MadisonE-sports is a rapidly growing sector in the entertainment industry and is important in understanding the shift in the video game business.I have talked to multiple students here at UW and found out that many of them do indeed know about e-sports and some of them even follow it closely. I also interned at a start-up company over the summer that deals with E-sports as one of their main areas of focus. I can interview people from the company as they are experts on the emergence of e-sports.I have always liked video games and I learned a lot about the industry of e-sports while I interned this summer at a start-up company that focuses on this sector of video game entertainment.Approved
MirandaGetreuLab 301/AlexThe unique existence of food carts on campus: how the started, how they grew and the unique pros and cons they have. The food carts have become very popular in the past few years and it is important to understand how and why. They serve the need for convenience between classes. They also have different benefits to the owners and workers while they may also face challenges. I spoke a lot to fellow students on campus as to why they choose to eat at food carts. I also have daily interactions with a number of the food cart workers as I choose to eat there. I am a customer to many of these food carts. I found out about a lot of them through social media which is something I want to research. My father also works in real estate and I’m interested in examining the difference in rent/function as opposed to brick and mortar restaraunts. ApprovedPlease be careful not to make the main story merely a list of different carts. You need to report and find something truly compelling.Keep thinking about and looking for ways to focus this story further and to draw out the human element.
Cassidy GieseLab 304/GillI will be outlining the UW Madison policy changes on protesting (created in response to the incidents surrounding Ben Shapiro's visit in 2016)and whether or not they are just.This story is important because it directly effects students' freedom of speech, a novel thing at a university that has been so outspoken on free speech through history.I plan on interviewing a member of the student org that plans campus speakers.I am a double major with Political science and am taking a class specific to First Amendment rights this semester.Approved
HannahGoldbergLab 306/WendyThe origins of UW- Madison's ethnic studies requirement and whether it is successfulIf the requirement is not successful, then what can be done to improve the climate on campus?My TA of an ethnic studies course that I am taking this semester brought the history of the requirement to my attention.My TA mentioned the establishment of racism on campus in the 1920's with the KKK and how it took 30+ years to get the university to require a racial learning component.ApprovedMake your topic overall just a little bit broader, e.g. "Campus Climate on Race." Then maybe the main text story is about the ethnic studies requirement, why we have it and whether it helps with climate. This gives you a few more options for the other pieces in your project.
CeliaGolodLab 305/Min-HsinTo tell the story of homelessness in Madison through the Lens of a Street Pulse Vendor.UW students encounter homeless people in their day-to-day but seldom think about the lives of the people they encounter. Many students are asked to purchase a copy of the Street Pulse, a newspaper that works to help the homeless, on a daily basis. Through my Individual Story I hope to tell the story not only of the issue of Homelessness in Madison but also the Street Pulse through the lens of a vendor.Julia Rodman, Wisconsin student and frequent buyer of the Street Pulse.I am a Wisconsin student who encounters homeless people on the street. I want to know more about their personal lives and the how the Street Pulse affects their everyday life.Approved
EmmaGravesLab 305/Min-HsinHow the closing of the SERF has affected student lives with regard to fitness and recreationIt seems that because we do not have a large, fancy, central student rec center, local businesses have been thriving on campus. It's also interesting to note that the NIC being built may change these thingsI had conversations with a few fellow students on campus on their fitness routines and whether or not that regularly involves rec sportsI have been affected by the Serf closing myself and have used their substitute options, I work at Cyc Fitness which is a cycle boutique on campusApprovedI suspect this will end up being about The Nick more than the closing of the SERF
LilyGrayLab 307/NoahThe Memorial Union hires people with disabilities, in order to illustrate inclusion upfront. It is important because it is difficult to be inclusive on an established campus, yet the Union accomplishes this by empowering people with disabilitiesI plan on interviewing Tim Borchert, the Human Resources Director and the Board of Engagement, Inclusion, and Diversity at Memorial Union. I do not have any explicit connections, except for that I have been involved in organizations that help people with disabilities, such as Partnership Resources Incorporated and Adapted physical education. ApprovedI didn't know the Union did this. Novel pitch. You may need to expand your topic a bit, e.g., "Inclusive Hiring on Campus," if the Union effort isn't broad enough to give you material for all the different kinds of stories you need to do.
NaomiGrossLab 306/WendyI will focus on the sexism in Greek life.So many people choose to be part of this culture that is perpetuating “traditional” ideals of sexism. It’s 2018.I plan to interview the president of Kappa Kappa Gamma, a nationally known sorority. I have a couple acquaintances in geek life. ApprovedBut I want you to be careful about bias. It feels like you have opinions on this, so be sure to maintain your neutrality.
MeganGrowtLab 303/DaveDebate on whether or not Division I athletes at UW-Madison should be paid by the NCAA (not just on scholarships)Division I athletics has become an enormous enterprise, source of entertainment and advertising. The debate has gone on for years now, and there are strong opinions on each side. As a division I university, our athletes are surrounded by this thought and debate everyday. I want to see how they feel, how their administrators feel, and how other students feel as well.Alexa Leiterman, (My Roommate) and girlfriend of Football Player, Alec IngoldI am an avid UW-Athletics follower. I have loved sports my whole life. I am also close with a few student athletes from men's football, basketball, and Track/XC.ApprovedDo not interview any athletes you know well.
KobiHackenburgLab 305/Min-HsinI want to write an article about the anxieties and pressures surrounding the decision to switch a major -- what are the causes, effects, and consequences of the decision? Changing a major is a stressful, and implicitly impactful, decision made by undergraduates. It is also shockingly common. But maybe changing a major doesn't have to be the terrifying, panic-inducing ordeal it's made out to be. Then again, maybe it's riskier than it seems -- I'll have to find out by interviewing academic advisors and students. A girl (a senior here at the university) I was talking to told me she has changed her major 4 times, and is now a geography major -- she said that changing her major helped her conquer a mental health problem. This peaked my interest. None -- I've never even changed my major.Approved
PaigeHaehlkeLab 306/WendyHow women's concern for their safety affects their decisions about what they do on campus and if UW/colleges in general should do more to make them feel safe.This has affected me personally and I Tatiana Rivera - she is my roommate's friend visiting from New York and she said her campus is secluded from the city so it is different from Madison, but she has felt unsafe on her campus once before.I have a personal connection since this is an issue that affects me and my friends, but no connection other than that.ApprovedYou can go forward with the topic of "women's safety" but be sure to narrow to a specific focus for the main text story. You don't want it to be too general.
BeccaHeavenrichLab 304/GillI plan to focus on the history of student protests at UW and how that has influenced the current political climate of the student body.Political activism on a campus has an impact on the student body and UW has a rich history of political protests led by students.Bob Stein, my parent's friend who went to UW during the Vietnam War when there were many protestsNoneApproved
LisaHeverlyLab 306/WendyI want to explore the Black Student Experience at UW, specifically how student feel about non-black professors teaching them about their own culture and/or demographical issues (ie. hiphop).UW believes they are catering to the marginalized/POC because of their ethnic course requirement, having the BCC, etc. But what do the students - living it, being affected by it - feel?I do not know yet but I have friends of friends. Also I have heard from more than one African-American person that they do not like UW and I wondered why.No connection. I wanted to do a minority group because Im part of the minority, but not my own ethnic group. However, I have some friends that can help me with this project.Approved
KellyHoganLab 306/WendyMy IS will focus on what motivates students to join the ROTC and how their college experience is similar/different than other students on campus due to the program.The ROTC trains officers for the US Armed forces, which is obviously very important for the protection of country. Furthermore, it provides an opportunity for students to go to college who might not be able to afford to do so otherwise. I am totally unfamiliar with the program and its demands and believe many other students who are not in the program completely overlook it. Makayla Hansen None whatsoeverApproved
Makena HouseLab 303/DaveMultitasking and technology on college campuses and how this has affected students and professors, as well as the overall grade distribution in classes that utilize technology versus those that don't. This story is important to me because technology is such a huge part of learning and education today. I interviewed a student I met in the airport and a student I met in the library-- both were using their computers while completing work. I am also planning on interviewing multiple professors, some who have been teaching at UW since before technology was important and vice versa. I am a student and use technology to take notes and do homework. ApprovedNote that it's going to be difficult, if not impossible, to do grade distribution by tech v. no tech. We have lots of data on distributions but none on who does and doesn't allow computers in class.
LaurynHugenerLab 302/ElenaAtheism and agnosticism on campus and the stigma that comes with the label. Because of the lack of conversation about atheism and agnosticism on campus, I feel students aren't fully informed of the beliefs that surround these two systems. Religion and belief systems are such a big part of our culture, but because of the negative stigma that comes with atheism and agnosticism, students don't feel comfortable with exploring something that may be out of their comfort zone. Emily Lakeman, an open agnostic on campus. I wrote a story for my high school paper about a similar subject, but other than that, none. It always been an intriguing topic to me. Approved
ColinJayLab 301/AlexI want to analyze the history of Lake Mendota and Monona, and what role they play in Madison's economy. I think that a lot of people take our lakes for granted, and don't realize how important they are to this city. I will interview Donald P. Sandford, author of the book, "On Fourth Lake, A Social History of Lake Mendota." I go to the lake everyday (To run, swim, study, etc.). ApprovedBut I think when you start reporting, you're going to want to expand to include the other two lakes.
SamanthaJonesLab 304/GillHow UHS approaches mental illness and the effect on those students who reach out for helpThe stigmatization/patronization of those with mental illness can severely affect their campus experience as well as productivity in societyPlan on reaching out to various campus writers that have spoken out about their criticisms of UHS, as well as students orgs with the focus of mental health awarenessMy own personal experience with mental illness and the response/resources that UHS had/has ApprovedGiven that you have personal experience, be careful not to let your own background and interactions influence the angles of any of your stories. You need to remain neutral. Feel free to stop in to discuss ways to approach this.
ErinJordanLab 303/DaveI want to address the student experience with the McBurney Center, including grievances with accommodations, distribution of visas to professors, and the apparent lack of resources/preparation following graduation.The operations of the McBurney Center affect all students who require accommodations to succeed in college, and highlighting resources that students may be unaware of would improve their experience. Additionally, addressing student concerns may alert the center of improvements they themselves could make in the future.I talked with Andre Letourneau, a student with a McBurney visa that receives accommodations for testing, and notably, he was unaware that the process of sharing visas with professors had even changed this fall, which raises the question as to whether the change even improved students' experiences regarding visas.I know of some friends who have visas who first alerted me to this problem. I also heard a presentation from McBurney representatives as part of my work training (for UW Housing), but I do not work in the center itself.Approved
HannahKatzLab 305/Min-HsinThe Dane County Farmers' Market, why and how it became such a large phenomenon, and the important perspective it provides on buying local/ organic foods.The farmers' market is an essential part of Madison tradition, and I believe that it is important to know about local produce and businessesI have talked to many people about their enjoyment of the farmers market and I will reach out to the manager of the market, Sarah Elliott, for further information.I don't have any connections other than enjoying the farmers' market on Saturdays. Approved
LucasLatterellLab 307/NoahI'd like to interview student hip-hop artists on campus and specifically am working on trying to profile Dorm Room Studios, a music trio of UW Madison Students. I'd like to understand how hip-hop culture melds with campus culture, why artists produce their music, and generally just learn about the community on campus. If I'm able to profile DRS, I'd like to learn about the group, their origins, and what life is like being mini celebrities on campus. I interviewed Sydney Ovsak who happens to be friends with one of the members of DRS. None. Approved
CarolineLiLab 302/ElenaI would like to find out the role University Housing plays in helping students (both domestic and international students) to develop a sense of belonging and community on campus.Moving to a new city/state/country for college may seem daunting for most students, especially for freshmen who first enter college. The responsibility falls on both schools and individuals to make sure students transit smoothly to college life and develop a sense of belonging. The University Housing operates 19 residential halls on campus, offering living places for more than 7,400 undergraduates, and plays an essential part in helping students to adapt. The success of University Housing in accomplishing its mission affects the well-being of a large student body, thus making it a potential topic to explore.I intend to interview a girl I know who worked as a House Fellow in Chadbourne Residence Hall last year. I have never lived in a residence hall under the University Housing on campus, but I do have many friends who spend at least their freshmen years living at these places.Approved
MollyLiebergallLab 307/NoahAt the end of the summer/beginning of the school year, MPD decided to begin having more officers on duty on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday nights in response to a spike in violence on the 600 Block of State Street and University Avenue, so this piece would look into the specifics of this program, how it will impact local bars, the role played by homelessness, the effectiveness of this for violence prevention, and several other angles.This is important because the 600 block is highly populated by UW-Madison students--especially at night on the weekendsI will be speaking with City Councilman Mike Verveer, who I have briefly spoken with about this before and who is well versed on this topic.I do not have any connection with MPD or the downtown scene. The only connection would be that I am involved in Greek life, and I know that many of the students who go out to bars/parties around the 600 block are as well.Approved
MollyMillerLab 301/AlexMifflin Street Block Party - history and its relationship with the Madison policeI think this is important because many students see this as a simple party but it is an important part of Madison's history. In addition I think that the city and police control of the event has been interesting throughout the history of the event and I am interested in finding out why the relationship between the city and the party is so complicatedI interviewed one of my neighbors in my apartment who ran into trouble with the police while attending the event last year. He was interested in finding out why the police control is the way it is at the block party. noneApprovedBut given that it happens in spring, not this semester, you're going to have a devil of a time making it feel fresh and getting your own images for the photo assignment. You can go forward, but I'd suggest at least considering a different topic.
AlexandriaMilletLab 307/NoahProfiling Black students who are majoring in education and why it matters in the current climate of education in America.This story is important because teachers and representation matters and this story helps us understand what makes a person on this predominantly white campus decide it is their calling to fulfill such a role.A sophomore African-American girl who plans on majoring in early elementary education who has a passion for being a face that her students will relate to one day.I have family members in education and, I had one black teacher in high school that really changed my educational experience. ApprovedGreat focus!
JackieMitchellLab 305/Min-HsinI plan to focus on Camp Randall and its historical significance on campus.With the prominence of Camp Randall in history and on campus, I feel a large number of students have a connection or story related to the stadium.During the past game day, I talked with a couple of people about their experiences with Camp Randall and all of them were positive and unique. I have been to Camp Randall a couple of times, and plan on touring it within the next couple of weeks.Approved
JaciMoseleyLab 307/NoahMy focus will be UW-Madison’s participation in the Big Ten Voting Challenge, the scope of this challenge, and, specifically, its efforts (and effectiveness) to increase voter turnout on campus for the upcoming midterm elections and beyond.The current political environment has prompted movements around the nation that are bringing power to the polls; there is a notable emphasis on increasing civic engagement among young voters. College campuses realize the importance of this and are taking the initiative to get involved.I will be reaching out to Megan Miller, assistant director of Civic Engagement and Communications at the Morgrdige Center, as well as Anna Barry, UW-Madison Big Ten Voting Challenge intern, on 9/15/18 to schedule interviews that will take place ASAP.My only connection to the subject matter is that I applied for a voting ambassador position under (and interviewed with) Megan Miller at the Morgridge Center this summer. (I did not get the job.)Approved
KarlyNelsonLab 306/WendyI would like to study the importance and popularity of UW-Madison's meme page and the role that memes play at our university and on social media. "UW-Madison Memes for Milk-Chugging Teens" is an extremely popular Facebook page among UW students. The founder of the page has even called it "the agora of our time". The page defines a collective Badger experience, allows for discussions about issues at UW, and uses humor to unify thousands of users. I recently spoke to a classmate about a class, and she mentioned a meme from the UW meme page. I laughed, and we talked about other content on the page that we enjoyed. We then noted that it was interesting how, even though we did not know each other previously, we were able to assume that the other person understood the reference, a rather bold assumption on a campus of over 40,000 people.I am a member of the page.Approved
MattO'ConnorLab 301/AlexInvestigating unpaid internships for college students, and whether they benefit financially well-off students over students from low- or middle-income families. This story matters because if unpaid internships benefit financially well-off students, this hands already advantaged students with further advantages — relevant career experience, networking and industry connections. At at time in America when wealth is continually concentrated in the hands of a few and the divide between rich and poor is growing, it's worth investigating whether unpaid internships are contributing to this trend.Laurel Noack. She works closely with a group called Pay Your Interns, which, as its name suggests, advocates for paid internships.I have held several unpaid internships, but that's about it.Approved
LilyObersteinLab 306/WendyEnrollment in the arts is declining at the University of Wisconsin- Madison. In my Individual Story, I want to ask why and find out how valuable a degree in the arts really is. Arts education is undervalued in the USA and being cut from many publicly funded schools. I belive that there is value in fostering a creative environment and want to investigate more. I had an informal conversation with Kate Hewson, the Assistant Director for Academic Programs at UW-Madison's Division of the Arts, about the fact that enrollment in the arts is declining and what the division is attempting to do in order to raise those numbers. I am getting an Art History certificate, but in this piece I would want to talk about studio art, performance art, and other art forms that are more production centered. I have taken one studio art class in my time at UW and as a Tour Guide I have been trained to give tours of some of the Arts Departments on campus, but I myself am not studying production arts in college. I think my choice not to major in studio art in college, despite the fact that I wanted to, could be an interesting hook or way into the story as in some ways I am part of the problematic section of the population who don't value an arts education. Approved
AshleyObuljenLab 303/DaveMy story is about rape culture on campus and I want to focus specifically on why the likelihood of sexual assault on campus is so high and the repercussion rate for assailants is so low.The statistics concerning sexual assault on campus show that few reports of assaults result in repercussions for the assailant. This greatly impacts the overall safety and well-being of women on the UW-Madison campus.I plan to interview someone in the title ix officeA number of my close friends have experienced forms of sexual assault on this campus and it's very concerning. Not one of them has filed a report.ApprovedBut note that you cannot interview your friends affected by this without first meeting with me to get approval.
MitchellPralleLab 305/Min-HsinI'm focusing on LGBTQ+ resources on campus in order to provide education, outreach, advocacy, and resources for UW-Madison student communities and their allies to improve campus climate and their daily intersectional experiences. It's important to raise awareness and have constructed conversations. By taking the time to educate and understand, these conversations will become less difficult with time. It's important to provide those with resources to get help when they need it. In a world where it is not always safe to discuss sexual orientation, it is extremely important to provide students with an outlet to have these types of discussions. I had a conversation with my roommate, who is gay, about this organization, and she knew it existed, but didn't know what the organization had to offer. I'm in the same boat, I knew it existed, but didn't know much more other than that. I have no connection to the group besides the fact that I'm gay. I don't know anything about the group, which is why I'm excited to learn more about what it has to offer. Approved
Caitlin RoweLab 307/NoahSustainable consumption of food on campus and it's accessibility to all students. Our planet is being overtaken with unnecessary packaging and waste produced through within the food industry. I feel that it's incredibly important to know what goes into your food consumption and how that tasty treat gets on your plate. We're making strides at the UW in being more green, and I would love to explore the old and new techniques we're using to save the planet!I will be interviewing Madie Wilinski, former volunteer at Slow Food (a sustainable food supplier on campus.) I personally try to live a minimally wasteful existence. ApprovedBe careful with your own biases. It appears you feel strongly about this issue, so make sure you're remaining neutral as you work on it.
KadejaSchultheisLab 306/WendyI want to focus on the importance of fostering alumni relationships and how it contributes to the UW.A lot of time, money and effort actually goes into keeping relationships with our alumni alive, and I would like to look into why. One aspect is obviously for donations, considering that about 17% of UW's budget is made up of alumni gifts, which is the same amount as tuition. But our University keeping connected to it's alumni is really important to us here, and I would like to look into why and how it benefits our school as a whole.I plan on interviewing Bryce Swanson, the assistant director of annual giving at the Wisconsin Foundation and Alumni Association.I actually am a student caller at badgercall, so I call alumni and build rapport and ask for gifts.ApprovedBut you cannot focus any of your pieces on BadgerCall, given your employment.
GarrettSeymourLab 302/ElenaThe use of animals in medical testing at UW-Madison, while controversial, is necessary for medical breakthroughs and advancements that benefit all of humanity.Researchers have received a lot of backlash for their treatment of animals (especially rhesus monkeys) , and I would like to investigate how UW researchers attempt to treat the research animals humanely, while also preserving scientific integrity. I plan on interviewing Joseph Kemnitz, Professor and Interim Chair of Cell and Regenerative Biology at UW-Madison.Growing up in Madison, I have been accustomed to the protests involving animal cruelty at UW. This issue is something I've been interested in for a while, but have never had the opportunity to cover fully.ApprovedHowever, your pitch feels like you've already come to some conclusions on this issue. Be sure you're staying neutral. Also, get cracking on interviews immediately, as this has been a notoriously difficult subject to cover because it's so sensitive.
JasonShebilskeLab 302/ElenaI wish to raise awareness of the history of indigenous people on the campus lands and how they are affected by the presence of the university today.This story is important because there is a lot of history about Native Americans on the UW campus land that is unknown by students.I interviewed Aaron Bird Bear, an associate dean in the School of Education in order to assist in coming up with this idea. He has involvement with activism related to indigenous people on campus and gives cultural tours periodically.I took a cultural tour at the end of August that discussed the subject matter, but do not personally know anybody associated with the subject matter, nor do I have knowledge about it other than the information discussed on the tour.ApprovedPlease note that the IS example we gave you focuses on this topic. Do not duplicate any elements of that project though it's fine if you interview some of the same people, including Aaron.
ChanningSmithLab 306/WendyI want to follow the movement in Madison to legalize marijuana, both for reasons of safety and recreation. Near my hometown, there was an incident of a group of people consuming synthetic weed, which had them all hospitalized. I want to examine the pros/cons of legalizing weed, and how it would regulate the market. Coming up on Oct. 6, there is an event at the Capitol to protest for the legalization of weed– I will be in contact with the vendors and organizers. Some of my friends with mental illnesses have pursued medical marijuana as a solution. I just want to further explore the pros and cons. Approved
EllieSpadacciniLab 305/Min-HsinConservative student involvement on what's assumed to be a liberal campus- especially after the 2016 election and before the 2018 midterms.It will help gain insight to how political student organizations function before and through an election, especially during this polarized time.I will be meeting with Charlie Mueth this upcoming weekI do not have any connections with College Republicans.ApprovedI like the phrasing "assumed to be liberal." Watch for your own political biases along the way.
BrittanyStefanos (re-pitch)Lab 304/GillUW Student Personal Trainers and how this job has impacted their outlook on their wellbeingA healthy student can be an example for other people on campus. I have not interviewed anyone yet but I hope to send an email to Raquel Sancho Solis the Coordinator of Fitness to get some more information. I have no connections and I don't work out with a personal trainer. Approved
Amelia WagnerLab 303/DaveAnalyzing stories of students navigating WI voter restriction and voter id laws for the midterm electionMany students do not or are unable to vote as a result knowing the voter ID and voting requirements in the state. I want to share stories of students who have navigated these laws as it is important for future students to learn how to navigate these laws.Iris Riis - Media Relations Specialist at Planned Parenthood of WisconsinI intern on one of the Senate candidate's communication team, but have not done any work with voter turnout on the behalf of that campaign.ApprovedBe sure you're staying neutral, given your affiliation with a candidate.
PatrickWilliamsLab 306/WendyA story about UW students who decide to join the Peace CORPS after graduating.UW-Madison ranks number one in Peace Corps volunteers for large universities and the Peace Corps does valuable service work for the world.I haven't interviewed anyone, but there are a few contacts on UW's Peace Corps website.I don't have any connectionApproved
JuliaZerullLab 304/GillBabcock Dairy Plant and Store, its origins, campus presence and how it became what it is today.Dairy products are the pride and joy of Wisconsin, and Babcock has provided many innovations and advancements to improve dairy products over the years, enough to become an iconic part of UW.I spoke with Bailey Morning, a biological systems engineering student who currently works at Babcock.I am a customer of Babcock dairy and my lactose intolerance has actually made me more interested in dairy products.Approved
Qiyu ZhangLab 307/NoahIntersectionality's influence on international students' mentle helth and wellbeing on campus.More than 20 percent of undergrduate students in the University of Wisconsin Madison are international students. They live in a place where they automatically become a foreigner. What if some of them are disadvantaged by other sourses of depression in addition to this? What kind of influence does intersectionality has on them?Peter Long, international student from China, member of GSCC on campus.I am not a part of this student organization and I do not know my subject before.ApprovedJust be careful with how you communicate this. Intersectionality is a term quite common on campus but largely unknown to general audiences.
ClaireChappellLab 305/Min-HsinThe history/influence of the naming of UW-Madison buildings (ie. President Edward Birge re-naming Ladies Hall "Chadbourne Hall" in honor of President Chadbourne who fought hard for a sexually-segregated campus).It's important considering the recent discussion of renaming spaces such as the Frederic March Play Circle the Porter Butts Gallery.I'm in contact with William Cronon, the UW-Madison professor of History / Geography / Environmental Studies 469 (The Making of the American Landscape). No connection, just interestApproved
Kylie CompeLab 303/DaveMy story will be about the increasing salinity of the Madison lakes due to the salting in the wintertime and how it is affecting marine life. This story is important because the increased levels of salt in the freshwater lakes is creating an uninhabitable environment for marine life due to our actions. I talked with a friend of mine who learned about the salinity problem in one of his classes last semester. I am in the environmental studies certificate program.Approved Interesting pitch.
AlexDuganLab 306/WendyI plan on exploring why college athletes are less likely to speak out on social and political issues than their professional counterparts. In an age where more and more professional athletes are taking advantage of their platform to speak out on issues of politics and social justice that they care about, there is a noticeable lack of activism among big-time division 1 college athletes. Former UW basketball players Nigel Hayes and Bronson Koenig both made national headlines for their vocal support of social issues that they cared about back in 2016, but that did not start a trend among other athletes at UW or on college campuses across the country. Are college athletes afraid to speak up, and if so, why?I spoke with my close friend's girlfriend who rooms with the manager of the UW men's basketball team, and pitched her my idea and said that I would be able to use that connection to interview some of the current players on the team. I have no direct connection to UW athletics other than being a fan and frequent attendee of home games in football and men's hockey. Approved
EmmaMaxsonLab 302/ElenaI want to analyze the growth of sexual health and safety programs on campus and the possible effects they have on students. Sexual abuse and health is a common problem on many university campuses, so I would like to see if the additional work initiated in recent years has caused any sufficient change. I plan on contacting Kennedie King, the chair of PAVE. A friend of mine is a part of PAVE, but I will not be interacting or interviewing her at all about the story I'm writing. Approved
Virginia (Ginger)PerraLab 305/Min-HsinA take on the steady increase of “trendy restaurants” on campus, the effects of consistent restaurant turnover and questioning the necessity of having numerous salad, smoothie bowl and poké bowl joints within a mile radius: call it “trend-ification” (play on gentrification).Food consumes our everyday lives. The routine of breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacking every day could quickly tire our palates if diverse options are sparse. In the current climate of social America, passions of food are a common way to participate in pop culture. Whether it be açai bowls, giant spring rolls, or rolled ice cream, the masses gravitate towards fresh and unique foods. However, in a constantly changing market, do these trendy businesses have sustainable shelf life, or are they left to rot once the next cool thing comes? Additionally, how does it effect those on a budget? Is pricing fair for college students?fellow j202/3 students and various other students around state streetOut of the many restaurants on campus, I have no direct connection but lots of familiarity.Approved Novel take on covering food. Good job.
Jonathan WrightLab 307/NoahMy story will focus on the challenges that the college system creates for students who want to create their own businesses while still being a full time student.Students should be able to be academically successful, maintain a social life, and drive their ideas without having to compromise one or the other.Eric Schirtzinger is a fourth year computer engineering major who has also started his own videography company known as "Bascom Brothers".He is my roommates older brother.Approved
JohnBildingsLab 307/NoahBucky on Parade- origins, creative process and charitable efforts.I believe this story is important due to the fact that many people do not know how much time and effort it takes to create the statues, but also the charitable benefits that the purchase and sale of the sculptures provide.Jack Bremhorst, a neighbor in my apartment complex.I have no personal connections whatsoever.Approved ...... BUT please note that the Buckys went off parade already. You're going to have to work hard and fast to see if you can get your own original images of them for that element of the IS assignment
StarrWelk-SchwartzLab 302/ElenaI want to explore the history of campus housing in Madison, focusing on how the search for housing became so competitive, as it is today.It affects almost every student. This situation can be highly stressful, with availability and finances as the major factors. I want to know why students make certain decisions for housing, compared to the possible alternative options.I plan on interviewing someone at University Housing to get statistics on who is staying in dorms vs apartments, the benefits of choosing certain types of housing, and what kind of alternative options exist for students.As a student that lives on campus, I have experienced the stress of finding the right housing for me in various situations.Approved ...... but be careful that this doesn't become a roundup of things everyone already knows, e.g., you have to sign apartment leases too early in the year.also make sure you aren't just gathering information. you'll need to find people dealing with the costs/process of finding student housing in a particularly compelling way to really give this story color.
JillianKazlowLab 307/NoahThe ethical dilemmas, health consequences, and other ramifications of UW students abusing adderall that do not have diagnosed attention disorders, but simply to "get ahead". I believe this story is important because it is something that is not only happening here, but on every college campus. The use and abuse of adderall has become so commonplace in competitive academic environments, yet it may lead towards serious health problems for students that do not need this drug to help with attention problems. As for the students that genuinely need this drug to stay focused and to perform well in class, the abuse of this substance by their peers causes their inability to level the playing field. Many students don't think about adderall as an addictive substance when they first start using it, but they must be cautious that it contains amphetamine.A nurse at UHSClearly, she was aware of this issue and she vouched that the abuse of any unneeded prescription can become problematic. However, considering that she represents University Health Services, it is obvious what her take would have been. I hope to gain opinions, information, and more candid interviews from all different types of people on campus to cast a wider net. Approved but ...... please note that this story has been done many times before. Do your background research for previously published stories and try to find a new take on the issue.
GeorgiaAnsleyLab 301/AlexHow juuling, adderal, marijuana and other drugs have become commonplace in college campuses and the effects of this It affects people our age, we have no idea what the long term dangers of these drugs are, juuling specifically is considered very addictiveI plan to interview a UHS doctor who process the surveys students answer become they go into an appointment I know and would consider myself friends with people who use these drugs RepitchTopic already taken
BreeBrenLab 301/AlexThe reasons for the stigma surrounding Greek Life on the UW-Madison campus vs. the actual philanthropic benefits the Greek community generatesThere is stigma around the Greek community, but my goal is to show how the Greek community expands beyond its typical stereotypes in ways with their philanthropies and spreading awareness for good causes. Abbie Pakkala - an executive board member of one of the sororities on campus I am apart of the Greek community and see a lot of good that comes from this community despite its negative stereotypes it hasRepitchYou're not allowed to cover organizations or activities you're involved in.
SydneyCohenLab 305/Min-HsinI will focus on Quintez Cephus' sexual assault case in terms of how athletes may get preferential treatment in sexual assault cases and how UW has handled this case in a different manner than other schools.Sexual assault is increasingly common on college campuses and it's important to understand how our school deals with this.I plan to interview people from resources on campus as well as people within the athletic department to determine how they handle sexual assault cases.My interest in college football drew me to the case.RepitchIt's very difficult to cover a criminal case in progress for your IS. It's also going to be tough, if not impossible, for you to demonstrate preferential treatment.
OliviaEddyLab 305/Min-HsinThe increasing presence of mental illnesses on campus and the treatment options provided by UHS.1 in 5 adults suffer from mental illness every year and its prevalence has been increasing dramatically in recent years. Poor mental health is increasing throughout the country in numbers higher than ever before, calling for an increase in support services and mental health providers. I spoke with several of my friends who have suffered from mental illness in the past, as well as a nurse at UHS.I know numerous people who have been largely affected by mental illnesses and am extremely aware of its increasing popularity in society. I have also heard stories from various guest speakers who have successfully recovered from serious mental illnesses. RepitchUHS and mental health on campus was the focus of an earlier pitch. You cannot duplicate.
AndrewGuckesLab 302/ElenaA profile of a homeless man in Madison.There is a large homeless population in this city that the student body largely ignores. This story shows the personality of someone who most students would never get to know. I have no connections to this subject matter. I just think it is interesting and important.RepitchThe assignment requires that if you're pitching a profile, you have to identify a specific person and note why her/his story is compelling There are also a lot of other angles that you might consider in this general area beyond a profile. Think about/research what's happening regarding the issue in Madison. What changes have been made or are people trying to make? What tension is there?
AnaHoffLab 303/DaveThe Latinx community on campusUW-Madison is diverse, but we often overlook its diversity, as the vast majority of students are white. It's important to learn about minorities (and about how they feel) on campus. I asked a friend of a friend, Jordan, what she thought about this idea. She felt it would be interesting, and she recommended I go into the new Latinx and Asian American center in the Red Gym. I don't have any direct connections to the community, but my mother is Spanish (from Spain, not from Latin America), so this topic deeply interests me. I'm curious to learn more!RepitchAn earlier pitch is too close to this.
TiffanyHuangLab 306/WendyAsian/Asian Americans try to find a sense of community on a predominantly white campusThis story is important because each ethnicity group should feel safe and have a sense of community on campus. But Asians/Asian Americans are always behind the scenes while the majority of the American society sees race as white vs non-white. I plan to reach out to members or workers who work for APIDA, and students who take advantage of the center.I am Asian myself and really believe the importance of Asian solidarity on campus. While not being very involved in APIDA, I want to learn more how Asians/Asian Americans can benefit from the center and how the center helps create the community.RepitchEven though you're not "very involved," you're not allowed to cover an organization you're a part of.
MargaretHuibregtseLab 306/WendyThe proliferation of standardized tests in US high schools, especially those administered by outside companies (e.g. College Board), + their role in college admissionsIn my experience, these tests dominate the high school experience for a lot of high-achieving students +, because they often cost money, contribute to an accessibility gap for lower-income students. I haven't explicitly interviewed anyone, but I heard a lot of complaints + negative opinions about this industry/trend from both students + teachers when I was in high school. I took these tests in high school, but other than that, I don't think so. RepitchReally strong chance this could end up a "process story." Hard to make them come to life. Also quite limited in what you could do for audio, etc. What about instead focusing on admissions overall, e.g. the UW's big shift in what it's doing with in-state students?
CharlotteKriftcherLab 305/Min-HsinJudaism on campus, and the challenges that come with being a practicing Jew.As a Jewish-American student on the UW campus, I have been faced with a number of challenges, and believe this story is an important and timely one to be told, specifically as modern practices begin to challenge traditional Judaism.I have not interviewed him yet, but know that I will be able to interview the Rabbi at UW-Madison's Chabad. He is an orthodox rabbi practicing on a campus with very few orthodox students.I myself am a conservative Jew with strong religious affiliations.RepitchYou're too close to this story. What about profiling a different religion?
HarryLeesLab 306/WendyThe difference in stereotypes of students on campus, politically, and the realityThis influences the perception we have those around us and can even influence political behaviorSeveral people, but notably Peyton Fuecht, brother of a friend, who has interesting perceptionsRepitchI don't know what you mean by the difference in stereotypes.
SamLiegelLab 306/WendyShould certain flavored e-cigarettes be recalled due to their addictive effects on America's youth?A lot of kids, college aged and often younger, are starting to get addicted to tobacco substitutes such as Juul, and the FDA is starting to crack down on Juul and other companies that produce flavored e-cigarettes. Should the companies involved be forced to recall their products, or should the responsibility be on the user?A close friend of mine, an avid user of e-cigarettes since he was in high school.I have tried a flavored e-cigarette.RepitchWhat is the UW-Madison angle?
PeytonMurrayLab 304/GillThe prevalence of sexual assault on the UW-Madison campus, the various roles involved in these situations and how the university’s is drafting new policies to address the issue. I believe this is an important topic because of the alarming number of sexual assault instances that have been reported or go unreported on campus. I want to look at the power dynamic involved in many of these encounters as well as how these instances can effect involved establishments. I hope to gain insight into perspectives from police, health officials, sexual assault centers and bartenders who might play witness to this. Through mutual friends I was connected to a victim of sexual assault at UW who did not wish to disclose much information but encouraged me to further pursue this topic. I also talked to an employee at a local Madison bar that is currently under investigation for serving to victims of a recent sexual assault encounter. I plan to conduct an interview with a UHS Violence Prevention Specialist this week.I have no direct connection to this subject.

RepitchTopic already taken
ClaudiaPreveteLab 302/ElenaMental health initiatives on campus and availability of mental health resources for UW-Madison students As mental health concerns rise in general, it is important to look at this issue in the context of college students and specifically on this campus in order to understand what resources may be available to those in need. An individual at the office where I am an administrative assistant; do not know them on a personal level at all but had a discussion in passing about mental health resources on campus I've been to University Health Services however I have not had to utilize their specific mental health resources RepitchTopic already taken.
Bobbi StrickerLab 303/DaveHow sports can benefit a person's everyday life, and future self. It is important because sports can teach a lot of different skills and can help individuals in areas that are needed for future jobs, mental health, and relationships. I interviewed my mom. She has been in sports all her life and she has experienced first hand how sports can benefit you as you get older as you enter the workforce and deal with relationships. The UW Athletic department with councilors and sport psychologists. Along with past athletes. RepitchGiven your involvement with Athletics, this won't work. It's also really broad. Try to challenge yourself to cover something new and focused.
Payton WadeLab 302/ElenaThe difference between the National Pan-Hellenic greek Council and the Panhellenic greek Council on UW-Madison's campus .To show the importance in having both councils on college campuses Breanna Taylor who is the Vice President of the Epsilon Delta chapter of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc. I am a member of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority RepitchYou're not allowed to cover organizations or activities you're involved in.
AmaliaZeinemannLab 303/DaveMy story will focus on the transformation of traditions at UW. UW-Madison is a school that prides itself on the traditions held at this university. I want to uncover where these traditions came from, if they've transformed and what traditions have been left behind over time. Fellow Badgers who agree that traditions make up a fundamental part of why UW is a great institution. I go to UW-Madison!RepitchToo broad.
JordanAbtLab 301/AlexI want to focus my story on how UW Madison Student's define their communities.Going to such a largely populated school, I thing it can be often difficult for students to 'find their people'. However, Madison comprises of so many smaller communities within our large community of over 40,000 undergraduates alone. It is crucial to show both current and potential students the various communities we share. I want to narrow down exactly how students find their communities, whether it be through the activities they do, their morals and matching beliefs, and so forth. I was discussing with my friend the abundance of options I can explore with this topic, and grew to understand that so many students have so many definitions and identities at Madison that I wanted to explore. The act of community, especially with such an increase in today's technology, is growing in its importance to individuals. I would want to interview student's from various majors, organizations, and separate communities. I have a digital studies certificate as well as being apart of the communication arts major, where much of our focus is in relation to community and how we can connect with others. ReviseThis is too broad right now. I think communities within this large institution could be interesting, but you need to make it more focused.
Kelsey BridgesLab 304/GillDelve into the reasons behind creating a new student section, Area Red, how it has affected the campus atmosphere, and how the history of student participation in sports led to a change. How the student section is presented at the various sporting events affects the campus culture and atmosphere. Students inclusion, motivation, and interest in the athletic department makes a large impact on UW Campus. But there must be a different impact with this new student section for the athletes, the band members, the new DJ, the students attending, those not, and the athletic department in general. I had a brief interview with a student whose had season tickets to football for two years, about what he has noticed and hasn't noticed about the new student section. He has gone to many football and basketball games, and may not have had the desired reaction to Area Red. I work for the Food and Beverage Department for UW Athletics. ReviseDoes your job mean you're involved in Area Red? If so, you need to change the topic. If not, you're approved to go ahead.
SamBuismanLab 304/GillAnalyzing the changing feelings of youth political efficacy within the context of the midterm elections and Trump presidency.Young Americans have traditionally been apathetic regarding politics but recent factors, including special election vote turnouts, voter registration data and recent protests, suggest that teens are becoming more politically active. It is critical to explore what factors have motivated America's youth to care more about politics in order to better understand this voting bloc and their priorities as well as if this trend will continue. I had a brief discussion with gubernatorial candidate Tony Evers, who suggested that part of the reason that younger people feel more motivated to participate in politics is because of the rising cost of education as a result of the government prioritizing other issues. I am a political science major so I have been exposed to topics like this, however I have not conducted any research on this topic in advance or in any of my classes (my focus is on international relations and comparative politics). I am a producer on the WSUM News Hour and we occasionally discuss trends in voting patterns but my reporting has never delved into the factors behind these trends. I am in multiple Facebook groups for campus-based political organizations but this is for the purpose of knowing their event schedules so I can report on them for WSUM; I am not an active member of any of these groups. ReviseRight now this feels more like an academic study than an informative package. Also, it seems to have an embedded assumption that youth are becoming more politically active and feeling more efficacious. I'm not sure the data bear that out.
SamanthaCraneLab 301/AlexHow study abroad programs matter to students?This story is important because study abroad is so popular at UW. However, it raises many questions such as: is it worth going? What if one cannot afford it? How does it enrich ones learning experience? I talked to my TA Alex.I know many people who have gone abroad and many people that plan to.ReviseYour topic is too broad right now. Things can "matter" in many ways. Perhaps narrow it to something focus on money and study abroad?
Allyson DuffyLab 304/GillResearch that has been done/is being done at UW-MadisonThis story is important because UW-Madison is one of the top research universities in the world and I want to explore and promote their research. A friend that recently graduated from UW-Madison and participated in a research seminar during their last semester here. This semester I will be assisting political science Professors Owens and Tahk with research they are doing regarding the US Supreme Court. ReviseToo broad. Research is a billion-dollar enterprise here. Pick a specific area of research or something like undergrad involvement in research.
AlexisFalciLab 302/ElenaThe importance of establishing a Latinx center on our campus and what that means for latino students at UW. There are other cultural centers on campus, and it is important that Latino students have the opportunity to have one as well, considering they are a minority at UW. Additionally, it is important all students can feel a sense of belonging as soon as they arrive here and that is the goal of this organization. This center is also in the processing of officially starting up so it is important to inform the UW community about it. Kaila Widmann, my friend who I took many Spanish courses with. I am also a Spanish major so I am very interested in learning more about latin culture outside of a typical classroom/lecture environment. ReviseAre you involved with establishing the center?
AdelaideHernbergLab 305/Min-HsinI will focus on what it is like to be a “third-culture kid,” someone who has been an expatriate the majority of their life, finally settled on the UW campus, a place that prides itself on tradition. Being a third culture kid (TCK) is more than just being an international student as it is oftentimes expressed as someone with “many houses but no home.” I aim to discover the challenges and benefits of attending UW Madison, a school with a large, domestic population. I asked girl named Annie who was sitting next to me at a cafe when I thought of the idea. She said she lived in Chicago for her whole life (before attending UW) and had never heard of the concept of a Third Culture Kid before but would definitely like to learn more. I attended my junior and senior years of high school in Dubai, surrounded by Third Culture Kids but never considered myself to be one as I grew up in one place. I would like to dive into what it is like for kids who have lived abroad for the majority of their life to come here. ReviseHow confident are you that you can find TCK's here at UW? Is this a dominant experience for people here? I'd never heard of the concept either, so I want to make sure you'll be able to get this done.Is there some club or organized group of TCK's? Without that this will be a tough topic to make concrete.
BenHershbergerLab 304/GillRecreational sports facilitate community. Community is an essential aspect to life on campus in Madison. Many friendships are created through participating in sports together.Noah Pollard, a friend whose freshman floor became a community when each played on the same intramural soccer team.I have played intramural and pick-up sports around campus.ReviseIt's fine to cover Rec Sports but don't have an angle already decided – namely that they establish community. You may learn that through your reporting but don't have it preordained.
BrookeHollingsworthLab 304/GillMy story plans to focus on the effects of fast fashion on large college campusesThis story is important because the fast fashion industry- stores like American Eagle, Forever 21 and the like- create large amounts of waste and pollution when manufacturing cheap, accessible clothing.A friend that attends the University of Minnesota who is majoring in fashion and has started a clothing swap on the U of M campus.Besides shopping at fast fashion stores like Forever 21 I have no connections to the organizations.ReviseFast fashion is interesting but focus it here, not on all large campuses
WillHustedLab 307/NoahReport on the effects of climate change in the area and what different institutions are doing to prepare for the coming changes. This story allows for multiple perspectives on a serious issue that is pertinent for Madison residents and UW I plan to interview Daniel Vimont who is a climate researcher on campus. I do not have any connections to the organizations affiliated with this storyReviseYour topic is too broad right now. Please narrow a bit though it's fine to keep it related to climate change. Might be worth thinking of this in terms of what people on campus are doing to combat/study/organize around climate change. Activism, research, and then efforts from the university itself to be more climate friendly... you'd have a lot to work with while focusing in on what's happening at UW related to the issue.
KatherineKermgardLab 303/DaveHow does being privately versus only publicly politically correct relate to the importance of promoting inclusivity on campus and in the U.S. as a wholeOn a campus that does not have a great deal of diversity it can be easy to find niches where everyone is similar to another and the risk of offending someone by using "offensive" terms is less likely. I want to know how my peers, professors and other influential people on campus--as well as non-college students--tend to hold themselves privately versus publicly when it comes to using discriminatory terms.I interviewed my brother and sister when I was visiting with them this weekend and since they are much older they have tended to have different beliefs on the importance of being politically correct and if it even matters at all.No direct connections but I am part of generally liberal organizations that promote not using discriminatory terms.ReviseI'm unclear on what you mean by privately vs. publicly politically correct. Can you explain more? I also think the term "politically correct" is fraught.
CharlotteKriftcherLab 305/Min-HsinAbroad experiences by UW-Madison students, and the obstacles that can hold students back from being able to go abroad.This story will examine why the abroad experience, though highly praised by so many, is not equally available to all, be it because of their major or financial reasons.A UW-Madison student who was not able to go abroad because of her major.I want to go abroadReviseStudy abroad already claimed as a topic. Unless you can narrow to something clearly delineated from that pitch, pick a different topic.
NileLansanaLab 302/ElenaAnalyzing the incarceration disparities in Madison & how they affect the youthWisconsin's incarceration rates for black men are double the country's average rate. This cannot be coincidence & it cannot be a culture that is conducive for positive black youth and upward mobility in the Black & broader Madison community.I plan to interview Tonya Brito, a professor at the Wisconsin Law SchoolI am a Black man currently in Wisconsin for school. Everywhere I walk, especially around police, there is a target on my back. I want to understand why Wisconsin's target is clearly larger than anywhere else in the country when it comes to the prison pipeline.ReviseYou have strong feelings on the topic already, so I'd suggest taking a different tack to ensure you're staying neutral. I share your feelings about discrimination in incarceration and would really struggle to tell that story fairly. You also don't have a strong connection to the campus community embedded in the topic. What about narrowing to something focused on mass incarceration but with a UW angle. Look at the project on this page related to that topic. You could look into what, if any, progress they've made since getting this fellowship, https://morgridge.wisc.edu/2017/03/28/2017-18-wisconsin-idea-fellowships-awarded-to-seven-projects/One way to think about covering the topic would be to find a group that you're not involved with/connected to working on this issue to profile, like the one Katy pointed you toward in her comment.
BlairLeichterLab 301/AlexThe focus of my story will be on the theories of different ways of teaching at UW-Madison and which are the most effective, specifically online versus in-person courses.
This is important because UW-Madison offers a great number of in-person classes, but also a huge number of online courses. I would like to discover which is the most effective way of teaching, and why. I plan to look at aspects such as how each type of teaching impacts learning, cheating, etc.

I will reach out and interview professors of in-person courses, as well as professors of online courses. I specifically want to reach out to my Psychology 532 professor who has a lot of knowledge on the topic of online education.

I took a class called Psychology 532: Psychology of the Internet over the summer, and it was all about online teaching versus standard lectures. I also have taken both online and in-person courses, so I have experience with both.
ReviseNarrow the topic to Online vs. In-Person Teaching.
AshleyLuehmannLab 303/DaveThe shift of power in the Langdon neighborhood police force as leading officers change.This is important because large amounts of students live in this neighborhood and will be affected by this shift of authority.I didn't, just knew officer Kelly was an interesting character and I thought this would be an exciting topic.I lived on Langdon last year so, did have some brief interactions with this group.ReviseWhat is the shift? Need more detail.
AbbeyMeyerLab 301/AlexThe effect of participation in collegiate sports on the mental health and well-being of student-athletes, specifically at larger universities with a strong reputation in athletics. The astounding pressure college students face today has grown exponentially over the last 20 years. Though student athletes are allotted a great number of resources, they face a remarkable amount of pressure by coaching staff, alumni, administration and peers to perform well. This is only advanced by the physical stress of practice, diet restrictions, academic requirements and societal obligations from peers. I hope to dissect and expose these stressors in order to shed light on the monetization and exploitation of college-aged athletes. I plan to interview Mike Moll, assistant athletic director of sports medicine at the University of Wisconsin, who has first hand experience working with student-athletes and leads training/rehabilitation of athletes on campus. My roommate is an athletic training student here on campus, and has brought to my attention the remissness shown by the athletics department towards the well-being of student-athletes in pursuit of a better season record and additional funding from paying alumni. ReviseYou've got a lot going on in this topic and need to narrow somewhat. I'm also concerned that you seem to have already come to conclusions about some elements, e.g., Athletics is remiss in caring about athlete well-being. Finally, if that is true, it's going to be very hard for you to report. I don't want you to pursue a topic that will be impossible to cover. What about narrowing to a specfiic element of wellness, e.g. concussions?
SamanthaMintz-AgnelloLab 303/DavePolitical involvement, specifically voting, on campus and how things like political party, coursework, internships, etc. can play a role.As a Journalism and Political Science student, voting and helping educate students about how to vote is something I find critical to carrying out our civic duties. I am curious to see how different types of students do or do not get involved in voting and politics on campus in general.Emily Lasoff, DPW intern, Political Science student at UW, voted in previous Wisconsin electionsI currently intern at the Democratic Party of Wisconsin, where we are working towards the upcoming elections in November. Examining voting on the political and campaign side will give me the necessary skill set to write about it to the best of my ability.ReviseAre you involved in voter recruitment efforts at DPW?
MarisaMonettiLab 302/ElenaI plan to focus on college students reliance on coffee and whether this has any consequences This story is important because the culture that has been built around coffee is very evident on UW-Madison's campus and I want to explore the potential effects of this.I interviewed someone in line at a coffee shop after hearing a comment that they had already had 3 cups of coffee that day. I have had a couple of barista jobs, one being in Madison but not on campus. Other than that I have no formal connections. ReviseI don't know that you'll be able to cover actual consequences. Research is all over the place. What about changing to a topic like "campus coffee culture"?
Michael ParskyLab 307/NoahThe percentage of UW students that pursue graduate school or work at UW/state of Wisconsin.Obviously not everyone can/will go to graduate school or work in the state of Wisconsin, but it could be worth examining to see whether or not UW and the state of Wisconsin provides an enough educational, economic and job incentives for UW graduates to stay in-state. Erik Gould, a former graduate of UW-Madison. None. ReviseNarrow to students staying to work in the state, rather than go to grad school. It's a more doable topic.
RayePernsteinerLab 305/Min-HsinThe effects that involvement in Greek life has on its members (both positive and negative)Greek life is a huge part of UW-Madison and those who are not involved often wonder why people would choose to join a sorority or fraternity and don't realize the negative and positive effects they have. Most of the members of Greek life claim that there are many more benefits than just "partying" and say that it's the best thing in their lives. I believe that it is important that those who are not involved develop a deeper understanding of Greek life since it is such a big part of this school. Members of my friend Jordan's sororityI have a few friends that are in sororities and fraternities.ReviseTopic is too broad. Narrow to something specific. Try to think concrete instead of abstract. So instead of a story on the effects Greek life has on its members (which is very abstract) a story about things people involved in Greek life do that is unique to that experience might offer a clearer angle.
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