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AeliaBeveragesRoman Mulsum, or Honeyed Wine-This is a traditional ancient Roman beverage made by combining wine and honey which was served chilled. There have been a variety of recipes that have been found, some that are simply honey and combines with the wine, while others are honey, spices, and expensive herbs mixed with the wine. This lends to the question of if there were different recipes for different households and different social standings within the Roman society. I will be submitting two samples for this single entry, one simple recipe, and one of the more complexNo3:00 P.M.13Geva de KentLeopold Heinrich von RufkahrDiana MacLean
AeliaCooking, Single DishRoman Libum, or Honey Cake-Libum was the Roman version of a sweet cheesecake. It was sometimes used as an offering to the household spirits in early Roman history and later used as a dessert, or what they would call second tables. Normally it would be comprised of simply items such as nuts or fruits, but there would sometimes be cooked items such as libum.No11:00 A.M.14Elianor de MorlandMelisende de la Roche de LionneSamia al-Kaslaania
Aislinn MorcroftWriting14th century style scroll text-14th century scroll text written for Mathieu Chartrain's Huscarl scroll in the style of 14th century contemporary chronicles.No1:00 P.M.54Lorraine DevereauxFr. Thomas BaconHanne Abendschein
Aline SwynbrokeClothing/CostumingClothed Fit for the Hound: Men's Early 14th Century Court Clothing Based on the Burial of Cangrande I della Scala-Men's early 14th century outer dress cote and hat in the style of Northern Italy, based on the finds in the grave of Cangrande I della Scala. All construction and finishing done by hand.Yes1:00 P.M.1Sile O'KyanAveryCecily Darvell
Aline SwynbrokeCooking, RemoveA Fitting Fast: Dishes from a 14th Century Italian Lenten Meal-A course of dishes from a 14th century Italian cook book (The Anonimo Veneziano) that would be appropriate for a meal in the Lenten Season.Yes10:00 A.M.1Elianor de MorlandIshmala bint YuhannahRebecca Beaumont
Aline SwynbrokePoetryBe as a Tower Firmly Set: A retelling of the Calontir Epic of Phaedra's Gate in the Terza Rima style of Dante Alighieri-A retelling of the story of Phaedra's gate based on accounts, written in the Terza Rima poetry style of Dante Alighieri.Yes11:00 A.M.1RhodriKatrianaFr. Thomas Bacon
Anne RenardeWeaving StandardServer's Towel--This entry is a 14th century linen server's towel, woven in a combination point and broken diamond twill. The pattern was chosen from visual documentation and the earliest published pattern draft book.No2:00 P.M.45Kathryn DaggettJohanne of Fisher GateMarguerite des Baux
AviendhaCeramics and PotteryClay figurine-Animal figurine made out of clay.No10:00 A.M.19Vasilla KrasnaiazackSorcha O'Riain
Cai DubhghlasWeaponryScramaseax-Anglo-Saxon broken back seax with brass fittings and embellishment.No3:00 P.M.44Avraham ben David HakhuzariGerald GoodwineMathieu Chartrain
Catalina de ArazuriCalligraphyMaghribi Script-A presentation and study of the Maghribi script of al-Andalus.Yes10:00 A.M.2Conna ingen Ui ChearbhaillNatalya Alekseya VasliovaKathryn Wynterbourne
Catalina de ArazuriClothing/CostumingClothing of al-Andalus-Recreation of the design and contruction of the 12th Andalusian Qamisa and Durra'aYes2:00 P.M.2Sile O'KyanJorunnIshmala bint Yuhannah
Catalina de ArazuriPoetryThe Muwashshah-The Muwashshah it the strophic poetry of al-AndalusYes11:00 A.M.2Hywela Frech ferch WyddelDorcas WhitecapJohann Steinarsson
Caterine le JeuneClothing/Costuming14th Century Woman's Domestic Attire-This is a hand sewn chemise and basic cotehardie.No2:00 PM27Aislinn MorcroftAverySibilla Swaine
Cecily DarvellClothing Accessories14th Century German Embroidered Bag-A small pouch entirely embroidered in counted satin stitch, silk on linen, with tassels and cords.No3:00 P.M.22Aislinn MorcroftIssabell St. CharlesHywela Frech ferch Wyddel
Ceridwen ferch Llewelyn of CamelfordClothing AccessoriesEmbroidered Toque-This is a 16th century embroidered and beaded velvet toqueNo10:00 a.m.23Marianna da FiorenzaFionna nic AlisadirAmanda of Coldcastle
Cionaodh na Cairrce mac CosgraighBeveragesBarrel-Aged Cyser (Apple Melomel)-This entry examines the impact of new and old barrels on the aging of alcoholic beverages. The beverage in this case is cyser (apple melomel) made from fresh, unpasteurized apple juice sourced from a local orchard during harvest and raw, unprocessed honey. At the completion of the fermentation of the cyser, the product is split into multiple small batches. One batch after another is aged in the same barrel to show the difference in impact on the product as the barrel goes from new to old. The entry will have 4 samples of the cyser including a baseline sample with no barrel aging as well as the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd run through the barrel.No10:00 A.M.15Diana MacLeanGeva de KentLeopold Heinrich von Rufkahr
Cionaodh na Cairrce mac CosgraighLeatherworkLeather Book Satchel-A large leather satchel. The satchel is made from an original design modeled after the Irish book satchel (or budget, or polaire) used prior to 1,000 CE for storing and carrying holy books or relics (such as the satchel for the Book of Armagh from the 9th century).No3:00 P.M.15Natalya Alekseya VasliovaDorcas WhitecapTatjana Nikonovna
Cionaodh na Cairrce mac CosgraighLeatherworkGirdle Purse-A purse with two girdle loops. An original design modeled after various archeological finds of the late medieval period in the Netherlands (see Purses in Pieces, O. Goubitz).No1:00 P.M.16Natalya Alekseya VasliovaEleanor DeyesonTatjana Nikonovna
Cionaodh na Cairrce mac CosgraighLeatherworkPractical footwear for the SCA-Medieval sneakers. A pair of 10th century Anglo-Scandinavian turn shoes (York shoes) modified to provide the creature comforts expected by the modern tenderfoot. An original design modeled after archeological finds from York (see Leather and Leatherworking in Anglo-Scandinavian and Medieval York). The generic York shoe has been modified to include a modern cushioned insole with arch support as well as a Vibram sole for traction and durability.No11:00 A.M.16Thora SigurdsdottirJudur bint abd Al WaahidHanne Abendschein
Donald MacdonaldCeramics and PotteryI am entering acoil built pot, the entry is as much about the clay constrution and reserch as the pot constrution. In the processe the pot form became tertiary next to the clay and how it might have been formed.No1:00 P.M.20Mikhail NikolaevichzackSorcha O'Riain
Donald MacdonaldOtherSilver Wire Woven Necklace-Wire woven necklace, best replica i can make of the pc in scotland form the pictures i can findNo11:00 A.M.20Hrefna HallberudottirCai DubhghlasLeopold Heinrich von Rufkahr
Edward de KentWoodworkA Fifteenth Century Italian Folding Chair-This project is a reproduction of a fifteenth century Italian folding chair currently held in the Philadelphia Museum of Art. The chair and its construction are described in detail in Daniel Diehl and Mark P. Donnelly’s Medieval & Renaissance Furniture: Plans & Instructions for Historical Reproductions, which I used as the basis for my reproduction.No1:00 P.M.50Avraham ben David HakhuzariGalen MacColmainTBD
Eleanor DeyesonClothing AccessoriesTopping it off-Headgear helps complete the look - a variety of headgear from multiple cultures/time periods.No10:00 a.m.24Liriel CorrellCaitlin nic RaighneSibilla Swaine
Elizabeth Anne DraperBeveragesMead-Mead made traditionallyNo1:00 P.M.17Gerald GoodwineGeva de KentLeopold Heinrich von Rufkahr
Elizabeth Anne DraperCooking, Single DishRye bread-Rye bread with the history of the bread.No2:00 P.M.17Elianor de MorlandAline SwynbrokeMelisende de la Roche de Lionne
Esteban de ValenciaWoodworkFrench scepter hand carved from rough sawn cheery wood.No10:00 A.M.51Thomas of CologneAvraham ben David HakhuzariTBD
Eynon LlangenyddBeveragesAdventures in Yeast: Fermentation Temperatures-This project is one in a series of planned projects investigating the emergence of lager yeasts in Europe in the 15th/16th century. In this project, I fermented a split batch of a German Roggenbier with the same yeasts at two different temperatures. One-half of the batch was fermented at 68 degrees; the other was fermented at 50 degrees.No2:00 P.M.18Gerald GoodwineGeva de KentLeopold Heinrich von Rufkahr
Fiondel SongspinnerEmbroideryEmbroidered song books-A set of four songbooks, based upon those that were commissioned in Augsburg for the marriage of Charles V in Bologna in 1530. There are four books in the set. One for each of the voices of the song.Yes11:00 A.M.3Issabell St. CharlesLiriel CorrellFionna nic Alisadir
Fiondel SongspinnerIlluminationArtist contract-As the Barony of Three Rivers will be hosting Coronation in 2015, I will be completing a contract between Their Excellencies Three Rivers and myself, to provide songbooks, singers, and a performance of an anthem suitable for a Coronation. The illuminated piece will be based upon extant examples and descriptions of artists commissions and contracts from the early 16th centuryYes2:00 P.M.3Natalya Alekseya VasliovaConna ingen Ui ChearbhaillGalen MacColmain
Fiondel SongspinnerMusical Performance, Mixed EnsemblePerformance of Anthem, Appropriate for a Coronation-In September of 1515, King François I led his across the Alps into Italy. The "Holy League," that was set against him, included Swiss mercenaries and several armies sent by the Pope. As a result of the battle, the enemy force being utterly defeated, Francois I firmly established French dominion over Milan and forcied the Pope himself to negotiate peace terms with François. The official composer of the French royal court, Jean Mouton, was given the familiar task of writing a political motet in celebration of the monumental victory. The result was his four-voiced motet Exalta regina Galilae.Yes1:00 P.M.3Conna ingen Ui ChearbhaillRhodriKatriana op den Dijk
Folkbiorn Aeskilson (Felix)Clothing AccessoriesGokstad Backback-My interpretation of a Gokstad Backback made from leather.No3:00 P.m.25Galen MacColmainJorunnAline Swynbroke
Halldora GudnisdottirWeaving, Band/Tablet/InkleDyeing to Weave-A tablet woven band, created from yarn I hand spun using drop spindle, and dyed with period materials.No1:00 P.M.46Hrefna HallberudottirRebecca BeaumontJohanne of Fisher Gate
HerrickCeramics and PotteryCooking Pot-A cooking pot to cook my wild game in.Yes2:00 P.M.4Vasilla KrasnaiazackDonald Macdonald
HerrickCooking, Single DishBraised wild game-The use of wild game with root veggiesYes11:00 a.m.4Ishmala bint YuhannahRebecca BeaumontMatthieu Chartrain
HerrickWoodworkWooden feast gear-Wooden feast gear to serve my wild game in.Yes10:00 A.M.4Mikhail NikolaevichGerald GoodwineGalen MacColmain
Jaida de LeonBeveragesBeverages of Al Andalus-Research and redaction of beverages found in the "An Anonymous Andalusion Cookbook of the 13th Century" I have chosen three recipes to redact and present.Yes11:00 A.M.5Diana MacLeanGeva de KentConna ingen Ui Chearbhaill
Jaida de LeonCooking, Single DishSalt brine for preservation of vegetables-Looking at the use of salt brine as a way of preserving vegetables with specific focus on preservation of cabbage. I will have salt brine preserved cabbage at various stages from the very beginning to 6 months.Yes3:00 P.M.5Elianor de MorlandAmanda of ColdcastleMelisende de la Roche de Lionne
Jaida de LeonJewelryPrayer Beads of the Middle East-Like Paternosters and Rosaries cultures of the Middle East utilized prayer beads or worry beads. I have researched different forms of prayers beads and then created two examples of what I believe would have been used by my persona.Yes10:00 A.M.5RhodriOtoshiTatjana Nikonovna
Jawhar ibn AkmelClothing Accessories14th century Ottoman turbin pinYes10:00 A.M.6Cai DubhghlasAriadne KarbonopsinaJohann Steinarsson
Jawhar ibn AkmelCooking, Single DishSpiced PearsYes1:00 P.M.6Elianor de MorlandDiana MacLeanTatjana Nikonovna
Jawhar ibn AkmelEnamelworkPlique de jour medallionYes3:00 P.M6Eleanor DeyesonRhodri
Johanne of Fisher GateWeaving, StandardPoint Twill Fabric-Yardage in wool.No11:00 A.M.48JorunnKathryn DaggettMarguerite des Baux
Juliana della RenaNeedlework-MiscSilk reliquary bag based on a 10th Century extant piece. The focus of this pouch will be its beadwork. I will use size 11/0 golden glass beads to attempt to recreate the design of the original pouch.No2:00 P.M.42Diana MacLeanFionna nic AlisadirLiriel Correll
Kamiizumi HirotaroClothing/CostumingLady's Daily Costume-Japanese Lady's Daily Costume from late Sengoku period. Consists of two under jackets (aigi) and one long coat (uchikake).No11:00 A.M.31Giraude BenetSile O'KyanOtoshi
Katherine Devereaux of YorkMiscellaneous, ScienceI chose to do a bookbinding reproduction of the most famous heart shaped book, “ Chansonnier Cordiforme“ (c.1475). This muscial manuscript when closed is shaped like a heart, but when opened it becomes two hearts joined, representing two lovers who send love messages to each other in the 43 songs composed by Italian and French contemporaries of the time. The music from this medieval book has been reproduced by several artists which I will have playing along with my entry.No3:00 P.M40Dammo UtwilerConna ingen Ui ChearbhaillLorraine Devereaux
Lorenzino Bartolome dei AlbizziMusical Performance, VocalThree Plainsongs-Performance of three plainsongs showing the three melodic forms.No2:00 P.M.41Katriana op den DijkRhodriHanne Abendschein
Lote WinterbornClothing/CostumingA Norse Woman's Ensemble-This is a complete outfit of a Danish Norse Woman who is to attend a Springtime Thing(gathering).No2:00 P.M.28Thora SigurdsdottirBrialen UlfsdottirSamia al-Kaslaania
Lucia of VataviaEmbroidery14th century embroidered pouch-An embroidered pouch in the 14th century style utilizing various stitches including brick stitch.No1:00 P.M.36Marianna da FiorenzaCaitlin nic RaighneCatriona de Brynton
Margaret MacKenzieEmbroideryEmbroidered heraldic device of Lady Margaret MacKenzie on muslim with DMC thread.No2:00 P.M.37Issabell St. CharlesHrefna HallberudottirMarianna da Fiorenza
Mea Giuseppi de FirenzeSpinningSpinning of Wool, Silk,Hemp and other fibers. Chronological progression of my spinning ability from 2006 to present.No3:00 P.M.43Liriel CorrellKathryn DaggettTBD
Moire ingen NeillClothing AccessoriesSocks-Naalbind socks.Yes3:00 p.m.7MaerwynBrialen UlfsdottirAriadne Karbonopsina
Moire ingen NeillPoetryNorse Poem-Malahattr style poemYes2:00 P.M.7Hywela Frech ferch WyddelDorcas WhitecapJohann Steinarsson
Moire ingen NeillWeaving, Band/Tablet/InkleApprentice Belt-Tablet woven beltYes1:00 P.M. 7Issabell St. CharlesGiraude BenetJuliana dellla Rena
Nesscia inghean ChearnaighWeaving, Band/Tablet/InkleNarrow band weaving-I'm doing narrow wares, commonly known as Inkle weaving. I'm doing plain, patterned, and pick up. No3:00 P.M. 47Thora SigurdsdottirHrefna HallberudottirJuliana dellla Rena
Nest ffynnonBasketryBasket Weaving: Exploring Rims-Multiple baskets exhibiting a variety of rims.No11:00 A.M.12Catriona de BryntonKathryn WynterbourneNatalya Alekseya Vasliova
Nikita PashavichDyeingOld Fustic-Creation of a late period dye that is easy to obtain in abundance here in the new world... and a touch of weaving.No1:00 PM35JorunnKathryn WynterbourneLiriel Correll
PerrinCeramics and PotteryRoman Oil Lamp-Recreation of Roman oil lampNo3:00 P.M.21Vasilla KrasnaiazackSorcha O'Riain
SeanAngus MacDuinnchinnLeatherworkBook Cover-Sewing of the separate sections of a book for the purpose of binding them together.Yes4:00 P.M.8Dammo UtwilerKatherine Devereaux of YorkNatalya Alekseya Vasliova
SeanAngus MacDuinnchinnNeedleworkBookbinding Sewing of Book Signatures-Sewing of the separate sections of a book for the purpose of binding them together.Yes3:00 P.M.8Fionna nic AlisadirCaitlin nic RaighneCatriona de Brynton
SeanAngus MacDuinnchinnWeaving, StandardHand woven endband-The sewing, and decorative woven covering, of a raised band onto the end of the spine of a book block (prior to covering) to protect the end of the spine.Yes10:00 A.M.8JorunnKathryn DaggettJohanne of Fisher Gate
Sebastian d'HinnisdaWeaving, StandardWiningas-A pair (possibly two pairs) of woven Viking leg wraps. Tabby weave, 100% wool, made on a rigid heddle loom.No3:00 P.M.49Johanne of Fisher GateSile O'KyanMarguerite des Baux
Sibilla SwaineClothing AccessoriesChanging Fashions: The English Gable Hood-A stylistic examination of the changing fashion of the English gable hood over the roughly four decades of its greatest popularity. The project will primarily focus on the hood’s depiction in portraiture, and modernly reproducing three hoods under the style conventions of their appropriate time. A discussion of period methods and materials will also be included.No11:00 A.M.26AveryCecily DarvellAmanda of Coldcastle
Siobhan an EinighLeatherworkIrish Polairie-A Polairie is an Irish book satchel, often used to transport religious texts.Yes4:00 P.M.9Mikhail NikolaevichEleanor DeyesonGalen MacColmain
Siobhan an EinighMiscellaneous, ScienceBookbinding-2-3 examples of early Irish bookbinding: namely Gothic and 2 types of Carolingian.Yes2:00 P.M.9Katherine Devereaux of YorkDammo UtwilerKathryn Wynterbourne
Siobhan an EinighWoodworkIrish Cumdach-A cumdach is a Irish book reliquary from 800-1000ish CE. It is wooden with metal paneling This cumdach is based off the Stowe Missal cumdach design, while not a direct copy.Yes11:00 A.M.9Mikhail NikolaevichKatherine Devereaux of YorkDammo Utwiler
Sokhatai SaikhanArmorCentral Asian Lamellar-Entry is a metal plate suit if lamellae constructed of tombstone shaped scales. This suit is a speculative reconstruction of lamellar torso defense that was worn by Centeral Asian cultures between 1200 and 1300.No1:00 P.M.11Cai DubhghlasMatthieu ChartrainGawain
Sorcha O'RiainWoodworkStrutted potter's wheel--This type of wheel (also known as a pillar wheel) is based on woodcuts and illuminations from the 11th Century to the early 17th Century commonly used in Northern Europe. Built from green wood with period like hand tools. It is very different from the modern kick wheel.No11:00 A.M.52Galen MacColmainZackTatjana Nikonovna
Thomas of CologneWoodworkSmall box form Mary Rose-Slilding box from Mary RoseNo2:00 P.M.53Mikhail NikolaevichAvraham ben David HakhuzariTBD
Vashti al-AsarDance Performance, EasternA recreation of a 16th century dance from the eastern border of the Persian Empire based on a comparison of 14th-16th century sources with modern folk dances from Afghanistan, Persia and India. Documentation considers aspects of costuming, music, and movements.No3:00 P.M.34Catalina de ArazuriDeirdre the Easily DistractedMathurin Kerbusso
Vels inn ViggladiHousehold Items/ToolsBook Press-A constructed double screw book press as evidenced in Hausbucher der Nurenberger Zwolfbruderstiftungen Landauer I, Folio 21 Verso: entry for Hanns Landawer (d. 1532).Yes11:00 A.M.10Gerald GoodwineAvraham ben David HakhuzariAislinn Morcroft
Vels inn ViggladiMiscellaneous, ArtGirdle Book-Gothic bound girdle book.Yes1:00 P.M.10Vasilla KrasnaiaKatherine Devereaux of YorkDammo Utwiler
Vels inn ViggladiWoodworkReliquary Box-Joined box based on an extant 14th Cen Byzantine Reliquary of St. John the Baptist.Yes3:00 P.M.10Mikhail NikolaevichThomas of CologneAvraham ben David Hakhuzari
William DouglasMetalworkDie Struck Coins/Event Tokens-The tools and methods of die struck coins and event tokens.No4:00 P.M.39Avraham ben David HakhuzariMatthieu ChartrainTBD
Ysmay FeytheClothing/CostumingTudor Gown-Mid 16th Century Split front gown with separate forepartNo2:00 P.M.29Caitlin nic RaighneCecily DarvellAmanda of Coldcastle
Zoe MikreClothing/CostumingHand-Sewn 16th Century Jeogori-Hand-sewn jeogori (Korean jacket) of linen, based on extant examples and artwork. Sewn with documentable Korean techniques.No2:00 P.M.30Giraude BenetEleanor DeyesonAriadne Karbonopsina
Zoe MikreWritingPraise Poem in the Korean Style-A brief piece inspired by period examples.No3:00 P.M.33Hanne AbendscheinJohann SteinarssonOtoshi