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File NameItem NameItem DescriptionItem NumberTime FrameSignificanceAuthorFile Description
Wild Bill Hickman"In Good Times and Bad, Bernette Hickman stoody by Wild Bill"Salt Lake Tribune ArticleFelt15/26/2008Utah OutlawKristen Rogers-IversonPhotocopy Article
Native American Legends-UtahStory of a tale of Mormon Gold in a caveTale of Gold by the IndiansFelt 21969Indian and Mormon taleUnknownPhotocopy typed story
Camp Floyd-Carson Family"Family of George Carson and Hist Wife Ann HoughFamily GeneologyFelt 31979Owner of Stagecoach InnBooklet
Camp Floyd"Camp Floyd" basic pamphletCamp Floyd Official PamphletFelt 4State Park at Fairfield UtahState Parik Pamphlet
Tintic War"The Tintic War and the Deaths of George and Washington CarsonFelt5Indian BattleBooklet
Camp Floyd-Carson Family"George Carson and Hist Wife Ann Hough: A Chronology of their Lives"Family History By Jay NielsenFelt61980Owner of Stagecoach InnJay NielsenBooklet
Native American-Chaco Canyon"Pueblo Bonito" BrochureChaco Culture National Park Felt 7Native American National Park In New MexicoBrochure
Utah War"State of Utah Historical Society Historical QuarterlyBook of Articles on Utah WarFelt 8Winter 2009Five Articles on the Utah WarBook
Utah War"A Lion in the Path:Genesis of the Utah War 1857-1858"Book of Articles on Utah WarFelt 9Winter 2009Utah War ArticleDavid HighlerBook
Utah War"And the War Came:James Buchananm the Utah Expedition and the Decision to Intervene"Book of Articles on Utah WarFelt 9Winter 2009Utah War ArticleWilliam P. MacKinnonBook
Utah War"The Utah War: A photographic Essay of some of Its Important Historic SilesBook of Articles on Utah WarFelt 9Winter 2009Utah War ArticleJohn EldredgeBook
Utah War"Sam Houston and the Utah War"Book of Articles on Utah WarFelt 9Winter 2009Utah War ArticleMichael Scott Van WagonenBook
Utah War"Spencer Pike Affair"Book of Articles on Utah WarFelt 9Winter 2009Utah War ArticleRichard W. SadlerBook
Native American Indians"Chief Walker Revisited"Utah Holiday MagazineFelt 10September 1981Photocopy Native American Chief ArticleRichard Van Wagoner and Steve WalkerPhotocopy Magazine Article
Pony Express"Gumption, as well as mail galloped over this old trail"Deseret NewsFelt 11no dateArticle on Pony ExpressBruce HillsIncomplete Newspaper Article
Camp Floyd"Salt Lake City and Fairfield"Personal HistoryFelt 12occurred in the 1860'sPersonal History tale of selling to Camp FloydMaria Sophia Doldi Hardi (given by ancester Barbara Peck)Personal History
Vernon, Utah"Centennial Story Collection"Ward SouvenierFelt 131977Tales of Vernon, UtahVernon Ward Centennial OrganizationGroup History
Utah War"Lost and Forgotten History of Johnson's Army, the Utah War and Camp Floyd 1857-1861Utah Civil War AssociationFelt 14Occurred 1857-1861Utah Civil War AssociationJohn MountPhotocopy Article
Native American Legends (Utah)"Legend of Bridal Veil Falls"Copies from Bridal Veil Falls BrochureFelt 15Bridal Veil Falls BrochuresLegendPhotocopy typed legend
Civil War"One Eyed Riley"Google documentFelt 16Civil War MusicUnknownphotocopy musical lyrics
Native American Legends-Utah"Legend of Squaw Peak (Grace Ingles Frost)Original in possession of Rel BrownFelt 17Indian LegendsCompiled by Donna Gibson, Kent Wilson and Dorethe Buckley- teachers for studentsphotocopy Indian Legend
Native American Legends-Utah"Indian Legend of the Sego Lily" (Levi Edgar Young)Original in possession of Rel BrownFelt 17Indian LegendsCompiled by Donna Gibson, Kent Wilson and Dorethe Buckley- teachers for studentsphotocopy Indian Legend
Native American Legends-Utah"Indian Folklores and Traditions (Levi Edgar Young)Original in possession of Rel BrownFelt 17Indian LegendsCompiled by Donna Gibson, Kent Wilson and Dorethe Buckley- teachers for studentsphotocopy Indian Legend
Native American Legends-Utah"Seagull" and "Legend of the Gulls" (Levi Edgar Young)Original in possession of Rel BrownFelt 17Indian LegendsCompiled by Donna Gibson, Kent Wilson and Dorethe Buckley- teachers for studentsphotocopy Indian Legend
Native American Legends-Utah"Eagle Gate-It's Legend"Original in possession of Rel BrownFelt 17Indian LegendsCompiled by Donna Gibson, Kent Wilson and Dorethe Buckley- teachers for studentsphotocopy Indian Legend
Native American Legends-Utah"Story of Utahns and Red Eagle-An Indian Legend of Timpanogas" (E.L. Roberts)Original in possession of Rel BrownFelt 17Indian LegendsCompiled by Donna Gibson, Kent Wilson and Dorethe Buckley- teachers for studentsphotocopy Indian Legend
Native American Legends-Utah"Legend of Timpanogas"(A.A. Anderson)Original in possession of Rel BrownFelt 17Indian LegendsCompiled by Donna Gibson, Kent Wilson and Dorethe Buckley- teachers for studentsphotocopy Indian Legend
Native American Legends-Utah"Legend of the Sleeping Woman"(Lala Foster Morris)Original in possession of Rel BrownFelt 17Indian LegendsCompiled by Donna Gibson, Kent Wilson and Dorethe Buckley- teachers for studentsphotocopy Indian Legend
Native American Legends-Utah"Norita-A Legend of Bridal Veil Falls" (M. M. Warner)Original in possession of Rel BrownFelt 17Indian LegendsCompiled by Donna Gibson, Kent Wilson and Dorethe Buckley- teachers for studentsphotocopy Indian Legend
MapsMap of Allen's Ranch"Map West of LehiFelt 18Map West of LehiTopographical map
Utah War"The Utah War: A Sesquicentennial Overview"Analysis of the Utah WarFelt 19Analysis of the Utah WarCurtis R. Allenphotocopy article
Camp Floyd"A.H. Plummer Letter"Letter from soldier at Camp FloydFelt 20Details of Camp FloydA.H. Plummertranscribed photocopy
Utah War"Correspondence, Order of the ArmyNumerous Letters, Photos, articles, orders to the Army that went to Camp Floyd and the Utah WarFelt 21February 1-September 1862Numerous Insights and Details of Instructions of the ArmyPhotocopy of numerous sources
Camp Floyd"Ruckus at Rush Valley"Skirmish between Ranchers and Camp Floyd soldiersFelt 22Received February 11, 2011Camp Floyd StoriesCurtis AllenPhotocopy of the Article sent by Author
Camp Floyd"Camp Floyd-Part One"Taken from the "Great American Desert"Felt 23Camp Floyd DetailsPhotocopy Article
Camp Floyd"Wingate Letters that reference Camp Floyd"Copy Received from the Filson Historical SocietyFelt 241859 Letters received Feb. 29, 2011Camp Floyd DetailsWingatePhotocopy from Filson Historical Society
Australian Mission and Church Experiences"Australian Missionary Journal 1901" Australian Mission Journal Felt 251901Mission ExperiencesUnknown Author transcribed by Connie NielsonIn the possession of Jerry Harris
Lehi Historical Sites"Historic Lehi sites by the Lehi HIstorical Preservation Committee"Description of Historical Sites in LehiFelt 26Historical sites and descriptionsLehi Historical Preservation CommitteeBooklet by LHPC
Fairfield City"Fairfield Master Plan"Zoning Plan of FairfieldFelt 27November 2011Zoning PlansFairfield City CouncilPhotocopy
Camp Floyd-Soldiers"Journal Entries and Obituary of James R. Simpson, United States Army His diary from Fort Leavenworth to Camp FloydFelt 281858Camp Floyd BackgroundJames A SimpsonFrom United States Military Collections photocopy
Camp Floyd-Soldiers"Brig. Gen. Elon J. Farnsworth-A Bold and Fearless Rider"Biography of Camp Floyd SoldierFelt 29Camp Floyd BackgroundEric WittenbergPhotocopy of his biography
Salt Lake City-Early History"Richard F. Burton view of Salt Lake and segment on Deseret Alphabet"Part of his book on his journeysFelt 30Background to Salt LakeRichard F. BurtonPhotocopy of part of the book.
David Henry Thoreau"Origins of Sayings-The Mass of Men Lead Lives of Quiet Desperation"Background on Thoreau sayingFelt 31written in 1975Russell-favorite quoteTrivia Library ComPrint off of the web
Camp Floyd-Mining District"Brigham Young and His Mormon Empire-Chapter 30-A Profit Seeking Prophet"Chapter in a book on Brigham Young that discusses Camp Floyd MiningFelt 321913Camp Floyd MiningFrank J. Cannon and George L. KnappPhotocopy of the Chapter.
Camp Floyd"Camp Floyd section from the Lehi Centennial "Section on Camp FloydFelt 331950Lehi description of Camp FloydLehi CityTranscribed portion of the book.
Camp Floyd-Soldiers"Patience Loader Rozsa Archer, wife of a Camp Floyd soldier"Chapter of her book that discusses Camp FloydFelt 34Her description of living waiting for housing at Camp FloydPatience Loader Rozsa ArcherPhotocopy of Chapter 8 of her autobiography
Camp Floyd"Curtis Allen answers to question by Russell Felt about Camp Floyd"Answers to question of Russell FeltFelt 352/11/2011Answers in prepartation of a new brochure for Camp FloydCurtis AllenPhotocopy email
Camp Floyd-Soldiers"Photocopy pictures of Simpson Journal from West Point"small photos of the journalFelt 36Received Jan. 20, 2012Camp Floyd soldierJames A SimpsonPhotocopy email
Nevada History"A Trip from the Great Salt Lake to San Francisico" Chapter 13Nevada-early description of desertFelt 37Nevada Desert descriptionRichard F. BurtonPhotocopy Cahpter 13
Utah Archaeology"A Newsletter of the Utah Statewide Archaeology Society"description of digs in UtahFelt 38December 1986Digs in UtahNumerous Authors of the Utah Statewide Archaeological SoietyOriginal Newsletter
Spanish Exploration of Utah"Miscellaneous Notes on Spanish Exploration"Questions and ideas on Spanish ExplorationFelt 39Spanish explorationtyped notes
Camp Floyd"Map of Camp Floyd and papers of Wingate"Documents from the Filson Historical SocietyFelt 40Received April 8, 2009Camp Floyd documentsWingateLetter from Filson Historical Society
Native American Relations in Utah"Indian Raids by William Rigby"Story of Indian Raids on the Utah FortFelt 411855Lehi historyWilliam F. RigbyTyped story
Camp Floyd-Soldiers"Lost Adams Diggings"Diggins in New Mexico by Wingate-soldier at Camp FloydFelt 421862Camp Floyd soldierweb storyphotocopy web story
Mormon Battalian"Old Town Mormon Battalion Old Town Brochure'Historical Site in San Diego California Felt 431982Mormon Battalion storyoriginal brochure
Australian Mission and Church Experiences"Letter from Cornelius Kruithof from Australia about Papua New Guinea Saints coming to the temple"Temple Experiences of 36 New Guinea SaintsFelt 4412/5/2011Email Correspondence about temple experienceCornelius Kruithofemail story
Felt FamilyPatriarchal Blessing of John Feltfamily patriarchal blessing historyFelt 451/11/1860family recordJohn Feltphotocopy patriarchal blessing
Native American IndiansAnnie Bidwell Attends a Mechoopda DanceStory of White seeing an indian dance in CaliforniaFelt 461870'sNative American StoryAnnie Bidwellphotocopy of book pages.
Native American IndiansSpeeches of Seattle and Ten Bears (1854, 1867)Stories of American Indians-in their own wordsFelt 471854, 1867story of the American Indiancompiled by Virginia Irving Armstrongphotocopy of book pages.
Camp Floyd-Stagecoach Inn"Overhead photo of Stagecoach Inn-Camp Floyd"Overhead of the Stagecoach InnFelt 48ModernPhotograph TopdayOverhead photo
Camp Floyd SoldiersLetter from Charles Brewer to Abram ClaudeLetter from Camp Floyd. In possession of the LDS Church ArchivesFelt 493/31/1857Letter from Camp FloydCharles BrewerTranscribed Letter
Camp Floyd"Photocopy page Books of Sutter's Store-Camp Floyd"Bookkeeping in Tooele County's Recorder's OfficeFelt 501/1/1859Camp Floyd Storephotocopy of one page
Camp Floyd"In the 1860's, Utahns scored big when Camp Floyd shut down"Article in Living HistoryFelt 51Tribune Feb. 20, 2011Camp FloydPat BagleyPhotocopy of the story
Camp Floyd"The Army at Camp Floyd-Mormon News-Losses of Cattle-Statement of the Military Force in UtahArticle from New York TimesFelt 52Tuesday January 17, 1860Camp FloydNew York TimesPhotocopy of the transcribed from Archives-New York Times
Utah War"Diary stories of Camp FloydPhotocopy diaryFelt 53Joseph Felt participatedDiaryPhotocopy pages
Pony ExpressPony Express information and OathPhotocopy PagesFelt 541860-61West of LehiSimple InformationPhotocopy pages
Lehi Sugar FacoryHistory of the Lehi Sugar Factory and the Sugar Industry in UtahBasic history of Lehi Sugar PlantFelt 551891-1924Lehi Agricultural BusinessBasic InformationPhotocopy pages
American Fork Canyon" American Fork Canyon-Basic Information from the WebBasic history and informationFelt 56American Fork CanyonBasic Informationprinted Copy
United States Government"Not Yours to Give" by Col. David Crockett Given to Congress Felt 57US GovernmentSpeech on Fiduciary responsibilities of Congree by Davy CrockettPrinted Copy
Camp Floyd-Carson FamilyCarson house directly north of the red brick house in FairfieldPhoto has Janet Park Carson, William Harrison Carson and Agnes Findlay PaulFelt 58Carson FamilyPhotograph
Camp FloydBuilding with people in frontFelt 59Photograph
LDS ApostlesNotes of a Talk by Joseph WirthlinFelt 605/31/1991LDS ApostleTalk by Joseph Wirthlinphotocopy handwritten notes
Camp Floyd"A Trip from the Great Salt Lake to San Francisico" Chapter 13called Carson Valley descriptionFelt 61Richard F. BurtonPhotocopy web book
Camp FloydMiscellaneous Pictures informjation packet Compiled by Russell FeltFelt 62Camp Floyd InfoCompiled by Russell FeltPhotocopy pictures and information
Utah WarPhoto Information about the Utah WarInformation on Brigham Young and Sidney JohnstonFelt 63Utah War Infophotocopy information on Utah War
Camp Floyd-Frogtowntalk Given by Harold Fabian at Camp FloydFirst Masonic Lodge in Utah was at Camp FloydFelt 64Camp Floyd talkHarold Fabianphotocopy talk (missing pages).
Camp FloydCamp Floyd description by Audrey M. GodfreyBasic InformationFelt 651992Camp Floyd descriptionAudrey M. Godfreyphotocopy description
Camp FloydUtah War and Its Mountain Meadow massacreArticle by William MackinnonFelt 665/27/2007Talk on Utah WarWilliam P. MacKinnonphotocopy off of web
Camp FloydDescription of Camp Floydby Audrey M GodfreyFelkt 671992Taken off of internetAudrey M. Godfreyphotocopy off of web
Utah WarAT Swords PointDocumentary History of the Utah WarFelt 682008book reviewWilliam P. MacKinnonphotocopy off of web
Utah WarThe Utah War by Russell D. PollInformation on Utah WarFelt 691985presentationRichard D. Pollphotocopy off of web
Camp Floyd-SoldiersLetter to Russ Felt telling where to get the list of soldiers who were deployed at Camp FloydInformation from National ArchivesFelt 7011/30/2011Camp Floyd soldiersPaul Harrison-Archives and Reference SectionOriginal Letter.
Overland StageExperience of Maria Sophiea Doldi HardyRelative of Barbara PeckFelt 71August of 1860Camp Floyd storyMaria Sophia Doldi HardyPhotocpy of typed story
Utah War"The Brink of War"by David RobertsFelt 72Drawing of Camp FloydDavid Robertsphotocopy of a drawing of Camp Floyd
Early Teachers and Schools in LehiEbeneezer BeezleyTeacher in Lehi/ directory of Mormon Tabernacle ChoirFelt 73Early Teacher of Musicbiographyweb page
Utah WarTerritorial Militiaman in the Utah Warby Hamilton GardnerFelt 74Utah War InfoHamilton Gardnerweb reprint
Wild Bill HickmanNotes on the Life of "Bill Hickman"journal of LDS HistoryFelt 75outlaw in FairfieldWeb Print
Utah WarThe Mormon Wardetails of the Utah WarFelt 76Utah War InfoWeb print
Utah WarUtah War:U.S. Government versus Mormon SettlersWild West MagazineFelt 776/12/2006Utah War Infoweb print
Utah WarUtah WarChapter 14Felt 78Utah War Infoweb print
Utah WarUtah WarChurch NewsFelt 797/14/2007Utah War InfoR. Scott LloydChurch news article
Camp FloydCamp Floyd from "History of Tooele County"by Ouida BlanthornFelt 80Camp Floyd InformationOuida Blanthornphotocopy pages
Camp Floyd-Frogtown/FairfieldFairfield and Life of soldiers chapters from Camp floyd and the MormonsLife at Camp FloydFelt 81Camp Floyd InformationDonald MoormanPhotocopy pages
Native Americans in Utah CountyChief Arapeen and Chief PeteetneetInformation about chiefsFelt 82Native Americansweb information
Camp Floyd-Frogtown/FairfieldEdward Covington Photography ShopInformation from book on Pioneer PhotographersFelt 83Camp Floyd InformationPeter M. Palmquistweb information
Camp Floyd Mining District5Camp Floyd Mining from "History of Tooele County"Information from book Felt 84Camp Floyd Mining CompanyOuida Blanthornphotocopy from book.
Camp Floyd-SoldiersLouis and Mary Strasburg-The Soldier and the MormonWeb pageFelt 85Love Story between soldier and MormonStella Day Normanweb page
Camp Floyd-MasonsInformation on Camp Floyd and the MasonsWeb pageFelt 86Masons at Camp Floydweb information
Fairfield SchoolNews clippings from Lehi Banner on Fairfield SchoolLehi Banner articlesFelt 871898Two articles about the schoolLehi BannerLehi Banner Historical pages
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