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CompanySubjectGrade RangeYoungest GradeOldest GradeDescription
ABCYaMulti-CurriculumK-5K5ABCya is an app with a collection of educational games. There are six free games each week. The games are interactive and Educational.
Adler Planetarium, ChicagoSciencePreK-12K12Scroll down to see virtual exhibits, science at home and join in their Zooniverse to take part in real scientific research.
Age of Learning
(ABCMouse, Adventure Academy, ReadingIQ)
Multi-CurriculumK-8K8There are learning activities that are available for students. It is a digital learning program with online activities and games. Online and App version of Digital Games.
American Museum of Natural HistoryMulti-CurriculumPreK-12K12Manhattan’s American Museum of Natural History is dedicated to presenting an overview of our world’s natural history.
BrainPopMulti-Curriculum6-12612Short animated movies covering various subjects and grade levels. Students learn by watching videos. Free Access during School Closures.
Breakout EduDigital PuzzlesPreK-12K12Digital puzzle based games that students can complete at home. Following the link, students will be able to access digital versions "escape room style" games.
British MuseumArtPreK-12K12A Virtual Tour of the British Museum, London England
Code.OrgCodingPreK-12K12Ready made lessons that students can work through to work on computer science skills
College Board: AP Exam YouTube ChannelAP Exams6-12912AP Online Classes and Review Sessions.
College Board: Big Future, College SearchCollege Info6-12612Help in your college search
College Board: AP Courses and ExamsMulti-Curriculum6-12912Resources for Advanced Placement (AP) students.
Cool Math GamesMathK-5K6Cool math games offers a huge library of digital games that practice problem solving and math skills.
CreositySpaceScienceK-5K5CreositySpace is an NGSS/NYSSLS K-5 curriculum* that offers a unique and engaging way to “hook” elementary students on STEM through entrepreneurship.
DuolingoLanguagesPreK-12K12This is primarily an App. Students can learn a language, or practice a language they are already learning in school. Making the platform a game is fun and exciting. The content is leveled.
FunBrainMath & ReadingK-8PreK8A collection of games that are based on reading or math. Students can play from a large variety of digital games online.
Georgia AquariumSciencePreK-12K12What better way to continue your education and keep kids’ curiosity piqued than to adventure with Georgia Aquarium from afar?
Google ExpeditionsMulti-CurriculumPreK-12K12This is an App that is usually used with a Virtual Reality Headset. If you do not have a VR headset or Google Cardboard, students still have access to the digital library of location sand augmented reality. Even if a child is stuck at home, they can travel all around the world!
i-ReadyMath & ReadingK-8K8Many APS Schools have bought the full version of i-Ready Math or i-Ready Reading, each one creativing interactive lessons that are determine on student areas of need. Ask your child if they have an i-Ready account.
IgniteMyFutureMulti-Curriculum6-1268Search their comprehensive curriculum library by subject, computational thinking concept or leading question to be instantly connected to lessons that you can start using to engage your middle-school students today.
J.Paul Getty MuseumArt6-12612Visit the J. Paul Getty museum from your home!
Jet Propulsion LabsSciencePreK-12K12Visit space at home, take a virtual tour, see pictures, and read news at JPL
Kennedy CenterFine ArtsPreK-12PreK12Enjoy free videos of extraordinary live and on-demand performances and educational activities to do at home, with new releases daily.
Khan AcademyMulti-CurriculumPreK-12K12They have videos for all grade levels. This would be an excellent resource for High school students to prepare for ACT/ SAT.
A resource for high school students to prepare for ACT/ SAT. Free SAT/ACT test prep. Students can watch descriptive and informative videos demonstrating or teaching a huge variety of topics.
Khan Academy, Vi HartMath & ArtPreK-12312Doodling in Math and more
Literacy SquaredSpanish Language ArtsK-8K6A catalog to learning activities. Click on the activities.
Literacy SquaredSpanish Language ArtsK-8K6A catalog to learning activities. Click on the activities.
Metropolitan Museum of Art: MetKidsArt6-12612Designed for students to navigate. The interactive map includes “fun facts, project ideas and behind-the-scenes videos that feature kids like you.”
Metropolitian Museum of Art: The Met CollectionArtPreK-12K12Experience the Metropolitan Museum Anywhere
MindAntixBrain Teasers6-12612Daily Brain Teasers
Museo del PradoArtPreK-12K12A Virtual Tour of the Prado Museum, Madrid, Spain
Mystery ScienceScienceK-5K5Mystery Science is offering lessons free to any and all students and families, no login required and lessons are aligned to NGSS.
NASAScienceK-5K5NASA Kids’ Club – a place to play games and learn about NASA!
Niagara Falls State ParkSciencePreK-12PreK12A Virtual Tour of Niagara Falls State Park
NM History MuseumSocial Studies6-12612The NM Natural History Museum brings history to life with interactive lessons.
PBS Learning Media: Grades K-5Multi-CurriculumK-5K5NMPBS and PBS have curated FREE, standards-aligned videos, interactives, lesson plans, and more for teachers like you.
PBS Learning Media: Bring the World the World To Your ClassroomMulti-CurriculumPreK-12K12NMPBS and PBS have curated FREE, standards-aligned videos, interactives, lesson plans, and more for teachers like you.
Sandia National LabsSciencePreK-12K12A Virtual Tour of Sandia National Labs
Scholastic Learn-at-HomeMulti-CurriculumK-8PreK920* days worth of learning journeys. Every day includes four separate learning experiences, each built around a story or video. Kids can do them on their own, with their families, or with their teachers. Marketed as K-12, seems more like K-8.
Smithsonian 2018 Color Our Collections Coloring PagesArt6-12612Coloring pages
Smithsonian Color in a New Light Coloring Pages (PDF)Art6-12612During Color Our Collections, which is organized by the New York Academy of Medicine, cultural institutions from around the world will provide inspiration and coloring sheets for artists of all ages to fill in.
Smithsonian Distance Learning ResourcesMulti-CurriculumPreK-12K12The Smithsonian Distance Learning page is well organized. The "Caregivers and Families" and "Self-Directed Learning for Tweens and Teens" links are very helpful. The link takes you to an Excel sheet of topics, worksheets, games and activities.
Smithsonian Libraries Coloring Page Volume 2Art6-12612Coloring pages
Smithsonian National Air and Space MuseumMulti-CurriculumPreK-12K12Scroll down to see various topics, planetary science, Engineering and technology flight, space, and much more.
Spanish Ministry of Education: Secondary Education and Post-16 Education, ESO y BachilleratoMulti-Curriculum6-12712A catalog to learning activities. Click on the activities.
Spanish Ministry of Education: Attention to Diversity, Atención a la diversidadMulti-CurriculumPreK-12K12Educational Apps: Special needs
TI InspireMath6-12912CCSS Traditional Pathway Algebra II and Pre-Calculus
Tour BuilderMulti-CurriculumPreK-12K12Students can create digital 3D tours of locations around the world. Has your child been interested in locations they read about in a book, or about locations from a recent movie/TV show? Have students build their own digital tour.
TynkerCodingPreK-12PreK12Students learn how to code by dropping in blocks of code to complete and create digital games. Students can log into the Tynker account and a gaming system for students to solve problems and beat levels, all while learning to code.
Uffizi Museum, Florence ItalyArtPreK-12K12A Virtual Tour of Uffizi Museum in Florence, Italy
Virtual Tour of the LouvreArtPreK-12K12Visit the museum's exhibition rooms and galleries, contemplate the façades of the Louvre.
XtraMathMathK-8K8This sites gives students targeted practice for learning their math facts. (addition, subtraction, multiplication and division). This is a computer based system. Students take a pre test that determines their most frequently missed math facts. Students then go through targeted drills and practice.
Yellowstone ParkSciencePreK-12PreK12A Virtual Tour of Yellowstone National Park
YousicianMusicPreK-12K12If you have an instrument at home, but haven't been able to teach your child how to play it, the yousician app will help students learn how to play. The app gives instruction and pointers. The free version offers a 20 minute lesson per day.
YouVisit.comArtPreK-12K12A Virtual Tour of Teotihuacan, Mexico City, Mexico