Teacher Report Card 2013 (Responses)
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Timestamp...respects each student...speaks clearly.... uses language that we can understand.... tries to see the student's point of view.... does a good job of treating all students the same.... explains topics clearly.... provides time for review of material.... shows interest in students' lives.... makes me feel important.... tells us our learning goals.... has a great sense of humor.... seems to enjoy teaching.... keeps the class under control without being too tough.... gives fair punishments.... treats me as an individual.... tries new teaching methods.... gives good, fair assignments.... dresses professionally....leads good class discussions....has a good pace (not too fast or too slow)....answers questions completely....praises good work....listens to our ideas....grades fairly....has interesting lessons....encourages different opinions....encourages me to be responsible....gives enough time for assignments....gives tests that reflect the material in the unit.Sometimes, Mr. Vaudrey __________, but not always.Sometimes, Mr. Vaudrey lets the class __________, but not always.What do you like BEST about the class?How can the class be improved?Do you think the class is fair?Your friend tells you that they have Mr. Vaudrey next year. What do you tell them?What are you doing this summer?Anything else you want to tell me?What's a good name for a Barbie doll?How many earrings should I get this summer?...has bad breath.
5/21/2013 20:27:3454345454445555555554344544445MumblesTalkNo judgements More iPad stuff like send your homework to you in Dropbox and

Yes because we all treat each other with rescept He is really cool and crazy be careful he jumps and desks and all kinds of funny stuff be you learn a lot in that class.

(={ )
Hahahahah I made the Pringles man hahahahahaha
Who would win in at a game of jump rope

Batman or a kangaroo

Your a really cool teacher. P.s. I'm bayley
5/22/2013 7:14:4534433433343543344433344455545Talks too fast
5/22/2013 7:40:5434433433343543344433344455545Talks too fastWalk around I like trying new things out in class it's really fun.I don't think it needs improvement Yes I think it is.Tell Mr.Vaudrey I said Hi.... From _______ And don't worry he's cool and you'll get it.I do lots of stuff during summer I go bike riding, I visit my cousines in San Fransisco, I go in the pool. Me my sisters my mom and my sister in law are going to a concert. I run, I shop till I drop,spend some time with the big bros and sisters, go to amusement parks, we go to the movies, we go out to eat, we also go up this big hill. I haven't gone on the hill for like 6 months so I expect to be sore the next day but that's okay. There's more I do but you can expect my summer to be busy like every other one.Umm yea we go to the beach and roller skating every Tuesday or..... o.O.......is it Wednesday that's all xD
5/22/2013 22:13:5944554523455553455553254554554Wears his mullet wigTalk a lot That you can turn in homework whenever and still get full points. He always has a positive attitude and he always lets us choose our partners when we get the chance. He's hilarious and makes the whole class laugh. At one point he'll sit us next to our closest friends. He lets me leave things in his class & Let's me comeby after school to get it. Really easy out going teacher, gives out 5 pocket chips every time we have sub. When it's our turn he let's us sit on the teacher chair. We can drop off our stuff during lunch at his class. He gives out tutoring, and helps you with any project he gives out.His class is great. Just don't do a lot of Cornell notes. We hate that. Try a different method of notes.Yes because he'll treat everyone the same & he never points out he has a favorite.Your gonna like him ! He's really chill if you don't get on his nerves, his class is pretty easy but just don't get in trouble a lot and you'll do good.Well I don't know. I want to like go out with my friends everyday & get a darker skin color. But I doubt that'll happen. I might just stay home and clean like usual.Nope, that's about it.
6/3/2013 8:49:2434444454452555455355545444455Is fun
6/3/2013 8:51:5745543353353543353555355533555Dances ๐Ÿ˜‚Get crazy ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘Bonquiqui ๐Ÿ’‚Nine
6/3/2013 8:52:1055455552253555453345545434445YellsTalk to your friends That its not that boring.It's fine how it is.SometimesThat he is a fun teacher and he's not meanSleep,play soccer,and go swimming and to the beachYou should get I line up.Ariel3
6/3/2013 8:53:3954455453445545444554555544545DancesDo experimentsThe group activity lessonsMore people should be allowed to give good news like 4 or 5Yes, because they listen to each other explain sometimesHe's a cool math teacherLose weightHave a great ummerSharlet0
6/3/2013 8:53:4553535344354554454333555434435makes everybody laughhang outhow everybody treats eachotherthere nothing wrongyes everything is greatthat they will have alot of friendsim getting ready for softball season at valley viewyour awsomebrittantynone!!!!!!!!
6/3/2013 8:54:1654554554555555555544555545544TalkHe has fun assignmentsIf he has more outside assignments .Yes it is fairThat he's a great teacher,but don't chew gum in his class and not to be there late.Going on a cruise and gonna sleep a lot.Barbie100
6/3/2013 8:54:3845344555551544555454554555545I like the the way mr vaudrey has fun with his students and makes math totes funI can't think of a way to improve the class it was honestly my favorite math classYes it's fair you treat everyone the sameYou'll have a lot of fun and he's a bit of a Wack jobI'm going to a summer science campb
6/3/2013 8:54:4944533551355554345455554455455Is niceTalkThe inspiring teacher that gets me goingIt can't it's perfect alreadyYes it is fairThat he's cool but don't get him madParty and sleep and play soccerNoChibcha 100000009
6/3/2013 8:55:1924531333253531554554544324223Sucks
6/3/2013 8:55:2244544544455555455454544554355Has a great sense of humorThe teaching is really clear the topics are understandableI don't think the class really needs improvingYea I think the class is fair because I'll tell them they are really lucky to have that teacher he is really fun and his teaching skills are amazing Football practice Ah yea you are a awsome teacherNone
6/3/2013 8:56:4755545444355555455554455534555Is weirdTalkIt's a learning environment More fun activities with group workYes You'll like his class he's a cool teacher and he's the best!! :)Going to knotts berry farm mostly. Hanging out with family members and friends. Going to the mall and etc..It was very nice being in your classroom, I enjoyed having the opportunity to get a free education. And I wanna thank you for teaching me all that you could :D SophiaTwo?
6/3/2013 8:59:3645454454453543455554554444354Can be strictGo off topicIt's not too serious and has its funny moments.It doesn't need to butYesDon't be a class clown.Running at the gym.NoLaqisha Baker1 or 2
6/3/2013 8:59:4954545455554554554553455545554Goofs aroundThat there's no book work
Disapline some moreYes because you give us the opertunity to explainThat he has a great class and you should enjoy the year.StuffYour a great teacher and you should keep doing what your doing !!!!!!!!!Shaniqua1E+30
6/3/2013 8:59:5055555554555555454553555555555lets us talk a littlework in partnersi love how i understand EVERY Lesson ! more class breaks would be better c:yes , because thats just my opinion lol"Mr.Vaudrey is a very nice teacher & he is also the best math teacher you could ever have" ! ^~^ I'm Planning To Go Night Swimming , Go To The Beach Alot , Have Bombfires , & Hang Out With My Boyfriend Alot <3 I'm Going To Miss You As A Teacher :'( & I Hope You Have A Good Life With Your Beautiful Family Lol :D ! Sandy Both Of Them (2)
6/3/2013 8:59:5354454455544545355454555554555Talks about his lifeHave funHow it's not the same everydayTalk to each student to make sure they understand the lesson because sometimes there shy or emberassed
Yes I do because not the whole group is punished only the individualBe careful what a you say in class because Mr.Vadury may miss understand...Not to sure my summers are usually unexpectedThanks for being a good teacher and friend.JennyNone
6/3/2013 9:00:1855555555555555555555555555555TalkI like that the class goes by fast because the lessons are fun and easy to understand Yes because you treat everybody the same and you don't have any favoritesI would tell them that he's awesome and fun and that he makes math easyI'm going to New York to vist my cousinYour a really good teacher and funny I'm going to miss this classJulieNone
6/3/2013 9:00:2055355554541545554354545455445I like the way you have fun with the students and make math totes funI honestly can't think of a way to move this class it was my favorite math class of all timeYes you treat everyone the sameYou'll have a lot of fun and he's a bit of a Wack jobI'm going to a summer science campSorry noBritney ;)None
6/3/2013 9:00:2245543353353543353555355533555Dances ๐Ÿ˜‚Get crazy ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘I like doing fun activities. And getting to walk around and go outside. ๐Ÿƒ๐Ÿƒ๐Ÿƒ๐Ÿƒ๐Ÿƒ๐Ÿƒ๐Ÿƒ๐Ÿƒ๐Ÿƒ๐Ÿƒ๐ŸƒMaking all the lessons fun. Like having a fun activity like the mullet ratios and Barbie bungee jump. ๐ŸŽ‚Sometimes. You let other kids get away with stuff when they shouldn't but then the good kids get into trouble. ๐ŸHe's a cool teacher and we have fun. But you have to behave. And he loves his baby ! ๐Ÿ…๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ‘ถPlaying basketball, working on my game. Getting ready for high school season ! ๐Ÿ€๐Ÿ’ชYour a cool teacher thank you for teaching me and all you've done for me this year. I really appreciate it. I'll come back and visit don't worry. ๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ’๐Ÿ‘ธ๐Ÿ’๐Ÿ’ฉ๐Ÿฐ๐Ÿ€๐Ÿšฝ and sorry for breaking your barbies head. ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜ญโœŒBonquiqui ๐Ÿ’‚None โœ‹
6/3/2013 9:00:4554545555555545555555555555555Raises his voiceTalkMr. Vadrey's teaching methods By mr. Vaudrey being more strict about talkingYes it is because he treats everyone like the same oneHe is a really nice and kind teacher and his lessons are very use fullI am practicing with my new band, sleeping till dawn, I am a vocalist/bassYou are a very respectable person and your the second best math teacher I've ever had... My favorite math teacher is mrs. Wescot. PICKLE!!!!!!!Hahaha as many as potable and get a septum piercing like me :D
6/3/2013 9:02:5754554544455554555543545554554Speaks too fast TalkI like that the class gets to do interesting things like the mulet stuff and like the Barbie activity that was fun :) I also like how the class gets to share things with each other like answers or good news!!! That was very good but I really like how we did lessonsI don't think the class can improve because It is perfect just the way mr Vaudrey has itYes because we can share our opinions and have debates and things that we can have our on sideI would tell him or her that he is very funn and a great teacher :)!!!I am going to go to Texas and rino I am mostly going to clean and sleep :( but yeah I not ready for next year but I am really nervous and scared;)!!???!?!?I just wanna say u really helped me this year and u are an amazing teacher !!!! I think you are gong to do great in your teaching career because you know how to teach really well and you really care about the students learning and futures :) I hope u and your wife are very happy with pickle and she is very lucky and she's is ganna be smart hah I hope and good luck with your babySally1
6/3/2013 9:04:003433433315342455352434544444MeanEat???The Element of Surprise.Change the Music Q's.
Too the Good Stuff You Listen Too On Pandorac;
I Felt Terrance Was A Bitt Mistreated With Little Of Patience For That Student.I Didn't Talk Too Littler Kids This Year.Stuff.____.

You Should Act How You Act When Shools Almost Out?

More Creative Lessons.
6/3/2013 9:07:0554554454455554554545445545454Gets madTalk I like that the class is fun. Everyday some how you make it fun! Haha (: With more FUN games about the math lesson (: Yes I think the class is fair. Why, because you treat everyone the same. You make everyone try to understand the lesson. Dude he's the best teacher ever!!!! He's class is fun!! He's chill but just don't get in trouble. He's funny he makes jokes! He dances weird but funny!! Lol :D Get drunk off of soda and Kool-aid!!! Lol jk (: I'm going to Arizona maybe to plan my 15 in Mexico (: To have a great summer and your going to be seeing me A LOT so be aware. Lol have fun with pickle (: k bye!! BonquiNONE!!!!!!!
6/3/2013 12:24:31Sammatha17
6/3/2013 8:58:45Is funTalk The thing that I like best about the class is that you don't know what is going to happen next.(A fun teacher is a cool)A way to make the class better next year would be to put on better music(no classical music).Yes,there is a great amount of fun in the classIt will be fun just don't talk bad about lord of the rings because he likes the book.I am going to practice for football and baseball next year.Have a great next year!!!!!! ( $SallyNone
6/3/2013 12:26:4354545454555555145544544554545Weird.Play gamesThe fun we haveMore gamesYes because he shows no favoritism.He's fun to be withChilling with friends and gf.This is Kevin cxLeslie25
6/3/2013 12:27:3545552542155545455554544554544ignorees me. He acommunicate with other peers
6/3/2013 12:27:5435211341154553253553545315545Blames people with out proofTalkWhat I like about the class , it's always energizedWith funner lessonsSometimesIt will be cool n boring sometimesI'm going to Chicago Make sure u have proof before you get them in troubleBarbie1
6/3/2013 12:28:1454454213255555544133243343333Jumps on deskWalk aroundHe makes it fun not boringUse IPADS MOREokayHe is a really cool and good teacherDON'T THINK ABOUT SCHOOL AT ALLL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!BYE HAVE A NICE SUMMER I WON'T REMEMBER ANYTHING ABOUT YOU JKJK HAH HAVE A GREAT SUMMERBlondy10and a BAR
6/3/2013 12:28:3454555343454554545555445555455Is a little rough ???iPads! It's fine the way it is . Yes. He's cool. Chilllennnn . Not really I did this twice so yeahhhh , DollyI don't know .
6/3/2013 12:28:5254545311155555455553555545555Lessons are interesting. Get to the stuff you say you will get toYes That your pretty cool, Just do your workGoing to a concert, my brithday is the day before summer so I might go shopping, family reunion,Hollywood, and maybe go to the beach with my cousin from Texas HAVE A GREAT SUMMER๐Ÿ˜€Shaqqueska5 pairs
6/3/2013 12:29:304232332221531223321225313255Is not always matureEatIt can be improved by being controlled more.Sometimes it is but at times there the worst.Do be stupidI am working this summer and have job interviews and I will be teaching kids what ever they want to learnNo more wigsBrenda0
6/3/2013 12:30:0055445355455553334555555435553Talks to muchTalkThe I pads By giving everybody in IPad Yes because this class shows respect That's bad because your apost to be in high school not 8th grade Working and being with my girlfriend You a great teacher Taco Bell 2
6/3/2013 12:30:2854535352554555454533334544345Talks really fast Socialize What I like best is that , the class is a good vibe everyday . It doesn't feel like I'm in school when I'm in class. But above all , I like the lessons.Umm , class can be improved by .......um I'm not sure. There's nothing that I would change . But I will change the seating chart more often !Yes , because Mr. Vaudrey has no favoritism toward certain students , so he treats everyone equallyThat they're gonna have fun ! But they just have to do their workI am going to Murrieta to visit family . Then like I'm going to start getting prepared for high schoolThanks for being an awesome algebra teacher ! & teaching me all that I need to know & getting me prepared for my freshman year ! ๐Ÿ‘ArriannaNone
6/3/2013 12:30:5255555555455555455355555555555FunnySpeakI like about the iPads and the classmatesIt doesn't need any improvementsThis class is fair because the teacher respects everyone in the classroom I would tell them to pay attention in class and do their work when their supposed toPlay,work,sleepNo opinionDerek0
6/3/2013 12:31:2645453343545443355453345534545Makes math funTalk and move around Fun Math Lessons and auction Make it more funYes I tell them that if they have you that their lucky and should enjoy I'm going to six flags again maybe stay at my aunts house for a while Thank you for being a good teacher and helping us with math and making it funKelly1
6/3/2013 12:31:3443355443354454334444355545555Will have super fun lessonsHave fun conversations not even related to the topicThe iPad duhMake the lessons on the iPad easier to do.SureNo glitter and he's a fun teacher NothingDon't get earrings and don't listen to Hillary about bedazzling your face.:)Felisha None guys shouldn't wear earrings unless they wanna look more like a girl
6/3/2013 12:37:4154555453355544555554455555555Unfair Work in groups I think the best thing in the class is all the Star Wars pictures.More using the iPad.Yes, I think the class is fair because there is a lot of work and lot of extra credit.I'll tell them to do there work and turn it in on time.Going to try out for MMA.Your an awesome teacher MickZero
6/3/2013 12:42:1545542543155555455555444553545You always say we will get to something but we never do.communicate with other peers I like how the lessons are very fun and exciting. Such as the mullet ratio lesson. He also jokes around and try to make the lessons more alive. I love how every good thing he would have different pictures of candance. its funny how He always *tries* to dance:) His lessons are understandble. Sometimes I wish the lessons can go faster.MORE PROJECTS! He sometimes ignores me.(Even if i raise my hand). He always call on the same smart people and i feel as if i'm not needed.That he's chill and funny. For 2 weeks I'm going to New York. After that I probably would study so I can learn ahead of people. Do some chores and I'm just glad I can have more freedomHave a great summer! Hopefully Candance grows up to be a beautiful and intelligient woman. Take care:)Blondie4,50,686,233,850,920 JK. um maybe 1 or 2
6/3/2013 12:46:185445543335555455454454555455Changes the song on pandora that we like, as he did exactly right now *cough cough* period 3/5Have side conversations What I like best about this class is that there's not alot of pressure to have the correct answer, it's okay to be wrong once in a while,There's not alot to fix in this class, it's really a great class, maybe...... Instead of chips.. REAL money??Yes because mr.vaudrey treats us all like equalsIt's lots of fun! AND NO GLITTER !โœจโœจโœจโœจโœจโœจโœจ. โœจโœจโœจโœจโœจโœจโœจโœจโœจโœจโœจโœจโœจโœจโœจโœจโœจโœจโœจโœจโœจโœจโœจโœจ๐Ÿ”ฅ๐Ÿ”ฅ๐Ÿ”ฅ๐Ÿ”ฅ๐Ÿ”ฅ๐Ÿ”ฅ๐Ÿ”ฅ๐Ÿ”ฅ๐Ÿ”ฅ๐Ÿ”ฅโœจโœจโœจโœจโœจโœจโœจโœจโœจโœจI'm hopefully going to Mexico to see my moms side of the family, and if I don't go then ill be bored the whole summer xcDon't really get the earrings.... And ummm...... Hope your class next year doesn't suck..... Unlike us cause we are AWESOME!! AND YOU KNOW IT! IPad class is the best!! And that's it! Wait me and Dacia are gunna visit you next year, probably , maybe , idk , I mean probably yes, maybe.ok gtg ttyl omg yolo brb l8er bro. LOL JK! k bye. This is hillary and Dacia.... Or is it??? In case you were wondering it is. Maybe. LOL JK it is tho! Bring it in and hug it out YO! something. ๐Ÿ‘น๐Ÿ™ˆ๐Ÿ™‰๐Ÿ™Š tell pickle I said hi ๐Ÿ˜ฌ k bye. K bye. K bye now this is goodbye for reals good bye. Something......... *whisper voice* byeeee ๐Ÿ˜ทBonquisha, it's a real name๐Ÿ˜พ or Maria de la rosa de Juanita Pedro burro taco del topoFill up you whole entire ear
6/3/2013 12:52:5654555454255532455444455534554Nerdy Talk I can talk to girls in class when I'm done with my work Let us eat more lolYes because mr V let's students come in for lunch to finish our work Have funEating lolHAVE SWAGG AND EAT A LOT LOL

Ratchet 1on each ear
6/3/2013 14:01:2445324554253533524553455533454Is in realy
6/3/2013 14:03:0431253143553535155554555435554FairSit with whoever we wantSometimes funnyNot reallyBe good and have funChillingPancho1
6/3/2013 14:03:0445445544345543354545434554544is funny
6/3/2013 14:04:1255544543445554554544445455545Gets on my nervesBe loud
6/3/2013 14:05:0454545445555555455554555554555Cool
6/3/2013 14:05:3632554445234544443553333535333get madsit by our friem
6/3/2013 14:05:4545345352443542545352454453253Twich
6/3/2013 14:06:2955454434455543445554454545444It's fun to go toNothing to improve onYes he respects everyoneHe is a really cool teacher,you'll like his classNothing but only if friends invite me somewhereYour a really awesome teacher,I'm really glad I had your class-Adrian DiazBarbieYour choice
6/3/2013 14:06:355435145351354135341453454434Is mean to meTalk HorribleBy listeningNOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOH H3ll no switchGames scooting and ******Good luckGiggity None
6/3/2013 14:06:3645554453454554544435555435544
6/3/2013 14:07:0355544555455554455454445555555Is meanTalk alotThe auctionsStop talking when teachers talkingMaybeHave funGoin swimmingI will miss u alot mr vaudrey see u in visitting shaunice overstreetBoy Barbie Virgil girl JennyAlot like 50
6/3/2013 14:07:1755555545554554555545555555545TalkWhat I like about the class is that is very clean and it very organizedThe class can be improved by doing work and not talking while your talkingNo because when u try to teach us a lesson they interrupt youIf they have mr vaudrey I would tell them that to be prepared and don't talk when he's talking and do the workIn summer I'm going to the beach,Disneyland,Six Flag,and WorkI'm jasmine galvez ur favorite student <3LilyU should get the stretchers and get a lot of earrings they have cool ones
6/3/2013 14:07:44The friends that I made in here it is really funKick out the noisy peopleA little bit because the class is noisy Have fun and be good dont do anything badHang out with friends and relax
6/3/2013 14:07:4935433443454221354141411245111
6/3/2013 14:08:4655544344555545455444444444555Talk to our partnersWorking with partners Doing fun workStayingnatchome and play games 2
6/3/2013 14:08:5255545453355544545534555555555Is coolTalk to each otherIt's just a good fun classI don't know honestly Yeah I doThat they are lucky cause he is a fun and good teacherGoing to New Jersey LilyI don't know
6/3/2013 14:09:1455334554454544555554555555555Is coolEatI like some of the activitiesIf Deandre got kicked outSometimesDon't talk when he talksI don't knowNopeTrixy0
6/3/2013 14:09:3933422422154541454145222443353ListenRun over him That he does some things that are fun and that have to do with math By not letting the class run all over him No not really cuz some people don't get in trouble for things To just shut up and don't say nothing Getting a perching no going swimming and my birthday Nope myah Davis Barbie 0 u don't have perching
6/3/2013 14:11:0755555555555555555554555525554Gets on my nervesDo stretch breaksThey make me laugh By being intertainNo becausec their all fair He's sometimes coolStay up all night playing video games NoRubyTwo
6/3/2013 14:13:02gets madsit by our friendsits cool all the timebring drinksno because there to loudhes awesome dont be afraid of himgunna get my hair cutyou are awesome and a cool teacherken1
6/3/2013 14:13:0854445455555555555545555444555CoolBe freeBeing chilled and not being yelled at It's not as crazy like it use to be Yes this class is fair in its ways Just be cool cause he's a cool teacher Working out and doing football Have a cool summer Babba2
6/3/2013 14:13:2045553453254542354444555434454Is funTalkThe best thing I like about this class is that we do fun assignments sometimes!!If he is more strict Sometimes because he gets people introuble for no reason I tell them that he is fun but sometimes he can' be a little mean I am going to knots berry farm,and Disney land. Yes, I enjoyed being in your class this year but sometimes I didn't feel like being in here btw this is JASON-MOSTDOPE- :)Shaniqua2
6/3/2013 14:13:5944535355355555344553354534554Partner upThat he sometimes make the class be quiet.
By having more notes to write because seriously this class needs to be quiet and the only way for that is book work or notes.I guess sometimes To be on their best behavior because he deserves only the best students lol just kidding but to do your best and don't Let anyone try to take your education away from u.
I'm gonna go see my favorite boy group and imma go visit my dad in phenix I'm also goin to knotts. Laura3 one eace
6/3/2013 14:14:1755334543254534535543553543554Is really playfullJoke aroundI like that the lessons are fun and keep me on topicI think that class would be better if it was quieterYeah but sometimes Mr.Vaudrey dose not let me use the restroom when I want to and it gets on my nerves because sometimes I really need to goI would tell them to just be on there best behavior and everything should go by smoothlyI don't know yet but I hope it go's by fast I like being at schoolNo there is nothing else I would like to tell you.DonnaNone
6/3/2013 14:15:0044535355355555344553354534554Partner upThat he sometimes make the class be quiet.
By having more notes to write because seriously this class needs to be quiet and the only way for that is book work or notes.I guess sometimes To be on their best behavior because he deserves only the best students lol just kidding but to do your best and don't Let anyone try to take your education away from u.
I'm gonna go see my favorite boy group and imma go visit my dad in phenix I'm also goin to knotts. U r awsome Laura3 per ear
6/3/2013 14:17:07TwitchTalk!!!!!!!!!!!!!EVRY THING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!๐Ÿ™ˆ๐Ÿ™‰๐Ÿ™ŠEvrery๐ŸŒ’๐ŸŒ“๐ŸŒ”๐ŸŒ•๐ŸŒ–๐ŸŒ—๐ŸŒ˜๐ŸŒ‘๐ŸŒšYes๐ŸŒŠHothingNuncaHi๐Ÿ‡บ๐Ÿ‡ธ๐Ÿ‡ฎ๐Ÿ‡น๐Ÿ˜ด๐Ÿ‘จ๐Ÿƒ๐Ÿšถ๐Ÿ‘ ๐Ÿ‘ฃ๐Ÿพ๐Ÿป๐Ÿน๐ŸŽณ๐ŸŽฑ๐ŸŽฎ๐ŸŽฟ๐Ÿ‚๐Ÿธ๐Ÿท๐Ÿบ๐Ÿผ๐ŸŽฐMaliIdo
6/3/2013 14:17:1754553455554443555435455554553StrictListen to musicHow funny was the class and its awkward and weird too but it's like my second familyBy listening respecting and NO more disrespect between each other classmatesNo because the way they treated me since first trimester until now some people LOVE to HATE someone that works hard and took a lot of risks to be confident and encourage me to be the BEST.Mr. Vaudrey is so nice chill but serious about the work that we are supposed to work on and he can be offensive in a way but he really fun.I'm going to have a party at June 8, 2013 to celebrate my good grades and my sister too. I'm going to get 3 new converse new clothes and more! I hope you have a AWESOME summer with your family!!!It's me Beatrice mangalindan to have a great SUMMER with your wife and pickle personally I will miss you you like my second dad to me and your like family.TrishaAbout 2 at least
6/3/2013 14:20:0743532345355534355544355355344Gets annoyed Talk & be loudI like the fact that we have different lessons everyday & learn new things & that you express yourself in everything makes me idk like if I'm having a bad day you always seem to bring my mood up & change my day around when's I'm not feeling right ! Days like before you'd always seem to be like hey cheer up that's what I like best about you :) you're the best teacher ever keep doing what you do best :3 ! You'd always seem to that very bright person /.\ :x .... Take care Mr .V :$ It can be improved by you not letting them take advantage of you that's what's wrong with the class /.\ Yea at times the class is fair but not at most ! That he's the best teacher :3 you'd seem to enjoy the year if you do you're best & always have a positive additude he'd seem to love you ! I'm going to Rome :3 but moving to Arizona :( ! But it's been a awesome year having you as my teacher this year hopefully nest year you have a blast with you're other students :/ just don't forget about meeee :) Keep doing what you do best :3 cuz you're the best teacher ever known Always with you're positive attitude glad the fact that you don't let anyone bring down you're mood :) ! Just show ppl YOU'RE THE BESTTTT /.\ Sammy 0
6/3/2013 14:23:0735453434545533454334333443434Is meanChange seatYour young and swagerificUh.......help everybody like you do alreadyYes,yes I do you give consequences when needed and rewards(sometime)Learn when to quit.Mississippi, raging waters, and much more.I have no shame it's me Dashawn.......Sharply2
6/3/2013 14:23:4955444454455544454545445454455is funnytalkthat we can learn in a fun and still understand what your showing us or the (learning objective)uhhh tbh i dont really know because everything is at your like and keep doing what your cause what you think your doing is great and your right so keep doing what your doingno its not bcause (no names) u should know them but they need to learn how to respect others and there learning timesweet his tight and funny but always because if you want respect you MUST respect him backspending the night at my brothers n both sisters house and goin to vagas for my world cup hope i win and go tour around the world..!!!! (pray for me lol)haha its meh abby hernandez yeah buddy ill try 2 visit you and the team of teachers that i have so you can see how much i improved and matured as a freshmen in rancho verde high school.....!!!!!:D

have a great summer hope to see you soon as while as my other teachers........:)
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