Engineering Levels
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This row contains the range of skills this category addresses.This is focused primarily on one's own skills, self focused.

Range from "learning the ropes" to industry leader.
Primarily focused on team and project related applications of technical skills.

Range between small tasks for self to coordination of large multi-customer/external ventures
How one's work connects to and empowers the larger company goals.

Range from "explain the technical direction and mission" to "set the long term technical strategy and product mission".
How one improves the team that they are on, covering self-improvement, mentoring, and hiring.

Range between Takes feedback well to mentors multiple ICs across multiple teams and improves mentorship opportunities at the company as a whole.
Focused on both effective communication at foundational levels and on how to use communication skills for good at the L4 and onward range.

Range between communicating clearly about one's own work to communicating to external people on behalf of the company.
Everyone has different levels of EI naturally and sometimes day to day, this is our expectation for how you "show up" at different levels as you progress.

Range from "aware of self" to "aware of others" with the goal to use how we "show up" to build psychological safety and trust on our teams and among our teams.
Title & LevelSummaryDomain SkillsScopeBusiness AcumenBuilding Capacity for SuccessCommunicationEmotional Intelligence
Software Engineer I / L1Solo tasks, competent accomplishment with some direction, focus on learning and growing oneself.Familiarity with 1-2 technical domains.
Learns to implement best practices.
Able to recognize and improve/fix simple issues.
Receives clear scope and direction from more senior members of the team.
Participates in team work planning, problem definition, retrospectives etc.
Independently delivers small to medium tasks that take a few days.
Demonstrates understanding of when to seek clarification or help to become unblocked.
Can explain the company mission and demonstrates understanding of the impact of individual work on company goals.Has an open, learning mindset.
Obtains a formal domain-specific mentor.
Frequently pairs with more senior team members.
Accepts and acts on constructive feedback.
Delivers appropriate feedback without prompting.
Regularly tracks progress in the ticketing system.
Requests regular reviews for ongoing work.
Writes clear comments and documentation.

Humanizes others and builds trust.
Is generous with praise and thanks.
Assumes positive intent.
Asks for and offers help.
Focuses on outcomes.
Owns mistakes and avoids assigning blame.
Software Engineer II / L2Solo tasks for the most part, but collaboration within the team, still focused on shorter time-horizon projects (week) and learning.Competent in one technical domain, familiar with several others.
Works with others to create maintainable, well tested, highly resilient systems.
Receives general scope and direction from more senior members of the team with latitude for self-directed implementation.
Independently delivers medium tasks that take one to two weeks.
Manages time effectively by balancing focus time with interruptions when estimating and planning work.
Breaks down larger ambiguous and uncertain tasks with aid from more senior team members.
Demonstrates understanding of the impact of team work on company goals and contributes to team discussions on tactical direction.Obtains a formal mentor for both domain-specific and non-domain-specific topics.
Frequently pairs with peers and more senior team members.
Provides informal mentorship to others.
Participates in the interviewing process.
Supports onboarding of new hires.

Communicates effectively with both technical and non-technical peers.
Ensures assumptions and constraints of tasks are clarified up front.
Provides proactive updates on priority tasks and blockers.
Demonstrates understanding of personal motivators.
Demonstrates empathy towards colleagues.
Gracefully accepts failure as a learning experience.
Provides actionable feedback to peers and manager.
Senior SE / L3Break down ambiguous tasks and deliver them with others over multiple weeksAdvanced in one technical domain and familiar with several others.
Creates maintainable, well tested, highly resilient systems and provides timely review of designs and change requests to others to improve system maintainability, testing, and resilience.
Aware of industry trends and participates in team technical direction decision making.
Receives general scope and direction from team lead/manager but has significant latitude in work planning and solution design.
Delivers large, month-long, team projects that require investigation to solve ambiguity and uncertainty.
Manages time effectively by planning and prioritizing workload across multiple streams of work.
Identifies and involves external stakeholder teams (Security, Frontend, DP, Infraeng, etc)
Participates in guild and engineering organizational work when opportunities arise
Demonstrates understanding of the impact of department work on company goals and contributes to team discussions on strategic direction.
Provides formal domain mentorship to one or more other team members.
Obtains multiple domain and non-domain mentors with an emphasis on leadership growth.
Regularly participates in hiring panels.
Acts as a key domain knowledge resource for new hires.
Inquires about others' knowledge levels before offering advice/instruction/information, and can explain technical decisions to non-technical audiences.
Provides clear, actionable review comments.
Identifies and communicates regularly with stakeholders.
Demonstrates active listening and creates opportunities for others to speak.
Actively seeks out dissenting opinions and fosters constructive disagreement.
Actively attributes credit to individuals for their work.
Engages in constructive disagreement and fully commits to decisions made by others.
Demonstrates empathy towards customers.
Gratefully seeks and acts upon constructive feedback.
Demonstrates understanding of their own strengths and limitations.
Staff SE / L4Recognized domain expert who provides team direction and delivers on multi-month projectsExpert in one domain and advanced in several others.
Provide timely review of designs and change requests with an eye towards architectural thinking.
Provide technical direction and decision making on cross-functional/team systems.
Receives general scope and direction from team lead/manager and helps define scope/direction for more junior members.
Leads others in delivering complex, quarter-long projects involving multiple components/teams.
Guides estimation of project task breakdown and prioritizes project work for business impact.
Proactively works to identify and mitigate risks and informs stakeholder team(s) of potential issues or delays.
Focuses on creating maintainable, long term solutions.
Demonstrates understanding of the impact of department work on company strategy and helps translate company goals and strategy into tactical team direction.
Actively identify areas of focus/improvement and proactively provide formal domain and non-domain mentorship to other one or more team members,
Maintains mentoring/coaching relationship focused on leadership growth.
Suggests and implements improvements to overall team process, tooling, and culture that prioritizes robust, long-term solutions.
Demonstrates understanding of impact in all levels of communication.
Creates shared understanding and buy-in in technical direction and decision making.
Enables others to make decisions.
Proactively identifies and corrects miscommunication as it happens.
Performs effectively in limited scope presentations to both internal and external audiences
Acknowledges and accepts the needs and limitations of others.
Provides both actionable positive and constructive feedback with the impact of helping others grow.
Creates an atmosphere of trust for the team.
Demonstrates understanding of how their actions impact others.
Fosters a sense of excitement and engagement through the team.
Principal SE / L5Provides direction to multiple teams, building experts around themCompany leader in one domain, expert in several others.
Sought by multiple teams for architecture and design reviews to identify problems with current systems and encourage others to own/propose solutions.
Research new technologies and evaluate fit and adoption readiness.
Helps set team scope and direction with manager.
Leads complex, multi-quarter-long, cross-team projects.
Removes distractions and low-impact work from the team.
Guides estimation of project task breakdown and prioritizes project work across multiple teams for business impact.
Works across multiple teams to resolve issues when preemptive risk planning has failed.
Demonstrates understanding of the impact of department work on company vision/strategy, and helps set and prioritize department strategy and direction.
Actively identifies areas of focus/improvement and proactively coaches multiple team members towards finding their own answers.
Helps managers identify skill gaps and informs team hiring plans.
Mentors others on how to become effective mentors.
Obtains domain-specific mentorship/coaching from external sources.
Obtains business-specific mentorship/coaching.
Identifies and implements improvements to communication systems.
Acts as the technical voice of the team in larger company contexts.
Helps develop and communicate team policies and procedures.
Actively builds team reputation and shares successes with a wider audience
Seeks to understand the motivations of others and increase their positive impact on the team.
Uses awareness of impact to lead groups of disparate interests to good decisions.
Fosters a sense of excitement and engagement through the guild.
Distinguished SE / L6Influences an entire org, and leads year long projects to successAdvanced in many technical domains of adjacent teams (within their guild, if one exists).
Regularly works with domain experts to evaluate multiple interconnected systems and reduce complexity.
Identify nascent technologies and opportunities that will empower future direction and business strategy.
Helps set general scope and direction with manager and builder org leadership.
Estimates, plans, and leads year long projects involving much of the builder org.
Identifies areas where major improvements are needed to achieve future company goals.
Demonstrates understanding of the company vision/strategy and the impact of department work on them.
Leads alignment of department strategy, direction, and prioritization as a result.
Researches our competition and suggests ways to be a better competitor in our business space.
Provides knowledge domain coaching across multiple teams.
Suggests and implements improvements to overall department process, tooling, and culture.
Creates a healthy climate for communication in the department.
Communicates technical direction and strategy internally across the company.
Fosters a sense of excitement and engagement throughout the builder org.
Technical Fellow / L7Influences and builds external partnerships to advance business strategy and enable future success.Recognized industry leader/voice in one technical domain, expert or advanced in all company technical domains.
Advances and sets company product/business strategy and influences technological direction in the domain field.
Advises VPs/Leadership on industry-wide trends and influences industry-wide direction.
Estimates, plans, and leads multi-year projects involving the company and industry participants.
Contributes to the longer-term company vision and informs the way we fulfill our mission.
Works with VP/Leadership and external partners to create new strategic products and/or business lines.
Helps directors/VPs identify department-wide skill gaps and informs department hiring plans.
Suggests and implements improvements to overall company process, tooling, and culture.
Creates a healthy climate for communication in the company.
Communicates technical strategy and direction to external stakeholders/customers/industry.
Fosters a sense of excitement and engagement throughout the company as a representative of the technical IC culture.