Blog: Reading Reflection - Term Two (Responses)
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What is your name?
How have you enjoyed reading this term?
What have you enjoyed about reading in Term Two?
What are some things that you have learned this term?
What have you found challenging about reading in Term Two?
How can Mr Lewzey help you with your reading in Term Three?
Learner 13The slidesWhat is haikuAlliterationYes by challenging us
Learner 23Reading nonfiction Haikus Writing a haiku By giving a few easier follow ups
Learner 32Nonfiction AnimalsSummary No more summaries!!!!
Learner 43Getting challenging books and follow ups Writing a haiku Summarising Helping me read new words that challenge me
Learner 53Reading testsHow to retell a non fiction story properlySummarising With new words.
Learner 63My follow up and my booksSyllables and haikusA few of my follow upsYou don't need to help me
Learner 73I have enjoyed the book forest because it was challengingI have learned challenging words
On the question of the follow up when it said ''how did the pictures help you''
Learner 83Learning new words that I didn't know.I have learnt about haikus.Reading gold and silver books.Help me read longer books.
Learner 93Reading more non fiction books and plays I learnt about haikus Giving me more challenging books Giving me more extra help with my follow ups
Learner 103The books!How to summarise nonfiction.The tricky follow-up questions..????????????????????
Learner 113The books were a bit harder than term oneDecidingWriting a summary Writing a summary and a retell
Learner 123The super hero follow upsWhat a haiku isBig books like DICK WHITTINGTON
Giving me more challenges in my reading to stretch me and more Non-fiction books.
Learner 133That you gave me lots of hard follow upsThat lots of animals are nocturnal Reading the booksBy helping me a bit with my learning
Learner 143The hard follow upsThe vocabThe hard follow ups Having stratigise for new words
Learner 153Skunks Peter and the wolfHaikuSounding outHe can help me understand words more
Learner 163I liked the books.Alliteration, what a summary is .Some of the follow ups.He can help me with my follow ups more.
Learner 173I enjoy doing my follow ups and reading my booksI didn't learn any thingI found challenging doing hard questions Making my follow up more interesting
Learner 183We get really interesting booksI have learned interesting words
Some of the words are really challenging and hard to understand
Giving a more good understanding of new words
Learner 193I like reading whith other people and reading new books Word attak and summerys and haikus Haikus and follow ups Reading harder books and reading with other people
Learner 203Reading with Mr LewzeyI don't knowFinishing my follow upsBy making me have more information in the book.
Learner 213
I have really enjoyed reading in term 2 because it was very interesting.
How to make a haiku.Doing summarys.Helping me get a better understanding of my follow up.
Learner 222Reading Alliteration SummerarysTo help what's a summary
Learner 232Non-fiction texts because I learn thingsWhat a retail is and a summary isI found the making meaning questions hardHelp with explaining my thinking
Learner 242doing fun follow ups with the whole group
the difference betwen retelling and summerising
Bookshaving easier books
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