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Los Angeles Dodgers112321824361113310381114121422117147222121191819192719241312242322111819221223142118251917232321205665222142528
2010-2011: Why dropping so precipitously? McCourt… cheapness on the IFAs. 2013: now has a ton of cash; will they focus efforts on draft and dvelopment? 2014: top heavy but solid. 2015: Have some seriously good near-to-majors guys, plus got some prospect depth in veteran trades. Seager, Pederson and Holmes all coming soon. new GM Friedman will bring his approach to LA. 2015 top 3 guys are strongest top 3 in the game, but system weaker after that. 2016: still has two of the top 5 best prospects in Seager, Urias and continues to spend heavily in Int'l
Tampa Bay2158141311912426242317232520232614232620269884334113832131172232321113524321111109910156
2011 nearly #1 with prospects from Garza trade. Moore still holds them up but 2012 slipping b/c of graduation and poor drafts lately. 2013 acquisition of Myers jumps system up significantly. 2014: Myers and Archer graduations plus several years of unproductive drafts have crushed Tampa. 2015: Even recent trades have not netted enough depth; Souza one of best prospects now. Need to do better in the draft. 2016 quietly improving with lots of depth, not a ton of super stars.
2010 has lots of younger talent, should stay ok even having traded away Ramos in Capps deal. 2012 still middle of the road. 2013 acquired a ton of talent (7 top 100 players per Klaw) and jumped up. 2014 #2, nearly top; Klaw says they have more high-end talent than anyone. 2015: Buxton and Sano are best 1-2 prospects in game, plus Minnesota waits for Meyer, Gordon and others. Virtually entire top10 from 2014 still there. 2016: still has great top-end talent.
Chicago Cubs419174201241111111115442346461311121251013182014222015142016232120820151481876192726271620182115107312
2011: Dropped 10 places in 2011 post Garza trade. Epstein's focus is to rebuild, got back Rizzo which doesn't help. System weak from years of neglect. However Epstein has gone all in on team rebuilding, so depth will grow. Klaw has them way up in 2013 with some IFAs. 2014: #4, loaded with bats. 2015: The amazing rise of Kris Bryant makes this #1 nearly by himself, but this system also beefed up with trades in mid 2014 that netted tem Addison Russel. Also have Soler, Almora and Schwarber and is #1 despite matriculation of Baez last year. Law says its the best collection of hitting prospects he's ever seen in a system. 2016 Law still likes the s ystem for its very young top end prospects, but others are down after it graduated Bryant, Russell, Schwarber.
Lack of 2008 high end draft picks has gutted system. 2012 gradual improvement, lots of work to be done. They have gone all-in on player development and will rise in 2013. Klaw has them way up in 13. 2014: #1 system thanks to 5 first round picks in the top 100. 2015: huge list of name still waiting; Appel, Correa, Feliz, Foltynewicz. Amazing considering the Aiken/Nix/Marshall fiasco. 2016: lots of graduations and the flipping/failure of Appel pick has knocked this s ytem down.
Milwaukee69915911241928272628212829292929293028292826292723292322172826292330252830303030302929132592622151015131321775311626302010: No top 100 guys, gutted system for 2011 playoff run. 2012 draft criticized by Klaw. 2014: still just nothing in the system. 2015: still struggling in the draft. 2015 trades and 2015's draft have suddenly re-stocked this system and have it much higher ranked.
2012: Still middle of the road, need to draft better. By 2013 some past mistakes are comign back, have some talent younger. 2014; sneaky good system per kLaw. 2015: Stood pat in off-season; waiting for upper-end prospects to come (Grey, Dahl). 2016: still lots of good depth in the system, lots of arms but riskier reliever arms.
2010: Leake, Chapman, Wood all coming up. Chapman vaulted the system upwards in 2010. 2012 system gutted to get Latos; dropped them 10 spots in Law's ranking. 2013: Hamilton gives system some credit. Top-heavy system in 2015; four big names, not much afterwards. Law says potential is there for top10 system in a year's time. 2016: have started a rebuild but got very little for some of its talent in the 2015 off-season. Should have done better.
2011 ranking not bad having shipped out 2 prospects for Gonzalez; improved with blockbuster LA deal. Still middle of the road 2013. by 2014 has as many top 100 prospects as Houston, just not quite as good. Deep system. 2015: didn't give up much in an under the radar off-season; lots of guys up and down the system, still a top-5 system despite a few graduations last year thanks to development of lowerlevel guys in 2014. 2016: blew 2 good prospects on Kimbrel but Benintendi looks like draft steal of 2015 and have been spending huge in in'tl.
2010: Gutted farm system for Halladay trade in 2010, got some back for Lee, low-end prospects bring system right back for 2011. 2012 looks like prospects not panning out; another arguable system. 2013; just not much talent here; some in low-A. 2014: great 2013 draft is pushing system up. Slight discrepancy between Law and Park's rankings; probably b/c Law likes lower-end/higher projection talent. 2015 has acquired a couple of decent prospects while selectively trading vets that they can; JP Crawford and Nola best bets. What happened to Law's ranking in 2015? Bottomed out and says it would have been even lower had it not been for Rollins trade. 2015 finally started rebuilding, got a ton of good talent for vets, flipped Giles for good talent and suddenyl is a strong system.
St. Louis111215191419151621151313151667769121471461111111631064111252421171424192329302729292989615132327213028283023
2011: Sickels calls them underrated; will be curious to see where others rank them. 2013: 5 top 100 players; #1 system in the game. 2014: even with all the graduations (Wacha, Adams, Wong, Rosenthal and Martinez) still #12 by Law, #6 by parks (why the discrepancy?). In 2015 they've taken a hit. Lots of extra guy depth, little in star power. 2016: all topend guys graduated, drafts have been young, waiting for IFAs
2012: Slowly rising with high #1 picks growing up in 2012. 2013: two big time arms ready to matriculate in Cole, Taillon. 2014: holding steady despite matriculations. 2015: Taillon and Meadows leading the line and deep system after that. Still have top-end talent and still building from lower; could rise in years to come even with graduations.
2010 ranking on Heyward and Hanson. Graduating some talent in 2011-12 but still have top pitching. By 2013 their poor drafts recently are really starting to catch up to them. 2014: top heavy, thinning out afterwards and will get worse b/c of bad recent drafts. In 2015 they've added a huge number of minor leaguers while selling off for a rebuild. If acquired arms recover from injuries, system could be good in a hurry. 2015 Law loves them after a slew of trades have acquired a ton of depth. Off-season trades, fleecing of Arizona in deals has made Atlanta the clear #1 system now.
Precipitous fall in 2011; most prospects took steps backwards. Sickels hates them for 2012 but says they're top 10 in 2014. 2015: great 2014 draft, have Lindor, but new draftees will take time to bump up ranking. 2015's draft focused on HS guys so this system could creep up in the future.
2009's system high b/c of prospects from prior veteran trades. Tons of 2010 arms graduated to majors, depressing 10 and 11. Major trades have jumped them considerably for 2012 (gonzalez, Cahill trades netting most of their top 10 prospects). Law says they were bottom 5 in 2012 prior to trades. 2013: all talent very young right now. 2014: Still very young prospect batch. 2015 huge off-loading of all-stars/veterans has netted a ton of prospects, but not major ones. Still not much at top. Loss of Russell really hurts this system. 2016: got some top100 guys back in trade but still a poor system.
Traded away lots of 2009/10 depth in Cliff Lee move, graduation to majors of major prospects, but continue to churn out great prospects, and 2012 are back to elite. 2013: have #1 prospect in minors (Profar) but the rest is all very young. 2014: next wave starting lower, could rise rankings in next few years. 2015: Gave up a couple guys to get Detilwer, still have Gallo. Netted Jake Thompson in a trade too. 2016 staying put with focus on the draft, could improve well in the near future.
2012: Sickels says lots of pitching, little hitting, but have consistently been top 10 under new direction from ownership. In 2013 two curious trades (lost Bauer, lost Upton) kept value of system down. 2014: lots of high ceiling pitching, treading water otherwise. 2015: new approach has led to acquisition of lots of talent, plus they already had some big names in system (Bradley, Toussaint). Law says their top 4 pitching prospects is best in game, but system light on bats and the Hellickson acquisition thinned those bats even more. 2016: new GM has traded away two consecutive #1 picks ... so no surprise the system has struggled.
New York Yankees181851317610131817232120181521132023520191819121214111014112151310101461654495622261525131115131565541724271757
2012 drop b/c of Montero deal. 2010 low b/c of lost picks (type A fas) and trades. Still have Montero waiting in 2011. 2012 trade of Montero weakens system. 2013 is top heavy but also have a ton of low-A. 2014: all their big guys got hurt in 2013; could rebound quickly if they all stay healthy. 2015: depth is coming back. Severino, Judge, Sanchez. Lots of IFAs that could improve this system soon. 2016; treading water; didn't give up much to acquire Chapman.
Kansas City191720232113181322914151312789711713813141071811211885212563611111116101291281116122224119232819262114
2012; some prospects not quite panning out, dropped rankings. 2011 system called the best ever. Hosmer, Moustakas improved plus a bunch of arms coming, plus high draft pick in 2010. 2013 shredded system with James Shields trade. 2014 rebounded a bit but depth led them to WS game 7. 2015: Have a number of close-to-the-majors guys ready to go (Finnegan, Manaea, Zimmer), but has taken step back after graduations. 2016: big steps back as they t hinned out the rest of the system to acquire pieces to win WS.
San Francisco20212621192922275222529262718191822122527192725262628261728725222326232126232220232326204138209356925232017181724111222
2011 ranking down b/c graduated two top-end prospects to WS champs. Short sighted trade of Walters for Beltran hurts. 2014: some depth but no high ceiling guy. 2015: still the same. Law notes the Giants use what they have or trade them for Vets, Giants the same. Have lots of prep arms (tough to project), but routinely trade assets to fill holes at the major league level. 2016: still thin at top, not much elsewhere besides role players, geting into IFA market
Bad 2006 draft haunted system for years. Top heavy in 2010, slightly improved for 2011. Goldstein really valued Strasburg highly in 2010. 2011: Gio Gonzalez trade gutted system; would have been top 5 otherwise. 2012 #1 BA ranking is pre-Gonzalez trade. Law's 2012 dropped them 10+ spots for the Gonzalez trade. Depth suffering b/c of injuries to big time draftees last two years. surprised by BA #16; system has been gutted by trades in 2012 and 2013. KLaw in 2013 loves top 5 guys, and there's nothing after them for him. Good work at least getting Cole back in the Morse deal: 2013 got a bump for getting AJ cole back but still thin. 2014; still paying price for so much graduation. 2015: have added two first rounders, and lower minors depth is rising up fast (Giolito, Lopez, Fedde). Depth is coming back, as is Dominican pipeline. Law pushed them up significantly after the Souza deal and with little in the way of graduation. 2016: some are high, some middle of the road as Nats have a very good top end of the system but a pretty deep drop off.
2011 is a top heavy system, 2010 graduated Matusz, Weiters. 2012 same story. 2013 has Bundy, Gausman but graduated Machado early. 2014: still top heavy. 2015: Two big names bundy and harvey; Bundy needs to be healthy for a high ranking. 2014 FA signings cost them 1st and 2nd rounders, hurting the system badly. 2016: Bundy and Harvey can't stay healthy, and they just gave away first to picks in 2016 for middling FAs. not going to get much better.
San Diego232611202525252423171618141496811699691114314661525131128281113169131620113011818292519121229292927252048
2011: moved up 6 spots in 2011 post Gonzalez trade, even higher for 2012 b/c of Latos trade haul. 2013 graduated several players to majors but still strong. 2015: huge moves this off-season has drained the farm system … but did not cost them their two top guys (Hedges, Renfroe). Might be too high of a ranking given what they gave up (Ross, Fried, Eflin, Wieland, Turner just to start). Law notes they kept their best 2 prospects despite all the trades... 2016: Gained 2 best current prospects in Kimbrel trade, thin for now but 2016 draft has a ton of 1st-2nd rounders.
2012 rising fast with constant additions from veteran trades. Lost a bit of depth with 2012 Miami deal. Haul for 2010 Halladay trade helping system immensely, as was 09's Rolen trade. In 2013 was a top-ten system before gutting for all these trades to acquire talent; going all in. 2014: traded away top 3 prospects, failed to sign #1 pick, treading water. Why the discrepancy between Law and Parks here for 2014? 2015: Norris, Sanchez and Pompey all coming, making this a good system this year but likely shredding it for next. Have been very aggressive trading away depth. 2016: still thinned from trades (Tulowitzki trade especially).
2011 ranking helped by Cliff Lee bounty. 2012 by the Montero/Pineda trade. 2013: waiting for some matriculation of Hultzen, Zunino. 2014: lots of graduations hurt ranking: Waker and Paxton out. 2015: Hultzen's injury hurts, still have Jackson and Peterson, but Hultzen return would help. Treading water still. 2016: best prospects still having issues, new GM will have work cut out for hm.
New York Mets26102316151746557115444121013810641047910161412262817251622182415202427262014252515241516211718172817138281910132720
2011: Mets continue to struggle; needs to go overslot to sign guys. 2012 looking up, top heavy prospects. 2013: Dickey trade gave them lots of depth in prospects. 2014: prospects looking good, still high despite Harvey and Wheeler graduation. 2015: A ton of top 100 guys after doing little in off-season; Snydergaard, Conforto leading names. 2016: lots of graduations have knocked the system down; trades and graduations means very little pitching left.
2010 graduated Porcello, got some prospects in Granderson trade but not panning out for 2011. 2012 have two big names, not much else. 2013: comp pick losses for lots of marquee FA purchases in past few years starting to take its toll on system. Remaining talent is all very MLB ready; probably is dead last in 2014 after these guys matriculate. 2014: one big name an thats about it. 2015 off-season moving more prospects, emptying cupboard. Per Law, have traded 5 of last year's top 10 guys, promoted a 6th (Castellanos), and 2 others injured; top 10 list has to be recreated from scratch. 2016: new GM, new approach and has started acquiring depth. But still a long way to go.
2010 led by Stanton, Maybin. Shocking 2011 ranking for this team, historically a strength. Pundits say cheapness in amateur draft has hurt their depth lately. By 2013 firesale trades have netted some depth, but not nearly as much as they should have gotten for losing all their MLB talent. 2014: slight dip after graduation of 2 big names (Fernandez, Yelich). 2015 have traded away a ton of depth to make a run. Very little in near term talent, normally not highly ranked because of their aggressive promotion of kids (see Fernandez going from high-A to the m ajors). 2016: more fo the same.
Chicago White Sox292427222326232025161812202223222521202722242230252829282829203030303028303027252628273027232723302617162423302825241412201591
2010 top-end guys (Mitchell) step back while graduated guys like Sale graduated; worst farm system by most all rankings in 2012. Good 2012 draft get them out of the cellar for 2013 but not by much. 2014: better drafts have them improving but not for a bit; Park more bullish than Law in 2014. 2015 Rodon almost ready, big club bought heavily this off-season. Law says system in best shape since he started ranking system.. 2016; thinned out and dropped due to Frazier trade.
Los Angeles Angels3030293030272828263028272726303030303029303030293030303029302123191915171618156862516826202022181625232511104341351725
2011, 2012 ranking mostly on the strength of Mike Trout. Same as 2012; FA-heavy team. Will plummet in 2013 w/ Trout's graduation. 2013: yes they did, and they gave up a ton of 2012 picks to sign these Fas, resulting in a thin 2012 draft. 2014: years of lost comp picks thanks to FA signings continue to crush this sytem. 2015: picked up Heaney and Newcomb in draft, out of the cellar. 2016: Already nearly the worst farm system then traded 2 best to get Simmons; KLaw calls it the worst s ystem he's seen in his 8 years of rankings/analysis.