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Competitor NameCompetitor WebsiteMarket PositioningContent FormatsSocial Media PresencePositive Customer ReviewsNegative Customer ReviewsDescribe The Customer JourneyDescribe The Sales ProcessOpportunitiesHow We're Different
Thrive Focus on SME's with 50-200 employees and have high ticket services
- Product is geared around rebranding
- Corporate-focused, top-notch designs for SME's with an older market
- Journal format focuses on story-driven content, showcasing thought leaders in the world of design
- Generate conversions by offering discounts on first purchase
- Repurpose their stories into native content across Facebook and Instagram primarily
- Engage with customers by answering questions and linking to further resources where necessary
- "Probably the nicest designs I've ever received from a design firm. Could not have asked for more."
- "Absolutely love their process. Their team was friendly, motivating, and created magic for our much-needed redesign."
- "Their initial proposals were way off, but after describing my vision again, they were able to quickly produce something I ended up loving."
- "Took ages to hear back from my initial inquiry. Once I did finally talk to someone, the process was smooth from there on out."
- Great onboarding process for new clients
- They have a huge team, so they've got their process down
- Their size meant the customer experience isn't as personal and can feel clinical at times
- They deliver designs in a timely manner and they're often great
Build Your Focus on smaller businesses that are established but looking to improve their brand assets
- Product is focused towards improving existing brand assets
- Designs are a bit looser and geared towards a younger market
- No owned content, all pages focus on product and company- Sporadic posting schedule on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter - mainly posts of their employees
- Do not seem to be engaging with customers
- "Designs are just what we needed to improve our brand assets. Really think this will help us better reach our target audience."- "They took a bit long to address my feedback which made me almost miss a deadline."
- "Some of their designs were spot on and others missed the mark. A bit all over the place."
- They take the time to hop on a call with each new cilent and make the journey feel really personal
- Designs vary depending on the customer so you really need to take the time to share your vision for them to be able to bring it to life
- Reaching customer service teams is a struggle
Mockups for Startups
- Focus on startup's who need to build brand assets from scratch
- Lower price points with mockup designs as a product service
- Startup focused, casual, simpler
- Blog posts and short guides on best-practices for rebranding on website
- Simple email newsletter containing product news
- Big focus on video content across Instagram and Facebook
- Engage with customers through comments and handle complaints directly
- "Affordable designs and delivery was super fast"
- "Love their mockups, spot on!"
- "SO easy to visualise my brand in real-world scenarios now thanks to their genius mockups!"
- "They're a startup working for startups, so things can be a bit unorganised. Hopefully they'll fix this as they get their footing."- Great, simple mockups that can be purchased right from their website
- Simple emails, can feel impersonal
- Initial customer service emails answered quickly, but slow to resolve the issue