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We have compiled a list of publishers and content providers who are
widening access to their resources in various ways, with details of the
content and measures to access them. The list is updated as we receive
survey responses or further information. Please bookmark https://subscriptionsmanager.jisc.ac.uk/about/resources-for-coronavirus-crisis
ProviderScope LimitationsResource CategoryDescription of Access or Resource(s)Link to Access or Request the ResourceMore Detail on Resource(s) or LimitationsExpirationGDPR/Personal Data Privacy PolicyDate added/updatedSource of informationSignatory to Wellcome Trust's "Sharing research data and findings relevant to the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak"?
AccucomsNone (Open Access)COVID19 ResearchList of responses from 18 publishers mostly signatories of the Wellcome trust InitiativeList of links to collections or announcementsIncludes reference to some broader announcements, many are covered separately on this sheet(Duration of outbreak)03/04/2020ICOLC
Adam Matthew DigitalNone (requires sign up)General ContentAll Adam Matthew resources are available to trial for extended 90 day trialsTrials are available via the trial request page on the Adam Matthew website: https://www.amdigital.co.uk/products/free-trials, or please email Nia Phillips, UK and Ireland Sales Manager, on nia@amdigital.co.ukInstitutional log-in. Username and password trials are available for individual students or faculty. 90 Day Trials90 days/12 weeks from trial start datehttps://www.amdigital.co.uk/privacy-policy 29/04/2020publisher email/ ISP Response
AdobeRegistration: RequiredSoftwareWorking remotely: Overview of Adobe’s support during the COVID-19 outbreak and what is available to staff and studentshttps://www.adobe.com/uk/covid-19-response.htmlLevel: Further and higher educationN/A22/04/2020
AIP PublishingNone (Requires Signup)General ContentAll scitation.org articlesContact help@aip.org to request accessScientists and students in affected regions can now register on Scitation.org to activate free full-text access to content during this period.All content made freely available to registered users without a subscription to facilitate off-campus access during COVID-19 pandemic, LINK: [see also AIP Covid19 Research entry]31/03/2021https://www.scitation.org/privacy27/05/2020
ICOLC, Jisc publisher survey
AIP PublishingNone (Open Access)COVID19 Research50+ articles related to infectious diseases, epidemics, computational epidemiology, and pandemicsList of articlesTo be determinedhttps://www.scitation.org/privacy25/03/2020ICOLC
American Association for the Advancement of Science AAASNone (Open Access)COVID19 ResearchLatest News, Research, and Commentary on the coronavirusClick here to access the latest COVID-19 research and newsTo be determined25/03/2020ICOLC
American Chemical SocietyNone (Open Access)COVID19 Research37 articles in a Chemistry in Coronavirus Research Virtual Issue; focused on virus structure & infection mechanism and Diagnostic and Therapeutic ApproachesLink to issueTo be determined03/04/2020ICOLC
American Economic AssociationNone (Open Access)General ContentOpen Access to nine (9) economics journals with back files dating back as far as 1911AEA Journals30-Junhttps://www.aeaweb.org/privacypolicy07/04/2020ICOLC
American Mathematical SocietyCurrent CustomersGeneral ContentExtended the grace period for subscription content including journals and MathSciNet, provided expanded remote access and mobile pairing, and joined ProQuest and CCC access programs. Faculty using AMS textbooks can request e-reserve copies to provide access to students.Statement with links to resourcesContact (cust-serv@ams.org) to request access31/08/202027/05/2020ICOLC
American Medical AssociationNone (Open Access)COVID19 ResearchJAMA Network COVID-19 multimedia collection w Q&A's with NIAID's Anthony Fauci [...], lots of CME articles, & past pubs on vaccine development, infection control, and public health preparednessAbout The Novel 2019 Coronavirus COVID-19To Be Determinedhttps://jamanetwork.com/pages/privacy-policy18/03/2020ICOLC
American Physiological SocietyNone (Open Access)COVID19 ResearchCoronavirus‐Related Journal CollectionCOVD-19 Related Jouranls ContentThe collection will continue to grow as relevant content is identified and new
contributions on these topics are accepted.
To be determined07/04/2020ICOLC
American Psychiatric AssociationGeneral ContentFree 30 day trials of PsychiatryOnline subscription packages, including the DSM-5https://webapps.psychiatry.org/appQuestion/APPQuestion.aspxAfter the free trial period the subscription access would expire unless the institution places a subscription order. We are offering smaller (2-3 month) prorated subscription periods, in addition to the standard 12 month subscription period.09/04/2020ICOLC, Jisc publisher survey
American Psychological AssociationCurrent CustomersGeneral ContentAPA Style Guide free contentLink to resourcesAvailable for free to instructors and students at participating nonprofit academic institutions affected by campus closures; The "Basics of Seventh Edition APA Style" tutorial will remain open access after July 1, 202001/07/2020https://www.apa.org/about/privacy22/04/2020ICOLC
American Psychological Association (APA)None (Open Access)COVID19 ResearchContinually updated pandemics resource for both clinicians and the general publichttps://www.apa.org/practice/programs/dmhi/research-information/pandemicsSee also their curated collection of 20+ covid19 related articles https://www.apa.org/pubs/highlights/covid-19-articlesTo be determined24/03/2020ICOLC
American Psychological Association (APA)None (Requires Signup)CoursewarePsycLearn: Research Methods content & 8 modules of PsycLearn: Introduction to Social PsychologyFaculty should contact their APA Partnership Manager or email psyclearn@apa.orgAlso 160 APA book titles and both the 6th and 7th editions of the Publication Manualf through VitalSource, and RedShelf (through May 25). See also APA entry for COVID19 RseaarchEnd of Semester24/03/2020ICOLC
American Psychological Association (APA)NoneGeneral ContentDuring the pandemic, many of the Academic Writer tutorials and quick guides are being made freely available to support students and instructors in courses that require papers to be written in APA Style. Academic Writer tutorials and quick guides01/05/2020Jisc publisher survey
Annual ReviewsNone (Open Access)General ContentAll 52 JournalsBrowse and Read all titlesAll access controls lifted15/06/2020https://www.annualreviews.org/page/about/privacy29/04/2020
ICOLC, Jisc publisher survey
APAGeneral ContentDuplicate27/03/2020ICOLC
Arm Education Media Registration: RequiredHEArm Education Media Online Courses provide an understanding of fundamental engineering concepts using Arm-based hardware and software technologies as tools and demonstrators. Each course contains around ten modules each, and each module may include lecture slides and notes, interactive quizzes (to test learning outcomes) and lab videos (to reinforce competency through practical application of concepts on Arm-based hardware platforms and associated software). Courses included:
• Efficient Embedded Systems Design and Programming - https://www.arm.com/resources/education/online-courses/efficient-embedded-systems
• Rapid Embedded Systems Design and Programing - https://www.arm.com/resources/education/online-courses/rapid-embedded-systems
• Internet of Things - https://www.arm.com/resources/education/online-courses/internet-of-things
• Digital Signal Processing - https://www.arm.com/resources/education/online-courses/digital-signal-processing
• Graphics and Mobile Gaming - https://www.arm.com/resources/education/online-courses/graphics-and-mobile-gaming
• Real-Time Operating Systems Design and Programming - https://www.arm.com/resources/education/online-courses/real-time-operating-systems
• Introduction to System-on-Chip Design - https://www.arm.com/resources/education/online-courses/introduction-to-soc
• Advanced System-on-Chip Design - https://www.arm.com/resources/education/online-courses/advanced-soc
• Embedded Linux - https://www.arm.com/resources/education/online-courses/embedded-linux
• Mechatronics and Robotics - https://www.arm.com/resources/education/online-courses/mechatronics-and-robotics
edumedia@arm.com30/10/202005/05/2020Publisher email
Artfilms-digitalReduced flat rate US$500. Institutional sign-upGeneral ContentAccess to streaming contentwww.artfilms-digital.comAuthentication by IP address, EZ Proxy, Login & password and/or barcode30/09/202030/03/2020Jisc publisher survey
ArtusiInstitutional sign-up (support@artusi.xyz)General ContentInstitutional log-in required30/06/202030/03/2020Jisc publisher survey
Askews and Holt (VLeBooks)All licences automatically converted to unlimited accessGeneral ContentVLeBookswww.askewsandholts.comInstitutional log-in required30/06/202001/04/2020
Jisc publisher survey
Askews and Holt (VLeBooks)Unlimited licences available for all new purchases, irrespective of the model selected. At the end of the period the licence will revert to the model purchased.General ContentVLeBookswww.askewsandholts.comInstitutional log-in required30/06/202001/04/2020
Jisc publisher survey
ASPETN/AGeneral ContentJournalsWe will shortly publish a “perspective” in Molecular Pharmacology on COVID-19.N/A03/04/2020Jisc publisher survey
Association for Computing MachineryInstitutional log-in requiredGeneral ContentDigital LibraryNoneN/A30/03/2020
Association of AccountingRegistration: VariedGeneral Content
Resources for AAT students and training providers
http://AAT.org.ukLevel: VariedN/A22/04/2020
ASTM InternationalCOVID19 ResearchASTM standards and COVID19
AWS EducateRegistration: RequiredGeneral Content
Resources for building skills in the cloud
https://aws.amazon.com/education/awseducate/students/Level: Further and higher educationN/A22/04/2020
Backpages Ltd. (Rockspages)General ContentRock's Backpages www.rocksbackpages.comInstitutional log-in required. 90 day trial for instititions availableN/A01/04/2020
Jisc publisher survey
BBC MonitoringAccess is on a subscription basis. Free trials are available on request. Please contact Nick Reynolds on nick.reynolds@bbc.co.ukGeneral ContentBBC Monitoring websitehttps://monitoring.bbc.co.uk/Institutional log-in requiredN/A30/03/2020
BerghahnNone (Open Access)General ContentJournalsJournalsNone30/06/202031/03/2020ICOLC
BibliUGeneral ContentTextbooks
2 month trial for instititions available. See also Pearson and SAGETo be determined09/04/2020Jisc publisher survey
BioOneNone (Open Access)COVID19 ResearchCoronavirus related articles in 3 journalsPeer-Reviewed Research to Inform the Coronavirus Crisis31/12/2020https://bioone.org/privacy-policy13/03/2020ICOLC
BioOneGeneral ContentExisting content onlypaul@burgundyservices.comInstitutional log-in required. 90 day trial for Jisc members availableN/A07/04/2020Jisc publisher survey, publisher email
Bloomsbury Digital ResourcesAffected InstitutionsGeneral ContentAll Bloomsbury Resources: books and digital resources in the humanities, social sciences, performing and visual artsSee "more detail" for regional email addresses to request access; Lewis.Conlin@bloomsbury.comAmerica: OnlineSalesUS@bloomsbury.com | UK, Europe, Middle East, Africa: OnlineSalesUK@bloomsbury.com | Australia & NZ, Asia, India: OnlineSalesANZ@bloomsbury.com. 90 day trial for instititions available30/06/2020https://www.bloomsbury.com/us/privacy-policy/21/05/2020
ICOLC, Jisc publisher survey, publisher email
BMJNone (Open Access)COVID19 ResearchPractical guidance, online CPD courses, as well as the latest news, comment, and research from BMJ. The content is free and updated daily.BMJ's Coronavirus (covid-19) HubThe content is free and updated daily.To be determined09/04/2020ICOLC
BrepolsCurrent CustomersGeneral ContentUnlimited simultaneous users for online databases licensed from Brepols and hosted on brepols.net. Current journals subscribers can activate complimentary read-only access to 20 journals' archives. Read-only access can be activated for the Brepols Complete ebook collection.To activate expanded access, contact your sales rep or Brepols' Customer Care Department at online@brepols.netThe Brepols Complete ebook collection includes more than 1,600 miscellany volumes and monographs in a range of research areas in the Humanties, published until end 2017.31/05/202026/03/2020ICOLC
Bridgeman ImagesGeneral ContentExisting content onlyhttps://www.bridgemaneducation.com/en/Institutional log-in requiredn/a02/04/2020Jisc publisher survey
BrillNone (Open Access)General Content59 ebooks on epidemics, containment strategies, homeschooling, distance learning, and crisis responsehttps://www2.brill.com/COVID-19_CollectionIf any new related content is published with Brill, it will be added to this collection.To be determined24/03/2020ICOLC
British Institute of RadiologyCOVID19 ResearchAny papers submitted on COVID-19 will be fast-tracked through peer review and published OA with APCs waived. They will be collected here: https://www.birpublications.org/covid-19https://www.birpublications.org/covid-19None (Open Access)09/04/2020Jisc publisher survey
British Online Archivescustomer will only be able to download individual pages (rather than entire documents) at a timeGeneral Contentinitial 30 day period of free accesshttps://microform.digital/boa/collectionsCurrently providing an initial 30 day period of free access for all existing customers (including those who have trialled any of our products in the past). This is a phased process which began in the UK with effect from Monday 23 March and will be gradually rolled out internationally in the coming weeks. There will also be an opportunity for new customers to register.30 days02/04/2020Jisc publisher survey
British Standards OnlineGeneral ContentExisting content onlyInstitutional log-in requiredN/A02/04/2020
Jisc publisher survey
Bureau van DijkGeneral ContentExisting content onlyInstitutional log-in requiredN/A02/04/2020Jisc publisher survey
CABIContact CAB for registration s.baker@cabi.org. General ContentGlobal Health CAB Abstracts CABeBookshttps://www.cabdirect.org/Globalhealth
Librarians are allocated codes to disseminate to students to access content remotely. Click 'redeem voucher code' when logging in to the resource.31/05/2020https://www.cabi.org/privacy-policy/17/04/2020Jisc publisher survey
CactusCOVID19 ResearchA global research repository of available literature on COVID-19
Our database is updated regularly, and presently contains information from these repositories:
Additionally, we have added relevant records from CrossRef, and select regional content from Chinese, Japanese, and Korean sources. We'll look to expand coverage on English, as well as non-English, publications, journals, and preprints every week.
None (Open Access)
04/06/2020publisher email, website
CairnIf you would like to set up remote access using the simplified username/password please see cairn.infoGeneral ContentExisting content only
Institutional log-in required or simplified username/password authentication system available. 90 day trial for instititions available.N/A07/04/2020Jisc publisher survey, publisher email
Cambridge University PressAffected InstitutionsGeneral Content2,000+ text/ebooks hosted on Cambridge CoreIn the US, email online@cambridge.orgAlso available through VitalSource (See below); AU/NZ enquiries@cambridge.edu.au | UK & Rest of World library.sales@cambridge.org29-June30/03/2020ICOLCYes
Cambridge University PressGeneral ContentWe are providing free access to a collection of over 1,700 ebooks hosted on Cambridge Core, for university libraries and their associated students and faculty. This collection includes our HTML Textbooks, Cambridge Histories, Cambridge Companions, and Cambridge Elements. Free access through the offer is available to everyone until the end of May 2020 but access must be set up via your librarian. The free access to HTML textbooks is being offered direct to Higher Education institutions. Access will be automatically arranged if the Institution already has access to one of the following reference collections; Cambridge Histories, Cambridge Companions, and Cambridge Elements.There are no additional requirements to register or set up accounts by institutions or end users. If the user is logged on, they can access the content (providing they are an authorised user).29/06/202009/04/2020Jisc publisher surveyyes
Cambridge University PressCOVID19 ResearchMore than 80 relevant book chapters and journals articles with research related to the coronavirus.https://www.cambridge.org/core/browse-subjects/medicine/coronavirus-free-access-collection09/04/2020Jisc publisher surveyyes
Canadian Science PublishingNone (Open Access)COVID19 ResearchFree access to coronavirus research in all our journals, future articles added at no cost to authors; FACETS will waive APCs on all human epidemiology research papers submitted before Dec 31, 2020Coronavirus and Related Research Collection (Journals)If you come across a relevant article in a journal they missed, please email (pubs@cdnsciencepub.com) and they will add it to the Collection; If you plan on submitting a paper in this field to FACETS, please include a statement in your covering letter that indicates you are submitting to the coronavirus collection31/08/2020https://www.nrcresearchpress.com/page/privacy21/05/2020ICOLC
Canadian Science PublishingCurrent CustomersGeneral ContentRequests for journal articles from current institutional subscribers can now be made at home.Link to JournalsContact pubs@cdnsciencepub.com to request access31/08/202021/05/2020ICOLC
COVID19 Research
A range of resources and expertise openly available to support the fight against COVID-19
Publisher website
CengageSelected CountriesGeneral ContentCengage Unlimited including 14,000 eBooks and moreForm for Faculty to contact Rep to request access for studentsLimited to US; At the end of each 14 day free trial period, students will be prompted to start another free trial periodEnd of semester17/03/2020ICOLC
CengageRequires signupGeneral ContentCengage digital learning solutions - Cengage provides online teaching and learning content to higher education providers which supports a blended learning or fully online approach to delivering a course. During the current COVID-19 crisis, we are supporting institutions on delivering their courses online by offering free access to our digital platforms for a limited time: MindTap with 1,300 solutions spanning a wide range of disciplines SAM for Microsoft Office skills WebAssign for disciplines in Maths, Physics and Engineering OWLv2 for Chemistry CengageNOW for courses in Business and Management, Finance, Accounting, Decision Sciences, and Psychology We have also been supporting faculty, by setting up their digital courses (for some this includes integration to their LMS), providing training to staff and students, and supporting them with technical issues. amanda.cheung@cengage.comDepending on how institutions want to integrate the digital platform, access to them can be via web using course key and access code or integrated within LMS. Students can access the platform and content (which includes an integrated eBook) anytime, anywhere. They can also access a downloadable eBook via the Cengage mobile app. Our free access offer to institutions ends in June 2020. If customers wish to extend the free trial we can discuss this option with them.01/05/2020Jisc publisher survey
Clarivate AnalyticsNone (Requires Signup)COVID19 ResearchGlobal resource site for access to the world’s leading research & news around the coronavirusesRequest access to Cortellis Drug Discovery IntelligenceSite also includes access to a few recent research articles and access to BioWorld coronavirus news articlesTo be determinedhttps://clarivate.com/legal/privacy-policy/14/03/2020ICOLC
CNKINone (Open Access)COVID19 Research1640+ articles regarding COVID-19, cost for OA publication and related services will be completely covered by CNKIList of articlesdivides the research results of COVID-19 into 6 stages: Pathogeny, Prevention, Diagnosis, Treatment, Prognosis and Nursing. Chinese- http://cajn.cnki.net/gzbd/brief/Default.aspx |NoneNone Found20/03/2020ICOLC
CochraneNone (Open Access)General ContentAccess to Cochrane Library will be temporarily unrestrictedSearch the databaseTo be determinedhttps://www.wiley.com/en-gb/privacy18/03/2020ICOLC
CochraneNone (Open Access)COVID19 ResearchSpecial collections on evidence relevant to critical care; infection control and prevention measures; and remote consultation and home-based carehttps://www.cochranelibrary.com/covid-19To be determinedhttps://www.wiley.com/en-gb/privacy09/04/2020ICOLC, Jisc publisher survey
CytelNone (Open Access)COVID19 ResearchCytel has launched an open-access global COVID-19 Clinical Trial Tracker. The live dashboard offers an overview of all the trials taking place in the international effort to tackle the pandemic.Global Coronavirus COVID-19 Clinical Trial Trackerhttps://www.cytel.com/privacynotice17/04/2020UKSG News 467
Dandy BooksellersGeneral ContentExisting content onlyenquiries@dandybooksellers.comInstitutional log-in required. Trials can be requested by registering interest here - https://www.publicinformationonline.com/subscribe or emailingN/A07/04/2020Jisc publisher survey, publisher email
Dawson BooksConcurrent user titles have temporarily been moved to an unlimited credit model and will revert back when this is necessary. Credit titles will burn their usual credit allocation first and then automatically switch over to an unlimited credit model. At the end of the period they will revert back to their usual credit allocation. The credit allocation automatically resets on the anniversary of the purchase of the copy. This may mean that libraries will need to purchase additional copies of a title if they have used up all of the credit allocation before the anniversary of the purchase.General ContentAll institutionally owned titles with participating publishersInstitutional log-in required. 90 day trial for instititions availableUntil mid-June02/04/2020Jisc publisher survey
De GruyterNone (Open Access)COVID19 ResearchThere are 13 articles to date, in Clinical Chemistry and Laboratory Medicine and a few other journals. Most articles are free or Open Access. Whether the rest will be opened is to be confirmed.www.degruyter.com09/04/2020Jisc publisher survey
De GruyterGeneral ContentWe are announcing 90-day free access offers from 7 April as follows: 75,000 backlist and archive eBooks to 2016 (including partner presses) on degruyter.com. The offer will be emailed to customers. Institutions must respond in order to be set up. e-Journal access to print Journal customers for the titles subscribed to. Offer will be emailed to institutions and agents. We need a response in order to set up access.www.degruyter.com09/04/2020Jisc publisher survey
De GruyterNone (Requires Signup)General Content75,000 DRM-free eBooks from ©1650 through ©2016Digital access to the 1000s of print books held in university and college librariesLibrarians register on behalf of their academic institution.
-Authentication: IP Range, Proxy, Shibboleth / OpenAthens (existing customers only)
-MARC records, KBART files, OCLC, EBSCO, Ex Libris Collections provided
DETAIL Business Information GmbHTo set up remote access please see: https://www.detail-business-information.de/en/General ContentExisting content onlyInstitutional log-in requiredN/A02/04/2020
Jisc publisher survey
Digital ScienceNone (Open Access)COVID19 ResearchExportable file of all relevant content on COVID-19 in Dimensions. As of 22 Mar publications: 4164,
trials: 645, datasets: 54; Updated daily
Downloadable Google Sheet, updated dailyDedicated Dimensions search link: https://covid-19.dimensions.ai/ (Does not include Clinical trial info, for these use download); designed to free people from constraints of specific applications and platformsTo be determinedhttps://www.dimensions.ai/privacy/22/03/2020ICOLC
Digital Theatre+General ContentExisting content onlyInstitutional log-in requiredN/A02/04/2020Jisc publisher survey
DIGITALIAGeneral Content1 month trial only, SOP?24/03/2020ICOLC
DocuseekNone (Requires Signup)General ContentStreaming access to Bullfrog & Icarus films owned in any format[TBD]Streaming from other Docuseek providers may be available on request30-Junhttps://docuseek2.wiki.zoho.com/Privacy-Statement.html13/03/2020ICOLC
DSI/AllThatStatsNone (Open Access)COVID19 ResearchStatistics Platform - COVID related contentNOVEL CORONAVIRUS COVID-19 (2019-NCOV)To be determined08/04/2020ICOLC
Duke University PressFree access to book and journal content. Institutional registration: orders@dukeupress.eduGeneral Contente-books and journal content on Duke platformhttps://www.dukeupress.edu/Information-For/Customers/Response-to-COVID-19Institutional log-in required90 days02/04/2020Jisc publisher survey
Dun & BradstreetGeneral ContentHoovers. We have waived simultaneous and concurrent user limits for Eduserv contracts.Our standard trial period for Hoovers is a week however our legal team have agreed to extend this for Eduserv/Jisc to 30 days.To be determined03/04/2020Jisc publisher survey
e-Marefa DatabaseNone (Requires Signup)General ContentSpecialized databases across the disciplinesContact ziad@e-marefa.net to request access31/08/202021/05/2020ICOLC
Ebook CentralAll licences automatically converted to unlimited accessGeneral ContentAll institutionally owned titles with participating publishershttps://www.proquest.com/products-services/ebooks/ebooks-main.htmlInstitutional log-in required23 March - 19 June 202030/03/2020Jisc publisher survey
EBSCONoneCOVID19 ResearchCOVID-19 clinical informationhttps://www.ebsco.com/covid-19-resources#sect230/6/20https://www.ebsco.com/company/privacy-policy17/04/2020Jisc publisher survey
EBSCONone (Open Access)General ContentFaculty Select: faculty can search12,400+ Open Educational Resources, get links for their Learning Management System (LMS) or distribution to studentsSimplified version of Faculty SelectLimit results to OER only, or include 225,000+ DRM-free EBSCO eBooks available for purchase if not already owned or leasedTo be determinedhttps://www.ebsco.com/company/privacy-policy20/03/2020ICOLC
EBSCOCurrent CustomersGeneral ContentUnlimited-User access upgrades to existing EBSCO eBooks holdings from 300+ publishers[Upgrade was automatically applied on March 16]List of 300+ Participating Publishers; also Discounting Unlimited-User access to One-User pricing for new e-book acquisitions is avaiable on request30-Junhttps://www.ebsco.com/company/privacy-policy20/03/2020ICOLC
EBSCOAffected InstitutionsGeneral ContentAcademic eBook Subscription Collection 200,000+ eBooks with no restrictions of the number of concurrent usersContact your Ebsco Sales Representative or Use this formAvailable to those that don't currently subscribe90 dayshttps://www.ebsco.com/company/privacy-policy20/03/2020ICOLC
EBSCOAll licences automatically converted to unlimited accessGeneral ContentAll institutionally owned titles with participating publishershttps://more.ebsco.com/eBooks-Upgraded-Access-2020.htmlInstitutional log-in requiredUntil 30 June 202130/03/2020Jisc publisher survey
EBSCOUnlimited licences availble at one user pricing for new acquisitions.General ContentUnowned titlesInstitutional log-in requiredUntil 30 June 202130/03/2020Jisc publisher survey
EBSCO and Harvard Business PublishingNone (Requires Signup)General ContentHarvard Business Review E-Book Subscription Collection including 600 e-books including newly published e-books, seminal works, and 150+ article compilations of the HBR ClassicsContact your local EBSCO representative30-May24/03/2020ICOLC
EDP SciencesNone (Open Access)General ContentWe have decided to open journals we publish from 2018-2020 so it is freely available for all to read.Journals AccessOnly journals they publish, unless hosted or partner publishers have agreed; 2018-2020 only.31/08/2020https://www.edpsciences.org/en//privacy-policy21/05/2020ICOLC
EDUCAUSE resources listRegistration: Not requiredGeneral ContentWorking remotely: Corporate Resources for education going online during COVID-19 – see the technology and access service tabs. US-based but useful nonethelesshttps://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1AtREaTOY74xqPsgz8No8GMtSvn-40Y3KFVOM9hixGRM/htmlview#Level: Further and higher educationN/A22/04/2020
Edward ElgarIf an institution subscribes to Elgaronline, they may provide a list of print ISBNs and free access will be provide to the eBook if available. Please email your normal contactGeneral ContentElgaronlineInstitutional log-in requiredUntil the end of June 202002/04/2020Jisc publisher survey
ElsevierCurrent CustomersGeneral Content256 Textbooks across many subjects (published between 1977 and 2020)Already granted for all active ScienceDirect customers (also accessible through VitalSouce adn Redshelf)Download list of books available (xlsx); these books also participating in EBSCO and ProQuest Unlimited User Upgrade program31/08/2020https://privacy.elsevier.com/27/03/2020ICOLCyes
ElsevierNone (Open Access)COVID19 ResearchJournal Article hubs from Elsevier, Lancet and Cell Press as well as Springer Nature, Wiley, NEJM, BMJ, ASM, and Chongqing VIPCOVID-19 Information CenterSite also includes Book Chapters, Preprints, and Drug Discovery ResourcesTo be determinedhttps://privacy.elsevier.com/03/04/2020ICOLC, Jisc publisher surveyyes
ElsevierNone COVID19 Research
The Coronavirus Research Hub offers a broad collection of clinical, bio-medical and life sciences resources and solutions to the global life science and clinical research community to help them in their Coronavirus research. The Hub currently provides access to ClinicalKey, Embase, SSRN, Mendeley, Mendeley Data (including Pathway Studio data), the Science Direct COVID-19 collection, Elsevier Text Mining (ETM), the Pure COVID-19 Portal and select consulting services from our Life Sciences Professional Services team. We also plan to bring Reaxys and Veridata EDC into the platform in the coming weeks.
Registration requiredIn six months05/05/2020
ElsevierAvailable to all ScienceDirect customers (including journal customers who do not currently have e-books).General Content256 textbookshttps://www.elsevier.com/solutions/sciencedirect/content/book-title-listsInstitutional log-in required31/08/202030/03/2020Jisc publisher surveyyes
ElsevierGeneral ContentTrials can be requested directly from the institution’s account managerCharles Martinez c.martinez@elsevier.com
Harry Maltby h.maltby@elsevier.com
Sean Van Drogen S.VanDrogen@elsevier.com
07/04/2020publisher emailyes
ElsevierRequires signupGeneral ContentAccess to ClinicalKey Student for the end of this term upon request. ClinicalKey Student includes assessment capabilities along with hundreds of medical & nursing textbooks, study tools and video resources. medical: www.clinicalkey.com/student nursing: www.clinicalkey.com/student/nursingl.moran.1@elsevier.comInstitutions can provide off-campus access to ClinicalKey Student via: * Individual registration codes * Federated access (Open Athens, Shibboleth) * IP Authentication with VPN/proxy01/05/2020Jisc publisher survey
EmeraldNone (Open Access)COVID19 Research22+ expert briefings, journal articles, and book chapters related to coronavirus and the management of epidemicsLink to list of documentsthroughout this public health emergencyhttps://www.emeraldgrouppublishing.com/about/policies/privacy.htm14/04/2020ICOLCyes
Emerald Current subscribersGeneral ContentEmerald have waived access limits for some of their Emerald Insight contentwww.emeraldinsight.comhttps://www.emeraldgrouppublishing.com/about/policies/privacy.htm22/04/2020Jisc publisher survey
EquinoxCurrent subscribers. Libraries that have ordered e-book editions of textbooks but whose students cannot access through their university system should contact Equinox to make arrangements for those students affected — please note that all e-books are always enabled for unlimited concurrent useGeneral ContentEbookshttps://www.equinoxpub.com/home/e-books/ Contact Sarah Lee slee@equinoxpub.comAnyone compiling remote learning material and wishing to incorporate Equinox journal or book material should contact Equinox to arrange free access to specific materials for the duration of the course moduleUntil the crisis abates
17/04/2020UKSG News 467
EquinoxCurrent subscribers. Users experiencing difficulty accessing backfile content may contact Equinox to make specific arrangements for those individuals, such as temporary passwords or other measuresGeneral ContentJournals - all journal issues published in the last 12 months will be opened and all new issues will be freely accessible https://www.equinoxpub.com/home/journals/ Contact Ailsa Parkin aparkin@equinoxpub.comAnyone compiling remote learning material and wishing to incorporate Equinox journal or book material should contact Equinox to arrange free access to specific materials for the duration of the course moduleUntil the crisis abates
17/04/2020UKSG News 467
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On demand webinar - How Is COVID-19 Affecting The Top 10 Global Consumer Trends 2020?
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COVID19 Research
Euromonitor's IPO Market Resilience Index
Market Resilience Index analyses 79 stock exchanges across 100 countries to understand the relative performance of global IPO markets and their resilience against economic shocks, including COVID-19
Ex LibrisCOVID19 ResearchEx Libris is offering free access to all Research Professional news coverage related to COVID-19 and relevant funding opportunities related to the pandemic through its Research Professional and Pivot funding databases.Research Professional News websiteTo be determined15/04/2020UKSG eNews 466