Vemco fish tag receiver deployments
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EventDateLocationLat of receiverLon of receiverbottom depth (m) MLLWVemco SNStatusRecover by:ProviderDeployerMooringNotesData statusResultsResultsResultsLinkImage
Deploy VR211/9/2008Lime Kiln100914CompleteFred GoetzScott2m, pier block; crab floatTethered to hydrophone stand via embedded chain.csv name in commentTotal pingsTotal detectionsID 1303-18016 detected 146 times Nov 13-16, 2008
Redeploy VR24/18/2009Lime Kiln7.0100914CompleteFred GoetzScott2.25m, pier block; crab floatDeep snorkel dive; would be tough to find pier block w/o hydrophone stand floats.--
Deploy VR24/20/2009Orcasound48 33.7 -123 10.8110.0100913CompleteKurt FreshScott~25kg concrete slab; shrimp floatDeployed at ~14:45. Slab dimensions (35cm x 35 cm x 15 cm) [if it was a slab]. Leaded line tether to shore eyebolt.--
Deploy VR26/26/2009False Bay48 28.748-123 04.4118.0100910DeployedLOSTKurt FreshJason2 custom square cement blocks; yellow shrimp float26 feet at 14:22 (should have been ~ 0.16 tide at the time)LOST
Recover VR21/2/2010Lime Kiln100914RecoveredFred GoetzScottleft old hydrophone stand in placealgae-encrusted VR2W looked great and the red light was confirmed still flashing once uncovered at the lighthouse picnic tables. The float was pretty overgrown with algae and the indelible ink was no longer legible.missing3 unique IDs
Redeploy VR21/2/2010Lime Kiln48.515710-123.15293010.0100905CompleteKurt FreshScottSalvaged WDFW float #3398--
Recover VR21/3/2010Orcasound100913RecoveredKurt FreshScottRe-used mooring for 100912 anchorThe mooring came up fine (though a thicker line for that concrete weight would be easier on the hands) and the red light on the VR2W (SN#100913) was still flashing!csv in zip; in Hydra1 unique ID
Redeploy VR21/3/2010Orcasound48.558232-123.1737167.7100912CompleteKurt FreshScott~25kg concrete slab; crab float4/21/10 : noted line to shore had been severed ~5' from intertidal protector anchor.--
Deploy VR210/24/2010False Bay48.479567-123.0736177.0101006DeployedKurt FreshScott2 pier blocks, crabpot float; 100' crabpot line between blocks inshore block is in about 4-6′ of water and was deployed at 11:29 at 48 28.785, 123 04.406--
Recover VR28/18/2011Orcasound48.558232-123.1737167.7100912RecoveredKurt FreshScottcsv in zip; in Hydra
Deploy VR28/18/2011Orcasound48.558232-123.1737167.7100463Deployed, but with OLD batteryScottClipped new mooring onto old concrete slab.Tied new crab pot line from pier block to and around sub-tidal rock, then ran up through intertidal eyebolt.--
Recover VR28/24/2011Lime Kiln48.515710-123.15293010.0100905RecoveredKurt FreshScottLots of growth on receiver cleaned off by Charla/Sharoncsv in zip; in Hydra6-gill shark detections!
Deploy VR29/2/2011Lime Kiln48.515710-123.15293010.0101001DeployedQ3 2012ScottMoved old hydrophone mooring (cement tire w/embedded galvanized chain) ~5m north into camera view; clipped SS biner to (first?) chain loop.--
Deploy VR211/10/2011Point George48.560810-122.98915014.3100914DeployedQ1 2013Fred GoetzScott, Robin, TinaPier block, shackle, orange floatTethered to stopper nut in E/W crack, backed up to tree; 1st pier block ~20m offshore on a 30m line threaded through prominent crack; 2nd pier block ~30m from 1st, depth at start of drop ~45', but ~50' at end; orange float says fish research,, 206-251-5554.--
Deploy VR211/11/2011Yellow Island48.590400-123.0335503.6101621DeployedQ1 2013Tina, Chuck O'Clair, Phil GreenPier block, shackle, orange floatHex anchor is on west side near seals haul out reefs (48.591;123.03368). Ran out 100' of line to first pier block (48.59083;-123.0338) and another 100' to set mooring. may need to move gain depth--
Deploy VR211/11/2011Sentinel Island48.639200-123.16431712.5100687DeployedQ1 2013Tina, Chuck O'Clair, Phil GreenPier block, shackle, orange floatEast facing, Hex anchor set into rock @ tiny cove (48.63945;-123.1657). Borders kelp bed--
Deploy VR211/12/2011Obstruction Pass, Orcas Island48.600350-122.8292008.6100912DeployedQ1 2013Tina, Chuck O'Clair, Phil GreenPier block, shackle, orange floatlanded boat next to dock, walked to rocky point. Set 1 hex anchor and 1 block out 100' to mooring.--
Deploy VR211/12/2011NW Blakeley Dock48.585567-122.81726710.1101594DeployedQ1 2013Tina, Chuck O'Clair, Phil GreenPier block, shackle, orange floatline tied to pier under "FUEL" sign, set cement block on 30' line (48.58525;-122.81685), dropped at base of pier, next block out 100'--
Deploy VR211/15/2011Sucia48.746267-122.89933310.0100686DeployedQ1 2013Tina, Chuck O'Clair, Robin KodnerPier block, shackle, orange float Set on a rock "island". Tied through a hole in the rock, dropped a block straight down then ran out 100' with mooring block and receiver.--
Deploy VR211/15/2011Armitage Island48.534283-122.79556712.5100905DeployedQ1 2013Tina, Chuck O'Clair, Robin KodnerPier block, shackle, orange float2 climbing pieces in rock cliff facing Thatcher Pass (48.5346;-122.795983) and ran 100' of line to set mooring.--
Deploy VR211/15/2011Lawrence Point48.659717-122.7434179.7100913DeployedQ1 2013Tina, Chuck O'Clair, Robin KodnerPier block, shackle, orange floatSet 2 nut anchors into the rock (48.660267;-122.74375), Set one block out 100' (48.66;-122.74373) and then set mooring out another 100' to gain depth.--
Deploy VR211/15/2011Freeman Island48.699067-122.9522006.8102780DeployedQ1 2013Tina, Chuck O'Clair, Robin KodnerPier block, shackle, orange floatNut in rock face to attach land anchor (48.699067;-122.95175). 100' line to set mooring. Label attached to land anchor.--
Deploy VR211/6/2011Iceberg Point48.423410-122.89267011.8101004DeployedTina, Chuck O'Clair, Phil GreenPier block, shackle, orange floatnut +Piton on land anchor (48.42320;-122.89217), dropped a cement block at the cliff, down 25' then ran out 100' of line to mooring in 41.3' of water (at a +6 tide). Label attached to land anchor--
Deploy VR211/6/2011Cypress Island48.595683-122.73006716.0101596DeployedTina, Chuck O'Clair, Phil GreenPier block, shackle, orange float2 nuts wrapped around a hole in the rock and secured with a carabiner (48.59572;-122.72967). Ran 100' of line and a cement block, then another 100' of line and the mooring to achieve depth. Label attached to land anchor.--
Deploy VR211/6/2011Turn Pt, Stuart Is48.688260-123.23743010'101589DeployedTina, Chuck O'Clair, Phil GreenPier block, shackle, orange floatTied 100' line to rebar sunk into derelict cement foundation at waters edge (48.68818;-123.23745). Ran 100' of line and set mooring. Label attached to land anchor.--
Deploy VR211/7/2011Patos Island48.785580-122.97047010'110848DeployedTina, Chuck O'ClairPier block, shackle, orange floatPiton hammered into crack in slopping rock (48.78563;-122.97031). 100' of line run out and pier block set at (48.78553;-122.97041), angled 100' of line to the SW to gain depth and set mooring. Label attached to land anchor.--
Recover VR22/23/2012Lime Kiln - Victoria Beach101001Found undamagedFred GoetzGalvanic corrosion caused chain to fail.Found by beach walker near Victoria in Jan, 2012. Returned via Canadian Coast Guard.csv in zip; in Hydra250No detections
Deploy VR24/12/2012Lime Kiln110849RecoveredScott+Robin
Recover VR29/11/2012Pt. Lawrence100913RecordingScott, TNcsv in zip; in Hydra177397ID 23223 detected 7 times on 2012-09-02 from 0:50-0:55.
Deploy VR29/11/2012Pt. Lawrence 48°39'35.21"N122°44'36.64"Wforgot101001DeployedScott, TNReset chock (hammered), cut out chafed line, replaced some line, added shore label--
Recover VR29/11/2012Sucia100686RecordingScott, TNcsv in zip; in Hydra4281454ID 25367 detected 52 times on 2012-05-12 from 16:37-18:33; ID 25407 detected twice on 2012-05-16 from 12:01-12:05.
Deploy VR29/11/2012Sucia 48°44'45.92"N122°53'57.01"Wforgot100913DeployedScott, TNBowline around same pinnacle, 2 blocksTried to deploy first block offshore of nasty boulder/crack that ate the last one...--
Recover VR29/12/2012Freeman Island102780RecordingScott, TNcsv in zip; in Hydra116590No detections
Deploy VR29/12/2012Freeman Island 48°41'56.00"N122°57'7.81"Wforgot100686DeployedScott, TN--
Recover VR29/12/2012Sentinel Island100687RecordingScott, TNcsv in zip; in Hydra2349387ID 25367 detected 3 times on 2012-05-12 from 18:28-18:33; ID 25398 detected 2012-05-12 from 21:50-22:52; ID 25407 detected twice on 2012-05-16 from 12:01-12:05; ID 23223 detected 7 times on 2012-09-02 from 0:50-0:55.
Deploy VR29/12/2012Sentinel Island 48°38'19.90"N123° 8'51.97"Wforgot102780DeployedScott, TN--
Recover VR210/1/2012Armitage Island100905RecordingScott, TNcsv in zip; in Hydra2041722ID 26923 detected: 14 times on 2012-05-03 from 2:28-4:05 & 8 times on 2012-05-05 from 9:27-9:38.
Deploy VR210/1/2012Armitage Island48.534490-122.79575013.2100687DeployedScott, TN2 chocks tied to manline or spectra, ~20m line to single pier blockReused all lines w/o length change--
Recover VR210/1/2012Cypress Island101596RecordingScott, TNSubstantial galvanic corrosion between chock wire rope & SS shackle, moderate chafe on linecsv in zip; in Hydra 2x?2647212ID 26923 detected 12 times on 2012-05-03 from 7:21-8:39.
Deploy VR210/1/2012Cypress Island48.595680-122.73010016.4100905DeployedScott, TNReplaced ~4m chafed line (used portion to make double loop through rock hole) with ~6m used but unchafed 3/8" manline.--
Recover VR210/1/2012Obstruction Pass100912Recording on landScott, TNFound on beach still flashing; Bill said he'd found lower on beach and moved out of sight.csv in zip; in Hydra?9ID 26923 detected: 7 times on 2012-04-20 from 21:54-23:00; once on 2012-04-21 at 9:50; once on 2012-04-22 at 21:03.
Deploy VR210/1/2012Obstruction Pass48.600284-122.8305124.8100912DeployedScott, TNRe-used after changing battery and upgrading firmware and code map.--
Recover VR210/1/2012NW Blakeley Dock101594RecordingScott, TNLOTS of kelp on the line between pier blocks!
Deploy VR210/1/2012NW Blakeley Dock48.585360-122.817290101596DeployedScott, TN--190
Recover VR22/19/2013Orcasound48.558232-123.1737167.7100463Not flashingScottSnap shackle in great shape; ink almost completely faded on orange float.Frayed leaded line knot was barely tied to the loop of crab pot line that goes around around sub-tidal rock.needs servicing
Deploy VR22/19/2013Orcasound48.558232-123.1737167.6101594DeployedScott, David25 kg block w/SS loop (needs replacement)Galvanic corrosion on loop; fed crab pot fig8 through new shackle, then tied crab pot line around block... hoping it will hold through fall 2013...--
Check anchor4/24/2013Cypress IslandOKTether looks good.--191
Check anchor4/24/2013Point LawrenceRepairedWired nut had been pulled from crack. Replaced with piton above high water mark and extension of crab pot line, leaving some slack in the intertidal.--
Check anchor4/24/2013SuciaOKTether looks good.--
Check anchor4/24/2013Patos IslandMissing; needs diveNo sign of anchor or crab pot line. Likely swept clean by waves.--
Recover VR24/24/2013Turn Pt, Stuart Is101589Recording!Scott & ThomasSome signs of stress and chafe in anchor line.csv in zip; in Hydra5175575140 12x & 12848 14x 1/28/12; 140/12848 once each on both 2/5 and 2/6/12; 140 & 12848 3x each on 4/23/12; 140 once alone on 4/24/12; 25514 once on 5/15/12; 25376 detected 33x on 5/16/12; 23229 2 times 9/2/12; 22867 once on 9/4/12; 12848 2x 12/28/12.
Deploy VR24/24/2013Turn Pt, Stuart Is108402DeployedScott, TNSame as before.Replaced near-shore tether with new crab pot line and re-tied to iron in old foundation.--
Check anchor4/24/2013Sentinel IslandOKLine from tree looks good at least until small boulder in intertidal--
Recover VR24/24/2013Yellow Island101621Recording!Scott & ThomasHex corrodedcsv in zip; in Hydra226522ID 11 once on 9/11/12 @ 10:43:11; 22837 on 9/11/12 at 10:48:36.
Deploy VR24/24/2013Yellow Island108403DeployedScott, TNSame as before.Backed up oxidized hex with a second (mediocre placement) on spectra loop.--
Recover VR24/24/2013Point George100914Recording!Scott & ThomasAnchor seems ok, though wire nut is rusty.csv in zip; in Hydra688687240 once on 4/6/12; 28869 3x 4/6/12; 22839 13x 9/14/12; 13 13x 9/14/12; 26933 2x on 12/1/12 & 15x on 12/12/12; 28867 8x on 12/23/12 & 3x on 12/24/12; 238 9x on 12/23/12; 12848 on 1/11/13; 140 on 1/11/13.
Deploy VR24/24/2013Point George108404DeployedScott, TNSame as before.Did not modify anchor; only added new label at tree.--
Check anchor4/24/2013Iceberg PointMissing; needs diveAnchor severed by chafe about 3m below loose rusty piton. No other anchors found.--
VR2 found5/26/2013False Bay shoreline101006Not communicatingSJI residentneeds servicing
Recover VR25/3/2013Iceberg Point101004RecordingScott, David, ThomasFound tangled up in shore tether at base of underwater cliff...csv in zip; in Hydra55583926923 on 4/18/12; 23227 29 times on 9/3/12; 241 4 times on 10/3/12, nearly coincident with 3 detections of 28870; 288870 once on 10/4/12 and once on 10/5/12.
Deploy VR25/3/2013Iceberg Point101589DeployedScott, David, ThomasNew shore anchor and tether--
Deploy VR25/3/2013False Bay101621DeployedScott, David, Thomas--
Recover VR25/10/2013Patos110848RecordingDavid H +Had broken free of shore tether and seafloor anchorDavid found in intertidal within Active Covecsv in zip; in Hydra26425823977 once on 7/7/12; 22865 once on 9/3/12.
Deploy VR25/10/2013Patos100914RecordingDavid H +--
Recover VR29/14/2013Lime Kiln110849Recording, fouledDavid H +csv in zip; in Hydra
Deploy VR29/14/2013Lime Kiln102782Deployed, recordingDavid H +--
Recover VR210/14/2013Armitage100687RecordingThomas + Scottcsv in zip; in Hydra244671030
Recover VR210/14/2013Cypress100905RecordingThomas + ScottLOTS of barnacles on floatcsv in zip; in Hydra1795639933935 and 245 ~36x each on 10/28/13 2-4:00; 28701 9x on 3/13/13 ~15:50; 33935 once on 6/7/13@23:04; 26893 once on 6/27/13@7:56; 31094 15x on 9/5/13 ~1:15; 31180 twice on 9/5/13 ~18:05
Recover VR210/14/2013Point Lawrence101001RecordingThomas + Scottcsv in zip; in Hydra4226933 3x on 11/3/12 3-5:00; 26893 10x on 5/29/13 ~21:30; 31094 8x on 9/5/13; 31111 5x on 9/5/13 ~20:57; 31116 5x on 9/10/13 ~15:10; 31132 8x on 9/14/13 ~19:56
Recover VR210/14/2013Freeman Island100686RecordingThomas + Scottcsv in zip; in Hydra3661814 6 times on 9/13/12 ~7-8; 22840 twice on 9/13/2012
Recover VR210/14/2013Yellow108403RecordingThomas + Scottcsv in zip; in Hydra226893 twice on 5/9/13 at noon
Recover VR210/14/2013Point George108404RecordingThomas + Scottcsv in zip; in Hydra3226893 twice on 5/8/2013, 12x on 5/9/2013; 28714 5x on 5/26/13 ~8:25 & 3x ~22:55; 26372 10x on 5/31/13 at 3 (once) and ~8.
Recover VR210/14/2013Obstruction Island100912RecordingThomas + Scottcsv in zip; in Hydra22493428714 4x on 5/23/13; 26895 4x on 6/26/13 & 10x on 7/6/13; 31209 4x on 9/7/13 ~20:00
Recover VR210/14/2013NW Blakely101596RecordingThomas + ScottBarnacle centered on LED!csv in zip; in Hydra570052326933 6x on 10/28/12 ~22:03; 26895 4x on 7/17/13 ~7:45; 26893 once on 7/23/12@00:59; 26895 (again) 3x on 8/3/13 ~1:20; 26893 (again) 6x on 8/6/13 ~3:00 and AGAIN on 9/19/13 ~2:43.
Recover VR210/17/2013Turn Point108402RecordingDavid H +csv in zip; in Hydra12245 once on 5/21/13 ~51:57; 31190 10x on 9/2/13 ~18:00; 31072 once on 9/14/13 ~9:19
Recover VR210/17/2013Patos100914RecordingDavid H +csv in zip; in Hydra4731072 7x on 9/15/13 ~04:30, 27x ~13:00, and 13x ~15:10.
Recover VR210/17/2013Iceberg101589RecordingDavid H +csv in zip; in Hydra31073 14x on 9/1/13 ~02:10; 31056 3x on 9/1/13 ~14:00; 31127 once on 9/10/13 ~17; 31132 on 16x 9/11/13 ~19:30; 36199 once on 10/23/13@1:48; 52102 once on 10/23/13@19:52; 25865 one on 10/24/13@00:43.
Recover VR210/17/2013False Bay101621RecordingDavid H +csv in zip; in Hydra
Recover VR210/17/2013Orcasound101594RecordingDavid H +csv in zip; in Hydra
Recover VR212/16/2013Sucia12.8100913RecordingDavid H +csv in zip; in Hydra33771623223 7x on 9/2/12 from 00:50-00:55; 140 1x on 1/10/13 at 04:17; 25757 10x on 5/21/13 from 12:44-12:48 (3x) and 14:30-14:38; 26893 4x on 5/28/13 from 23:09-23:15; 253 1x on 11/13/13 at 02:05
Recover VR212/16/2013Sentinel Island18.8102780RecordingDavid H +Reciever heavily encrusted with barncles!csv in zip; in Hydra34251026933 1x on 11/15/2012 at 23:29, 8x on 11/16/12 from 00:41-01:02 and 1x on 11/16/12 at 19:51
Failed recovery11/10/2014Lime Kiln102782Lost?David H + Jen O
Deploy VR211/10/2014Lime Kiln100913RecordingKurt FreshDavid H + Jen O2m, crab float, SS? snap shackleMoored to the first cement tyre stand down from the pipe, which was vacant. The nearby hydrophone looked clean and in good shape.