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Don't include percent signs when entering scores. For example, enter 80% as 80. Step 1: In the blue cell below enter the overall percent score you want at the end of the term. (90 for an A, 80 for a B, etc.)Step 2: Enter your current overall average from the Canvas gradebook in the orange cell below. (You can also calculate your current overall average by entering your exam and lab practicum percent scores in the purple cells to the left; your average will then be automatically entered in the green cell and the percent of the course completed will be entered in the red cell. If there are numbers in both the orange and green cells, only the number in the orange cell will be used in the calculation.) Note: your overall average seen in the Canvas gradebook may be a bit different from the average calculated by this spreadsheet. The spreadsheet average is the correct one!
Step 3: Enter the percent of the course completed in the yellow cell below. (If you enter your exam and lab practicum percent scores in the purple cells to the left, the percent of the course completed will be calculated.) Step 4: After compleing steps 1-3, the white cell below shows the minimum overall weighted average score† needed on the remaining exams and practicums to get the overall percent score you entered in the blue cell. When you are finished please delete all numbers entered.
You can download this spreadsheet ("File => Download as") and open it in a program like Excel. If you have a Google account, you can save this spreadsheet online to your Google Drive for your personal use ("File => Make a copy..."). [Choose "File" from the document menu and not the browser menu.]
Midterm Exam 184
Midterm Exam 293.5591.0100
Midterm Exam 394.66Values of exams and practicums.Relative value of exam points to practicum pointsTotal % value of lecture & lab exams
Practicum 198.87# of practicums:5Each practicum is worth8
percent of the course grade.
Lab practicums-40
Practicum 298.33# of midterm exams:3
Each midterm exam is worth
percent of the course grade.
Midterm exams1.842
Practicum 3100 The final exam is worth18
percent of the course grade.
Final exam2.318
Practicum 4100A = 90 - 100%; B = 80 - 89; C = 70 - 79; D = 55 - 69; F = < 55100
Practicum 5100†A weighted average calculation takes into consideration that exams and lab practicums have different relative values. To calculate a weighted average, the values for the exams are considered relative to the value of a single lab practicum. For example, since each midterm exam is worth 1.8 lab pracicums, a weighted average of the scores on one midterm exam and one lab practicum would treat the midterm exam as if it were equivalent to 1.8 practicums. The relative values for the midterm & final exams and lab practicums can be seen in cells P10 and P11 in the table above.
Final Exam72.73
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