Introduction on Chilli cultivation
I am chili, yes, the same chili that sometimes enhances the taste of your food and sometimes makes you sweat, mine and yours.
Relationship is something like this most of the people do my farming because they like me hey brother in the police station but you know if you do my farming
If you do it wisely and methodically, I will not only increase the taste of your food, but can also become a main source of your income, you will not believe it, let me introduce you to my hero.
Namaste Didi Namaste Bh Didi Last year we had cultivated chillies what was the benefit yes brother we have a lot of benefits from chilli farming
Next year, with this money, I had deposited the school fee of the child and can any sister tell what was the benefit for them, brother, we also benefited.
Will do more on the land, will be more beneficial brother, next time we had cultivated chili, there was a loss, because we did not listen to what brother said, we did not do it according to the method, stop the video and discuss here.
Why is it necessary to cultivate chillies methodically, then you have seen how much the sisters who did my cultivation methodically have benefited.
Only you can become a partner of this benefit, provided you do farming methodically, now I would like to tell you some of my features, by the way you all know me.
that I am green chili but I have an elder sister also red chili you can do my farming twice in a year by the way you can do my farming on any type of soil but
My yields are highest in fertile and well drained sandy and loamy soil. I have no enmity with anyone but I am not friends with rain either. More rain or more time in my field.
I am always harmed by the accumulation of water till the rain.
I don't just make vegetable curry, but it is full of protein and vitamins.
So let's go there, this thing is certain, sister, if we don't do farming properly, then the profit will not be as much as it happened with Indali, sister, this time we will come to your house.
And all of us together will do chili cultivation methodically as it should be done so okay brother we are going to prepare for pyari from day after day itself so okay we will come to your house the day after tomorrow and we all will prepare together
This time all of you are ready to do chili cultivation, so this time we come to Mahar Didi's house and try a method together, then it's okay. Hello now.
In the upcoming video, I will tell you how my farming is done methodically and what are the steps you have to go through in my farming, this is a glimpse of the preparation of the bed.
Seed treatment Sowing and tillage Maintenance Field preparation Uprooting and transplanting in the field Irrigation and Niconi pest and disease control
And let's stop the video and discuss about the steps we have to go through in the cultivation of chillies by stopping the video here.
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Nursery bed preparation in chilli
Seeing the arrows of Sayya's double Junavag, small wounds are serious, you must be thinking that whenever I come, I do some strange things, now what am I?
Karu this is my nature I look small but you are already familiar with my exploits leave all these things you remember my last video in which I did my whole
Gave me that I can do farming twice in a year, in loamy and coarse loamy soil, my growth is maximum and more rain is harmful for me, now in this video and in the coming videos
I will tell you how my farming is done methodically and what are the steps you have to go through in my farming, this is a glimpse of the preparation of the beds.
Four sowing and bed maintenance Field preparation Uprooting and transplanting in the field Irrigation and Niconi pest and disease control and fruit harvesting
Come on, now let's see the preparation of the bed. While preparing the bed, it is very important to pay attention to two things. First, the width of the bed should be feet.
So that our hand can easily reach the middle of the bed, secondly, the height of the bed is 5 to 6 inches, stop the video here and discuss that the length of the bed
What should be the width and height of the bed?
The width of this grove is 3 feet, length 9 feet and height 6 feet.
Brother, now we have done weeding this beauty, sister, the evil is yours, but it has not been done properly, brother, it is in front of you that we are doing weeding.
It is also necessary to take care of some things like I should remove all these plastic hulls and old plants and this is being seen by breaking them instead of sister yeti.
It should be crushed and mixed in the pot yes brother, you are right, last time it was very lumpy, no, it could not be leveled, it was absolutely correct, the baby cot was flat as well as raised from the heart.
Why brother, that's why if the dili is left deep in the middle, then water will accumulate there, due to which the plant will be damaged.
Now only cow dung manure has to be mixed in it. Wife's manure is 20 kg. Brother, this manure is 20 kg and 5 kg of Ghanjeevamrit is mixed in it.
It is in 15 grams, yes brother, we mix it in the soil, stop the video here and discuss that 15 grams of trichoderma or fungicide is to be added to 20 kg of rotten cow dung manure.
Brother, today we will make this cutie drink water so that poison
Till it doesn't get mixed, it's okay, it's okay, now we leave it for 24 hours, come on, sister.
Some of the main points to be adopted are the width of the cutie.
Keep 3 feet and length according to your requirement, keep the height of Yayari 6 inches from feet and mix Trichoderma or Fungi Nasha in the right quantity, you will see the upcoming video
In this video I will tell you how to treat seeds, guaai and carry care, let's see in brief what we will learn from the next video.
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Seed treatment for chilli
You remember my previous video yes same bed preparation before I tell you about seed treatment sowing and maintenance of curry let's see once again that
What are the steps you have to go through in Meri Farming Bed preparation Seed treatment Sowing and maintenance of the bed Preparation of the field
Uprooting of plants and transplanting in the field Irrigation and Niconi pest and disease control and harvesting of fruits Let's see how many things were discussed in the previous video sister
Who remembers, first of all brother, the bed should be up to 6 inches high from the waist, second, brother, the width of the bed should not be more than feet, third thing brother
Trachoderma should be put in the right quantity, now let's see the treatment of seeds, sowing and taking care of curry. You must have heard this.
Now you must be thinking that what does it mean here, let me tell you that it is very important to choose the right seed first in the treatment of the middle, because even if
If it is not correct, then it will directly affect the yield of its crop. Now you must be thinking that why it is necessary to treat the seeds, that is because by sowing after treating the seeds, the soil and seeds
The seeds are protected from the germs found in the seed and the plants are healthy. Now would like to see how to treat the middle.
For this we will sprinkle the powder slowly so that the seed goes well and the seed gets absorbed in all the seeds.
Brother, Visa Amrit has started drying it in half an hour.
To dry it, stop the video here and discuss why it is necessary to treat seeds in a shady place.
half an hour later
sister it's been half an hour yama have to mix it well
Discuss why it is necessary to treat seeds in a shady place
It has to be applied today itself, it should not be kept even after half an hour, some main points to be adopted, treat the seeds in a shady place, after treating the seeds with Bijamrit
Keeping it in a shady place for half an hour, sowing the treated seeds on the same day, where are these sisters and brothers now?
Let's ask sister, sister, where are you going, we are going to visit Missai, if you want to see, then come
Let us also see how Didi sows chillies Didi your nursery ved is completely ready and
See, there is moisture in it too, which is very important at the time of feeding.
The line will have to be made in the direction of the width of the bed. Come on, let's make a line together, but it should also be kept in mind that the distance between two inches
B. We have made a complete line on this nursery, Dadi While sowing the seeds, it has to be noted that the seeds are one inch
Fall in the middle of the line at a distance
Stop the video here and discuss that the seeds should be sown from the line in the nursery with a little bit of cow dung.
This manure will be cooked, take it babi, Trichoderma has been added to it, isn't it?
Biri should be cooked with a light hand and it should be kept in mind that it should not be touched by hands, feet or any other object.
Do not see sister, we are equalizing it with a light hand
Sister, it has become completely equal, now a copy has to be spread on it.
Elder sister
But one leaf of Pawal is already in the middle, now we are left to pour water on it.
If the soil looks dry then we can give water again in a day or two.
Stop the video here and discuss that after planting Bir, sprinkle manure on it and sprinkle lightly.
Ho I am looking so cute na my sister takes care of me a lot you have to see how she takes care of me
Didi, how old is this plant?
Remove it, there should be no grass and stubble inside it, brother, look at it comfortably, brother, if you sprinkle water on it, it will remain naked.
Sister, after four to five days, you will have to sprinkle neem solution on it, then you have seen how much my sister and brother take care of me.
Not only this, when I am 1520 days old, they also pour Jeevamrit solution on me, which is very nutritious for me, and after that they also do irrigation, which is very important for their
Plant the seeds from the line in the nursery, keep the distance from one line to another at least two inches, do not plant the seeds more than half an inch deep
Now in the upcoming video I will tell you how to prepare the field let's see in brief what we will learn from the next video
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Land preparation for chilli
Yes, what have I become a little older that I have started preparing to leave my house. If you are thinking that I am getting married, then there is no such thing. Now I am moving from my old house to a new house.
Before I show you my new home, let's go through the steps in my cultivation: Bed preparation, seed treatment, sowing and care
Field preparation Uprooting and transplanting in the field Irrigation and pest and disease control and harvesting Let us see that
Brother, how many things didi remember from the previous video? First of all, seed treatment should be done in a sheltered place. Second, sowing of the seed should be done on the same day. Third, Narsali Mela of seeds.
should be planted and the distance from one line to another should be kept 4 inches and the fourth brother should not plant the seed deeper than half an inch, now I show you
That how brother and sister are building a new house for me, brother, we will plant chilli plants in this field, so before that, do a good sowing, now let's get it plowed, but
Before sowing, we should sprinkle cow dung manure and bumi compost on it, why do we have to wear it with a hoe, brother, so that it gets separated and completely mixed in the soil, okay brother, let us sprinkle it in the field first
went on
Brother, this field has been plowed
Now we will have to do plowing again after weeding it, no brother, now we are using super phosphate and p
In one acre, 60 kg of urea, 1 quintal of phosphate and 10 kg of potash are used, mixing all these and spraying them in the field in the same ratio
Hum l usi annupaat me sab kuch li li hain, before doing this we want to remove old crop jars, waste plastic and cow dung from this.
Why is it easy to level the field with this and it has a direct effect on the seed as well. Do you know that the old crop does not get destroyed due to weeds.
And fresh cow dung is left in the soil when it is left in the field, so it is necessary to install compost in the garden after planting the fertilizer.
Brother, if the level comes, then we will have to make a lawn, it will work well and it will be equal, there will be no fear of water getting accumulated in the middle, it's okay brother, now let's go to the sand
Let's keep the expenses, come brother, you also come, brother, we were refusing to cultivate this chilli, when we
After watching the video, I got ready when I was told about the benefits, this time he is going further than me.
But after watching this video, you will get complete knowledge.
keep eating chaya chaya di
Brother, get this field expressed once more so that it can be mixed in the policy and it becomes gurguri.
Lo ji my new house is ready and I am also ready here but what else are sister and brother talking about there
Brother, we will have to make a rut in the field today itself, because it will not decrease that day, we will have to take out the mutton and put it on the chariot, so let's make it first, we have to keep one thing in mind.
If the field is big then we make cross channelry of 30 feet by 30 feet so that it becomes easy to irrigate and maintain the distance.
There should be more distance of the plant brother, there should be pain
Didi curry is made in poora and see what was made on both sides.
in the next video i
I will tell you how to uproot the chilli plant and how to transplant the chilli plant in the field.
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Chilli uprooting and transplanting
Be careful, before my roots get cut, watch the video of uprooting the chilli plant, let's see once again what are the steps you have to go through in my cultivation.
Bed preparation Seed treatment Sowing and maintenance of the bed Preparation of the field Uprooting of plants and transplanting in the field
Irrigation and Niconi Pest and Disease Control and Fruit Harvesting Let's first see how much Didi remembers from the previous video brother of land
Spraying of dung manure and vermicompost should be done, then plowing should be done, then Riya super phosphate and potash should be sprinkled.
After this, the seeds of the old crops and the hulls, stones, fresh cow dung, etc. should be removed, after that brothers make that field expensive and then make it a mine.
How didi remember all the things of the previous video, you also remember, now let's see how didi is uprooting my plants, well it is a good thing that yesterday didi did this
Sunsari bed was irrigated due to which it has moisture today and it can easily remove me along with the root.
We take care of this and also take care of this. Chilli plants should not be kept on the ground. While removing the plants, keep in mind that the kurti should be applied at least 2 inches below.
So that the soil remains attached to the root of the plant and it is not okay brother, we will remove it in the same way, as well as note that the soil attached to the root of the plant should not be touched, nor should it be washed.
While making a bunch of the plant, it should not be tied tightly, its tension can also break, one more thing should not be given that while keeping the leaf, the light of the head and
That's why we are keeping it under a canopy and washing it frequently with clothes, good brother, that's why we are keeping this pot under an umbrella, by doing this our plant is absolutely safe.
Yes brother, there is a glass of nectar in this pot, isn't it, yes brother, we have already put the solution of nectar in it, very good, at least half an hour before stopping these leaves in the solution of nectar.
It is very important to adopt some main points Chilli plants should not be kept on the ground Chilli plants should be removed by planting Khurpi at least two inches inside the soil while making a bunch
It should not be tied too tight. After removing the plants, it should be covered in a pot and kept under an umbrella. Brother, see here, the plant is not feeling well.
The plant has got disease, we should keep this plant separately and we should not plant this plant and the plant which is small, we have to separate them and plant them on one side in the field, why so brother, that's why baby
If you plant a small plant in between two big plants, then it will not get full bloom like soil, water, air, etc. Brother, these plants have to be planted today.
It will be bad, okay, let's plant it from today itself.
ok dadi let's put it on today
Become a pepper and fly in the sky, today I am free, become a pepper in the sky
Today I am free, you are looking at the world's beauty, you are also liking my new house, I am also liking my house, sister, now hurry up
Brother, I also want to go to my new house, now let's plant Mirsi that it is the right time to plant Chilli plants.
It is also protected from strong sunlight and its seeds sit well in the field, okay, let's plant
Stop the video here and discuss. Chilli plants should be planted only after noon.
It should be planted inch deep and the distance between one plant to another should be kept two feet.
The distance between two plants should be kept two feet, after planting it, the soil should be pressed slowly with the finger, after planting the plant, water should be given little by little so that its roots remain in the ground.
It's okay brother, let's irrigate, let's sit
Some key points to be adopted
Chilli plants should be removed. After removing the plants, it should be kept in a vessel in Beejamrit solution and planted in the field on the same day. Plants should be planted half an inch deep and from one plant to another
The distance between the pay should be kept two feet. Now in the coming video I will tell you how to irrigate and niconi the chilli plants.
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Weeding and irrigation management in chilli
Water is life. You can live without water, no, I can't either. If you want me to be green and you like me, you will also have to irrigate and niconi me from time to time. Now you think. You must be wondering what is the big thing about irrigation, I am telling you that it is a big thing, like you drink as much water as you feel thirsty, don't you? Too much water always leads to loss. Before I tell you about irrigation and niconi, let us see once again what are the steps you have to go through in my farming.
Marriage preparation Seed treatment brother and fodder maintenance Field preparation Uprooting of plants Transplanting in the field Irrigation and disease control and harvesting of fruits How many things do you remember about uprooting and transplanting in the field? During black time, the scab should be planted at least 2 inches inside. should be planted half an inch deep and plant to plant distance should be 2 feet, show it to your sister
You remember all the things in the video, you also remember, now let me tell you my truth and what is the right time and right method of Nikoni, brother, take care of us, when the weed grows up at the time of Nikoni, we remove it. If it remains small, we mix it in this soil sister, by doing this after a few days, more manure is formed and the plants get nutrition, after this, air and water reach the root easily, stop this video and discuss. If the weed is big, cut it and throw it out.
If it is small, then cut it and bury it in the same soil, why is it important to do this?
Irrigation should be done only after doing niconi Didi Your whole field is covered with niconi look how beautiful it looks take care of it reach in summer time or keep on irrigating in 7 days yes didi 5 to 7 more days in summer season Irrigation should be done once in 10 to 12 days in the winter season. In rainy season, we irrigate according to the women. It has rained 2 days ago. Production is done if there is not enough moisture in the ground at the time of flowering, then there will be a decrease in flowering and there will be a hindrance in the development of the plants, because of which yes, sister, while watching the cultivation, irrigation is done from time to time.
It should be done okay brother, at the time of irrigation, keep in mind that the entire field can be irrigated equally, after getting accumulated in excess at one place, it harms the plants. If there is a decrease in the development, it should be kept ok, now it is the rainy season, it has rained 2 days ago, now there is moisture in the ground, now there is no need to do the unit, now let's adopt some main points summer season Irrigate in between 10 to 15 days in winter season, irrigate between 5 to 7 days in rainy season, irrigate as per requirement, use Jeevamrit in the field in 10-15 days
Now in the upcoming video I will tell you about that and disease control, here is a glimpse of it
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Chilli insect and pest management
It is said that stay healthy, stay cool, I wish it could always happen but it is not that it is impossible to stay healthy, see if you take some care to avoid the outbreak of insects and if you spray insecticide from time to time, you can definitely avoid it. Before I tell you about it in more detail, let us first see the steps that you have to go through in my farming, Preparation, Seed treatment, Manure and Manure, Farm preparation, Uprooting of plants.
Planting in the field Irrigation and Niconi and disease control and fruit harvesting Let's see how much Didi remembers about irrigation and Niconi from the previous video, in which 7 day interval should we irrigate in the summer season, brother, we should irrigate in the winter season Irrigation should be done within 10 or 15 days. In the rainy season, irrigation should be done according to the need. Apart from this, brother, young friend's vinegar should come once in 10 or 15 days. Let me tell you about pest and disease control Hey Didi and brother are also talking about this let us listen too
Take care like your children because it can cause disease. Yes, the chilli crop is damaged by two types of insects, white fly and red fly. The leaves of the plant relax and turn to one side and brother the plant becomes very small and looks like sowing yes sister later it starts to look like a continuation later there is no cure if this disease in a plant If it gets affected, it should be uprooted and removed, otherwise other plants may also get affected. we can easily save this crop discuss here video stop in chilli crop
Regarding Nepali diseases, yes brother, we keep spraying insecticides in between. Just a few days ago, we had mixed 1 liter of cow urine in 10 liters of water. The medicine sticks to the leaves so that the whole leaves are protected. Let's mix and sprinkle the meat, now we sprinkle the meat on it
Brother, now the whole field has been peeled, then after an interval of 8 days, we will do it again. That's why today I am looking so smart Some main points to be adopted till the plants bear fruit then every 15 days don't use multi i.e. only use Now in the coming video I will tell you that chilli Here's how to pluck fruits
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Chilli harvesting
You must have heard the dialogue of that movie that if you want something from your heart, then the whole universe tries to match it with you. Now look at me, with how much patience sister and brother have cultivated my farm. And today it is the result that I am going to give them their fruits, before that tell me how to spread my fruits. Treatment of Sowing Pickle Maintenance Preparation Uprooting and transplanting in the field Irrigation and Niconi
Pest and disease control and weighing of fruits Let's know how much sister remembers about previous video song and disease control brother we should spray insecticides at 8 to 8 days interval to protect chilli plant from insects brother we 10 Mixing 1 liter of cow urine in a liter of water and spraying the plants until they bear fruit, every 15 days they use multi ne means meat. That all Didi had done them my cheating method like preparation of seed, treatment of seedbed, sowing and maintenance of beds, preparation of field, uprooting of plants and transplanting in field, irrigation and Niconi and
And control One thing is certain that if you do my farming methodically then you will never be harmed, now let's see how brother and sister are harvesting my fruits
Brother, we should be very careful in the way of fruits, because if its flower and stem does not break, then it does not bear fruit again, that is why it should be left with the stalk of chili or somewhere Chi Bullet should be used, so that it is easy for you, first then the fruit. absolutely sister after plucking chillies should not be kept on the ground it should be kept in jute sack or on cotton cloth brother you can break it and put it in the boss's basket yes sister you can but don't keep it in metal utensil brother rain Why shouldn't it be plucked immediately after it rains?
Let's stop the video and discuss what precautions should be taken while plucking the fruits of chillies, brother, this time the chillies have come out very well, see this, yes, it is looking very good, brother, I am very happy after seeing the crop, tell the truth So my hard work has been successful, next time we will cultivate it more and take more advantage of it.
Do not harvest fruits immediately after rains Harvest fruits from time to time Harvest fruits with its stalk then you have seen the fruits of hard work Now it is up to you when you want to pluck me If you need green chillies Anytime in 10 days and if you want red chili, then you will have to wait a bit, hey waiting for your talk, take me to the market
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Preparation of chilli nursery bed and sowingsowing
subject=Chilli (Mirch)
subcategory=Nursery Management
topic=Nursery Bed Preparation
subtopic=Raised Nursery
state=Madhya Pradesh
Jai Ram Ji Bha Jai Ram Ji Sir Jai Ram Ji My name is Jitan Singh Parmar na and we have come from Rajgarh from Access Development Service and you will tell your name, will you tell me my name is Shrilal Chauhan and I am a resident of village Khajuri. What are you doing today, we have prepared the nursery bed
yes today yes yes and in this we are planting the seedlings for preparation for chili ok today we will sow the seeds in this yes yes they are preparing for this ok so you will tell us about how to plant seedlings in this you will give us some knowledge We will sell it, we will plant it, we will plant it right now, you will see it, see the details, you will see it, you will sow it, you will sow it now, it's okay, okay, then you tell us a little bit, yes, of course, we will tell you the way in which it is sown. he goes to that whole method you see good ok brother
This will give some information about the nursery bed you have made, how and what materials you have mixed in it, till now you are seeing that we have collected soil from both the sides. This means that after making it high, after making it 3 feet wide and 9 feet long, after that we have put DAP and cow dung in it, and the powder which is good for the brain, so that it can kill the plants.
Can't plant well means cut the plant from the bottom, what is it? And there is DAP and that is powder, termite killer, well, all these things have been mixed and completed, then you have made it, brother, this is what Apun says, what ingredients are needed in this, this is a seed of chilli, it is a hybrid seed of chilli, This is what we will sow now
Complete it a little and then sow this powder, it is called carbonazim, it contains carbonazim, which means if we mix it in it, it is fungicidal, it does not grow like a plant that is uprooted, protects it, which looks white. Is this the medicine in the seeds? disease happens yes yes
Well this will not uproot the plant and it is a complete seed which germinates completely and it will become complete brother, what is this that you have put white white, what is this, this is the same fungicide powder, in this we have put 30 grams of powder in this whole bed. It is almost added, good, yes, it will strengthen it a little more, if this mixture is mixed in this soil, then the plants will not be uprooted, so 30 grams is mixed in the whole bed, about 30 grams in one bed, we mixed this and this in this way miss it
good good good yes it is mixed in the soil then why do we mix it with our wood after that it contains this substance it should not be mixed by hand It remains that you should not touch it or if you want to shake hands, wear some polythene stocking in your hand in such a way that you can shake it too. It is better than this good good, you put it from above and live it well
Yes, yes, this is getting it, isn't it, it should be mixed with wood in this way, what are you doing, you are making these rows to sow these seeds, yes, we are making these rows, so the seeds in it Will we plant this row, at what distance do we keep this row, brother, we have to make it one to one and a half inches away, one and a half to two and a half to 2 inches, well, give the meaning.
Two and a half fingers, yes, yes, this is the distance you are looking at, no, this much distance should remain in the middle of the row and if you have that iron hoof, then take that, if not, then wood is made through it. It can be made of wood, as you are making it, no, it is fine, no, it is not making it, now it will be planted in it, well, like this, it has planted its own.
We will show you how to sow the seeds in the middle of the line, see how the seeds are sown in this nursery. It is put in this way means one puts one seed in it exactly one has to be put it is very expensive seed no sir good good yes this hybrid seed it is sown in many ways
Well, if you sow like this, it will grow, it will not get spoiled, we are okay, okay, okay, this is how it is sown, look at this, you put it one by one, it is put into it, because of this the whole seed has become good. One grain grows, the whole gets fed up, so the distance of the row should be kept such that it should be passed, no, no, just the distance of the row.
It should be like this, yes, it should be about two fingers, then it should remain cropped, what is it that the plant can stand well and the root of the plant should not meet the root of the plant, yes, it takes good roots from inside. It is ready, it is a nutritious plant, it is like you have sown it, now what will you do after this?
Take it well a stick and slowly with that stick
Cover it all, they are covering it and it should be covered very lightly, it should not cause any problem to the seed, if too much soil is poured, then the seed does not germinate, it has difficulty in germination, it is very light that we are pouring Isn't it in this way very light soil should be poured in it, look at it, it should be covered comfortably, it should be poured very comfortably and light fluffy soil should be put on it.
It should come, it should come, let's complete it in this way, okay brother, why have you covered it? You don't have that jar that drops water drop by drop
We will pour water on it from the bucket by any means, Dr. Yes, what is it that if its moisture is maintained, then it will not take much time for the seed to germinate, because of this, the seed will germinate quickly and this soil will also not be spoiled, pouring it on top It will retain moisture, so what happens by pouring water like this, some pits get stuck, what happens if we pour water in such a way that the soil we have put on top of the middle, yes, it makes those pits and this seed comes out. Then it does not grow, the good seed spoils
Will they not be able to make pits and sprinkle water over it slowly and if they had those jars of water, what would they have done, then there would be no need for the problem of laying them; It would have been better if we had poured water from the jar one drop at a time, so we are covering it in this way and we will pour water over it, what is the effect of this after pouring water?
The beach will sprout quickly from this and the sunlight that comes out of it will not crack the place. This is how water is poured, yes, if water is poured in this way, then what happens to it that it will retain its moisture well and it will not have pits, yes, it will not have pits.
Yes, water will be available in the middle, as if you used to pour water from the jar, then the water would reach in the same way as the water would reach this jar. The advantage is that earlier we used to sow the seeds, there was a loss in that the water used to get filled, the seeds used to get half spoiled and by making this nursery bed, we have sown so many benefits in this way.
Firstly, the seed does not spoil at all, and by this method, the germination of the seed is done properly and after that the plant becomes good and nutritious. The earlier method was adopted wrongly, it had a lot of disadvantages and this one has a lot of benefits. Brother, you have given us this information for making nursery beds, what message do you want to give to the farmer brothers about this? do
So by this all the farmer brothers will be benefited a lot and by stopping the earlier method or adopting new method scientific technology, it will be very beneficial for all the farmer brothers, the seed will be prepared well and the entire seed will be used for its progress. Will get preparation for this and I want all brothers to adopt technology in this way, scientific technology which it is and rightly what has been sown in this way
Use I want to give a message to all farmer brothers that sow seeds only after making nursery beds and plant them after seed treatment and plant them in the same way as nursery beds are made, it will be of great benefit to all and it will be of great benefit to them Treated seeds will be available and sow hybrid seeds and after completing the preparation of the plant, sow it in this way, all the farmer brothers will get the same benefit, sow it in this way.
Brother, you have given us this complete information, thank you very much for this.
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Preparation of chilli nursery bed
subject=Chilli (Mirch)
subcategory=Nursery Management
topic=Nursery Bed Preparation
subtopic=Raised Nursery
state=Madhya Pradesh
hello brother hello brother hello my name is bhagwan singh i have come from access development service ok will introduce you my name is srilal ji village khajuri hai srilal chauhan achcha woh jo bhaiya
What are you doing now in the field? vidhi humko batayenge aap bilkul batayenge na hum b hi rahe hai th tayyari chal rahi hai abhi p 10 minut hum isko tayar karenge aap dekhna pure vid
Let's see sir, first of all, we take this powder, see, if you use it to make these things, then it is made daily from two sides.
brother what is this brother this is cow dung manure ok we are applying it for plants yes and we will sow plants in it then ok this has to be put on the plate it has to be poured this is digested cow dung manure DIP is mixed in it, it is good to mix both.
milte ji ye de rah ha dono sa iske bad firr hum hai na ha isme p lagayenge ab ye ho g bai ban ke tayar aek hai na aur isme a kilo d mila ha humne aur ye go khad mil ha aur wo papud nashak jo
powder hota hai wo mila hai bee upchar ke liye aur ye bed complete ho gay bana ke aur hum isme ab be boe hai ye be ke liye tayar ho g compete is tar se banaya jata haiyeh saaf ho g bilkul aur khad sab mil g is comp have bananas to sow
The one who made the nursery bed himself, then why do they make it higher than the field, it is made so that it is good that the soil does not fill in it. It will be ready and it can be properly weeded. It is good from both the sides, therefore it is made at a higher place because when it rains, when the water falls, then the water gets filled, then the plants get damaged, so this bet should be made vertically, it should be made a little higher. clay made in this way
It should remain from the ground, now you have made this hose, it is placed in this hole, so it was made, it was made because the water that rains will flow from both the sides. And after that the second reason is that we can clean it with bat, like we can do it in both sides, we can do it from there, we can do it from here, we can clean all the garbage which does not enter inside it. What is the length and width of the bet, it is 3 feet wide, yes
It is 9 feet in length, it is good, 3 feet wide and 9 feet long, brother, it can be made only this long and wide, can not make it more than this, brother, you can make the length according to your need, the width should be made as much as it is Sitting from this side and that side, it has to be dug from both sides and the length can be done as per the requirement, but the width should be of 3 feet if required, then from time to time its Keep it clean and don't have to enter it.
So the plant does not get spoiled, it gets cleaned from the side, so it is kept 3 feet wide, so the length can be kept as per your requirement, ok brother, what is the benefit of making a nursery bet in this way, it has the advantage that the plants that will be planted in it If we take out this plant, then this plant will come out along with the whole root while taking out and it can be easily removed by sitting on both the sides, that's why this bed is made and it
This is the advantage that the plant will come out safely with good roots and it can be planted safely in another place by uprooting it. This is the advantage of making it and the rain water that falls on it is fast in the rain. If water falls, because of the price, this water will come to the drain and drain, so the plant will not be damaged on both sides, that plant does not die, that water flows to the other side, this is the benefit of this, brother who Now you made nursery beds and told us the method about it.
What message would you like to give to all the farmers? Rain water will not come, it will not spoil the plants and after that all the plants will be complete, you can grow the plants whenever you want and except the old practice, which used to sow on the ground earlier and half the plants would get spoiled, half the water would remain filled. was that's why this bed is made it
There is no technology, if everyone does it in this way, then everyone will get great benefits. Told about the method and you gave us your precious time, thank you very much for this, thank you very much brother for your visit, thank you very much for your information about our farming.
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How to Raise Nursery of Chili
subject=Chilli (Mirch)
subcategory=Nursery Management
topic=Nursery Bed Preparation
subtopic=Raised Nursery
state=Madhya Pradesh
Ram ram ram ram kiye karya hai sab mirchi ko robnakhara achcha where did you come from sir i came from ratlam from asha organization and my name is jitendra singh
Mr. Tomar, what is your name, my father's name is Kodar, which village is it? Need a pavada, it needs indigenous manure, it needs preparation, like this
After doing this, we take the seeds, they want tatla. First we have to prepare the letter, in direct we
No, you can't sow the seed, it is fine, but the seed does not grow, it is good, it is expensive, yes, Puri comes in 50 to ₹ 00, 10 grams, so you cannot sow the seed directly, taking all these things, cleaning it thoroughly And they plant the seedlings, after planting they bury the sacks, well you mean to say that we are farmer brothers.
Don't put chilli seedlings directly in the field, prepare the seedlings, that means, after preparing the chillies, prepare them and then plant them in the field again after 20 days in the field, it is better to tell how do you prepare, how to plant, what to do. First you will do all the method that you have prepared, after you tell a little bit about it to our farmer brothers, then make it chari and make one khari from the vada.
And Kasra Kuta, whatever it is, everyone gives it after making chari from the shovel, when this desi food is put in it and after adding the food, then they make a kheri of it, such small pebbles of various types, then later it is lined like this. If we make then sir, you have told earlier that we give water to the empty field.
If you have made a bed with a shovel, then there is a size of the bed, how wide and how long it should be made, that means, small beds are made. The water is not here and there, otherwise what is its length, about 1 meter and it is not 3/2 meter long, three and a half meters long, and 1 meter wide, 1 meter wide, it is a good carry size.
Yes it happens after that you put the cot again, what happens if you put the cot in it, the whole soil of the seedling becomes powdery, and when it becomes powdery, it germinates well. It turns out well, the seeds in the middle come out well, do you even do seed treatment that it comes ready-made from the market, it comes from the market, you cannot prepare it, it comes completely ready in the packet and you just plant it.
Let's plant in it Let's plant in it Let's plant it Let's say good And after putting it Let's cover it Well then you tell me how to square the middle Let's make a line, well, what does it mean, we go on making lines like this, a line is formed, well, then what do we do after the formation of a line, one by one
You have to leave the seed like this, well, the seed you leave, then how deep should it be planted, 1 inch deep, half means half of 1 inch, yes, half an inch deep, the seed is planted and the distance between the seed is half. half inch center to center ha distance just half inch center to center
Why don't we sow the seed distance deeper than this, if we sow deeper than this, this seed does not germinate, it rots, it has a lot of debris, so you tell me, how do they choke? Yes and then later they crush it with such a light hand, why do they crush it?
If this pressure is applied then germination will be good due to the presence of steam in it, the moisture and steam mixed with it will cause the germination to take place very quickly. After covering it well, then what will you do?
We have to put it, okay, instead of sackcloth, we can take something else, can we take something else, like if we have sackcloth, we cover it with sackcloth, if we do not have sackcloth, then a rooted grass comes, okay put that grass Gives good good tatda why do we cover the tatda or cover that the heat that comes from above presses it and the pressure comes from below, the heat comes from above, it germinates
If it comes early, instead of gunny bag, we can also take a plastic bag, no, there is no plastic bag, due to being buffed in it, the plant gets spoiled inside, well, the jute gunny bag in it will not buff it, it will not buff it. Half sun comes in yes and half air comes in it gives good germination you have put sacking yes now after putting sacking what will you do after putting sacking let's put water in it ok to soak sacks will put sacking to soak you just
They keep pouring it like this, after wetting it completely, this gunny bag should not dry up. Good water, why don't you put water on the gunny bag, why not put it on the bottom? Well, if you put it on the sack, the moisture will remain equal on this sack, you will get half the sun, you will get half the tea, then it is better than this. it will grow
Well, as you have now prepared the method of preparing the sapling, you have explained completely that the sapling is prepared in this way, if it sits down, then dig that too; It should be kept in mind that it is good to put a fence around the seedlings. Our farmer brothers should prepare the seedlings in the same way.
Keep it and plant it well and our seedlings will be good, then don't make mistakes, if you plant it properly, then the field will not remain empty. Thank you very much for the information you shared about
Thank you for coming here and taking information from us, thank you very much
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Method of Chili Transplanting in the Main Field
subject=Chilli (Mirch)
subcategory=Land Management
subtopic=Line sowing
state=Madhya Pradesh
Dada Jai Ram ji Jai Ram ji where did you come from my name is Arvind and I have come from Asha Sanstha Ratlam Dada your name is Ambaram ji where do you live from
village hartali hartali achcha grandpa what are you doing i will put chillies in it yes if you will put chillies then why do you have this wire to straighten the lens put manure put the cot and straighten the line yes ok you in it What kind of plant will you plant these chillies, it is good to plant chillies, for this you will need what things you will need.
Potash medicine for DAP and potash are needed for tying the wire, what else is needed, fertilizer is needed, and you are holding this wire, wire is also needed, wire is also needed, and a hook is also needed. I have eaten super, I need a tree to keep it, I want this plant again
want dad you tell us how do you plant this plant prevent it first put the stake good long the wire then put the super above the superse line put the line sey super put the super what after putting this Let's plant its plant, then it's good
Why do you cover it, the plant is not feeling its heat, it will dry up, it will dry up, you will pick up the saplings in the basket, you will pick up the saplings and then plant them in the field. Also you have brought fresh and should be applied in time means when you
If you bring it, it means till when it becomes bad, how soon should it be planted? Half an hour, one hour, one hour, half an hour.
Have you mixed any medicine in it? You have not mixed anything. If smaller than this, of less days, it is a month, if of 15 days, 20 days, if we plant, then what happens, it gets burnt by water, it gets burnt, the plant dies, remains small, what good is it?
If you have put fertilizer in it, then it gets burnt, so it is not harmful to the plant, if you have put it from above, then it is not at all harmful, it is not there, it is not good, it will be available to the plant, isn't it, there is also soil in it I plant a lot of these plants in it, what is the distance between them, how many do you keep, about one foot, one foot, well, like if we keep the distance from line to line and the distance from plant to plant less, then what will happen with this?
It doesn't feel chilly, it doesn't grow well, it doesn't grow chilly, the plant becomes hot, it feels hot, then it feels hot, and it seems like even a thread cannot run, you can't run, yes, there is benefit in it, it will run a big thread, it will sleep well, even trouble Will not know how to break everything, there is no problem in everything, good condemnation, digging, medicine, liquor, dora da, good plant, grow, if the plant grows, it will spread more, if there is space, it will bear more fruits, it will grow more.
If you have kept the distance of line to line, the distance of plant to plant, then you will tell what are the benefits of it, then there is no benefit in it, yes, yes, yes, you will tell that molasses spreads well, and chillies grow more if you do not keep the song. If there is chillies then it does not grow well, it has this advantage and this is the advantage, it means that the molasses grows, we grow chillies and the vine grows, it has all the advantages of digging in the manner that you are planting.
This chilli plant, what message would you like to give to other farmers that they should also do this way, if this plant is planted in this way, then it will be beneficial to plant a plant that is 3 feet wide and one and a half feet tall, and the medicine will spread like this. If you do farming, there is a lot of profit in it.
There is no ear, there is a lot of benefit in it, the price of chili is also good, there is benefit in everything, Dada, you have given us such a good information about this chili, thank you very much, thank you very much.
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Treatment of Chili Plantlets
subject=Chilli (Mirch)
subcategory=Pest and disease Management
topic=Disease control
state=Madhya Pradesh
Ram Ram Ram Ram Sir, where did everyone come from, I came from Altlam, from Asha Sanstha and my name is Jitendra Singh
Umar ok your name my name is nahru ok which village is this village hartali ok hartali ok so what are you doing today you are planting chillies in your field ok you are planting chillies yes yes will you tell me What are the materials needed for planting chillies, well first of all, let's plant the sourdough and then we take this wire and we need to plant chillies.
Yes, for planting this chilli, you need a step-tip, for the treatment of the plant, you need anti-inflammatory medicine, for the treatment of the plant, if you make a ball of anti-inflammatory medicine, then you have told that the material you have given for the plantation, so what are you doing? Will tell our farmer brothers that first of all, how to do the method for planting saplings, what is the method of planting saplings
Method of transplanting, how to do it? First of all, we were planting this pole and then cut the pole, okay this
First of all, we put a peg and then we take this wire in it, in the middle of it, at a distance of two and a half feet.
To plant saplings, the same length means that there is no deviation here and there, line by line, that's why we plant them, then what do we do after that, that's why we plant ours, then what do we do after that by making a length of 35 feet Chindi is tied well, it is tied for Chindi because its length is one and a half and a half and a half of the plant is almost good good
And what do we do after that, you have tied it with your wire, you have made a sign, you have made it, then after that we have planted it, we have planted it, we have not made it, we have made it, we bring it from there, we uproot it this morning. Brought it and brought it in the stump and then will plant it, how long can you keep the sapling on it, after uprooting, about a year
You will treat the plant for an hour yes, after treating it with fungicide, it is good, it is a round of 3 grams of fungicide, and by putting this round round the roots of the plant, it means that this is a plant. This plant has been made round, which means that we dip it in the round. Ok Dada, you have told that we will bring the plants from the nursery.
Then you treat its roots with fungicide medicine, then what is the benefit of treating its plants with the fungicide medicine you have just treated, why do you treat the plant because the disease in it is one So there is no disease in this good disease will be saved
Yes, we will cry how many plants are kept at what distance, how much distance is kept from plant to plant, one foot approximately, plant to plant distance is one foot and line to line distance is 35 feet, 35 feet, yes, one to one feet from your plant The distance of the plant has been kept, it can be kept less, can it be kept less, but the benefit is less, well, then what is the benefit in it, the benefit is that as it is a plant and it can spread, it can spread even if the branch
If it is washed away then it comes closer, it means it takes less time to bear fruit means if the distance from plant to plant is correct, then yes, you will be good to the plant, yes, and it will be easy to spread, yes, you have done this. The distance we have marked from this wood to this wood is 35 feet, well its distance is also 35.
Now we will plant one plant here in their place, then in the same line, you will tell me how to plant it, you tell me, you have planted one plant, you will plant it there, yes, it means that the distance from line to line has been increased. The distance of the line is gone, saying that they plant trees in this way, well, how far will they plant the distance of the plant, at least one foot to one foot, this is like this
If you kept planting in this way, Dada, you planted this plant after plant in a row, yes, and this distance from line to line has become, then you will tell our farmer brothers, what are the benefits of planting chilli on the row in this way. Tell me what is the benefit of that, if you keep a distance of one feet from one to another, then the benefit is good.
It is easy to dig and the yield is also good, in this way, what are the benefits for the farmer brothers, that if you plant them in this way, then what other benefits can they get from planting this type of saplings? Let's plant our good ropes, it becomes easy to run the ropes, and that means by keeping a distance of one feet, it is a little easier for the plant to spread well.
They will have a good family or not, good branches will come out, the flower will also be good, and what is the use, and there is also the use of digging the soil, in this the plant used to live a little far away, so you are planting this plant, have you fertilized it, or not, not now. Planted head, when do you give fertilizer, after that will apply good, good, after four to five days, you have not given any fertilizer, no, nothing, water has fallen, after that you have started transplanting, for how many days did you transplant?
It should be at least 30 days old, 30 days is good, if you work for less than this, then they will remain small, they can die even if they die. So let's first bring a healthy plant, it looks good. Let's plant the damaged plants also, no, now it is the same, what is there now, how many plants are planted, it will be planted around a thousand plants
Well, tell me clearly what are the precautions to be taken in this, if you bring the plant from your nursery, then uproot it from there, then it should be uprooted in such a way that its roots do not break, and that means if that root breaks, then the plant will get spoiled, so bring it from there. The length is also attached to its wire and the width is also 35 feet and the length is the same, neither planted nor brought from there means healthy.
You should plant good healthy plants, if you plant healthy plants, they will be damaged, so Naru brother, you have given information about the method of planting chillies and what precautions should be taken by the farmer brothers. I would like to give some message about how to plant saplings, I want to give a message to the farmer brothers that the method I told
If you do it in this way, it will be more profitable. If you sow the plants in this way, then you will get good profit and you will get good yield and if you get good yield, then you will also get good prices. Told us and how our farmer brothers should apply it and what are its benefits and what precautions should be taken.
Thank you very much for giving this information
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Mirchi me Mitti Chadhane ewam Urwarak Prabandhan ke Foyade
subject=Chilli (Mirch)
subcategory=Crop Management
subtopic=Earthing up
state=Madhya Pradesh
Hello, I have come to village Kaneri from Arvind Gaur Asha Sanstha Ratlam today, some reactions are happening in the chilli crop, so let us know from the farmer that what is going on here, Hello
Hello your name is Vasudev Patidar ok ok from which village we are from Kaneri village better where are you from my name is Arvind Singh Gaur and I have come from Asha Sanstha Ratlam ok ok what kind of chillies have you planted this chilli I have planted Planted only one variety, Super Arjun, Super Arjun, which is from Sheetal company, only one variety, rest are not mixed, how many days this crop has been grown, it is about 45, 50 days, it is about 50 days, it is about 50 days, it is good. so party
Sir, what is the work going on in your farm today, now you are running the thread in it, that means put soil on top of the manure so that the manure does not flow away, that's why the work of dredging is going on, there the laborers are sleeping, cleaning ahead We are doing this, after that we are putting a cot and offering soil, well, why this soil is being offered, this soil will not go by sending fertilizers, if the manure will be buried under it, then all its activities will be organized, its good and some benefits from it. just like this
The benefit is that this manure will not go to waste, and will its chillies be arranged and the plant will feel well. As soon as the grass grows inside, we run our thread 15 days yes 15 days eight 15 days almost good
The waste grass that comes out inside the fodder bag is finished, well, the second thing is that as soon as the soil is dug, there will be a little upheaval, what about the plants, they grow organically, the crop is good on its own, the roots go deep, yes, and these roots should be deep. A little air goes inside, a lot of air goes inside, because of this the plants grow well, the crop is good, and you have planted your crop well, so what are you doing?
Will tell you how much fertilizer you put in it, which one, how much quantity you used, first you put urea in one go, put seven eight sacks of urea in the whole field, after that now NPK and potash and these 12 32 16 mixed all three, right now It's good, about 20 to 25 grams of a plant, about 20 to 25 grams of all the three are mixed together, about 20 to 25 grams, on which plant it becomes 35 grams to 40 grams, that is not fixed, we do not have it.
Less becomes more, now it will give me about five bags of urea in the whole field, and Pa NP's good and five bags of potash will have to be given 15 bags at a time, then after that, I will get myself a month, one and a half months, two and a half months. If you have to give it again in the surrounding, it will not be needed for one and a half months, then you will give more fertilizer, after that you will have to give it once again, after that only what you have given, what kind of fertilizers are you putting in it? 16 plus urea
Plus potash add all the three mix well then 12 32 16 which you are adding then what is the benefit of this in chilli crop Nitrogen Phosphorus and potash are available from this it is good and if you want mostly then potash too Used to give extra, after that it is better to put it very close to the plant, no, not very close, the reason for not putting it near is that the crop gets spoiled, so put it a little far away, so that the plant can grow comfortably and slowly. To
All the quantities should be found, good Patidar sir, how much distance have you kept between these plants and the distance between line to line, it is about 6 feet from line to line, well the rest of the middle throat is of 3 feet. Well, the trenches they are putting here, they are putting it from the top, so keeping in mind the distance, they put it about 2 inches, about 2 2 inches.
What will happen if it is put nearby, if urea is put nearby, it will cut the plant, so do not put it nearby, the plant will burn and you have put 122 16 in it, which is Nitrogen, Potash and Phosphorus, then what is the difference between them in the crop? Functions are Nitrogen Phosphorous Potash so put Nitrogen like plant
It rains completely, if it doesn't get spoiled because of it, like it gets strength, and what is better than potash, it brings shine to the fruit, the fruit does not get spoiled, that's why it keeps the plant safe, it keeps the roots strong. Everything is complete, Patidar sir, two-three types of work activities are going on in your field, like they are putting cots there, condemnation is also going on and rope is also being run.
So, when we run the thread, the grass which is near the crop, the weed must be left, yes, it is left near the grass, which is near the crop, it is left, so it means that by condemning oneself, one gets wet. How much green chillies are made in it, when green chillies are plucked, it comes out 20 2 sacks, about 20 sacks come out in one go, the rest are plucked a couple of times later, the rest are discarded, then they turn it red. Are
Mr. Patidar, you work in chilli crop in this way, you criticize, then run the thread and get manure etc., then we have some farmer brothers who do not work in this way, so would you like to give some message to them on your side So I want to tell all the other farmers that Dore dori wakhar nind should be done and manure should be given, maybe it should be buried inside the soil than that
The plant gets systematic fertilizer, it does not flow in the water and less nitrogen should be given, phosphorus potash should be given a little more, so that the crop gets more systematic fruits and good work will be done in the crop, good work will be done, it will give good production, then the price will also be good. You will get some good ones, the more you work, the more you will get in farming, so this is Patidar Sahab, you told us about the chilli crop.
How much quantity of fertilizers should be given, which ones should be given, so thank you very much for giving such a good information.
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Sabji ki Nursery Kaise Taiyar Karen
subject=Chilli (Mirch)
subcategory=Nursery Management
topic=Nursery Bed Preparation
subtopic=Raised Nursery
state=Madhya Pradesh
Ram Ram Bhaiya Bhaiya ji Ram Ram, what are you preparing for? Good for planting seeds, for making vegetable seeds. Yes, yes, you are making seedlings.
How to make it, I have made it 3 meters long, I have made it 1 meter wide and made it 6 inches in height. While making my lathe carry, the place also has to be chosen. If the rope will melt then what if while making
If you put what brother, we will uproot 15-20 kilos of country in it, then mix it, its dirty and dirty, we will make it a fine rope, well, make a drain on both sides, make a drain so that if the excess water flows out, it will drain out. If you put such a pot of manure, the country would have been fertilized, the plant would have been better than this.
It should be removed completely, what is the matter with it, if the plant that remains on its own gets spoiled, then it should be made like this, all good roads should be made.
Sieve it well after adding such food, it should be completed.
Our curry is being prepared, if you add anything else, you can also add your neem cake, it does not cause germs in the plant, termites do not grow in the plant, it is good.
This our bed is now ready, now we will plant our seeds in it after treating it.
Then they will put the cabbage later, then brother, there is no benefit of going and getting the nursery prepared, it is prepared from this nursery, it makes the plant grow healthy, it reduces the cost, it has its own seed which is right and the worm is spider. It doesn't take much production, it takes more production, its own production is more.
Brother, your carry is ready, isn't it, you prepare carry, so what message do you want to give to the farmer brothers, we want to give this message that by making such a nursery, the farmer should plant on it, it will benefit all the farmer brothers, more production production Well, brother, thank you very much for the method of making curry, we hope that all the farmer brothers will make curry with this method and get maximum production.
enjoy the rest
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Mechanical Weed Control of Chilli
subject=Chilli (Mirch)
subcategory=Crop Management
state=Madhya Pradesh
Dada Ram Ram Dada Ram Ram my name is vishnu prasad ruwala good access development service aaya hoon ji rajgarh se wow what is your name my name is bhaagamal village chathak rahe hai post boda
What are the ingredients used before running Dada Dora? Two can walk Two can walk Yes and one can walk No One can walk Those who are condemning
How to do it and to whom it benefits, this is the benefit that it is hoeing of agriculture, we will destroy this fodder, this soybean plant will move forward, we will be trapped in the spider web, this is your rope, how do you run it Hey brother, tell me how do you walk, this is how you walk, you walk like this, don't you, don't you walk like this, these lines walk in queues, don't they, they walk in queues, don't they?
You don't have to press it, don't you, grandfather? And this soil will go towards the plant, this soil will go towards the plant, good, good grandfather, like this soil goes over the plant, then what is the benefit of this, the plant has benefited from it, if on both sides
If it goes, the plant will get coolness from it, it will be covered on both sides, well, if the soil is covered on both sides of the plant, then it will get moisture, it will get moisture, grandfather, what are you doing? There is no kulpa, yes, the thread that comes in it, the fodder comes, what is this thread, it settles the thread, inside the ground, a good hole, it goes on cutting well.
Ask her what did you say in this Kulpani, it gets wrapped in Kulpani, no, if you clean it, it will go away doing clean place, will go away doing it, will go away doing it, grandfather, like the threads are coming out here, yes, what is the cost in this, what is the cost in this If you buy it from the market, then it will cost ₹ 00. It costs ₹ 00. Yes, and if you get wood made from artisans, then you will have to pay 50 kg. How to pay 50 kg.
We give dry straw to him empty, if not by our own weight, then we can make a wooden thread as well. You can also make a wooden string. Five strings can be used, five strings can be used, five strings can be run comfortably, grandfather, there is space for three strings, laborers bring it, yes, we plow 12 cane bundles
How many beds is it now? It is connected to 10 beds. Yes, how many beds is it? 10 beds is 10 beds. The knot has to be brought from Alksh, well, this is a small knot, yes, it will be bigger than this, it will come with three bells, with three threads, it is with three threads, grandfather, you are taking out these threads, what is the benefit of this
There is profit, if you employ 15 laborers, then five kulpas, if it works, you will use four laborers, it will be good, in how much time will you get it out of the line, it will be done in two to three hours, and how much money does 15 laborers make, what is their daily income? What do you give daily labor to a man
So how much is the money for 15 men, 15 men, 10 men, 600 900 00, now at 900, we give 00 to three men; You have a lot of benefits, there is a lot of benefit in this, Dada, what message do you want to give to the farmer brothers?
The profit is more from Ra, it takes less money, the work is done in less time and I want to give this message to the farmer brothers that we get profit and our work gets more done from Dora. Farmer brothers, more and more Dora in our field. Nikal le Dada Thank you very much for giving us so much time and for telling us about Dore Thank you very much Dada Thank you Dada
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Plantation of Chilli
subject=Chilli (Mirch)
subcategory=Land Management
subtopic=Line sowing
state=Madhya Pradesh
My Ram Ram to all farmer brothers, my name is Dharmendra Singh Yadav, I have come from Access Development Service, the name of the village we have come to today is Mangwar, the name of this place is Laxman Singh Loda, today he is planting chillies. Today he will tell us how to plant chillies in a very good way.
Dada Ram Ram Ram Ram Bhaiya Ram Ram My name is Dharmendra Singh Yadav I have come from Access Development Service Dada you will tell your name I am from Kudi Mangwar Laxman Lodha good your name is Laxman Lodha and you are from village Kudi Mangwar good grandfather so this is today What are you doing, you are planting chillies, sir, well, you are planting chillies, yes, how do you do it, you will tell us, you will tell exactly, sir, what do you do first of all, grandfather, first of all, like you have land for yourself, what kind of crop is that?
We do not take our crop after harvesting and emptying the fields, after that we plow well, how many times do we do our good plowing, it should be about three times, it should be about three times. Goat chalak twice and then pata chalak land should be leveled twice goat and pat chala da head in the middle of this I have forgotten it is important to give fertilizer for yourself ok what kind of fertilizer do you give grandfather like you have if you have desi have and get for yourself or have
So there is no better fertilizer than desi. You will have to take patas and not much, if you do not have one kilo in two biges, then you will have to throw away the pest, it will not reduce the pest infestation.
This should be given at that time, after that you can easily plant the pot that is prepared in the nursery, if your field is also ready then you can plant it. If you are planting this plant, then in how many days this plant Chilli is ready, which you are talking about the seed, in how many days it is ready, I would like to tell you that it is approximately within 25 days to 35 days. It is possible to plant a plant, my brother, which variety of chili did you plant?
Sir Biju Sheetal's condition is 453 p. It comes nearer to the edge, from where I have the style and there is so much variety, now the seeds suit my own.
If you sow seeds according to your area, according to your field and according to your water facility, then you will get profit according to that. Let's do this, you have a rope and a wire with them, put a wire on the lawn, you first and after that, whether you have to keep your two feet or three feet, according to the variety, like the variety
It does not grow like Jwala and there are other varieties which grow a little less, become bushy, some grow less bushy, then according to that you know for yourself that the hybrid will be a very good seed, bring your seed. If this is a plant tree, then it will become almost like a bush, according to that, you have to keep a distance and even after this, if you are planting a thick crop, at least if not two and a half feet, then there should be chillies in it. for which the lane to lane distance is
And there should be a distance of about one foot from plant to plant, what you mean to say is that the distance from one plant to another should be one foot and from here it should be two to four feet, and the distance from the line should be two to right. It should be foot well brother, you will tell us by planting it, why won't you tell us sir, when you have come to us, it is okay brother, now you have brought it from Narsali, now you have to apply it
If you are going to take Babstein, then make a solution of about 2 grams in 1 liter of it, and after that, can you spray and then the root which is for you should be buried in the solution. Later, if you plant, then from the fungal side, it has a protective barrier, which comes inside the plant, and after that, the wire that you have is a straight wire or a wire or a rope.
It is a wire, yes brother, it is a wire, now it is ours, by what name do you keep planting it, this one has been planted by you, the other plant becomes closer to you, while planting it for yourself, where should you plant another plant? One can get an idea of it and one more special care should be taken in it like this is a plant, if it is our own plant then what is its root.
Yes, it means that it should not be crooked, it is exactly the way to plant it, which is the right plant, it should look straight and its root, especially the plant, so what is it that it will fall now, it is big and it is falling down, but the method The meaning of applying is that you are not the root of it, keep it straight as far as possible and not in the meaning that it is not with your thumb. or plant and so on
Planted like this, it should never be planted with the thumb, the root which is not crooked and comes upwards and does not go inside and if its root comes on one side, then the plant develops completely.
It is not possible that you are in this way, don't you just keep on planting and keep on doing, and after this, you should spray the insecticide spray in 15-20 days, you should spray it, you should definitely spray it. you any medicine
Means you spray it with insecticide and after that, as if it becomes a weed, then whatever distance you have given to it, then it goes away, yes, vine etc., it goes away, it is easily condemned and If there is a plant like yours and it has to be taken in a square pass, then it can also look like this, it can grow out from both sides, the labor of the farmers is less in removing it, yes yes
Yes good brother, you have also told me how to plant chillies, how should it be done, with what method should it be done? Yes, will you tell us the benefits of this, as if we keep the right distance, then the weeds that are in it do not grow, and the second thing is to pluck it for yourself and what else? In the name of that medicine, in pouring mawa, it gives full facility for fertilizer and if you don't make a lawn, if you don't take a lawn, you haven't taken the right distance from plant to plant.
I have adopted a lot, so what is it that if you plant a little, then it is okay, if you want to plant more, you have to do two bighs of one bigh, otherwise even one bigh is enough, because if you take out one garbage, then there is a lot of it. It takes time and labour, even if we do it ourselves, then time will be wasted in that and as in the distance between our lawn and lawn, the advantage is that whether we have vines open or not, then in any village and in the neighborhood farmer brothers who live
Means bring your vine from them, bring the kurpa and put it in it, it has completely weeded it and when you spray your medicine, then you go on holding the lawn, that plant does not break, yes, and what remains in it Just as no plant is spared in giving medicine and giving fertilizer, this is a benefit, sir; my own
If they have planted, keep on planting plants in this way, keep the distance from lawn to lawn, that is correct, and after that, as we keep working hard, we do not have land, we are dependent on others' land, we would have taken it by contract or by sharing. If we are engaged in the work of farmers, then our economic condition is very good, in that we do not have to take two paise from anyone and we do not have to go to anyone for wages. not even taken on share
And we keep feeding ourselves and our family and apart from this, I would like to say to the farmer brothers that chili is chili, you only need to have the right knowledge of when and what to plant, take it from May and not till September. Chilli is transplanted till now, which is very beneficial, apart from me, any farmer brother who listens to my program, must definitely subscribe to it.
Good Laxman Dada you told us to plant this chilli plant Thank you very much for giving very good information Jai Shri Ram Jai Sh should not come
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Chilli Transplantation
subject=Chilli (Mirch)
subcategory=Land Management
subtopic=Line sowing
state=Madhya Pradesh
Ram Ram Ba Saheb Jai Ram Jai Ram Mara's name is Ramnarayan Panwar, I have come from X Development Service Rajgarh, I want to introduce you, my name is Ram Gopal, good and I am not after pulling out the pepper tree.
I am planting in the field, good, good, what you plant, yes, plant with a new method, plant with the old, with the new, no, the first one was planted nearby, good, and now with some new method, it has to be planted at a distance, so that it The dust spreads yes yes and the fruits are useful from them a new method so you tell me how to apply
If you need some material at some point in time, then you need to make some kind of material. Well, if you need some kind of tagari, because by putting this powder in it, 100 grams of it is yes, and it has to be made into a round shape. And after this, this is the molasses of chilies, well, this plant needs this plant, if the plant needs a plant, it has to be put in a container and kept for two minutes, then good, after that
This is the khurfi ha ha ha ha this, which is like this, it has come somewhere, it has come somewhere, it does not remove it and you need to apply for a little attachment, that is, the aligar goes out, it leaves it. So you yes sir, you told the first ingredients, now how to prepare the round, tell us how to plant.
As if he gives one liter of water or one liter of water in a good container, in the same way, this is the powder header of Nasik, say that the powder is Malayo, sir, you have applied that two grams in one liter of water, two grams of powder, gram powder, now this round Have to do ani golna pade mala like balls
When it is complete, it will mix in the whole water, it will get powder, it will be good to roll the powder, yes, and it has become completely round, it has become completely round, it is good, then after these, then after these, this chili powder is good to pour in these. It is good to put it in two, why do you have to put it in?
Pulls the powder tightly and after that it has to be kept in water for two minutes or one and a half minutes, one minute or two minutes, for how long does it have to be kept for one minute or two and a half minutes, it is good to take it out in between, no yes Yes, then you plant your field in the field and then start planting, well then do it like this.
You have to draw this line till there is a good line to plant the whole line, you have to draw a good line before planting the plant It will be good if
If you plant above the line, you will have to plant in the line also, keep the distance of one and a half feet from one plant, one and a half feet from one plant, one and a half feet, you have to plant at a distance of one and a half feet. If the distance between your line and line is two feet then it would be better.
Get away from, go away, go away, go away, go away, go away, go away, go away, and why do you put it in the middle line, because the roots that run in it, yes
Ha ha, if you used to pour your water, the water would have pulled the roots and now it is raining, it is better to leave it in the rain. lying
It didn't feel like you had to put the post out of line, it was better than the line, you didn't have to put it out of line, you had to put it in line.
Planted yes sapling planted in the line yes planted in the edge why planted in the middle why not planted in the middle line there is a reason that the water will not flow here and then it will take root in the rain that does not go away It is good, and in the same way, some use of mortar has to be offered, so that the tree plant
It takes root quickly and more roots will come and more roots will come, good plants will also grow from them, yes, this will make a good plant, after that, chili will also grow well, if planted far away, it will also bear fruit well, yes, if you attach it along the line This is the benefit of being attached to the line, even if you put it here and there, there will be no collision. Yes, this is the benefit.
From the distance, like the flowerpot that you planted from the distance of the line; Whatever I want to apply here after this, in the same way, these two grams which are found in one liter, put 2 grams of medicine.
If you put more then those who have to take care have to take care of it, after that you have planted this plant, it has to be taken care of. Stand up, this is a tree, it should not be broken at all and it is a root, which should be properly planted here in a complete way.
So that even in the root, if there is wind, then it stands up quickly, after this, this chilli tree, which lives in a single line, should be planted in a single line, so that you can remove your thread in the middle. The plant that is planted with the new method, we get the benefit, we get the benefit;
And it is better than digging it.
They grow their branches, they do not bump here and there, they do not break, yes, they will not get tangled, and the fruit will also be good. to chili
Yes, we all farmer brothers are requested to plant in such a way that the tree and plant all use well and chili also tastes good, and we have all kinds of benefits from this, all the information was given and take valuable time.
Thank you very much for the good and the information about the farmer brothers, so thank you very much Ram Ramsa Jai Jai Ram Bhaya Jai Ram
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Hybrid chilli Cultivation
subject=Chilli (Mirch)
subcategory=Land Management
subtopic=Line sowing
state=Madhya Pradesh
Hello brother Hello brother my name is Bhagwan Singh and I have come from Axis Development Service will introduce you my name is Shrilal Chauhan and I am a resident of Khajuri village If you are from Khajuri then what are you doing abhi abhi hum yeh mirchi They are doing the work of planting chilies, yes chilies are planted.
We have prepared, yes, we are planting it, we have completed the land, we have scattered it and after completing it, we will plant more chillies. The chillies you are planting are general, which chillies are normal, which chillies are hybrids. The seed is a good hybrid sugar variety seed, so you will tell us a little method, how to plant it, what do you do?
Let me tell you, what does it look like, what does the material look like, let me tell you, take any container of water, good, good, and then take one liter of water in it. gram good two grams what is this this is trigaderma trigodar has powder ha je bhi ha ha so put about two grams in it about id good good according to you 2 grams must have been put is no it is okay no
What is the material, you will tell yourself in it, I am telling you some material, you can take any container of water and add 1 liter of water, good 1 liter of water, and this is powder, good, this powder is Trichoderma Trichoderma, and these are chili seeds, chili powder, yes So this Trichoderma which is a powder, I have told you, yes, take it out of it, yes, and give it to your loved ones, how much do you give this 2 grams, good 2 grams, only 2 grams, it's okay, yes, it's 2 grams.
After that it has to be made into its own shell, ok, ok, take this item, shake it thoroughly in water, shake it as soon as the powder is complete in it, yes, it turns white, after getting the powder After getting it completely good, then soak this plant in it, then for how long do you keep it? Good to extract powder from this plant
The disease that occurs in me, it cannot grow, it does not grow in the plant, yes, it works, after that, brother, now you will tell the method of planting it, yes, how do you plant it in the field? It's been a minute, it's almost as if it's after that what you have to take is 2 feet, so this is the distance between ship to ship, so it should be 2 feet, good, two feet, yes, the distance of about two to 2 feet should be here, line, two lines, good. so this is what you have
No, it is 2 feet, we have measured it, yes, we have measured it 2 feet, it is equal to 2 feet, it is 2 feet. Yes, it should be taken in a small width, so that there will be no problem in draining its water, so it is so common that we plant chillies, we have heard that they keep a distance of 1 feet, why do they keep such a distance, more than 2 feet What is there in this high bud, which is a good seed, then its po will also be big.
The house will be bigger and the garbage that is in it is more easily, it can be removed easily. good is bigger that's why you have to keep distance
Yes, they are taking a distance of two feet. Adopted this way, how did you draw this drain earlier, how did you prepare it, means we are from Bakkar.
The barber who lives well, yes, yes, he solves the problem with her. In this between two and 2 feet, like if it is 2 feet, then take a little more of your own, take it further, then this line should be a little wider, it has become 2 feet.
Take it in this way, then take it back, you have taken two feet, and this side has taken 2 feet. After that, when the leaves become a little too big, then do you add some soil to it? Strong roots will make it work again
Now this plant that you have just planted, this hybrid of chilli, so you have to be more careful while planting it, what precautions have to be taken, the first number of precautions have to be taken in this, the plant which is made from the nursery bud is brought out from there. If you bring it out from there, then first of all keep in mind that the root of the plant should not be broken, it should be removed from there along with the root. If there is a diseased plant, then it should be removed there and there, it should be removed after that, which then
Its roots should not break while applying it, it should be well pressed.
Its yes and the powder that we rub in its roots, that too should not be in large quantity, it should be good, it should be in minimum quantity, then empty it should absorb, it should not get a little bit of disease, powder for that also means one liter of water. It should be taken about two grams approximately, it is a prescribed quantity and it may cause more damage to the root, keep this caution in it
Yes, this is a precaution for the plant to be planted and after that spraying medicine from time to time to see if there is any disease in the plants, it has to be taken care of, it has to be taken care of, that is after those, then these 20 days If we get close to it, then this groove is in poly type, then the plant becomes strong on it, the soil is raised from it. we and
And the solid waste has to be removed by adopting it, every time the molasses keeps moving, this is the caution in this, especially what you have planted and told us about the plant of Shankar variety. What is the benefit to you from this, you see, we had planted these plants a few days ago, this is a variety of sugar, this is a sugar variety, these plants have grown so much, you are seeing these plants and after this, the disease in it. He has been free from his tra
All that should be done is to use that round, it remains a very good, very complete postic, yes, after that it is sleepy from time to time, and this is what, by doing nutritious diet, seeds and fruits will increase in it, it is good for this abroad. If the plant grows bigger after planting, then it will bear more fruits or not, if it does not, then it will be more beneficial for our own people, and after that, if this plant remains for 20 days, then it is because we have prepared it from the whole.
Hum Hum Hum This is a system like a nursely weed, its complete in such a way that if you want to extract water from it, then you can extract water from the middle, what is wrong with that, the water will not touch its roots, it will exploit the water, so there will be damage to it. The vessel will not be of any kind and after that it is made of clay, which is made of clay in this way and then it does not need water in the rains, yes, and when water is needed, we give water to it. You can give this water, distance has been created, there is no problem in giving water
Well yes, this is the benefit of it, it has all the benefits of it, it is as if in one plant you have between 2 to 3 kg of chili, well, in one plant, about 3 kg of chili is planted, yes, you see. This is a plant of 25 days. Look at you, now in this and we too
For full care, we will do more formalities of powdered powder in this, well, keep taking care of it from time to time, you have to take care of the chillies you have just planted, this and the method you told us about it, which you do in your other What message would you like to give to the farmer brothers?
Bring the same and plant it, it is more profitable and the farmer brothers who used to do farming in the old way, there was not much profit in it, there was a loss, if all the farmer brothers adopt the technology of the new technologist, then it will be more profitable than that and those who You have just told us this method and thank you very much for giving us such a good information to all the farmer brothers, thank you very much for taking out so much time for us.
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Earthening of Chilli Plant
subject=Chilli (Mirch)
subcategory=Crop Management
subtopic=Earthing up
state=Madhya Pradesh
Brother Namaskar Ram Ram Brother Ram Ram My name is Bhagwan Singh and I have come from Access Development Service Ji will introduce you My name is Shrilal Chauhan I am a resident of village Khajure
aur kheti karta h kisan to aap abhi kheti me aaj kya kar rah hain aap ab humne jo mirch lag thi 15 se 20 din ke lagh ho gay ha isko ha ha to is mirch hum ye pali kar rahe hain acha p ha dono sides ha miti Jo bech me pani nikal jayega har ye hai jo ye n vidhi hai aa
e log kya w pehle bote the itni mirchi bhi n bote the kam be the sirf khane pine ke liye vyavasay nah kar sakte the uski ha aur hum k ye n taknique hai is t se k bade honge ye ye ha jo ye b honge to is to jukne ka dar rhta hai to mitti uppar tak rahegi majb raha usse aur jad bhi jyada ho jayengi usme doual jad ati hai hybrid be lagaya to bada hona hi ha aur ye hybrid bee hai shankar kism ka to ye
kam se kam char feet tak se char feet ke bech me ye bada hota hai to ye usliye ye majbut rehti hai isliye mitti ke liye hum ye banate hain acha acha isliye aap mitti chad rah ha jo aap ye mitti chadhane ka kaam kar rahe haiin ye purani vidhi hai ya n vidhi hai nahi b har ye hai jo ye ndhi hai purane log kya w ple b the itni mirchi bh n be the kam be the sirf khane pinee ke liye vay n kar sakte the uski isli ha aur hum k ye n technique hai is tarik se k
po b he ye po ha jo ye b he to is to jukne ka darhta hai toti up tak rahi w pura sa to po majb raha usse aur jade bhi jyada ho jayengi usme doual jade ati hai hybrid be lagaya to bada hon hi hai aur ye hybrid beige hai shankar kism ka to ye kam se kam 4 ft tak se char fet ke b me ye bada hota hai h to ye usliye ye majbut rehti hai isliye ye mitti ke liye hum ye banate hain acha acha
a soil soil r j to jo ap je vidhi batai apne soil soil ki jo kar rah hai a isme samagri kya lagti hai samagri isme ye lagti hai ke liye to iski vidhi bataye thoda ha dekhiye hum aapko bat isdhi ye is tar se isko le lo aur ye mitti
khch j ha b is tar se khchte jao aap aur b girna ch d dalni chahiye bilkul ha ye po jo hai ye mitti chad ye aara nah girna chahiye ye gir jaya to to sakta hai ye bhi sidha rhna chahiye ye bi sid rhna chahiye usab se aur fir idhar se le lo ye side dono taraf se chadate ha dono taraf se tabhi to wo theek rahegi a aa dono taraf se ye ye dekhiye a is side se b is
Chandni chahiye both sides se to uski wo ban jayegi upar ha matlab ye yah pani nikalne ka ho g bech me ye pani nikalne ki jagah ho gi aur apne gumne ke firne ke liye bhi hai aur ye paha lag gay bilkul chai pe ye paudhai unchai pe r iski jad bh majj ho jayegi is chai pe lagaya jaise to isme water matlab jyada den tak jarurat nahi padti isme water bahut kam dene ki need padti hai ye chadha rah isme samay to lagta hai badaa aaram se karna padta hai isko dhan se karna hai matlab
Paudha ka palan poshan bilkul se hona chahiye jais ghar ke bachche karte hain ha bilkul bachche ki tarah paudhe lagane chah ha tab ja hum fda hoga aur t is che ka lab hoga ye is tik se bilkul ab unchai pe ho gay paudha ha ye The flower has fallen from both sides, but it is not necessary to return the flower.
ga to sad sakta hai ha aur fir uske baad hai jo ye is side se le lo aap ye yahi se yeid se chad ha chadha dete hain ye ye
par ye mitti itni chadhai aapne kis liye chadhai matlab ye ye islie chadhana padta hai k to is ye shankar kism ka hybrid be hai to jo apan jo mitti chadh ane ab isme is lab kya kya hai ap ko aur kya lab is lab ye hai k majb rahega ha r ke baad girne se bach jayega ha ha wo bada ho jaya ni gira uske baad isme jade jyada ho jayengi h uske baad chtha is pani se nikal jayega h uske baad jyada se jada me
It will bear fruit, it will bear more fruit, because of this, yes, at least accept this, it lasts between 5 and 10 months. You can run yes yes from one plant once in a month it is as if a plant can give 3 to 4 kg of chillies in a month and a half and a half months you can give 3 to 4 kg of chillies in one plant this bub one plant The advantage of this is that we can give between 3 to 4 kg of plant chillies.
A plant takes three to four kilos of chilies at a time, so how many times does it happen in 10 months means now in this 10 months you can at least believe it five or six times good five six times this six times you can break it good You can get about 24 kilos of wet chillies by breaking it, it is better than a plant. The soil they are offering is soil
If one has to come in for gram, then while leaving
Care should be taken at the foot, lest the foot of the soft soil should be broken by planting the foot, the soil that is offered after that, if the tree bends, then straighten it back, make the soil in the right way and make it strong from both the sides. Should be given then that tree will not remain fallen down and after that the caution is that from time to time there is isop which should be given treatment it gets powdered
Yes and rogar should be sprinkled yes every month between 15th to 20th day of rogar it should be dosed so that it does not cause any kind of disease what message would you like to give to the farmer brothers I am the same message to the farmer brothers to all the farmer brothers I want to give this oath that if you sow chillies in different varieties and make this shift, it will make more profit for everyone and sow good quality seeds.
If the benefits will be more, then you want to say that by using this method, cultivate chillies by applying soil and taking care from time to time. Everyone will be benefited if they do farming, thank you very much for this very good information Ram Ram brother
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How to Control Blight Disease in Chili
subject=Chilli (Mirch)
subcategory=Pest and disease Management
topic=Disease control
state=Madhya Pradesh
Hello brother, your introduction is Balkrishna F, where will you go, your surname, my name is Arvind Singh, and when you came, Balkrishna Patidar ji, some plants in your crop are not looking healthy.
Has the disease come in it? Yes, which disease? And that leaf falls off, the leaf falls off, and after that again, this means blood appears on the stem as well, so what do you do to treat it? well this bleeds in this way
The leaves get burnt, don't they, and then they fall off, then the leaves fall off, well, this kind of blade also comes, well, it means that the stem dries up, and then as it breaks from here, it falls in the wind. It goes and breaks, due to which the crop is damaged.
no no no no care in this
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Chilli Transplantation in Field
subject=Chilli (Mirch)
subcategory=Nursery Management
subtopic=Line sowing
state=Madhya Pradesh
Ram Ram Bhaiya Rara Bhaiya come sit where do you come from what is your name my name is Anil Kumar Verma and I have come from Asha Sanstha introduce yourself brother my name is Shyam Kar
Ok I am a resident of village Sangai, what are you doing today, today we are transplanting chilli trees in the field, you are transplanting chillies by planting saplings, what is the reason for this, the reason is that we get good plants, what happens? There is no disease in it and we get good yield
They are ready to put our pole, what will you do after this, after this we will put cow urine in cow dung solution, why do you put cow urine and cow dung in this solution, the disease does not feel good
We have prepared a field for chilli planting, we have prepared the field, how much distance do you keep from line to line, 50 to 60 cm, how do you plant the plants, we plant the plants in this way, well, by making pits, they are planted like this.
Then you give water to them and pour water, in this way we leave water in the field and apply it from a distance of 30 cm.
we are doing a 30 day fast
Why did you plant the chilli plant leaving one house? We have planted it because half of the soil is sprinkled on it, so it is safe to pluck; There are benefits, we benefit from it, it gives us protection of good trees, we get good plants, weeding gives us ease and the plants remain healthy.
We get production from this, you have planted chili plant, so what message do you want to give to our farmer brothers, my Ram Ram to all the farmer brothers, now cultivate chili like this, it got a lot of benefits, thank you very much Shyam brother You told us about chilli transplantation and we hope that our farmer brothers will adopt this method and make more progress
ok ram ram ram ram
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How to make Compost Tea
subject=Chilli (Mirch)
subcategory=Nutrient Management
topic=Compost and Manure
subtopic=Liquid Compost
state=Madhya Pradesh
Ram Ram Ram Ram Sab My name is Jamuna Lal and I have come from Asha Sanstha Ratlam you will introduce yourself I am a farmer living in village Kam and my name is Nagulal Vagela
Bha saab, I was leaving here that I saw that you were doing something after seeing the bucket and cow dung manure, so what were you doing, tell me a little yes, this Jamnalal brother, I mixed it with indigenous manure for my crop and made its tea. I will make it and put it in the compost solution you are making from the rotten manure, what is beneficial for your crops, tell me a little, tell me clearly, this is Jamuna Lal Bhai.
I am making tea from this manure, we will make tea and put it in the crop, so that it is our Riya, it is DAP. The plant that is there remains absolutely healthy, yes, then sir, why did you need to make compost tea, you will tell a little yes, yes, Jamnala.
Brother, we eat this fertilizer, which is the fertilizer of the market, all these fertilizers are going above inflation, so we do not get much benefit in farming, and we have this indigenous fertilizer, we will use this indigenous fertilizer in the same way. Its element remains more, it gives good benefits to the crops, so sir, what is the difference between making compost tea?
Looks like we will tell a little bit about the manure that is our compost, we take one kilo of rotted manure, we mean to make tea out of it and after making tea, we will use it in the crops. We only need 10 liters of water in the bucket.
We need a white cotton cloth for compost, yes, sir, you have told me all the ingredients, now you will tell me how to prepare the compost, Jamnalal Bhai, which I have kept in such a white cloth.
So sir, you have tied this cot in clothes, now what will your brother Jamunalal do after this, you have tied this cloth and this manure in this way very strong, so sir, after tying this compost cot in cloth, now What will you do with this bundle, isn't Jamunalal brother?
If you dip this potli in this water, then dip your potli compost potli in water, now what will you do after this, will you tell, this is Jamnalal brother, this is your compost, which you have made yourself, it has to be rotated a lot with this wood.
Yes, sir, for how many days can this manure be kept soaked in water, will tell you a bit. Yes, this Jamuna Lal brother is his own. If you drive it with a stick for seven days, then what will happen to it?
Everything that is there will come off and this tea will be good. Yes, sir, after seven days, compost or compost tea will be ready, then how to sprinkle it on your crops? Mixing it in water, you sift it five times in every crop. Yes, sir, you told me the method of making compost and what about it.
Please tell me, we make manure easily and it costs very less and it remains in our house and it doesn't cost us much money, it increases the moisture of our soil even more. This one who is the fertilizer of our land is big and
Increases the power due to which our crops ripen better and give good yield and the rest we get benefit. Yes, sir, I liked the method of making compost tea which you told me and you can give some more message to your farmer brothers. I would like to convey this message to the farmer brothers around me
I don't want it to make tea from our cow dung and sprinkle it on our crops and get good benefits and cook good crops, sir, you told me the method of making compost tea, I liked it very much, for this I hope you towards Asha Sanstha thank you very much jai ram ji
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Preparation of Insecticide by Buttermilk
subject=Chilli (Mirch)
subcategory=Pest and disease Management
topic=Pest Control
state=Madhya Pradesh
If you don't buy chemical medicine from the market, you don't pollute the environment in any way and four times it doesn't harm your body in any way. Handmade organic medicine has harmful effects on your body like chemical medicine. with insert and total medicine
If it works, when it falls on the crop, it means that the crop is very good, and the flowers are very good, in total, your crop is very good, brother, you have made this medicine, then you should give the message to other farmers, where should all the farmers understand that I have used organic medicine? Told the method of making banana, farmer brother, make it in your home, or make organic medicine and sprinkle it on the crop so that the crop is very good, as I did
Tell me a matko matko soil ho cha cha raha 5 liters of buttermilk and a tobacco wire which I have prepared for 15 days with the method which after 15 days on my crop from 2.5 to 500 grams means per pump mill By spraying on the crop, so that it will remain that your crop will be very good, there is no harmful medicine in the crop, it is not beneficial.
There is a lot of benefit of medicine, if chemical medicine is sprinkled on the crop, then the chemical medicine or medicine also does the same thing, that means, otherwise, one can buy things from the market, buy chemical medicine and when you want a discount on the crop, it is a very good way to use it. May the crop be very good and good harvest come, tell all the farmers
You also become medicine, leave it in your crop so that the crop is very good and you get good profit.
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Use of NPK fertilizer in chilli crop
subject=Chilli (Mirch)
subcategory=Nutrient Management
topic=Fertilizer Application
state=Madhya Pradesh
Ram Ram Bhaiya Ram Ram Bhaiya my name is Sher Singh Rajput and I have come from Access Development Service you will introduce yourself my name is Chittar Singh I live in village Aman your name is Chittar Singh and you live in village Aman Chittar Bhaiya how are you today Will tell something about that today we are spraying NPK 1919 good aap ka me mirchi me mirchi me good
Today you are spraying NPK 19 19 19 the fertilizer that comes in chillies brother will tell you how to do this We take water, we have a good spray pump, we have a spray pump, we take 15 liters of water, we take 50 grams of NPK in it, after opening it, we sprinkle it with the pump.
Means first of all we take a pump filled with 15 liters of water, take a pump filled with 15 liters of water, mix 50 grams of NP 199 in it and then mix it and spray it, yes brother, you have given us what you are talking about with your mouth. By saying this process, we will tell you how to do it Yes brother, tell me, this is Hunter company's NPK 1919, using this we are telling that your Hunter company's NPK is 191 19, you are telling us to use it today, tell us how to do it It looks pink, it is of NP, it is used
Hum apne mirchi mein karenge mirchi mein karenge to bhaiyya yeh aapko jo pink color ki sakte hain as it is exactly like salt, yehi np sunni sunni se na yey in pe 1919 hai aapne isko 50 gm in a 15 liter pump and spray it Chitar bhaiyya, your pump is full, so you will add 50 grams of AP to it, yes, mix it, how to mix it, well, you have put it all in NP. If it dissolves, what will you spray, will you sparkle, yes, will sparkle it
What is this, I have heard that it comes out of A. Yes, it gives a very good crop, it also gives good benefits. Good Chitar brother, today you told us by spraying NP 191 19 Khat, tell us the benefits of this in your chilli crop, what are its benefits. This which I have just sprinkled, isn't it? It makes the plants grow, it keeps them soft in summer, and it makes it reach the roots, it makes the roots reach deeper, it makes the roots reach deeper.
Chilli has good yield, well it means one, the main work of this furrow is that it increases the plants, yes, and it maintains the moisture, there is a shortage of water in the summer season, and it takes the roots to the depth, in this there are three The elements are Nitrogen, Potash, Phosphorus, yes, Nitrogen, Phosphorus and Potash, all three together do this work, whatever we told, yellow leaves come in it, otherwise they also become fine and fruits and flowers also look good, so you
I want to say that sometimes your plants which start turning yellow at some places, they also get cured by the spray of this manure and the fruits come well and the production is good, then there are many good benefits. A Satar Bhaiya, today you told us to use 1911 of NP, you should also tell the success of this, become our farmer brother and give a message to him, he is of NP, who gets only five 50 and it becomes five in Bheegaon and this makes the most
It is better than all fertilizers so use it and it is also cheaper than all fertilizers and earn good Chittar brother, today you told us to use NP 1911 in chilli crop, gave a message telling its benefits and stopped your work for giving valuable information. Thank you very much jai shreya ram shiram
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Treatment and Conrol of leaf curl in chili
subject=Chilli (Mirch)
subcategory=Pest and disease Management
topic=Disease control
state=Madhya Pradesh
Ram ram bhaiya ram ram bhaiya my name is sher singh rajput and i have come from access development service guna aapna aapna parichay denge hum yes i am ram babu lodha aavan se aawan se aapko name ram babu lodha and you live in aavan bhai aaj What are you going to tell us, you have to apply medicine about the disease of your chilli, you will tell about it, the crop of chilli planted by you is affected by the disease, you can identify and prevent it.
What you are saying is that there is an outbreak of kukra disease in your crop, you are preventing it, so how do you identify the disease of a kukra, its disease is identified that its leaves curl up and it curls up in front of it. Yes, it gets sick and you will tell us what kind of disease you have got, how it gets sick, brother, yes, this kind of plant grows in it, in this it is suffering from this disease.
Well, the leaves you are seeing, we are seeing, these are twisted leaves, they are completely twisted, it has been cooked, people call it Kukra, and what is it called, then this is its identity, the leaves start cooking in it, yes, this is its identity Its leaves begin to curl and it does not bear fruit until this disease is removed, it is better that it does not flower because of its outbreak, so it is very necessary to stop it and what a good Ram Bhau Bhaiya, you have given us now. Told that there is an outbreak of Kukda Rop in your crop, you also told us its identity.
Tell me one thing, after identifying this, how can we prevent it, we can prevent it, there is a medicine for it, that is Kingdom Kingum Kingum means medicine, yes, we put two per pump, two spoons on it. See how many grams is a spoon, see, yes, to prevent this, we use a medicine called Gangang in one pump, we sprinkle 10 grams of it in one pump, that means your powder named Kingam.
It is a pump which is about 15 liters, if you put 10 grams of 10 grams in it and spray it, then it prevents the crying of the cock, so brother, what you told us by speaking like now, how can we do it? What is the medicine that you are putting, what is the medicine called Kingam, it is powder, how much do you put in it, put one or two spoons in it, two spoons of yours, which is a spoon of 5 grams, then l 10 grams in one pump, tell how let's put tell how to do yes we have this 15 liter pump it is filled with 15 liters of water
filled with water and we put two spoons of medicine in it two spoons put two spoons of medicine ok brother you have filled one spoon this is your powder now how will we put it we will put it in b ok brother now we have put one spoon now we will put the other one will we put this second tao what The second one is ours, the second one is in this, now we will mix it with this stick, this medicine has been put in the corner for leprosy.
Well, this water has become white and you have got it, well, now what will you do with it, now will you sprinkle it with chaka to bachal chadkaav? For prevention, it will control it completely, yes, it will control it completely, so it is a very good thing, it is also cheap and if you tell, it has very good effects, which is the main disease of chillies. what a bitch
If prevention or control of kukras is done then there is a hidden possibility of good profit in chilli crop and what a good Ram Bhav Bhaiya, today you told us the whole process, it was sprinkled with a powder named Kingum, for the prevention of kukra disease. You have told the whole process, what are its benefits, what are its benefits, its benefits are that it cures the disease of pus, it produces more fruits and flowers, and it also produces more fruits, and it also increases production.
And the fruit looks good, it is also beautiful, it is good, it means one thing, you can eat our name, which is the most important fruit or benefit, it becomes the completeness of the disease of our kukra disease. And after that when there will be no Kukra disease, then it is obvious that the fruits and flowers will also look good and our production will increase, then it has very good benefits. for disease then you us its
Will give a message to our farmer brothers, do not want to give any message, I want to tell the farmer brothers that this medicine should be used to get rid of this disease, because if it gets infected with it, then some fruits in it get infected with it, due to which the crop will be harvested. The production is very less in this, then it is completely destroyed, so this medicine called Kingam should be used. Good Rambhau Bhaiya, today you have given us a lot of information about the control of Kukra on your chilli crop.
And thank you very much for telling a lot of knowledge, thank you Jai Ram Jai Shiram
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Morden Way of Raising Vegetable Nursery
subject=Chilli (Mirch)
subcategory=Nursery Management
topic=Nursery Bed Preparation
subtopic=Raised Nursery
state=Madhya Pradesh
Ram Ram My name is Jamanlal Bhuria and I have come from organization Ratlam let me take you to village Karandi where a farmer has adopted the method to prepare vegetable nursery in a modern way let's know how he used the method
Adopt and what has to be done in Viddhi Ram Ram Bhaiya Ram Ram My name is Jamuna Lal and I have come from Sasta Ratlam, you will tell your name, my name is Kan Lal Mahida and I am a farmer from village Karmadagai, yes, brother, you take this disposable glass and What are you doing by eating sand and soil and this compost, tell us a little brother, I am preparing vegetable nursery in a new way to plant vegetables in my field
I am preparing the plants in a new way so that the plants are saved from the strong sunlight and the plants are prepared quickly and the plants die less, yes, brother, who is helping us to prepare the nursery in a new way? - What ingredients will be used, I have prepared all the ingredients that are used in this.
Let me tell you, first of all we need soil to prepare the nursery and we need rotten cow dung manure in equal quantity and we need disposable glass and water, inside the soil we mix cow dung manure and normal amount of sand.
Let's mix all of them well today, yes, brother, we have mixed all the equal quantities, now what will we do with these disposals after this?
Let's mix all of them and fill them all in glasses, doesn't it mean yes brother, now we have filled these mixtures inside it, after that what will we have to do and whatever vegetable we plant, we put its seeds inside it.
yes brother in this too
We have planted our seeds inside them, now what will we do after planting the seeds, after we put water inside them, yes brother, what will have to be done after pouring water
Keep them in the shade, where there is no direct sunlight, yes, brother, I have filled my glass, for how many days should I keep it, till the plants emerge, we should keep it in the shade and after about 15 days, plant it in the fields. should give
And they should be watered regularly and after the plant emerges, they should be taken to the field and planted. Yes, brother, why should these seeds not be planted directly in the field? They go and it takes more time and there is more outbreak of insects, so brother, what are the benefits of preparing a modern nursery.
This saves us time, avoids the outbreak of diseases and pests and plants are prepared quickly. I want to give a message to the farmer brothers around me that farming should be beneficial.
If you want to grow, then you will have to do farming with awareness and you will have to adopt new methods for farming, just prepare the nursery in the same way as I have told you and earn good profit. Thank you very much on behalf of Asha Sanstha for this Ram Ram Ram Ram Ram Ram
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Use of micro-nutrients
subject=Chilli (Mirch)
subcategory=Nutrient Management
topic=Micro-Nutrient Mangement
state=Madhya Pradesh
ram ram bhya ram bya ram bya my name sh sing rajpoot hai aur m accessment service guna se aaya h aap kya kar rahe haiin kheti me aaj main ye maine ye mirchi laga rakhi hai is par ye power plant ki drug dalna bataa main ako power plant blom jowai dalenge
Well brother, we will tell you something about how to do this whole process, what is it, we spray it in the same way with a pump, it remains 15 liters in a pump, put 15 liters of water in the pump, one means 50 lids About ml there is a medicine called Power Plant Bloom, we put 50 ml of it in 15 liters of water in the pump, so what was it first?
apna jo 15 l ka pum rhta hai usko bhar let ha pani se aur usme ap 50 gr 50 ml 50 ml ke laghag power plant blom daal dete hain aur uska spray karte hain a bhya aapne jo h bataya sari prakya karke bat kaise karte ha daran bhya a a power fl blom ka spray kar rah hai apni fal par to a b h is liye kis kis che ki aakta pegi
and this is power plant bloom medicine achcha this is power plant bloom medicine up who will need it but tochij jat padgi bhaya this is not our power plant yes this is power plant bloom medicine green pnutum green pnutum they will use it they will use it So how do you tell that this medicine is in it Apni pa plan blue yes it means with this lid this is a pot
ap do dhakkan pakte ha dhakkan dalte pum me ml dal 50 ml ho jayega dalenge bh hua pani bh hua hai aur ye apan matlab is dawai ko da rah ha ab power plant bl ke naam se kitna 50 ml 50 dhakkan ho gya dhakkan
isko b k is spray karenge ab is spray karenge to ch spray kar isko ap ph to ap da li daai ab isko ap thoda mila lete ha phle mil ch
This is a medicine for power plant bloom, see how much benefit is being given to the pepper by spraying it, it is quite visible, very good fruits have been set and it has kept green in summer and the one that flowers on its own is also coming very well, isn't it? Most of the fruits die in summer, that's why they do not die with this medicine, the fruits are good, the debris, the flowers do not die, and the flowers keep growing and the present flowers also remain safe.
It is told to spray the chillies that you have planted in your chilli crop, then you tell the benefits of this, what is the benefit of this, it means that chillies taste good and these chillies which flower even in summer, they do not die in chillies. Whatever flower comes, it becomes whole chili pepper, it makes more chili taste better, the production increases, the chili trees that are turning yellow will not turn yellow, this medicine also supplies nitrogen, this medicine is good for nitrogen supply, this is our meaning.
Chemicals are used to make our land barren and this is a power plant bloom medicine, it is an organic medicine, like our Burmese, they make compost manure, just like manure, this is a medicine that benefits our land. No, it does not harm, it benefits, it has many good benefits, and it supplies nitrogen to chillies, besides this, the chillies do not turn yellow.
So you will tell us your crop which you have used power plant bloom, what is its effect on your crop, I will tell you, come on, you are going to show us the chilli crop in which you used power plant bloom, will it not be yours? Look, we have put this power plant bloom medicine, see how green this whole pepper is looking, yes it is very green even in this heat and good flowers are also coming, not even a single flower is dying in your pepper, while the heat is so strong Whenever it is falling and the fruits are also very good, you can see how good the fruits are looking, very dense and more
Now you see this, it is looking like chili, yes, it is very hot, it is very hot, it is a small tree, and it is very hot. It has very good benefits means there is no harm in that medicine absolutely you have planted in almost every tree you see here look here this tree see this every tree has a lot of mold we have got a good crop your power Plant broom has happened yes good darshan brother yes aapne jo
Told to do power yoga in your chilli crop and also tell its benefits, we went to your field and saw very good fruits, that means its power plant bloom has a very good effect. I want to say this to all the farmer brothers that your chillies and okra are all meant to be sprayed with power plant bloom medicine so that the flowers remain good even in summer and produce a good crop like chillies.
So I want all the farmers to spray this power plant bloom medicine and it protects the land from becoming barren and gives good production by spraying all the farmer brothers use this medicine good vision brother what you have today Told us to use power plant bloom in chilli crop, you gave very good information and you gave us time to tell us by stopping the valuable time, thank you very much for this Jai Shree Ram Jai Shree Ram
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Preparation of nursury of chilli
subject=Chilli (Mirch)
subcategory=Nursery Management
topic=Nursery Bed Preparation
subtopic=Raised Nursery
I am Rahul Gautam, we have come from Asha Sanstha, my name is Jitendra Kumar Kushbha, village Dansar, good Jalalgarh, Purnia, what are we going to do in our field today, we are sowing seeds of hybrid chillies, we are sowing seeds of hybrid chillies.
See Jitendra Bhaiya, what are the things required for nursery planting, a spade is required for nursery planting, a spade is required and Burmese compost is brought and kept and the hybrid seed is kept in a bowl first. After preparing the field well, then we fall it, when we bring the seed, first
Let's get it seed treated, hybrid seed with bibistin, gee hybrid seed or any seed should be planted after seed treatment, now look at it, now your field is ready, our caddy is now dropping the seeds, you will put Burmi on top, now you cover it Then we will cover it with some sticks etc. Well show us how to do it.
Yes, it has to be given in full line. They are falling, but see, it is an expensive seed, so it has to be dropped one by one, drop one seed, drop one seed, but then look at 2 inches, then draw a line, draw a line on this 2 inches
Yes, we have drawn a line on two inches, two inches on 2½ inches, now we have drawn the line, now we are putting the seeds one by one in this way, now we have put it like this, see it, let's cover it with Burmese
Covered with Burmese Why Covered with Burmese Covered with Burmese so that the seeds will get the vitamins that are needed in it Watering will be good The growth of the plant will be good That's why they are covered with Burmese Good Nutrients Nutrients Yes Nutrients It works, now cover it like this, see, have you done it like this?
We will beat it a little with this We will beat it like this with a spade We will beat it like this With a spade we will beat it Now we will cover it with a cover We will leave it after covering it We keep giving water from Hazara in the early evening 10 liters of pot will keep giving water to it in the morning and evening and whatever it is, in 10 to 12 days my two leaves will come, in 10 to 12 days two leaves will be formed, yes it will happen and
As soon as the gas comes out, after that we will keep watering it by removing weeds in the morning and evening and this is what our plant will be ready for planting in 20 to 22 days. You can transplant and keep the field ready in another place, Urea, DAP, Potash, which is in the ground, Urea, Potash and DAP are given in the ground and after plowing the field completely, plowing it properly, after applying the make it a curry
After making a tree, it is planted at a certain distance, at what distance it is planted, after picking it up from the nursery, after picking it up from the nursery, it is kept at a distance of 36 inches from the plant to plant line, the distance from the line to the plant is kept from the plant to the plant. Keep 22 inches because it is a hybrid chilli, so it needs a little gap, it needs a distance.
Which is 10 kg of chillies in one bunch, 10 kgs, 10 kgs of fruits, yes, if it breaks in one go, then it breaks from half a kg to 750 grams, that is, 3 kg to 1 kg of chillies, and it also gets a good price and Sukhta means that there is a good demand in the bone chilli market, so it is used all the time and after cooking it at the last time, it is dried, which is useful for eating vegetable vegetables, and keep it later when the rate is not there So let's keep it dry, then it is sold in the market for 60 to 6500 quintals.
00 quintal Ji Sakha Chilli is sold for ₹ 00 quintal and in the raw market, sometimes we get even 0 kg, otherwise we would have got ₹ ₹ per kg, Jitendra bhai, tell me one thing, like if a small farmer If he wants to cultivate hybrid chili, then how much will it cost him and at the end of the year, if there is one season, then how much will he benefit from it?
Chai will take 10 grams of seed for five katthas and the cost of 10 grams of seeds is 200 to ₹ 50. Two to 250 grams of seeds will be required for five katthas of land. Prepare the nursery, yes, prepare the nursery and after that, when the plant is ready, keep your field ready. DAP, Urea, Potash is required in it, and if there is no Burmese compost, then add cow dung manure and fertilize it well. Get it from and usually it costs ₹ 000
Means capital is required for cultivation of five katthas and capital of 5000 is needed and if it is done well then it is complete which will bear fruit for three months and 90 days. Chilli bears fruit for 90 to 100 days and after planting it gives 100 Till day he will get less in fruition, even if he gets less than 15, see how many times he will break it.If ₹ remains then
Chillies worth 000 have become 000 at a time but you must have seen in the market that sometimes 30 to 40 kg is sold, then 30 to 40 kg is sold, so at that time it became ₹ 000 for one quintal and if Mamu five times in a month It is only broken if it is broken only four times, now understand how much it becomes, then see what is the graph, but the rate should be received, if the rate is received, then a farmer gets 10 to 15 x 120 days crop for 4 months. It will be saved in the crop Jitendra Bhaiya, if you plant this hybrid beech, then from nursery to transportation
Any precautions have to be taken between what precautions are to be taken, we cover it with weed and give water in the nursery in the morning and evening so that the moisture remains in the nursery. There should be a quick growth so that our plan for planting is ready in 22 days Ji Jitendra Bhaiya Yeh Yeh gave such a great information about the cultivation of hybrid chillies and more profit in a short period with a small margin
For this it will prove to be a boon. Would you like to give any message to the farmer brothers? Yes, brother, we would like to give a message to the farmers. By doing this you can earn good profit, so apply it and earn good profit, this is my message
Jitendra Bhaiya, you gave us such a wonderful message, gave us information, salute to you from our side and from our ASHA organization, salute to you too
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Tapak vidhi se sabjiyon ki kheti
subject=Chilli (Mirch)
subcategory=Water Management
topic=Irrigation Methods
state=Madhya Pradesh
Hail Lord Rama
Okay yes yes brother yes brother what are you doing you are here right now this is drip system brother we will plant vegetables in this It has come from far away, it was gold that we dripped
We have also bought this and now we have started planting vegetables from it, well, what is this drip method, brother, this drip method, yes, it gives good production, yes, it gives good production, it does not grow weed and does not grow, brother, like this Yes, yes, brother, how this method is used, how it is interpreted, you will give me information about it.
Come here let me tell you yes it is done see yes what is this brother this is the pipe this is the pipe yes okay look at this we are telling now we are stuck no yes yes we yes it is closed now it is closed no yes now look let's turn it on it's turned on water comes out of it
Water is coming friend, this hole has to be made brother yes, this hole has to be made ok
This is a needle, isn't it, yes, this is a needle, so at what distance does the hole come, you see its hole, it has started, the water has started, look, the water started coming, it is of one feet, well one of one feet, one of feet Look at this trick, both of them live in opposite directions, isn't it?
Here it is, see it, it is in one feet, isn't it?
This is here yes it is dripping right here we will bury the seed here will plant the plant ha ha no if we plant lady finger in it we will put the seed and if we want to plant rotted tomato plant here again we have to plant rotted tomato plant okay brother water everything is fine
So brother, what are the ways to use this type of means, what is done, what is done and how is the water used to come, explain a little more to me and tell me a little more information, you see, I start it, it is done. What is this brother, this is a tank
hair is good yes and water from here clean water goes from here good see if there is garbage in it yes then remove it from here also it is closed it is tight this water comes from here yes yes after that it is filtered water yes Put it on, the clean water filtered from here will go here
What is this called brother, it is a filter, it is a fitter, it is a filter, okay, now let's see, yes, water goes to every plant, we have turned it on, let us turn it on too, we see that the water starts going for a while, yes, it starts running. Yes, it is going, look at the water, it is going, it is going, it is going, it is going, yes, it is going
Ok brother here it is see brother yes brother it is dripping no water yes it is dripping brother see this yes this too in that also these two lines are good ours yes yes then see this is dripping water is dripping or not yes dripping dripping dripping yes it's dripping water yes brother ok ok brother here it is
Even slowly, as if you turn them on, the water does not run at once, slowly, slowly, slowly, while moving slowly, the water spreads. If it is less then three and if it is less than two then it is good and if it is a little less then run one then water spreads through it.
Yes, then brother, this method is drip method, what are the precautions to be followed to do drip method, there is a lot of caution in it, like if you turn on the water now, there is a needle stuck in the water, no water is coming. If it is, then it is better to throw it out and put it back again, the air that remains in it, the air that is the waste, goes out and then the second thing.
Plant it, you are planting yours, yes, and the wind is blowing somewhere, then put a stake here too, on both sides, as if it is not here, it is also buried here, and it will have to be pulled and tied there, no, if the wind blows, it turns around These are the precautions and apart from this brother some more precautions, the precautions are just to see that it should not turn here and there, this is a needle, its water should fall in this.
It has to be seen if there is any garbage in it, then blow them out again, blow them out and put them on again, then they continue to work, then while adding some food, there is some caution. If you are putting poison, it is insecticide, you have to cover your mouth, you have to wear glasses, yes, you have to do the same, yes, you have to do this, yes, no, if the poison spray is on, then your
B can come yes that's why precautions are taken by closing the mouth and putting glasses in the eyes, isn't it brother yes brother yes yes brother yes brother you are doing this farming with drip seed, we are still doing farming with the old method You have been doing and the drip method is new to you, you are saying that it is not new, yes it is new, it is just now, yes, then I am saying that you mean the method that you have applied instead of the Puran method, you are doing farming. have been
Hmmm, what is the benefit in it, you understand me a little bit and tell me a little bit so that I can understand it brother.
It is a very good thing, yes, there is a benefit in it, what kind of brother, look, the old method we used to use, yes, it used to water a lot, well, there are a lot of weeds, yes, and there are no weeds at all, see, this tree is wet, isn't it? so look here wet from so far away
If there is only the same amount of water, the far away the weeds get frozen, then the work gets done easily, and in the old method, there were a lot of weeds, it used to cost a lot, and in this the electricity is good, and less water and time is also less. It seems that the production is good, so this brother tried a lot, so I have been able to bring them through the head organization.
No, if the head organization is here, there is agriculture department, that too, he did not tell that come here, here is his system, take information from here and do it, he only told me the head organization and now after telling the head organization, then I am I have started work ok brother ok brother yes what is it that you are doing farming with drip yes isn't it
Yes, you told everything right, but now after doing this method, what thought came in your mind that this type of farming should be done by everyone or not, something like this means information according to this method. What message do you want to convey to me a little bit, tell me what you mean by your thoughts, my brother, this is my message that it is very good if everyone adopts it, yes, if everyone does it, it is very good, I liked this system very much, when I
I didn't do anything to anyone, I used to search for this system, today it is a very good system, everyone can do this system, it is irrigation in low cost and the production is high in low cost, yes, brother, you mean what? The information was given, how did I understand, how far did it come, I would like to tell him that you have to do this method, first of all plow the land two or three times.
Bahri tai yes, after this, after plowing the land, you have made your land equal to whatever it is in this plane. You told me that the holes in which the plants are to be planted should be one foot apart, and the distance between the plants should be 1.5 feet, isn't it, brother? it's like that right no brother yes it's like that
Yes, means what I am understanding brother, if it is wrong, then I have to explain a little, don't I mean what you have told me, how far I have understood, how far it has come, after that you have put it at a distance of feet, right? So till this it is fine brother, it is good, I understand what you told, it seems that everyone is doing this method, you also say that Billy gets electricity even without less electricity, petrol diesel What doesn't seem like it seems less, seems less
It seems less and even a person can do it, even if a person can do it, it means that the labor will be saved. Farming is done by this method, all people can do it, it is easy for women also, yes, tell me that all people can do this, all women, brothers and sisters can do it, see what hard work it takes. Yes, the pipeline was laid and the needle was stuck in all the connectors.
Brother, people can also do work from Assam. Maint, which is the system which takes more profit in less time, our method, which is our method by doing our farming with this method, there will be good benefit brother, it will be good benefit, it takes less water, yes, I also understand it well, brother, I also want I want to do farming and brother you
You gave me the time to explain yes yes I told you the method of farming in this way I thank you very much brother and now I am going to meet again brother yes brother will meet again Jai Ram Jai Ramay
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Line sowing in chilli
subject=Chilli (Mirch)
subcategory=Land Management
subtopic=Line sowing
state=Madhya Pradesh
My name is Barsa Sahu and I have come from this institution Mandla, you introduce yourself, my name is Meera Bai, I am a resident of Chargaon, why do you plant plants from the line after treatment with Trichoderma Vedi, because some trees are better when planted from the line. and in the air
And the fruit comes more, well, a spade, I make a solution of Triderma, a plant of chili, a rope, to make a line, first of all, make this field like a shoe field.
or line laga dei aap ye pani ky chitak rah ho ye pani aise se rahe hain ki jamen dhe ho jata hai aur paudhe a se a ha j n to lit pani me
Gram gool ban ye j me k na l ye gool wale powder wale gool wale pani me a duba ke thodi rakhte hain a ky karte hoi isme beari nahi lagtii ka beari a jata bari n lag
How many feet have you kept in your feet, how many feet have you kept in your feet, what do you do when you walk in a line, you get better and sleep more Dei isme kya kya savdhani rakhni pti hai
If you want to start a new job, you will want to start a new job. Upar karke lag aapne h b achi jari di iske liye
thank you very much ram ram
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Identyfication of disease of chilli
subject=Chilli (Mirch)
subcategory=Pest and disease Management
topic=Pest Control
state=Madhya Pradesh
I have come from Access Development Service Organization Rajgarh and tell your name and introduction.
My name is Purilal Biaora artist Yeh mirchi mein rog ga itko achha mirchi bhi kar raha hai Ram Ram da Ram Ram I have come from Access Development Service Sanstha Rajgarh and my name is Ram Prasad and you are also your name tell me your introduction My name is Purilal Byavrala, so what are you doing now, grandfather, you are taking care of Ani that K will be given medicine, which medicine should be given?
Yes, I am feeling sick, it means that the head is closed, it means that the grandfather is feeling sick, how do you identify it in the chili, then let me tell you, how are you feeling? Look, you flower labo has closed, oh dried up mother, well, all these plants of yours have become like this, all are done, look at all the best plants, look, all have become like this, look, the forehead of all the plants have become closed.
Look brother, see the plant, everything has become a mother, Grandfather, who is becoming a mother, what medicine will you put to stop it, you will put sulfest in one, then you will put a quill in one, then grandfather, you will put all three medicines, sulfex, macozeb and kunalfas, how many of them. Will you put 202 grams, will you put only three in one funnel?
You have seen this disease in chili and if you put medicine in it, then what will be the benefits of it, then it means that if you take the medicine or the plant of the plant, it will open up and it will bloom, and if you are careful with those medicines, then the mother of the plant will be taken away. So grandfather, you will filter the medicine, what precautions will you take in this morning and evening.
Time will change and that medicine is not 20-20 grams, three types will be put in it, what other precautions can be taken in this, in seven days, in this way, and after seven days, then your mother, take it, grandfather, you have told the dosage of this medicine. What message would you like to give to other farmers about the
Brother, at least one of these diseases will end, and then after seven days, Chanko will catch a good trick and the fruit will also be good, then it will blossom, then grandfather, you have given us such good information about chili, thank you for this. Jay Ram Jay Ram
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