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Health Care Social Media Canada

Wednesdays @ 1 pm ET on Twitter
Note: Evening #hcsmca chats on 4th (last) Thursday of the month 9pm ET.
Attendees are invited to add a question (less than 120 characters) to available slots for future Tweet chats.
This document serves as an archive. PLEASE do not over-write previous weeks' questions.
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50Sept. 28 1pm ET1ANNIVERSARY SPECIAL.What is your most memorable #hcsmca conversation or moment?Colleen Young@colleen_young #hcsmca is celebrating its one-year anniversary. @colleen_youngLink
Sept. 28 2Can you name one #hcsmca conversation/inspiration/advice that you converted into an action?Colleen Young@colleen_young
49Sept. 21 1pm ET1It's a fact of life that we're all going to die. While many of us try to plan and control what we can for for the best possible life, we don't want to talk about end of life planning (when we actually may have more control!) Why is it so hard to talk about? Speak Up@AdvanceCarePlanEight in ten of Canadians agree that people should start planning for end of life when they are healthy, but 70% of Canadians have not prepared an advance care plan. How do we encourage Canadians to start the conversation, especially given our aging population and the strain on health care resources?@KathyKastnerLinkdeath, palliative care, advanced directives, end of life
Sept. 21 1pm ET2Is there a place for social media in making end of life discussions less of a taboo?@kathykastner
48Sep14 1pm ET1How can social media be used to raise awareness of the latest health research in Canada, and generate support for health research overall? Research Canada@ResearchCdaRecent polling shows that 84% of Canadians say health and medical research makes an important contribution to the economy, recognizing today's economic challenges. How can we work through social media to turn this support into action? Such as letters to elected officials, donations to organizations that support research, etc. Poll report: http://www.rc-rc.ca/files/2010%20Research%20Canada%20-%20poll%20booklet-E.pdf Abisaac Saraga
Linkawareness, promotion, research, upper management, board of directors
Sep14-112What are your experiences bringing the topic of SM to your boards?Abisaac@SafeCareSM
47Sep7 1pm ET1How do you use social media for kids health? What communities, apps, other r out there?Colleen Young@colleen_youngBack to School Special - How do you use social media for your kids health? What channels, communities, apps are out there?@HealthWorksBC Linkpediatric, kids, promotion, collaboration, support, promotion
Sep7-112Do we wait or nudge on closing the gap between the innovation offered by social media and uptake by Canadian health/healthcare public sector? Paul Gallant@HealthWorksBCWe= #hcsmca community. The evidence is growing that social media and health are great allies.There are always exception, limits and parameters but do WE wait or nudge. If we nudge then what steps or actions can WE take today and tomorrow to support those who are reluctant to move ahead with social media for the greater good of Canadian’s health? Or do we wait until they are ready? I realize that many of our #hcsmca community are already very involved in moving this innovation forward.
46Aug 31 1pm ET1What are the Pros & Cons of eConsults?Yaser Alyounes@YaserAlyounesWith the increased use of PHRs, and healthcare providers enabling patients to access their own health records and request eConsults online, what benefits and challenges do you to providing medical consultations online?@SeancranburyLinkeConsults, pharma, pediatric medication, hashtag, drug safety, kids
Aug 31-112What would be ideal hashtag for discussions about pediatric meds (OTC and Rx) safety?Natalie Bourre@NatBourreCouldn't find any that fit just right, and would love consensus with this group before launching via client @Accudial
45Aug 25-11 9pm ET1Google+ : Pros, cons Are you using it? How are you using it?Colleen Young@colleen_young@YaserAlyounesLinkGoogle plus, Google+
Aug 25-112Google+: What potential use/benefits do you see for it in HealthCare?Yaser Alyounes@YaserAlyounesGiven the unique characteristics of Goolge+ and the "wow" factor of a new Social Media outlet, what role do you see Google+ playing for all healthcare sectors?
44Aug 17-1pm1How do you measure the ROI (time/money/resources) of Social Media in Healthcare?Deborah Cooper-Lall@DrCooperLallSome may measure the ROI by the information they (think) they are providing. Some may measure it by new patients gained. Some may measure it by their Google ranking (SEO) etc. Is Social Media a part of your marketing plan, or do you have a completely separate Social Media plan? Or, maybe no plan at all? Read my blog for more info: http://DrCooperLall.Tumblr.com/#9003133497@colleen_youngLinkROI, return on investment, financial, marketing, regulations, pharma
2Strict regs prohibit pharma from communicating abt their products w/ public. Can pharma still bring value with the use of soc med? Natalie Bourre@NatBourresee Novartis case study: http://marketing4health.ca/2011/08/novartis-canada-maybe-someday-social-media-campaign/
43July 28-11 9pm1How do you build a strong online community where your readers and followers are actively engaged with sharing their stories with yours?Sherry Reynolds@cascadiaHow do we build a community where people feel empowered to take their online community out into the broader community@SeancranburyLinkempowering, engaging, community management, promotion, participation
42July 20-11 1 pm1What would you do if someone commented on your Facebook page, saying they wanted to commit suicide? For more details: http://www.smich.ca/?p=373Ann FullerAnnFullersee related post on SMiCH http://www.smich.ca/?p=373@colleen_youngLinksuicide, dominating conversation, noisy, negative, community management
July 20-11 1 pm2What to do if someone is dominating an online convo with their own agenda? eg claiming a non-evidence-based cure for cancer.Colleen Young@colleen_youngsee post on #hcsmca blog http://wp.me/p12yz4-i7
41July13-11 1pm ET1Often health leaders seek evidence based health practices. Are we/they practicing evidence based leadership re. use of SM in health? Paul Gallant@HealthWorksBCAre health/healthcare leaders, elected health political leaders practicing evidence based leadership regarding the use of healthcare social media in their organizations/communities and more broadly to the "citizens and populations" they are serving? @HealthWorksBCLinkevidence-based practice, politics, leaders, executives, upper management, Social Media Week
July13-112What can we, as #hcsmca community, do to participate in September's #socialmediaweek?Ann Fuller@AnnFuller
40July6-11 1pm ET1Going viral: Sex, drugs and STIs - how can social media help when it comes to edgy public health topics?Alissa Sadler@alissasadlerHow can social media help to reduce stigma? To connect with youth about these issues? To reach hard-to-reach populations? To distribute public health knowledge? To change public discourse around safe-sex practices? To change public opinion to influence policy makers? Do you have any tips/tricks/case studies to share?@alissasadlerLinksexually transmitted diseases, youth, teenagers, communication, information, mHealth, mobile
July 6-112Let's talk mobile (#mhealth) - How are hand-held technologies changing ways we communicate/outreach/engage/mobilize? Distribute public health knowledge?Alissa Sadler@alissasadlerNot necessarily related to Topic 1! - Have you or your organization explored app development? Should guidelines all be available in a mobile format? --- Joining us today are @michellehp & @corinnerd who will chat & share tips/best practices re: mobile app development (Safety Siren for @YWCA_Canada) . Some other #hcsmca apps to check out: BC Guidelines, M2Men, ... others?
39Jun30-11 9pm ET1How can a Health Care organizations achieve the right SM mix between public SM (e.g. Twitter), Log-in Controlled SM (e.g. facebook), and/or custom made tools by the organization itself for its own patients?Yaser Alyounes@YaserAlyounesWith the availability of so many SM tools with different access privileges (public vs.private), how can organization decide on what information to share in each platform, how to interact with patients and the community on each platform, and whether it's best to use one tool or as many as possible?. Managing multiple tools can prove to be time consuming, not to mention the added cost. What value would custom-made tools add (hospital operated patient portal)?Linktools, mix, synergy, transform, feedback, reshape, redesign healthcare system
Jun30-112Can SM move mountains & Transform the way #Cdnhealth organizations, leaders & citizens participate in redesigning areas of #cdnhealth?Paul Gallant@HealthWorksBCTo transform healthcare from professional centric systems towards more person centric "customer/people/patient focused" there will be give and takes. Challenges such as organizational readiness, gov't readiness versus individuals' desire to move quicker than the health/healthcare organization is currently "capable of" or "ready to" proceed is just one example. I would state that "Most agree healthcare/health in Canada is in need of transformation in the way health is viewed, delivered, accessed, communicated about, etc." Can social media genuinely help TRANSFORM the WAYS organizations, leaders and citizens (including patients/families/caregivers & health providers) participate on some level in redesigning or reshaping aspects of health/healthcare in Canada? (Optional reference: HealthCare Leaders' BC Article excerpt What are the key principles that maximize potential for successful
transformational change in healthcare? http://www.gallanthealthworks.com/67201.html)
38Jun22-111How do we sustain SM conversations following a crisis?Dave Bourne@d_bourneThis is a follow-up to an earlier topic related to using SM in crisis communications. @HEALTHeGurl asked how we could sustain convos pre- and post-crisis, and avoid tactical one-offs.@d_bourneLinkcrisis communication, crowd-sourcing, personal health records, PHR
Jun22-112What personal health records are available that qualify as social media?Laura O'Grady@ogradylaurawhat I mean by this is collaboration, what PHRs provide a mechanism to support and provide the social element of hcsm? No point having patients enter data/info that can't be connected w others, crowd sourcing
37Jun15-111How can the 'impact' of social media or web-based tools for engagement, education, outreach be evaluated? Karen Born@bornkWe all know that we can count twitter mentions, website page views etc. What are some deeper approaches to evaluating impact? Karen BornLinkevaluate, assess, ROI, measure, data access, patients
Jun15-112Access to data entered and stored about/by patients in hcsmcaLaura O'Grady@ogradylaurahope I can make it ;)
36Jun8-11 1pm1With tight healthcare budgets, how do we sustain and grow SM strategies?Dave Bourne@d_bourneWhile it's difficult to calculate social media's ROI, we're all realizing that effective engagement requires resources, both human and technological. Having one person manage all the SM channels of an organization is probably not sustainable for long, and adding rich content such as video or audio podcasts requires at least some investment in technology.Abisaac Saraga
Linkbudget, financial, cost, savings, strategy, engagement, privacy, confidentiality
Jun8-11 2How are others effectively opening up on social media without inviting discussions that could compromise privacy ie. people voluntarily posting personal health information?@schmama2
35Jun1-11 1pm1Best practices & ideas for hosting a live Tweet Chat with patients, answering general health questions@AnnFuller@seancranburyLinkbest practice, tweet chats, tweetups, patients, inquires, collaboration, continuing education
Jun1-112How can social media be used to keep professionals up-to-date and allow them to share knowledge and engage in discussions on an on-going basis?Yaser Alyounes@YaserAlyounesHow useful would it be to use the #hcsmca concept to facilitate knowledge sharing between partnering health care organizations. Details at http://bit.ly/mnhd85
34May30-11 sped. ed.1What value do you see in cross-organization participation in social media?Colleen Young@colleen_youngSpecial Edition #hcsmca chat was held during #eHealth2011 in Toronto. More details see http://cyhealthcommunications.wordpress.com/2011/05/23/1064/Linkcross-organization cooperation, strategic alliance, getting started, workflow
May 30-112How did you get started? Share your surprises, road blocks or (unexpected) benefits?Colleen Young@colleen_young
May30-11 3How do you incorporate social media into your workflow?Colleen Young@colleen_young
33May 26-11 9pm ET1Determine list of Twitter hashtags for use with Canadian health content. Please see preliminary list at http://bit.ly/lmTaZ1Laura O'GradyogradylauraLinkhealth hashtags, orphaned diseases, rare, improve, change, community, communicate, inform
May 26-112How can patients with orphaned diseases use social media to get care, help and support?milo_paradiso@milo_paradisodiseases such as ME/CFS (sadly known as chronic fatigue syndrom) and Lyme disease have belong to no medical specialty and patients are failed from our socialized health care system. Suggestions?
May 26-113How do you use your community to make changes, inform decisions and improve health or health care? #hcsmcaColleen Young@colleen_young
32May 18-111Who is tweeting?Professionals?Or PR on their behalf? Pros and Cons of each? @PracticeCityLinkdemographics, practitioners, communication Public Relations, advantages, disadvantages, best practices, patient satisfaction, patient relationship management
May 18-112Best practices for feedback boards on corporate websiteMadonna Gallo@stelizabethsehcInterested to hear other organizations' experience with this, particularly as it relates to patient satisfaction and the customer experience. Open vs. moderated?
31May 11-11 1pm ET1How can health organiztions use social media attract new members/participantsTony: ImpactBC@impactbc @patientvoicesLinkmarketing, recruit, disease management, support groups
May 11-112Let's discuss the use of Social Media in disease management program in CanadaMaka@mkarinaI'd like to discuss how to best integrate social media components into patient programs that discusses disease management, patient support, offers tools, etc.
30May 4-11 1pm ET1What role can social media play in speeding up and reshaping in health care, including Quality Improvement studies?Yaser Alyounes@YaserAlyounesMore patients are sharing their experiences online, and while it is scattered across the web, all this added info holds great value for ers, and provides them with access to larger population samples. Moreover, acute-care facilities could benefit from patients' posts on social media to evaluate and improve their performance. How do you see this coming to live? what are the advantages, disadvantages, and how can we overcome them?LinkQuality improvement, TQM, patients, aggregation, research, Twitter, Conferences
May 4-112Let's discuss the use of Twitter at conferences.Colleen Young@colleen_youngIt's conference season. Do you follow conferences via Twitter? How do conferences make use of Twitter? Why?
29Apr28-11 9pm ET1Is there a substantial area covered by the national health budget that could reasonably show savings if soc med was integrated?Kay@MurfomurfPoliticians/policy makers are looking for areas to make cuts. Are there any where soc med could make health service delivery more efficient and so attract funds from the smaller pool?Linkpolitics, budget, funding, cost, savings, healthcare organizations integration, use, crisis communication
Apr28-11 9pm ET2Are healthcare organizations integrating social media in their crisis communications plans? If so, how? Do you have any examples you can share with the group?Dave Bourne@d_bourneWe should all be updating our crisis comms plans regularly, but is social media being strategically considered as a tool? This would be a good opportunity to look at some case studies of what worked well and what didn't.
Apr28-11 9pm ET3May 3rd Meetup reminderColleen Young@colleen_young
28Apr 20-111What practical examples for greater collaboration exist in your health care context?Sean Cranbury@CIHC_caHow can we increase interprofessional collaboration in health care? Part of this is also including the patient in the conversation.@CIHC_ca
Linkcollaboration, interdisciplinary, professional, patients, technology, daily work
Apr 20-112What types of social media enable collaboration in healthcare context?Kama@nursekamaWe often have content created using social media that is discipline specific, what opportunities are there for collaboration?
Apr 20-113What technological application(s) would make your healthcare or healthcare related job easier?Christine@pharmaengageIs there a technological solution missing from your day to day role in healthcare? What problems would you like to have solved using technology, social media or otherwise?
27Apr 13-111How do you approach social media when your audience is not the main target audience participating in social media?Heather@h_escaravageLinkaudience, target, promote, video, multimedia
Apr 13-112How long does a video have to be to be effective w/ its audience?Anthony@ALucic do we have data to support the "keep videos short" principle?
Apr 13-113Announcing the next #hcsmca Meetup...Colleen Young@colleen_young
26Apr 6-111how is social media being used internally to foster knowledge exchange & communityhilary@hsquared@bornkLinkknowledge management, corporate, community, research, information exchange, sharing
Apr 6-112How should Canadian health services researchers use social media? Karen @bornkWhat would end-users (the public, media, communications, providers etc) like to see AND what is of interest to researchers.
Apr 6-113For knowledge sharing, what online tools are being used to share health info among peers and for community?Faisal@faisal_qUse of tools like Quora and Storify can change how info is shared for health knowledge
25Mar 30-11 1pm ET1Patients in Canada, tell us what social media does 4 u and what u want from social media.Krista Clement@BreastCaNowWhatLinkpatients, SM management, Community, nurture, support, grow
Mar 30-112What's the difference between a social media manager and a community manager?Colleen Young@colleen_youngSee blog post for more background http://bit.ly/hfocf7
Mar 30-113How to nurture community? and how to leverage existing communities?Michael Martineau@eHealthMusings
24Mar 24-11 9pm ET1What is “health navigation”?@Youth4HealthSPECIAL: How can young people help others navigate & access quality healthcare services and supports?
For background info, read Andrea Yip's case study on @Youth4Health http://bit.ly/eOfnlv
Linkhealth navigation, access, accessibility, boundaries, scope, youth, young
Mar 24-112What are the boundaries of a youth health navigator?Andrea Yip@andie86Youth navigators @Hansen3rd, @abiequayson, @hkulmiye, @tomstu17 will be joining our discussion.
Mar 24-113How can health providers & organizations integrate “youth health navigation” into their practice?Andrea Yip@andie86
23Mar 16-11 1How do we bring out the "Care" in #HCSMCA and not get pigeon holed as just generic "Social Media Expert" marketers?Faisal Qureshi@faisal_qHealthcare SM poses very different challenges than run of the mill Social Media. Does this stigma exist in your org or when describing what is you do?Linkpromotion, care, marketing, video, youtube, communication, multimedia
Mar 16-11 2when and how do you like to see video used in health communications and sm, and does video/audio quality matter?kathy kastner@kathykastnere.g.link to YouTube 4 health vids (is UTube credible?) Vlogs by hcp
22Mar 9-11 1pm ET1How can vendors best engage the social media community?Michael Martineau@eHealthMusingsA number of vendors at HIMSS made various attempts to engage the social community including hosting tweetups, either at their booth or offsite. What advice can those of us active in social media offer vendors seeking our attention@CraigTyyzLinkVendors, engagement, definition of social media, buy-in, benefits, advantages
Mar 9-112How do you define social media?Craig Thompson@CraigTyyzRecently heard someone say that social media is to social networking what food is to dinner. It got me thinking.
Mar 9-113How have you gained buy-in ACROSS your organziation re benefits of SM use?@AOHC_ACSOCHCs across Ontario are warming up to social media use, but there are many barriers, including time pressures, staff shortages, etc. We're looking to better understand how others have overcome resistance, fear and other attitudes toward SM use on the part of health care organizations.
21Mar 2-11 1pm ET1Any experience using SM to reach various diverse communities in sparse rural areas.Larry Baxter@Larrybeach@kathykastnerLinkrural, remote, diverse, anonymous comments, blog, blogging, laws, regulations, doctors, physicians, econsults
2How should bloggers deal with anonymous comments?Michael Martineau@eHealthMusingsDo you allow anonymous comments on your blog? If not, why? If you do, how do you deal with spam, potentially libelous comments, or inflammatory comments.
3Should Canada amend laws to allow doctors to use social media to give medical advice as they have in Denmark?Tony Correia@impactbcSee article: http://news.cnet.com/8301-13577_3-20036107-36.html
20Feb24 Meetup!
9pm chat ET
1Meetup introductions and why/how do you use sm.Colleen Young@colleen_youngLink
2OPEN DISCUSSION in person and on Twitter
19Feb16-111Let's discuss wikis. How do you encourage people (your target community) to participate in them?Colleen Young@colleen_youngSee article "WikiProject Medicine urges medical community to edit" http://bit.ly/grC134@rdjfraser LinkWikis, change, cross-country, national, meetup
Feb16-112How can social media be used to effect change?Michael Martineau@mikenstn
Feb16-113The cross-country Meetup challenge. Where is your meetup on Feb24th? Find others.Colleen Young@colleen_youngRead more http://bit.ly/fZTWYJ. Meetups plans have been confirmed for Toronto, Ottawa, and Vancouver. Victoria,Edmonton , Montréal, Halifax are planning. What about London, Winnipeg, Kelowna, Kingston, Québec City, Moncton, Saskatoon, Yellowknife, more?
18Feb 9-11 1pm ET1dAbisaac Saraga@safecareSMFeedback on why they don't want to tweet: They wanted to create a corp run twitter account for a project, but unable to justify continual messaging. Did not find it fair to use their own name to tweet about projects and knowledge they can share insteadLinkEmployees, staff, engagement, business, policy, environment, corporate
Feb 9-112Introduce Policy or Environment First?Abisaac Saraga@safecareSMRecently introduced SM policy to staff. Feedback was "this scares people because they are not familiar with the environment"
Feb 9-113How is SM managed in your org (how many FTE's, who's assigned to monitor/post, approval process, etc.)?Gretchen Seitz@gretmsIs your org finding that the commitment to SM is compatible with other priorities? Has your org made SM a priority?
17Feb2-11 1pm ET1what do you see as the most important issues in Cdn. healthcare + ehealth + informatics + SM currently? Richard Booth@mikenstn has already comented on twitter about this - curious in terms of what others think. 2011 seems to be more abstract in terms of directionality of ehealth/informatics - previous years, the pulse of ehealth was (seemingly) more apparent. LinkCanadian healthcare, eHealth, Informatics, terminology, terms, interpretation, language
Feb2-11 2The language of health and its interpretations. Can sm help level the playing field?Kathy Kastnerprompted by a discussion about advocacy, which revealed the 'discussers' had different interpretations. Why is this relevant as a hcsmca topic? because the need for mutual understanding is relevant to all interactions, and in health has particular repercussions. Even single syllable words can cause confusion - with serious health implications. http://www.ability4life.com/2010/08/medical-jargon-even-single-syllable-words-can-confound/
Feb2-11 3Do patient relations departments in Canadian hospitals use SM as a 'proper channel' for resolving service issues and complaints?Craig Thompson@CraigTyyzCurious to know if someone tweeted a complaint about service in a hospital would anyone be listening? I have come across examples in the US where patient relations departments have achieved 'service recovery' via Twitter.
16Jan 27-111What would you find most helpful to hear via social media from your regional dept of public health? Least helpful?Lisa Gualtieri@lisagualtieriLinklocal, regional, announcements, broadcasting, patient support, organ transplant, support groups
Jan 27-112What resources are available using technology to support patients in healthcare? Ashleigh Pugh-Clarke@Ashleigh_RNLooking for ways to create a support group for patients who have undergone an organ transplant using technology. Hope to find things that are really interactive and can support patients who are spread over a large geographic area. (who often feel isolated when going home after transplant).
Jan 27 9pm EST
15Jan 19-11 (1pm EST)1Guest Pat Rich, online editor for CMA will discuss physician-patient interaction & the Internet. Pat Rich@cmaerSee Pat's Medicine 2.0 presentation http://www.slideshare.net/prich/maastricht-revised for a preview and to prepare your questions.@cmaerLinkPatient-physician, Patient-doctor, healthcare practitioner, engagement, interaction, communication
Jan 19-112What social media tools enable effective physician-patient communication in Cdn context? Could Quora?Colleen Young @colleen_youngBackground: See Phil Baumann's "Health Is Social: Why Physicians and Nurse Practitioners Should Consider Quora" http://healthissocial.com/quora/physicians-and-nurse-practitioners-use-quora/
14Jan 12-11 (1pm EST)1Do you measure your hcsm metrics? What tools do you use?suggested topic from last weeks T1 discussionLinkMetrics, matrix, measurement, ROI, benefits, advantages
Jan 12-112How to explain/demonstrate the importance of social media in healthcare? (probably through some good metrics)Christine Crowley@PharmaEngage
Jan 12-113Building an organizational culture of social media use - what works.Scott Wolfe@CACHCA_RCACCS
13Jan 5-111What are your health care social media (HCSM) goals for 2011? What do you want to get done?Colleen Young@colleen_youngLinkGoals, objectives, transformation, change, improving, role
Jan 5-112What change(s) would you like to see in the overall HCSM landscape in 2011?Colleen Young@colleen_young
Jan 5-113What role can #hcsmca play in furthering your HCSM goals and improving the overall HCSM landscape?Colleen Young@colleen_young
12Dec 15-101Join the effort to transform Canada’s health care system http://bit.ly/f2UszANatalie Dunleavy@ndunleavyThe CMA is holding a national dialogue on health care to hear what Canadians have to say. One questions asks if health care coverage should be broadened. Any ideas on how non-profit orgs who represent health care professionals that aren't covered by health care can use CMA's initiative to lobby 4 coverage?LinkCoverage, Canadian Healthcare, non-profit, push back, resistance, Policy, Change Management
Dec 15-102How to deal with push back to SM policy / Change Management etc.Abisaac Saraga@SafeCareSMIn last weeks #hcsmca twitter chat about SM Policy, it re-affirmed that there will be push back and resistance to an SM Policy. Especially if a policy talks about separating work from personal.
Dec 15-103Do you blog? Let's talk about good blogging techniques, what you've learned, tips to offer etc.Colleen Young colleen_young
11Dec 8-10
Wed. 1pm EST
1How effective is SM in reaching youth with health messaging? Are they truly engaged? Implications for health care providers? Lori Kleinsmith@BridgesCHCLoriLinkYouth, young, teenager, engagement, staff, employees, policy, training
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