TimestampInstitutionLocationSubject AreaClosing DateURLRank
Tenure Track
5/26/2018Northern Arizona UniversityArizonaHuman Dimensions of Forestry9/1/2018
Asst ProfTT?
5/26/2018Virginia TechVirginiaEcological Restoration6/15/2018
5/28/2018University of CopenhagenDenmarkMicrobial Ecology6/3/2018
Asst ProfTT12/18/2018Any update here? In the second round1
5/29/2018Stephen F. Austin State UniversityTexasGame Ecology and Management6/1/2018
Asst ProfTT3/30/2019phone interview scheduled Invited for on campus interview in Sept. 2) went for on campus interview as well, have you heard back2
5/29/2018Endicott CollegeMassachusettsEnvironmental Science
Asst ProfTT6/11/20194
5/29/2018Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale de LausanneSwitzerlandTerrestrial Ecology8/15/2018
Asst/Assoc ProfTT3/1/20191) Received rejection email - but it was a really nice one! x21
5/30/2018Lakehead University - OrilliaCanadaSustainability Science and Biology
Asst ProfTT3/9/2019Teaching four full course equivalents per year that may include, Introduction to Environmental Sustainability, Environmental Thought and Policy, Inquiry into Environmental Methods, Field Schools in Environmental Sustainability, Plant Biology, Animal Biology, Introductory Ecology, Biogeography, and Plant Ecology of Disturbed Habitats. 1) The submit date is now June 11, 2018. 2) This is very confusing. Two courses per semester and no research expectations? I don't get it. 3) I think it's four courses per semester (four full courses = eight semester long courses). Though,true, there is no mention of research and a research statement is not required. 4) E-mail recieved that I was being interviewed, which was immediately followed by an email saying that they made a mistake.5) that is aweful2
5/30/2018University of WaterlooCanadaEnvironmental Virology9/21/2018
Asst ProfTT5/21/20191) any news?2
5/30/2018University of WaterlooCanadaAquatic ecology9/21/2018
TT6/3/20191) link doesn't work 2) Link Updated. Ad says, "The research should address structural and/or functional relations among organisms of inland waters, as affected by natural and anthropogenic processes." 2) Are we supposed to just e-mail our application packet to the chair or is there some "apply here" tab I'm staring past? 2.1) I was staring past the directions - submit directly to dept. chair... 3) anyone hear anything about this one? 4) Nope 5) Nope x3 10/23/18 6) Nope x7 11/10/18 7) At this point, I guess they have moved forward with Canadian candidates who are not on this wiki. 8) Do you know that they've moved on? Or is this an assumption? 9) Assumption I suspect (there ARE some Canadians here thank you very much...:)). 7 again) No, I don't know that they moved on. #9, I wrote that awkwardly, I know there are Canadians here. I just meant that they have to prioritize hiring Canadians, and at this point, I'm guessing they are going with candidates who are Canadian and who also don't happen to be here, which is why we're hearing nothing but crickets. :) 8 again) Gotcha, just was wondering if there were rumors of progress being made. Fingers still crossed!, 9) letters requested 11/28/18 10) Did they contact you directly or just your letter writers? 11) letter writers x2 12) anyone invited for an interview or interviewed already? 12) on campus interviews in March 2019 13) Good luck! 14) No offer yet?15) called off 16) were you told directly or did you hear? In any case, is that for all the concurrent positions or just this one? 17) any reasons for the position being cancelled? 18) Why was it cancelled!? 19) when will they tell the folks who interviewed for this.... 20) 6/3 rejection email, position offered to another candidate17
5/30/2018University of WaterlooCanadaTerrestrial ecology9/21/2018
Asst ProfTT6/19/2019Ad says "...innovative field- and lab-based approaches (e.g., tracking, molecular, physiology, etc.) to investigate applied and/or theoretical questions in the area of ornithology or mammalogy in terrestrial environments and may target the population-, species- or community-level." which is not terrestrial ecology??? 2) What do you mean it isn't terrestrial ecology? That is pretty in line with the job descriptions that are typical for posts called 'terrestrial ecology'. 3) Referring to section "in the area of ornithology or mammalogy in terrestrial environments "--having taught "terrestrial ecology multiple times, that typically means soil-plants-water-biogeochemistry etc. 4) That may be true for a class actually called 'terrestrial ecology', but in 5 years of watching job adds nearly every position advertised as a 'terrestrial ecology' position specifies that they want someone working on birds/mammals/reptiles. 5) Job add no longer available through the link provided. 6) job is listed here 7) can't find it... 8)Any updates? 9) Letters requested x3 10) Did they contact you or your references? 11) References. 12) Invited to on-campus interview on Jan-Feb 2019 x2 13) Any idea about when they are likely to decide? 14) Any news? 15) I know this stage can take time and that they are deciding on several jobs, but this seems to be taking forever. I was told that they’d decide by end of March, so I am losing hope on this one. It would be nice to get any type of info. 16) I heard that they may be trying to tetris the several hires they are doing to compliment eachother 17) Any news at all? Come on! 18) Yes, someone must have heard something. After all this time, I assume it's over one way or another, but it would be nice to get some closure. 19) 5/21 Rejection email, job offered to someone else. 20) Sorry to hear that 19, it sucks to wait so long but at least closure14
5/30/2018UC DavisCaliforniaPlant Pathology6/30/2018
Asst ProfTT2
5/31/2018Carleton UniversityCanadaPlant Genetics9/1/2018
Asst ProfTT4/15/2019We are especially interested in Plant Biologists with expertise in Population Genetics, Evolutionary Genetics, or Evolutionary Genomics. (1) Failed search from last year. (2) Why did it fail? (3) First person offered it had multiple offers and accepted a position somewhere else. (4) Does that mean the other candidates were considered not acceptable? (5) Letters requested (6) My letters were requested in the previous search for this position, but not this year. I'm surprised becuse my CV is much stronger this year (but maybe everyone's is, too). I wonder whether they're using letters on file from last year (a small hope). Any insights? (7) Having served on multiple committees, I would guess that they won't re-contact your references if they're the same as last year's. I bet they would just re-use last year's if they were interested again. (8) @7: thanks (from 6). (9) Skype interviews requested with top 8 candidates. (10) Skype interviews happened. (11) Reveived the dreaded email (paraphrasing): "We received many talented applications. Unfortunately yours was not one of them." (12) @ 11, when? No news since skype interviews at this point likely means a no? x2 (13) @ 12, I had a skype interview and now have recieved the rejection email. (14) Have any on-campus interviewed people had any news? (15) Offer accepted6
6/1/2018Liverpool John Moores UniversityUnited KingdomBehavioural Ecology6/20/2018
Asst ProfTT4/19/20194
6/1/2018Missouri Southern State UniversityMissouriMolecular and Cell Biology
Asst ProfTT8/20/2018Looks like it closed. 2) What makes you think that? The link still works and it is still active on 3) Position filled 4) Offered @ $47,000 and rejected. 5) That's more than last year! 6) this is insulting. Someone with a PhD should not be making only $47K. Ridiculous not matter how low the cost of living is in that area.-1
6/2/2018University of WaterlooCanadaIntegrated Hydrosystem Modeling I6/15/2018
Asst/Assoc ProfTT11/8/20181) Job add no longer available through the link provided. 2) job is listed here 3) can't find it...
6/2/2018University of WaterlooCanadaIntegrated Hydrosystem Modeling II6/15/2018
Asst/Assoc ProfTT10/16/20181) Job add no longer available through the link provided. 2) job is listed here 3) can't find it... 1
6/2/2018University of WaterlooCanadaCritical Zone Hydrology and Biogeochemistry6/15/2018
Asst/Assoc ProfTT11/28/2018Anyone know the status of this position? 2) *crickets* 3) request for references sent Nov 51
6/2/2018University of HelsinkiFinlandEcology8/13/2018
Rank OpenTT2/3/2019"The professorship is based in the Organismal and Evolutionary Biology Research Programme" 1) Does anyone know about the funding situation in Finland? From a TT in OEB at UH - it's pretty good! Academy of Finland is centralised funding agency that provides funds for two fellowship schemes post-PhD (~12% success rate), collaborative 3-yr project grants (~16%), and professorial fellowships (buy-out of teaching +++ research funds). Also lots of foundations that provide pots for student work and some larger collaborative initiatives. UH has very good support for applying (and success with getting) EU funds. Join us! 2) I want to join you, where do I sign? 3) 9/4 The search for this position was apparently cancelled (?) 4) #3 Did they tell you directly or do you have inside information? 5) Through the grapevine. 6) Maybe it was cancelled because they opened up that big cluster hire for 5 spots instead? 7). nope just heard from HR that this is still in progress and the cluster hire is separate. 8) Received a rejection email stating I did not make initial cut to 40 apps out of 119 total x2 9) Received a rejection email listing the final list of 7 candidates to be interviewed. 10) @9 Any chance you can tell us who is to be interviewed? 11)@10 I may be wrong, but I understand that this is not considered appropriate or ethical at this stage. It's only OK to list the name of the final ACCEPTED candidate. I don't think I'd like my name here myself. Imagine I'm going to another interview in another place next week; the people there could see my name here and doubt my commitment or simply lean towards an application that they see as safer with less of a risk of failing in negotiations (e.g. someone local). This is of course assuming they won't go and publish it on their website anyway as a list of department seminars. I still find it a bit weird that they would share the list of shortlisted candidates with non-invited candidates. 12) They do the same thing in Sweden (at least they did some years ago for a job in Uppsala). They are just very open about the whole process. 13) @11 correct, the policy here is that including names if appropriate only when it has been publically announced that the position has been accepted. AP 14) I will not give names, but I can tell you that most of the people selected were very senior, including Full Professors (both from the US and Europe). So they meant it about the "Rank Open". I don't think that recent postdocs with just a few publications had any chance here. 15)Thanks, @14, that's really good to know.8
6/3/2018University of WarwickUnited KingdomEcology and/or Environmental Bioscience6/27/2018
Assoc/Full ProfTT6/8/2018
6/3/2018University of CanterburyNew ZealandMarine Ecosystems7/15/2018
Lecturer/Senior LecturerTT8/7/2018Afaik this is permanent, not TT per se. 2) Yep, there's no such thing as tenure in NZ.1
6/3/2018University of SydneyAustraliaMarine Temperate Reef Ecology6/11/2018
Associate Lecturer/ LecturerTT11/26/2018Job posting expired. 1
6/5/2018Old Dominion UniversityVirginiaPlant Ecology8/16/2018
Asst ProfTT1/7/2019"All areas of plant ecology will be considered, but applicants using field techniques are strongly preferred and expertise in coastal or wetland plants is desirable." 2) any news? 3) They are conducting phone interviews this week. 4) alright, I can move on... thanks. 5) any word from anyone that had a phone interview? 6) not yet x2 7) thanks. 8) any news? 9) none here 10? No invitations to campus? 10) campus invite 10/179
6/6/2018Minot State UniversityNorth DakotaBiology
Asst ProfTT10/3/2018"Position starts August 2018. Terrestrial or aquatic ecologists who can provide field experiences or animal physiologists who can teach Human Anatomy & Physiology with a cadaver lab are particularly encouraged to apply." 1) There was an interesting short article about the city of Minot in The Economist that is worth reading for anyone considering this position ( 2) Was this a failed search that has been reposted? The original was posted in April on their site.1
6/6/2018University of the West IndiesOtherFish biology/fisheries6/28/2018
Asst ProfTT1/21/2019In Trinidad and Tobago. Even though it is listed as lecturer, that is what TT positions are called there. 2) Also the name of their currency. 3) "That'll be 50 lecturers, please." 4) Their currency is TT, not lecturer! 5) Anyone know what one should write in for "Competencies" on their job application?
6/6/2018Seton Hall UniversityNew JerseyEcology/Toxicology6/25/2018
Asst ProfNon-TT1/23/2019Begins August 2018. Requires 2 years as postdoc. 2) I'm not sure this one is tenure-track, it doesn't say it anywhere in the job description. Can anyone verify? 3) Looks like a VAP: "for the term of 2018-19"we're required the referee report were we ended we are we were 3 were were 3 were we treated 3 were e3e we e see were e we were e reread referee referee were were were retreater were e were retreater reset e were were were we were 3e3 retreater were we were were ee3e333 retreater Eric referee ee we were were we were e were e were wet were 3e retreater r 3 were we 3 were e3e retreat were were were were we were e3 were we e r e were were erey,,,, 4) @3, do you require medical assistance? 5) Yes, this is concerning. I hope whoever posted that is ok. Please confirm you are alright, #3 6) LOL 7) I just snorted coffee out of my nose1
6/8/2018University of New Brunswick, Saint JohnCanadaMarine Biology7/1/2018
Asst ProfTT8/17/2018"Review of applications will begin on July 1, 2018 and will continue until the position is filled. Position begins on 1 January 2019." Note this appears a repost of the job posted spring 2018. 2) I emailed and it's actually a second position! 3) Has anyone heard anything back from them yet? 4) Nope 5) Interviews held for 1st position in July 2018.9
6/8/2018Old Dominion UniversityVirginiaMarine Biology/Ecology6/30/2018
Visiting Asst ProfNon-TT6/25/2018"The start date for this position is August, 2018 for a 10 month appointment, with a possible extension to a second year. We seek applicants with a Ph.D. in marine ecology or a related field and strong quantitative skills. The successful candidate is expected to be an effective teacher, and will offer a lecture/laboratory course in marine ecology or invertebrate zoology during the fall and spring semesters along with an advanced undergraduate/graduate course within their area of expertise."1
6/11/2018Utah State UniversityUtahSilviculture & Applied Forest Ecology9/9/2018
Asst ProfTT12/20/2018Is this link working for anyone else? Yes. 3 candidates scheduled for on-site interviews. Offer made and accepted.3
6/11/2018Louisiana Tech UniversityLouisianaForest Health & Ecology7/31/2018
Asst/Assoc ProfTT3/1/20191) Closing date (11/1) confirmed for this search? No info provided in the ad. 2) Ecolog post says "Preference will be given to applications received by Nov 01, 2018." --> thanks! 3) This position is strictly about theory, it doesn't seem that they are interested in ecologists that sometimes play with theory. 4) FSU faculty member here: we are indeed interested in people who combine theory and empirical work, as well as strict theorists. "Sometimes play" might be a stretch. 5) As a strict theorist, thank you. 6) Have others had luck uploading letters? I don't see a link for requesting them. 7) @6 - reference letters? As a reference, I got an automated email from FSU when my people applied. 8) Another job asking letters upon front.... why waste everyone's time?? As an ecologist combines both empirical and theoretical approaches, I am hestitated to apply because I am not sure whether I am a good "fit" and I don't want to waste my referees' time. 9) any updates? (11/17) none here x 2 (11/19) still none (11/26
6/16/2018Saint Mary's UniversityCanadaMicrobial Ecology7/1/2018
Asst ProfTT12/12/20181) letters were solicited by references, Chair indicated they would begin reviewing letters+apps on 8/20/18 2) any updates of phone or in-person interview invites?1
6/19/2018Texas A&M University - Corpus ChristiTexasMarine Biology9/15/2018
Asst ProfTT1/24/20191) Did anyone else view their application after submission and see their CV attached but none other their other documents? 2) OP, chair of the search committee emailed me that they received all my materials even though I can't see them. 3) Submission system was glitchy...I ended up missing deadline after three attempts with three email accounts; the third attempt errored out when the deadline hit after I uploaded all documents but before I hit submit. 4) Nobody has heard anything? 5) I haven't heard anything. X4 6) Invited for phone interview X4 (12/28) Request for references after phone interview (11/30) Campus interview requested (x3) (12/12; updated 1/24)15
6/20/2018American UniversityDistrict of ColumbiaEnvironmental Science9/26/2018
Asst ProfTT3/14/2019"We welcome applications from candidates engaged in high-quality scholarship in areas including quantitative ecosystem analysis with possible emphases on terrestrial and/or urban carbon dynamics." 1) Any updates? (x2) 2)I'm guessing no one on this wiki made the cut 2)So, they resolved the ad then? 3) Received an intive for a phone interview (11/11) x2 4) Any news? 5) Position filled8
6/21/2018California State University, FresnoCaliforniaEcoimmunology10/1/2018
Asst ProfTT1/22/20191) In last year's job season, this search was canceled (citing budget reasons) after the phone interview stage 2) This search has guaranteed funding this year, and is broader than the title would suggest (disease ecologists, parasitologists fall into the applicant pool). 3) Phone interview Oct. 22, called references Nov. 1. No news about on-site interview short-list yet. 4) Position accepted (announced on twitter) 5) Received rejection e-mail 1/223
6/25/2018Williams CollegeMassachusettsEcology10/12/2018
Asst ProfTT1/25/2019"The candidate should complement our existing faculty expertise by focusing on community or ecosystem or landscape level ecology." 2. was this a failed search from last year? 3) I don't think so. They hired an evolutionary ecologist recently (I think it was the year before last). This seems to have quite a different emphasis. 4) Have spoken to faculty in the dept. This is a new search; other recent searches were successful. [Speculation about inside hire deleted - let's try not to identify supposed inside candidates to respect people's privacy. - AP]. 5) Any word? 10/19 6) 10/19 nope x10 7) Any updates? 10/29 none here x7 8) Contacted for phone interview 10/31x6 9) Guess they're doing a lot of phone interviews 10) even when the department is conducting a lot of phone interviews I can't make the cut, guess I will look into becoming an organic potato farmer 11) @10 Might the farm have room for a goatherder, as I may need to join 12) all we need is a road builder and we have ourselves a Catan community 13) I'll bring the road grader... 14) can we add a farm cook to the mix? 15) Anyone to report on the phone interviews or next steps? 16) Nope\ 17) Haven't heard back, but during the phone interview they indicated that early December would be when on-campus interviews would be conducted 18) campus invite 11/14 x3 19) Damn. Thought I nailed the interview :( 20) It's rare for the "top 3" list to change based on video interviews... not that it makes it suck any less for the rest of us. 21) Any news? 22) Had campus interview, I think they are just finishing up with them now. 23) Received rejection email today: "Thank you for your application for the Metabolic Biochemist faculty position open at Williams College. I am sorry to inform you that you were not selected to interview for this position. We had a number of outstanding applicants and the choices were difficult." I thought I was applying for an ecology job... x5 lol 24) Followup rejection email: "Rest assured, your application was reviewed for the Ecology position here at Williams College, however, the position has now been filled." x3 25) nothing like getting two rejection emails from the same school the week before Christmas, Thanks Williams College! x333
6/26/2018Antioch University New EnglandNew HampshireConservation Biology7/16/2018
Rank OpenNon-TT7/25/2018"Start date: August 20, 2018 (or when the position is filled)"
"The selected candidate should be able to teach graduate courses such as conservation biology, ecology, vertebrate ecology, wildlife management, biostatistics, GIS, and/or landscape ecology, and will have the opportunity to develop and lead field study courses as well as courses in their area of expertise." 2) They really are trying to fill this position to start in less than 2 months!?! What does 'full time faculty' mean? Do they not have tenure? 3) Correct. I just checked and it looks like they do not have a tenure system at this school. 4) So, MS and PhD students are paying they're own way through this program in general? I come from a more traditional, biology background where students get paid a stipend. The program looks interesting, but how could I justify asking students to take out loans ($100K in tuition costs for PhD) just to work with me? Am I missing something? 5) It seems that the conservation science program only has an MS. It is pretty typical for students to pay with loans/aid, etc for an MS in biology, though I agree with you that it would be hard to justify the ethics of this as an advisor. 6) I must be sheltered - I've never met a MS student in the science not paid a stipend... Thanks 7) In many schools' "professional" programs - Yale/Duke Forestry, etc., most students are paying, even though many go onto ecological jobs or phds. 8) July 24 - received email saying that my application was received and asking if I would still like to be considered for the position. Stated a $53K startng salary and a *January 2019* start date. Scheduling phone interviews in September
6/27/2018University of MichiganMichiganSpatial Science of Coupled Natural-Human Systems9/14/2018
Asst/Assoc ProfTT3/19/20191) Any updates? 2) I haven't heard anything x3 3) phone interview today 10/29 and did not do so hot ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ 4) Dude, you never know. Good luck. But, help yourself out and project some confidence if you're going to post on a public forum that the SC can see, no?! 5) And it's already frustrating enough for people to hear that you didn't make the cut, that I don't think this is the place to write post-interview self-assessment. Venting and general discussion are for this. 6) #3 here. Point taken everyone. Apologies. 7) Any updates on in-person interviews? 8) they are inviting candidates now 9) candidate visits are done 10) offer extended13
6/28/2018California State University San BernadinoCaliforniaBiology / Ecology9/30/2018
Asst ProfTT2/18/2019"The successful applicant will develop an independent research program addressing fundamental questions in ecology and will teach courses in field ecology, biostatistics, and additional courses within the selected candidate's area of expertise at the undergraduate and M.S. levels" 2) Nothing 10/10/18 3) Any one get word yet? 4) Nope 10/16/18 x10 5) Letters weren't due till the 19th, so I'm guessing we won't hear till a bit after that! 6) @5 so your writers were contacted? x2 7) haha, that's definitely an update - my writers weren't contacted as far as I know! 8) Anyone get a request for an interview? 9) I'm still confused as to whether letters were requested for other applicants. Can someone confirm this? 10) I just called HR (10/26/18) and they said they are still reviewing the minimum qualifications of candidates which means it might be a while until we hear anything! 11) @10 any word of the number of applicants? 12) @11 no but it seemed like there was more than they are used to. 14) Succumbed to curiosity and contacted the committee, he said to expect word in early December 11/16/2018 15) @ 14 - fortune favors the bold my friend! 16) I received a "You weren't selected for the next round" letter in the mail today. The letter was dated November 9th. So in this case, no news is good news. x2 17) mail! Wow! 18) @14 expect word for video interviews? on campus invites? or was it not specified? I didn't get anything in the mail (yet) so I have my hopes up, lol. x3 19) The contact I had with the search chair was by email, which said "phone interview" -14. 18) thanks @14! There is at least one application in academia that draws breath. 20) @16 @14 did you get letter requests? Still a little unclear where things stand with the seach and what has actually happened. x2 21) I never got word that my letters were requested, but I emailed the Search Chair on 11/16 and he emailed back to say my application was still "active" with phone interviews likely to be scheduled in early January. I never made sense about @5's post about letters - signed 14. 22) Contacted for a zoom interview. x3 (11/26/18) 23) super weird that the chair says early december and then early January and yet folks hear about interviews today. 24) I don't know if it is that weird. I think committee try to overestimate the time it will take to get back to candidates (I had this experience with another search). That way when they do it earlier than the date people are happy that it's moving along faster than expected vs. giving you an optimistic date and being a month late. 25) @24, I guess I mostly think it is weird that they said early jan and then the next day sent out interview invites. 24) @25, oh ok, I see what you're saying. I missed that part. That is odd. Just FYI, I was invited for a zoom intervieiw, but have no connections to the university (never actually been to CA). So while the timing of that might be odd, there is at least one true non-internal candidate. 26) Not-internal and invited for video interview on 11/29 27) any idea on the number of applicants or video interviews? 28) I didnt ask during my phone interview and they didnt volunteer that info. I'd be curious to know. 29) anyone know what the teaching/research/service split is? 30) I'm at a Cal State school and it's predominantly teaching - I'd say 80% teaching with the rest of the 20% split between research and service. But if you get external funding, you can buy out of some of that teaching. 29) thanks @30! 31) Got a rejection by mail for 2nd time. Guess they want applicants to be certain of their status! 32) I have now received two letters and an email. I appreciate actually being informed that I wasn't successful, but jeez, guys! x228
7/1/2018Pontificia Universidad Católica de ChileSouth AmericaEcology/Evolution7/30/2018
Asst ProfTT1/7/2019"We are particularly interested in, but not restricted to, applicants encompassing one of the following areas: ecology and/or evolution of marine organisms, fisheries, and aquatic ecology."; any updates? Skype interview invitation 2) rejection recieved Nov-20-2018. Short-listed candidates already invited2
7/2/2018University British Columbia OkanaganCanadaMicrobiology10/15/2018
Asst ProfTT1/21/2019Job Posting ID 30032, this application has room for uploading a CV, but doesn't have a portal for any of the other required components. Do these need to be sent in via email to the Chair? 2) Anyone heard anything 12/18? 3) Still nothing on 1/18? 4) Letter from Dept. on 1/18 - 86 applicants, 4 selected for on-campus.2
7/2/2018Fairleigh DickinsonNew JerseyBiology10/31/2018
Asst ProfTT12/4/2018Annoyingly, there doesn't seem to be any closing date given. I guess it is rolling consideration? Does anyone have any insight on what would be a reasonable timeline for submission? 2) how are people handling the references? Seems like it is unclear whether their contact info gets entered into the system (where it says you can't use a prior supervisor...) or the three distinct letters are attached as "optional attachments" 1-3 at the end of the process. I'm guessing that we ignore the "no prior supervisor" part to enter our prior supervisor contact information? I doubt they want contact info for 3 non-supervisors and 3 non-confidential letters of rec. 3) I contacted the search chair and they want the letters as attachments. 2) odd, but ok. Thanks #3! 4) search chair got back to me and said the system will request letters. When I submitted my application there was a page that you can navigate to that shows the system requested the letters (with a timestamp) and whether or not your letter writers have submitted their letters yet. 5) Closing Date - I asked the search chair, and he said they would start reviewing apps in mid-October 6) Are people reading the job ad as indicating that ONLY candidates that use systematics will be considered? 7) Now that you mention it (6), maybe... but it does say "broadly-trained biologist", so maybe the whole clarification about systematics is in case you are a wildlife biologist. 8) "Review of candidates will begin October 31st and continue until the position is filled" 9) Why would they not want prior supervisors? Did applicants really obey that? 10) @9 I think this is a HR thing. It is the norm in our field to have prior supervisiors writer our letters. Just to reiterate what was said earlier - the application system will request letters automatically. I listed supervisors and collaborators for my references. x2 9 again) thanks @10, it's nice to hear I'm not the only one! 11) Happy halloween! Today is the day! I feel like I applied to this job a million years ago... x2 12) Hah, I applied for this one in July x2. I'm sure now that a bunch of rejections for other jobs have gone out, they'll now be swamped with hundreds of desperate applications! 13) @12, how common is it to get a rejection letter? I've only gotten 2 rejection notices but applied for over 20 jobs, and I know that interviews have started at most of the places I've applied already. 14) @13 this is why we have the wiki, sometimes is the only way you know... Also has anyone heard from FDU? 15) I don't remember my original number from here anymore.... but, no word from FDU yet (11/26) x2 16) contacted for phone interview 12/4/18 (x3) 16) @6, I am not a systematist by any stretch FYI (x2) 17) @16 anyone hear about on campus interviews? they said they'd make decisions this week (before holidays) so I'm assuming it is a no for me 18) Invited for an on-campus interview 12/2112
7/2/2018University of IllinoisIllinoisAquatic Ecology8/13/2018
Director, Illinois River Biological StationNon-TT7/2/2018Hiring range $70-75K.
7/3/2018University of WaterlooCanadaGeomicrobiology10/1/2018
Asst/Assoc ProfTT6/18/2019anybody get letters requested? 2) no x4 3) reference letters requested with due date of Nov 5 x2 4) any updates? 5) Heard othing 6) Still notihng :( 6) Invites for oncampus interviews sent x3 7) Interviews done, waiting for news 8) so whats the word, someone get an offer or what? 9) no news 10) STILL no news? 11) still waiting afaik.... 12) kind of impressive how long this is taking 13) I know , I interviewed for the Terrestrial position and I really thought that this was done and dusted over a month ago , until I realized that all the concurrent positions are still unresolved.13) Still nothing? Maybe this failed? 14) Wish if there was an offer made to someone on this board they could say they were negotiating! Suspense! 15) yup, losing hope 16) still no word here ? 16) jeez louise 17) rejection 07/13/194
7/4/2018Swarthmore CollegePennsylvaniaAnimal Physiology or Neurobiology10/1/2018
Asst ProfTT6/25/20191) Is this a repeat of the search last year? 2) Does anyone know the teaching load expectations at this school? I assume 3/3? 3) My rejection from last year's organismal biology search says that they did hire someone. I don't know about Swarthmore specifically, but comparable SLACs typically have pretty low teaching loads comparable to R1s but with more undergraduate advising/research expectations. Definitely not 3/3. 4) This is a different search. Retirement replacement. The teaching load is pretty decent here (2/2) but labs count so it's 1 lecture/1 lab per semester. 5) That's pretty good for a SLAC. 6) also pay is extremely high for a SLAC!! This is a sweet gig 7) What's the pay range? @7 80k range at Swarthmore 9) You folks are funny. Swat is consistently rated as one of the top 3 SLACs in the nation and has a bigger endowment per student than some Ivies. This is an elite job; adjust your expectations accordingly. <- no need for that tone here. X5. 10) Search Committee last year was super thoughtless - kept me on a string for weeks and were not up front about where they were in the search process. All very stressful. A simple "you are not a finalist" would have been better. I had actually expected more from such an elite institution. 11) Just realized that I misspelled Swarthmore in all my application materials. Boy do I feel like a shithead. Guess that's one less applicant to compete with for y'all... 12) @11, or they won't even notice! :) 13)@11, we all make mistakes - I discussed supervising graduate students in a recent application to another university, but realized as soon I sent it they don't even have an M.S. program in Biology....happens to a lot of us! 14) Nothing yet? (10/25/18) 15) nothing for me x7 (10/26) 16)nothing for me 16) IIRC for last year's position there were no phone/skype interviews - only on-campus interviews 17) skype interview requested (10/26) 18) only 1 person out of 20 applicants on here?!? 19) Well, it's a highly selective college. 20) Haven't heard anything since Zoom interview on 10/29/18 20) Invited for Zoom interview 1/28/19. 21) @20 -- any idea why they asked for another phone interview? I thought I had heard that they had hired someone, but maybe that was misinformation! 22) @ 21, 20 here, no idea. They didn't say. 23) Rejection email received 2/26 x4 24) They have advertised again for an "Animal Physiology" position for next year. Any idea whether this 2018 search failed for whatever reason?22
7/4/2018University of Minnesota Bell MuseumMinnesotaBotany9/1/2018
7/6/2018University of TorontoCanadaEcology and Evolution9/5/2018
Assistant Professor, Teaching StreamTT12/3/2018NOTE FROM A TORONTO DEPT MEMBER: TORONTO IS SEARCHING FOR TWO POSITIONS, THIS IS THE TEACHING STREAM POSITION, #57 IS THE TENURE-TRACK RESEARCH STREAM POSITION. Start date of July 1st 2019 2) according to the posting it seems like a teaching heavy position 3) Updated the cell to reflect that this is non-TT, not TT. 4) URL is throwing an error for me on 7/9 EDIT: Fixed URL. 5) Can someone explain to me why a teaching stream professor is not tenure track? 6) IDK, I emailed the chair to ask & will report back. 7) I asked the search committee and here is what they said "Yes, this is a tenure-track position. Teaching load is a more difficult one to answer in a meaningful way. Our courses are 12 weeks in length so they may be shorter than taught at some schools and we frequently have two hours of lecture per week (labs would be additional for some courses). This person will be expected to teach 5 such courses over the year, although this may be adjusted (reduced) depending on the nature of the course taught and associated administrative or course development load associated with it." 8) Would it be encouraged/allowed for someone in this position to do disipline research in addition to their heavy teaching load? 9) 3 again here. There are TWO positions at Toronto -- one is TT ('tenure stream'), one is non-TT ('teaching stream'). Teaching stream has job code 1802314; tenure stream has job code 1802289. This row seems to be an amalgamation of the two positions. 10) "Teaching stream" is what the uni calls their TT teaching focused positions. 7) here again, yes this is tenure-track but with a teaching focus (TT teaching stream). I talked to the chair about this. (8) A 9/7 e-mail to Ecolog indicates that there are now up to 3 tenure-stream positions associated with this search. 9) No #8, the 2 positions are for regular research faculty, not thiis specific Teaching Stream (10) Any updates? (11) I haven't heard anything 2x 12) With the posting for a 2 year fixed term teaching contract in the department, I'm now wondering whether they decided to go that route instead of this tenure track position? (12) @11, I wondered too, especially since they say the TT interviews r already booked but no mention of this one (13) Interviews have happened for this position.3
7/9/2018University of British ColumbiaCanadaIntegrative Organismal Biology10/15/2018
Asst ProfTT12/13/2018Hiring for 2 positions, "extend and complement existing faculty strengths in our Comparative Animal Physiology and Biomechanics group". Link is active -- deleted duplicate comments 8/27 2) Sounds like their 2016 search (which failed?) and 2017 search (anybody know if that one succeeded?). 3) 2016: failed; 2017: succeeded 3) I cannot find the link, can you share the Job ID, please? 4) Did anyone get an e-mail confirming their application? 5) I did get a confirmation email. 6) Thanks #5. I didn't get one, so I'll follow up. 7) There was also a diversty survey sent out, did everybody else get that? 8) The link to that survey was part of the confirmation email. 9) #4 here - received confirmation and survey today 10) wtf the last poster was 10/21, it's now 10/24 and I received no confirmation. Did you all apply by emailing ? x3 11) Literally JUST received my confirmation email/survey link - have no fear #10! x3 12) I've not received confirmation as of 10/23. Am I the only one? 13) I also have not received confirmation x4 14) it took over a week for me to receive a confirmation email, and I applied nearly a month before the deadline. 14) Received request to complete an "employment equity" survey x4 15) Still received no confirmation and no equity survey 16) Wonder if it's alphabetical? I'm a "D" 17) That would be weird, but #15 here and indeed am at the end of the alphabet. - updating my own post, finally received the survey. 18) #13 here, i've also received survey now. Slowly but surely, apparently. 19) letters requested from references 10/31 x5 20) dammit no letter request here :( x10 19) Rejection 11/28 x5 20) for those rejected in #19, first off sorry for the disappointment! were your letters requested before you received this rejection? 21) I received a rejection on 11/28, stated that I made the long list (top 15%) but wasn't invited for on-campus, and yes, my letters were requested previously. x3 22) My rejection (also received on 11/28) just said they have selected who to bring to campus and my application was no longer under consideration x5 23) Recieved on-campus interview invite 11/29 x4 24) @23 way to go, team wiki! 25) Does anybody know how many applicants they got?21
7/9/2018Nord UniversityNorwayMarine Ecology8/28/2018
Assoc/Full ProfTT11/7/2018Heads up about jobs in Norway: Everyone else who applies will get to read your evaluation report. Anecdotally, I've applied to two searches in Norway and both favored an internal candidate, but applicant numbers tend to be on the lower end.1
7/9/2018University of ZurichSwitzerlandEvolutionary Botany8/30/2018
LecturerTT10/23/20181) Not sure if this qualifies as a TT position? Seems like a position that could lead to a permanent faculty appointment, but is not a 'traditional' entry-level TT job (2) I think these positions typically don`t lead to permanent positions, but put you in a position to apply for many European Professorships-which want you to have senior author pubs/ PhD students/ grants, etc. 3) Rejection email received 9/24 4) Any updates?2
7/9/2018Wichita State UniversityKansasAquatic Vertebrate Ecology or Evolution9/14/2018
Asst ProfTT5/24/20191) Is the system going to automatically request letters or will letters be requested at the next round? 2) I don't think my letter writers have been contacted yet. x3 1) Thanks, y'all! Fingers crossed! 4) I have been asked to ask my references to submit a letter. x6 (10/4/18) 5) wonder if this was a long list or if everyone was asked for letters. Especially given 8 indicated applying and 6 have indicated getting e-mails for references. 6) Contacted for video interview x5. (10/10) 7) results of video interviews should be out ~ early November (second week or so). 8) Invited for on campus interview x2 9) Offer made, negotiating (12/19) 10) Offer accepted 1/15 11) Congrats!8
7/9/2018Oregon State UniversityOregonMycology9/1/2018
Asst ProfTT2/28/20191) Did anyone have their recommendation letters requested yet? 2) Mine haven't (09/15) 3) My letters were requested 9/17/18. 4) One of my references received a letters request this week (he told me this on 9/28), but I never heard anything from OSU. Stealth long list I guess! 5) Any updates as of 10/15? (10/23) x4 6) Still no updates? Hard to imagine they would wait this long to schedule campus interviews.7)interviews scheduled 8) offical rejection email 2/28/195
7/10/2018California State University - East BayCaliforniaIntegrative Biology 8/10/2018
Asst ProfTT1/16/2019"We specifically invite applications from individuals with a strong background in experimental ecology and field biology, particularly those who integrate perspectives across one or more biological disciplines and use modern molecular techniques. Ideal candidates will have a research focus that involves investigation of population- or community-level issues affecting natural populations, particularly in the greater San Francisco Bay Area and/or other regions accommodating to student field research." 2) I guess this is a failed search from the same position that was advertised last year? Anyone know why it failed?3) From last years wiki, I saw that 150 people applied. I wonder why it failed. 4) heard they lost funding for position last year - good to see it reposted 5) Based on last year's wiki I guess it made it all the way to campus interviews before it failed due to funding? In that situation would you expect the committee to bring back/consider some of the same candidates? It seems pretty unusual to pull funding that late in a search. 6) Just received an email notice that this had re-opened, and should apply by August 10. Is this weird? What's happening? 7) I received it too and assume that everyone who applied last year got the same email. x4 8) I did not get the email although I applied last year, now thinking maybe my application did not go through :( 9) I also applied last year and didn't get an email to re-apply this year x3 10) Has anyone else had issues contacting the search chair? I e-mailed them over a week ago and have yet to get a response. 11) I emailed them 2 weeks ago, they were prompt. But I again emailed 2 days ago and no answer yet. 11) any updates? 12) any word on this one? 13) nope 14) 6-week check in, any updates? 14) 9/24/18 nope x5 15) phone interview requested 9/27/18 x5 16) good luck to interviewees! 17) Anyone get a request for an in-person interview? 18) 10/24 I have not heard back after phone interview 19) 11/01 offered an in-person interview which will be later in Nov 20) Good luck! 21) 11/3 Received a rejection email (was a backup for phone interview). 22) did anyone get an offer on this?28
7/10/2018Texas TechTexasFire Ecology8/1/2018
Asst/Assoc ProfTT9/4/2018Had phone interview week of Aug 27
7/11/2018ETH Zurich (Swiss Federal Institute of Technology)SwitzerlandForest Science8/31/2018
Full ProfTT11/27/2018The future professor "will be expected to teach undergraduate level courses (in German or English) and graduate level courses (in English) in the field of forest science."
7/11/2018Pennsylvania State UniversityPennsylvaniaMicrobial Ecology8/30/2018
Asst Prof11/12/2018Soil focus 1) letters requested (09/19/18) (x2) 2) candidate asked to contact letter writers 3) Any update since letters requested? 4) Deadline to submit letters was yesterday (10/05) so I think it's too soon for updates 5) No update x3 6) Heard anything? 7) Nothing (x4) 8) Maybe we didn't make it to the next round 9) :( 10) Are they very slow or are we all out? 11) Same question. Before losing all hope, I will wait until Nov 5 (i.e one month after the deadline for submitting LOR) 12) campus interview invitation received (10/29) 13) :( x2 14) 4 candidates being interviewed - last week of Nov to mid-Dec.4
7/11/2018University of TorontoCanadaEcology and Evolutionary Biology9/19/2018
Asst ProfTT6/19/2019NOTE FROM A TORONTO DEPT MEMBER: THIS IS THE TENURE-TRACK RESEARCH STREAM POSITION, MUCH OF THE DISCUSSION BELOW IS ABOUT THE TEACHING STREAM POSITION; 47 is teaching stream, this is tenure stream 2) Yep, different job numbers if you go to each web link 3) Dream job y'all -- although they're searching so broadly its hard to see how the faculty will agree on what they want! 4) Anyone have thoughts on the culture within the department? Would it be more cut throat and competitive, or collaborative and supportive? 5) Both depending on which faculty you're talking about.... 6) Also, very strange to have "teaching stream" as a tenure track position, but than to also have a tenure track stream (instead of calling it research stream or something). 7) This is one of these positions that will get > 500 applications. x2 8) Note: they specifically ask for people who want to do research into pedagogy. If you're not interested in doing research about teaching, then save yourself and the committee some time. 9) @8 I don't see that in this ad... are you sure that isn't related to the teaching stream position (#47)? 10) @4 (from someone who got the job previously but sadly had to decline) from my visits and conversations with lots of people in/outside the department, I would say this is a very interactive, collaborative, and supportive deparment!! 11) @8 I also do not see this reference. If anyone can corroborate please leave a note. 12) Recent messages to evoldir and ecolog indicate that now there are up to 3 positions. I guess if you had applied already there's nothing else to do. 12) Is this a re-posting of a job from last fall? Ad looks the same 13) Did anyone else attach a cover letter? It wasn't requested but feels weird to not include. 14) I debated too, decided not to because it said not to include any additional materials 15) Recommend you include a cover letter, even if not specifically asked for. 16) I applied but can't find the advert any more. Are letter writers automatically contacted or are they contacted after an initial cut? 17) it says to submit letters directly to the dept head by the application deadline 18) Any news? 19) Not here 10/13 20) here neither oct 16 x8 20) No news here 10/23 x5 21) Heard from someone in the deptmt they have a short list, it has been sent to the dean for approval, so invites for interviews likely imminent 10/26 22) I take it that means they've already done phone interviews? 23) I suspect they'll go straight to on-campus, but I could be wrong. 24) ohboy Im checking this space daily! dream job! 25) I'm checking this whole wiki several times a day! Desperate! x3. 26) I'm limiting myself to twice a week. Can't let myself get too obsessed checking for bad news. 27) agggh, suspense. 28) OMG!!!!...suspense.. 29) It's just a place - Obv one of the top ecology and evolution departments in north america- but still, there are pros and cons (what I tell myself for when I never here back from the SC) 30) This is just the sweetest and most supportive suspense box. 31) Know someone who has an onsite interview. 32) For the research positions or for the teaching-focused ones? 33) 31 again. research position :( 32) dang, sadness in the suspense box - y'all are worthy, its a tough market 34) 31 is mistaken, no invites out yet for research position 35) #34: A new hope. 36) different from 31, know someone has an onsite for teaching job and will be interviewed soon. 37) #36: The empire strikes back. 38) Well the dept seminar list is still empty. So if the invite is happening it must be fairly recent. 39) More often than not, job seminars are not publicly advertised on departments' websites.40) @39 last year's job seminar was up on the dept seminar list so probably up this year as well. 41) This is building up to be an epic, and hiliarous, following...Note 31 got me legit bummed out for weeks(?; hard to tell time when you check twice a day), and 34 gave 'a new hope' indeed. 42) Ok, but BACK TO BEING A SUSPENSE BOX. 43) so was the short list sent to the dean misinfomration as well? 44) sorry folks, they have a short list and have sent invites. there was an email that went out to everyone in the department 45) well this was fun while it lasted 46) so all 3 positions advertised for the research TT are covered for with the circulating invitations???. 46) Wow -no one on the wiki got an invite? 47) What email do you mean #44? 48) @46 Yes. @47 The chair has emailed the list of candidates coming for an interview to the faculty and graduate students in the department 49) When is the first interview @48? 49) @48 so, 3 research track jobs, do you know how many candidates are being interviewed? 50) From what I know there are 8 people being interviewed for the three positions x2 51)This borders on privacy infringement, but it'd be really interesting to know how many of the 8 are Canadians. I ask because the "however, Canadians will be given priority" clause at Canadian institutions seems to put a lot of people off (myself included) 52) @51 this clause is required for many jobs in Canada. 53) (#51 again) Thanks, @52. I know, sorry I wasn't clear enough. I meant to say it would be interesting to know how seriously they take it, how much it affects their hiring practices. 54) why isnt department posting invited speakers like 2017 55) @53, I've talked to faculty at a few Canadian institutions and it seems like they hire several US citizens when they are the best candidate. This often leads to there being several americans in candadian departments. Look at the schools in BC for example, there are several high profile researchers there that are or were US citizens. In the end, they seem to think that americans are often the top candidates and they will get the job if they are clearly the best for the job. TLDR - US citizens get hired at Candadian Universities all the time and are often the best candidate. Apply, Apply, Apply. 56) Implying that the only non-Canadian scientists are US citizens is **chef's kiss** 57)#53 here. Thanks, @55! I'm not a US citizen, but I guess the principle should stand for any non-canadians. 57) when is Toronto going to post the people being interviewed? 58) They aren't. The interviews were finished mid-December 59) So who got the job? No updates on their faculty page 60) Looks like a failed search this year 61) Not a failed search, I personally know the person that was hired. 62) BTW, they hired 3 people.55
7/12/2018Brown UniversityRhode IslandClimate Change10/1/2018
Rank OpenTT2/15/2019"This open rank search will seek to fill endowed university chairs with a tenure or tenure-track home in any of the participating departments. Even though the positions are for endowed chairs, we are seeking an excellent and diverse pool of applicants at any rank. The endowed chairs are named faculty positions that include a small fund in perpetuity (in addition to start up funds) to assist chair holders in achieving their research and teaching goals." 2) Any update? 3) No x11 4) maybe only focusing on candidates who qualify for associate or full rank? 5) No idea but my guess is they are just slow 6) Heard they invited at least 3 for interviews 7) In what fields? 8) at least 1 ecologist 9) three candidates, all currently assistant or associate profs 10) received rejection email 11) offer made 12) @11, to an ecologist or to someone in another field? 13) @12 in earth science12
7/13/2018University of VictoriaCanadaBiology9/4/2018
Asst ProfTT4/11/2019Teaching stream. Applicants with broad expertise in aquatic or terrestrial organismal biology, particularly the evolution, diversity, physiology and ecology of animal systems, and strong quantitative skills are encouraged to apply. 1) Any updates? 2) Nothing here. 3) Anything (Oct. 28)? 4) Nope 5) Finally received a rejection Nov 20 x6 12
7/13/2018Kew GardensUnited KingdomBiodiversity Informatics and Spatial Analysis8/5/2018
Non-TT7/13/2018Head of Science for the Biodiversity Informatics and Spatial Analysis (BISA) department
7/15/2018Okinawa Institute of Science and Technology Graduate UniversityJapanEcology, Evolution, and Environmental Sciences8/31/2018
Asst/Assoc ProfTT2/19/20191) googled this place to learn more about it, and holy crap! (read the comments too) 2) I've visited this place and can provide some insight. Pluses: flush with money, nice tropical location, new international leadership, very cool and collaborative scientific community; Cons: public money could easily be cut, compound-like location actually located in the middle of nowhere, opaque tenure policy. 3) It's that latter that is disturbing. Fine if you want to treat it like a very well funded superpostdoc. Otherwise, welp! 4) I’m currently an untenured faculty member at OIST and in my opinion the tenure system is solid and consistent with international standards, and has been for years. The old petition linked above was written by an external friend of someone who didn’t get tenure (for normal reasons people don’t get tenure) meant to embarrass and should be taken in that context. I wouldn't be discouraged from applying and checking it out for yourself. 5) Wow, looks like a few last minute applicants. Question: How many of you speak Japanese? 6) @5, Seems as though teaching and research are primarily conducted in English, per job ad. 7.) @6 I am aware of this, and still want to know how many people speak Japanese. I do, but I am wondering if this sets me apart or makes me one of the herd. 8) I don't speak Japanese, but I listen to a lot of J-pop 9) Reference letters requested 9/12 x4 10) were you automatically notified, or did your letter writers notify? thx <- writer notified me 11) LOL @8 12) Any updates here? 13) No 14) rejection received 10/19 x2 15) Anyone hear anything? 16) zzZZzzzzZ 17) Invited for interview (18) Any Updates? 19) Multiple offers made & accepted
7/15/2018Okinawa Institute of Science and Technology Graduate UniversityJapanMarine Science8/31/2018
Asst/Assoc ProfTT10/26/2018Rejection letter received1
7/15/2018Okinawa Institute of Science and Technology Graduate UniversityJapanLife Sciences8/31/2018
Asst/Assoc ProfTT9/21/2018"Targeted areas include but not limited to: aging, cancer biology, developmental biology, disease models, epigenomics, host-microbe interaction, immunology, organoids, and synthetic biology." Listed closing date is incorrect: search actually closes on 30 September 2018.2
7/16/2018Vassar CollegeNew YorkPlant Physiology9/17/2018
Asst ProfTT12/6/2018Failed search last year. 1) Like the search last year, they are looking for someone that is a good solid plant biologist that can teach physiology. It's a plus if you are a pure physiologist, but definitely not crucial. e.g., you can be an ecological physiologist, or an evolutionary physiologist. 2) Anyone know what the personal statement is? 3) I think it's just the research statement. But I agree that it's kind of a wierd name in their application system. 4) They just notified people for skype interviews x2. 5) Search completed3
7/16/2018University of Cambridge, UKUnited KingdomMarine Biology8/24/2018
Asst ProfTT10/28/2018Similar position was advertised last year 2) interview scheduled for 12/3 x2 3) rejection received 10/5 x57
7/17/2018Utah State UniversityUtahRangeland Ecology & Management Education9/10/2018
Asst ProfTT12/20/2018"90% teaching, 10% service" 1) any updates here? 2) Interviewed three candidates (last one was December 14th). No decision has been announced yet...11
7/17/2018Middlebury CollegeVermontAquatic Ecology10/8/2018
Asst ProfTT1/7/2019more info on their dept webpage: 1) really good department, tons of new faculty coming in 2) beautiful location 3) Anyone get contacted for a phone interview? Asking on 10/17 4) not yet 10/17 x12 5) Well, they're looking at websites if nothing else...6)Is this based on a ping on Google Analytics or something? 7) I'm not 5, but I saw a ping on my website through google analytics few weeks ago 8) contacted by search committee chair to set a date for on campus interview 10/28 9) @ 8 did you have a skype interview first or straight to on-site?10) Any others (beside #8) hear something? 8 again) No, they went straight to on-campus interviews. I was informed they've invited 3 candidates for interviews next month. 11) Email invite for phone interview 11/20 (had not been contacted previously) x2 12) #8, did you already have your on-campus interview? I've also been contacted for a phone interview 13) Phrasing from email made it sound like this is a 4th candidate situation 14) rejection e-mail received on 1/3/19 (an offer has been accepted; received 124 applications) X2 15) Announced on Twitter26
7/18/2018University of RichmondVirginiaBiology10/1/2018
Asst ProfTT4/29/2019"Candidates who study aquatic systems or integrate quantitative/computational skills in their teaching and research are encouraged to apply" 2) Interesting, a similar job was here last year. Failed search? 3) I thought the same but someone posted they were offered and accepted last years position. 4) Last year was not a failed search. This year, we're replacing a colleague who moved to an administrative position. 5) Can anyone point to who was hired last year, it should be public by now? Would be nice to know what kind of background the dept. is interested in. I checked the "new faculty page, but nothing obvious". 6.) Went there as an undergrad. They have very diverse research interests 7) The posting claims applicants need to upload a single PDF with ALL docs but their website forces a separate upload of their CV. Perhaps someone knows whether to upload their CV and include it in the single PDF? It is irritating for the search committee to get duplicates of documents... 8) I'm not sure, but it might be that the CV goes to the Dean's office or other HR admins and the full packet goes to the committee. I would err on the side of following the directions and upload CV in both places. 9) Any ideas on how long the "statement" should be? Since it's basically a hybrid teaching/research... 2 pages? 10) I'm aiming for 3 pages since it's combined teaching/research/diversity--that's a lot to cover! (not including references), 11) Honestly, I was considering 4 pages because it's a lot of specifics they ask for. I do hate these very specific applications that take WAY more time than tweaking materials for a specific place. Given the low probability of getting even a good fitting position, it just seems mean to make all these poor PhD students and Postdocs write all new material for every job when the standard research and teaching plus CV and cover letter and letters of rec should be enough to make an evaluation. x7 12) I applied for this job a couple of days ago, and one of my references says that he did not get an email for a letter. Has anyone else checked with their references about whether they're getting the emails right away? 13) Checked with one of them and they received it, but perhaps the automated email is more prone to junk and other filters? @12: any update? Would rather not email my letter writers to check about every single damn letter 14) I emailed the chair of the search and she said they don't care about how the different documents get uploaded (combined or separately) as long as everything is there somehow 15) wow, this was the worst application interface and instructions I've interacted with yet. 16) agreed. When I click "view application" I can only see that my CV uploaded, but not my other documents. Can other applicants see their documents after submitting? Feeling paranoid that they did not actually attach. 17) Yeah that's all I see too. x3 18) When you are logged in, go to "my profile." You will then see the application as completed in the middle of the screen. There is a little button (upsidedown triangle) next to the checkmark on the right hand side. Click that, then choose "view application" and you will download the "CV" which, for me was what I uploaded as my combined CV as per the instructions. If you uploaded other materials elsewhere, I don't know how to see those. Hopefully that helped (9/27). [discussion of application numbers moved to General Discussion] 25) So has anyone heard about phone interview invitations yet? 26) Seriously @25? The deadline was Monday! x2 27) The odds will be better than they appear, because the advertisement required several specialized documents. Anyone who just blasted their application packet out, who didn't thoughtfully consider teaching, will be rejected out of hand. So there's probably "only" 100 serious applications, or less. It's not great, but a 1% chance is better than 0.5% chance. 27) Contacted to request a last rec letter that was missing 10/17 (x3). I'm going to interpret this as a good sign. 28) Any updates? 29) nope 10/23/18 x18 30) Still nothing here 10/27 x3 31)16) IIRC for last year's position there were no phone/skype interviews - only on-campus interviews 17) At this rate, they'll almost have to go straight to on-campus, per their listed seminar dates (see 31) Still no word?? 32) Bird. 11/1/18 33) Nothing here 11/1/18 x17 33) Maybe somehow no one on the wiki is being interviewed. Seems super weird, but it could happen. 34) My guess is they're innundated and trying to get through all of the apps. If the dreaded formula (wiki to non wiki applicants) holds true, there are about 300 total! 35) Rejection email saying they had 203 applicants. x13 36) Rejection saying I was in top 13 with specifics they liked about my application (x4). Ugh, so close. 37) Third Saturday in a row where I've gotten a job rejection. Sending them out on weekends makes it more annoying. x4 38) It's probably not what they want to be doing on a weekend, either. x2 39) If anyone on here did get an interview, I would love to know your career status and research focus. Really had my hopes up for this one. x3 40) I am guessing that by now if some of us haven't received an invitation and/or rejection e-mail, it probably means that our applications didn't even make the top 50-75%??? 41) On campus interview request, no phone/skype interviews. For 39 I'm a post-doc doing evolutionary ecology. And for folks talking about the length of the statement, mine was 5 pgs. 42) Thanks for the info, #41. Do you happen to live anywhere near Virginia? I'm only asking because you were invited directly to campus, so I wonder if they would have done the same for a candidate who lived in, say, Singapore. Good luck at the interview! 43) Department has a history of not doing phone/skype interviews for TT jobs (speaking from experience with previous searches here). And no indication that distance to VA has any impact on probability of on-campus interview. 44) #42 again: Thank you! 45) To anyone:I haven't received any emails about the status of my application. Does that equate to an automatic and passive rejection? 46) to 45 - not necessarily, but if interview scheduling has happened and you were not contacted, it is unlikely that you will get the job. If an offer is not made/accepted among the group of 3 interviewees, it is possible that the committee/department will schedule another set of interviews from the shortlist. However, this depends on admin approval and is not a given. This also accounts for the limbo - shortlisted people are usually not rejected in case the SC needs to revisit them. For this search, though, it sounds like some short-listed individuals (eg 36) were officially rejected. 47) Thanks 45!! 48) Offer made and accepted.
7/18/2018Rowan UniversityNew JerseyEnvironmental Science7/23/2018
Lecturer and NaturalistNon-TT10/1/2018"The person hired must be both an expert in the identification of the plants, animals, and mushrooms of southern New Jersey", almost definitely an inside hire, but figured I'd post it here anyways. 2) Commenters here have no idea which positions are intended for "inside" candidates. They're wrong the vast majority of the time. Here's the data to prove it:
7/18/2018SUNY-ESFNew YorkVertebrate Conservation Biology9/1/2018;jsessionid=2E00A6A08077854C8AC82DA405D2A7D0?JOBID=99844&lowVisibility=true
Asst ProfTT2/12/20191) Anyone know if this is a new faculty line or replacing a former faculty member? They currently have two faculty members that focus on endangered/rare species on the website. This seems somewhat redundant. 2) one of their animal guys will be retiring next year (what I've heard from a friend who's a faculty member there). 3) Is this really TT? It doesn't say and there is no indication of mentoring graduate students 4) Yes it does. "expectation to build an extramurally-supported research program that involves graduate students..." 5) Thanks 4, apparently I can't read...6) Any updates? 7) Haven't heard anything here x4 8) Nothing 9/25 x4 9) Still no updates? 10) None on 10/2 x4 11) Nothing here on 10/8 x2 12) refresh, refresh, refresh 13) Letters requested 10/10 x4. 14) That email said phone interviews starting end of October, anyone have one scheduled? - wondering if my applicaiotn got tanked along the way. 15) Also haven't heard anything... (x3) 16) was the search suspended?X2 17) Who's going to bite the bullet and ask Lomolino? Not it 18) Invited for campus interview 19) Were there skype interviews? 20) This looks super sketchy... 21) was this suspended?x2 22) No on-campus interviews are happenning early december, but don't know if they were skype interviews as mentionned when letters were asked. 23) What do you mean 20? 24) On-campus interviews are on-going 25) Any news? 26) Offer made 27) offer accepted (posted on twitter)24
7/18/2018University of Texas at AustinTexasMarine Chemical Ecology12/31/2018
Assoc/Full ProfTT8/6/2018University of Texas Marine Science Institute (located in Port Aransas).
7/18/2018NC State UniversityNorth CarolinaPlant Nematologist8/3/2018
Asst ProfTT
7/18/2018Lake Forest CollegeIllinoisBiology (Organismal)9/17/2018
Asst ProfTT10/25/20181) Looking for applicants with strong teaching credentials to teach a first year course to Bio majors. Casting a broad net but particularly intersted in someone with a background in evo-devo. 2) Anybody got a confirmation that they have received your application? 3) Just an auto-reply as soon as I emailed them the application packet x2. 4) No news on this one? 5) Nothing as of 10/9 x6 6) Darn, just got an email that the search is suspended until Fall 2019 :( x4 7) Really frustrating to put time and effort into these applications and ask references to write letters up front and have the search get suspended. Guessing they advertised without having funding secured? 8) Most likely, and agree with the frustration. 9) Agree with frustration especially bc letters were required upfront. x5 10) Um... I didn't get an email that the search is suspended... that's even more frustrating, because, without the wiki, I just would have assumed silent rejection... 11) Yeah. Dammit. 12) I also didn't get an email about a suspended search. Weird. X2 25
7/18/2018Southern Illinois UniversityIllinoisWildlife Ecology11/1/2018
Asst ProfTT6/30/20191) Beware the significant budgetary problems plaguing SIU-Carbondale... Personally wouldn't touch this job with a 10ft pole 2) Can you elaborate? 3) They've been asking alumni to serve as 'volunteer faculty'. Not necessarily in their wildlife/ natural resources program, but at the university. 4) I spoke with someone at SIU, and they stated the "volunteer faculty" comment was not true. If anything, this isn't the case in the Biology/Zoology department. 1 again) Sounds like damage control to me, because it happened. Regardless of whether or not it's "true" (at the moment) for the bio dept, I don't want anything to do with a school where this is being considered: 5) The budgetary issues are very real for SIUC. Additionally, knowing several folks who pursued PhDs in this department (and related departments) it is not a thriving environment to say the least. If you're in a pinch it might be a stepping stone (maybe), but it's certainly not a place I would set up shop. 6) Letters of rec requested 2018-11-11 x4, has anyone heard anything since letters were requested? 7.) Not me, just the request for letters. x3 on12/4 8.) Crickets...12/10 still nothing, odd as they indicated they were in a hurry. I wonder if funding was pulled? 9.) I emailed them because I had a question. Funding has not been pulled, they have not contacted finalists yet. 10) Finalists contacted for on-campus interview 12/19. 11) Any updates about offer?x2 12) I officially received a rejection letter today 2/19 (which is funny because I assumed I was out of the running back in December, at least now I officially know.... XP 13) Still no updates about offer? 14) offer made4
7/19/2018University of ConnecticutConnecticutNatural Resources and the Environment7/31/2018
Asst Prof in ResidenceNon-TT
7/20/2018University of Alaska FairbanksAlaskaBiology - Microbiology9/6/2018
Asst ProfTT1/4/2019"Research areas of interest include, but are not limited to, microbial ecology of ecosystems (including biogeochemical cycling, plant-microbe interactions, soil, stream and permafrost microbial ecology), host-associated microbiomes (of plants, wildlife, humans, etc.), infectious diseases (of humans, wildlife, etc.), and environmental health (e.g., contaminants and pathogens in the environment)" 2) Four letters required - can anyone confirm that they want non-confidential letters? 3) I reached out to HR about the letters, since the application is a bit confusing. They said either to upload the letters if you have them, or have the letters sent to and they will manually upload them. For transcripts, HR said to upload graduate transcripts and if they need others (undergrad) they'll request them from us later. 4) any new updates? --Nothing here 5) Invited for phone interview 10/26 (x 2) 6) Congrats! not here :(X3) 7) Invited for phone interview 11/6 8) rejection received (post phone interview) 12/13 9) invited for on-campus interview 12/317
7/23/2018St. Francis UniversityPennsylvaniaBiology (Aquarium and Zoo Science)10/1/2018
Asst ProfTT2/7/2019"Primary teaching responsibilities will include courses in animal care and animal nutrition that service the major, a SCUBA course in coral reef ecology, along with introductory biology and upper-division courses in the candidate’s area of specialty. Expertise in marine biology and ability to teach SCUBA certification courses are strongly desired; the latter courses involve travel with students to the Caribbean." 2) Heard they have budget problems and are restructuring. 3) How bad are the budget issues? 4) #3 again here, well I am applying anyway... This sounds like my dream job... maybe it won't be and maybe they won't bother to call me but I am wishing myself luck :) 5) Does anyone know if this is a replacement or expansion? 6) got email requesting interview! 7) Is 6 #3? Good luck! 8) Yes. Interview went well. Will update if I get a call back. 9) #8 here again. Still waiting... Not sure if this is good or bad but I had hope to hear something by today.... 10) #9 here again, invited for a campus visit! yay!1
7/23/2018Texas Tech UniversityTexasBiology10/1/2018
Department Chair/Full ProfessorTT
7/23/2018Augustana CollegeIllinoisEnvironmental Studies9/10/2018
Asst ProfNon-TT8/29/2018"Review of applications will begin immediately and continue until filled" 1) updated to include review start date as closing date
7/23/2018Princeton UniversityNew JerseyPrinceton Environmental Institute1/7/2019
Assoc/Full ProfTT10/15/2018"The individual should have a demonstrated record of excellence in scholarship and teaching in a field that may include, but is not limited to, global change, biogeochemistry, biodiversity, ecosystem services, and environmental fluids and hydrology. We seek a broad thinker who can integrate perspectives across one or more disciplines including geosciences, ecology and evolutionary biology, chemistry, engineering, hydrology, and/or applied mathematics." 2) Correct 2018-19 ad now linked.
7/24/2018University of Puget SoundWashingtonBiology10/1/2018
TT12/3/2018"A typical teaching load consists of one class with its three accompanying laboratory sections, or the equivalent, each semester. We expect the incumbent to develop an active research program that incorporates undergraduate research opportunities, and that complements existing research efforts in the Department of Biology. We are interested in a wide variety of model and non-model systems." "We are particularly interested in individuals with expertise in applied bioinformatics or genomics who are interested in working with other faculty to incorporate computational biology into new and existing courses within the biology curriculum." 2) I applied to an almost identical position last years. The chair told me that the search didn't look like it was going to be successful, but I never did officially hear what happenned. It might be interesting to ask why this year's search will be different? Ad looks very similiar. 3) Last year they hired for that position internally, one of their visiting profs was hired tenure track. 4) Updated to include direct Uni job link 9/6/18 5) Thanks for the new link, I wonder why they pulled the HigherEd listing? 6) Any insight to how tied they are to the bioinformatics/genomics specialty? 7) The system for uploading document is super dodgy. Previously, when I tried to log in into the system using my log-in info, it kept telling me that the position is no longer available. After much struggle, I managed to upload all of my documents and submit, only to find out that none of my documents were there in the final submitted form, except for my CV. Please do check that everything is there before the deadline... (8) OMG THANK YOU. It had deleted all of my materials! I just added them again... 9) I just went back to look at my if there's nothing in the Cover Letters and Attachments it means none of those files were submitted?! Yikes, thanks for the tip, 7! I had the same issues and heard from one of my letter writers that he had a lot of trouble with the site too. It seems like they're going to get very few complete applications. 10) I had the same issue (couldn' t see my uploaded documents), but I emailed them and they said they received all of them even though I couldn't see it on my end. (11) had issues too, emailed prof (Madlung) and HR (Erin) was able to add missing documents. (12) Invitation for Skype interview are sent. Got one on 10/11. 13) those who got interviews, do you fall under the applied bioinformatics, genomics and/or computational biology categories? (14) re:#13 - I'm #12 and I do fall into these three categories. 15) They must be rolling these out slowly, I just recieved an invitation for a Skype Interview today. 10/19. They finished the skype interviews. They will have on-site inteviews now, I just got an email yesterday. #13 I do fall under the bioinformatics genomics category, I had the skype interview but I was not selected for the on-site interview. x3 (16) They started the on-campus interviews and there are apparetly 4 candidates. (17) 12/3 received an email stating that they made an offer and filled the position27
7/24/2018San Jose State UniversityCaliforniaMarine biology9/17/2018
Asst ProfTT12/8/20181) In the description it asks for both letters of reference , as well as contact information. However, through Interfolio it is completely ambiguous as to whether the applicant should just list the references, or use its annoying "Request a letter" under "additional documents" Anyone else find some resolution whether we should bother our letter writers early? 2) Additionally, it asks for a statement (singular) of teaching interests/philosphy and research 3) Re: 1 - Request letters now, make sure they are submitted by the application due date. Use the "request a letter" feature. Re: 2 - write separate teaching and research statements. Each can be a few pages (2-4) in length, but don't go overboard. 4) Re: 3- Interfolio only accepts a single document in the slot for Research and Teaching statements, so applicants will have to merge these into a single file 5) Notified of phone interview on 10/12/2018 x3. 6) Has anyone heard back after phone interview? They told me they’d try to contact candidates by the end of the week, but i haven’t heard anything. 7) Recieved email notifying I wasn't selected for a campus interview (post-phone interview) on 10/29 x310
7/25/2018Clemson UniversitySouth CarolinaOrganismal Biology8/31/2018
Asst ProfTT1/27/20191) Looks like this is the reposting for the failed search last year (last year's board says top two candidates declined offers). The Interfolio posting says apps are due August 1st, but in teh job add it says August 31st. 2) Interfolio says Aug 1, 2019 at top but Aug 31, 2018 in the text, so I'd aim for Aug 31. 3) This job will get a zillion applicants. Thmae net they cast is broad. 4) Last year they focused on reptile 5) There was a discussion last year about how cruddy start ups have been at Clemson, I am guessing that contributed, but it is a guess. 6) Any news on this one? 9) No news here 10) No* news as of 9/20/18 11) @10 What kind of news? Invitation for interview? 12) #10 may have meant to write "No" instead of "Now" 11) #9 here, corrected! No news! 12) So now you have no new news? 13) no new news 9/25. 14) Any news? x3 15) No news as of 10/5 x3 16) Invitied for a video interview 10/11 or 10/12 x7 17) congrats for those invited, time to move on, sign ... 17) Invited for one of three on campus interviews 10/18 x3 18) Best of luck! 19) Official rejection email (not contacted prior to this) 11/29 x7 20) offer accepted 21) Congrats! I interviewed there as well and got a great feel from the department. Wishing you all the best! 22) thanks 21!31
7/26/2018Wellesley CollegeMassachusettsAquatic Ecology9/21/2018
Asst ProfTT1/3/20191) THE Posting has been removed (9/Sep) - did they close search early? 2) it's still up on their HR site and elsewhere...(3) I just checked on my status (10/7) through their webite and it says "No. Withdraw application." I'm pretty sure it used to just say "Complete. Withdraw application." LOL just no. x4 (4) My status is 'under review' above a link under to withdraw, so maybe there is something to that? 5) I can't even log in. My password wasn't working, so I reset it. The reset password (which is the same as the original password) is not working either. 6) @3 and @4-- I wouldn't think too much into it-- seems like their computer system is on the fritz 7) @3 mine also says under review so I'm guessing that is the case for the search rather than our individual applications being on a short list or something. x2 (10/8/18) (8) Mine says "No" also, I think because I have a missing recommendation letter. Click on "reference requests" to check. 9) All my reference letters are in and it stills says 'no'. Ugh. x3 10) Adding to the mystery: mine is "under review" and one of my reference letters is missing :( x2 11) Ok, now that the system actually let me sign in, it says "no" on mine as well. I guess I feel better that everyone with a completed application says "no"? 12) I'm just assuming it means "no worries" until I see on here that they've sent out interview requests 13) Any (actual*) updates (*i.e., not related to your online portal status) 14) No news here...x10 15) In-person interviews being scheduled for early Nov. (10/19). x2 16) @15: you were invited via email? 17) @16 Phone call. 18) congrats!!! x4 19) ::turns cell phone off silent for the first time in months::20) Congrats! Never could have afforded a home near Wellesley anyway :) 21) @18 and 20, thanks, definitely excited to get an interview. @20, I just looked at house prices in the area - yikes! 22) The college owns apartments and houses near campus that it leases to faculty. 23) That is great to know, and it sounds like a fantastic program, thanks! 24) @15: did you have a phone interview first, followed by a separate invitation? Best wishes! 25) @24 I think they went straight to on-campus invites 26) Offer made and accepted. 27) Congratulations! It is an incredible department, and I'm sure you'll have a wonderful time there! 31
7/26/2018University of DelawareDelawareWildlife Disease Ecology12/1/2018
Asst ProfTT3/9/20191) Anyone have any intel on the SC timeline? 2) No- anyone hear anything yet? 3) No, but that seems to be the norm when you are not on the short list. I wish they would send a "thanks, but no" email or something. 4) IF no one has heard anything at all, that is not an indication that they have a short list at all, more likely that they haven't even narrowed things down yet. 5) Keeping the hope alive! 6) Zoom interviews scheduled for this week x3. 7) Good luck! 8) Is this one search for two positions, one more focused on One Health and one more on wildlife disease? 9) The wildlife disease job is part of a One Health cluster hire with the other position being Medical Entomology. The same search committee is in charge of both positions, which are going on simultaneously. (10) Any word on campus interviews invites? They were planning on March. 9) @10 I have not heard anything yet [2/15/19] (11) Any updates for on-campus interviews?(12) I was told they made an offer to the other candidate :( (around 25th April 2019).7
7/26/2018Sacramento State UniversityCaliforniaPlant Biology9/28/2018
Asst ProfTT10/30/2018"Experience in one or more of the following subdisciplines in plant biology: breeding, development, anatomy, physiology, agronomy, biotechnology, and plant taxonomy/systematics. Ability to work with Next Generation Sequencing data." (1) any news? 2) no news for me at least 3) invited for phone interview 10/296
7/29/2018UC Santa CruzCaliforniaMarine Mammal Biology9/24/2018
Rank OpenTT8/6/20181
7/30/2018Appalachian Lab - University of Maryland Center for Environmental ScienceMarylandAnimal Ecology9/4/2018
Asst ProfTT11/21/2018"We are searching for an innovative scientist who addresses research questions regarding ecological patterns and processes at diverse spatial scales. Preference will be given to applicants who: (1) integrate spatial data with quantitative/computational tools to connect phenomena across spatio-temporal scales, including patterns of distribution, genetic diversity, movement and migration and (2) will devote a portion of their research program to issues relevant to conservation and management in eastern North America." 1) 12-month position, paid for 9 months (3 months soft money). Minimal graduate teaching expectations. Essentially a full research position. 2) references being contacted. 3) I interviewed here for another search - demonstrating fit is critical, seems like a great palce to work, lots of research freedom, very light teaching load & graduate only. 4) updates? X2. 5) Phone interview scheduled x3 6) Any recent updates following phone interviews? 7) four campus interviews18
7/30/2018University of LincolnUnited KingdomEcology8/19/2018
Lecturer/Snr lecturer (~Asst Prof)TT7/30/2018“strong academic profile related to ecology, with a preference for broad scale and ecosystem-level approaches. We would particularly welcome applicants working at the agri-environmental interface, community ecology or on biogeography in its broadest sense”2
7/30/2018University of LincolnUnited KingdomEcology & Conservation Biology8/19/2018
Lecturer/Snr Lecturer (~Asst Prof)TT7/30/2018strong academic profile related to ecology, biodiversity conservation or environmental sustainability which complements our existing expertise. Candidates with experience in teaching and/or using a range of field skills, GIS and remote sensing or conservation management would be particularly welcome".
7/31/2018University of Exeter, Penryn Campus (Cornwall)United KingdomConservation, Ecology and Evolutionary Biology - 2 posts8/29/2018
Lecturer/Senior Lecturer, equivalent Asst/ Assoc ProfTT10/10/2018"We are particularly interested in building on our strengths in Marine Biology, Wildlife
Disease and Evolutionary Ecology". 1) 9/11 Rejection email received x6 2) any updates?
7/31/2018University of MarylandMarylandEcology10/1/2018
Asst ProfTT2/26/2019We are especially interested in those with experimental, observational, analytical, and/or theoretical approaches that address major questions in Ecology. Possible areas of synergy include, but are not limited to: global change, biocomplexity, and/or effects of the environment and interspecific interactions on ecological processes. 2) 02-Faculty Non-Tenured, On Track?? 3) It just means "tenure track assistant professor". 4) is the closing date on this page incorrect? <- job ad says closing is 11/1 5) "Best consideration date" is 10/1 6) any update? 7) no (x3) 8) Letters requested 10/10 x9 9) were you alerted or just your references? 10) Just references, but you can check on their job app website. <- thanks! 11) So, a status that says ' in progress' is a 'no'? 12) Click on "reference requests" and it'll say if they were sent today 13) :( x10 14) rejection e-mail received, that was quick! x16 15) Recieved invitation for campus interview 10/23 x4 16) Did the people that recieved an invitation for a campus interview also have a phone/skype interview? 17) @16, no 18) Any news? 19) None here, going crazy! 20) Any updates? 21) Also, this includes evolutionary biology so there may be a pool of applicants that didn't apply to the other one 22) Huh? 23) Potato job 24) What does potato job mean? 25) Received a nice rejection email, position has been filled (x 3; congrats to the hire!).34
7/31/2018University of Massachusetts LowellMassachusettsEcology/Environmental Biology9/1/2018
Asst/Assoc ProfTT12/12/2018"area of specialization is open, but we are interested in applicants with expertise in behavioral, evolutionary, functional, molecular, physiological, or population ecology" (2) Darn, a lot of people applied for this one. I will go ahead and cross it off the list... 3) No updates 9/26 x8 4) Phone Interview scheduled for week of October 8 (x4) 5) :( x7 6) Oh well. (x2) 7) Campus interviews scheduled "in a few weeks" 8) Were you invited for an in person interview #7? 9) 7 here, Not yet, but fingers crossed 10) #7, so the invitations for on campus interviews will be made "in a few weeks"? 11) Received an e-mail Invitation for an on campus interview 10/17 x2 12) Offer accepted. 13) Congrats #12! x6 14) Just received rejection email (x6).30
7/31/2018Kenyon CollegeOhioAnimal Behavior10/3/2018
Asst ProfTT12/13/2018The successful candidate will participate in the introductory biology sequence, teach upper ­level courses in animal behavior and/or other advanced topics, and contribute to the college’s Environmental Studies program. 2) Any updates? 3) It's been less than a week! 4) Still no updates? on 10/19. Not 2. ;) 4) Nothing here 10/20 x5 5) and still nothing 10/23 x9 6) The anticipation is killing me... 7) No its not, you are fine. 8) Skype interview requested 10/31 x2. 9) rejection email x3 10) e-mail notifying me that while I'm not being interviewed now, I'm on the short list. 11) Skype interview requested on 10/31 x4. 12) whoa, no news any such way here x6 13) Same email as #10. This was the strangest rejection/non-rejection email I've ever gotten. Had to read it a few times to even guess at what they meant. 14) Can you share the language? Wonder if 10 misread 15) Just over here waiting on my even more awkward, "you are second runner up to alternate e-mail." 16) @15 wow what does that even mean?? 17) Ha-I don't even know...just what I'm assuming hearing nothing means. x3 13) The email was basically: We were very impressed with your application. While we are not inviting you for an interview now you are on our short list and we will let you know if the search extends into the short list later on. 18) Just got my rejection. x3 19) 11/2 - received a rejection email this afternoon and I just want to note my appreciation for the considerate and encouraging message. It's rare to even be notified of a rejection, much less have one that is encouraging and kind, so I think it's worth noting. 20) Weird, 13, congrats on making the medium list, I suppose. No email yet, but my status ticked over to "Reviewed" so I expect it's on its way. x2 21) My rejection was the nicest rejection I've ever received too. Thank you, SC. x7 22) Does anyone remember if letter requests were automatic or delayed? One of my writers was contacted and never submitted 23) Letters were requested right away. 24) They did skype interviews last weel (Nov 5-7) and are supposed to let people know if they will have a campus interview...anyone who had a skype interview hear about campus interviews yet? 25) I have not heard anything 11/14. x5 They told me that I would hear one way or another either later this week or early next week. By Thanksgiving for sure. 26) invited for on-campus interview 27) rejected from on-campus interview... x4 28) anyone know how many candidates were invited for an on-campus interview? 29) 26 here: no idea besides myself, but am also curious how many others there are 29) just saw on their seminar page that there are 3 slots for job candidates 30) job offered today to top pick 31) offer accepted.26
8/1/2018Harvard UniversityMassachusettsMarine Biology9/15/2018
Asst/Assoc ProfTT12/7/2018were letters requested automatically? 2) yes3) any word on this? 4) seems to have been reposted on twitter, but no due date: 5) Due date on twitter link is still 9/15 6) So at this point in time should we just assume we've all been rejected and the successful candidates just aren't on the wiki? 6) dunno, was wondering that myself :/ 7) or no one was good enough that they are extending the deadline "until filled?" 8) Christ, that's a demoralizing thought going into the weekend. 9) or you could always assume everyone is so great they just cant figure out who to cut! 6 again) I'll go w/ #9 until proven otherwise :D. I'll also note that the Plant and Earth History job postings also say "until filled"--assuming that's HR standard language so they don't lose the line 10) I heard through the grapevine that they were really looking for a malacologist - wish that they had just posted that and saved us a bunch of time 11) that's annoying :/ 12) seriously.... 13) I heard the long list has more than just malacologists, so don't despair..yet! :) 14) just invited for campus interview - took me by surprise because there was no phone/skype interview and its been so long! X2 15) Congrats @14!10
8/1/2018University of Wisconsin-La CrosseWisconsinFish Ecologist9/21/2018
Asst ProfTT10/25/2018"Our new colleague will participate in teaching multiple lectures and/or labs per semester, with an emphasis on our Organismal Biology, Ecology, and Ichthyology courses. The successful candidate may also teach other core courses or existing upper level elective courses depending on expertise and will be encouraged to develop elective courses to complement existing curriculum. We expect our new colleague to develop an externally funded research program and direct undergraduate and graduate (MS) research in fish ecology." 1) Received invite for video interview (10-4-18) x3 2) Received invite for on campus interview 10/25/18 3) Congrats! Notified via phone or e-mail? 2) Notification received by email7
8/2/2018Cal Poly San Luis ObispoCaliforniaVertebrate Spatial Ecology9/10/2018
Asst ProfTT2/9/20191) Does anyone know if this position entails having graduate students? I placed an email, but haven't heard anything. Seems to be teaching and undergrad research focused. 2) Most CSU campuses offer MS programs, but only a few CSUs offer PhDs in a few programs and they are cosponsored by UC departments. 3) I can't speak to this position specifically, but Cal-Poly SLO definitely has MS programs is more highly regarded than most CSUs. 4) Yes - having graduate students is possible, but not expected. The program accepts roughly 15-20 Masters of Science students each year. Cal Poly is not a doctoral-granting institution; however, the department currently has four or five postdocs and there are plans to expand this with internal funding. 5) I can't find the listing on the website given - is there another link that might work better? 6) Not that I could find, sort their page by decreasing "position open date" and its like the fifth one down, ID# 104968. 5) Thank you! 6) I didn't get a prompt to attach a CV or other documents when submitting the faculty application. Is this an error or are they asking us to send in documents separately? 7) The application process was pretty confusing and I needed to look at the tutorial to figure out how to upload my documents. They also are not requesting letters right away, which was unclear from the job ad. 8) Agreed, pretty unclear. 9) my letter writers received an email right away. super confusing application system 10) 9/10/2018: reference letters were requested today, even though I applied on the 8th. Hard to say if that was an automatic request or if they are making the "shorter list" x2. 11) One applicant out of 65 "actually looked up courses and identified those they would be interested in teaching." via twitter thread about this pool: 12) that Tweet is so unprofessional; the ad said what courses the applicant should expect to teach; if 1/65 responses get something "right", the problem is with your instrument. 13) I don't think that the tweet is implying that's the only correct way to write a teaching statement for a PUI, rather that describing how you fit into proposed / existing courses is one element the Tweeter has encouraged applicants to do and is apparently uncommon. Did come across a bit critical tho.14) 10/04/2018 phone interview scheduled x4 15) welp 16) Maybe you would have done better if you'd read their course catalogue. Too bad they couldn't afford to tell you that in the ad. 17) Tone of tweets did not stoke my interest in this job. 18) How is an applicant supposed to know what the curricular needs or the department are by looking at the course catalog? 19) I think she tweeted out that information to HELP applicants, as the information is spot on from what I've seen on 3 search committees. You can choose to be indignant that it's a reality, and ignore it at your handicap. 20) @19, Seems like you already have a TT job but have still found time to admonish early career applicants, anonymously and on a Sunday no less. You must really want to HELP people. 21) as someone who doesnt have a TT job and applied for this job, I would have to agree with @19. I also think this should move over to the "Venting" tab as its inappropriate here. x1 <- lol. 22) Anyone notified for an in-person interview? 23) Yes, folks who got a campus interview have been notified <-thank you for the info #23! 24) Good luck! 25) Official rejection received 12/12 (x2) 26) Official rejection recieved 2/1 (X2)12
8/2/2018Nazareth CollegeNew YorkAnimal Organismal Biology9/1/2018
Asst ProfTT12/14/20181) Seems to require Human anatomy experience so the "Animal Organismal Biology" title they gave is misleading. From posting: "The successful candidate is expected to teach Human Anatomy and Physiology and Biological Systems I, II, and/or III" 2) There are often positions like this where the research area is zoology broadly speaking but there is a need to teach anatomy and physiology. 3) This is (1) again: OK but the position is not going to be research, seems like the job is to teach three courses of Human Anatomy and Physiology, and only occasionally other upper level courses.. so the posting is not exactly an Animal Physiology position. 4) (not 2, but the person who originally posted the job) I read the position as needing to teach Human Anatomy and Physiology, at least one of their Biological Systems courses (one of which is organismal bio and one of which is ecology), and then a mix of gen eds and upper levels. So, 1 A&P course and the rest organismal/eco/evo 5) @3 Maybe not intensive research, but "Candidates will develop a strong research program involving undergraduate students." 6) Any news here yet? 7) Not here 10/10/18 x2 8) no news here 10/17/18 x2 9) Got nothing 10/23 10) I'm gonna vote that none of us made the cut... 11) Chair called to schedule a phone interview on 11/2 12) Spoke too soon; congrats and good luck! 13) Oh that's disappointing for me, but wishing you the best of luck!! 14) Scheduling campus interviews on 11/14 15) Formal rejection from committee x25
8/2/2018UiT The Arctic University of NorwayNorwayTheoretical (Mathematical) Ecology8/15/2018
Assoc/Full ProfTT2/27/20191) Any news?
8/2/2018University of Illinois at Urbana-ChampaignIllinoisAnimal or Plant Physiology10/1/2018
Asst ProfTT2/23/20191) "Applicants may be interviewed before the closing date; however, no hiring decision will be made until after that date." Should one apply asap then? 2) I think not. The ad also reads: "To ensure full consideration please create your candidate profile through and upload your application materials: application letter, curriculum vitae, summary of research and plans, teaching philosophy, and contact information for three or more professional references by the closing date of October 1, 2018." 2) letters requested. x7 3) were you told by the search committee or by your letter writers? 4) search committee mailed to say letters had been requested x3 5) Just a quick note, my request came in several hours after the first one showed up here so there is still hope! (10/10) 6) anyone with a letter request have any news (10/23)? Not here (10/23) x8. 7) Contacted for Skype interview 11/2 x2 8) darn (x2) 9) Received official rejection e-mail 11/9 10) @9 did you have letters requested or do a video interview? 11) Had Skype interview on 11/7, haven't heard anything as of 11/12. 12) Skyped on the 11/9, was told committee was meeting early this week and would send invites ASAP. 13) Invited for on-site interview 11/13. Was told there were 10 people interviewed via Skype. x2. 14) There were about 200 applicants; 7 people were brought for on-sites. 15) They brought in 7 peole because there is a possibility for 2 positions 16) did you hear that from SC, @15? 17) 14 here, I was told during my on-site that they brought in so many because they wanted candidates for all three departments in SIB, no mention that they might have multiple hires available, but I suppose its always a possibility. 18) anyone get a timeline from them on when they might make a decision? I emailed the chair before winter break with no response.19) They told me we'd most likely hear by mid January. 20) Rejection letter x2 21) offer accepted!17
8/2/2018CSU Monterey BayCaliforniaBiological Oceanography9/17/2018
Asst ProfTT12/20/20181) Any updates? 2) Anyone?? 3) nope 4) Have heard that a short list has been assembled, but unsure if they have been notified 5) on campus interviews were conducted in November 6) Rejection email recieved X48