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Alabama,AL Thomas Hicks, 39, was convicted Wednesday on several charges. He and the child’s mother, 28-year-old Hallee Anne McLeod, were arrested in September 2015 after officers found the 4-year-old beaten and unresponsive in the back seat of Hicks’ truck parked in front of the Bay County Courthouse. Authorities later labeled the case “child torture” after discovering the child had been repeatedly subjected to blunt-force trauma to his genitals and elsewhere on his body, and it led to reforms in Alabama’s child abuse punishment parameters. .
Alabama,AL the boy had allegedly been forced to sleep in a dog crate, and often had his arms chained behind his back.
Alabama,AL people have been indicted in an Autauga County child abuse case where deputies found a 13-year-old boy naked and chained at the ankles. The charges were upgraded to aggravated child abuse after the investigation showed that the boy had been chained for a period of about 18 hours when deputies released that day, and that the boy had been chained in a similar fashion on past occasions, testimony during the trio’s first court appearance in September brought out. Previous testimony by Steven Geon, the sheriff’s office investigator handling the case, brought out that the 13-year-old was forced to stay in a closet-like room during the day, and he was often naked. The room was large enough for a mattress on the floor, that took up most of the space, he told Autauga District Judge Joy Booth during the court appearance.
Alaska,AK took in a number of children over the years, police detective Chris Thomas said. Three of the children were severely malnourished when found in October. The youngest, who is 13, had to be hospitalized immediately and two others were bony and looked pre-pubescent even though they were 15 and 20, prosecutor Talitha Henry said a memorandum to set bail. All three were covered by downy hair that is characteristic of starvation victims, the memo says. The children were home schooled and had minimal contact with the outside world, police said. James told people the children were severely emotionally disturbed and sometimes used sign language to communicate with them in public, even though none were deaf, according to assistant district attorney Henry.
James took all the children to the same psychiatrist and insisted on sitting in on their sessions, Henry wrote. James suggested diagnoses and medications. They all were on prescription medications but since leaving the home either have had the medications cut back or are off them entirely, Henry wrote.
Four of the children tried to run away at various times, Henry wrote. Two ended up at a neighbor's house, she wrote. "The neighbors were shocked by the appearance of the children, as well as their ravenous appetites," Henry wrote. The children said they were being abused by their mother, and the neighbors called police. But James was able to convince officers that the children were disturbed. They were turned back over to her.
Their bedrooms were downstairs in a converted garage with a concrete floor. Police said they had buckets for a toilet. The doors and windows had alarms so James would be alerted if anyone tried to escape, police said. The rooms also had video and audio monitors so she could track them.
They couldn't have any personal items in their rooms except journals, Henry wrote. They had to write 20 pages each day before they could get food, said one of the oldest of the adopted children, Alice James, who is now 21.
In a January plea agreement, the charges were dismissed in exchange for James pleading guilty to two counts of "endangering the welfare of a child," a Class C felony. Wolverton sentenced James to five years on each count, with one suspended, to run consecutively. James will be given credit for time served on an ankle monitor for the past six-plus years, even though she was allowed to drive, work, and got weekly four hour passes to handle personal business during that time. James served 2.5 years
Alaska,AK Above
Alaska,AK Above
Alaska,AK Above
Arizona,AZ rescued the little girl from a Mesa apartment on Monday after a tipster alerted them of her condition. Responding officers reported finding the child inside a closet. According to the probable cause statement, the child, who was wearing a diaper and T-shirt, was bound, gagged and “inside a black trash bag with only the top of her head exposed. The victim was covered in human feces.” Authorities’ attempts to interview the child have been unsuccessful. “It is unknown at this time if she is unable to speak or will not speak due to the emotional and physical trauma she has sustained,” reads the probable cause statement. he child’s babysitter, Francisco Javier Rios-Covarrubias, 30, faces charges of sexual conduct with a minor and felony child abuse. The child’s mother, Mayra Yomali Solis, 22, is facing a single charge of child abuse. facing a single charge of child abuse.
Arizona,AZ Arizona woman's seven adopted children were a hit performing on her YouTube channel “Fantastic Adventures” -- which had nearly 800,000 followers -- but behind the camera, the 48-year-old woman beat the kids, doused them with pepper spray and locked them in a closet for days without food, water or bathroom access, according to court documents.
Arkansas,AR also told investigators the girl appeared to be "extremely emaciated to the point her skeletal structures were her predominant features," and that she appeared to be covered in urine and feces. A large part of the floor in the girl's bedroom was covered in urine and feces, according to Stowe, who said it appeared the girl hadn't bathed in a while.

The two boys in the home, a 9-year-old and a 7-year-old, appeared a little cleaner, though they had matted hair down to their shoulders and both boys had a "foul" odor coming from them. Stowe told authorities the boys were more capable of taking care of themselves. Threatrened police with guns and threatened famlily members with guns
72 months probation
Arkansas,AR Reed, 47, and the child’s mother, Jennifer Denen, 30, both of Hot Springs, Ark., are now charged with domestic battery, permitting abuse of a minor and endangering welfare of a minor. The little girl was abused so badly she had a black eye, dried blood in the corner of her mouth and deep purple bruises all over her body. Police said the 30-year-old mother knew the beating her boyfriend was doling out to the child on a regular basis but never sought medical treatment. The girl's injuries included bruises on her buttocks, her lower back, her leg, police said. She had a blackened eye, a swollen cheek and a bruise on her forehead. She also had scars on her back that had started to heal, indicating the abuse had been going on for a while. Denen told police that Reed, 47, hit the child with a plastic bat; he said it was a wooden paddle. Reed admitted to zip tying the little girl to her bed after he found her climbing on the kitchen cabinet, acording to a police report. In addition to it all, the girl was also severely malnourished, police said. But it's what she said when asked her name that's truly startling. "Idiot."Police say she was called an "idiot" so often and for so long that it was the word that sprung to her young mind when a social worker asked her name.
California,CA Dante Daniels was beaten to death with a hammer while protecting his younger sister from being assaulted by his mother's ex-boyfriend. Reportedly, 23 year old Deandre Chaney Jr. was performing a "lewd act" on Dante's sister who then jumped to her aid. The boy suffered for six days before dying of his injuries. Reports also indicated lighter fluid was involved in the incident. The boys mother, Elizaboth Salone also suffered and eye injury during the altercation, while his 7-year-old sister's injuries remain unreported. Dante's grandmother, Monique Brown, told news sources: "This guy beat my grandson with a hammer. Down to his spine. They couldn't save his brain," while his younger sister "...will need alot of help." Chaney had previous legal issues prior to the murder. According to KDVR, Chaney pleaded no contest to a charge of failing to register as a sex offender in October. In 2014, he pleaded no contest to battery charges. He also pleaded no contest to assault charges in 2011.
California,CA sister alleged that her mom and Leiva inflicted abuse on her, Anthony and another brother. Both of the adults would punish them by making the children kneel on rice, and Leiva sometimes used his foot to put pressure on their knees, causing them to bleed, she alleged. Afterward, she said she was forced to clean it up.

She alleged the children also were occasionally made to stand in a corner for hours after returning home from school. “Sometimes we would like go in the hallway, the little wall between my room and my mom’s room, we would have to go there on our knees and carry books and with two weights on top tied all together and we would have to hold it for like 10 minutes,” the girl said.
California,CA sheriff’s office said Taylor was an adoptive parent to four girls, ages 11 to 16, at the time. Previously, Taylor fostered and adopted several other children, who have since become adults and moved out.
California,CA March 30, the girl had been driven by ambulance from Saint Mary’s Medical Center in Apple Valley to Loma Linda University Medical Center for treatment of the frostbite, a news release said. During the exam, doctors found other injuries that were in various stages of healing.
Colorado,CO Sperling, 67 was sentenced to only five years in prison for keeping his sons, ages - 2, 4, 5 and 6, at the time of the abuse- in deplorable conditions. Upon discovery by authorities, the boys were found living in an apartment covered in human and cat feces, with decomposing animals near the boy’s shared mattress. Upon rescue, none of the children could speak or recognize their own names. According to court testimony, the boys were unable to even recognize basic food items such as a sandwich or an apple. Sperling, and the child’s mother, Lorinda Bailey, had been investigated previously by CPS in both 2006 and Bailey’s parental rights were terminated in 2009. While they plead guilty to misdemeanor child abuse charges, each only recieved a sentence of two years probation.
Colorado,CO Denver couple accused of starving their four sons aged 2, 4, 5 and 6 and keeping them in squalid conditions appeared in court to face felony child abuse charges. A police report released last week said the boys weren't toilet trained, had no schooling and spoke in "their own language" of grunts. They were placed in protective custody. The parents pleaded guilty to misdemeanor child-abuse charges in the earlier case and were ordered to take parenting classes while serving two years of probation. Sheriff's deputies were called to the hospital again in December when a child was admitted with a blistering burn on the face. Authorities said Melendrez-Augustin told them she had put the child in an empty bathtub and stepped out for toothpaste. She said an older sibling poured hot water on the child.
Three children between the ages of 2 and 9 were finally removed from the home in March after one of them suffered a four-inch burn across their bottom, authorities said. Investigators said Melendrez-Augustin blamed that injury on the bleach she reportedly used wash the stroller the child slept in.
Connecticut,CT 6-week year old girl died of injuries she sustained after allegedly being abused by her parents, Ashley Rivera-Perez, 20, and Edwin Babilonia,. The infant’s injuries included a cranial bleed, severe bruising, and rib and clavicle fractures. Rivera-Perez claimed the injuries were the result of accidentally dropping the baby, who then hit her forehead on the side of the crib. She then admitted that Babilonia took the infant into the bathroom, where she heard “chocking and gurgling” sounds, and Babilonia repeatedly telling the child to “shut up and be quiet” She then reported hearing sound like a body hitting a flat surface. When Babilonia returned the baby to Rivera - Perez, she was reportedly cross-eyed, limp and wheezing . The mother returned the infant to her crib, bringing her to the hospital in the morning after the child was still limp and unresponsive.
Delaware,DE Hohn III and Shannon Watterson were guilty of "serial torture," routinely beating and starving their 12-year-old son and imprisoning him for three months in his room without a bed and forcing him to wear diapers because they didn't want to let him out to use the toilet.5 years mom prision mom
6 years prision dad
Delaware,DE Sparks and Patricia Laws are both charged with child abuse and neglect.
Investigators said they found an autistic girl locked in a cage at a home on Miller Crossing Road in Jonesborough.
Three other children were also in the home, but they were all removed by the Department of Children's Services.
The preliminary hearing for Sparks and Laws was supposed to be on Thursday, but the judge decided to postpone that until March 6.
The attorney for Sparks said he needed more time to look at the case.
Sparks posted his bond previously. Laws was released after signing a bond agreement and agreeing to be monitored while she was out.
She was also ordered not to have any contact with the children.
Twenty-nine year-old Samuel Hollie and 32-year-old Brandi Hollie
Investigators say he abused and tortured his girlfriend’s two-year-old daughter using a blow torch, shock collar, and other horrendous methods. Eddins said it’s the worst case of abuse he’s seen in the 1st District.
o Florida woman and her boyfriend are facing felony charges after the boyfriend allegedly kicked the woman’s 3-year-old daughter in the head as punishment for getting out of her car seat. The girl, Adelynn Merrell, was then locked in a bedroom closet where she died. Authorities later found her body in the woods after the couple called police claiming the child had wandered off. Police also found a 5-year-old boy in the woman’s care who was emaciated and suffering from severe malnutrition.
Authorities found video evidence from surveillance equipment inside the home, as well as in Celaius’ cellphone, showing him burning the girl with a blowtorch, shocking her with a dog collar and throwing full water bottles at her as she slept. The Florida man would use an airsoft bb gun to shoot the child for no reason other than just to wake her up and hurt her. The man would also appear in the video wearing a werewolf mask while tormenting the child.
Lauren Green, 32, struck the 11-year-old girl multiple times on her body leaving permanent bruises on the child’s foot and inner bicep, her arrest report states. Green also demanded that the girl get in a plank position and when the child could not maintain the position, she struck the girl with a wooden spoon and stomped on the child’s foot, investigators said.
Georgia,GA Lewis and his wife, Angela Struthers have been indicted on child abuse charges for allegedly starving and beating their 13-year-old daughter. Lewis allegedly forced his stepdaughter to stand barefoot on tin cans while requiring her to write ‘I will respect my father’ 1,000 times on a daily basis. At times, the girl was reportedly only allowed to eat cat food and would be locked in the laundry room for extended periods of time, where she would be forced to urinate and defecate on herself. The indictment also states that Lewis would pushing his thumbs into the mouth of (victim) with such force as to split the corners of her mouth and with such severity to leave scarring to both corners of her mouth." The girl was also allegedly forced to take baths at extreme temperatures with either peroxide or lemon juice added. Though Lewis and Struthers were initially charged by police on one count each in April and released on bond. Upon further examination of the case, prosecutors added further charges. Authorities say Lewis entered into a negotiated guilty plea in 2014 for abuse surrounding the same girl. Struthers remains out on bond.
Man Gets No Prison Time For Torturing Teenage Girl, Holding Her In a Dog Cage
Michael Wysolovski allegedly targeted the girl after meeting her in an online anorexia support forum
Georgia,GA“These cases are happening on a regular basis,” Randle said. “An 18-month-old that had bruises from his head to his toe - and then it’s a situation where the child was left in someone else’s care.”

She’s familiar with all the cases 11Alive has covered in the past year.

From Emani Moss, a 10-year-old starved to death by her stepmother, to Reygan Moon, a two-year-old weighing 14 pounds when she died. Her mother is accused of murder.

Recent horrifying tales of abuse include Mary and Elwyn Crocker, Jr., two young teens found buried in the backyard of their families’ home. Investigators say Elwyn was starved and locked in a cage like a dog. Her father and four others are charged in connection with the deaths.

More recently, the trial began against Jennifer and Joseph Rosenbaum, two foster parents accused of killing 2-year-old Laila Daniels.

“The reality is there are many more cases,” said Randle.

In case after case, Randle sees one glaring similarity.

“You see all of the red flags where someone could have intervened,” she said.
Up to 60 yearsGeorgia A
Starvation case reveals gap in safety net for abused children
Hawaii,HI Kalama, 31, and his wife, Barbara, 28, both of Wai'anae, committed "heinous atrocities" from 2004 to 2006 against children entrusted to their care by the Family Court system. Rita Makekau, 51, Barbara Kalama's mother, who lived in the same home, were indicted on charges including assault, child endangerment and abuse of a family member. According to the prosecutor, Gabriel Kalama beat one child with a belt "for jumping on a bed" and forced another child to eat a sibling's feces. Barbara Kalama "used her fingernails to pinch" the children and also "whacked them on their fingertips with a wooden spoon," Wada, the prosecutor, said.The children were told to make the hula hand gesture for a flower, in which the fingertips are held upward and touching, "and she would take the spoon and whack the fingertips," according to Wada. Wada called Makekau the "worst offender."Makekau struck the children in the front teeth with a hammer and struck them on the head with the edge of a metal spoon and the dull edge of a knife, causing "cuts, bleeding and scarring," according to the prosecutor."She did the wooden spoon thing on the fingertips, too," Wada alleged."The children were never taken to a doctor or a dentist until they were finally removed from the house," she said.
Gabriel Kalama pleaded no contest yesterday to two counts of second-degree assault and five counts of abuse of a family member. Barbara Kalama pleaded guilty to one count of first-degree child endangerment and six counts of abuse of a family member. Both were sentenced to five years probation. Makekau is charged with eight counts of second-degree assault and one count of abuse of a family member and faces a maximum penalty of 81 years in prison, Wada said. Makekau was sentenced to five years in prison. "Life was torture" for the children, Wada said. "No child should have to endure the cruelties that these children did."
Hawaii,HI Kalama, 31, and his wife, Barbara, 28, both of Wai'anae, committed "heinous atrocities" from 2004 to 2006 against children entrusted to their care by the Family Court system. Rita Makekau, 51, Barbara Kalama's mother, who lived in the same home, were indicted on charges including assault, child endangerment and abuse of a family member. According to the prosecutor, Gabriel Kalama beat one child with a belt "for jumping on a bed" and forced another child to eat a sibling's feces. Barbara Kalama "used her fingernails to pinch" the children and also "whacked them on their fingertips with a wooden spoon," Wada, the prosecutor, said.The children were told to make the hula hand gesture for a flower, in which the fingertips are held upward and touching, "and she would take the spoon and whack the fingertips," according to Wada. Wada called Makekau the "worst offender."Makekau struck the children in the front teeth with a hammer and struck them on the head with the edge of a metal spoon and the dull edge of a knife, causing "cuts, bleeding and scarring," according to the prosecutor."She did the wooden spoon thing on the fingertips, too," Wada alleged."The children were never taken to a doctor or a dentist until they were finally removed from the house," she said.Makekau used a hammer to break and chip their teeth when they misbehaved. She struck them on their heads with knives and metal spoons, causing bleeding and permanent scarring.
The children said they sometimes went without food for a week, and one had been forced to sleep under the house with dogs and insects and without warm clothes or bedding as punishment for misbehavior.
Wada said after the court hearing that she learned of new allegations of abuse from the statements read in court.For instance, Wada said, she was unaware of charges that one of the adults shoved a broom handle down the throat of one child, or that threats were made to drown the children in a bathtub of water.Another child said that when the family was living on Moloka'i, they were made to run across the yard while a pellet gun was fired at them.They were also forced to kick and hit each other so that if injuries were discovered at school or elsewhere, the adults could claim innocence.
probation for parents and 5 years for aunts
South Carolina,SC Police Department officials CBS affiliate WSPA that 37-year-old Robert Earl Kailiala Saladaga allegedly punished his girlfriend’s 5- and 7-year-old sons by rubbing hot sauce on their eyes and mouths, making them vomit.
He also allegedly beat both children, rubbed peppers on one of the boy’s genitals, shot the 7-year-old in the foot with a BB gun, and repeatedly smothered the younger boy with a pillow until he couldn’t breathe.
Idaho,ID boys were beaten with boards and brooms; pantries were kept locked and the boys were not allowed to eat breakfast unless they woke up by 6 am. The boys were punished by being sent out into the cold without jackets and one of the boys was imprisoned for two days in a furnace room. The boys were also exploited for their labor, being forced to work without pay making furniture for Jessop to sell.way. He was sentenced to 90 days in jail.
misdeamenor injury to child
Idaho,ID 6-year-old boy was taken to the hospital suffering life threatening injuries after long-term parental abuse. The boy was brought into the hospital with a split pancreas, while his body was covered with injuries in various states of hearing. The boy was found to be extremely malnourished, with ulcers on his leg, a cauliflower/deformed ear and dried blood on his penis. He was also covered in scars and scabs. A “large injury” to the boy’s thighs was reportedly the result of the acid in human feces. In addition, a nurse practitioner informed detectives that she heard of a report of the boy spitting up “fluff” from eating his pillow. Neighbors informed officials they would see the boy lying face down and tied to the bed with ropes when they visited the couple. A neighbor also claims CPS was called on the family but they did not see enough evidence of abuse to step-in. Bledso
Idaho,ID County Deputy Prosecutor Erica Kallin said it’s one of the most horrific child abuse cases she’s seen, calling it a torture case. She said Espinoza strangled, kicked, bit, stepped on, force-fed and threw the children by their hair while they were in her caretortured the six children in her care — ranging in age from 1 to 10 years old — with a litany of abuse, including biting and kicking them, as well as throwing them by their hair and trying to strangle them, the Idaho Statesman reports.

Canyon County Deputy Prosecutor Erica Kallin said the child abuse case was among the worst she’s seen in her career and has left the children numb, despondent and unable to trust people easily. One girl even reported that Espinoza at one point held a blade to her throat, leaving small cuts.

“I thought I was going to die,” the girl told authorities.
16 years; four counts injury to the child
Idaho,ID documents show the boy had multiple brain bleeds and large gash-like scars consistent with being whipped. Days after law enforcement found the children, he was still showing signs of paralysis on the left side of his face.
IndianaMary Heller two girls
child death case
Ashleigh Peach - starvation 32lbs 5 yro; padlocks on doors, survalliance
trial set for 10/22
Illinois,IL locked in closet, gential burned with curling ironcharges dropped
Illinois,IL a drug raid on the far South Side on Saturday, the police found a 3-year old boy chained by the neck to a bed in a foster home where they also found cocaine, cannabis and unregistered firearms. Officer Thomas Donegan, a spokesman for the Chicago Police Department, said that narcotics investigators searching the South Side house found the 3 year old boy with a steel chain wrapped three times around his neck after he told them he could not get up from underneath a urine-stained sheet.
The boys foster mother, Mary G. Bryant, 64 and her husband, Melvin L. Bond, 49 were arrested on misdemeanor charges of child endangerment and held on a two hundred thousand dollar bond each. Mis conviction of child endangerment is considered a Class A misdemeanor in Illinois. If the convicted individual is a parent, the sentence may be probation, and not more than one year in jail.
Illinois,IL kids came, there were bruises on their face and so we asked and the mom just said that they were fighting each other...they said that mom wasn't home, that he made them fight each other," she said.The assistant principal at Anthony's elementary school called DCFS to say the boy told her he was being forced to dig through trash to find food and was beaten by his mom
Illinois,IL a drug raid on the far South Side on Saturday, the police found a 3-year old boy chained by the neck to a bed in a foster home where they also found cocaine, cannabis and unregistered firearms. Officer Thomas Donegan, a spokesman for the Chicago Police Department, said that narcotics investigators searching the South Side house found the 3 year old boy with a steel chain wrapped three times around his neck after he told them he could not get up from underneath a urine-stained sheet.
The boys foster mother, Mary G. Bryant, 64 and her husband, Melvin L. Bond, 49 were arrested on misdemeanor charges of child endangerment and held on a two hundred thousand dollar bond each. Mis conviction of child endangerment is considered a Class A misdemeanor in Illinois. If the convicted individual is a parent, the sentence may be probation, and not more than one year in jail.
Iowa,IA about the way authorities handle child abuse were raised after the deaths of two children, Sabrina Ray and Avery McCoy – were ruled as homicides after they were malnourished and abuse. Seventeen-month-old Avery weighed only 11 pounds when she died while 16-year-old Sabrina weighed just 56 pounds when she died of severe malnutrition after her parents denied her critical medical care. These cases emerged only a short time after the death of 16-year-old Natalie Finn, who’s emaciated body was found in an adult diaper on the linoleum floor of her empty bedroom.
Iowa,IA the second day of the trial in Hardin County, the boy said Tyler hit him with the wire handle of a flyswatter, which police said left him with permanent scarring on his back and limbs. He also suffers from a post-traumatic stress disorder, authorities said.

When he first slept under the stairs, the boy escaped to try to find food; the couple later used a wooden board to keep him from breaking out, he said. Assistant Attorney General Laura Roan asked how often he was locked in the space prosecutors called a dark box, giving him the options of never, sometimes or a lot

Lowa, LA Fry, 42, and Kelly Fry, 40, of Osceola, pleaded guilty to two counts each of child endangerment, an aggravated misdemeanor, according to Iowa court records. Both had originally pleaded not guilty to felony charges.
The initial charges came after medical professionals in February 2018 determined that two of the couple's seven children were malnourished. The victims, a 10-year-old girl and 11-year-old boy, were adopted years earlier from Ghana, authorities said.
Kansas,KS missionaries James and Paige Nachtigal were discovered to have been abusing three children whom they adopted from Peru. The children, ages 11, 11, and 15 were found emaciated, while the two 11-year-olds received the brunt of the abuse. The girl was discovered limping on a broken leg, while both of the younger children had contusions nad welts on their bodies corroborating their accounts of being beated with a wooden spoon and a cane. The children told authorties the beatings were punishment if they did not complete the sit-ups, jumping jacks and push-ups that their parents assigned them to curb bad behavior. Pediatrition Kerri Weeks, who specializes in abuse cases stated in court that the abuse was 'extremely severe" with both younger children weighing only 60 and 50 pounds upon discovery. ""These two very, very likely would have died … if they had not been removed from the home when they did," Weeks said. "I think (the boy) running away saved his life" and the life of his sister," Weeks stated.
Kentucky,KY 6-year-old child suffered severe abuse at the hands of both his care taker and his mother. According to court reports, Teresa Tyler and the child’s mother, Jennifer Smith used hot water to burn the child’s bottom, causing second degree burns. The child told investigators that he was also tied to a chair and had weights dropped on his face. The boy stated he would have to sit in hot water with his hands stied together, stay locked in a closet without access to a bathroom. When he had to go to the bathroom in the closet, the child said “he was forced to lick it up.”10 years
Louisiana,LA Louisiana mother is facing murder charges after an autopsy found her 2-year-old son died of blunt force trauma and abuse. Authoritites responded to the child's home after receiving a call of a child having difficulty breathing. Upon arrival,  paramedics found the toddler b unresponsive and pronounced dead at the scene. The boy's body showed signs of long term malnutrition, and apparent bruising and marks  
Maine,ME Martineau was accused of "torturing" his three-month-old son, who was admitted into the hospital with what one doctor described as  “a constellation of new and old injuries,” including hemorrhaging, more than two dozen broken bones and severe bruises. Assistant Attorney General Leanne Robbin stated that Martineau was constantly frustrated with the amount of care the infant required and repeatedly injured the child.
Maine,MEMaine dad who tortured children with shock collar accused of making explosivesBELFAST, Maine -- A Troy man who spent a short time in jail two years ago for kicking one of his children and using a dog's shock collar to punish the same child and his older sister is now accused of making improvised explosive devices and setting them off around a younger child. Kuhn was sentenced to 364 days in jail, with all but 10 days suspended, after he pleaded guilty to two counts of aggravated domestic violence assault. In addition, he faced probation after his release.RTF file
Maryland,MD 23-year-old woman has been charged in the death of an 8-month-old girl after surveillance video showed Leah Walden "tortured" her at a day-care facility. Walden called authorities when the baby became unresponsive, and the baby later died at the hospital. Though Walden claimed the child stopped breathing while sleeping, surveillance video showed her covering the baby, who was awake,  with excessive blankets and covering her face with pillows. Walden was also seen slapping the infant, violently snatching her by one arm, and swinging her from her crib.
Marland, MD Elkton man is facing more than 65 years in prison after a jury convicted him of several charges relating in part to him starving two of his children — resulting in rickets and scurvy in one child — and of confining his teenage daughter in her bedroom for up to seven months except for bathroom breaks.
Massachusetts,MA 7-year-old Massachusetts boy was left unresponsive in a coma when admitted to a local hospital due to starvation and dehydration, reportedly weighing only 38.5 pounds. The boy also suffered chemical irritation/injuries to his skin due to what authorities labeled “bleach exposure.” Upon further examination the boy also had injuries to his face and jaw consistent to being hit, as well as injuries to his feet, that were reportedly “most likely from a manufactured object.”
Massachusetts,MA Above
Michigan,MI 4-year-old boy was beaten, denied food, and locked in a closet coated with his feces and urine, witnesses testified Tuesday in a child abuse case.

Battle Creek police feared Maloyd Gaines might die from the neglect and abuse after he was taken for medical treatment to Bronson Battle Creek on March 22 by his mother, Megan Schug, 23.
Plead guilty to first degree child abuse
Michigan,MI boys—C.H., b. 2003; and J.H., b. 2005—were beaten and starved by their parents, James and Tina Harbert (pictured). The boys were homeschooled. The Harberts’ daughter was not reported to be abused. James Harbert used a 2×4, a dog leash, and his fists to beat the boys multiple times a week for as long as they could remember. The injuries… Read more »20 years
Michigan,MI police found a 4-year-old boy badly burned by a butane torch inside a home, authorities discovered his house full of vermin, feces and a variety of animals, including multiple snakes, a pig and an alligator. Court records indicate that none of the five adults living in the home took the injured boy to the hospital, and authorities only found out after a relative informed them of his injuries. Allegedly, the boys shirt caught fire and then spread across his chest, body and face, the injuries were so severe he has had to undergo skin graft surgery at the hospital. The boy and the six children living in the home were placed under state care.
Corey Kucsera and Kate George were charged with putting 3-year-old Sophia into a car-seat, binding her hands and feet, and stuffing socks in her mouth and taping her mouth closed. Investigators claim the little girl was left that way for 24-hours last September 4th with no food or water.
Minnesota,MN Story from invisible Children A 5-year-old girl was imprisoned, starved, and physically abused by her parents, Ryan Rechtzigel and Angela Stewart. The girl was homeschooled. The girl’s siblings, ages 2 and 7 months, were not reported to be abused.
The girl had been removed from her parents’ home when she was 6 months old due to their methamphetamine use. She was returned to their custody in April 2016. In October 2016, Stewart withdrew her from school stating that she would homeschool her. The girl was kept in an unheated boarded-up room and deprived of food. Her parents beat her, smeared her with feces, and forced her to do squats with a heavy bin on her head. When she was rescued, she had a broken elbow and “cuts, scrapes, burn marks and missing hair.”
The abuse came to light in November 2016 when Rechtzigel’s parole officer could not find him to question him about a parole violation. The police had also received a tip from a family friend concerned that the girl had not attended her parents’ wedding, so authorities went to the home and found the girl locked up. Rechtzigel and Stewart were charged with a combined 12 felonies including child neglect, false imprisonment, and attempted manslaughter.
Mississippi,MS and horror” is how a prosecutor described the murder case involving an 11-year-old Horn Lake boy. Tuesday evening, DeSoto County prosecutors charged Tyler Raines’ father and step-mother with capital murder.
Because of the rules of evidence in Mississippi, the assistant DA could not describe the boy's body or his autopsy results, but he says it was all enough to charge the father and step-mother with capital murder.
“For me, I think the charges speak for themselves,” said Horn Lake Police Lt. Scott Evans. What the capital murder charges mean is that 11-year-old Tyler Raines didn't die in an accident or from natural causes.
Prosecutors say he died from abuse and neglect at the hands of Amanda and Tommy Raines. Assistant District Attorney Steven Jubera and police detective Scott Evans saw the boy's body the day he was found in the bathroom of the Horn Lake home.
“I can speak personally. Shock, horror,” said Jubera. “I don't think anybody who saw the child will ever be left unaffected.”“It has been one of the toughest cases that I’ve had to work,” said Evans.
Family members who saw the boy in the funeral home say he had bruises all over, what appeared to be cigarette burns on his face, and ligature marks on his arms and legs, which means he likely had been tied up.
Jubera says the 11-year-old only weighed 56 pounds.
Missouri,MO 14 yr old girls were kept locked in a dark room or a sunroom for hours at a time. Their bedroom contained only a spring bed and a tub of ripped clothing for each girl; they were only allowed pillows for good behavior. Most of their meals consisted of raw vegetables; the family’s food was kept locked up, and the girls’ siblings were allowed second helpings while they were not. The girls were hit with spoons or spatulas in front of their siblings. They were required to ask permission in order to “get dressed, read their Bible, wear shoes or take a shower”, and when they were found, R. had not bathed in several weeks. As punishment for their behavior, the girls were forced to “run a gravel road barefoot or stand outside in the cold.”

The abuse came to light when a neighbor noticed R. walking down a nearby road with bloody feet. R. disclosed the abuse and the neighbor called the authorities. R., who had not been to the doctor or dentist for a long time, was found to weigh 92 lbs. and to have pinworm parasites; K. was found to weigh 76 lbs. and to have a distended stomach due to malnutrition. The McGregors were each charged with two counts of felony child abuse and their other children were removed from the home.
charges neglect
Missouri,MO Missouri couple, Mikala and Derick Boyce-Slezak, and reportedly dropped their infant to imitate a commercial on television and later placed him in the microwave for “a short period of time”. he infant, who is believed to be less than four months old, was brought into the hospital with what his parents claimed was a rash caused by a cleaning agent. Tests showed that the rash was in fact, a second degree burn and x-rays revealed the child had suffered both a skull fracture and a subdural hematoma.Both parents were charges with one count of felony abuse/neglect of a child. Mikala Boyce-Slezak, initially admitted her husband dropped the baby and then placed him in the microwave, though she later invoked her right not to testify in court. Derick Boyce-Slezak also refused to testify. Both were held in the county jail pending sentencing with individual bails set at $500,000.
Missouri,MO article lists the baby as 2-weeks old.
Montana,MT of five, Amy Lynn Newman and her girlfriend Crystal Marie Mears plead guilty to child endangerment after being accused of locking two boys, ages 9 and 11 in the basement nightly with no food and only a bucket to go to the bathroom. Upon inspection, police found multiple locks on the basement door, padlocks, and zip ties. Meanwhile, all five children testified that the abuse went much further. Newman’s 16 year-old daughter testified that she taught her four younger siblings to pick locks on cupboards to access food, and were frequently beaten.
Montana,MT Above
Nebraska,NE 7-year-old boy suffered abuse at the hands of his adoptive parents, who withheld food from him as punishment and locked him in a room with no access to a bathroom for days at a time. The boy was “severely underweight” and covered in bruises and scrapes.
Nevada,NV Reno couple is accused of renting a truck and driving their 5-year-old’s body to California after she died. The child’s body was discovered in a California storage unit, and appeared malnourished and emaciated. Police discovered a wire animal crate in the bathroom with handcuffs attached to it in the bathroom of the couple’s Reno apartment.
New Hampshire,NH 18-year-old suffered severed abuse at the hands of his mother, Cristine Gelineau and her friend, Daniel Cantrell. Reportedly Gelineau and Cantrell strangled the teen, forced lit cigarettes into the back of his head, and set areas of his body on fire leaving him with third degree burns. They also broke several of his bones punched him in the face and forced him to eat his own excrement over the course of a month.
New Jersey,NJ New Jersey couple’s abuse of their 2-year-old daughter was brought to attention after she was being treated for seizures. The toddler suffered from multiple bone fractures, a brain bleed and severe burns on her hand and foot. One doctor reportedly concluded that the "combined physical traumas and psychological traumas raise the girl's diagnosis to the level of torture."
New Mexico,NM Terri Sanchez and James Stewart are facing multiple counts of child abuse after allegedly forcing their 7-year-old daughter to participate in prostitution in exchange for money and drugs . Before being pulled out of school for several months by her parents, the girl's reportedly became concerned after the girl showed up to school smelling of urine and blood was seen on her underwear. Authorities later tracked down the family months later and learned they were currently homeless. According to court documents, the girl admitted to investigators that "in exchange for performing the sexual acts on these men and women, her father receives 'weed and pipes and other stuff.'" Stewart and Sanchez are also accused of hitting the girl and forcing her to pickpocket and panhandle alone off of a busy highway.20 years
New Mexico,NM a series of interviews, one child said she shot him in the arm with a shotgun while he was taking out the trash, put one of her daughters on a “fat chain” because she ate too much and beat another daughter until she miscarried, according to the criminal complaint released by the New Mexico Police Department. In one instance, the 17-year-old told police her mother allegedly beat some of the children with a metal ladle and a spatula mostly on areas covered by clothes, the criminal complaint says.

She also said that her dog had puppies and her mother put four in a big pot and boiled them as they watched in October last year — instead of giving them away or taking them to an animal shelter, according to the criminal complaint. San Juan County resident Martha Crouch is charged with child abuse, extreme animal cruelty and obstruction of an investigation on child abuse or neglect.
New York,NY starvation - no sentence yet
New York,NY adults are facing felony charges after they were discovered to have tortured a 10-year-old child for several months in their home. Officials say that the perpetrators used rolled up newspaper and electrical tape to beat the child, who was forbidden to use the bathroom and regularly deprived of food. Reportedly, the child was also forced to run for hours at the park at night with weighted backpacks and a pillowcase of heavy objects. If the child was not “fast enough” they would be bumped with the car, or dragged behind it with ropes. A 3- year- old child was also found in the home with prior burns from having their hands placed in boiling water.
New York,NYNew York mother pleads not guilty to torturing family pets, abusing her children"This is a case where a mother subjected her children to the most unimaginable and horrific living conditions that I have ever seen," Suffolk County District Attorney Thomas Spota said. "These kids were beaten, they were starved, they lived in absolutely horrendous conditions within their own household and this was done intentionally by the mother." Sharon McDonough, 43, killed numerous kittens and dogs, stashing the dead cats in the trash, and burying 42 dead dogs in the backyard of her Selden, Long Island, home, Spota said. The dogs were buried, he said, because some had identifying microchips implanted in them and McDonough feared being discovered if the carcasses were found in the trash. She could face up to two years in prison if convicted of the top charge
North Carolina,NC child younger than 2 years old was strangled with a piece of clothing and suffered multiple contusions, ligature marks and scrapes sustained over a series of assaults at a home in northern Pitt County, according to arrest warrants.
North Carolina,NC
North Carolina,NC said Bell's children were forced to stay inside a bedroom in her east Charlotte home, with no access to food, and that they were beaten when they asked to eat. Father figure received probation. Mom received 5 years.
North Carolina,NC say Tiesler, 37, routinely locked three of their boys in a room and tool chest over a period of 14 months and denied them food, leaving them emaciated. She was arrested Oct. 16, charged with three counts of child abuse and was being held in the Harnett County Detention Center under although the children's father noticed the extent of the abuse, he did not report it to authorities. She served 2. 5 years
North Carolina,NC a welfare check on a home in North Carolina, police found a malnourished 5-year-old girl locked in a small 2 foot by 4 foot closet under a stairway. The girl had no access to food or water, was extremely malnourished and suffered from burns and bruises.
North Dakota,ND 21- year-old North Dakota mother has been accused of severely injuring her 12-week-old daughter, after medical officials discoverd the infant had suffered numerous injuries, including skull fractures, a fractured arm, subdural hemorrhages of the brain, a potential nasal injury, and head contusions. The childs injuries were reprortedly discovered after Lopex brought the child to the hospitale claiming she fell out of a swing after being left unattended. This, however, is not the first time Lopez or the baby's father (Jose Rivera-Reiffel) have been investigated for child abuse and neglect. In Janurary of 2017, Lopez and Rivera -Reiffel brought their first daughter to the hospital. The child had suffered fractures to both legs; Rivera-Rieffel was convicted of child abuse and is to not have contact with the infant. A month prior to the incident Lopex had brought her 12 -week -old (then 8-weeks) to the hospital with a proken femur. Though hopsital officials were skeptical of her claims of accidentally dropping the baby, they were unaware of the previous charges against the babies father and released the child back in their care.
Ohio,OHfile:///C:/Users/ljone/Documents/NCCASP/State%20Index%20research/Euclid%20Ohio%20Abuse%20factor%20in%20death%20of%204%20year%20old.pdfOn March 11, 2018, 4 year old Aniya Day died of injuries allegedly inflicted by her mother and her boyfriend, When Aniya was found by the Euclid fire department she had been burned and was non-responsive. Though burned, the cause of death was blunt force trauma to the head. The day care she had been attending had tracked injuries to Aniya since 2015. Prior to the fatal incident, children and family services had closed multiple allegations of physical abuse to Aniya. The day care she attended is being investigated by the State.
Court documents said Jose abused the children over an extended period, and often repeatedly were struck with hangers, belts, cords, shoes, and hands, “leaving marks and causing pain and bleeding."The affidavit said children were forced to drink hot sauce for punishment, “locked in their rooms without food, water, or bathroom access.” The document said Jose “burned the children's’ fingertips with a lighter causing blisters and bleeding” and they were “bitten about the hands and extremities leaving teeth marks. ose Rosales was charged with three counts of Rape and five counts of Felony Child Endangering. 29-year-old Rosa Rosales was charged with five counts of Felony Child Endangering.
Oklahoma,OK 9-year-old girl was beaten, starved, and imprisoned by her uncle, Joel Smith (pictured left), Joel’s wife Amanda Smith (pictured center), and their 19-year-old daughter Allison Smith (pictured right). The girl was homeschooled.

It is unclear how the girl came to live with the Smiths, but she thought of them as her parents and sister. The girl was pulled from school in 2017 and the family “claimed to have the girl in a homeschool program, but no one could name the specific program.” The girl reported she was educated by a LeapPad learning tablet. The girl endured extreme abuse, including: being forced to stay outside in all weather; forced to do extreme manual labor such as moving rocks and digging holes; beaten with numerous objects including a livestock sorting stick, including a beating for making a mistake in her schoolwork; forced to take freezing and scalding showers; choked and threatened with death; forced to wear diapers and not allowed to use the toilet; starved so that she ate paper and moldy food out of the trash because she was hungry; and kept handcuffed inside a playpen at night. When she was rescued, she had an infected and untreated laceration from the handcuffs, was covered with bruises, and was severely underweight.

The abuse came to light when the girl ran away from home and was reported missing by the Smiths in early April 2019. When authorities found her she disclosed the abuse. The Smiths, who were later arrested in Missouri, were charged with child abuse and neglect.
2019 neglect
Oklahoma,OK Charged with Starving Children & Feeding 5-year-old Dog Feces
Oklahoma,OK starved in barn neglect
Oklahoma,OK"Based on some of the case facts, when we found him he was bound by his hands and feet with rope and had been submerged in a trash can, held in the shower," Fruen said. "They weren't feeding him. He didn't have much to eat. I think what he did get to eat he got at school. Bruises, he was covered in bruises from head to toe."
Oregon,OR plead guilty
Bedford County Deputy Commonwealth's Attorney Stephanie Ayers said the teen was padlocked in a room. The teen would be left in the room for the majority of the day and night without water, food, or a bathroom.

Ayers said the teen weighed only 70 pounds.
Oregon,OR Marie Harmon will serve over a decade in prison for repeatedly assaulting a child in her care. The three year old boy, the son of her ex-boyfriend, suffered black eyes "from being punched", various bruises, and a severe hip injury due to his legs being forced apart duirng a diaper change. According to trial testimony, the boy also suffered a severe injury to his genitals, one that is still causing complications. In addition, Harmon was found to have forced the boy to run laps in the backyard as a form of punishment. According to Lane County Circuit Judge Charles Zennaché , the boy was " failed by a whole bunch of adults," while Prosecutor Stephen Morgan stated in court that the boy “will heal from the physical injuries. But the traumatic effects of this abuse will last (the victim) a lifetime."
Pennsylvania,PA children, ages 4, 5 and 6 were rescued from their home after being reportedly locked in a room for approximately three months. The children had no heat and very little food. Reportedly, the door was locked from the outside, and authorities believe the children had resorted to eating the paint off of the walls. Officials say two of the siblings were only days away from death. Dauphin County District Attorney Ed Marsico stated: “They still have a way to go medically, physically and who knows what the developmental impacts will be on them,” Marsico says. “They’re young kids, but they’re old enough to know the hell they were put through.”
Pennsylvania,PA couple’s children reported being abused between 2011 and 2018 at their home. They were beaten with paddles, a walking stick, a board and back scratchers, according to the affidavits of probable cause. Beatings with the paddle were allegedly so severe that the children’s buttocks would bleed, and it could be seen through their underwear. As forms of punishment, the Krause’s allegedly deprived their children of multiple meals for not doing their chores or misbehaving and forced them to do “halfways” (or sitting against the wall with their knees bent) and “up-downs” for extended periods.