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BreweryBeer NameABVBeer Description
Sawmill BreweryWhite Stout5.3%An enigmatic, somewhat nebulous, white stout. A pale ale with loads of wheat and oats for a soft mouthfeel, given copious additions of cocoa nibs, coffee beans, and vanilla pods. A stout-like character beer which is somehow simultaneously dry and roasty yet full and with a slight perception of sweetness.
Rhyme And Reason BreweryLiquid Ribs5.3%A clean Lager with a balance of toasty malt and beechwood smoke. Liquid Ribs is smooth, balanced and finish's medium-dry. Pretty epic when accompanied by sharp cheese's, pizza and burgers!
Fork BrewcorpLes Fruits2.8%A light, refreshing Belgian Table/Small Beer fermented with Belgian Ardennes yeast and a combination of pureed boysenberries, blueberries and raspberries.
Wilderness BrewingFriends in the Wild #45.4%A series of mixed ferment pale sour beers showcasing a rotating lineup of fruit + hop combos. Number 4 is looking at honeydew melon and huell melon hops.
Brave Brewing CoClifford6.9%Clifford is a classic, hoppy American style red ale. Full of fat, rich and toasty specialty malts that are backed up with a generous citrus and pine hop hit.
Garage ProjectLittle Beast - Espresso12.5%Strong Imperial Dessert Stout infused with freshly Roasted Havana Coffee
ParrotdogL.B. Irish Red Ale4.4%Traditional Irish Red Ale featuring British and European malts. Malt complexity up front, with a touch of roast in a slightly dry finish. Served on Nitro with a creamy texture.
Cell DivisionBois4.2%A mixed ferment sour ale with grapes and rosemary. It was first brewed for The Portsider's five year 'wood anniversary'.
BaylandsGrande Tsar10.0%Van da Tsar of the ‘Grande’ kind. Orange, cognac, chocolate decandant goodness.
Kereru Brewing CompanyFuture Pickles - Dill Pickle Gose4.0%Kereru gose infused with dill pickles and fresh dill.
Whistling Sisters Beer CoTooty Toot Root beer4.8%A delicate sweet ale using vanilla, cinnanon, anise and kumara to evoke a classic American root beer (since we can't have nice things like sassafras and sarsparilla). Stick an in cream in it and make a float!
PANHEADBatch - 072 6.7%Smash winter chills in the face with a soothing Lemon Honey & Ginger. Just like mum used to make only better because it's is Beer!
Boneface brewingBelgian Pale Ale6.0%A Belgian Pale Ale with spicy, fruity esters and a dry finish.
Abandoned BreweryRed IPA5.5%A more sessionable Red IPA. Mild Ale Malt and a cocktail of specialty malts from both New Zealand and Europe give the beer a rich caramel and toasted bread-like character. We use a couple of classic American "C" hops along with local Pacifica and Moutere hops to give the beer plenty of grapefruit and orange-accented hop character.
McLeod's BrewerySmuggler's Bay: Imperial Oat Stout12.5%Imperial Oat Stout aged in Bourbon casks for 1 year and conditioned with Vermont Maple Syrup
Behemoth Brewing CompanyThe Fix8.5%Big Imperial Stout made it collaboration with Fix and Fogg Peanut butter in Wellington. We have a big roasty, chocolatey base with Peanuts and Dutch Cocoa Powder. Get your fix of the fix!
Epic Brewing CoHop Farmer6.2%Pacific Jade & Nelson Savin Hops fuse with NZ Malt to showcase all that is great in NZ.
Fortune FavoursExperimental Series Gose4.0%We have taken our base Gose, The Goose, and infused it with a hefty amount of Jalapenos and Limes. Spicy, sour and refreshing all in one!
Mean DosesMean Velvet9.8%Confused about doppelbocks? I get that. There are far too many varieties of craft beer these days. Well don't worry, I have your Cliff's Notes right here.
A bock is defined as "a strong lager of German origin". A doppelbock is therefore two of these.
A Mean Velvet is defined as "a topaz-ruby-esque beer, of complex and wonderful sweetness". Remember, when you drink this beer - which is in fact two beers - you will become mathematically twice as happy as you would have if you had drunk anyone else's beer. Science.
Eagle Brewing NZBack2BlackIPA5.5%
Bassline BrewingHello Sailor8.0%A Rum & Raisin Doppelbock - a rich dark lager brewed with blackstrap molasses, and later lagered on raisins and oak from a rum barrel
8 WiredGypsy Fruits5.7%Sour beer, aged for 2 years in wine barrels, then another 6 months on fresh grapefruits. Dry hopped before packaging.
Heyday Beer Co.King of Hearts6.0%This beer was designed to be a rich, sensuous, and subtly complex winter warmer best enjoyed in front of a roaring fire. We used chocolate, crystal, and biscuit malts, and Bavaria Mandarina hops to give it a marmalade hop character Our house Belgian yeast character gives it a peppery, clove, and ginger character that slowly evolves as you sip.
Southpaw Brewing CompanySweet Science #55.2%Our classic sweet stout "Sweet Science" that has had whole Switch Espresso coffee beans infused cold with crushed organic ginger. Combining lingering coffee notes, spicy ginger and smooth velvety sweetness.
Funk EstateMaple Stout on Amburana Wood5.0%An American Stout aged on Amburuana wood chips with some maple syrup added. Amburana wood barrel is often used for aging Cachaça. These ambruana wood chips were given from Pete Slosberg.
Townshend BreweryRode Ireland Red Rye IPA5.5%As above
Choice Bros X Maiden Naked In The Dark5.5%100g/L of Blueberry & Blackberry, a light lager base with lactose, oats and fermented with a New England yeast strain.
Black Dog Brew CoSalted Caramel Gose4.7%An unfiltered, sour wheat beer with tart lemon and sour dough flavours. We added salt and specialty malts to give a caramel character before kettle-souring and fermenting with an ale yeast.
URBANAUTSpiced Rum Baltic Porter9.0%Join us on a dark, boozy journey from the Old World to the OUTER LIMITS. This is a beast of a Porter, brewed with lager yeast for a clean finish and a subtle touch of Spiced Rum. It is hearty, rich, tangy and sweet, this dark goodness displays rambunctious notes of chocolate, dates, clove, vanilla, cinnamon and the comes with a gentle cuddle of spiced rum! Served from a cask for maximum flavour.
JuiceHead BeerThe Cursed7.0%Tastes like reading an old novel aside a crackling fireplace... in your slippers.
Duncan’s brewing serendipity Sour 8.5%This beer is a wild soured stout aged in pinot noir barrels with star anis.
Tuatara BreweryThe Sheffiled Collective9.6%A three way collaboration between Tuatara Brewery, Duncan's Brewery and Dark Horse Coffee Company who all resides on Sheffield St in Paraparaumu.
Three Boys BreweryJim & Mo's Log Cabbin Porter5.2%A silky porter aged on Jack Daniels barrel chips with maple syrup
Te Aro Brewing CompanyFrambesque5.5%Two year old Lambic-style beer aged in Chardonnay barrels. Raspberry puree added four months ago. Oaky on the nose and a fruity, bretty taste.
Cassels Brewing CoMilk Stout5.2%A New Zealand interpretation of an Old English Classic. Our Milk Stout contains a non-fermentable lactose sugar derived from milk. Deep black & full bodied with mocha & milk chocolate aromatics. Smooth/sweet with a balanced finish.
North End Brewery x Emerson's
New Reserve Barleywine10.5%n/a
Tinker TailorSalted Caramel American Brown Ale5.7%Tinker’s travelled the earth to bring you this tasty brew. Our American Brown Ale has been sprinkled with the finest Himalayan rock salt to discover an unrivalled balance of sweetness and saltiness. A comforting concoction.

Try contrasting the subtle sweetness with an aged cheese for a taste-testing combination.
Double VisionBlueberry Waffle6.0%Blueberry and maple white stout - the breakfast of champions