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27/02Oscars Recap: Celebrations, Surprises and The Biggest Goof-Up Of All TimeDirectExpose
Michael Evans
General & interesting facts about the 2017 oscar PublishedGal Yosef
24/02What to Expect from the 2017 OscarsDirectExposeJade WilsonWhat to Expect from the 2017 OscarsPublishedGal Yosef
28/02What to Expect from President Trumo's First Address to CongressDirectExpose
Alyson Chadwick
What people should expect from this speech.PublishedMiki Rapoport
28/02Using Facebook Live Sends Florida Man to JailDirectExpose
Alyson Chadwick
A man in Florida was sentenced to six months i jail for streaming court proceedings.PublishedMiki Rapoport
28/02Who's to Blame for White House Woes? Obama!DirectExpose
Alyson Chadwick
President Trump blames the former presicent for the leaks and recent protests/PublishedMiki Rapoport
01/03Happy Birthday Biebs,7 Facts You May Not Know About the Pop StarDirectExpose
Alyson Chadwick
Today is Justin Bieber's birthday, how well do you know him?PublishedGal Yosef
01/03Upcoming Kodak Black Tour Put in Jeopardy by Rapper's ArrestDirectExpose
Alyson Chadwick
For violating the terms of his probation, the rapper has been arrested and his tour has been put in limbo.Published
Yael Mendelsohn
01/03The Obamas Sign New Book Deal Shattering Presidential Publishing RecordsDirectExpose
Jennifer Quaglio
Penguin Random House won publishing rights for the Obama's new book for $60 million Published
Yael Mendelsohn
01/03Jon Stewart Makes a Surprise Appearance on The Late Show with Advice for the MediaDirectExpose
Jennifer Quaglio
Jon Stewart stops by the late show to talk Trump and media Published
Yael Mendelsohn
01/03Season 24 of Dancing With The Stars Revealed!DirectExpose
Jennifer Quaglio
Dancing with the Stars Season 24 Revealed!Published
Yael Mendelsohn
02/03Could Oprah Beat Trump?DirectExpose
Alyson Chadwick
Oprah Winfrey has hinted she might run for presdient in 2020, could she be the anti-Trump?PublishedYuri Donsky
02/03It's The End of the Road for Katy Perry and Orlando BloomDirectExpose
Jennifer Quaglio
Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom are taking an official break from their relationshipPublishedYuri Donsky
03/02Mindy Kaling Advocating for the Unjust Murder of Srivinas KuchibhotlaDirectExpose
Jennifer Quaglio
Mindy Kaling has taken to twitter to express her outrage of how the "hate crime" of a murdered man has been forgotten so fast PublishedYuri Donsky
02/03You're Fired! The Acadamy Boots Two Accountants Responsible for the Oscar SNAFUDirectExpose
Alyson Chadwick
The two PWC accountants who screwed up on Sunday won't get the chance to do that again.PublishedYuri Donsky
02/03Lorde Releases New Song And It's Fire DirectExpose
Jennifer Quaglio
Lorde released her new song Green Light on March 2PublishedYuri Donsky
02/03SXSW Immigration Policy Stirs ControveryDirectExpose
Alyson Chadwick
SXSW has decided to enforce a policy pf turning performers over to ICE if they misbehave.PublishedYuri Donsky
03/03The Jackson Family Back in the Spotlight for all the Wrong Reasons DirectExpose
Jennifer Quaglio
Family feauding between the Jacksons and alleged elder abusePublishedYuri Donsky
03/03Scrubs Star Donald Faison Pays Heartbreaking Tribute to Late Ex-WifeDirectExpose
Jennifer Quaglio
Donald Faison posted touching photo on Instagram of his ex-wife's passingPublishedYuri Donsky
03/03Tori Spelling Welcomes Baby Number 5 DirectExpose
Jennifer Quaglio
Tori Spelling gives birth to Beau McDermott PublishedYuri Donsky
04/03AHS 7 Will Have Hillary and Trump CharactersDirectExpose
Alyson Chadwick
Ryan Murphy changed his mind about the next season of the series.PublishedYuri Donsky
04/03Shot of Hillary Reading About Pence Emails Spreads Far and WideDirectExpose
Alyson Chadwick
A photo was taken of Hillary reading an article on the Pence emails and it went viral -- this is trending in multiple US cities on Twitter and on FB.PublishedYuri Donsky
04/03Did Obama Use FISA to Tap Trump Campaign? The President Thinks SoDirectExpose
Alyson Chadwick
The Obama admin got a FISA court order to look into his connections to Russia -- this is trending in multiple cities on twitter (under multiple #s) and on FB.Published
Yael Mendelsohn
04/03Brad Pitt Looks to Jennifer Aniston for SupportDirectExpose
Alyson Chadwick
In the wake of his divorce from Angelina Jolie, the actor is looking to his ex wife for support.PublishedYuri Donsky
04/03Gwyneth Paltrow Reminds Everyone How Annoying She IsDirectExpose
Alyson Chadwick
Yes, the world still hates the actress.Published
04/03One Direction Star Gets Arrested DirectExpose
Jennifer Quaglio
Louis Tomlinson gets arrested at airport for altercation PublishedGal Yosef
04/03Natalie Portman Welcomes Baby Girl to the FamilyDirectExpose
Jennifer Quaglio
Natalie Portman gives birth to baby girl PublishedGal Yosef
04/03Brooklyn Beckham Celebrates 18th Birthday with First Beer PurchaseDirectExpose
Jennifer Quaglio
Victoria and David Beckham share birthday messages as son celebrates his 18th birthday PublishedGal Yosef
05/03Weight Loss Tips Everyone Can UseDirectExpose
Alyson Chadwick
Everyone wants to look good for swim suit season, here are ways to lose weight.
05/037 Tips for Better SleepDirectExpose
Alyson Chadwick
Insomnia is a huge problem in the United States, here are ways to deal with it (naturally)
Yael Mendelsohn
05/03The Essential Oils You Need in Your HomeDirectExpose
Alyson Chadwick
From killing mold to getting rid of mice, these products can make your life better
05/03Why You Need Coconut Oil in Your homeDirectExpose
Alyson Chadwick
Seriously, you can do 1000 things with it.
05/03How to Get Clumping Cat Litter Out of Your PlumbingDirectExpose
Alyson Chadwick
It can destroy your plumbing but it doesn't have to if you try this trick.PublishedMiki Rapoport
05/03Adele Announced She is Officially MarriedDirectExpose
Jennifer Quaglio
Adele announces she is officially married Published
Yael Mendelsohn
05/03Justin Timberlake's Touching Message at iHeart Radio AwardsDirectExpose
Jennifer Quaglio
Justin Timberlake shares touching message during winning speech Published
Yael Mendelsohn
06/03Why the Premiere of The Arrangement Has Got Everyone TalkingDirectExpose
Jennifer Quaglio
What all the buzz is about the premiere of The Engagement Published
Yael Mendelsohn
06/03Why the Bachelor Has Already Been Spoiled DirectExpose
Jennifer Quaglio
Between ABC revealing the next bachelorette and the spoilers about Nick's choice...PublishedMiki Rapoport
06/03How to Throw a Party on a Budget: DIY GuideDirectExpose
Jennifer Quaglio
How to throw a party the cheapest way PublishedMiki Rapoport
07/03If You Love Both the "X-Men" and Cats, You Will Love These 6 Cat VideosDirectExpose
Alyson Chadwick
Buzzfeed does a "this week in cats" so I did a round up of cat videos with an X-men theme to correspond with the movie, Logan.PublishedMiki Rapoport
07/03George Michael's Cause of Death Finally Revealed DirectExpose
Jennifer Quaglio
George Michael's cause of death finally revealed Published
Yael Mendelsohn
07/03Lily Collins Writes Touching Letter to Father Phil Collins DirectExpose
Jennifer Quaglio
In Lily Collins' new memoir she shares letter to her father for causing her an eating disorderPublished
Yael Mendelsohn
07/03A Thief Who Stole From a Woman Will Make You Cry With His Heartbreaking Reason DirectExpose
Jennifer Quaglio
A little girl stole windchimes from a woman's porch because their mother had just diedNot Ready
08/03A Look Through 8 Seasons of the Vampire Diaries Before It All Ends DirectExpose
Jennifer Quaglio
Friday is the series finale of the Vampire Diaries - let's look back on the last 8 seasonsPublished
08/03No One Likes TrumpcareDirectExpose
Alyson Chadwick
Everyone seems to hate the president's health care planPublishedMiki Rapoport
11/03Dalai Lama: No Place for PoliticsDirectExposeKyle AkenIndia requests that China doesn't create a political stir around Dalia Lama's visitPublishedGal Yosef
11/03Fukushima: The Ignored ThreatDirectExposeKyle AkenThe Fukushima incident continues to escalate and unfold, yet nobody talks about itPublishedGal Yosef
11/03HBO Finally Announces Game of Thrones Season 7 Release DateDirectExposeKyle AkenMuch anticipated season 7 of Game of Thrones has a release date, and we're stoked.PublishedGal Yosef
11/03Even Trump May Be Backing Away From TrumpcareDirectExpose
Alyson Chadwick
After getting blowback from the right, the president may be open to changes to the health bill.PublishedGal Yosef
11/03Michael Flynn; What Did President Trump Know and When Did He Know It?DirectExpose
Alyson Chadwick
It is the quinessential Wasington question, when did Trump learn that Flynn worked for Turkey?PublishedGal Yosef
11/03This Week in American Political ComedyDirectExpose
Alyson Chadwick
Comedians are getting a lot out of American interest in politics. Here are some of the best videos from this week.PublishedGal Yosef
12/03Trumpcare Is Great for the WealthyDirectExpose
Alyson Chadwick
New analysis is out and the verdict is that rich people in the United States should love Trumpcare.Published
12/03More Republicans Call for an Investigation Into Russian HackingDirectExpose
Alyson Chadwick
More and more Republicans are calling for an investigation into any ties between Russia and the Trump campaignPublished
Yael Mendelsohn
12/03Capitol Hill Wants Access to Any Evidence that Trump Has on Obama Hacking AllegationsDirectExpose
Alyson Chadwick
Republicans want to know if the president has any real evidence that Obama hacked him.Published
Yael Mendelsohn
12/03The Biebs Makes a Fan CryDirectExpose
Alyson Chadwick
She just wanted a selfie with the star, he just wated to be left alone.PublishedMiki Rapoport
12/03Saving the Beaches: Company Creates Beer Bottle Sand MachineDirectExposeKyle AkenLearn how you can save beaches by drinking beer.Published
12/037-Year Old Entrepreneur Cashes in On RecyclablesDirectExposeKyle AkenHow to turn an environmentally friendly attitude into cash.Published
12/03Autistic Couple Finds Love Through Online DatingDirectExposeKyle AkenOnline dating has proven to be a great place for anyone to make a connection.Published
13/03Protests Erupt After Release of New Michael Brown Video DirectExpose
Alyson Chadwick
Nearly three years ago, 18 year old Michael Brown was shot and killed by police, new video casts doubt on his criminal action before it happened.Published
Yael Mendelsohn
13/03Kellyanne Conway Says Microwaves Can Be Spy DevicesDirectExpose
Alyson Chadwick
The advisor to the president went on TV saying she had no evidence of wiretapping but there are lots of ways it can be done.Published
Yael Mendelsohn
14/03King Kong Cat VideosDirectExpose
Alyson Chadwick
The top movie for the weekend was "Skull Island." These cat videos are all about that.Published
13/03CBO Esimates at Least 14 Million Americans Will Lose Coverage Under TrumpcareDirectExpose
Alyson Chadwick
The Congressional Budget Office just scored the Trump healthcare plan and it does not look good.PublishedMiki Rapoport
14/03DOJ Needs More Time to Comply with House Request for InformationDirectExpose
Alyson Chadwick
The DOJ was given Monday as a deadline to supply the House Intelligence Committee with information on wiretappying claims. They asked for more time. PublishedMiki Rapoport
14/03Eastern US Hit by Huge Snow StormDirectExpose
Alyson Chadwick
#stormstella is trending and millions are impacted by the giant stormPublished
Yael Mendelsohn
14/03GOP Responds to CBO ReportDirectExpose
Alyson Chadwick
The CBO report is out and Republicans are not happy.PublishedMiki Rapoport
14/03Late Night Loves President TrumpDirectExpose
Alyson Chadwick
No matter what other people think, late night comedians are loving TrumpPublishedMiki Rapoport
14/03Trump's First Cabinet Meeting Experiences VacanciesDirectExposeKyle AkenTrump's first cabinet meeting has some no-shows, what could that mean?PublishedMiki Rapoport
14/03A Cinematic Beauty and the Beast of a PR ProblemDirectExposeKyle AkenDisney's Remake of Beauty and the Beast is stirring up controversy, but why?PublishedMiki Rapoport
14/03Civil Unrest in Mexico, A World Trend?DirectExposeKyle AkenFirst Romania, now Mexico, why has Mexico hopped on the revolution bandwagon?PublishedMiki Rapoport
15/03Federal Reserve Rate Raise: A Death Sentence?DirectExposeKyle AkenThe Federal Reserve is poised to raise their interest rates, but can they afford to?PublishedMiki Rapoport
15/03What We Can Learn From Trump's Leaked Tax ReturnsDirectExpose
Alyson Chadwick
Someone leaked the president's tax returns.PublishedMiki Rapoport
15/03Florida Town Under Alert After Pet Cobra EscapesDirectExpose
Alyson Chadwick
Seriously, why do people keep these as pets?PublishedMiki Rapoport
15/03GOP Congressman Says Trump Was Wrong on WiretappingDirectExpose
Alyson Chadwick
Devin Nunes, GOP chair of the House Intelligence Committee says president was wrongPublishedMiki Rapoport
15/03More and More Moderate Republicans Are Turning on TrumpcareDirectExpose
Alyson Chadwick
The newest defections are moderate RepublicansPublishedMiki Rapoport
15/03Damascus: A New HopeDirectExposeKyle AkenDespite recent bombings, this 7 year old war may be coming to a close.PublishedMiki Rapoport
15/03Pixar's Coco, The Latest Upcoming Animated FeatureDirectExposeKyle AkenExplore Pixar's upcoming film, Coco, and its offering of cultural diversity.PublishedMiki Rapoport
16/03Trump's Newest Travel Ban Has Been BlockedDirectExpose
Alyson Chadwick
The new travel ban was slated to take affect today (Thursday) but has been blocked.PublishedMiki Rapoport
16/03U.S. Senate Committee Finds No Evidence Trump Tower Was BuggedDirectExpose
Alyson Chadwick
The Senate Committe looking into this has issued its preliminary findingsPublishedMiki Rapoport
16/03Stephen Colbert Spoofs Rachel Maddow’s Big Reveal of Donald Trump’s Tax ReturnsDirectExpose
Anthony Perrotta
Stephen Colbert made fun of Rachel Maddow's exclsive report on Donald Trump's tax returns from 2005PublishedMiki Rapoport
17/03Trump Budget Has Something to Upset EveryoneDirectExpose
Alyson Chadwick
The new "skinny" budget slashes many domestic programs and is not gettinng much support on the Hill.PublishedMiki Rapoport
17/03White House Apologizes to Britain for Spy ClaimsDirectExpose
Alyson Chadwick
The press secretary said Britain helped Obama spy on Trump, Britain says that never happened.PublishedMiki Rapoport
17/03Tom Price Looks for More GOP Support for TrumpcareDirectExpose
Alyson Chadwick
They are making a big push to get the bill through the House.PublishedMiki Rapoport
17/03Sec State Tillerson Says "First Strike" Againt North Korea Is an OptionDirectExpose
Alyson Chadwick
He raised some eyebrows when he said the US may strike North KoreaPublishedMiki Rapoport
18/03Snakes on a Plane? How About in Your CarDirectExpose
Alyson Chadwick
Florida woman gets scare of her life when a snake slithers through the vent of her car.PublishedMiki Rapoport
17/03Eddie Murphey Hints at a "Coming to America" SequelDirectExpose
Anthony Perrotta
The actor/comeidan tweeted about the possibility of making 'Coming to America 2.'PublishedMiki Rapoport
18/03Ralph Nader Blasts Donald Trump’s Budget as Corporatist, Militarist, & RacistDirectExpose
Anthony Perrotta
Ralph Nader discusses Donald Trump's 2018 budget proposalPublishedMiki Rapoport
18/03Democrat Donna Brazile Admits She Sent Hillary Debate TopicsDirectExpose
Alyson Chadwick
After denying it for months, the interim DNC chair admits sending Hillary questionsPublishedMiki Rapoport
18/034 Republican Governors Come Out Against TrumpcareDirectExpose
Alyson Chadwick
These four governors do not think the president's proposal will be good for their consituents.
18/03Bill Maher on Violence at MiddleburyDirectExpose
Anthony Perrotta
The 'Real Time' host criticizes college liberalsPublishedMiki Rapoport
20/03John Oliver Compares Trump's Budget Cuts to America's 'End Credits'DirectExpose
Anthony Perrotta
The "Last Week Tonight' host does a segment on Trump's budget cuts. Published
Yael Mendelsohn
22/03Green Day Performs "Still Breathing" on 'The Late Show'DirectExpose
Anthony Perrotta
The group plays 'The Late Show with Stephen Colbert'PublishedMiki Rapoport
23/03ISIS Claims Resposibility for Deadly Terror Attack in LondonDirectExpose
Anthony Perrotta
"We are not afraid," said Theresa MayPublishedMiki Rapoport
24/03Bernie Sanders Is the Most Popular Politician in AmericaDirectExpose
Anthony Perrotta
According to a Fox News pollPublishedMiki Rapoport
25/03House Republicans Pull Health Care BillDirectExpose
Anthony Perrotta
“We’re going to be living with Obamacare for the foreseeable future," said Paul RyanPublishedMiki Rapoport
27/03Robert Rodriguez Set to Direct ‘Escape from New York’ RemakeDirectExpose
Anthony Perrotta
Sin City’s Robert Rodriguez will direct, while Luther creator Neil Cross has been hired to write the screenplay. PublishedMiki Rapoport
28/03There is Now Oil in the Dakota Access PipelineDirectExpose
Anthony Perrotta
Dallas-based Energy Transfer Partners made the announcement in a brief court filing with the U.S. District Court for the District of Columbia. PublishedMiki Rapoport
29/03Check out the First Trailer for Stephen King’s ‘It’: You’ll Float TooDirectExpose
Anthony Perrotta
Bill Skarsgård, who is best known for his roles in The Divergent Series: Allegiant and Hemlock Grove, will play PennywisePublishedMiki Rapoport
30/03Trump Threatens House Freedom CaucusDirectExpose
Anthony Perrotta
“The Freedom caucus will hurt the entire Republican agenda if they don’t get on the team, & fast,” Trump tweeted. “We must fight them & Dems, in 2018!”PublishedMiki Rapoport
01/04Senate Intelligence Committee Rejects Michael Flynn’s Request for ImmunityDirectExpose
Anthony Perrotta
The Senate Intelligence Committee has reportedly turned down Michael Flynn’s request for immunity from prosecution in exchange for his testimony into alleged Russian influence in the 2016 presidential election. PublishedGal Yosef
03/04John Cena Proposes to Girlfriend at WrestleMania33DirectExposeLyn KellyJohn Cena gets engaged to Nikki Bella in front of the world at WrestleMania33PublishedMiki Rapoport
03/04Death Toll in Colombia Mudslide Rises to 234DirectExposeLyn KellyFamilies are now in desperate search to find their loved ones after mud, water, and debris swept the city of Mocoa. PublishedMiki Rapoport
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