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2020 News Contest Winners
SCPA's Virtual Awards will be held Oct. 27-29, 2021. Visit for schedule and more info. Secret awards, cash prizes and the President’s Awards for Excellence will be announced during the Virtual Awards. Plaques and certificates are being shipped Oct. 25-29, 2021, via USPS Priority Mail.
Open Division1Judson Chapman AwardFirstThe Post and CourierTony BartelmeTroll Hunters
Open Division1Judson Chapman AwardSecondThe Post and CourierTony BartelmeGhost Bird
Open Division1Judson Chapman AwardThirdThe Post and CourierJoseph CranneySouth Carolina Magistrates
Open Division2CartoonFirstCharleston City PaperRobert AriailNullification; Peckerwoods; Lizard
Open Division2CartoonSecondIndex-JournalMike BeckomMurder hornets; Small business survivors; Palace de Pelosi
Open Division2CartoonThirdCharleston City PaperSteve StegelinSymptomatic; Department of Dead-ucation; Rounding the Curve
Open Division3Informational GraphicFirstThe Post and CourierBryan Brussee13 Hours, 7 1/2 Miles
Open Division3Informational GraphicSecondThe Post and CourierChad Dunbar1st District election
Open Division3Informational GraphicThirdThe Lancaster NewsAthena RedmondClosings, reopenings and case counts
Open Division4InnovationFirstGreenville NewsLillia Callum-Penso and Dave HenniganGreenville Fine Arts Center benefits from At the Table Dinner with Greenville musicians; Greenville News At the Table event highlights ex-pro athletes, benefits Greenville YMCA; Bretton Cameron speaks at Greenville News Storytellers event
Open Division4InnovationSecondThe Post and CourierHanna RaskinThese 9 restaurants are the safest places to eat in Charleston area, our food critic says.
Open Division4InnovationThirdThe StateStaffBreaking Point: Tackling Systemic Racism in South Carolina
All Daily Division5Montgomery Shurr FOI AwardFirstNot announced until Annual Meeting
All Daily Division5Montgomery Shurr FOI AwardHonorable MentionNot announced until Annual Meeting
All Weekly Division5Montgomery Shurr FOI AwardFirstNot announced until Annual Meeting
All Weekly Division5Montgomery Shurr FOI AwardHonorable MentionNot announced until Annual Meeting
All Daily Division6Award for Assertive JournalismFirstNot announced until Annual Meeting
All Weekly Division6Award for Assertive JournalismFirstNot announced until Annual Meeting
All Weekly Division6Award for Assertive JournalismHonorable MentionNot announced until Annual Meeting
All Daily Division7Journalist of the YearFirstNot announced until Annual Meeting
All Weekly Division7Journalist of the YearFirstNot announced until Annual Meeting
All Daily Division8Photojournalist of the YearFirstNot announced until Annual Meeting
All Weekly Division8Photojournalist of the YearFirstNot announced until Annual Meeting
All Daily Division9Election and Political CoverageFirstThe StateStaff
All Daily Division9Election and Political CoverageSecondThe Post and CourierStaff
All Weekly Division9Election and Political CoverageFirstThe Gaffney LedgerStaff
All Weekly Division9Election and Political CoverageSecondThe Lancaster NewsStaff
All Weekly Division9Election and Political CoverageThirdThe Daniel Island NewsElizabeth Horton, Elizabeth Bush and Boots GiffordYour Guide to Local Elections
Open Division10Editorial or Column in Support of FOI and Open Government IssuesFirstMyrtle Beach HeraldCharles D. PerryAll public meetings must be open to the public
Open Division10Editorial or Column in Support of FOI and Open Government IssuesSecondThe Post and CourierCindi Ross ScoppeNow that a judge has spoken, will SC Commerce Department finally come clean?
Open Division10Editorial or Column in Support of FOI and Open Government IssuesThirdThe News & ReporterTravis JenkinsLearning a lesson
All Daily Division11E.A. Ramsaur Award for Editorial WritingFirstThe Post and CourierCindi Ross ScoppeSC police have tools to shut down super-spreader events. It's time to use them; Wearing a mask doesn’t make it OK to be a jerk. Neither does not wearing one; SC law lets trigger-happy citizens go looking for people to kill. Repeal it
All Daily Division11E.A. Ramsaur Award for Editorial WritingSecondThe Journal, SenecaStaffMoney (and water) on the ground; A cabin that needs to move; Is Westminster Humpty Dumpty?
All Daily Division11E.A. Ramsaur Award for Editorial WritingThirdThe Island PacketDavid LauderdaleMonth of death: Beaufort County visitors, we love you but not in a pandemic; It is time to scrub ‘plantation’ from our communities, once and for all; Hilton Head’s mayor turns zookeeper while medical world pleads for masking
All Weekly Division11Editorial WritingFirstMyrtle Beach HeraldCharles D. PerryCity needs to take responsibility; County council missing target on shooting regulations; All public meetings must be open to the public
All Weekly Division11Editorial WritingSecondCharleston City PaperEditorial BoardMcMaster's shameful pandemic pillaging of public schools; We must reject systemic racism and injustice throughout our culture; In SC, gutless leaders are asleep at the wheel without a plan for recovery
All Weekly Division11Editorial WritingThirdThe News & ReporterTravis JenkinsProperty Purchase; One More Request; Learning a Lesson
All Weekly Division12ObituaryFirstThe Lancaster NewsGregory A. SummersDr. Boykin dies at 97
All Weekly Division12ObituarySecondPickens County CourierJason EvansCommunity mourns Wyche's loss
All Weekly Division12ObituaryThirdUnion County NewsAnna BrownRalph Greer leaves a legacy of reporting the news
Division A: Large Dailies12ObituaryFirstThe StateBristow MarchantColumbia couple did ‘everything’ to avoid coronavirus. They died just hours apart
Division A: Large Dailies12ObituarySecondThe StateJohn MonkEdward Sloan, SC citizen watchdog who fought government Goliaths and won, dies at 91
Division A: Large Dailies12ObituaryThirdThe Post and CourierMaura HoganRemembering George Ramsay, a Charleston man who shifted perceptions of special needs
Division B: Mid-sized Dailies12ObituaryFirstThe Sun NewsAlex LangHe heard an SC officer was shot so he messaged his son: ‘You Good?’ It went unanswered.
Division B: Mid-sized Dailies12ObituarySecondThe Sun NewsAlex Lang‘It just ravaged his lungs’: Conway, SC, family shares details of coronavirus death
Division B: Mid-sized Dailies12ObituaryThirdThe Island PacketDavid Lauderdale‘But this is home’: Hilton Head activist, native Perry White dies Wednesday at age 85
Division C: Small Dailies12ObituaryFirstThe Sumter ItemKayla GreenDeputy killed in action remembered by friends, colleagues across Sumter
Division C: Small Dailies12ObituarySecondThe Sumter ItemKayla GreenFamily finds solace in Sumter native’s impact after his death from virus
Division C: Small Dailies12ObituaryThirdAiken StandardLandon StamperHink Salley remembered as an ‘Aiken treasure’
Open Division13Review PortfolioFirstThe Post and CourierHanna RaskinWith curbside menu, one of downtown Charleston’s priciest steakhouses puts dinner in reach; Our critic dined in a downtown Charleston restaurant to see if it’s worth it for the wary; If you’re done with Palmetto Cheese, here are best pimento cheeses in Charleston groceries
Open Division13Review PortfolioSecondThe Post and Courier Columbia/Free TimesAugust KrickelColumbia production embraces the raw emotions of Tennessee Williams’ Streetcar; Columbia’s Town Theatre offers hit-and-miss parody with Baskerville; USC’s Eurydice is a meaningful journey through mortality — and what’s beyond
Open Division13Review PortfolioThirdThe Post and CourierMaura HoganFor artist Fletcher Williams III, a white picket fence is a national divide; A 6-year-old weighs in on the feel-good fun of Charleston Stage’s ‘Elf’; A 2020 view on addiction and redemption from two theatrical works
All Daily Division14Health Beat ReportingFirstThe Post and CourierNick Masuda
All Daily Division14Health Beat ReportingSecondThe Post and CourierLauren Sausser33-year-old Charleston man needed a second stem cell transplant. He hopes this one works; Data debunks 2017 Mount Pleasant cancer cluster scare; Meet 19 hospital heroes fighting on the front line of the coronavirus crisis in SC
All Daily Division14Health Beat ReportingThirdThe Post and CourierMary Katherine WildemanHe died when he got the wrong lungs. It wasn’t the only organ error in SC that day; The Conway hospital sues its patients more than any other hospital in SC; Disabled workers in SC roll the dice when drawing judges to decide their benefits
All Weekly Division14Health Beat ReportingFirstThe Island NewsMindy Lucas
All Weekly Division14Health Beat ReportingSecondThe Daniel Island NewsElizabeth BushThe doctor is in; Those in substance abuse recovery adapt; Creative healing
All Weekly Division14Health Beat ReportingThirdThe News & ReporterBrian GarnerA cancer support with weights; The doctor (or FNP) will see you now; Hospital Association 'trucks' in some appreciation for nurses
All Daily Division15Faith Beat ReportingFirstThe Post and CourierJennifer Berry Hawes
All Daily Division15Faith Beat ReportingSecondGreenville NewsMike Ellis
All Daily Division15Faith Beat ReportingThirdThe Post and CourierRickey Ciapha Dennis Jr.
All Weekly Division15Faith Beat ReportingFirstThe Gaffney LedgerAbbie SossamonBut what does it all mean?; Founder of Parson's Pantry has walked his last mile on Earth; Best friends have been making beautiful music together for 42 years
All Weekly Division15Faith Beat ReportingSecondThe Daniel Island NewsElizabeth BushTake what you need, give what you can; Two Rivers Church hosts anti-racist week; From the Middle East to the Cainhoy Peninsula
All Weekly Division15Faith Beat ReportingThirdThe Lancaster NewsMac Banks
All Daily Division16Sports Beat ReportingFirstThe Post and CourierJoshua NeedelmanClemson
All Daily Division16Sports Beat ReportingSecondHerald-JournalJed Blackwell
All Daily Division16Sports Beat ReportingThirdThe Post and CourierDavid CloningerUniversity of South Carolina Athletics
All Weekly Division16Sports Beat ReportingFirstMyrtle Beach HeraldIan GuerinGRIDIRON GAINS: Why Horry County’s football coaches are more experienced and better paid than ever before; More questions than answers: High school sports in land of unknown; Crisis mode? Basketball scheduling system causing problems for already taxed officials
All Weekly Division16Sports Beat ReportingSecondCoastal ObserverChris SokoloskiBanner day ends with 1st title; Under the stars: 49 teams, 11 fields, 16 hours; Gia Leone sets school record
All Weekly Division16Sports Beat ReportingThirdMarion Star & Mullins EnterpriseNaeem McFaddenMarion rolls past Mullins 73-56; Marion cruises to 34-0 win over rival Mullins; Pee Dee Academy’s Sinclair rushes for 215 yards in 49-28 playoff win over Beaufort Academy
All Daily Division17News Headline WritingFirstAiken StandardRobert BlankenshipRest assured: Local organization to provide new beds for area kids in need; Don't you be my neighbor: New apartment development yields mixed reactions; Election disinfection: Shielding voters from virus is primary priority
All Daily Division17News Headline WritingSecondThe Post and CourierBeth HarrisonRain bombs and a torrent of trouble in Charleston: How climate change is fueling intense storms, forcing city into nonstop battle with flooding; City slogging through massive flooding fixes: A look at progress so far on $500M in drainage projects; Palmetto rose sales still thorny issue: Not all youths in city program, and some cause problems
All Daily Division17News Headline WritingThirdThe Post and CourierLisa JustusSetting sale: Virtual auction nets buyer for detained ship in Charleston Harbor; Reopening statement: Wall Street surges as traders return to NYSE floor; Harnessing safety: After horse's death, change proposed to Charleston's carriage tour rules
All Weekly Division17News Headline WritingFirstMyrtle Beach HeraldCharles D. PerryFishermen reeling from pandemic; Strawberry fields for now; A hard row to hoe
All Weekly Division17News Headline WritingSecondThe Gaffney LedgerCody SossamonEnergy plan gets cold shoulder from school district trustees; The doctor is in; Luck runs out for brothers in Blacksburg
All Weekly Division17News Headline WritingThirdThe Island NewsMike McCombsTakin’ it to the streets; Minimum force, maximum control; The other side of the pillow: Beaufort company shifts gears to make masks
All Daily Division18Feature Headline WritingFirstAiken StandardBill BengtsonDads on the diamond: SRP Park hosts Father’s Day event; Long may she wave: Boy Scout troop holds flag retirement ceremony; Millbrook Baptist Church’s ‘living Christmas trees’ have deep roots
All Daily Division18Feature Headline WritingSecondAiken StandardHolly KempFrom Mexico with love: Family takes extraordinary steps to comfort coronavirus patient in Aiken; Chris Fulmer: Crafting the art of the ultimate tailgate; Joan Lacombe: Aiken's Poet Laureate is a woman of her word
All Daily Division18Feature Headline WritingThirdThe Post and CourierBeth HarrisonHatching a rescue plan: Early sea turtle patrols were a bit like the Wild West, but today's volunteers play vital role in what's been remarkable comeback; When times get tough, volunteers get going: Veterans, food banks, pet shelters rely on loyal helpers even more during pandemic; Wando team over the moon as NASA finalist: Students thrilled their space helmet design could someday be used in Mars mission
All Weekly Division18Feature Headline WritingFirstThe Gaffney LedgerCody SossamonIs this the coolest wedding ever, or what?; He's not arrogant, but he was 'Cocky'; Wilson 'drags' his truck all over the South
All Weekly Division18Feature Headline WritingSecondThe Daniel Island NewsPamela BrownsteinShucking good time; When life hands you Lemmon; Thank you very much, Mr. Roboto
All Weekly Division18Feature Headline WritingThirdThe News & ReporterTravis JenkinsCowgirl (make)up; The COVID Commencement; Basking in the GLORY
All Daily Division19Sports Headline WritingFirstIndex-JournalBob SimmondsPurple Reign; Panthers prey on Christ Church; Abbeville rings Liberty's bell
All Daily Division19Sports Headline WritingSecondThe Post and CourierBeth HarrisonNo getting over it: Bridge run cancels: COVID-19 concerns spark decision on this year's race; Steelworker's dreams advance at a full gallop: Winning Berkeley owner, trainer chases horse racing passion; Kicking off a really strange football season: A fan's guide to spectacle that will unfold on college fields despite pandemic
All Daily Division19Sports Headline WritingThirdAiken StandardKyle DawsonTrenches, turnovers key to Trojans’ title trip; Birds flew south: Orioles trained in Aiken in spring ’40; Panel punts on prep sports vote, SCHSL plan remains in place
All Weekly Division19Sports Headline WritingFirstMyrtle Beach HeraldCharles D. PerrySpeedway's final lap; Hail to the Chiefs; Gridiron gains
All Weekly Division19Sports Headline WritingSecondThe Daniel Island NewsPamela BrownsteinState meet goes swimmingly for Battling Bishops; Pickleball popularity picks up; Staying (Mc)Cool under pressure
All Weekly Division19Sports Headline WritingThirdLaurens County AdvertiserJohn ClaytonMore than a number for PC's Pollock; PC has zero luck against Irish; Raiders' fast start stings Green Hornets
All Daily Division20News Section or Special EditionFirstThe Island PacketStaffThe Island Packet's 50th birthday
All Daily Division20News Section or Special EditionSecondMorning NewsStaffSalute to Veterans
All Daily Division20News Section or Special EditionThirdAiken StandardStaff2020 Election: Aiken County Voters' Guide
All Weekly Division20News Section or Special EditionFirstThe Newberry ObserverStaffStrolling through history with...The Newberry Observer
All Weekly Division20News Section or Special EditionSecondThe Gaffney LedgerStaffLimestone 175
All Weekly Division20News Section or Special EditionThirdThe Lancaster NewsStaffHonoring our Veterans
All Daily Division21Sports Section or MagazineFirstThe Journal, SenecaZack Mauldin and Eric SprottForging ahead' — 2020 college football season preview