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Campus TechnologyThe Best of Teaching and Technology in Higher Ed
Issue MonthGeneral Topic AreaFeature/Topic NameDescriptionProduct Tie-ins
January 2014IT TrendsWhat's Hot, What's Not 2014This is the 3rd annual installment of this article which examines the surging trends in higher ed, as well as those that have passed their sell-by date.
PR Pitch Date: 10/4/13AccreditationAre Accrediting Agencies Up to the Task of Tech-Enabled Education?"Accrediting agencies are still way behind the times when it comes to technology."--Gardner Campbell, Vice provost for Learning Innovation and Student Success, Virginia Commonwealth University. CT explores the crucial role accrediting agencies are poised to play in the shape of online learning and asks if they are up to the task.

student information systems, e-portfolios, ERPs
Ad Close Date:MOOCsThe Morphing of the MOOCWhile "traditional" MOOCs continue to be rolled out, more and more schools appear to be riffing on the MOOC theme and experimenting with variations ranging from SPOCs to blended classes. CT looks at what some of these variations are and the rationale behind their creation. learning platforms, e-portfolios
Issue Live:Student RetentionThe Link between Recruitment and RetentionIncreasingly, schools are recruiting students whose profiles indicate that they will succeed at their colleges. How do they develop these profiles and how do they extend them to recruitment?CRMs, analytic tools
Learning PlatformsLTI: Is the Walled LMS a Thing of the Past?Learning Tools Interoperability allows third-party developers to create content and tools that can be plugged seamlessly into existing LMSs. What does this mean for the old walled garden and LMSs in general?LMS
February 2014IT TrendsAdaptive Learning: Are We There Yet? (Joint story with T.H.E. Journal.)
Adaptive learning is a bit like e-portfolios: a technology full of potential that has yet to live up to its hype. With the success of Knewton and other adaptive learning initiatives, it may be time to give the movement another look.learning platforms, courseware
PR Pitch Date: 11/4/13Flipped ClassroomFlipping Out: Filling the Class Void Left By LecturesOne of the biggest challenges of the flipped classroom is devising ways to use the freed-up class time. This story looks at strategies for getting the most out of the additional teaching time.lecture capture, video equipment, collaborative software
Ad Close Date:A/VProjectors Get CollaborativeInteractive projectors paired with collaborative learning software are changing how classrooms operate.projectors, collaborative software
Issue Live:Online EducationWhat's So Special about Southern New Hampshire University?SNHU has reinvented itself by developing a robust online education component that subsidizes its traditional campus. CT looks at the decisions the school made and why.
NetworkingGood Networks Make Good NeighborsIn several states, schools and neighboring communities are forging partnerships to extend tech services (e.g., broadband) to a university's neighbors. Why it makes good sense for everyone involved. Story done in collaboration with T.H.E. Journal.networks
March 2014IT TrendsThe New College CIO: How the role of the IT chief executive is changing--for the betterJust 2 years ago, CIOs were fighting for a seat at the table. Today, they are not only at the table but everyone is looking to them to provide answers to higher ed's challenges. CT looks at the changing role of CIOs and at the ways some of the most prominent CIOS are redefining their jobs.
PR Pitch Date: 12/4/13Learning PlatformsThe New Learning Platform: MOOC, LMS, or All of the Above? (Joint story with T.H.E. Journal.)An industry convergence is underway as LMS vendors, MOOC providers, and courseware companies such as Pearson compete to establish the learning platforms of tomorrow. CT looks at what these platforms will consist of, and what the likely industry shakeout means for higher education. Learning platforms
Ad Close Date:Collaborative LearningTeam Olin: How Collaboration is Driving Instruction Olin School of Engineering places such an emphasis on collaboration that it requires applicants to participate in team-based exercises as part of their application.collaborative software, collaborative furnishings
Issue Live:Student ServicesStudent OnboardingHow efficiently does your school get students ready to begin school? Beyond the usual administrative tasks, how soon does advising begin, and what efforts do schools make to forge a sense of community among incoming students?CRM
A/VThe Intersection of AV and IT: Specs vs. StandardsA/V technologies and the IT department intersect in myriad ways, yet in many ways they speak a different language and approach challenges in different ways. CT looks at how IT departments are tackling the issue of integrated A/V solutions.A/V equipment
April 2014IT TrendsWhat Higher Ed Can Learn from K-12 (Joint story with T.H.E. Journal.)At CT 2013, Adrian Sannier talked about the need for continuity in what he calls grades 9-14. Is this a viable path? Does the concept of Common Core have a role to play in higher ed, especially as schools look to maximize analysis across huge data sets?
PR Pitch Date: 1/3/14Budgets5 Keys to Surviving New State Funding ModelsSome states are no longer funding based on the number of seats, but on graduation rates. What IT strategies, including improving retention and attendance, can make a difference? SIDEBAR: Creative IT Funding (Partnering with other campus groups to fund IT projects, finding grant money, appealing to student committees for funding, etc.)
Ad Close Date:FacilitiesOld Classrooms, New TeachingHow old classrooms spaces can be adapted cheaply for today's collaborative teaching, A/V, computers, collaborative software
Issue Live:Learning PlatformsAre Old-Fashioned Blogs the New LMS? Faculty's needs are pushing professors back to the blog as their central platform for storing and maintaining digital presence. They are taking pieces of LMS and reassembling in own spaces that are not maintained by the organization. What are the ramifications?web 2.0
Online LearningA Prescription for Training Doctors OnlineHard though it is to believe, much of medical education is ideally suited to online instruction. CT looks at online initiatives in medical education, as well as the possibility that medical MOOCs could extend health care training to every corner of the globe.e-learning, web-conferencing, simulations
May 201421st Century SkillsThe Role of Liberal Arts in Higher EducationMany pundits have declared that the traditional liberal arts degree is headed for extinction, the victim of high education costs and a tough job market. Ironically, CEOs of major companies are lamenting the lack of workers who can problem solve and think critically. Why is there a disconnect and what is needed to make liberal arts relevant in a technological age?
PR Pitch Date: 2/4/14Faculty DevelopmentWhat Can You Expect of Faculty?Faculty development is notoriously difficult, but it can be done if faculty have incentives or, conversely, face consequences. We'll look at training initiatives for tenured and tenure-track faculty, versus clinical and adjunct faculty to see if success is primarily rooted in the organizational structure itself.
Ad Close Date:21st Century SkillsMasters of Their Own Domain: Mary Washington UniversityA Domain of One's Own is a project at the University of Mary Washington that, starting Fall 2013, will provide all incoming freshmen with their own domain names and web space. Students will have the freedom to create subdomains, install any LAMP-compatible software, setup databases and email addresses, and carve out their own space on the web.
Issue Live:Digital SignageContent Is King: Tailoring the Right Message "If your content isn't relevant, what's the point? You may have the best hardware, but if your message isn't put together right, none of that matters." Scot R Hill, Edgefactory. Digital Signage
SecurityDenial-of-Service Attacks: How to Fight BackStrategies for handling the increasing number of DOS attacks on campusSecurity products
June 2014CredentialingAlternative Credentialing: Models for SuccessReal-life examples of companies and industries accepting credentials other than traditional degrees and certificates.
PR Pitch Date: 3/4/14Faculty DevelopmentWhat Centers of Teaching Excellence Want You to KnowAs schools move from lecture-based instruction to more collaborative instructional models involving a greater level of technology, CT asks Centers of Teaching Excellence for the keys to teaching in this new environment.
Ad Close Date:Mobile ComputingWho needs iPads? Teaching with (Other) TabletsAll the emphasis in recent years has been on the iPad in the classroom. But, with iPads losing market share to other tablets, CT looks at whether cheaper alternatives can do the job just as well--if not better.tablets, collaborative software
Issue Live:AssessmentDo Auto Essay-Graders Pass the Test? CT looks at how auto essay-graders work and whether they can substitute for actual teachers, and what impact (if any) they might have on student writing skills.
Teaching & LearningHow Tech Is Revolutionizing Foreign-Language InstructionFrom MOOCs to chat cafes with students abroad, technology is well placed to help foreign-language learning escape the book learning of yesteryear.A/V, web-conferencing, sychronous learning products
July 2014IT TrendsGoing Global: Providing IT Services to Campuses WorldwideAs universities look to expand globally, many are opening up campuses in countries from Dubai to China. What's involved from an IT perspective, and how is IT structured to take advantage of scaling efficiencies? SIDEBAR: Is a Campus Necessary?web/video conferencing
PR Pitch Date: 4/4/14Innovators AwardsInnovators AwardsAn overview of the 2014 Innovators award winners, with individual profiles to come in the following months.
Ad Close Date:Change ManagementGet with the Mission: Realigning IT with the University's Core MissionPennie Turgeon, VP for IT/CIO, Clark University, described how she threw out the IT strategic plan and instead got her IT staff to shift mindset and start thinking about following the overall university strategic plan as they talked with business unit leaders. "How does this project further the overall university strategic plan? They are not IT projects, they are IT-enabled projects..."

Issue Live:Big DataNon-Traditional Data: How to Gather and Use ItBig data holds enormous potential, but unfortunately much of the most valuable data is not structured in relational databases. CT looks at the technology used to mine unstructured data and how schools can participate and benefit.analytic tools
MOOCsHow to Negotiate a MOOC ContractTips for negotiating a contract with MOOC providers (e.g., intellectual property issues)
August 2014IT ServicesAre You Being Served? What Today's Students Expect from YouGiven tuition prices, the student is undeniably the customer these days. So what do they want from IT? CT looks at student priorities for technology on campus.
PR Pitch Date: 5/2/14Personalized LearningWhy No One Is Doing Personalized LearningPersonalized learning is the holy grail of educators who realize that every student learns in his own way. Attempts to personalize the learning experience, which can only happen with technology, however, are fraught with challenges. CT looks at the roadblocks and possible solutions down the road.
Ad Close Date:OutsourcingLetting Go: What IT Can--and Should--Outsource It started with email but there are numerous other services that can now be outsourced. How do schools calculate what services can and should be outsourced, and which ones must remain in-house?cloud services
Issue Live:Innovator AwardsInnovators Winner 1An in-depth look at the work of one of the CT Innovator Awards winners.
Cloud ComputingThe Rise of the Personal CloudJust as campuses were getting used to the idea of public and private clouds, a new concept--private clouds—has appeared on the horizon. What are they, how will they likely be used, and what impact will they have on IT?cloud services
September 2014Flipped Classroom/MOOCsFlipped Classroom: Best PracticesFlipping a classroom sounds so easy and so casual, yet a huge amount of work is involved. CT looks at the best practices of successful classroom flippers, including the prospects for using MOOC courses as the basis of the lecture component.lecture capture, collaborative software
PR Pitch Date: 6/3/14ManagementWhy IT Needs to Be RestructuredAs IT becomes increasingly involved in setting the strategic direction of colleges and universities, IT professionals are calling for a restructuring of the IT department to reflect its dual role: a director of IT to handle day-to-day operations and a CIO to focus on strategic initiatives
Ad Close Date:AnalyticsUniversal Indicators That Are Key to Student SuccessPredictive analytics has reached a level of sophistication where even seemingly irrelevant data points can be used to gauge student engagement. But what are the options for schools that have neither the money nor the expertise to mine these trace signals? CT looks at the universal indicators that can be used easily and quickly to gauge how students are faring. predictive analytics
Issue Live:ConferenceCT 2014 Wrap UpCT looks at the major themes emerging from this year's conference in Boston.
Innovator AwardsInnovators Winner 2An in-depth look at the work of one of the CT Innovator Awards winners.
October 2014MOOCsWill Your College Be a Retirement Home in 20 Years?Education pundits have long been predicting the demise of many of the country's institutions of higher learning. Is there any indication that these predictions are any closer to being fulfilled?
PR Pitch Date: 7/4/14E-PortfoliosThe Rise—Again—of ePortfoliose-Portfolios have struggled for traction for years. But with renewed interest in evidence-based land informal learning, there is renewed interest in the technology as a way to give employers a better sense of a person's abilitiese-portfolio solutions
Ad Close Date:Accessibility A Clearing House for Accessible TechnologyIn an effort to meet compliance regulations governing accessibility, schools are performing their own due diligence of hundreds of products. These efforts are redundant and expensive. A new initiative seeks to create a clearinghouse that reviews educational technologies for member institutions. accessibility solutions
Issue Live:Innovators AwardsInnovators Winner 3A in-depth look at the work of one of the CT Innovator Awards winners.
Faculty DevelopmentTurning faculty into better online instructorsWith more and more faculty being asked to teach blended or online courses, the need for faculty training has never been higher. CT looks at tried-and-tested strategies for creating better online instructors.LMS
November 2014IT TrendsStudent-Centered Learning: Taking a Holistic ApproachAssessment, Facilities, and Instructional Design are just three of the key elements of making learning truly student centered
PR Pitch Date: 8/4/14E-TextsThe Textbook is Dead. Long Live [supply noun here]Until now, major publishers have focused on making traditional paper textbooks available in digital format with some added bells and whistles (annotation, highlighting, analytics). But critics feels that the efforts to date have not taken full advantage of the digital medium. Other educators feel MOOC courseware is the natural heir to textbooks, while still others (such as Xanadu) have pursued the route of customized course materials and disaggregated textbooks. CT looks at what's new in the e-text space.e-texts, courseware, mobile devices, e-readers
Ad Close Date:IT TrendsHow For-Profits Are Responding to the MOOC ThreatMuch attention has been paid to the existential threat that MOOCs pose to second- and third-tier colleges. But what about for-profit universities, some of whom have been badly damaged by scandals and investigations? How are for-profits positioning themselves in a MOOC environment?
Issue Live:Innovator AwardsInnovators Winner 4An in-depth look at the work of one of the CT Innovator Awards winners.
Security10 Best Security Practices of BanksCT looks beyond higher education to identify the 10 best security practices for protecting your school's network and its intellectual property.NAC, Identity Management, Networking
December 2014AssessmentCollegiate Learning Assessment - assessing skills rather than content knowledge (Joint story with T.H.E. Journal.)Alternative accreditations
PR Pitch Date: 9/4/14NetworksBandwidth: How Much Is Enough?Between cloud services, the ever-expanding internet of things, and students' appetite for streaming video, bandwidth needs on campus are spiralling out of control. CT looks at college efforts to maximize bandwidth on campus, and why it's important for the country's global competitiveness.Networking, routers, wireless, access points
Ad Close Date:Big DataLongitudinal Data Requirements: 5 Easy Steps Towards ComplianceState and federal regulations on lifelong data tracking are introducing new challenges to college's student information systems and processes. Some basic steps toward ensuring compliance.analytic tools
Issue Live:Innovator AwardsInnovators Winner 5An in-depth look at the work of one of the CT Innovator Awards winners.
InnovationThe Google 20% Rule: Can It Work on Your Campus?Google has a 20 percent rule, by which employees are encouraged to spend 20 percent of their work time on personal projects and ideas. Can a similar approach work in higher education IT? CT looks at schools that have already taken the plunge.
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