Policies & Actions
IdGeographyCountryLevelResourceDescriptionSectorProfessionTargetTarget sizeKey wordsDate
2North AmericaCanadaNationalTemporary foreign workers will be allowed into Canada (Chronicle Herald)Canadian government exempted temporary foreign workers (in agriculture and seafood) from travel restrictionsFood & AgricultureVegetable harvesters, seafood harvestersTemporary migrantsVisa, travel restrictionsMarch 23, 2020
3North AmericaCanadaNational
Canada supports employers’ quarantine measures for workers (The Star)
Canadian government gave employers $1500 per worker to help with quarantine measures, acknowledging that the labour shortage depends on foreign temporary workers.Food & AgricultureFruit and vegetable harvestersTemporary workersApril 13, 2020
4North AmericaCanadaRegionalOntario asks anyone with medical background to step forward to
fight COVID-19 (CTV News)
The province of Ontario launched the Health Workforce Matching Portal to match non-active health care professionals, including those internationally-educated, with employers. However, licensing
requirements have not been eased for internationally-educated healthcare professionals.
HealthcareRegular migrantsApril 7, 2020
5North AmericaCanadaRegionalBritish Columbia’s $10-million quarantine program seen as model for how to treat migrant workers (Globe and Mail)British Columbia, Canada has enacted a programme to protect migrant workers. It cost the province about $7.5 million USD between April 2020 - July 2020, as the government has put up 4,000 temporary migrants. The programme quarantines migrant workers in hotels, paying for their accommodation and food.ImmigrationTemporary migrantsJuly 15, 2020
6North AmericaCanadaNationalTrudeau unveils $27-billion in aid, $55-billion of tax deferrals in coronavirus response (Globe and Mail)$500/ week for people that have lost their jobs or facing reduced hours due to COVID-19. Immigrants and international students are eligible for this payout.ImmigrationRegular migrantsMarch 18, 2020
7North AmericaCanadaNationalCanadian border officials halt most deportations in face of COVID-19
(CBC News)
Canadian Border Security Agency halted deportations and the Immigration and Refugee Board cancelled and postponed all in-person hearings.ImmigrationIrregular migrantsMarch 18, 2020
8North AmericaCanadaNationalCanadian Employers Must Pay Mandatory 14-day Quarantine When Hiring Temporary Foreign Workers (Immigration Canada)Canada has announced that, under the new International Mobility Program, employers must allow workers to complete 14 days of quarantine upon arriving in Canada. This new rule requires employers to pay migrant workers during this period, even if they are unable to work.ImmigrationTemporary migrantsMay 11, 2020
9North AmericaCanadaRegionalAsylum seekers on front line of Quebec’s COVID-19 battle in care homes (Lethbridge News)Asylum seekers in Montreal volunteer at long-term care home. A majority of the asylum seekers living in Montreal North work in food production, healthcare, and security. HealthcareSocial careAsylum seekersMay 18, 2020
10North AmericaCanadaNationalAgri-Food Pilot (Government of Canada)Canada announced its new Agri-Food Immigration Pilot, a three-year pilot targeting labor shortages, exacerbated by COVID-19, in the meat processing, mushroom, greenhouse crop, and livestock raising industries. The AFIP primarily provides a pathway to permanent residence for temporary foreign workers already in Canada. Under the AFIP, 2,750 applications will be accepted annually.Food & AgricultureTemporary migrants2,750May 15, 2020
11North AmericaCanadaNationalSome asylum seekers who cared for patients in pandemic to get permanent residencyCanada has granted permanent residency to about 1000 asylum seekers across the country who worked in a hospital or long-term care home during the height of the COVID-19 pandemic.ImmigrationHealthcare and Social CareAsylum seekers1,000Permanent residencyAugust 14, 2020
12North AmericaMexicoRegionalForced to wait in Mexico, migrant medical professionals become asset in fight against COVID-19 (Border Report)The State of Chihuahua has invited Central American health professionals to work. These migrants are study in Juarez due to the Migrant Protection Protocols programme, which requires would-be American migrants to await their asylum decision in Mexico.HealthcareAsylum seekersMay 7, 2020
13North AmericaUSANationalMEMORANDUM ON IDENTIFICATION OF ESSENTIAL CRITICAL INFRASTRUCTURE WORKERS DURING COVID-19 RESPONSE (US Department of Homeland Security)The US Department of Homeland Security has officially categorised agricultural and healthcare workers as "essential" workers. Food & AgricultureFarm workersAll (Irregular migrants)March 19, 2020
14North AmericaUSANationalUpdate on Visas for Medical Professionals (US State Department)State Dept publicized seeking medical professionals on a work or exchange visa (H or J)HealthcareMedicalTemporary migrants: work or exchange visa (H or J)VisaMarch 26, 2020
15North AmericaUSARegionalNo. 202.10: Continuing Temporary Suspension and Modification of Laws Relating to the Disaster Emergency (Government of New York)New York state allowed foreign-qualified migrants to contribute to emergency responseHealthcareMedicalRegular migrantsLicensingMarch 23, 2020
16North AmericaUSARegionalGovernor Murphy Signs Executive Order to Remove Barriers to Health Care Professionals Joining New Jersey's COVID-19 Response and Provide Protections for Front Line Health Care Responders (Government of New Jersey)New Jersey state endorsed licenses for foreign-qualified doctorsHealthcareDoctorsRegular migrants; temporary workersLicensingApril 1, 2020
17North AmericaUSARegionalGov. Sisolak & DHHS urge Nevadans to join Battle Born Medical Corps (Nevada Nursing Board)Nevada state governor waived licensing requirements for medical workers licensed in other statesHealthcareDomestic migrantsLicensingApril 4, 2020
18North AmericaUSARegionalBaker cuts ‘red tape’ to allow foreign doctors, nursing students to practice on front lines of pandemic (Boston Herald)Governor of Massachusetts gave executive order to allow foreign doctors to practice medicine in the stateHealthcareDoctorsRegular migrantsLicensingApril 9, 2020
19North AmericaUSARegionalExecutive Order D 2020 038 (State of Colorado)Colorado state governor waived licensing requirements for medical workers licensed in other states and other countries.HealthcarePhysicians, nurses, respiratory therapistsRegular migrantsLicensingApril 16, 2020
20North AmericaUSARegionalCalifornia to Give Cash Payments to Immigrants Hurt by the Coronavirus (TIME)California offered $500 apiece to 150,000 irregular migrants who were left out of the $2.2 trillion stimulus package approved by Congress. ImmigrationIrregular migrants150,000April 15, 2020
22North AmericaUSARegionalUndocumented immigrants can now get N.J. professional licenses as Murphy signs law (NJ News)New Jersey, USA has allowed undocumented immigrants to obtain professional and occupational licenses to work as doctors, nurses, electricians, counsellors, cosmetologists, and in other professions.ImmigrationIrregular migrants500,000RegularisationJanuary 9, 2020
23North AmericaUSALocalEvents D.C. approves $18M in coronavirus relief funding for hospitality industry (Washington Business Journal)A Washington, DC company, Events D.C., has developed a $18 million hospitality and tourism relief fund with $5 million dedicated to aid undocumented immigrants, who have been especially impacted by lockdown measures.HospitalityIrregular migrantsApril 9, 2020
24North AmericaUSALocalAmid COVID-19 Concerns, Clinics Step Up Testing For Migrant Farmworkers (WYSO)Illinois, USA clinics have worked with state and local health departments, through the Community Health Partnership of Illinois, to test migrant agricultural workers and provide health services regardless of a patient’s ability to pay. Food & AgricultureTemporary migrantsJuly 19, 2020
25North AmericaUSALocalChicago announces $5M fund for people excluded from federal coronavirus relief act (Chicago Tribune)Chicago city government is providing $5 million in aid ($1,000 per person) to residents excluded from the federal government's coronavirus relief package. This benefit will include irregular migrants.ImmigrationIrregular migrants5000June 10, 2020
26North AmericaUSALocalCommunity groups step in to provide immigrants COVID testing, relief (Cronkite News)Community group, Aliento, established a relief fund for irregular immigrants to cover rent, utilities, and healthcare for families across the USA and Puerto Rico. The community clinic, Valle del Sol, provides COVID-19 tests regardless of insurance and immigration status.ImmigrationIrregular migrantsJune 9, 2020
27Latin AmericaArgentinaLocalCoronavirus: municipios de la Provincia de Buenos Aires sumarán a médicos venezolanos (La Nacion)Buenos Aires allowed healthcare-qualified migrants and refugees (including Venezuelans) to aid in responseHealthcareDoctorsQualified migrants and refugees418LicensingMarch 18, 2020
28Latin AmericaBrazilNationalBrazil: Government and institution measures in response to COVID-19 (KPMG)Brazil provided monthly emergency aid of the equivalent of $116 USD to informal workers, this measure extended over the course of three months. In order to identify and reach informal workers, Brazil is using existing platforms, and introducing new mechanisms for registration.ImmigrationIrregular migrantsInformal workersMarch 30, 2020
29Latin AmericaChileNationalLatin America’s health systems brace for a battering (Economist)Chilean government suspended its requirement that migrant doctors requalifyHealthcareDoctorsRegular migrantsLicensingApril 11, 2020
30Latin AmericaChileNationalDeseas saber si te corresponde el Bono de Emergencia COVID-19? (Chile Atiende)Chile has created a programme to give aid to vulnerable people, including migrant workers. The programme, “Bono do emergencia COVID-19” grants the equivalent of $64 USD to each ‘vulnerable’ household.ImmigrationRegular migrantsAidApril 1, 2020
31Latin AmericaCosta RicaNationalPlan Proteger: Informacion General (Government of Costa Rica)Costa Rica has enacted Plan Proteger, a subsidy programme for workers that have experienced layoffs, reduced hours or lower income due to COVID-19. These workers, including migrant workers, can apply online to claim a monthly benefit of between $110 USD - $218 USD.ImmigrationRegular migrantsApril 10, 2020
32Latin AmericaCubaInternationalCuban doctors head to Italy to fight coronavirus (Al Jazeera)Cuba sent doctors to Lombardy to help in COVID-19 responseHealthcareDoctorsTemporary migrantsItaly-CubaMarch 22, 2020
33Latin AmericaPeruNationalReclutamiento Nacional de Recursos Humanos en Salud por COVID-19 (Ministerios de Salud)Peruvian government recruited foreign health professionals to join their anti-COVID-19 force.HealthcareRegular migrantsLicensingApril 14, 2020
34Latin AmericaPeruNationalPeru autoriza contratacion de medicos venezolanos sin homologar titulo (Elpitazo)Peru has authorised foreign-qualified doctors and nurses to practice in the country's public sector hospitals without needing the supervision of a Peruvian doctor. The majority of immigrant doctors recognised will be Venezuelan.HealthcareDoctors and nursesRefugees; asylum seekers; irregular migrants; regular migrants1000 Venezuelan doctors, 4000 Venezuelan nursesLicensingAugust 5, 2020
35Latin AmericaPeruNationalPREPAREDNESS AND MITIGATION MEASURES (Relief Web)Peru is considering all foreigners pending regularization as regular during the COVID-19 pandemic. Temporary Stay Permits will also be automatically renewed.ImmigrationRefugees; asylum seekers; irregular migrantsRegularizationApril 23, 2020
36EuropeAlbaniaInternationalAlbania sends 30 doctors and nurses to Italy to help fight the COVID-19 pandemic (Euronews)Albania sent 30 doctors and nurses to ItalyHealthcareDoctors; nursesTemporary migrants30Italy-AlbaniaMarch 28, 2020
37EuropeArmeniaNationalPrograms to address the social impact of COVID-19 (Government of the Republic of Armenia)Armenia has introduced a public works programme to create temporary employment benefiting Armenian circular migrants unable to work abroad due to travel restrictions. This program will employ approximately 1,000 beneficiaries in reforestation. ImmigrationTemporary workers1000Public works programmeApril 30, 2020
38EuropeAustriaNationalStranded or shunned: Europe's migrant workers caught in no-man's land (Guardian)Austria organised charter flights from Romania and Bulgaria to bring in hundreds of 24-hour care workers to care for elderly and vulnerable people. HealthcareSocial careTemporary workersApril 15, 2020
39EuropeBelgiumNationalMoratoire sur les faillites d'entreprises, défiscalisation des heures sup'... voici les mesures prises par le "kern élargi" (RTBF)The Belgian government allowed asylum seekers to work during COVID-19ImmigrationAsylum seekersApril 11, 2020
40EuropeBelgiumRegionalSocial interpretation service in Belgium translates COVID-19 information in 14 languages (European Union)SetisW, the social interpretation service of Wallonia, released videos with information on COVID19 interpreted in 14 languages for migrantsImmigrationAll migrantsAccessMarch 20, 2020
41EuropeEstoniaNationalEstonia Extends Work Permits for Aliens Working in Agriculture (Schengen Visa Info)Estonia has extended work permits for migrant workers in agriculture until two months after the end of the emergency situation.Food & AgricultureRegular migrants; temporary workersApril 10, 2020
42EuropeFinlandNationalGovernment measures to ensure availability of seasonal employees (Finnish Government)The Finnish government increased the quota from 1,500 to 3,000 for agricultural workers admitted to the country from outside the European Union (EU). The government also announced plans to amend the Aliens Act (until 31 October 2020) to allow asylum seekers to take up agricultural work without administrative delays.Food & AgricultureTemporary migrants; asylum seekersMay 6, 2020
43EuropeFranceRegionalMain d’œuvre saisonnière, les réfugiés en renfort! (Prefet De Seine-et-Marne)Prefet of Seine-et-Marne recruited refugees to fill labour gaps in agricultureFood & AgricultureFruit and vegetable harvestersRefugeesMarch 30, 2020
44EuropeFranceNationalMobilisation citoyenne : les réfugiés diplômés hors UE peuvent contribuer au service public de santé (Government of France)Government allowed refugees with non-EU certification to practice in the healthcare fieldHealthcareRefugees LicensingMarch 26, 2020
45EuropeGermanyNationalGermany to lift border controls imposed amid virus for harvests (The Guardian)The German government is exempting Eastern European seasonal farm workers from border restrictions. This measure allows up to 40,000 seasonal farm workers to enter Germany in April, and another 40,000 workers to enter in May. Among other requirements, seasonal workers will undergo a medical check upon entering the country.Food & AgricultureSeasonal Farm WorkersTemporary migrants80,000April 2, 2020
46EuropeGermanyRegionalSaxony, Germany calls on migrant medics to help tackle coronavirus (Guardian)Saxony called for aid from foreign doctors who do not yet have licensesHealthcareDoctorsRegular migrantsLicensingMarch 17, 2020
47EuropeGermanyRegionalHow immigration strengthens the German healthcare system (Euractiv)Bavaria called for aid from foreign doctors who do not yet have licenses, these doctors would be allowed to practice under the supervision of licensed physiciansHealthcareDoctorsLicensingMay 11, 2020
48EuropeGermanyRegionalHow immigration strengthens the German healthcare system (Euractiv)North Rhine-Westphalia called for aid from foreign doctors who do not yet have licenses, these doctors would be allowed to practice under the supervision of licensed physiciansHealthcareDoctorsLicensingMay 11, 2020
49EuropeGermanyLocalFarm Workers Airlifted Into Germany Provide Solutions and Pose New Risks (New York Times)German farmers charter flights to bring in seasonal farm workers from Romania and Bulgaria. Farmers must register workers with local authorities, develope a hygiene plan, and house workers in a socially-distanced manner.Food & Agriculture28,000May 18, 2020
50EuropeGreeceNationalManaging international migration under COVID-19 (OECD)Greece has automatically extended work permits, visas, residence permits, and asylum application cards for six months. It has also fast-tracked a procedure (until June 30) for hiring irregular migrants as foreign agricultural workers, in order to fill urgent gaps in agricultural employment.Food & AgricultureJune 1, 2020
51EuropeIrelandNationalRetired doctors, medics abroad answer coronavirus calls (Reuters)Ireland called for retired doctors living abroad to return to Ireland to workHealthcareDoctorsRegular migrants100March 17, 2020
52EuropeIrelandNationalIreland's COVID-19 Response in Support of Migrant Workers (IOM)
Social Inclusion Unit provided COVID-related healthcare to all, regardless of immigration status HealthcareRegular migrants; irregular migrantsAccessApril 4, 2020
53EuropeIrelandNationalIreland's COVID-19 Response in Support of Migrant Workers (IOM)Department of Social Protection's Pandemic Unemployment Payment supported all workers, including regular and irregular migrantsHealthcareRegular migrants; irregular migrantsApril 4, 2020
54EuropeItalyLocal‘A beautiful thing’: the African migrants getting healthy food to Italians (Guardian)Barikama, a cooperative of young African migrants, delivered boxes of local food to Italians.Food & AgricultureAllApril 1, 2020
55EuropeItalyLocalIntercultural Cities: COVID-19 Special pageCampania, Italy has adopted a 604 million EUR resolution to support businesses and vulnerable groups during the pandemic. This includes special funding for African communities involved in agricultural work, and immigrants living in informal settlements. The region will provide for temporary housing for immigrants, transport services, and awareness campaigns regarding COVID-19.ImmigrationRegular migrants; irregular migrantsJuly 1, 2020
56EuropeItalyNationalBabysitting Voucher: Refugees and Asylum Seekers Who Are Employed Can Apply (Info CuraItalia)Italian government supplied a babysitting voucher for employed refugees and asylum seekersImmigrationRefugees; asylum seekersApril 7, 2020
57EuropeItalyNationalThousands of undocumented migrants to get Italian work permits (Al-Jazeera)Thousands of undocumented migrants will be allowed to apply to temporarily stay and work in Italy under an amnesty announced as part of a major stimulus package, agreed after weeks of government negotiations. New residency permits will be valid for six months, with a focus on agriculture, domestic work and social care. Food & AgricultureIrregular migrantsRegularizationMay 13, 2020
58EuropeItalyNationalCura Italia Decree: allowances and bonuses accessible with SPID (Agency for digital Italy)Italy has allowed migrant workers holding residence permits to apply for the $675 USD income subsidy that is part of the COVID-19 Cure Italy stimulus.ImmigrationRegular migrantsMarch 31, 2020
59EuropeLithuaniaNationalLegal Status of Foreigners in the Republic of Lithuania during the Quarantine (Government of the Republic of Lithuania)Lithuanian government suspended deportationsImmigrationIrregular migrantsMarch 31, 2020
60EuropeMoldovaNationalMoldovan citizens returned from abroad can receive unemployment benefits (Eastern Partnership)The Moldovan government has set the minimum unemployment one-time benefit to $157.00 USD. This measure aims to benefit returned migrant workers, who are made eligible for the emergency period under condition of purchasing medical insurance, which costs $229.50 USD per annum.ImmigrationRegular migrants; temporary workersReturning migrantsApril 3, 2020
61EuropeNetherlandsLocalVirus Gives Asylum-Seekers Chance to Thank Dutch Villagers (AP News)Asylum seekers volunteered to wipe down grocery carts in their city in the NetherlandsHospitalityCharityApril 1, 2020
62EuropeNorwayInternationalSolidarity in Europe': Norway to Send Team to Italy to Help Fight COVID-19 (NY Times)Norwegian government sent 25 healthcare staff to Italy to help displaying "Solidarity in Europe," many of these professionals had helped during the Ebola crisis.HealthcareEbolaApril 5, 2020
63EuropePolandNationalPoland implements special measures for residence permits during the COVID-19 pandemic (European Union)Polish government signed "Anti-Crisis Shield" which relaxes visa renewal requirements for foreigners in PolandImmigrationRegular migrants; temporary workers
Visa, residence permits
March 31, 2020
64EuropePolandLocalHow to support foreigners in a pandemic? Lessons from LublinLublin, Poland has allowed foreigners to obtain a social security number (PESEL) during the COVID-19 pandemic. The PESEL allows immigrant workers to obtain sick leave, purchase medication from pharmacies, and access state services.ImmigrationMay 27, 2020
65EuropePortugalRegionalPortuguese municipality prepares 500 quarantine places for foreign agricultural workers (European Union)Municipality of Odemira created quarantine housing for foreign agricultural workersFood & AgricultureTemporary migrants500March 17, 2020
66EuropePortugalLocalAfter coronavirus, Lisbon is replacing some Airbnbs and turning holiday rentals into homes for key workersLisbon, Portugal has offered to pay landlords to turn short-term lets and vacation rentals into "safe rentals" for key workers, many of whom are migrants.HospitalityRegular migrantsJuly 4, 2020
67EuropePortugalNationalGoverno regulariza todos os imigrantes que tenham pedidos pendentes no SEF (Publico)Portuguese government regularized all migrants and asylum seekersImmigrationRefugees, asylum seekers, irregular migrantsRegularizationMarch 27, 2020
68EuropeSpainNationalSpain to hire foreign workers to cover agriculture shortfall (Info Migrants)Spanish government authorized temporary hiring of up to 80,000 new farm workersFood & AgricultureFruit and vegetable harvestersTemporary migrants80,000April 8, 2020
69EuropeSpainNationalEl Gobierno incorpora a cerca de 200 profesionales sanitarios extranjeros al Sistema Nacional de Salud (Infosalus)Spanish government recruited doctors and health workers, expediting certificationsHealthcareRegular migrants200LicensingMarch 27, 2020
70EuropeSpainNationalEl Gobierno dará autorización de trabajo a inmigrantes con perfil sanitario (El Pais)Spanish government expedited licensing for foreigners working in healthcare residing legally in SpainHealthcareRegular migrantsLicensingApril 2, 2020
71EuropeSpainNationalEspaña abre la puerta a más de 2.000 médicos venezolanos para la lucha contra el coronavirus (El Nacional)Spanish government allowed more than 2,000 Venezuelan doctors awaiting their credential evaluation to practice medicine before they receive their evaluation. HealthcareDoctorsRegular migrants2,000LicensingMarch 16, 2020
72EuropeSpainLocalStrawberry pickers' plight exposes 'modern slavery' in Spain (DW)Fruit companies in Huelva, Spain, have housed Moroccan strawberry pickers who have been trapped as their country has not allowed repatriation due to COVID-19. Normally, employers of seasonal fruit pickers provide them with accommodation during the harvest. Due to COVID-19, the firms have allowed workers to stay and have taken on the costs.Food & AgricultureFruit pickerTemporary workers7,200July 20, 2020
73EuropeUKNationalCoronavirus: Thousands of foreign NHS workers to have UK visas extended for one year (Independent)Government automatically renewed visas for all foreign NHS workers for a yearHealthcareRegular migrants, temporary migrants2800VisaMarch 31, 2020
74EuropeUKNationalRefugees among hundreds of overseas medics to respond to NHS call (Guardian)NHS England scheme allows international medical graduates and doctors to fast track their accreditation HealthcareRegular migrantsLicensingApril 17, 2020
75EuropeUKNationalKey COVID-19 information for migrants (Doctors of the World)Charity organisation Doctors of the World, in conjunction with the Mayor of London, has published videos and documents in 11 languages geared towards migrants. The organisation has emphasised that no immigration checks are required to receive a test.HealthcareIrregular migrantsJune 22, 2020
77EuropeUKNationalChanges to Asylum & Resettlement policy and practice in response to Covid-19 (Refugee Council)UK government suspended reporting, registration restrictions, and resettlement for asylum seekersImmigrationRefugees; asylum seekersResettlementApril 7, 2020
78EuropeUKNationalUK government to scrap healthcare surcharge for foreign NHS and care workers after U-turn (Euro News)UK government has committed to exempting NHS and care workers from the current healthcare surcharge of 400 GDP (set to increase to 624 GDP in October 2020). This surcharge is applied to migrants moving to the UK from outside the European Economic Area.HealthcareRegular migrantsMay 21, 2020
79Asia & OceaniaAustraliaNationalNew visa to support Australian farmers (Australian Government)Australian government extended the visas of critical seasonal workersFood & AgricultureTemporary migrantsApril 4, 2020
80Asia & OceaniaAustraliaNationalVisa work restrictions lifted on 20,000 international student nurses (The Sydney Morning Herald)Australian government lifted working hour restrictions on 20,000 international nursing studentsHealthcareNursesTemporary migrants: students20000StudentsMarch 18, 2020
81Asia & OceaniaAustraliaRegionalTemporary visa holders in Tasmania welcome $3m package for financial hardship due to coronavirus (ABC News)The region of Tasmania announced that temporary visa holders able to demonstrate immediate financial hardship will be eligible for AUD250 for individuals, and AUD1,000 for familiesImmigrationTemporary migrantsApril 22, 2020
83Asia & OceaniaBahrainNationalBahrain: Covid-19 labour law changes "welcome" but NGO calls on Govt. to provide assistance to workers (Business and Human Rights)Bahrain government announced an amnesty for irregular migrants until December 31, 2020ImmigrationIrregular migrantsApril 9, 2020
84Asia & OceaniaBahrainNationalPotential Responses to the COVID-19 Outbreak in Support of Migrant Workers (World Bank)Bahrain made private sector employers responsible for raising the standard of accommodations for migrant workers. This included reducing the number of workers per room, increased sanitation facilities, building isolation facilities, and regular inspections.ImmigrationTemporary migrantsMay 12, 2020
85Asia & OceaniaBangladeshLocalFacing COVID-19 in the World’s Largest Refugee Camp, Young Rohingya Help Prepare for an Outbreak (PBS)Rohingya refugee volunteers in Bangladesh's Cox's Bazar camp are putting together and delivering packages of medical supplies, including masks, gloves, soaps, and medicines.HealthcareRefugeesCharityApril 27, 2020
86Asia & OceaniaBangladeshLocalIn the shadow of a pandemic, Rohingya challenge our ideas about refugees (CNN)Rohingya refugees in Kutupalong refugee camp in Bangladesh have volunteered to educate the community on proper hygiene, as well as about the spread, symptoms, and testing of COVID-19. This work has been performed in response to an 80% reduction of humanitarian workers in camps.HealthcareRefugeesCharityAugust 27, 2020
87Asia & OceaniaChinaInternationalChinese Doctors and Supplies Arrive in Italy (Wall Street Journal)China sent 500 doctors and medical supplies to Northern ItalyHealthcareDoctors500Italy-ChinaMarch 18, 2020
88Asia & OceaniaChinaInternationalChina sends doctors and masks overseas as domestic coronavirus infections drop (Guardian)China sends doctors and masks to countries including Italy, France, the Philippines, Spain, Iran, and IraqHealthcareTemporary migrantsMarch 18, 2020
89Asia & OceaniaChinaRegionalXinhua Headlines: China determined to win battle against poverty despite epidemic (Xinhau Net)Wanning city created public welfare job posts (such as sanitation and epidemic prevention) for migrant workers who are temporarily unemployed
HygieneRegular migrants; irregular migrantsMarch 18, 2020
90Asia & OceaniaChinaRegionalSocial Protection and Jobs Responses to COVID-19: A Real-Time Review of Country Measures (World Bank Group)The Chinese province of Wuhan provided temporary assistance to the quarantined migrant population. Each individual was given the equivalent of around $400 USD. As of March 13, the measure had supported almost 6,000 people with a told cost of around $2.25 million.ImmigrationRegular migrantsMarch 13, 2020
92Asia & OceaniaIndiaNationalIndia plans rental homes to entice migrant workers back to cities (Reuters) India has approved a plan to develop affordable rental housing for migrant workers. The plan comes after the "housing conditions of migrant labourers has come under scrutiny during the pandemic".ImmigrationInternal migrants300,000Internal migrationJuly 9, 2020
93Asia & OceaniaIndiaNationalCoronavirus lockdown | Don’t charge migrant workers bus or train fare, says Supreme Court (The Hindu)The Indian Supreme Court announced that railways and buses cannot request fares from stranded migrant workers attempting to get home during the lockdown. The Court has also mandated that stranded migrant workers should be provided shelter, food, and water by the state.ImmigrationRegular migrantsInternal migrationMay 28, 2020
94Asia & OceaniaIndiaNationalPM Modi to launch mega Garib Kalyan Rojgar Abhiyaan today: All you need to know (Times of India)India has launched the 'Garib Kalyan Rojgar Abhiyan' program, a rural public works scheme returnee (mainly internal) migrant workers. The program provides 125 days of work to the returnee migrants, with a total budget of 6.6 million USD.ImmigrationRegular migrants; temporary workersInternal migrationJune 20, 2020
95Asia & OceaniaIndiaRegional Rajasthan creates most jobs for migrants under govt plan (Hindustan Times)India has launched a $6.7 billion USD plan to provide public works jobs for at least 10 million daily wage migrant workers who have returned home due to the COVID-19 lockdown.ImmigrationInternal migrantsInternal migrationJune 20, 2020
96Asia & OceaniaIndiaInternationalIndia sends medical team to Kuwait to fight Covid strengthening neighbourood policy (Economic Times)India has sent a team of 15 healthcare workers to Kuwait to fight COVID-19. The Indian team was intended to stay for two weeks to train Kuwaiti personnel.HealthcareTemporary migrantsApril 11, 2020
97Asia & OceaniaIndiaNationalCoronavirus pandemic: MEA launches helplines for those seeking assitance (India Today)Indian Ministry of External Affairs has developed a help centre to aid Indian migrants working abroad with COVID-19 queries.ImmigrationRegular migrantsDiasporaMarch 16, 2020
98Asia & OceaniaIndiaLocalMigrants who stayed back helping shape Delhi’s biggest Covid-19 facility (Hindustan Times)The city of Delhi has employed nearly one thousand internal migrants who have been unable to return to their home states during the COVID-19 lockdown. These migrants are building a 10,000-bed temporary hospital and serving in a 2,000-bed COVID treatment center in Delhi.HealthcareInternal migrants1,000Internal migrationJuly 1, 2020
99Asia & OceaniaJapanNationalHOW TO APPLY FOR THE ¥100,000 HANDOUT AND OTHER AID (Metropolis)Japan introduced cash assistance in response to COVID-19, irrespective of nationality. Everyone who has resided in Japan for at least three months and is registered as a basic resident as of April 27, 2020, is eligible for this assistance.ImmigrationApril 16, 2020
100Asia & OceaniaKuwaitNationalSpecial Amnesty for Undocumented Workers in Kuwait: 4,300 Bangladeshis set to return (Daily Star)Kuwait offered amnesty and voluntary, fine-free flights home with eligibility to return to undocumented workersImmigrationIrregular migrantsApril 19, 2020
101Asia & OceaniaKuwaitLocalA partnership to support migrant workers in Kuwait during the COVID-19 crisis (SDC Migration Network)The ILO, the International Domestic Workers' Federation, and local civil society organization, Sandigan Kuwait, support migrant workers in the country. Through bi-weekly virtual meetings with migrant worker community representatives, the organizations ensure that food, information, and health care (including mental health) are reaching migrant communities.ImmigrationRegular migrants; irregular migrants; temporary workersMay 12, 2020
102Asia & OceaniaMyanmarNationalIOM Myanmar COVID-19 Response Situation Report 3, 1 May 2020 (IOM)
Myanmar organized relief flights for Myanmar migrants stranded in Thailand. Once in their home countries, returned migrant workers were transported to their communities of origin where stayed in community-based facility quarantine centres.ImmigrationTemporary migrantsApril 25, 2020
103Asia & OceaniaNepalNationalNepal faces a crisis as COVID-19 stems the flow of remittances (World Economic Forum)Nepal has created programmes for reintegrating thousands of returning migrants into its labour force. The central bank, Nepal Rastra Bank, is providing lower-rate loans for entrepreneurial activities, such as commercial farming.ImmigrationRegular migrants; temporary workersReturnee migrantsJune 16, 2020