Club Constitutions (First Semester) (Responses)
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TimestampName of club?What is the purpose of your club?Who is (are) the president(s) of the club? Please include your email(s).Who is the advisor for your club? Where are they located? What is their email? (Please get their permission before putting their name down)When and where will you meet?What are some of your goals?Presidents: Who is your 4th period teacher? Where are they located?Are there any other officers? (VP, secretary, treasurer) Please include their emails.Is your club affiliated with any with national, state, or regional groups? Which one(s)?Will you be fundraising? Putting on events? Note that here and provide as much detail as you can.Anything else you'd like me to know?Email AddressApprovedApproved Club Purchases
9/17/2017 12:36:51Acapella ClubThe purpose of the club is to create music and form new friendships. Elize Portnoy ( Weiser, In the music building, J2-J3During lunch on Wednesdays in the band room, J3 The main goals are to perform at the Music performances and to actually publicize the fact that the students of Agoura are extremely talented!I have a release period.VP: Daniel Leese (email TBD)
Secretary: Sam Kriser (email TBD)
Treasurer: Niamh Barrett (
Nope.We will most likely not be fundraising as of now, however, we are planning on performing during the Agoura Music Program's performances.elize.portnoy@yahoo.comYesyes
9/6/2017 14:37:21Agoura High School Equestrian Team"1. To provide Agoura High students with a passion for
riding an equestrian related way to get involved in
Agoura High.
2. To represent Agoura High School in the I.E.L horse
show circuit."
Ava Letchinger,, Mrs. Anderson, K1 janderson@lvusd.orgWe will meet at lunch on pre-scheduled days."1. To maintain a reputable status in the Interscholastic
Equestrian League (I.E.L) high school team standings
2. To, along with competing in the I.E.L show circuit,
make an impact on Agoura High School and the
surrounding community by raising and donating our
time and money to community service and
contributing to the school."
HamblyNo current officersWe are affiliated with the Interscholastic Equestrian League.To Agoura High IEL team and to IEL itself.In the past we have only done IEL as our club activities, but have the possibility of doing club trips and volunteering together outside of the school day this year for the first time. avaletch2100@student.lvusd.orgyes
9/10/2017 17:55:20Agoura High School GenUNGen UN to educating, inspiring and mobilizing Americans to support the principles and vital work of the United Nations, strengthening the United Nations system, promoting constructive United States leadership in that system and achieving the goals of the United Nations Charter.
I am Carrie McClellan and Jennifer Kestenbaum jkestenbaum@lvusd.orgLunches at D4 every monthRaise awareness for energy and climate, global health, peace and security, and girl's and women's rights.Gerald Pickett D2Sofia Lyon - (VP)
Jane Muir - (Secretary)
Jenna Siteman - (Public Relations)
Bella Castaneda - (Social Media Officer)
United Nations Association (National)We will be putting on events regularly, and don't have the means to fundraise as of yet, but may take steps to take on a treasurer as we move forward.I know every word to Tik Tok by Ke$ha by heart!nicholasvmoran@gmail.comyesyes
9/26/2017 20:12:42Agoura Junior Blind ClubThe purpose of our club is to host events in order to raise money for Junior Blind. Junior Blind is a charity that assists lower class families that have severely disabled children and adults.President: Saeed Djalilov saeeddjali3900@student.lvusd.orgClint Cummings V105D4 on TuesdaysTo raise 500$ at the end of the school year.Mr Pickett. D2Vice-presidents: Dane Morris
Nick Moran
Junior Blind CharityYes, fundraising will be a huge part of the club. We will be hosting a basketball tournament, bake sale, and possibly a movie night. I am very familiar with the effort that needs to be communicating with the AAC and other staff to make sure an event does not overlap the district's schedule.saeeddjali3900@student.lvusd.orgyes
9/12/2017 9:42:52Agoura Medical Club The purpose of of our club is to provide members with information about the medical field and give them a place of explore their interests in the medical field. Anya Vertanessian: 4th period release, normally in B building prep lab
Cami McCann: 4th period: English- Donoho: R4
Mrs. Varonin: B2 kvaronin@lvusd.orgOdd Wednesdays at Lunch"-Conduct a successful CPR certification and add first aid training
-inform club members about advances in the medical field in a fun and engaging manner
-Get people interested in the medical field
-help members explore their future career options "
Anya Vertanessian:
Cami McCann:,
Julia Fogel: Officer
Lilly Paglia: Officer
Most likely notanyajoyv@yahoo.comyesyes
9/6/2017 14:41:01AHS Fishing Club My club exists to share my love of fishing with my peers. The club meetings entail knot-tying, casting, and bait distributions. I enjoy teaching and helping others learn how to fish so they have spread the sport to others."Dane Morris
Mr. Robbins mrobbins@lvusd.orgEven Tuesdays Mr. Robbins B3I want my club to gain more members at Club Rush, raise money for CCA, and to have lots of tournaments allowing members the opportunity to fish.IB History Pickett D2We may fundraise and if so all process will go to the Coastal Conservation Association (CCA).danemorris24@gmail.comyesyes
9/17/2017 20:53:04American Cancer Society ClubThe ACS Club aims to spread awareness about cancer within our community. We plan to do so through monthly awareness events, fundraisers, etc.Noor Baban: noorbaban2000@gmail.comMcClellan D4 cmclellan@lvusd.orgFirst Wednesday of the month, at lunch in D4As a club our main goal is to have had an impact at AHS regarding anything with spreading awareness about cancer. Whether that be hosting an entire fundraiser, or just having a Bolt Ad, as long as we get our message across, that is all that matters.Pickett, D2-American Cancer Society In the event of having a fundraiser, all the money would go directly to the American Cancer Societynoorbaban2000@gmail.comYesyes
9/16/2017 21:45:08Armenian Culture ClubTo explore and lern about Armenian cultureGrace Vertanessian -; Emily Pogohossian - epogohossian@yahoo.comMr. Busby - D5- jbusby@lvusd.orgOdd Tuesday in D5Raise awareness about the Armenian Genocide, discover and share Armenian cultureMr. Way - T1; Mr. Bloom - J3Vice President- Anya Vertanessian - anyajoyv@yahoocomno hopefully graceraphaella@yahoo.comYes
9/17/2017 20:27:36Art ClubTo share and teach skills on art materials that aren't usually household supplies. Noa Villarin and Rachel JacobsMrs. Llewelyn E7E7; every odd Monday To share art through museums and to show that everyone can do art no matter how skilled you areKestenbaum; R2Jordan Enoch; secretary; Jordanenoch@aol.comNoNoNope:)noavilla0801@student.lvusd.orgYesyes
8/30/2017 9:36:19Art Honors SocietyThe Art Honors Society will inspire and recognize students with an outstanding ability and a keen interest in the visual arts. Presidents: Zain Kabir and Dafna Danesh
Gardner, J1, rgardner@gmail.comJ1, odd FridaysOur goals are to recognize talented students, as well as those who show vast improvement. We also want to provide various opportunities for art students of all disciplines to show their work around school and get them into competitions worldwide. Students will also gain peer recognition and leadership growth opportunities that support college preparation and opportunities for awards, scholarships, and to have work published nationally.Dafna: Rogers, K4
Zain: Way T1
Jade Kinomoto:
Olivia Nerdin:
Jenna Siteman: and Ashley Blanco, Ava Grayson, Anabel Asher, Jesse Fulton
National Art Honors Society (NAHS)We might auction our art and donate the money to a worthy cause. We want to put on small and large scale art shows at Agoura and possibly elsewhere. Members have to pay a member fee to be accepted into the society, but all students are welcome to attend the meetings.dafnadanesh3@gmail.comyesyes
9/17/2017 17:09:12Asia ClubTo share people about the special and fun traditions of Asian culture.Matthew Wimberley -
Chasen Lee -
Andrew Yang -
Vivian Ding Room V101 vding@lvusd.orgV101 on Thursdays during lunchTo have many people appreciate Asian culture while showing the fun aspects that can be applied to everyone's lives.Wimberley - None
Lee - Bloom, J2
Yang - Way, T building
8/29/2017 11:34:58Astronomy ClubTo expand our knowledge on the concepts of astronomy, astrophysics, engineering, missions, etc through videos, hands-on learning, and discussionsMaya Harris and Audrey Aldisert (, Ritterbush ( Mondays in N3To make astronomy accessible and interesting for the entire student body

Plan astronomy events/field trips and encourage attendance

To approach learning from multiple perspectives
Rogers - K4NoNoPossible field trips to places like JPL or Griffith ObservatoryWe love you, Dafnamayafharris@gmail.comyesyes
9/10/2017 20:19:43bake4charityRaise money for local charities through bake sales.Catherine Laugharn - klaugharn@gmail.comMr. Carpenter ( in M1First Tuesday of each month @ M1To have spirit points scanned at least once per semester
To have at least three sales per semester
To raise at least $50 per sale
To raise $500 for each charity (three charities is the goal)
Mrs. Mcclellan - D4Lily Laugharn, Vice President -
Allison Jung, Treasurer -
NoYes, there will be bake sales, at school events, to fundraise for local charities.klaugharn@gmail.comyesyes
9/19/2017 21:38:48Ballet For All Kids ClubTo raise awareness and gain volunteers for the Ballet For All Kids programs which provides dance classes for disabled and underprivileged children.Sarah Liang ( Hannah Hamermesh ( Elman, Room B4, nelman@lvusd.orgEven Tuesdays in B4 (Elman's room)To gain 15 volunteers for the local studio in Agoura Hills and to promote their classes to increase the involvement of our community.Hannah: Way T1, Sarah: Pasky D9NoBallet For All KidsWe are working towards organizing fundraisers for second semester. All of the proceeds will go to the BFAK program to better their classes and to aid the families involved with the program.sarahliang19@gmail.comyesyes
9/10/2017 9:50:01Battle Bots at AHSOur club makes and competes robots. We do this at various local levels placing ourselves in the midst of competition. It is a good excuse to learn about circuitry and metalworking, as well as imparting that knowledge upon others in a tangible way. Eric Segall: and Olivier RetourneMr. Oakman, N1, joakman@lvusd.orgWe will meet Tuesdays at lunch in N1. Our goal for this year is to make a new bot and enroll it in a competition finishing in the top three. As well as teach other people and hopefully in turn they will make their own battle bots. Kevin Pasky, D9VP: Olivier Retourne ( ), Secretary: Sam Khateri, ( ) NoneYes, we do plan on fundraising for materials. ericsgall@gmail.comyesyes
9/15/2017 13:05:37Bboy ClubTeaching and learning how to breakdanceKenneth Shin ( Elman in B4 ( building on even WednesdaysImprove throughout the yearOrchestra in the J building
9/16/2017 18:31:45Be Kind to One Another ClubEllen Degeneres is always spreading kindness and joy to people. She changes people's lives through her uplifting energy and generosity in donations. At the end of every episode of her show, she says, "Be kind to one another." We plan to take Ellen's giving spirit and bring it to Agoura.Rachel Jacobs, rachejacob0901@student.lvusd.orgMrs. Prater,, Room B1We will meet in room B1 on a couple random days every monthOur club will hold drives to collect goods for different charities and also hold many fundraisers to raise money for charities. These fundraisers will be done in a fun, interactive way and will most likely involve some of the games Ellen has audience members play on her show.Mrs. Prater, Room B1Vice President- Brianna Schafheitle;
Officer- Sophie White;
NoYes, we will hopefully be able to put on fundraisers such as bake sales and games during nutrition and lunch in the quad. We also may fundraise during school events, after school.rachejacob0901@student.lvusd.orgYesyes
9/2/2017 15:22:42Better H(you)man Club The club will dive into issues ranging from global crisis’ to obscure, little known issues. Better H(you)man deviates from the archetypical, philanthropic club by focusing on the unheralded. The club is about educating ourselves about anything and everything that challenges today’s society, I believe we can make ourselves better people — hence the name Better H(you)man — by doing so.Olivia Lester: livlester@gmail.comMs. Prater, B-1, prater.cathy@gmail.comB-1 on Odd MondaysSomewhat similar to the club’s purpose, its goal is to educate, engage, and aid in any relevant issues, particularly those that are lesser known. As well as discussing topics, finding ways to get involved is also key, whether this be making a brief Bolt TV announcement or doing a fundraiser. As a result of these goals, I hope there is a feeling of self-fulfillment and gratification amongst the club’s members. Needless to say, the ultimate goal is to be better humans.Mr. Way, T1NoPossibly, it depends on the group's decision to engage in fundraisers for certain causes or charity.livlester@gmail.comyesyes
9/5/2017 15:34:35BFF Animal ClubThis club serves to bring together students who share a love of animals and to organize efforts to make a difference in local shelters and rescues. It is dedicated to Best Friends Animal Society (BFLA), a prominent animal shelter and animal rights activist. BFLA has countless ways to get involved and has nationwide influence. Olivia Lester: livlester@gmail.comMs. DonohoOdd Thursdays in R-4To get students involved with local animal shelters and participate in important events with BFLA. The club will also encourage each member to become an animal advocate through fostering, volunteering and promoting animal adoption.Mr. Way T1Best Friends Animal SocietyFundraising is a strong possibility, all proceeds will be allocated to Best Friends Animal Society.
We like to do annual donation drives; in the past two years, we have receive great amounts of shelter goods.
11/6/2017 12:57:41Bible Study ClubTo relax and discuss faith from the bible Natalie Aynilian

Serena Carlysle
Hambly ( Room: D8Every even Friday; During lunch in D4 Provide students with a relaxing environment to discuss the teachings of the bible. Students should find deeper meanings within biblical passages and their faith. Natalie Aynilian
4th period teacher: Prater
Room: B1

Serena Carlysle
4th period teacher: Ding
Room: V101
Karina Aynilian - Vice President
None We are not sure at the moment. We will contact you if we have decided to do fundraising and if we have changed our information.serencarly9902@student.lvusd.orgyes
9/12/2017 9:39:39Book Clubwe are going to inspire a love for reading on campus and foster bright, young minds through book discussions every month and a half or so. Gaby Carr = President (it's easier if you use this email mine is cluttered with college stuffs)DavisOdd Wednesdays in V1Read a book and have a discussion day every 1.5 months, raise funds for a Little Free Library in our community, try to host an event where we read to kids.. perhaps at the Children's Hospital (we could also do a book drive to deliver books to there)Mr. Bloom, in the Band Room (J2?)Tirzah Girardin = VP tirzahann7@gmail.comNoYes.. we will be fundraising for the Little Free Library and doing a Book Drive at some point of the yearLOVE YOU DAFagourabookclub@gmail.comyesyes
8/20/2017 14:12:42Chess ClubWe want to create environment in which kids can both play chess competitively or for fun, and can learn more about chess and its many intricacies. Sean Convery seanconve2502@student.lvusd.orgMr. Stephens V102 rstephans@lvusd.orgEvery Other Thursday At Lunch (Subject To Change and Fluctuation)We want to create environment in which kids can both play chess competitively or for fun, and can learn more about chess and its many intricacies. We hope to eventually participate in local tournaments.
Magnante V205seanconve2502@student.lvusd.orgYes
9/6/2017 14:42:49Classic Movie ClubThe classic movie club is for watching and learning about old movies, while having fun.Nicky Munson
Mr. Shipley tshipley@lvusd.orgWednesday and Thursday at lunch Mr. Shipley, room C10Our goal is for all members to have a good time while watching classic films.4th period is English II Honors with Mrs.Tomaszczuk in k8Ian Connolly
Brandon Jenner
Alex Munson
9/17/2017 11:34:53Comedy ClubTo give students a chance to write and perform their own comedy.Ethan Pearl Naberhaus, L1,nnaberhaus@lvusd.orgL1 every even Thursday To simply make sure everyone has a good time and meets new people who share their interests.Mrs. Naberhaus L1VP-Rachael Koscelnick NoNo fundraising, will likely put on performance events.ethanrpearl@gmail.comYes
10/24/2017 19:13:57Comedy SportzOur Club purpose is to provide Agoura High Students with top notch comedic humor. We will do this through our monthly or bimonthly matches of varying theme in which teams of four red and four blue players face off in rapid fire comedic improvisation. These matches will consist of two games junior varsity and varsity afterwards. Along with these monthly matches our senior players will be doing long form improv which is one story that goes on for up to half an hour straight off the top of our best player's heads. Another purpose of our club is to allow the associated student body to come and learn about what is going on in regards to matches and news about the team. Our third and final purpose is to create a safe environment for our players to express and advance in their improvisational craft.Brandon Goldstein Jesse Fulton jessef365@gmail.comKrassner Blackbox dkrassner@lvusd.orgFirst monday of every month in the black box during supportOur goals are to further the autonomy of comedy sportsBrandon- Rogers Sports Complex/K4 Jesse- Rice E2NoYes ComedysportzYes we will tbdThere may be a shift in advisorbrandgolds2202@student.lvusd.orgYes
9/17/2017 23:55:05Computer Science Honor SocietyTo teach the students of Agoura High School about various topics regarding Computer Science, as well as help struggling students in their respective courses. Liad Erlich and Ryan Martinez, and ryanmart00@gmail.comKeays, L5, jkeays@lvusd.orgNot yet decided, but last year we met on even Thursdays.To give lectures on Computer Science and help students who are struggling in their Computer Science course.Council, K4 and Way, V204NoNoAs for time and date of meets, we will probably schedule different days where students can come in and get help. We are not sure we are going to have a set schedule.liaderlich@gmail.comYes
9/7/2017 13:19:10Conspiracy Theory Club We have a common interest in conspiracy theories, and I really enjoy discussing it with fellow peers.
Mr. Hardy | Room E-6 | nhardy@lvusd.orgEvery even Wednesday in Ceramics To abstract ideas and blow our members' mind. Robbins | D building All the people running the club are listed under presidents No Possibly We were a club last year nymnewsbiz@gmail.comyesyes
9/10/2017 17:45:11Crayfishing ClubHelp restore the creeks of the Santa Monica Mountain Range by removing the invasive crayfish species that occupy much of the aquatic ecosystem, picking up trash, and disposing of unnatural debris.I am the President and occasional Dictator of this club.Carrie McClellan cmcclellan@lvusd.orgLas Virgines Creek every SaturdaySafely remove as much trash and as many crayfish as we can. We plan to go out Las Virgines Creek every Saturday morning.Gerald PickettDane Morris (Junior VP) -
Saeed Djalilov (Senior VP) -
Mountains Restorations Trust (regional)NopeI can juggle with 4 balls :)nicholasvmoran@gmail.comyesyes
9/13/2017 15:15:33Culture Clubto involve students in different cultures around the worldNiamh Barrett ([Ms. Mejia and] Ms. Davis (Marnie)Ms. Davis's room on every other Odd WednesdayTo get members, and get people to come on the trips that we take during the year!Ms. Taylor, CeramicsVP - Carly Theis ( has been a club for years, there is just a new president now.niamhbarrett9@gmail.comyesyes
10/31/2017 10:17:22Debate ClubFor formal debate and competitionHannah Heim: president, hannah_heim@yahoo.comMrs. HamblyMrs. Hambly’s rokmTo expose students to the world of debate and different types of debate. Hopefully we can end up competingMrs. Orth, C8NoNot at the momentNo hannah_heim@yahoo.comyes
8/25/2017 21:50:02Doodle 4 LoveTo send handmade cards and messages to terminally ill children living in the US and UK.Athena Siaotong - athena.siaotong@gmail.comCathy Prater - B1 - cprater@lvusd.orgTuesdays - B1To mail out a letter-package to at least 2 children every month.Bloom - J3Sam Khateri - skhateri@gmail.comdoodle4loveclub@gmail.comYesyes
8/28/2017 18:52:31Drama ClubTo provide a pleasant, social atmosphere for the actors and technical workers of Agoura High School.
Annabel Asher; annabelasher@gmail.comDavid Krassner; Black Box; dkrassner@lvusd.orgEvery Thursday; G building for beginning of the year, may transition to Black Box - TBDTo provide a safe place for students to practice their craft.

To promote both inside and outside entertainment and field trips to encourage a positive attitude and appreciation for the arts.
To provide opportunities for creative expression, in relation to the arts, for students.

To support performing arts both at Agoura High School and in the community.
Rogers; K4VP: Jesse Fulton
Treasurer: Talia Heimanson
Secretary: Hannah Hamermesh
Membership Officer: Jackson Lewis
International Thespian SocietyYesWe also produce student directed shows/ComedySportz/many club-sponsored parties throughout the year. you're a gem dafna! :)annabelasher@gmail.comyes
9/17/2017 20:55:05Dude. Be Nice.The purpose of our club is to promote kindness on campus and foster a positive, inclusive community that cherishes all students, staff, and community members. Carley Sanders (, Annie Mascot ( Busby - D5. jbusby@lvusd.orgThursday's D5 at Lunch We wish to recognize Chargers through meaningful and unique projects. We hope to inspire others to be kind and compassionate in their daily lives through sprinkles of uplifting reminders. A main focus of this year will be to continue promoting positive relationships between students and teachers. Carley: Brennan K4; Annie: McClellen D4N/AYes, the "dude. be nice" national organization and brand. We will be fundraising (t-shirt and 3 holiday gram sales) with the purpose of raising revenue to elevate our events that benefit the student body, staff, and community members. You are a rockstar, Dafna! Thanks for how organized and clear everything has been. :) carlesande6801@student.lvusd.orgYesyes
9/13/2017 9:24:23Ecommerce ClubTo teach people how to make an online store where you can sell products using drop shippingMax Sebso -
Keanu Pessoa -
Mrs. Kim, K-9, Mkim@lvusd.orgK-9 at lunch, dates TBDMake a store that will benefit the school, teach how to set up a store using shopify, market your store, use oberlo (app) to drop ship products so you do not hold inventoryMrs. Hambly, D-8Vice-President: Zach Tripp -
Secretary: Gage Garison -
nopenothing at the momentnothing at the momentmaxsebso@gmail.comyesyes
9/7/2017 19:56:26English Honors SocietyThe English Honors Society aims to give students the opportunity to aid their peers within the English language arts, serving as a support system to those who may be struggling as well as allow those who are proficient within the discipline to showcase their ability. We also provide assistance to English teachers on campus and work to create a community of literature lovers.Sofia Lyon
Ms. Davis in K2. ( occur sporadically, but are planned in advance. Tutoring occurs every support period.This year, the goals of the English Honors Society are to become a more established literary arts group on campus, become more closely intertwined with the English academic department, and form a closely-knit community within the club. We hope to accomplish the aforementioned by hosting student-led literature and/or writing workshops, planning more events as a group, and demonstrate solidarity through wearing our apparel.IB History HL with Mr. Pickett in D2.Vice President - Sabrina Shaboti ( National English Honors SocietyWe may or may not be fundraising for T-shirts if interest lies there, otherwise we will simply pay out of pocket. We do plan to host small, on campus events, possibly in conjunction with other literary arts groups on campus.sofialyonbiz@gmail.comyes
9/13/2017 21:24:30Fashion ClubThe fashion club supports emerging fashion designers. We have put on an AHS Fashion Show for the last 11 years and hope to continue to inspire designers to share their creations with Agoura High. Ava Grayson, and Shayley Madison, Speth is our advisor. She is in L2. Her email is will meet on ODD Wednesdays at lunch in L2. We hope to create a community of fashion designers to meet and share their unique styles. The club is friendly to anyone who loves fashion including makeup artists, models, shoe designers, costume designers, and textile designers. This is not just a club for fashion show designers, however, anyone who wants to can design for the fashion show. The club is a FIDM fashion club, so we hope to help students learn more about art colleges and fashion industry jobs. Ava Grayson's 4th period teacher is Oakman in N1. Shayley Madison's 4th period teacher is Anderson in K1. Kerren Siedner is Vice President. Her email is, our club is an official FIDM fashion club. We will have an AHS Fashion Show in the spring of 2018. The ticket sales help raise money for the fashion club. Our club will go to the FIDM Debut Show in the spring of 2018. It is an after school trip, but it gets approved by the school. avagrays2701@student.lvusd.orgyesyes
9/13/2017 19:55:25Fellowship of Christian AthletesTo walk through coaches ministry, campus ministry, camp ministry, and community ministry and to encourage commitment to the Lord through integrity, service, and community.Julia Fogelson jfogelson00@gmail.comRitterbush, N3 dritterbush@lvusd.orgThursdays at lunch N3To see the world and our community impacted for the Lord through the influence of of coaches and athletes.IB 20th Century World History- PickettJulia Fogelson- Co-President, Lindsay Dilbeck- Co-President, Bella Buonvicino, Sami Martinez, Grace Elizondo, Leora Munden, Summer Windisch, Ava GraysonFellowship of Christian Athletesjfogelson00@gmail.comyesyes
9/19/2017 15:07:33Garden ClubThe purpose is to get kids outside and their hands in the dirt! It is important to understand where our food comes from, and how we coexist with the planet. This club will demonstrate how to grow responsibly, water mindfully, and be responsible in consistent care of living organisms. Audrey Horner, aghorner1@gmail.comMs. Prater, B1, cprater@lvusd.orgIn the garden next to the baseball field, Wednesdays at lunchAn obvious goal is to grow vegetables and flowers successfully. Another goal, however, is to get people to care about our earth, and to raise awareness for the agricultural process. Mr. Pickett, D2VP= Charly de Nocker, , Head Landscaper= Emme Shachory, emmezuma@aol.comYes, we will be fundraising, and would like the opportunity to put on an Earth Day event. I have started this club at two other schools and it has been transformative to the students in the best ways. We grow flowers for butterflies and hummingbirds, and our vegetables can go to shelters or to our very own cafeteria. It is a club that gives back wonderful results and is so worth it! aghorner1@gmail.comyes
9/12/2017 17:08:23Gay Straight AllianceTo promote diversity and awareness of LGBT students on campusSage Matura ( and Marley Ross ( in R4To educate students who may not know much about LGBT issuesMejia (D10) and Gardener (J1)marmonte GSA, PFLAG, LA LGBT centernosage.matura@gmail.comyesyes
9/17/2017 22:39:33Heal the Bay ClubThe purpose is to spread awareness about the importance of our local coastal environment and to get Agoura students to help the cause in keeping local beaches clean while providing service learning opportunitiesPresident- Gabi Hoff ( B1Meetings will be in B1, times TBDWe plan to organize 6 monthly beach clean ups at Zuma Beach and Point DumePasky D9VP- Melanie Lewi ( the Bay Organization in Santa MonicaI will be organizing monthly off campus eventsgabimhoff@gmail.comYesyes
10/1/2017 12:10:06Health and Wellness ClubThe purpose of my club is to demonstrate the importance of being the best versions of ourselves. I also wanted to establish a safe environment where we can all feel comfortable addressing issues that come up in our lives. Basically this is a safe space where you can be yourself. The terms health and wellness are so broad that I wanted to incorporate several aspects for this club. This year I am hoping to do things that help ourselves and our community of peers. Allison Pine- allispine1802@student.lvusd.orgMr. Del OlmoMondays at lunch in M3This year, I really want to include videos about anti-bullying, a self care day, speakers who come in and talk about how you can stay healthy and be the best version of yourself, as well as teaming up with teen line, a teen help hotline where teens become trained to talk to other teens on the phone about issues they they might face. These can be any issues including suicide, breakups, parent divorces, self image issues, family deaths, literally anything. I am hoping to tie the main ideas of anti-bullying, friendship, social media, self care, and wellness together in order to create better versions of ourselves.Orchestra 2- J2Co-vice presidents- Camryn Russon, and Rachel Perlmutter,
Secretary- Hannah Napolske,
Treasurers- Lauren Gozlan, and Amineh Hasan,
Teen lineNot that we know of. We will have speakers come in to speak about issues but most likely will not hold events for this.This is a re-submission because my last two did not go through. Thanks!
9/12/2017 9:45:25Help the HomelessTo fundraise food/ donations and raise awareness for homeless people.Aubrey Adams, English IV with Ms. DonohoMrs. Miles in N7 erinmiles@lvusd.orgOdd Mondays at lunch N7To volunteer at local food shelters and to host food drives to collect and bring food to homeless people in our community.Aubrey Adams,, Cami McCann
Angela C.
Hannah Helfand
Manna Food Bankyes, the money will go to local food shelters such as Manna Food Bank.aubreyybeth@gmail.comyesyes
9/15/2017 15:21:42History Honor SocietyOur mission is to establish a community where students can better understand the world and different cultures through learning and appreciating history.Brennan Chuang
Mr. Busby (Room: D-5; Email: D-5 on WednesdaysTo promote our three branches of interests; academics, awareness, and service.Mr. Shipley
Room: C-10
VP: William Cutler (
Directors of Advertising:
Jenny Cao (
David Courter ( (also Treasurer)
Directors of Public Relations:
Lily Laugharn (
Carley Sanders (
Yes we will be fundraising and putting on events.
Fundraising for History Honor Society and charities
Exact events TBD
In the future, if I need to change contact information on the club spreadsheet do I just contact you?brennchuan5101@student.lvusd.orgYes
9/17/2017 15:55:46Jewish Student Union (JSU)To unite Jewish student and connect with Judaism at Agoura High School. Joshua Nemani and Andy Neymit andyneymit@yahoo.comShane Dreher - Drehers@ncsy.orgTuesday's in D4Have people meet other Jewish people at the school and become more knowledgeable about Judaism. McClellan D-4VP -
We are affiliated with the national group, NCSY.joshuneman2901@student.lvusd.orgYesyes
9/15/2017 13:18:16Key ClubTo help the community and raise money for good causes. Also to help the members gain leadership skills and awareness. Belisa Yu and Ariana Simms. and ariansimms7201@student.lvusd.orgMrs. Hollister room C7. Her email is lhollister@lvusd.orgWe will meet at lunch on Wednesday in room C7To help raise funds for important causes that Kiwanis chooses. Recruit many new members. Provide the members with many opportunities.Mrs. Coleman in room C5Elize Portnoy,;Danielle Ford,;Megan Sullivan, megansulli5699@student.lvusd.orgKiwanis Yes we would like to fund raise.ariansimms7201@student.lvusd.orgYesyes
9/17/2017 12:38:25KFC Kosher Food ClubTo bring Jewish culture on campus in a fun welcoming way. Guy Ben-Shoshan and Brandon Jadidi Brandonjadidi@gmail.comMrs. Lapiner K5 klapiner@lvusd.orgK5 at 12:25 on FridayTo make different kinds of food while engaging in meaningful discussion.Ms. sheilds history and Mr. Oakman N1Dafna Danesh, Kerren Seidner, and David PodellHoliday eventsnobenshoshanguy@gmail.comYes
9/5/2017 22:22:53Kids in Action Network (KAN)To create a connection with students and raise money for the community. Amanda Bonavida-
Noor Baban-
Pooja Ramaswamy-
Mr. Pickett D2 Every even Wednesday at D2Create a stronger connection between students and show how important our community is.Mr. Pickett D2Sanaaz Nourkhaladj-
Rachel Bork-
Hannah Li-Paz-
Riley Magnone-
Carmen Garcia-Conde-
Bita Ghanei-
Ryan Chanin-
Kids In Action Network (nonprofit)We will advertise and fundraise. Not sure about events yet. amandabonavida@gmail.comyesyes
9/19/2017 15:13:45Kids in HarmonyThe purpose of my club is to connect with groups of children facing misfortune. Whether it be in the foster care system or the children's hospital, the aim of this club is to provide a voice (and any other resource) to children who feel alienated and alone. Cacharel "Charly" de Nocker - charlydenocker@gmail.comMrs. Anderson, K2, janderson@lvusd.orgWednesday's at lunch in Mrs. Anderson's room (K1)One of the biggest goals of this club is to bring together kids from different backgrounds or life situations. In addition, I would like to hold donation drives for multiple charities/organizations working with kids. Mr. Pickett - D2VP: Audrey HornerACT Today! Autism Care and Treatment, Spirit Awakening Foundation We will be fundraising, and would like the opportunity of putting on events. We also plan to collaborate with other organizations to put on events. :)charlydenocker@gmail.comyes
9/17/2017 18:52:15Lend a HandThe purpose of my club is to help student's gain their community service hours through opportunities that spark their interest's to help. Everything my club would do would be based on the desires of the members. If members wished to help the environment, senior citizens, children, animals, or any other points of interest, I would sign up for events focused on helping these causes. Danica Kern
Mrs. Elman room B4 nelman@lvusd.orgOdd Tuesdays at lunch in room B4The goal of my club is to inspire students on campus to feel as though they can make a difference. Also, to encourage kids to help the community and pursue the issues they view as prominent.Maganante V205Anika Schlenker
9/17/2017 13:08:43Life 101To teach life/practical skills that are not normally taught at schoolAllison Jung is the President (email: Munther (V205- and Sr. Del Olmo (M3-- other Tueday in room V205 or M3Bi-monthly meetings, lessons on life skillsElman room B4Lee Bahir (
Artin Ghidari (
9/5/2017 15:27:55Love 146To raise awareness and money for child sex trafficking. Sabrina Shaboti - Mrs. Tomaszczuk, K8 ( Thursdays in K8To raise awareness over such an important issue and hopefully monetary donations as well. Mrs. Tomaszczuk, K8VP - Aubrey Adams (
Secretary - Zain Khabir (
Treasurer - Emily Poghossian (
Global group, Love 146yes, we will be holding an annual benefit concert and random restaurant fundraisers sabrinas8436@gmail.comyesyes
10/6/2017 13:34:12Make A DifferenceTo Make A Difference britnbrouk0001@student.lvusd.orgMrs. Albert and Mrs. Robinson in V106Friday's at lunch in V106Helping our community and getting involved in activities Mr. Cummings. V105Maya Kamen. mayakamen6101@stduent.lvusd.orgFundraising.Club was established last year 2016-2017arobinson@lvusd.orgYes
8/29/2017 8:31:58Math Honor Society1. To tutor as many students in math as effectively and accurately as possible
2. To excite the member base about mathematics in general
3. To give the tutors various strategies for effectively tutoring students
4. To reward the members with various events throughout the year, such as pizza parties and other food distribution events (such as Pi(e) day)
5. To offer members various math competition opportunities throughout the school year, such as the American Mathematics Competition
6. To host field trips and the annual math olympics in order to reward the members for their hard work throughout the school year
Maya Harris- mayapapayaharris@gmail.comMr. Magnante in room V205 ( V205, support and lunch every day and 6th periodTo increase awareness about MHS so that more people take advantage of the services we are offering.Rogers- K4Senior VPs- Sarah Liang and Anya Vertanessian (,
Senior Secretaries- Tirzah Girardin and Michael Ting (,
Senior Treasurer- Jade Kinomoto (
Junior VPs- David Courter and William Cutler (,
Junior Secretaries- Allison Jung and Eric Wang (,
Sophomore Secretaries- Devin Harris and Nicole Pham (,
NoYes, we have two fundraisers- pi day and an escape roommayapapayaharris@gmail.comyes
9/6/2017 14:34:55Media StudiesWe aim to explore the concept and effects of media in different platforms, and how it is relevant today. We also look at the spreading of ideas through these types of media."Izzy Lopez
Hollister; C7, possible backup advisorLunch every even TuesdayTo bring attention and awareness to this topicHambly; D8Adri Ebrahim; co-president
4th period Way, T1
9/13/2017 14:44:39Mental Heath AwarenessTo bring awareness to mental health in our schoolSophia Kira-Lucas ( and Zain Kabir ( V1( )Even Fridays in Mrs.Davis' room We hope to bring awareness to mental health at Agoura as well as do fun events Mr.Bloom and Mr.WayTirzah Girardin: tirzahann7@gmail.comYes, we hope to do events in the quad during lunch or nutrition as well as fundraising skiralucas@gmail.comyesyes
9/12/2017 9:39:38Mock TrialTo form a competitive debate team, train, and compete against other schools in the Ventura County Mock Trial competition.Itai Tismansky, 4th: Rogers K4
Lily Wagner, 4th: Elman B4
Helen Simon, 4th: Way T1
Friedland, Oakman; & joakman@lvusd.orgVaries, very flexibleWe want to form the best possible team and make it further in Trial than we have in past years!Itai Tismansky Rogers K4
Lily Wagner Elman B4
Helen Simon Way T1
Ventura County Office of Education Mock TrialUndecided on fundraising yetTeam created based on interviews/auditionsitaitisma3502@student.lvusd.orgyesyes
9/12/2017 9:42:04Model United NationsOur purpose is to accurately simulate the United Nations system, so that members become more familiar with the policies of the UN and its member countries. In our debate style meetings, members will assume various countries’ perspectives to accurately convey their countries’ views on global politics through discussion. Other meetings will consist of activities that will better acquaint members with world events, individual country perspectives, and conference preparations, Zahin Kabir- Zaink130@gmail.comRyan Gardner in J1, rgardner@lvusd.orgEvery Monday in J1We would like to immerse our members into a simulated Model United Nations. We will prepare members for official Model UN conferences and teach them valuable skills such as debate, public speaking, research, and critical thinking.Zahin Kabir-VP- Louie Aldisert;
Secretary- Hannah Malak
8/28/2017 13:26:50MyStoryTo give students an outlet to share their stories and experiences with each other, willing them to gain trust and support in each other. Rachel Bork:, Bita Ghanei:, Sanaaz Nourkhaladj: sanaaznour@gmail.comMr. Pickett in D2, pickett@lvusd.orgMr. Pickett's room, D2, or maybe in the computer lab that Shipley uses. We will meet every other Tuesday.We want to create a supportive, loving, and private space for students.Rachel and Bita: Leadership in K4, Sanaaz: Way in T1Nope.Nope.We will put on an event outside of school where we sit in a circle and share our stories, but we won't be fundraising. rachel.eliana.bork@gmail.comYesyes
9/17/2017 16:13:52Ocean and Environmental ClubAppreciating, understanding, and learning about the ocean and environment around us. Environmental awareness will be discussed and Alexandra Gottschall alexagotts3801@student.lvusd.orgTuesdays, Berry's room, N2, aberry@lvusd.orgTuesdays, Berry's room, N2, aberry@lvusd.orgOverall environmental awareness, mass recycling, teaching/learning surfing and other water sports, meeting outside of school for cleanups and beach tripsPrater B1Yes! I am very passionate about the ocean and environment and would love to generate a school wide awareness of recycling and trash in our oceans and how to help etcalexagotts3801@student.lvusd.orgYes
9/12/2017 12:20:08PAEC RatsWe the PAEC Rats are a small group of like-minded individuals united by our mutual passion for stagecraft, otherwise known as technical theatre. This club will serve as a continuation of our stagecraft education, allowing us to learn at our own pace about things we truly care about. We seek to create an intimate, close group of friends who support and drive each other to succeed. We also hope to give students the opportunity to gain professional and valuable work experience within the field. Sofia Lyon
Mr. Goldman ( in the PAEC.The PAEC on Wednesdays and sporadically throughout the week.This year, the PAEC Rats hope to establish a strong group of stage technicians who are able to serve as the technical liaisons for community theaters as well as Agoura High School's very own Drama Club. We are considering planning trips to tour professional theaters and competing in local tech competitions. Ultimately, most of our work will be based around doing various projects at the PAEC, all with the goal of creating a productive and enjoyable work environment.IB History HL with Mr. Pickett in D2.Vice President - Quinn Akemon (
Secretary - Benny Briggs (
Treasurer - Dominick Riches (
We may be fundraising in conjunction with Drama Club and hope to work with them to organize events.In order to work in the building, members will need to fill out an emergency card forms. This will all be discussed at the first meeting.sofialyonbiz@gmail.comyesyes
8/20/2017 14:10:10Partners Through EducationPartners Through Education is a registered non-profit Organization based in Los Angeles, California dedicated to the success and well-being of students in need. Our branch of the organization can benefit Agoura High School by allowing students to help work in and run a non-profit organization that benefits the community. Also, our organization will add diversity and help students truly appreciate what they have. Our direct goal is to sponsor underprivileged high school graduates and help them pay towards their college tuition.Sean Convery - seanconve2502@student.lvusd.orgCynthia TateFirst Even Day of Every MonthBy the end of the school year, we hope to amass around 1,250$ in funds to enable us to sponsor roughly three kids. We also hope to have about 15 members minimum, although this specification is not a priority. Magnante v205Partners Through Education CalabasasYes
9/14/2017 23:19:17Philosophy ClubPhilosophyTrevor Sherman trevosherm6801@student.lvusd.orgLapiner K5 klapiner@lvusd.orgK5 TuesdayTeach foundations of philosophy and morality debatesKrasiner paecAana Lange (VP) aanalange3200@student.lvusd.orgNononoAanalange3200@student.lvusd.orgyes
9/10/2017 11:47:37Photo Clubto teach photography, to look at photography and to understand photographyHannah Helfand- and Serena Shachory- serenashach@gmail.comGardner J1 rgardner@lvusd.orgJ1 every odd wednesday to try to familiarize new photographers with the world of photography, remain motivated to take pictures, try to find photographs and photographers that inspire us.Hannah- McCreary Serena- Hambly Clare Palmer and Jenna Forstonnopossible art show I love you Dafna!hannahhelfand@gmail.comyesyes
9/18/2017 9:22:09Pokemon Showdown ClubTo have a safe environment to play the game pokemon showdownJack Green email: Mrs. Nelson N5 Email: janellenelson@lvusd.orgN5 on Mondays and Thursdays at lunchto get new members for the pokemon showdown clubJack Green: Hardy E6 Usume (VP) email: Jack Miller Secretary email: and Ben Horowitz treasurer email: benjahorow2199@student.lvusd.orgNoneWe will be fundraising for pizza to be brought in no eventsI am sorry this is a day late and I hope you may still accept this we have done this club for two years now and I am sorry that I forgot to email this by the 17th. -Jackjackgreen3901@student.lvusd.orgYes
8/27/2017 11:30:50Recycling clubwe aim to increase school awareness about recycling and reduce energy and waste use on campusJenna Siteman- co prez:
Coral Dina- co prez:
Mr. Kast- M6- bkast@lvusd.orgodd thursdays in M6this year we are planning on raising money to install solar panelsJenna- release
Coral- Ms. Rice- E1 or E2
Noa Malka- vice prez: noamalka1799@student.lvusd.orgnoyes!! we are planning on installing solar panels for our school(still need to talk to mercer and other people) but we will need to raise a lot of money for thatif you could please include Coral's email on the club president's emails that would be great! Thanks so much Dafna!!jennasiteman@gmail.comYes
9/16/2017 15:02:41Rock Climbing ClubThe purpose of our club is to introduce people to the sport of rock climbing. It provides so much for its participants such as physical/health benefits, mental benefits, problem solving skills, and a whole new amazing social group!Aidan Hoppe ( Bacharach, V201, sbacharach@lvusd.orgWe will meet Wednesdays from 7:30-9:30 at Boulderdash in Westlake and every other week in Bacharach's ClassI want everyone to be surprised with themself after a year with our club and be amazed with how much they were able to achieve.Mr. Way T1VP: Josh Miller, Secretary: Riley MagnoneWe will occasionally have events to allow members to go climbing outdoors.aidanhoppe@gmail.comYesyes
8/31/2017 16:15:25Science Honor SocietyScience Honors Society (SHS) is an Agoura High School science-tutoring program..
Its mission is to help promote an appreciation for the sciences and academic excellence in this pursuit
Karen Zisman and Mackenzie O'Brien Mr. Robbins B3 Tutoring sessions will be held Monday through Friday during Support in room B3...meetings on even lunches whenever needed To help any struggling science student by a team of their peers!Karen: Mr. WayN/ANational Science Honor Society N/ALove you Dafna!!kzisman8@gmail.comyes
9/20/2017 12:50:00Scuba ClubTo teach students how to scuba dive.Justin Crawford. justicrawf2801@student.lvusd.orgRitterbush; Room N3PCH Scubacertifying as many people as possible by the end of the year.Elman; B-4Adam Latzer; adamlatze1801@student.lvusd.orgPCH Scubajusticrawf2801@student.lvusd.orgyes
9/15/2017 11:15:35Service with a Smilefeed the homeless & help the less fortunateBrooke Ulan - brookeulann@gmail.comMrs. Kestenbaum jkestenbaum@lvusd.orgOnce a month in R1to feed as many people as possibleMagnate. V205Vice President - Nikki Gelb nikki.gelb@gmail.combrookeulann@gmail.comyesyes
8/18/2017 22:21:39Sports Debate ClubKerren Siedner is Vice President. Her email is Secretary: Caroline Kindelt carolkinde4201@student.lvusd.orgJackson Flacker Jacksflack3201@student.lvusd.orgMarnie Davis marniedavis@lvusd.orgTBDTo bring people togetherChemistry HP Room B4Nick Jewell
Justin Esters
Matthew Speer
NoNoNo jacksflack3201@student.lvusd.orgYes
9/6/2017 14:32:41Support the TroopsTo help support the military both locally and around the worldDavid Paykel
Mr. Kast bkast@lvusd.org1st and 4th Thursdays of the month"Have Veterans come speak to club members for Veterans' Day.
Collect materials and create care packages for troops serving over seas.
Assist the Marine Corps with Toys-for-Tots.
4th period R-3 Mrs.Marsilio"Vice President -Steven Marshall 4th period R-3 Mrs. Marsilio"
We'd like to make, or buy, then sell 550 paracord bracelets/key chains. The profits will help purchase items for care packages. davidpayke4200@student.lvusd.orgyes
9/13/2017 8:07:27The Engineering ClubTo educate and provide activities for those interested in engineering or other related topics.Hudson Kispert:
Ronin Toy:
Ms. Kestenbaum; room R1; jkestenbaum@lvusd.orgtwice a month and in room R1Create a fun and safe learning environment
Educate others on engineering
Hudson: Ms. Hambly in D8
Ronin: Ms. McClellan in D4
VP- John Perry:
VP- Hayden Thai:
Secretary- Nalu Mack:
Creative Specialist- William Higgins:
Treasurer- Ben Klepper:
Social Media Manager- Bryan Gasser:
NoNoHave a good day and thanks for your timehudsokispe2001@student.lvusd.orgyes
9/17/2017 19:51:18The Official Agoura High Anime ClubTo view and analyze anime as a unique cultural medium and to discuss it in a positive and encouraging learning environment. Amadeo Treviño Angelone:

Sage Matura:
Mrs. Donoho: R4, Email: ldonoho@lvusd.orhThursdays and Fridays in R4To analyze and discuss the themes, tropes, and different sociocultural contexts of each anime we watch, and debate over how these ideas affect the viewing experience. We will also hold various competitions on writing, art, and trivia. Correia: D11

Mejia: M9
NoNoWe will host an art competition in which the entire school can participate. This is a serious club that requires it's members to be dedicated and intrigued by the topics we study. Therefore, any bullying and/or misbehavior will not be tolerated under any circumstances. amadeotrevinoangelone@gmail.comYesyes
9/17/2017 19:39:29The Strings Trio ClubThe purpose of this club is to teach fellow students how to read music and how to play, violin, guitar, and piano.Sam Dick - Co-president -
Anna Sargsyan - Co-president -
Ms. Bertles - jbertles@lvusd.orgFridays at Lunch in J2The goal is to have one or two people or groups perform in the Music from the Movies Concert.Mr. Bloom - J3samuedick9099@student.lvusd.orgYes
9/17/2017 21:00:08The Young Democrats of America Our purpose is to spread awareness of political news and various political beliefs/dilemmas.Taylor Mathis - taylormathis77la@yahoo.comMs. Anderson in K1 was our club advisorWe will meet in K1 every even Friday at lunch.Our goals are to make a warm environment where people can discuss various political beliefs, get involved in politics, and discuss current events.Mr. Way T1VP - Isabelle Dellman
Treasurer - Elize Portnoy
Secretary - Niamh Berret
We are affiliated with the Young Democrats of America.We will be putting on a voting drive this year.taylormathis77la@yahoo.comYesyes
8/29/2017 11:47:46Tri-M Music Honor SocietyTri-M's purpose is to build future leaders and advocates for the arts by providing more performance, community service, and educational opportunities for student musicians. We wanted to start this club to foster a greater sense of community within the music department as well as highlight and advertise our wonderful music program to the greater student population at Agoura.Julia Cunningham, and Lyrissa Leininger Bloom and Hackett, J-1Every Friday at lunchOur main goal is to create a fun and safe space for student musicians to share their passion and get to know each other better, as well as highlight the program to the student population at this school. We plan to acheive this by helping the music program better advertise concerts and related events, holding more student-run performances (ie. playing at retirement homes, having performances during meetings, etc.), as well as coordinating with the parent orginization, Music Boosters) to help fundraise for the program.release and Rogers, K4Co-Presidents: Julia Cunningham and Lyrissa Leininger
Vice President; Gaby Carr
Secretary: Andy Neymit
Treasurers: David Courter and Matthew Kuperberg
Historian: Sophia Kira-Lucas
This club is nationally recognized and affiliated with NAfME, the National Association for Music Education.Yes, we will be fundraising. The funds will go to the Music Boosters, the parent organization that financially supports the music program.Due to the nature of honor societies, there are standards for membership. Students must have a 2.0 core GPA and a 3.0 in their music class. However, we understand that ANY student at Agoura is welcome to attend meetings!juliacunni9700@student.lvusd.orgyesyes
9/7/2017 15:54:36UNICEF Club (United Nations International Children's Emergency Fund)to advocate for the rights of children and women all around the globeSogol Gharaei ( Ivan Law ( Pasky in D9. kpasky@lvusd.orgEvery even Wednesdays at D9 (Mr. Pasky's room)to raise funds and awareness about UNICEF and their mission. We hope to build a sense of community in the club and bring people together to serve. Sogol's- Gardiner and photography. Ivan's- Bloom/Hackett and orchestraVice President- Anaya Perna ( Treasurer- William Cutler ( Secretary- Adriana Daniels (, UNICEFYessogol.gharaei2001@yahoo.comyesyes
9/15/2017 11:53:30Wildlife Conservation ClubTo raise money to help protect/conserve wildlife, as well as bring together people who share a love for animals.Elise Hontas - elisehonta2602@student.lvusd.orgMrs. Maugeri- M4 kmaugeri@lvusd.orgwhen- TBD; where- M4To help endangered species by donating raised money to WWF and by spreading awareness of the animals' endangermentMagnante - V205Maddy Garcia (VP) -
Lily Ravandi (Treasurer) -
World Wildlife Fund (WWF)Yes, we will be fundraising. We haven't determined exactly how, but we are interested in events such as bake sales.Not at the momentelisehonta2602@student.lvusd.orgYesyes
9/6/2017 14:44:53Worldwide SoapEach year, diarrhea and pneumonia alone kill almost 4 million people. Other diseases, including the common cold and influenza, disable countless amounts of people yearly. Research shows that all these lives could potentially be saved if hand washing was commonly practiced. Washing hands with soap in the morning and at night, after using the toilet, and before handling food can drastically improve health and reduce the growth rate of diseases. Hand washing is the fastest and most effective method for promoting health and reducing illnesses."Mark Braun
Ms.Elman and B4 nelman@gmail.comFridays during support (meeting times may change) B4We hope to educate the community on how to wash their hands. We will start by trying to hang posters around schools to educate the community on how to wash their hands. Our educational posters are currently hung around Willow Elementary School and Lindero Canyon Middle School. 4th period Mrs.Hambly"Vice President- Matthew ThompsonWorldwide Soap is a 501(c)3 certified non-profit. The website,, contains more information about the organization.No, we already have funds.markbraun01@gmail.comYesyes
9/7/2017 16:05:23Writers in the Makingto expand our skills as writers in a community with those that express our interestsPresidents- Sogol Gharaei ( and Anaya Perna ( Sparks in K6 ( Wednesdays in K6to build long lasting friendships, to develop as people and as writers beside our peers.Sogol's- Photography with Gardiner J1 and Anaya's- Business with Orth C8VP- Ivan Law (
9/25/2017 11:31:07Young Americans for FreedomTo advanced classical liberalism and civil liberties through debate and discussion.Andrew Yang mingsmail@gmail.comPasky kpasky@lvusd.orgEven Wednesdays in Pasky's room d9.Host discussions and debates.Rick Way T1Vice chairman: Kris Hammon Secretary: Justin Kim Treasurer: Brandon Sherwood of the national organization Young Americans for Freedom.Possibly, but so far we have not planned any.Thank you!mingsmail@gmail.comyes
9/17/2017 21:35:43Young Investors SocietyTeach students about the world of finance, and give opportunity to participate in real-life economic situations.Brenden Schwartz- michaels.brenden8@gmail.comMrs. McClellan- cmcclellan@lvusd.orgFridays- D4Have students participate in the cumulative National Stock Pitch Competition, if not have them leave with a basic knowledge of the stock market.Pickett- D2VP- Trent Williams- Young Investors Societymichaels.brenden8@gmail.comYes
1/9/2018 7:45:17Singing for Seniors To create service learning opportunities for students interested in art and theatre and to encourage them to use their passion to better the community. Lindsey Anstead (Pres) lindsanste4702@student.lvusd.orgMs. Naberhaus L1 Nnaberhaus@lvusd.orgL1 every other Tuesday Some of our goals include bringing joy to the seniors that we will perform for as well as creating connections with them. We hope to encourage students to return to senior centers and continue to utilize their talent to serve others. Ms.Rogers K4 ;) Liana Leininger ( :) As far as we know no we will not :) the events I love you Dafna❤
2/1/2018 21:19:16Recycling ClubTo promote a greener lifestyle and campusco prez: Jenna Siteman, Coral Dina
Mr. Kast in M-6every other odd thursdayto put on earth day events and no straw pledgesCorreiaVP: Noa Malka
Secretary: Karen Zisman
noyes. we fund raise on earth daynope:)
9/13/2018 11:49:24Service With a SmileTo feed the homeless
Once a month on a thursday at lunch
we want to gather people to donate food and help us serve the homeless
Tate - V207
VP - Secretary -
Food Not BombsNo
9/25/2018 13:11:23Kpop Club
We want to bring students together and find others who share common interests.
Faith Moon
Hannah Stanford
On Fridays in M7
To find new friends and people who also love kpop
Orchestra J2
Kastenny Flores
Devin Leeds
Not immediately but we may think about it throughout the year
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