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E/2/4/KALArchaeologyArmenia: From the Stone Age to the Middle Ages     

Partly funded by the Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation and the Centre for Archaeological and Historical Researches of Geneva. Papers by Ashkharbek Kalantar; translations by V.G. Gurzadyan. Civilisation du Proche-Orient, Serie I: Archaeologie and Environment 2. G. Karakhanian, ed.113 p. : ill. ; 28 cm1994English, French (preface only)Recherchers et Publications Neuchâtel, Switzerland(ISBN: 2-940032-01-7) 106
E/2/4/MOUArchaeologyThe Numismatics of Armenian HistoryPublished in Yerevan, Armenia, by Anahit publishersKH. Mousheghian163 pages1997EnglishAnahit publishers (ISBN: 5-550-00530-1)106
E/5/4/MELArchitectureStone is our WealthPublished in Yerevan by Louys. Professor Sergei Melkumian writes on the geological history of Armenian stone, the way it is used and the role it plays in the lives of the Armenian people.Sergei Melkumian335 pages1989EnglishSergei Melkumiannone24
E/5/9/ARUArchitectureKecharisNo details (illustrated pamphlet)Vladimir Arutunian14 pagesNot statedEnglishVladimir Arutuniannone26
E/5/9/ASHArchitectureThe All Saviours CathedralPublished in Iran by Diocesan Council of the Armenians in Iran & IndiaAshjian Mesrob Vardapet77 pages1975Armenian, English, French, ArabicAshjian Mesrob Vardapetnone26
E/5/9/ASRArchitectureYerevan and its EnvironsPublished in St.Petersburg, Russia, by Aurora Art PublishersG. Asratian8 pages1973English, Armenian, RussianG. Asratiannone26
E/5/9/KEHArchitectureMonuments of Armenian ArchitecturePublished in Beirut, Lebanon, by HamazkaineAntoine Kehyaian 78 pages1972English, French, ArmenianAntoine Kehyaian none26
E/5/9/KHAArchitectureSanahin: Architectual Ensemble of Armenia, X-XIII CenturiesPublished in Moscow, Russia, by IskustvoHovhannes Khalpakhchjan88 pages1973Russian, EnglishHovhannes Khalpakhchjannone26
E/5/9/MARArchitectureMedieval Armenian Architecture: Constructions of Race and NationPublished in Leuven, Belgium, by Peeters, Hebrew UniversityChristina Maranci282 pages2001EnglishHebrew University, Armenian Studies (ISBN:90 429 0939 0)26
E/5/9/MINArchitectureDocuments of Armenian Architecture 23: VagharshapatPublished in Venezia, Italy, by Oemme Edizioni Anahide Ter Minassian155 pages1998English, Italian, ArmenianEdizioni Ares(ISBN: 88-85822-52-5)26
E/5/9/MKRArchitectureHistorical-Architectural Monuments of Nagorno KarabaghPublished in Yerevan, Armenia, by Hayastan Publication Shahen Mkrtchian359 pages1988EnglishHayastan Publication(ISBN: 5 540 00402 7)26
E/5/9/SHAArchitectureArchitectural Monuments in the Soviet ArmeniaPublished in Yerevan, Armenia, by Parberakan PublicationGarnik Shakhkian63 pages1989Armenian, Russian, English Parberakan Publicationnone26
E/5/9/UTUArchitectureArmenian Architecture - 4th to 17th CenturyPublished in Paris by Albert MoranceEdouard Utudjian (tranlated by Capner)179 pages1968English, FrenchAlbert Morancenone26
E/5/9/VAHArchitectureAchtamarPublished in Milan, Italy, by Edizioni AresHerman Vahramian141 pages1987Italian, EnglishEdizioni Ares(ISBN:88-85822-24-X)26
E/5/9/VAHArchitectureAght'amar: The Vaspourakan Region and the Aght'amar MonasteryPublished in Milan, Italy, by Edizioni AresHerman Vahramian113 pages1974English, ItalianEdizioni Ares(ISBN 88-85822-24-X)26
E/5/9/ZARArchitectureDocuments of Armenian Architecture 1: HaghbatPublished in Milan, Italy, by Edizioni AresRouben Zarian, Edited by Manoukian47 pages1968Italian, EnglishEdizioni Aresnone26
E/5/9/ZARArchitectureDocuments of Armenian Architecture 10: S. StephanosPublished in Milan, Italy, by Edizioni AresRouben Zarian, Edited by Manoukian71 pages1980Italian, EnglishEdizioni Aresnone26
E/5/9/ZARArchitectureDocuments of Armenian Architecture 15: K'asakhi Vank'erPublished in Milan, Italy, by OEMME EdizioniRouben Zarian, Edited by Manoukian73 pages1986Italian, EnglishOEMME Edizioni 88-85822-04-526
E/5/9/ZARArchitectureDocuments of Armenian Architecture 17: GandzasarPublished in Milan, Italy, by Edizioni AresRouben Zarian, Edited by Manoukian67 pages1987Italian, EnglishOEMME Edizioni 88-85822-02-926
E/5/9/ZARArchitectureDocuments of Armenian Architecture 2: KhatchkarPublished in Milan, Italy, by Edizioni AresRouben Zarian, Edited by Manoukian63 pages1970Italian, EnglishEdizioni Aresnone26
E/5/9/ZARArchitectureDocuments of Armenian Architecture 22: MakaravankPublished in Milan, Italy, by Edizioni AresRouben Zarian, Edited by Manoukian63 pages1994Italian, EnglishOEMME Edizioni 88-85822-08-826
E/5/9/ZARArchitectureDocuments of Armenian Architecture 3: SanahinPublished in Milan, Italy, by Edizioni AresRouben Zarian, Edited by Manoukian47 pages1970Italian, EnglishEdizioni Aresnone26
E/5/9/ZARArchitectureDocuments of Armenian Architecture 4: S. Thadei' VankPublished in Milan, Italy, by Edizioni AresRouben Zarian, Edited by Manoukian67 pages1971Italian, EnglishEdizioni Aresnone26
E/5/9/ZARArchitectureDocuments of Armenian Architecture 5: AmberdPublished in Milan, Italy, by Edizioni AresRouben Zarian, Edited by Manoukian56 pages1972Italian, EnglishEdizioni Aresnone26
E/5/9/ZARArchitectureDocuments of Armenian Architecture 6: GheghardPublished in Milan, Italy, by Edizioni AresRouben Zarian, Edited by Manoukian73 pages1973Italian and EnglishEdizioni Aresnone26
E/5/9/ZARArchitectureDocuments of Armenian Architecture 7: GoshavankPublished in Milan, Italy, by Edizioni AresRouben Zarian, Edited by Manoukian59 pages1974Italian and EnglishEdizioni Aresnone26
E/5/9/ZARArchitectureDocuments of Armenian Architecture 9: EreroukPublished in Milan, Italy, by Edizioni AresRouben Zarian, Edited by Manoukian71 pages1977Italian, EnglishEdizioni Aresnone26
E/5/9/ALPArchitectureThe ArmeniansPublished by Rizzoli International Publications in NY, USAAdriano Alpago Novello - Translated by Bryan Fleming288 pages1986EnglishEditoriale Jaca Book Spa, Milano0-8478-0731-227
E/5/9/KARArchitectureThe Islamic Monuments of the Armenian Architecture or ArtsakhPublished in Yerevan, Armenia, by the Research on Armenian Architecture.Samvel Karapetian35 pages2010English, ArmenianSamvel Karapetian(ISBN: 978-99941-875-5-3)97
E/5/9/KARArchitectureThe Wonders of ArtsakhPublished in Yerevan, Armenia, by the Research on Armenian Architecture.Samvel Karapetian35 pages2010English, ArmenianSamvel Karapetian(ISBN: 978-99941-875-4-6)97
E/2/7/MATArtBlack Angel: A Life of Arshile GorkyPublished in London, England, by Chatto & WindusFrank Chalk576 pages1998English1998, Nouritza Matossian (ISBN:0 7011 5363 6)9
E/2/7/MOOArtArshile Gorky AdoianPublished in Chicago, USA, by Gilgamesh Press LimitedKarlen Mooradian314 pages1978English1978, Karlen Mooradiannone15
E/5/1/ARUArtThe Art of Soviet ArmeniaPublished in Saint Petersburg, Russia by Aurora Art PublishersV. Arutiunian, comp.N/A1972Armenian, Russian, EnglishAurora Art Publishersnone18
E/5/1/BALArtRichard Ballarian
Recherches photographiques personnelles
(Personal photographic research)
Not statedRichard Ballarian120 pages2012FrenchRichard Ballarian(ISBN:978-2-9542537-0-1)21
E/5/1/CASArtLayered Lives: Iranian Armenian Contemporary ArtsPublished to accompany the exhibition at the Brunei Gallery (SOAS) LondonNine Authors23 pages2006English2006, the Authors and Artists0-9543609-1-518
E/5/1/CHRArtTwentieth Century Armenian PicturesPublished in London, England, by Christie’s, South KensingtonChristie’s 48 pages1999English Christie’s, South Kensingtonnone18
E/5/1/CHUArtToros RoslinPublished by Sovetakan GroghL. B. Chugaszyan54 pages1985English, French, Russian, ArmenianL. B. Chugaszyannone18
E/5/1/DAVArtTreasured Objects, Armenian Life in the Ottoman Empire 100 Years AgoPublished by Armenian InstituteVazken Khatchig Davidian and others72 pages2012EnglishArmenian InstituteISBN: 978-0-9543609-4-818
E/5/1/GEOArtStanley Spencer RememberedTaderon Press Joan George92 pages2009EnglishJoan George(ISBN:978-1903656-91-4)18
E/5/1/GORArtArshile GorkyPublished in London, England, by Whitechapel Art Gallery. Catalogue of Exhibition of Gorky's work held 17 Oct - 23 Dec 1989 in Madrid and 19 Jan - 25 March 1990 in London Arshile Gorky had a seminal influence on Abstract Expressionism, and his work often reflects his experience of the Armenian Genocide. Arshile Gorky196 pages1990EnglishThe Authors, the Fundacion Caja De Pensiones and the Whitechapel Art Gallery, 1990none18
E/5/1/HAKArtArmenian Miniature, VaspourakanPublished in Yerevan, Armenia by Sovetakan GroghHravard Hakopian271 pages1978Armenian, Russian, EnglishSovetakan GroghISBN 5-550-00149 - 7)18
E/5/1/HAKArtMiniatures of Artsakh-Utik XIII-XIV cc.Published in Yerevan, Armenia, by Khorhrdain GroghHravard Hakobyan155 pages1989Armenian, Russian, EnglishHravard Hakobyan (ISBN: 5-550-00149-7)18
E/5/1/JABArtTraditional Designs of Armenia and the Near EastPublished in Maryland, USA, by Stemmer House, Owings MillsRamona Jablonski53 pages1990English1979 by Ramona JablonskiISBN 0-916144-41-018
E/5/1/SARArtMartiros SaryanAurora Art Publishers, Leningrad, ArmeniaText and biographical outline by Alexander Kamensky - Catalogue by Shahen Khachatrian and Lucy Mirzoyan 342 pages1987EnglishAurora Art Publishersnone33
E/5/1/KEHArtStream of Fire: New Art from ArmeniaPublished in Nicosia, Cyprus, by Pharos PublishersGaro Keheyan132 pages1995EnglishGaro Keheyan9963 8068 0 518
E/5/1/KHAArtMartiros Saryan: Masters of World PaintingPublished in Leningrad, Russia by Asurora Art PublishersSh. Khachatrian61 pages1975Russian, English Asurora Art Publishers2-9507059-0-118
E/5/1/KHAArtNational Gallery of ArmeniaPublished in Marseille, France, by Friends of the Museum of ArmeniaShahen Khatchatrian263 pages1992Armenian, English, French The Friends of the Museum of Armenia, 1992 (ISBN:2 9507059 0 1)18
E/5/1/KORArtArmenian Miniatures of the 13th and 14th centuriesPublished in Petersburg by Aurora Art PublishersEmma Korkhmazian164 pages1984English, summary in ArmenianAurora Art Publishers, Leningrad, 1984none18
E/5/1/MATArtTreasures in Heaven: Armenian Art, Religion and SocietyPublished in New York, USA, by The Pierpoint Morgan Library Thomas F. Matthews et al.175 pages1998English The Pierpoint Morgan Library(ISBN: 0 87598 120 8)18
E/5/1/MEKArtTreasures of the Armenian Patriarchate of JerusalemPublished in Jerusalem, Israel, by Armenian PatriarchateArpag Mekhitarian43-44 pages for each language1969Armenian, English, French, Hebrew, Arabic1969, The Armenian Patriarchate of Jerusalemnone18
E/5/1/MNAArtOrnaments of Armenian ManuscriptsPublished by Sovetakan Grogh, Yerevan, ArmeniaCompiled by L.A. Durnovo - Introduction by M.S. Sargsian & A. Sh. Mnatsakanian230 pages1978English, Russian, ArmenianSovetakan Grogh (the publisher)none33
E/5/1/NERArtArmenian ArtPublished in Lisbon, Portugal, by Calouste Gulbenkian FoundationSirarpie Der Nersessian271 pagesNot statedEnglishCalouste Gulbenkian Foundationnone39
E/5/1/NERArtArmenian Miniatures from IsfahanPublished in Brussels by the Éditeurs d'Art Associés. Special edition for the Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation. Numbered 40. Preface and introduction by H.H. Catholicos Karekin II. Sirarpie Der Nersessian, Arpag Mekhitarian217 p. : ill. (some col.) ; 32 cm.1986EnglishSirarpie Der Nersessian, Arpag Mekhitarian, the Armenian Catholicosate of Cilicia and the Éditeurs d'Art Associés(ISBN: 2-87103-026-1). 18
E/5/1/NERArtTreasures from the Ark: 1700 Years of Armenian Christian ArtPublished in London, England, by the British Library Vrej Nersessian240 pages2001English; (a letter from the Catholicos in Armenian)The British Library(ISBN: 0 7123 4699 6)18
E/5/1/SARArtAlbemarle GalleryPublished in London, England, by Albemarle GalleryArshak SarkissianNumbers only given to each portraitNot statedEnglishArshak SarkissianISBN 975-8856-01-418
E/5/1/SARArtArmenian Painting, From the Beginning to the PresentPublished in Turkey by AGOS Mayda Saris264 pages2005EnglishAGOS(ISBN: 975-8856-01-4)18
E/5/1/STEArtSurvey of Fine Arts in ArmeniaPublished in Moscow, Russia, by Institute of Arts, The Academy of Sciences of the Armenian SSR, Administration for the Preservation and Use of Historical and Cultural Monuments of the Armenian SSR Council of Ministers.Nonna Stepanyan102 pages1985English, RussianNonna Stepanyan/Sovetsky Khudozhnik 19855-269-00042-318
E/5/1/TALArtArt of the Byzantine EraPublished in London, England, by Thames and HudsonDavid Talbot Rice286 pages1977EnglishThames and Hudson, London 1963ISBN 0 500 2000 4 118
E/5/1/ULUArtArmenia: Imprints of a CivilizationPublished in Milan by Skira editore for the eponymous exhibition at the Museo Correr, Venice (16 December 2011- 10 April 2012). First Edition. Translated by Robert Burns, Lucian Comoy, Paul Metcalf and Lorenzo Sanguedolce. Gabriella Uluhogian, Boghos Levon Zekiyan, Vartan Karapetian, eds.406 p. : ill. (chiefly col.) ; 29 cm.2011English, (afterword in Armenian)Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Armenia, Skira editore, Milan. (ISBN: 978-88-572-1244-9)18
E/5/1/VASArtSokrpvishcha Etchmiadzina --Treasures of EtchmiadzinPublished in Erebouni
Album of religious and artistic objects.
Varteres KaraguezianNot stated1984Armenian, Russian, EnglishNot statednone39
E/5/1/ZURArtHakob KojoyanPublished in Yerevan, Armenia by Sovetakan GroghB. Zurabov103 pages1983Armenian, Russian, EnglishSovetakan Groghnone18
E/5/12/GALArtArmenia: The Hidden TreasureNot statedVanessa Galbraith49 pages2002EnglishVanessa Galbraith (ISBN: 0-9542389-0-7)18
E/5/2/ARMArtThe Embroidery of OurhaPublished in Yerevan, Armenia, by Sovetakan GroghNot stated84 pages1985Armenian, Russian, EnglishNot statednone18
E/5/2/HAKArtThe Medieval Art of ArtsakhPublished in Yerevan, Armenia by Parberakan Hravard Hakobian95 pages1991Triligual - Armenian, Russian, EnglishHravard Hakobian(ISBN: 5 8079 0195 9)18
E/5/2/KENArtThe Armenian Ceramics of Jerusalem: Three Generations 1919-2003Published in Tel Aviv by the Eretz Israel Museum, and in Jerusalem by Yad Izhak Ben-Zvi Nurith Kenaan-Kedar166 p. : ill. (chiefly col.) ; 28 cm.2003EnglishNurith Kenaan-Kedar (ISBN: 965-217-217-0)18
E/5/2/RIBArtOs Vidros da Dinastia Mameluca no Museu Calouste Gulbenkian: Mamluk Glass in the Calouste Gulbenkian MuseumPublished in Lisbon, Portugal, by the Fundação Calouste Gulbenkian. Limited edition of 2000 copiesMaria Queiroz Ribeiro, Jessica Hallett143 p. : ill. (chiefly col.), col. map.; 31 cm1999Portuguese, EnglishCalouste Gulbenkian Foundation, Lisbon(ISBN: 972-8128-55-X)18
E/5/2/KHAArtAlex and Marie Manoogian Museum, Holy Etchmiadzin, ArmeniaPublished in Yerevan, Armenia, by Editions ErebouniMania Khazaryan28 pages1984Armenian and English (diglot)Not statednone21
E/5/9/AKCArtKars: An Illustrated StoryPublished by Kars Culture Arts Association
Photographs of Kars.
Ozcan Yurdalan234 pages2010English, Turkish Not stated(ISBN: 978-605-88455-0-3)26
E/5/1/MASArtAnselmoIl Massacro An exhibition of paintings by AnselmoUnknownnot stated1985English and others (Newspaper reports)Not statednone27
E/5/12//HASArtEjmiatsinMayr Ator S. Ejmiatsin Publishing HouseArtun Hatityan, Grigor Khanjyan, Hakob Heqeqyan27 pages + half a book1971EnglishMayr Ator S. Ejmiatsin Publising Housenone27
E/5/12/ARAArtMesrop of Xizan, An Armenian Master of the Seventeenth CenturyPublished in London, by Sam FoggMikayel Arakelyan175 pages2012English Mikayel ArakelyanISBN 978 0 955339 33 227
E/5/12/ERMArtErmakov: Armenia 1910Published in Venice by Casa Editrice Armena, in cooperation with the Universitá di Roma. Text by Mario Verdone.Herman Vahramin, ed.174 pages
chiefly illustrations;
34 cm
1982French, Italian, English, ArmenianCasa Editrice Armenanone27
E/5/12/ERMArtOur Boys
(Armenioan-American Veterans of WWII
Published and Compiled by "Our Boys" Committee of the Armenian General Benevolent Union of America, Inc. in NY, USANot stated498 pagesNot statedEnglishArmenian General Benevolent Union of America, Inc. in NY, USAnone27
E/5/12/KARArtKarsh: American LegendsPublished in Boston, Massachusetts, USA, by Little, Brown & CompanyYousuf Karsh156p1992EnglishYousuf Karsh (ISBN: 0 8212 1906 5)27
E/5/12/KURArtOut of Stone: Armenia ArtsakhPublished in Washington DC, USA, by Stone Garden Production Robert Kurkijan, Matthew Karanian183p1999EnglishStone Garden Production ISBN 0-9672120-0-6 49 9527
E/5/12/SARArtM. Sarian FlowersPublished in Moscow, Russia, by Sovietsky Khudozhnik PublishersM.Sarian270 pages1987English, RussianSovietsky Khudozhnik Publishersnone27
E/5/12/SARArtM.Sarian Selected WorksPublished in Moscow, Russia by Sovietsky Khudozhnik PublishersM. Sarian136 pages1983English, RussianSovietsky Khudozhnik Publishersnone27
E/5/6/GEVArtThe Crafts and Mode of Life in Armenian MiniaturesHayastan Publishing House, Yerevan
Catalogue containing miniatures.
Astghik GuevorkianNot stated1973Armenian, Russian, EnglishNot statednone27
E/5/12/IRBArtA Child from EverywhereNot statedCaroline Irby159pN/AEnglish2010, Black Dog Publishing(ISBN:978-1-906155-93-3)31
E/5/12/KESArtGaro KeshishianPublished in Italy, by Nicolidi editore Garo Keshishian163pN/AEnglish, ItalianSergio Poggianella(ISBN: 88 8447 037 4)31
E/5/12/MANArtThe Manaki BrothersPublished in Yugoslavia by the Film Institute of the Socialist Republic of MacedoniaManaki72p1986English, Russian, French, GermanNot statednone31
E/5/12/MINArtArmenia in the Sky: Landscape and Architecture, Volume 1Published in Hollywood, California, USA, by ShrjapatMichael Ter-Minasian96p1993English, ArmenianEminent Hyksos Productionnone31
E/8/1/AVAArtLife-Dead-Life Photographs of Raffi Avanessian: A Philosophical View on Armenian CemeteriesPhotos of Armenian CemeteriesRaffi Avanessian73 pages1990Farsi, EnglishRaffi Avanessian(ISBN: 964-06-4313-0)31
E/2/5/JERArtAlbum of the Armenian Monastery of JerusalemPublished in New York, USA, by The Delphic Press / Armenian Patriarchate of JerusalemArmenian Patriarchate of Jerusalem59 pages1950English and ArmenianThe Delphic Pressnone33
E/5/1/AIVArtPaintings & Drawings of an Armenian VillagePublished in Hampshire, England, by Edman StudiosEdman Aivazian34 pages1984Armenian, English1984, Edman Studios Ltd0-9509955-0-939
E/5/1/SANArtArmenian Art Treasures of JerusalemJaphet Press, GivatayimBezalel Narkiss174 pages1980EnglishPhaidon Press Limited, Littlegate House, St Ebbe's Street, OxfordISBN 07148 2126 839
E/5/2/CARArtKütahya Tiles and Pottery from the Armenian Cathedral of St. James, Jerusalem - vol. 1Published in Oxford at the Clarendon Press - I. The Pictorial Tiles and Other vessels, including a catalogue of inscribed and dated Armenian Pottery by John Carswell, and an edition of the Armenian texts with a translation and notes by C J F Dowsett. John Carswell, C.J.F. Dowsett2 v. (xvi, 112, 46 p., leaf; xvi, 179, 43 p., leaf) illus. (some col.), map, plans. 34 cm.1972EnglishOxford University PressISBN 0 19 817176 539
E/5/2/CARArtKütahya Tiles and Pottery from the Armenian Cathedral of St. James, Jerusalem - vol. 2Published in Oxford at the Clarendon Press - II. A historical survey of the Kütahya industry and a catalogue of the decorative tiles by John Carswell. John Carswell2 v. (xvi, 112, 46 p., leaf; xvi, 179, 43 p., leaf) illus. (some col.), map, plans. 34 cm.1972EnglishOxford University PressISBN 0 19 817176 539
E/5/2/GOLArtRescued Armenian Treasures from CiliciaPublished in Wiesbaden, Germany, by Dr Ludwig Reichert VerlagHermann Goltz et al.183 pages2000EnglishAuthors and Dr. Johannes Lepsius Archive Halle (ISBN: 3 89500 197 X)39
E/5/2/MANArtWeavers, Merchants and Kings: The Inscribed Rugs of ArmeniaPublished in Fort Worth by the Kimbell Art Museum for their eponymous exhibition of Armenian rugs at (Oct 6 - Dec 30, 1984); thereafter the Virginia Museum in Richmond (Feb 18 - March 31, 1985); the Worchester Art Museum in Worchester (July 13 - Sept 15, 1985); the Textile Museum in Washington (Oct 17- Jan 5, 1986). Offered by the Armenian Department of the Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation of Lisbon, PortugalEmily J Sano, ed.211 p. : ill. (some col.) ; 30 cm1984EnglishKimbell Art Museum, Fort Worth (ISBN: 0-912804-17-3)39
E/2/1/5/TARArtSuffering Shared by All: Armenia, December 1988Published in Moscow, by Novosti Press Agency Publishing House Valerian Tarkhanovsky47 pages1988EnglishNovosti Press Agency Publishing House none103
E/2/5/HECBiographyKarekin IIPublished by Tri A Publications Inc.Holy Etchmiadzin Cathedral47 pages2001English, Armenian, FrenchHoly Etchmiadzin Cathedralnone6
E/2/7/ALABiographyPapa Kuenzler & the ArmeniansPublished in London by William Heinemann Ltd
Biography of Jacob Kuenzler, Armenian genocide 1915.
Ida Alamuddin166 pages1970EnglishIda Alamuddin(ISBN: 434 01780 9)7
E/2/7/AMIBiographyLudwig Bazil, 1931-1990Published in MilanHerman VahramianNot stated1992English Not statednone7
E/2/7/ARMBiographyLord Byron and the ArmeniansPublished in Venice by Armenian Press Lord Byron28 Pages1983EnglishNot statednone7
E/2/7/ARZBiographyVictor Ambartsumyan: Envoy of the StarsPublished in Moscow by Progress PublishersAshot Arzumanyan231 Pages1987English1987, Progress Publishersnone7
E/2/7/ATKBiographyThe German, the Turk and the Devil Made a Triple Alliance: Harpoot Diaries, 1908-1917Published in England by Taderon Press / Gomidas Institute Tacy Atkinson94 Pages2000English2000 J. Michael Hagopian(ISBN: 1 903656 00 1)7
E/2/7/AVABiographyStranger Among Friends: An Armenian Nurse From Lebanon Tells Her StoryPublished in Beirut, LebanonAsdghig Avakian200 Pages1960English1960, Asdghig Avakiannone7
E/2/7/BAGBiographyDouble Vision: Reflections On My Heritage, Life, and ProfessionPublished in Boston, Massachusetts, by Beacon PressBen H. Bagdikian241 Pages1995English1995, by Ben H. Bagdikian(ISBN: 0 8070 7067 X)7
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