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TimestampSambhagVibhag NameShakha Name
No. of schools reached out
No. of positive responses from schools
No. of schools where Surya Namaskar happened
Total no. of kids participated in Surya Namaskar at schools
Total no. of Surya Namaskars at school (also enter this count in the SNY Web App)
Total no. of outreach events (mandirs, libraries, corporate offices, apartment communities, etc)
Total no. of participants from the above events (mandirs, libraries, corporate offices, apartment communities, etc)
Was Adhikyam Upasthithi Divas conducted in the Shakha?
No. of participants in Adhikyam Upasthithi Divas from your shakha? (If it was Sanghik, enter the sankhya for your shakha only)
Any other unique experiments, inspiring experiences, events, etc. which you would like to share?
Email Address
Were there any challenges reaching out to school or any other challenges faced during this SNY?
1/29/2019 21:21:31
Central Pacific Sambhag
AlamedaArundhati Shakha -Ardenwood-Fremont4000013Yes, Shakha Level44
1)We have posted Next door site for SNY activity due to that 7 new families reached out to Shaka and learn the Surya Namaskar.
2)We got proclamation latter from union city mayor and asked us to present the SuryaNamaskar at their office
1/29/2019 21:46:06
Central Pacific Sambhag
AlamedaKeshav Shakha - Fremont-Fremont205444885Yes, Shakha Level60
1/30/2019 7:43:03
Central Pacific Sambhag
AlamedaJijamata Shakha - Milpitas-Milpitas6331434034Yes, Shakha Level40
We had amazing SNY session at Schools and got very good positive feedback from school staffs such as Principals, teachers and P.E. teachers
2/5/2019 13:24:36
Central Pacific Sambhag
Vikramaditya Shakha - Fremont Yuva-Fremont
224026Yes, Shakha Level12
1/31/2019 8:14:25Pacific SouthwestArizonaHappy Valley Shakha-Phoenix411200600Yes, Shakha Level37
The whole school joined in the demonstration where we reached out.One teacher said kids were amazingly quiet and calm after the session which is not normally the case
There were existing yoga programs at some schools and they did not want to entertain additional demonstrations.
1/31/2019 8:22:19Pacific SouthwestArizonaJija Mata Shakha - Phoenix-Phoenix722891400Yes, Shakha Level46
The sessions where led and demonstrated by Bala from Shakha. After one of the sessions few kids came up to the stage and hugged in gratitude. The head of the school thanked us for the volunteering and requested us to come again for such yoga based volunteering.
Some schools did not respond after repeated reaching out. Some karyakartas traveled to india during this time which hampered some school outreach. Some schools denied because of religious connotations.
1/31/2019 8:24:55Pacific SouthwestArizonaShakti Shakha- Peoria-Peoria30000150Yes, Shakha Level19
Telugu language school was reached out, where there was a good reception among Indian community who are not shakha attendees.
Lack of response from schools inspite of repeated reaching out.
1/31/2019 8:28:47Pacific SouthwestArizonaShivaji Shakha - Phoenix-Scottsdale5331361100Yes, Shakha Level45
One school wanted us to come back and train teachers. ANother school wanted us to lead through a pranayama relaxation exercise before standardized tests.
Sometimes there was a lack of response from schools. But overall it was positive. One school said they did not want to do fearing parent backlash as yoga could be seen as religious leaning
2/2/2019 15:17:54Pacific SouthwestArizonaKesari Shakha - Chandler-Chandler111261300Yes, Shakha Level60School where demo was done has asked for regular yoga class.
2/4/2019 19:26:49South WestAustinArjun Shakha-Cedar Park111515450Yes, Sanghik35Conference calls twice a day clocked around 1k SN for 15 days
Austin focused on shakha strengthening since schools contacts were limited. Had 4 Mandir events about 2 new families joining each shakha.
2/12/2019 12:27:00South WestAustinMaha Rana Pratap00000215Yes, Shakha Level15
The only shakha south of Austin which went in solo in their adhiktam upasthithi divas came out really well which helped strengthening shakha KKs include Yuvas who ran the daily SN conference calls.
2/12/2019 12:29:00South WestAustinVeer Savarkar00000110Yes, Sanghik5
This shakha setup the Pflugerville Swami-narayan Mandir event on one of their sat-sang days which had plenty of kids - who got a slice of shakha where SNs was done along with lot of games
2/1/2019 19:37:09Mid WestBloomingtonPatanjali Shakha-Bloomington00000215Yes, Shakha Level27Daily zoom call during
Due to avilability of karyarthas
1/31/2019 6:57:07North EastCapital (DC)OmKar Shakha-Herndon10000434Yes, Shakha Level45
I reached out local running groupsand Oakmill HOA residents. Got good response
1/31/2019 11:04:01North EastCapital (DC)Chanakya Shakha-Falls Church53120520122Yes, Shakha Level49
Kids performed Surya Namaskar and also chanted all Surya Namaskar mantras.
Some schools did not respond at all.
1/31/2019 11:20:46North EastCapital (DC)Vivekananda Shakha-Ashburn11000135Yes, Shakha Level30
time limitation
1/31/2019 19:21:02North EastCapital (DC)RamaKrishna Shakha-Chantily44000125Yes, Shakha Level65
1.We held 10 days reach your level challenge for bala and kishore. All kids who reached their age appropriate level will receive extra achievement certificate along with participate certification. 2. Regular suryanamaskar conference call + adhiktam sankhya diwas in presence of swami Bramhaswarupanandji-- together we did 2300+1755+ 325=4380SN during SNY period.
We should start reaching out as soon as school starts in September or before 2nd quarter of the school starts
Shakha SNY coordinator orientation should happen in the month of September so that they will be well aware about how to approach schools or any other organization.
Email trample to school should mention more information about SNY and our achievement so far.
1/31/2019 19:58:52North EastCapital (DC)Hanuman Shakha-Chantilly00000225Yes, Sanghik8
We organized an SNY event closer to where some of our shakha families live.
We are a new shakha, and do not have enough karyakarthas at the shakha for reaching out to school or other new places.
2/20/2019 10:16:48North EastCapital VibhagMaa Bhavani22003050150Yes, Sanghik50
Space problem
1/30/2019 18:04:48South EastCarolinaLok Manya Shakha-Columbia00000550Yes, Shakha Level50Two Americans has participated and they appreciated the event.
1/30/2019 18:31:07South EastCarolinaSardar Patel Shakha-Orangeburg000020Yes, Shakha Level20SNY restart
1/31/2019 17:57:54South EastCarolinaVivekananda Shakha-Morrisville21117034000Yes, Shakha Level49bhavanask@gmail.comNo
2/1/2019 3:24:07South EastCarolinaAdi Shankaracharya Shakha-Apex3000014Yes, Shakha Level31
May be we approached the schools little late. Scott'sRidge Elemetary School has spring crew clubs, but are active for 8 weeks between March 4th to May 3rd. During that time school is encouraging parents to work with Kids. We are yet to hear from the concerned person
2/5/2019 11:57:32South EastCarolinaAdi Shakti Shakha, Concord NC100002125Yes, Shakha Level67
Conducted a radio program on TeluguNRIRadio and it was received very well. Many people from different states contacted. The RJ who conducted our interview started coming to Shaka. Morning and Evening Google Hangout was conducted for 2 weeks, all the shaka karyakartas participated.
Had difficulty with Adhiktam Diwas hall booking, the initial booking got cancelled and it raised few concerns.
2/7/2019 5:53:20South EastCarolinaWinston-Salem Shakha00000Yes, Shakha Level39No
2/17/2019 7:07:36South Eastcarolinakundalini222977481635680Yes, Shakha Level500naksdhar@gmail.comno
1/31/2019 5:20:28North EastCentral JerseySarvagna Shakha-Edison10000Yes, Shakha Level25
SNY sessions on saturday mornings at shakha member homes were motivating.
1/31/2019 18:03:40North EastCentral JerseyKishor Shakha-Edison000No0
1/31/2019 19:40:02North EastCentral JerseyBhakti Shakha-Iselin3300019Yes, Shakha Level40Did 3 hour marathon
We reached out to Woodbridge school district and will do it sometime in feb
2/1/2019 3:11:13North EastCentral JerseyOmkaar Shakha-Pomona0000000Yes, Shakha
Missed a lot of days in the beginning as the coordinator got sick. Then we got a new coordinator but the momentum never got built.
1/30/2019 21:05:59Mid WestChicagoNaperAurora-Aurora42112072000Yes, Shakha Level78
Unique experience was conducting SuryaNamaskars at the White Eagle Primary school. The way children showed interest towards learning the Suryanamaskar poses was very encouraging. Also got invite for next year. So a platform is set.
Also everyday morning 6:00 AM Web Conference sessions helped develop regular routine for many swayamsevaks.
1/31/2019 11:26:49Mid WestChicagoBhaskara Shakha-Arlington Heights31000Yes, Shakha
2/5/2019 21:19:53Mid WestChicagoAbhimanyu Shakha [BG]-Schaumburg320000Yes, Shakha Level44Regular activities being conducted.
In various schools Yoga groups formed. It seems we should approach to Yoga teacher as well as they already know more about Surya Namaskar and it will be easy to conduct it with the help of Yoga Teacher.
1/29/2019 21:20:01South WestColoradoShivaji Shakha - Broomfield-Broomfield20000Yes, Shakha
2/13/2019 16:44:54South WestColoradoHanuman Shakha00000085Yes, Shakha Level16None
1/30/2019 17:07:13North EastConnecticutVivekananda Shakha-Darien6659331843115Yes, Shakha Level75
1/31/2019 17:00:03North EastConnecticutEklavya Shakha-Newington321482883Yes, Shakha Level125
Feedback and input from Mohan Sontiji was very helpful in connecting with kids.
December is too late to start contacting the schools. We should start before Thanksgiving holidays.
2/3/2019 22:51:04
Central Pacific Sambhag
Contra CostaPleasanton-Pleasanton855272172318Yes, Shakha Level35
Reached to all the teachers in the school including Principal and Staff, in addition to parental reach of individual classes, this enabled school level discussion with the Principal and also yoga sessions for combined classes. Janet, Donlon Elementary wants to have SN session through out the year
2/4/2019 11:13:20
Central Pacific Sambhag
Contra CostaLivermore Shakha-Livermore21137011000342Yes, Shakha Level32
2/3/2019 22:24:06
Central Pacific Sambhag
Contra CostaDublin-Dublin7323248182355Yes, Shakha Level33
In Kolb elementary school in Dublin, CA, we reached to Principal and conducted SNY for all 4th and 5th grade kids. Did SNY and Niyudh pradharshan in Livermore Temple, CA.
2/4/2019 8:34:26
Central Pacific Sambhag
Contra Costa
Chanakya Shakha - San Ramon-San Ramon
977600400900Yes, Shakha Level74Kids were excited to perform SN
Yes as one school's principal wanted information a few weeks ahead before allowing SN to be conducted and to also interview volunteers
1/27/2019 17:06:14South WestDallasPragathi Shakha-FRISCO2111104331Yes, Shakha Level44
1/27/2019 19:32:52South WestDallasPrerana (Plano)-Plano211600252500Yes, Shakha Level70
In February we are having SNY outreach in Rice Middle school . About 600 students will be participating.
1/28/2019 18:28:06South WestDallasMaitri (Frisco)-Frisco2100000Yes, Shakha Level44
1. SN Demo at a school scheduled in March 1st week 2. Daily conference call for SN at shakha level
2/4/2019 12:06:21South WestDallasChetana (McKinney)-McKinney311105500210Yes, Shakha Level24Very positive response from school. Expanding to other schools.
Issues with the attendance in community reach out. Families confirm but don't attend.
2/4/2019 12:35:37South WestDallasAnand (Irving)-Irving30000130Yes, Shakha Level57
2/4/2019 14:05:07South WestDallasJagruthi-Plano0000000Yes, Shakha
2/4/2019 14:25:42South WestDallasSanskaar (Flower Mound)-Flower Mound432103844305Yes, Shakha Level35
2/12/2019 12:11:22South WestDallasAdarsh Shakha00000360Yes, Shakha Level27
3/2/2019 4:55:22South WestDallasVijay111900360000Yes, Shakha Level46
2/16/2019 21:10:56South WestDallas Adarsh 10000375Yes, Shakha
02/11/2019North EastE-PennsilvaniaMeera Shakha31145042003350Yes76Weekly SNY at Samparka kendra, Ring Central Video con daily, Social Media Campaign involving Balasloginaditya@gmail.comEarly initiation of SNY would help in planning with school. Many schools had already planned their calendar by the time we reached them in Dec.
02/11/2019North EastE-PennsilvaniaParashuram Shakha-Clark Summit42222011001Yes43Incliment Wheather caused problems, SNY at Bhutanese Hindu Shelter
02/11/2019North EastE-PennsilvaniaShri Krishna Shakha-Malvern3223001200284Yes50Mayor's Proclaimation Recieved first time, Great support from Township & recommendation to conduct SNY at township
02/11/2019North EastE-PennsilvaniaWalmiki Shakha110002100Yes40Helped in connecting to New Hindu Families, MArathon Successful, Relationship with temple strenthenedloginaditya@gmail.comDue to delayed SNY initiation, School could not accomodate during SNY timeline. So it will be conducted in 1 school in April/May
02/11/2019North EastE-PennsilvaniaKalam Shakha00000124Yes24SNY in Shakhaloginaditya@gmail.comNew shakha, struggling with venue. So Schools could not be reached.
2/2/2019 6:32:04South EastFloridaAnand Shakha South Orlando-Orlando1000000Yes, Shakha Level49
team based competition inspired individuals, Daily WhatsApp messages from all participants doing surya namaskars motivated others to do the same.
aprakhar@hotmail.comBusy School Schedule
2/2/2019 8:40:28South EastFloridaArjun Shakha - Orlando-Casselbery32118423924100Yes, Shakha Level35
Your answer: A team of 10 Bala team performed SNY continuously for 3 hours. We performed SNY at a school whole day for all middle school classes
Navagraha SNY Competition between Tarun and Bala Gana.
2/2/2019 21:06:14South EastFloridaJacksonville Shivaji Shakha-Jacksonville600004250Yes, Shakha Level59
Contacted Tamil School. Got well received*
Navagraha team (9 members) SNY Competition between Tarun and Bala Gana.
2/1/2019 17:10:56South EastGeorgiaShivaji Shakha-Tucker0000022No0
2/1/2019 18:33:41South EastGeorgiaShri Krishna Shakha-Suwanee00000275Yes, Shakha Level60
I felt like we should start the process little early so that we can give enough time for school to decide and participate
2/2/2019 4:50:56South EastGeorgiaSaraswathi Shakha-Atlanta10000036Yes, Shakha Level36Craft making event
Still waiting for response, meet personally with school principal and wait for her response
2/2/2019 16:24:29South EastGeorgiaShiv Shakti Shakha-Johns Creek13141561200Yes, Sanghik11
2/4/2019 18:24:20South EastGeorgiaBharat Mata Shakha-Cumming0000000Yes, Shakha Level13
getting people to download app and consistently update
2/4/2019 18:36:17South EastGeorgiaJai Ganesh Shakha-Smyrna0000012Yes, Shakha Level29
This was 1st time for me to participate in SNY. Adhiktya upasthithi, every one was excited for the event and it was really group energy that get every one going for Surya Namaskar on that day.
Not tried due to lack of time. Next time, if we can more time for planning, it will help.
2/5/2019 15:31:00South EastGeorgiaSavannah Shakha-Bloomingdale00000122Yes, Shakha Level22
2/5/2019 15:43:29South EastGeorgiaJai Ram-Morrow00000221Yes, Shakha Level6
2/5/2019 15:46:17South EastGeorgiaMacon Shakha-Macon0000000Yes, Shakha
2/5/2019 15:46:17South EastGeorgiaJai Ambe Bhavani - Columbus0000000Yes, Shakha Level22
This is a new shakha that started as a result of the samaaj shreni sampark during SNY. (entered by Tushar on behalf of Amar ji)
1/29/2019 20:00:42South WestHoustonKailash Shakha-Katy110004110Yes, Shakha Level76
Bala Pradarshan, all of community reach out mostly new families joined.
2/4/2019 10:37:46South WestHoustonGayatri Shakha-Spring00000150Yes, Shakha Level71started a new shakha after SNY outreach
2/4/2019 10:47:19South WestHoustonTanaji Shakha-Sugar land000Yes, Shakha Level104We did SNY kickoff on sankranthi Utsav. Sankya
2/4/2019 18:33:51South WestHoustonKeshav Shakha-Houston1000000Yes, Shakha Level42
2/14/2019 14:29:56South WesthoustonMadhav000001125Yes, Shakha Level101N/A
2/15/2019 5:54:37South WestHoustonMeenakshi Shakha 00000130Yes, Shakha Level22
2/16/2019 20:13:26South WestHoustonCharak Shakha000070225Yes, Shakha Level25
1/27/2019 15:32:32Great LakesIndianaSadhana Shakha (Carmel, IN)-Carmel400003168Yes, Shakha Level168Conducted SNY first time at Indianapolis Hindu temple
1/28/2019 17:53:16Great LakesIndiana
Shivray Shakha (Columbus, IN)-Columbus
4100039Yes, Shakha Level62
2/1/2019 5:05:39Great LakesIndiana
Omkar Sayam Shakha (Louisville, KY)-Louisville
2/10/2019 17:51:57Mid WestIowaGarud Shakha000001Yes, Shakha Level17No
We could not reach many schools because our focus was to mainly reach out more to the community and stabilize our Shakha as it is just 6 months old.
2/19/2019 20:53:58Mid WestIowaAmes Yuva Shakha00000185Yes, Shakha Level85
2/2/2019 11:11:06Pacific SouthwestLA SouthKrishnadev Raaya Shakha-Irvine-Irvine00000440Yes, Shakha Level25
We (~25 ) did Flash mob style SNs at open space in University center/mall
Once come at events, people can do 4-5 + sets easily, but coming to Shakha/events and on time is challenge for many!
2/3/2019 18:49:43Pacific SouthwestLA SouthNetaji Subhash Shakha - Irvine-Irvine20000120Yes, Shakha Level40Surya Namaskar at the
Not enough time to plan
2/4/2019 17:23:31Pacific SouthwestLA SouthBhagini Nivedita Shakha-Irvine000130Yes, Shakha Level70
We conducted 6am SN call for 15 days. At least 6 -10 participants showed up every day.
2/4/2019 17:53:24Pacific SouthwestLA SouthAbhimanyu Shakha - Cerritos-Cerritos00000115No15
1/30/2019 18:32:19Pacific SouthwestLos Angeles UttarNarasimha Shakha-Chino CA00000112No0No
2/1/2019 20:49:31Pacific SouthwestLos Angeles UttarDurga Shakha - Pasadena-Temple City0000000Yes, Shakha
2/5/2019 18:39:29Pacific SouthwestLos Angeles UttarParashuram Shakha-Burbank00000Yes, Sanghik40
2/10/2019 21:11:00Pacific SouthwestLos Angeles UttarVeer
1/29/2019 15:11:36North EastMarylandAdiyogi Shakha Maryland-White Oak2000000Yes, Shakha Level24
2/5/2019 11:03:42North EastMarylandChaitanya Shakha-Ellicott City3112002400287Yes, Shakha Level30
We conducted daily Surya namaskar sessions via Google Hangouts
1/28/2019 7:03:13Great LakesMichiganChanakya Shakha-Troy2115013004150Yes, Shakha Level85Reached 5000+ SN during 24 hour
1/28/2019 9:53:03Great LakesMichiganCanton Balagokulam-Canton0000000Yes, Shakha Level26
1/30/2019 11:32:37Great LakesMichiganLachit Shakha (Farmington/Novi )-Novi000001223Yes, Shakha Level45
Try to invite yoga studio teachers, due to timing conflicts we are not able to other events
2/7/2019 8:28:04South EastMid SouthVivekananda Shakha-Memphis11180292Yes, Shakha Level48jigudi@gmail.comNo
2/7/2019 19:51:23South EastMid SouthMaitree-BRENTWOOD00000Yes, Shakha Level24
1/30/2019 14:47:03North EastNew EnglandAzad shakha-Billerica30000180No25
1/31/2019 17:32:14North EastNew EnglandRamkrishna Shakha-Nashua221157500No0
Reached out to Nashua school. They have asked me to conduct SNY for the entire elementary school in the month of June on their field day. They said it is not possible to do it right now due to curriculum issues. Another point to note is that currently our shakha is not happening. We are actively working on restarting it asap.
1/31/2019 17:32:57North EastNew EnglandAbhimanyu Shakha-Westborough552320186813166Yes, Shakha Level36
No challenges. Schools are more welcoming.