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no@WebsiteLocation (Country)DescriptionnotesnotesProsConsNiche or general? Meaning: crowdsourcing in certain area like t-shirt design, or more general like wikipediahow long does it keep its usersIncentives (for both site and user)How much participation does it get from each user?Community,marketplace,data-mining,crowdfunding
10k-eventapart challenge challenge to bulid an app for less than 10kilobytes.looks cool,just like threadless for appsmarketplace
Aardvark Q&A site, but this time, finds an expert on the topic to answer your question. someone who would know the answer to your questionAccessible from many platforms. You can ask and answer questions through IM, for example. generaldata-mining.
Amazon's Mechanical Turk and usually easy jobs (that need to be completed and posted by Requesters) are completed by workers who get paid for each task they complete (usually on the order of a few cents). Over a large group of people, these simple yet arduous tasks can be completed in a short amount of time. These are tasks that cannot be automated and need a human brain. For example, "Categorize the tone of this article"unique model. Getting very small amounts of money is not very rewarding. I have read that receiving a very small amount of compensation can actually be worse than receiving nothing."qualifications" for more skilled tasks. Uses a large body of skilled or mostly unskilled workers to complete parts of a whole. both parties benefit and there is competition (in the economic sense) for workers and requesterslimited in what can be done over the internet. Pays too little to make a living in a first world country.generalThere is a discussion board for "turkers",, indicating that it has a community and, thus, long-term userssmall amounts of money. Sometimes feeling of having done good by doing things like searching for downed aviator Steve Fossett. spend as little time as possible other than doing the tasks they've opted to domarketplace
Answers.comanswers.comIsraelpepole ask questions and the crowds answer them.Data mining at its best,simple and fun.large sense of community.generalalotfundata-mining.
Brandstackincspring.comUSA marketplace for used graphic designs,just like istochphoto,a designer offer a client few design to pick from,the client choose only one,wgat will the designer will do with the rest? Brandstack offer him to sell them to other people who would be inetrested to buy them for a cheap pricecool way for designer to make a few extra bucks from thier old designsall kind of graphic designsnot muchmoneymarketplace
crowdSPRINGwww.crowdspring.comUSan open arena for crowdsourcing your graphic needs.A firm needs a new logo so they start a challenge in crowdspring,the web site commit for a minimum of 25 designs from them you can pick your favorite and the designer gets the reward,and crowdspring will get 15% of the money prize.In aveage there are 110 designs for every challenge.really competitve!!the ugly side of crowdspourcing in my opinion(Roei)Lots of designes,very fast repaly and very low cost to the challenger and efficiantif only one design is picked what about all the ohter 109 designs?only graphic stuffnot long only for the business no sense of communitymoneymarketplace
Facebook Questions similar to quora, but integrates with fbyou can make forms/choicesin betageneralrecognition from people you know and the wider community. can answer questions from your circle of friendsDatamining?
Cashurwheelswww.cashurwheels.comUScashURwheels takes advertising on cars to a whole new level. It is the only marketplace of its kind that connects private vehicle owners with advertisers directly. The advertisers find vehicles ready to wrap or display ads and in turn the private vehicle owners get paid for the wrap and drive around with it. A win-win for all it is an innovative and affordable marketing solution for all businesses big or small and extra income for the car owners and signwritersthe best way for small & local business to advertise in my opinion (Roei)everybody winns - the car owner,the advertiser and the website for the conectionnichenot muchmoneymarketplace
Emotional Cities Cities is an art project that studies and visualizes the emotions of individuals and groups. People in Stockholm told about their mood on the site. Depending on the overall mood of Stockholmers, a couple of "skyskrapers changed color.Participating changed the physical surrounding.
feedback army
Flattr / Encouraging DonationsWarm, fuzzy feeling of helping projects you believe in.Crowdfunding
Globe Forumwww.globeforum.comcrowdsourcing for sustainabilty solutions + crowdfunding : micro investor can chose projects in which to get involved. This will provide a guide to what will be the most promising solutions
Google Image Labeler (ESP Game) points by labelling images with the same labels someone else does without your knowingyou label a given image at the same time as someone else, but you can't see what the other person is labeling it. When you both put the same label, that label sticks., earn pointsgame can get boringniche. very specific task.short timePoints, which can be seen publicly next to your name. You know you're doing something useful. Datamining
Grow VChttp://www.growvc.comUSGrow Venture
is the first global
crowdfunding platform
for seed funding
Hunchhunch.comUSApredictive answers based on questionnaires. The more questions about yourself that you answer, the better it can predict and tailor answers for your questions. For example, you can ask, "What kind of camera should I buy?", and after answering questions, it will give you an array of answers. The eventual goal is to give you extremely detailed and specific answers just for, because people love answering questions about themselvesstill very hit or miss. Needs a lot of user time and input before it yields results. A lot of links to further resources are to poor-quality pages.generalrecognition. It gets more useful to you the more info you give it. Datamining
IdeasCultueideasculture.comAUSyou submit your challenge online by 4pm,our global team of thinkers generats fresh solutions,we send you an idea pack inclding around 100 ideas for you to pick from,an evaluayion method & action plan by 10am sounds amazing!! I would love to try and many solutions for your problems,over night consulting!expensive??or is it? a subbmition cost around 850$generalnot muchmoneycommunity of solvers
IDEO's Big Conversations, Small talk facebook page that solves big problems with insight compressed to a length of a status update.Appears in a plattform (facebook) where people spend time.
innocentiveinnocentive.comUSproblems are posted, and solvers can submit solutions. Best solution wins the amount specificed at the outset by the problem-poster.pascal mentioned thisrecognition, anonymous, very sophisticated problems. solvers are typically highly skilled (PhD).problems are typically very technical. solutions require lots of time/effort. no community buildingNiche because it is pretty much about science and engineering problems and only very educated people can participateA long timeMoneymarketplace
jovoto links creative talent worldwide and evolves to become the largest creative department, in which the act of creation is free, collaborative and, above all, space for ideasgood running business model
21 is a private for-profit company formed in 2000 for the administration of charitable donations. The company's website provides online fundraising tools to enable the electronic collection of donations. Justgiving provides its service for more than 7,000+ UK registered charities and 300,000 fundraising pages for users, collecting over £450 millioncrowdfunding
Kickstarter like you were part of a project you like.crowdfunding
Launchpad platform by makers of ubuntuused by many open source projectsCommunity
List of crowdsourcing projects
quirky a say in product design, get a cut of revenues proportionate to your contributionfrom the maker of kluster, and mophie, Ben Kaufman. More users: it gets a product manufacture and into the world and a ton of money from that. For Quirky, they get $99 every idea submissionallows for critique and submission, much like threadlessmarketplace
OpenIDEO at every phase of the design process. Big Question, Inspiration, Concept phase, and Evaluation phase. Concepts that rise to the top in the evaluation phase win. All participants add to their Design Quotient that is a badge of honor.generalfor poster of problem: many solutions through many heads. for participants, huge recognition from IDEO and some moneycommunity + tournament
Quora"a continually improving collection of questions and answers created, edited, and organized by everyone who uses it. The most important thing is to have each question page become the best possible resource for someone who wants to know about the question."in private beta, but has invitesit's pretty much the Silicon Valley, internet tech-startup, intellectual version of Yahoo Answers. It has nice features, but the appeal right now seems to be in the current community of people on quoraanonymous answer; ability to follow people, topics, questions, and have a personalized news feed of questions related to those topics and people; commenting on answers; "thanking" people; ability to refer/link to other questions; autocompletes; best of all: you establish your authority when answering a question (e.g. you quickly write down how you're affiliated with a topic, what gives you the right to say such things). Being in private beta might be why it has such good content and pretty much no spam.pretty much only for internet techies in Silicon valley at this pointnicheso far, so goodfor users: recognition and sharing of knowledge. for Quora, it builds a database of high quality knowledge.a lotcommunity
Sircleit!sircleit.comIsraelcrowdsourcing your facebook friends for data-mining or data mining all of the websites members.spent 15 minutes "validating my facebook information" -colemancommunity
springwisespringwise.comHollandSpringwise scans the globe for the most promising business ventures, ideas and concepts that are ready for regional or international adaptation, expansion, partnering, investments or cooperationsister site for the excellent trendwatching.commembres are asked to report about new businesses and new trend,very cool and succsesful websitegeneralgifts + credits on amazonpolling but not in the tradintional way,each member is a "spotter" and the ones with the best spoting tips get rewarded
Spudaroospudaroo.comUSExperts compete to write up all your writng needs,from blog posts,ppt,business plan and so on,each subgect has its price e.g blog entry is 250$,business plan is 750$ and so onJust like crowdspring but for writing needsLots of writers,very fast repaly and very low cost to the challenger and efficiantif only one solution is picked what about all the others ?all your wiriting needsmoneymarketplace
Starwreck movie with over 3000 paricipantsNiche
Help writers get their books picked to publish, the crowds buy shares in the book and if it has enough share holders it will get publish by a large publishing house
in dutch,cant understand the site..nicheI think for longto get the book publishedalot cause they have to read the bookscrowdfunding+polling
The guardian can find lessons in the article
The Pact Project and crowdfunded movie.
threadless design community where anyone can join the contest of getting their T-shirt design printed. The community votes on the new designs and 10 people win $2500 each week.pascal mentioned this; jimmy owns a lot of these shirts and has submitted a crappy design beforedesign contests. Appeal is in getting your art printed and sold to the massesyou can submit as many revisions as you'd like, thus encouraging iterationa long time, ask JimmyMoney, recognition, career(?)community
utestutest.comUSAOffers crowdsourcing for specific 'test cycles' which are small runs based on feature or release. The customer gets to either choose the crowd to test their feature or a set of specific testers that are promoted via the site/community.customer side: on-demand/subscription based service with access to the crowd or specific set of testers.

community side: rate system per valid bug filed. a tester's rate goes up based on "reputation" (i.e. as the their quality bug-filed count increases on different cycles)
It's rather one-tracked with a lack of a test case manager. Cycles can only be centered around ad-hoc testing.niche, it's tied specifically to usability/acceptance/load testinghard to tell, the organization has been around for 2 years. there are reputed testers in the community that are spotlighted in the customer form.Money, reputation, skill building, remote workcommunity
Tulonatulona.comIsraelusing crowdsourcing for data-mininig,members answer polls.answering a sponsered poll gives you points which can be cashed for gift can also submit polls by yourself and ask the community to answer.toluna is an Intl. polling firmhung at one page forever for colemanpolling
whitehouse2 and vote on proposed policies for the US federal governmentnot affiliated with the government incentives: If your ideas and comments are voted helpful, you get to run your political viewpoints in a banner ad that everybody on the site seespretty much no connection to what the government actually doesThe chance to push your political views
Wikileakswikileaks.orgGlobalJournalism in the co-laborative format. The network also collects materials in person and from postal drops. We also run a network of lawyers and others to defend our work and our
WreckamovieGlobalA platform for working with crowdsourced moviesNiche
Wikipediawikipedia.orgGlobalI think we're all familiar with wikipediatruly collective knowledge, moderators and authority given to users prevents many acts of vandalismalthough it is fairly comprehensive, there actually aren't many contributors to Wikipedia. The number is in the few thousand.people do it forever(?)Feel like you're doing something
Yahoo Answers ask questions, others answer, people vote for best answera lot of content on a lot of subjectsNon-serious answers. Generally has a low-quality feel.generalrecognition, points, career maybecommunity
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