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April 06, 2015 at 02:47PM
agabag: Handbags Made From LEGO Bricks
Opening up Etsy and seeing one of these bags recommended for me kind of made me squeal like a kid. I mean, it’s pretty clear I love all things made out of LEGO bricks, so these handbags from agabag are pretty much right up my alley.
April 09, 2015 at 12:44PM
LEGO Arcade Room Has All The 80s Classics
Donkey Kong, Frogger, Pac-Man, Q*bert, a ball pit, skee-ball, cosplayers, vending machines, a punch bag and proper tiled floor. It's all there. The fine folks over at The Brick Show are taking us back to simpler times with this custom build when arcades ruled the night.
April 30, 2015 at 05:44PM
The trailer for A Lego Brickumentary reminds us why we love Lego so much
A childhood spent building everything from castles, to spaceships, to monsters is all one really needs to remind themselves why Lego is the ultimate toy for everyone from toddlers to seniors.
May 08, 2015 at 08:46PM
The ‘Star Wars’ LEGO Death Star Playset Reimagined With a Beautiful LEGO Friends Makeover
LEGO enthusiast Steve Price recently used his building skills to imagine what the Star Wars-themed LEGO Death Star playset would look like with a beautiful LEGO Friends remake.
May 26, 2015 at 11:00PM
Adventures of LEGO Figures in Real Life – Fubiz™
Le photographe français connu sous le pseudonyme de Samsofy, aidé par son imagination débordante, met en scène de petites figurines LEGO en utilisant des objets et des lieux du quotidien.
March 10, 2015 at 07:40AM
The Women of the Supreme Court Are Now Awesome LEGOs
On International Women’s Day, some new LEGO leaders strode into town. Created by Maia Weinstock, these minifigures represent the first four female Supreme Court justices of the United States.
February 28, 2015 at 08:31PM
Lego Crosses The Digital Divide
Heaving learned from its own mistakes, Lego is embracing technology on its own terms, putting kids—and the fun of building—first.
February 23, 2015 at 08:49PM
A Time-Lapse Video Featuring Brick Artist Nathan Sawaya Building a LEGO Oscar Award
Renowned brick artist Nathan Sawaya demonstrates how he created the LEGO Oscar statuettes that were given out to celebrities in a three-second time-lapse.
February 25, 2015 at 04:25PM
More Delightful ‘Bricksy’ LEGO Dioramas Inspired by Banksy Street Art
Back in 2014, we first posted about Bricksy: LEGO Banksy, a photo series of Banksy-inspired LEGO dioramas by Canadian photographer Jeff Friesen of The Brick Fantastic. Friesen has since produced 16 more delightful dioramas, each inspired by a particular Banksy work.
February 17, 2015 at 07:25PM
Career Spotlight: What I Do as a LEGO Model Designer
How would you like to play with LEGO all day? To children and adults alike, a pile of LEGO offers such possibilities—whole worlds and inhabitants in that familiar tableau of right-angles and vibrant mismatched colors. And then some people take their LEGO a little more seriously.
February 04, 2015 at 07:00PM
An Artist Paints With LEGO Bricks in Clever Stop-Motion Animation
In the very clever stop-motion animation “Paint,” an artist creates a painting with LEGO paint, paintbrushes, and palette, all on a LEGO canvas. The uncanny affect was achieved by animator Jon Rolph. He has more LEGO stop-motion animations on his YouTube channel.
January 10, 2015 at 11:25PM
How Lego Became The Apple Of Toys
After a decade-long slump, Lego has rebuilt itself into a global juggernaut. An exclusive look inside the company’s top-secret Future Lab.
January 10, 2015 at 10:11PM
Read This: An account of the near collapse and subsequent rise of Lego
It seems hard to believe, in an era when The Lego Movie made $468 million globally last year, but a decade ago, Lego was actually on the verge of collapse. After the 2002 holiday season, Toys R Us stores were actually left with over 40 percent of their Lego stock unsold.
January 09, 2015 at 09:21AM
Rendering Frank Lloyd Wright in Lego
­It took Adam Reed Tucker several exhausting months to build what he considers the masterwork of his career, up to this point. In fact, what he built was the masterwork of Frank Lloyd Wright’s career, only with tiny plastic bricks. Mr.
January 08, 2015 at 11:54AM
52 weeks of Lego vignettes show a very weird 2014
Ted Andes has shared 52 consecutive weeks of building. Each of the small Lego scenes was placed on an approximately eight stud square base for each week of 2014. Some are depictions of the holidays or events that week, others are just tributes to various shows or ideas.
December 15, 2014 at 07:45PM
Brilliant Brick Creations: 13 Amazing LEGO Gadgets & Artworks
LEGOs can form the basis of all sorts of amazing things, but would you ever have imagined they could create working prosthetics, mechanical looms, drivable hot-rods and even full-sized houses? These 13 incredible creations test the limits of the little plastic bricks, proving that there’s no rea
November 06, 2014 at 10:43AM
Create customized minifigure holiday cards with this app
The Minifigure Family application is now available again on With it you can create, send or share custom Lego themed post cards to your friends and family for the holidays.
September 22, 2014 at 10:41PM
Do Toy Companies Need More Women at the Top?
As a little girl, I loved Barbies. But now as an adult, I'm slightly embarrassed by this. My best defense: Well, there weren't better girls toys back then. Three decades later, when surveying the toy options for little girls, it doesn't look like that much has changed.
August 20, 2014 at 08:03PM
LEGO Architecture: 12 Sets Explore Buildings Brick by Brick
Whether official or fan-created, LEGO architecture sets enable wannabe builders to understand just how some of the world’s most iconic structures come together in terms of architectural elements, form and lines.
August 31, 2014 at 08:29AM
Lego Female Scientists Fight Paperwork, Committees, Dinosaurs
This article originally appeared in New Scientist. When Lego launched its first line of female scientists earlier this month, archaeologist Donna Yates of the University of Glasgow was one of the first to buy a set.
August 31, 2014 at 12:52PM
claire healy + sean cordeiro interweave LEGO and IKEA furniture
claire healy + sean cordeiro interweave LEGO and IKEA furniturekitchen / pantry – seal, 2014 lego, ikea foot stool and plant 103 × 110 × 112cm roslyn oxley9 gallery in sydney presents its first exhibition with collaborating artists claire healy and sean cordeiro: ‘venereal architecture’
June 06, 2015 at 05:08PM
The Urgency of Doing
Kiwi builder David Hensel (who appropriately goes by the handle Legonardo Davidy) describes his take on the Vitruvian Minifig idea as a “study in mosaic making, SNOT, minifigure proportion, and endurance – and lots of tan cheese”.
June 06, 2015 at 09:15AM
Recreating Chicago's Famous Skyline With LEGO Bricks
Rocco Buttliere is building Chicago, one skyscraper at a time, in LEGO. The architecture student has already completed over 30 buildings over the past few years, and isn’t about to stop. Buttliere figured it could take another decade t complete the downtown Chicago area.
June 05, 2015 at 02:33PM
Olafur Eliasson enlists starchitects for Lego installation
Architects including Steven Holl and Bjarke Ingels have created Lego buildings for an installation by artist Olafur Eliasson on the High Line in Manhattan (+ slideshow).
June 05, 2015 at 08:50AM
Before Lego Ripped Off Minecraft, Minecraft Ripped Off Lego
When Warner Interactive’s new video game, Lego Worlds, debuted this week, the tech press spoke of it as if in a single voice.
June 05, 2015 at 07:27AM
Legoizer makes free instructions that turn any photo into Lego mosaics
Lego murals can look amazing, but for the inexperienced it can be difficult to know where to start. Fortunately, Legoizer takes any digital image and turns it into a grid that you can create from Lego bricks—along with a shopping list and instructions to make the whole process super easy.
June 03, 2015 at 06:20PM
This Lego kid's room is so perfect it doesn't even look like Lego
What’s most impressive about César Soares’ adorable kid’s room diorama isn’t all the knick-knacks and tiny toys he’s managed to fill it with. It’s the fact that it’s completely made of Lego, but doesn’t actually look like it at all.
June 02, 2015 at 02:28PM
R2-D2 Goes On A Rampage In This Ridiculous LEGO Stop Motion Short
R2-D2 is one of the most beloved characters in the Star Wars universe, and yet he’s often taken for granted by his fellow characters, even though he saves their Rebel butts more than a few times during the original trilogy.
June 01, 2015 at 03:19PM
Lego Worlds is basically Minecraft but with those plastic bricks we love
With Lego already making loads of official Minecraft playsets, you’d think the company would avoid stepping on the insanely popular building game’s toes.
June 12, 2015 at 05:15PM
Cambridge University are hiring a Professor of Lego
Cambridge University is looking for a new professor to study the building blocks of life. And we don't mean DNA. Yes, the prestigious university really is open to applications to become their new Professor of Lego, starting in the next academic year.
June 12, 2015 at 04:14PM
The first images of Lego's upcoming WALL•E set are unbelievably adorable
Back in February, Lego announced that it would be putting Angus MacLane’s WALL•E Lego Ideas model into production. Which is fitting, because Angus is actually a Pixar animator who worked on the film.
June 12, 2015 at 09:18AM
Is LEGO a cult?
The write-up for Sunday's documentary The Secret World of LEGO in the Radio Times this week asks an interesting question: "is LEGO a cult?". Having read that, maybe it is.
June 08, 2015 at 06:31PM
Lucky guy finds a treasure trove of classic '70s Lego in a discarded bag
In Switzerland, it’s apparently common for people to leave out bags of stuff they don’t want for others to take, instead of throwing it all in the trash.
June 16, 2015 at 11:02AM
LEGO Earsplitter/Doof Wagon
LEGO Will built this awesome LEGO version of the “morale machine” wagon that carried drummers and the Doof Warrior in the movie Mad Max: Fury Road.
June 16, 2015 at 11:02AM
LEGO Wedding Cake Built Out of Tiny Fondant LEGO Bricks With Worker Minifigs Rolling Out a Final Layer of Icing
I'm a geeky artist/blogger who loves his life, wife, two identical twin girls, family, friends, and job.
June 15, 2015 at 08:44AM
Cambridge University is hiring a professor of Lego
The best learning is, as any parent knows, through play. Academics at Camrbridge University agree: they’ve just received funding to recruit a Lego professorship of play in education, development and learning.
June 14, 2015 at 04:31PM
Make a Lego Block Puzzle in 3 Simple Steps
Two of my favorite toys are Lego building blocks and picture puzzles. So naturally, I decided to combine them to make building block picture puzzles. My name is Jason Poel Smith. I have an undergraduate degree in Engineering that is 50% Mechanical Engineering and 50% Electrical Engineering.
June 16, 2015 at 03:22PM
Build On Brick Bookends
Important Note: Build-On Brick Bookends do not come with any bricks. You need to provide your own. However, we're confident you have a variety of compatible building sets already. Bookshelfies are our favorite form of selfie.
June 16, 2015 at 04:46PM
LEGO wins another legal battle
TLG has won its latest legal battle in The General Court of the European Union, successfully defending their trademark on the shape of the minifigure against Best-Lock.
June 16, 2015 at 10:16PM
2 Tons of LEGO: 10 Architects Construct Interactive Micro-City
Using a staggering volume of LEGO bricks, a series of ten famous architecture firms has constructed a series of miniature built environments, deploying them on the High Line in New York City and encouraging the public to play with and reconfigure their work.
June 17, 2015 at 06:25PM
The Portal gameplay in Lego Dimensions has those mind-melting puzzles
Besides an excuse to buy more building sets, the most exciting thing about the upcoming Lego Dimensions game is the gameplay caters to whichever characters you’ve chosen. Yesterday, at E3, Warner Bros.
June 17, 2015 at 06:26PM
Legoid bookends
June 19, 2015 at 04:01PM
A Giant Lego Brick Toolbox That Transforms Into a Lego-Filled Workshop
Here’s one dad who will probably be getting an extra tie this Father’s Day. When Tez Gelmir saw how much time his kid was wasting searching through his Lego collection instead of actually building, he was inspired to create this rolling storage unit to keep them all sorted and organized.
June 22, 2015 at 06:03PM
The Brothers Brick : LEGO Blog
In order to faithfully recreate both the interior and exterior of the Stockholm public library, Swedish builder Linus Minkowsky decided to just build them as separate models. So I guess you could say it’s bigger on the inside! And looking at the end result, I’d say that was a pretty smart idea.
June 25, 2015 at 10:09PM
Lego plans to make their iconic plastic blocks … without plastic
The company will spend $1 billion and employ a team of 100 to find a sustainable alternative.
June 26, 2015 at 10:30AM
Glastonbury Festival as LEGOS
One of the best music festivals in the world kicks off this weekend at Worthy Farm in England, as Glastonbury will be starred with headliners Florence + The Machine, Kanye West and The Who.
June 26, 2015 at 02:32PM
LEGO Adds More Women in Science to Its Lineup
It's been nearly two years since LEGO released its first female lab scientist minifigure, Professor C. Bodin, in the late summer of 2013.
June 26, 2015 at 07:46PM
Lego mosaic printer
The latest cool functioning creation from Jason Allemann is a Lego mosaic printer made completely out of official Lego elements. It uses a Mindstorms EV3 to scan an image and recreate it as a mosaic using 1×1 plates.
June 29, 2015 at 09:35PM
The All-Lego Bricasso Printer Creates Mosaics Using Just Your Bricks
We’ve featured Jason Allemann’s Lego creations before, but this time he’s outdone himself with an all-Lego printer called the Bricasso. It uses Mindstorms EV3 to first scan a mosaic pattern you’ve drawn on paper, and then reproduce it using actual Lego pieces.
July 08, 2015 at 03:43PM
Lego to ditch oil-based plastic
Lego's 57-year-old toy empire was built on plastic. But now the giant Danish toy company is investing millions into getting rid of it. By 2030, Lego bricks will no longer be made from ABS, the oil-based plastic in the 60 billion blocks the company makes each year. — Fast Co.Exist
July 29, 2015 at 03:01AM
The Lego Architect
You might think LEGOs are for just for kids, but the best selling sets in their extensive catalog are the Architecture sets that plenty of older fans gravitate towards.
July 29, 2015 at 05:08AM
Lego Makes Everything Better—Even a Prosthetic for Kids
Caption: A new prosthetic arm dubbed Iko can be endlessly customized with Lego pieces so that kids can make it whatever they want it to be. Carlos Arturo Torres It just got easier for kids with prosthetic limbs to go fully bionic—with a little help from Lego.
August 01, 2015 at 05:47PM
Building Brick Light Switch Plate
You have to look at your light switches every day, but usually they're not very noteworthy. Dull, flat, probably some kind of beige.
July 24, 2015 at 08:38AM
LEGO Architecture launches new student acoustic-design challenge to restore a destroyed music theater
Following a successful inaugural event last year, LEGO Architecture is presenting another opportunity for architecture students in the Villa Pennisi in Musica 2015 summer workshop to hone their acoustic-design and LEGO-building skills in the upcoming #FILLTHETHEATRE challenge.
July 06, 2015 at 05:08AM
Apartment life
César Soares built a series of vignettes depicting various rooms of a stylish apartment. The presentation of the vignettes by stacksing the rooms creates an illusion of the tight quarters of an actual apartment.
August 10, 2015 at 04:10PM
Cast Lego Minifig Candles Using Sugru
Indulge your sadistic Lego minifig-burning impulses by making your own minifig candles. Make: magazine contributor Jude Pullen has a great writeup on how to cast your own candles with a wick, wax, and a simple, reusable Sugru mold.
August 10, 2015 at 04:09PM
The Art of Lego Scale Modeling
For a select group of people, building a Lego model is far more than just following the colorful Ikea-like instructions.
August 14, 2015 at 05:40PM
Lego Limb: Bionic Arm for Kids Makes Prosthetics Playful
This modular twist-and-lock prosthetic arm for kids is designed specifically for integration with LEGO parts, turning it into a fun toy that makes it easier to engage with other children.
August 13, 2015 at 02:18PM
These retro arcades are perfect for your minifigs
Kyler Wilson has built a series of wickedly cool minifig-scale arcade machines. I love the different genres you can pick out from the machine styles and the simple graphics on the screens. I think these would look fantastic in a future Modular set of an 80’s-style arcade.
August 18, 2015 at 01:36PM
The Art of Lego Scale Modeling Will Make You Wish You Were a Better Builder
The beauty of Lego is that anyone, be they a toddler or retired, can use the toy to build whatever they can imagine.
August 18, 2015 at 01:38PM
Lego Has Finally Officially Revealed Its New WALL•E Set
Available starting September 1 for $50, the 677-piece set includes a booklet about MacLane and the Pixar film.
August 20, 2015 at 02:48PM
Jurassic World Is Even Better Retold With Lego in 90 Seconds
If you haven’t had a chance to see the biggest movie of the summer yet, take the next 90 seconds and watch this wonderful retelling of Jurassic World instead. It covers all of the movie’s major plot points, but with animated Lego so it’s especially delightful.
August 19, 2015 at 08:07AM
The LEGO Architect
is certainly both of these as you will see from the sample page spreads that we've been sent to accompany our review after the break. The 188-page hardback book has been written by Tom Alphin who publishes a blog about LEGO architecture among other things.
August 21, 2015 at 09:10AM
Fan takes 2.5 years to build gigantic LEGO Zelda castle
Joseph Zawada built this jaw-dropping rendition of Hyrule Castle from The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess. Joseph displayed it at Brickfair Virginia earlier this month, where it was a huge hit. After spending 2.
August 23, 2015 at 09:48PM
Medieval entertainment system
TBB regular Letranger Absurde brings us this gorgeous brick-built still life scene entitled Emerald Hourglass. Sharp-eyed readers may notice a wealth of NPU (“Nice Part Usage”) such as a flag, mini-fig hair, screwdriver, gold rings, grill bricks, ball joints and Airjitzu canopies.
August 22, 2015 at 07:58PM
LEGO a 'better investment than shares and gold'
That's according to an article published at The Telegraph's website today: "Share prices tumbled on Friday, cancelling out all the gains made this year .
August 25, 2015 at 09:58AM
SwitchEasy Blocks Customizable Dock Building Set for Apple Watch
It’s worth noting that Blocks’ directions don’t compete with the step-by-step directions you’d find in a LEGO set.
August 26, 2015 at 07:38PM
Mondrian house
Lego lends itself to building lines and rectangles, so it’s easy to imagine how it’s possible imitate the art of Piet Mondrian. oasisv JO takes it to another level by building a modern house in Mondrian’s style. Visit Flickr for more pictures and other architectural goodies from the builder.
August 27, 2015 at 01:13PM
EverBlocks are the giant Lego bricks you always wanted
EverBlock's concept is simple: interlocking plastic bricks at a macro scale. Wired's Liz Stinson: "with just three block versions, there are limitations to what you can build with the blocks. Don’t expect a life-size version of Lego’s architecture series just yet"
August 31, 2015 at 07:49PM
sugru loves LEGO
Sugru + LEGO = awesome
September 01, 2015 at 04:08PM
That’ll teach ’em
It’s “back to school” season across the US. My two trudged back there today. So this little scene by delayice seemed appropriate. But hey, where are all the SmartBoards and laptops and phones?!
September 06, 2015 at 09:52PM
Can you dig it?
We’ve see plenty of LEGO mosaics before, but this one has a twist. James Pegrum used LEGO to capture the archaeological discovery of a Roman floor mosaic.
September 06, 2015 at 09:52PM
Denmark's First Astronaut Arrives at International Space Station, Brings LEGOs
Andreas Morgensen, 38, is the first astronaut to hail from Denmark. He's an aeronautical engineer from Copenhagen. On Friday, he arrived at the International Space Station for a 10-day mission. Morgensen brought 26 specially designed LEGO minifigs--one of Denmark's most famous exports.
September 03, 2015 at 01:49PM
Why All Architects Should Play With Lego
Lego isn’t just for kids anymore. Get ready to learn why you should play with Lego! Image Source: I-Beam Design As adults we often curse Lego—especially when we step on it! There is nothing worse than planting your foot down on one of those sharp plastic blocks.  Ouch!
September 09, 2015 at 02:58PM
Baby Born at Legoland Gets Lifetime Pass
As Carolyn Cox of The Mary Sue puts it, "he was born with a silver brick in his mouth." The Legoland park and resort in Windsor, UK recently got a unique minifig. Lucas Atkinson was born there last August when his mother went into labor in the parking lot of the theme park. That wasn't intentional.
September 08, 2015 at 03:35PM
Incredibly Charming Lego Minifigs Interact with the Real World
When French extreme sports photographer Sofiane Samlal (working as “Samsofy”) isn’t photographing roller bladders and skateboarders, he likes to spend time introducing Lego minifigs into the real world and photographing the results.
September 27, 2015 at 02:51PM
Lego Dimensions Is One Seriously Ludicrous Brand Mashup
On the surface, it seems like The Lego Group is chasing a well-established trend with its new toys-to-life franchise. There’s nothing new about the genre, in which you can swipe real-life plastic doodads to unlock new characters and bonus features inside of a virtual playspace.
September 26, 2015 at 09:06PM
The LEGO Architect
The LEGO Architect is a richly illustrated volume of architectural wonders featuring real buildings and their LEGO recreations. The book offers a nice blend of history, education, building instructions and jaw-dropping LEGO creations.
September 26, 2015 at 08:43PM
I can’t cedar wood fur the trees
In order to create all the amazing stuff you see here every day, LEGO builders have to do what all artists do: (a) learn a variety of strange techniques, and (b) endlessly steal from one another.
October 09, 2015 at 08:16PM
Help convince LEGO to produce "Lovelace and Babbage" play set / Raspberry Pi case
This delightful Lovelace & Babbage Analytical Engine is gathering support on LEGO Ideas (formerly CUUSOO) where the community can up-vote fan-made play sets into consideration for production.
October 10, 2015 at 12:09PM
The Playmobil Conundrum
On a late summer trip to Amsterdam, I visited the newly renovated Rijksmuseum. After a few hours spent looking at paintings from the Dutch Golden Age, I wandered down to the gift shop, wanting to buy something for my two sons back at home.
October 14, 2015 at 09:00PM
The Changing Palette of LEGO: 1975-2014
Dave E. over on the Brickset forums has compiled a fascinating summary of the evolution of the LEGO palette over the past 40 years. Dave wrote an program to analyze the Brickset database, pulling part inventories for the last 40 years’ worth of sets.
October 19, 2015 at 01:06PM
MIT's New Interactive LEGO Urban Tool Brings Transparency to Transit Planning
MIT researchers unveiled something earlier this month that will please toddlers and serious urban planners alike. It’s a model of Dudley Square—a neighborhood in the greater Boston area—about the size of a kitchen table.
lego, planning
October 29, 2015 at 03:57PM
LEGO is now a better investment than gold
At least, that's what UK sites like the Daily Mail are saying. Sets since 2000 have gone up in value by 12% while gold has risen by 9.6% If interested, there's some more information on Mirror.
October 29, 2015 at 03:48PM
Creative Ways to Use LEGO in Real-Life Homes
I sometimes wonder if LEGOs are the greatest toy ever, or if they are the greatest toy ever. (Ok, technically I should say 'LEGO is', because LEGO, if you didn't know, is plural and refers to the entire system, but I grew up calling them LEGOs, dammit, and that's a hard habit to shake.
October 26, 2015 at 07:18PM
Lego refuses to send bricks to Chinese dissident artist Ai Weiwei
Lego has refused to sell bricks in bulk to Chinese artist Ai Weiwei, lest he use them for political expression. Weiwei, among the country's most famous dissidents, wrote in an Instagram post that he considers the move an act of censorship.
art, lego
November 02, 2015 at 02:19PM
Tis the Season To Start Building All These New Lego Ornaments
Halloween is now nothing but a bowl full of empty candy wrappers and smashed pumpkins, which means it’s time to switch gears and start prepping for Christmas by building Chris McVeigh’s latest collection of Lego ornaments.
April 17, 2016 at 07:48AM
Famous derailment recreated in LEGO bricks
One of the most famous crashes in rail history is captured in this build by monstrophonic. On 22nd October 1895 the Granville-Paris Express entered the Montparnasse station travelling too fast in an attempt to make up for lost time.
April 08, 2016 at 03:18PM
A Life-Size LEGO Version of the Vinyl Cover for Led Zeppelin’s Untitled Fourth Studio Album
Builder David Zambito has created a life-size LEGO version of the vinyl cover for Led Zeppelin‘s untitled fourth studio album, often referred to as Led Zeppelin IV. Here’s the original cover for comparison.
March 21, 2016 at 12:20PM
Brutalist Buildings Made From Lego Bricks
With a penchant for Berlin architecture, German artist Arndt Schlaudraff creates brutalist buildings made out of white Lego bricks. “For example, a building from Zaha Hadid or Juergen Mayer H is very hard to realise with Lego bricks.
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