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TimestampPlease describe the ways the iPad was utilized (as a teacher tool, student work center, population of students – special needs or general education? Etc) in 250 words or less.What apps did you use?Would you recommend the purchase of these apps? If so, why? How are they useful?Name:On what date was your iPad returned?
3/27/2012 15:13:28I used this iPad in order to complete research on educational applications for my Special Education course SPE 291/292.Disney Toy Story Read-Along ApplicationI would definitely recommend the purchase of this application because it would allow all learners, especially students with learning disabilities or struggling readers, to recognize the link between printed text and spoken language.Emily Serafini
3/28/2012 12:51:07The students in my LD Block class have an assignment that involves them doing a written critique on an Educational App. They took some time during class to look at several of the Apps that Canisius has purchased and explored the Apps of interest to them. They signed up on ANGEL for the Apps they plan on critiquing and the students plan to get the ipads out of the library in the near future.SeveralI did not focus on one specific app, can not yet make this recommendation.Helen Roy
4/1/2012 9:39:51the iPads were used with special education students at centers. I had six different science science stations and at each station the students used the iPads as stop watches. StopwatchI did like this app because it was very easy to use. A student just had to press one button to start the time and the same button to end the time. the time was very lard so all students could see it. Alycia Bobak
4/22/2012 15:54:55I used the iPad to fill out a critique of an educational app that could be used for students with learning disabilities. iWriteWordsI would recommend this app be purchased for education students to use in their placements with students with disabilities to improve their letter recognition and writing skills. DawnMarie Wahl
6/9/2012 12:20:57I primarily used my time to become familiar with the iPad to increase my comfort level with its use. I think the iPad is very user friendly and that both gen ed and special needs students would benefit from it.I tried all of the apps for writing and some of the math activites.I did experiment with several apps that could be used for students...all of the apps for writing that were on the iPad would be interesting and engaging for students. I do not have any specific recommendations.Patricia Johnston
8/2/2012 11:42:28We've used the iPads in a few different ways so far. We've used it with individual students to work on math facts during free time, we've used them as an independent work centers, and we are also using them as early finisher activities for students to look up vocabulary words after reading groups. We've used them with both special needs and general education students.MathBoard, FreeGrammar, brainpop, youtube, dictionary.com, photo apps, google Earth...Grammar – Barron’s Painless Grammar Challenge, Reading Street Grammar, Jammers Level 5, English Grade 5 I Tooch, I Brain wwww.uthings.com, Search 60 Click Tock, Tour Wrist, Futaba- classroom games for kids- classroom editionI think the apps that we've used so far have been a great way to infuse extra practice on a concept or challenge a student who finishes early. It's also fun to incorporate technology, especially ipads, into lessons and into the students' day because they are so popular right now. The students get excited to use the ipads and honestly, it doesn't even matter what app they're using! We really enjoy having them in the classroom-
Thank you for allowing us the chance to use these ipads!
Armor Elementary School
Just wanted to check it out so my kids could play with itsight words, math ninja, mia, cursive, little speller, etc.Dan Wagnell
2/20/2013 13:55:11The ipad was used to do an educational app critique for SPE 291/292.Touch and WriteYes (but they were already on the ipad when I checked it out). This app is useful because it helps guide early writers in a fun and motivating way.Christina Dressler2/6/2013
2/20/2013 14:16:39I utilized the iPad to research educational applications that would be appropriate for students with learning disabilities. Simplex Spelling HD–Dolch Sight Words with Reverse PhonicsI would definitely recommend the purchase of this application. It has settings that can be easily modified, appeals to many UDL principles, and offers immediate feedback on completed work. Students could easily use this application independently. In addition, the reverse phonics strategy used in this application is very unique and helpful. Bethany Wolf 2/7/2013
2/20/2013 17:18:07I used it as a teacher tool to look up an educational app.Math OpenNo, I did not find this game too exciting and there were no directions that went along with it. At first it was fun to play but there were also not that many different math questions. It would be good if you only needed a short math review.Katelin Rubach2/12/2013
2/21/2013 18:03:33I used the iPad for an assignment for my LD Block. I explored some educational apps and wrote a critique on one of them. I specifically focused on one of the Math Splash ones.A variety of Educational ones (Math, reading, writing, spelling, social studies, etc.)These apps were already downloaded on the iPad. I did not use any app that was not already downloaded to the iPad. But overall, it was a good experience and I look forward to working more with the iPads in the future. I think they are a great investment and very resourceful.Katelyn Egan2/11/2013
2/25/2013 11:26:59I used the iPad to research an educational application for students and I critiqued it.SentenceBuilder for iPadYes because this was a great app to use for students who are developing vocabulary and learning to form sentences. It would be useful to give to a student to work with and make observational assessments on their improvement of sentence structure.Lauren McHugh2/11/2013
2/26/2013 21:18:51I used the ipad as a to complete an assignment for SPE 281 where we were required to critique an educational childrens app. Also I used the ipad to create a lesson for another education class.Learning with boing savannah and ocean versionsI would recommend the learning with boing apps. Most of them are free and then to unlock different parts within the app cost money. This apps were really unique and children could learn all kinds of skills from math to phonics and so much more through the collection of the learning with boing series. Carlie Graves2/26/2013
2/27/2013 15:16:41I used my iPad to complete an assignment for my LD block for Special Education. The task was to critique an educational application of my choice. This required me to play around with the apps features and assess how well it actually serves those with mild disabilities. This was primarily used as a teacher tool, but could have definitely been used in the classroom by actual students.Marble Math Jr.Marble Math Jr. was already purchased on the iPad. However, I did research another app called Marble Math. This application is targeted for students between the ages of 9 - 12+. It is very similar to Marble Math Jr, but contains more complex concepts. Sarah EyeingtonTuesday, February 26, 2013
3/4/2013 14:29:43I used this iPad for a project in my SPE 291.292 class. The project was to critique an educational app. Therefore, I used to iPad to search apps and chose one that I evaluated. iWriteWordsYes I would definitely recommend purchasing this app. It is great for education majors to use in their placements when teaching children how to write. It allows the students to trace letters (upper and lowercase) and numbers. Hanna Morelli2/12/2013
3/5/2013 13:01:22I used the iPad for direct instruction when we were not able to get to our DI room. I used the iPad during math especically to explain different concepts, and at the end of the day I let the kids play around with it for a bit. doodlepad, rocket math, math ninjaThey were free apps and yes! The kids loved to play around with them and it helped the students to better understand the concepts. Alycia Bobak2/28/2013
3/11/2013 20:20:13I used this app to show students real pictures and give them visuals on the body systems and organs. Virtual Human BodyIf working with the human body systems-yes. I used it in the middle school and found it very helpful. They were useful because they provide students with visuals and also reads a loud a description of the function of the organ. The app is actually free which makes it even better! KelseyFebruary
3/12/2013 15:02:42I used the ipad as a teacher tool to complete an app critique assignment for Dr. Grand SPE 291 class. I found this tool to be very helpful because I was able to download the app I needed, as well as to use the app, take pictures of the app. Spelling TeacherYes. This app is very helpful is redesigning spelling study guides for students. You input the words and the app designs games and activities for the student to participate in. Kelly Mahoney2/11/2013
3/13/2013 12:08:46Students used the iPads in small groups to record, edit, produce and share a commercial for a local business. The videos turned out wonderfully, and the students were able to navigate the iPad with ease.iMovieAbsolutely! The iMovie app is an all inclusive solution for production and is easy for kids to use.Patrick Wirth3/7/2013
3/13/2013 17:16:46On behalf of the Waterfront faculty, staff, and student body we would like to thank you for providing my 5th grade students with the opportunity to experience exploring the newest technology. As a member of the JUSTICE PROJECT advisor committee I have introduced the IPAD to my class and have found them to enjoy reading, playing math games, and taking spelling quizzes. When teaching a concept I have used the IPAD as a form of UDL in the classroom. Using this technology has encouraged students to become motivated to learn and take on challenging tasks. The huge benefit from using the IPAD was seeing students develop a love to learn. Spelling, Writing, Math, Google, Brainpop, etc.I have been fortunate to have received the IPADs with apps. purchased by the JUSTICE PROJECT through Canisius College. If our school was to receive IPADS I would follow the direction of Canisus College and also create a survey requesting feedback from our faculty on apps. that they have used with their own IPADs. The apps. on the IPADS provided a wonderful learning experience for all students.

Deborah A. KrystofikNot returned as of yet
3/25/2013 13:44:51My iPad was used in the administration of a Running Record Assessment. I used the TinyVox application to record the assessment and on the app there are many options on how to share the recording. I was able to send the recording to my e-mail or iTunes and burn it onto a CD for my professor.

In addition, I also used my iPad to display my online portfolio while at an interview with the Buffalo Public Schools!
TinyVoxYes! The app is free but it is a great resource for recording student work, lectures, or directions for students. Christina FranceschiWednesday March 27
3/25/2013 14:39:03We used the ipads in small group test prep. The Socrative App allows students to electronically respond to questions. The kids were very engaged and successful. They also used them to type short responses in the notes application.Socrative/Rocket MathYes, Socrative is great. Easy form of clickers. Joellen Kogut3/21/2013
3/26/2013 10:27:00as a teacher tool--to explore how I could use it effectively for teaching and presentations. noneN/ADr. Astiz13th or March
4/10/2013 0:22:27I used the iPad to work with 2 3rd grade students with learning disabilities at Southside Elementary. It was an instructional tool that helped them prepare for their math curriculum based assessments. The students really enjoyed the novelty of the iPad and it was a great way to get them interested in their multiplication facts. 9x9 multiplication, Multiplication for Kids, WingsAll of the apps were free, but they were very useful. They give corrective feedback to the students and were fun and engaging. Bethany Wolf4/9/2013
4/17/2013 11:28:50I researched apps for use with children with Emotional and Behavioral Disorders.Behavior BreakthroughsYes I would recomment the purchase of more apps regarding child behavior monitoring and/or self-evaluation. These are very useful in the classroom with students with Emotional and Behavioral Disorders and there was not one app for this use on the library loan iPad.Emily Serafini4/12/2013
10/30/2013 19:16:12The iPad was used for a math app critique for my elementary mathematics course.Splash Math 3(they are already on the JUSTICE iPads) but I would recommend splash math because it helps kids practice math concepts in a fun and engaging way!Christina Dressler10/30/2013
11/10/2013 20:22:43It was used for the teacher to videotape a lesson, as well as to take pictures to help set up a science center for the students to do individual work at.Video and cameraThey do not need to be purchased.Andrew Genco11/8/2013
11/15/2013 14:05:20I used the iPad to show parents various apps that promote English and Spanish language practice. I also used the video camera to practice taking edTPA video. iWriteWords, YouTube, Letter Find, Cl CinosI would recommend the purchase of the app Endless Alphabet. It is a great way to get students practicing spelling and letter sounds. My students love the animated shorts when you spell a word correctly. Heather Ward11/15/2013
12/2/2013 20:37:44The iPad was used as a teacher tool. I explored some of the apps, and since I am not familiar with them, it was nice to see how I could use them in the classroom. I also used the iPad to video my EdTPA lesson, it had a large screen and great picture quality. I would recommend only making small videos on the iPad. My videos were 30-40 mins long and could only be exported off the iPad in 3-5 min increments, through youtube or email. Plugging it into a computer, using drop box, and google drive would not work in retrieving the video (maybe the security on the iPad doesn't allow these actions).mostly the video tape app, also explored the behavior test app, stack the states, and sock puppet appYes! The video was crisp with the volume, and had great quality in video picture quality. I had some difficulty retrieving the videos, but maybe with more instruction I could do this. The behavior app, was actually used in my college education class to teach us about positive and negative behavior plans/actions. It was nice to see it on the iPad and that I could use it again. The stack the states was enjoyable learning for visibly recognizing the states, fun facts about them, and where to place them in the united states. My brothers (grade 3 and 6) find it very fun, and I would love to use it in class! The sock puppet app could be great for narrating, or making reading fun as well as practicing speaking skills. It is extremely fun, and could see it making a reading lesson very exciting!Trisha Shea12/2/2013
12/3/2013 13:35:21The iPad was used to record my lessons, give students feedback in the general education setting. None I looked through the iPad and noticed the apps that were on it and they seemed like really good ones. I would definitely see myself using them in the future. However, I would not use the iPad again to record videos. It would not allow me to send the whole video to myself, I had to cut it numerous times.
Natalie Memmel 12/2/2013
12/4/2013 18:03:12I used the ipad to create a social story for children with disabilities and I also videotaped myself teaching a lesson for my professor to watch as well as to use for my digital portfolio for future job applications.educreations and the camerayeah, educreations is a great free app that helps create any kind of presentation with pictures and text and it incorporates audio as well. It was great to use for the social story. Very easy and efficient. Also, it is nice because it allows easy sharing (by email) so it is very accessible and it isn't just for the ipad, there is an internet site as well. Carlie Graves12/4/2013
12/12/2013 22:59:21I used the iPads to record the JUSTICE Projects PD Series. DropBox and Google DriveThey are already on the iPad, but yes these are essential apps for students who need to upload video to another computer. Heather Ward12/11/2013
12/14/2013 22:07:17I primarily used this to create a social story for musician education students and to use in my special education block with Dr. Marable. I also used this to take pictures and document my teacher placement for my portfolio Social buddy Yes!Katelyn Egan 12/7/2013
12/16/2013 12:56:19Teacher tool to show bilingual and literacy apps to young children and their families. Also used as a teacher tool for planning and organization.I write words, story bots, never ending alphabet, etc. Google docs. Most had free versions available. DawnMarie Wahl12/11/2013
1/13/2014 12:54:29I used it as a teacher tool in my science methods course. We used Apps on the iPad and also used it in a differentiated learning centers activity. It was also used to do some pre-planning for a new assignment in the technology and education course. Students will be required to videotape using the iPads and then create a highlight reel using editing through iMovie.

Leo's Pad, HeisenBear, , Scoen, The rest of the apps I used were:
Science Hero
Shout Science

They were all free apps.
Jill Whalen1/2/2014
1/13/2014 12:54:29I used it as a teacher tool in my science methods course. We used Apps on the iPad and also used it in a differentiated learning centers activity. It was also used to do some pre-planning for a new assignment in the technology and education course. Students will be required to videotape using the iPads and then create a highlight reel using editing through iMovie.

Leo's Pad, HeisenBear, , Scoen, The rest of the apps I used were:
Science Hero
Shout Science

They were all free apps.
Jill Whalen1/2/2014
3/9/2014 12:42:42I used the ipad to video record myself teaching a class for teacher certification.imovieNo. After 1 28 minute video, the memory was full and I was not able to video record myself for the next class because there wasn't enough memory built in.Scott Toporczyk3/3/2014
3/9/2014 12:44:24I used the iPad daily as a teacher tool and to help deepen the student's learning. I used to to video tape my edTPA lessons, and I also used it to make an iMovie trailer with my students, as well as record them speaking for a project. I used it to record audio when they interviewed the hockey coaches from Buffalo State College. I also used it to create a Prezi with the students, that they will be presenting to the whole 4th grade. If the students did not have background knowledge of certain things we were learning about , I would use the iPad to find ways to build there schema.The only new one was PreziIt was useful because I could work on the presentation with the students in the classroom on the presentation, then when we went to the library and used the computers there, they could still work on the same presentation.Andrew Genco3/8/2014
3/13/2014 20:51:40I used it to keep notes during meetings and to find information on the internet for class. Notes, DropBox, Google, Safari, MailYes. I would also suggest buying Youtube app to play movies, clips, or songs to be able to teach in the classroom.Jessica Bliss3/5/2014
3/14/2014 0:06:33I used the iPad to record my three lessons for the edTPA in physical education during our field hockey unitDropbox and the camerayes, once you have a Dropbox account you may upload files to it and then are able to access those files from any computer or mobile device of applicable. definitely a great app when sharing files or needing a place to store important documents if your computer crashes.Adrianna3/2/2014
3/26/2014 0:54:13I utilized the iPad in my classroom as both a teacher tool and a part of my lessons with students. Some students that I worked with had high incidence disabilities, such as learning disabilities and ADHD, and they benefited from using the technology. Card CreatorCard Creator is already on the iPad. Bethany3/25/2014
4/3/2014 10:41:05As a teacher tool, in order to record the lessonCameraI would recommend a way to be able to remove videos from the iPad in an easier manner. I uploaded them to youtube, but it may be easier if the messaging was enabled, because then videos could be sent directly to those who need itHannah BlumMarch
4/4/2014 12:41:58Record a teaching lesson CameraI did not use any other appJohn Ptak4/3/2014
4/15/2014 15:29:31iPad was used to record video for the PD Series. iMovieThis app is pre loaded on the iPad already. Heather Ward4/15/2014
5/2/2014 9:52:17In the classroom at Armor Elementary, there is this website called IXL and it is a challenge for the students because it helps them with Math. It is a Math website and it gives the students many problems they need to complete to earn points. This would be the student bell work for the morning and they would use the ipads to complete this bell work. As a teacher, I was able to see which students earned the most points, etc.IXLYes. In order for students to successfully learn, technology helps assists all learners. Ipads allow for many useful tools because any apps can be downloaded on them and students enjoy using them while they learn. Julie Roessler4/22/2014
5/2/2014 12:49:29The iPads were used by fourth graders in a special education class for Emotional and Behavioral Disorders in order to present their projects at Exhibition night at Canisius College.NoneN/AEmily Serafini3/23/2014
5/2/2014 13:25:28I used the iPad as a teacher tool to show students a phonics song on YouTube. I also used it for a student in a resource room (he played with some educational apps).ABC matchup and other alphabet appsThese apps are free, so teacher candidates can easily download them if they want to. They were fun ways to have students practice their letter recognition and lowercase letter and uppercase letter matchup.Jennifer Tripp4/25/2014
5/7/2014 19:49:14I used the ipad at my placement in a third grade inclusion classroom. I worked with two students on telling time. I was conducting a curriculum based assessment and used the ipad as intervention. I used three different apps to help teach the students how to tell time. Two apps called telling time and one app called time quizI would recommend buying these apps because i found them very useful. The methods that each app used was different and taught a different skill for telling time. Katie TipaMay 5th 2014
5/9/2014 6:34:49I used the iPads primarily for literacy instruction. During my student teaching placement I learned about the Orton-Gillingham multisensory approach to education. During reading/writing instruction, I would follow a 3-part drill to build phonological awareness. One of the steps involved kinesthetic learning of letter formation. We would switch up this step using magna-doodle boards, sand trays, shaving cream, etc., and I introduced using the iPad. The students loved using the iPads. Doodle BuddyI mostly just used the app called Doodle Buddy. It was a free app that was already installed on the iPad. It was the most effective tool since it was similar to a white board and adaptable with paintbrush size and color options among many other features. It was super easy for my kindergartners with disabilities to master. DawnMarie Wahl5/8/2014
5/10/2014 11:12:57I used the iPad with a student with a learning disability. We worked on science vocabulary. We used bitsboard, flashcard elite, and brain pop. This was a reinforcement for the curriculum based assessment I administered to the student. Bitsboard, flashcard elite, brain popYes because they are very interactive for the students and as a teacher I can customize them to fit the needs of each student. Rebecka Beltran5/10/2014
5/15/2014 10:05:33The iPads were used in small groups to give the students extra math practice. I used the Number Lines app.Number LinesYes, it has many functions with different standards highlighted. Maria AjaMarch 2014
5/15/2014 10:07:09The student played Base 10 Bingo in a small group. We taught them how to play the game and facilitated their play.Basic 10 BingoYes, Educational. It reinforced the concept of place value.Kaitlyn RichertMarch 2014
5/15/2014 10:08:18General Education
Rotating student work stations
Word Bingo, Math appsYes, they are engaging and the students learned from them. Liz McMahonMarch 2014
5/15/2014 10:09:17General Education
Small group math centers
Base 10 Bingo
Base 10 BingoSure, the students enjoyed it.Jordan BeckMarch 2014
5/15/2014 10:11:06I used the iPads for a population of students with special needs. I used them as a behavioral incentive and as a math reinforcement. Math NinjaYes, you can adjust difficulty and operation. They helped me have another resource for my students.Emily SantilloMarch 2014
5/15/2014 10:14:41iPads were used in a first grade classroom as part of student work centers. Students worked independently on adding single digits. For magnetic board, students worked on spelling their spelling words.X- tra Math and Magnetic BoardsYes, I believe they were very helpful for math and spelling. Students also enjoyed using the apps as well. The iPads enhanced my development as a teacher because it was great practice integrating technology into the classroom.Mrya KhanMarch 2014
5/15/2014 10:16:23Reading groups/ centersX tra Math, Word Bingo, Phonics Apps, Base 10 Bingo, Spelling CityYes, they are fun/ educational. Students don't realize they are learning.Pam KawaleskMarch 2014
5/15/2014 10:17:52Student work center in a first grade general education classroom.X tra Math, Spelling CityYes, these apps engaged students as they learned math facts as well as the weekly spelling words which made learning fun.Emily SerafiniMarch 2014
5/15/2014 10:19:35The iPad was outlined as a tool for student work centers in a general ed population.X- tra Math and Magnetic BoardsYes, I would recommend the purchase of both applications. Both apps were interactive and students were actively engaged.Tiffany BryantMarch 2014
5/15/2014 10:21:03General Education classroom environment
Used in student work centers as extra practice and review
X- tra Math and Magnetic BoardsX tra Math was extremely useful. It let students practice math facts, documented progress and showed results. Kevin SpitzerMarch 2014