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First NameLast NameNotes on topicNotes on presentation
TaliaOOn how foods affect happiness. A lot of data to look at. Could also compare different groups like gender or age. And summarize how those people felt based on the data. THe research slide should also be what past research might say. Doing a blind study ( where the subjects don't know what they're eating, would also be good) Fewer words on slides. Good knowledge of your project.
ZantheeSHighlight what the goal of the game is, and how you get to that goal. Very colorful, speed up those transitions.
John PaulHProject: Making a car with car seat stationary. Include more details of what the prototype was, how you tested, how many times you tested it. Good pictures. Measure or see if the seat is actually staying upright the entire time—design a way to look at that. Could you make one that rotates on both axis? Maybe test it with different weights on the base of the seat. Seeing your data that looks a little better. How many times did you test it though? Make the modification so the axis doesn't lock in place. Really good engineering process though. Good explaining the research slide, and just talking about it. Good presentation overall
JojoCWhat affects our ability to taste. Use percentages for the data.Also take it and see if there is a link between tasting (or not tasting the chemicals) is that linked to eating more or less vegetables. You'd do this by just looking at the people who could taste it and see how many vegetables they eatTry to look up more whle presenting and not just read the slides.
DustinVCleaning robot. Next step is to try cleaning different substances, and average each trial to compare how well it cleans up different substances. Make sure to explain how you measured and the steps you took for that. Good, could have more pictures.
Noah WTopic:How does the vitamin C change over time?
What is the percentage of in the graph? Make sure to address the fact that some oranges may have just had lower levels than other oranges. Test orange slices from the same orange over time.
Good knowledge of your project and explaining what and how you did it.
RowanZTopic:PVC roller coaster. Include diagrams/pictures to show what you did. Lots of text on slides, try to cut some of that out.
ChrisTWhat makes the proper electromagnet. Good different trials, how many different times did you do each one. Is the probelm with the 9v that it's dying too fast or is it not strong enough?

Design a way to test is it the maximum strength, explain more of the reason behind the electricity not working.

Next step test the restistance for each one.

Pick one more aspect to test and test it again.
Make sure to face forward while presenting.
NolanHMore pictures of what you build and the process
JoyaSDoes HW work? Get more trials, 30 people. Good followup on the test. Are they seeing the same material everytime? If so they need to

Long term effects of studying would also be good to look at—ie test people who studied and people who didn't study again 2 weeks after you tested.

Pretty good slides and presenting. Try to face forward more, don't read off your slibes
SophiaTCar racing. Different shapes and which will slide better. Make sure you have at least 3 trials (probably closer to 7+) to average from.
Make sure to have labels on your graph.
Pretty good presentation
AlexHPlants in vs hydroponics.
What do you mean by add in nutrients when necessary? How much did you add?

Include a graph of your data...or make sure to include labeled axis on there.

?How did the water consumption between the two compare?
Neat presentation theme, make sure to always face forward, don't talk to the board
DalyonPackerNot sure what you did still, really need to add more. Make sure to explain more of some of the background info. Spelling... . Missing content
KatieHHow does caffeine affect sleep.

USe percent of people that say yes for the data. Stay focused on maybe 1-2 questions, not jump around to every possilbe data point.

What was the number of people? Graph a scatter plot of two numeric points

Also graph the amount of coffee drunk to hours of sleep as a scatter plot.

Slides are a little text heavy. Try to use bullets to break down your points. Pretty well organized.
DaltonHeart rate and video games

Do a graph of Average heart rate and average peak. Also give the range in the differences of the (peak heart rate-average heart rate), so you can see how large the spike was

Address a control group of what peoples stationary heart rate might have been.
Tough to read some of the font contrast.
For this presentation, should try and summarize the slides into the big picture of everything.
Thyme BennetMascara Smearing.

How many trials of each one did you did, 2 trials-try to get a couple of more trials.

Address that maybe the fake eyelashes aren't that good.
Some of the text was hard to read with the theme background.

Have less text on your slides, and present forward more.
KimiyaPPigments in plants

Pretty good, the graph is an interesting one,
Try to read off the slides less and look forward more. If I wanted to read it, I'd get the report...

Include more pictures to show what you did

Try to speak up a little louder
Kai JAutomatic blind machine

Include more detail on a schematic or something else to see it.

Finish some of the details in here.
Don't read off slides, look forward.
NathanMHow does Temp. Affect bouncing of balls.

Follow up thought-how does temperature affect the material of the ball

Explain what you actually did. Data and graphs? How many trials?

Needs more trials 10+

Discussion needs more.
Flow of the presentation was a little slow, some of the slides are distracting
FalvioCHeadphone comparison.

What did you actually measure to compare the headphones?

Follow up-Ask people why they liked one headphones over the other?

Address the fact that they might have seen the headphones and that could limit how well they thought they could hear it.
Too much text, don't read off the slides.

Make the text a little more formal
SavanahBBetter batters?

Expand on the discussion of why it was thought to be better?

Best consistency? Do you have any data to support that?

Pretty clean neat presentaion
SavanahMAthletic ability and ring finger size.

Include the units on the graph, what does avera RH mean, Make sure to say what middle, high and low, mean.
Presentation was pretty good
NIcoleAPenalty kicks.

Did people have a determined place they were going to shoot.

Definitely expand your discussion more.
Pretty good presentation
AdamKEffecient way to kill bacteria

Good on multiple trials. Make sure to say what the numbers represent.
Pretty clean presentation
MackennaKRaising in the yeast. Different forms of water affect bread growth.

Did you have a full set of multiple trials?

Include the actual amounts used to bake things.

How did you measure how well it worked-by the bread raising-should measure those heights
AishaWLunar events affect how you act. Birth and death rate. Good amount of past research

Units on graphs and make sure the legend isn't cut off.
Good presentation,
DavenMBee death around bottle brush

That would be really cool to aattend the bee meeting

What was the result of the pesticide results?

Pretty good clear presentation. «

Try to put things into bullets more

Include the design more in the methods

Did you track or describe some of the failures

Make sure to label the axis-or label what both things are being meausred just for best practice

How well do you think they would scale up? What would work, what wouldn't
NehaBaddiction to computer:

Stress and affect on quality of life

Include what the survey asks in your methods

THere's a lot of data there, try to summarize it some more. And focus in on one thing to show that data.

Label the axis

Try to break the text into bullets on the presentation
Bailey LConfusing Colors. Colored drinks and taste

Are all the flavors the same

Good set up of the different colors

When people marked different flavor, were they just wrong or were they just guessing the wrong flavor

Another future study could be doing an actual blind test (where they can't see any color and

More explicitly compare the colored ones to the original colors, for that comparison

Try to narrow down the text down a little more
EllaWAnimal optometry- Good use of seeking out resources.

Maybe try and condense some of the data. I thin it would be cool to take one of your questions, and further pursue it.
SabineFAre hand dominance and hand sensitivity related (with temperature)

Overall, should have a graph/value of the average difference between dominant and recessive hands. That way you have a full conclusion to go with it

Good keeping conditions consistent.

Make your graph values more specific (value of what on teh graph), more specific title as well.
Maybe could have more pictures in there, but overall pretty clean.
HudsonSTopic:spot where ball is hit-where will it go the farthest.

Good set up.

More labels on each graph, more detailed title. Include pictures of what you did and the device.
Don't read off slides when you present.

Some of the text is difficult to read with the backgrounds.
MabelmCat's behavior.

The graph is a little confusing to look at, make sure to clean that up.

Another source of error might be that you only had one cat to test, so make sure to address that as well.

Speak slower, face forwards when talking.
HarperCPurifying water.

Did you use the same water sample for each test and a control?

Everything else looks good. Doing one more set of trials (with a control) with measuring something related to toxicity or sediment would be good to look at as well.

Include cost as well to compare these things as well.
Presentation is good.
DarlinaWHow does the surface affect the bounce time

Include units on the axis, and label the y axis.

Expand on the discussion some more.
Was missing some details
ScarlettWOptical illusions

How 12 people responded to the animation.

How did you determine the speed? Was it the same speed every time or was it eye balled.

Look forward and stand up straight, and speak up.
MartinTNatural and artificial smells

Needs more trials 20+

Do the smells interfere with each other?

Or overlap from within whatever the substance is

Self reported errors aren't the best
Missing discussion, results need to be improved

Check for spelling errors
AnyaSHow do scents affect memory?

I think I already said this, but test more people. What is the label on the axis?

Which scent is which on the graph?

Separate out the data so we can see it?

For one type of test, compare the averages for each type of scent?

Don't just read off the slides, include less text.

No paragraph form
CaitlenCScratch pong:

Seems like the game worked, and you have data to rate it

-Try to get one of the next features to be worked on to develop it a little bit further.
Make sure to face forward while presenting.
JaydenCSoda: watering plant with soda.

Project seems a little unoriginal idea. Starting to get into more complexity if you looked into the sugar content

3+ plants would be better for each soda

What is plant quality based on? Should be more qunatitative value.

Restate the connection between sugar and your results and your hypothesis.
Backgrounds re almost a little distracting

Missing your discussion
DhruvSWhich curves more?

Include some raw data in here?

As wel as methods? How did you measure the curve exactly?

How much error is a result of just inability to curve. ‘

The best way would be a designed way to make sure it is being thrown the same every time.
RioSGenerating CO2.

Interesting premise for the project.
Another interesting way of looking at this would be to see what is the most light weight way you are able to generate CO2 from the supplies.

How do you know the CO2 wasn't leaking out of the balloon?

-Make sure to compare it and use the data for how much CO2 was produced, not just time until CO2 would stop be producing.

Using sugar might be difficult, because it's a food source though.

KatieBMicrowaved water on plants...

Expand on the set up more.

Is there a control? How many different plants?

Measure hegiht,

What will you measure?
CodyHPlastic bottle degregation

How many plastic bottles? How did you compare this too?

What exactly did you measure? How did you compare the different bottles to see how decayed it was?

Glass, will sometimes filter out the UV llight, so is it just "decaying" buy melting it.

Use multuple trials, UV light is filtered by glass, so find a better way to test it. Maybe by mass and how much mass the bottle has lost.
Make sure to face forward while presentaing

DavidFIs a battery's lifetime affected by temp?

Hypothesis should be based off research.

Multiple trials? (2) do one more set of trials with the same batteries. Not just two different batteries.

Were the flashlights running while they were hot/cold. Or was that just beforehand?
While presenting, slef deprication isn't too helpful.

Same with being goofy.
ZaKPWhat materials could I put in sand to keep the land from eroding.
Multiple trials? Or how did they have?

Shoudl have percent have weight loss of sand, the sand only container, also had the most sand...so of course it would have more loss.

How much water was added each time.

Clarify the amount of sand was the same in each one.
KierranWWater system and pump

Expand on what exatly your design is.

2013 looks a little too low for how much rain we got.

So how much rain would you actually expect to get, based on how big your roof is.

So focus a little more on the calculations of how much rain you can capture, and maybe where it is.
The background is a little distracting
LucasSHow do bugs stick to walls?

So what exactly were you looking for when you looked at the legs?

Is it possible to get pictures of them?

Look up what research says how they did it, and compare that to your observations.


Show survey in your methods

Explain your specific results for each question and why you think you got those results for different people.
OwenLBurning leaves-do different leaves ignite faster

How did you makes sure the leaves were being ignited the same way every time.

Put the data into a full graph

Did you have multiple trials for this, if not get some and then average those together.

NathanielGDifferent air pressure and distance traveled.

How many times are you kicking each ball?

"Most variety" greatest range or variation

What distance did you measure (rolling or where it landed)
How did you measure the landing distance.
20 trials-good.
QuinnDSense of smell

What exactly were they being scored on? What were they having to identify?

You should try it with different concentrations of smells.

Presentation looked good
MAxAPotato Clock
How exactly did this hook up?
Research it more and explain that better.
Take this one step futher, Maybe hook it up in different temperatures and see if one works better .
SofiyaMBIrdseed pproject

Kinds of birdseed and attracting more birds.

Expand on the methods a ittle bit more, where did you leave them, how long did you leave them out for.

Expand on this and do a little more detail with bird identifiication.

How many birds did you see?

LazuliDDoes sugar affect how fast you can talk?

Graph the averages as another way to show the data.

Make sure to include the full detail your methds
Good background. CHeck for spelling,
MalachiDThe eggcellent project

Multiple trials.

Is the straw egg protected on all sides.

Try to do a repeat of everything, with the same exact conditions.

ALso make sure to address any error from the repitive dropping of the eggs that can hard them. *make sure to point that out.
ElleWGreen roods.

Multiple different boxes?

Is it better for them to be warner or coller in this context? Also it might have been better to look at it over a longer period of time to see if it insulated well, Or
Some of the text is a little hard to read with the background image
Eli LMeasuring Gas.

How much actual amounts did you mix, that should be in your methods?

How exactly did you measure the volume of the balloon.

I'd be curious if you continued to add more manganese dioxide if it would (and it should flatten out).

So continue to expand on building the car and fan, it will be interesting to see.

Include more pictures

Just do a bar graph of total people with each type of fingerprint.

Should have a graph of percent of people tested who were related and if they had the same type of fingerprint.

Next step just test people.
NicolasSNerf Gun
Include the the actual design and plan of the nerf gun.

I think this is a cool project to start off with, to continue to build on it, explore one them to gather more data and build on (use the 45° angle).
NikolaiFBaking soda rocket

Be more detailed in your methods. How much baking soda?

Should test 3 times each.

Also, should measure height the rocket is able to go

Graph scatter plot of amount of baking soda to time until explosion.
Presentation looks pretty good
JadenOVideo games.

Pretty good set up, if there's enough trials.

Were they playing the game before they started, or did the game start as soon as they put their foot in the ice?

Get more trials.

Expant with more detail on the discussion.
Good, not reading off the slides

Get some more pictures

Include more pictures

Just do a bar graph of total people with each type of fingerprint.

Should have a graph of percent of people tested who were related and if they had the same type of fingerprint.

Next step just test people.
The text is a little tough to read relative to the background.
KauroTCoil Gun

Include the the capacitance of the capacitor.

Include the specifics of the results (number of coils and capacitance)

You had good explanations of the topic, include schematics and drawings of it in addition to the pictures and paragraph response

Good to include the vocab words.

Good pictures
LiamSMaple or hickory

60 trials is good

How are your measuring damage?

Graph this with a line graph, not a bar graph (you are comparing two different numbers)

Explain the damage a little more. Maybe measure the number of different cracks.
Good clear presentation set up

Some typos in there
SeowooLNatural or chemical.

How are you defining chemical vs natural?

It's more of store bought products and detergents vs not

Title graph and label the y axis

Test this with at least one other substance.
CoralTSolar oven

Include a detail discussion about the pros and cons of using a solar oven.

Make your graphs a line graph because it is comparing two values to each other (time and temp)

Discuss how the well the food was cooked

Fill in more of your discussion, what would you do next time.
Good explaing everything and familiarity of the topic.

This would be a good topic to include pictures of what you actually built to help explain it more
AidanOHelium and voice

How many times did you test to get the average pitch?

Was it going an even octave up or some varying amount?

Clarify how measured the pitch of the voice.

AndrewHWater dissolving rocks

How might the surface area of the rocks affect the eroision
How many different rocks were there in each sample?
units on the graph

Also include a graph of percent change in rocks weight?

Include some more discussion on the stream flow as well-the storm and the like
QShumanWave Formation:

What affects the surf?

-Include when you went to the different places-did you measure them multiple times or did you it just once.
-Make sure to have an overall conclusion for if you were going to a new place to surf, how would you know where to go for the best surf

Make sure to have a clear design of what you did and where it went.

Maybe another thing to measure might be number of twists to how far it would go.

Label units on the graph
JordanAAerodynamics-Wind tunnel

How to control for poor axles or wheel friction?

Graph the data—averages

Measure the height of the car and graph that to the time it was taken.

Rio CQuantum Mechanics

History of atomic structure.

It would be neat to tie these together more of ideas, not just going through the different people

Double slit experiment was done with light first, then electrons
Some of the text is tough to read on the background

Cut down the amount of text on slide, more pictures
UnaBMice color sensitivity

Describe the methods more. What are the mice going towards?

How did you set it up?

Explain how many trials you had, what are the mice having to do?

Don't need a graph of totals.

Stella MBasketball Shooting
Good controled trial

Do you have a before and after for the scores?

You should do it and compare those values. So do an average of the amount of improvement over time.

Add more people,
GwenSFloating in salt water and floating different eggs.

Explain what the solution was in each cup and more detail in the methods

Expand on the discussion more, what error was there, what would you do next time.

Try not to read off your slides
LeonTColony-Building a game

Pretty cool game. When explaining it focus larger on the big picture, what is the flow of the game.

Explain some of the game play rules that you are going off of.

Don't just read off slides, explain more as you go.

Good screen shots
MackennaSColor Advertising

Expand methods, what are the different types of signs and set ups.

Include your data in a graph as well.

Do at least one more trial of it. Another thing to measure might be number of people present vs number who bought by.

Include pictures of the signs

SashaMSolar electricity

Expand on the methods, were the solar panels set up the same way every time.

Keep going the different angles
MassimoGStress on the body

Actually write out the methods and what you did? What is the test you made people do?

Test more people, 4 people is pretty low. Is temperature the best measurement of stress?

Include the percent correct on the test if it is relavent, or maybe use a real quiz.
Some of the text is difficult to read with the contrast
AidanL-WPlants and sound

Make sure to expand on the methods and how you set up.

Were all the plants in the same conditions?

How loud was the sound? In decibels?

EvanMCats and their behavior

Really make sure to have a thorough discussion because you don't have a lot of quantitative data

Face forward when presenting, not the board
TheoSComputer speeds over time.

What app did you use?

Use a bar graph to show the data

The data is a little confusing, break it up into different graphs and make sure to have different units on each graph

Also look into to see if the graphics card has an effect on the speed
WestonoVideo game difficulty

Level of difficulty and how difficult the game is

What game did you have them play?

How did you measure pleasure/frustration exactly .

Label the axis on the graph, more detailed title.

Get more trials 10-15 plus
Elijah AACleaning a straw

how was cleanliness measured? Just based on taste?

How mnay times did you try it?

Include more in the discussion.
QuinnSaUpside down plants.

How many plants did you grow?

What is the measurement of taste?

Were all of the plants grown in the same conditions?

How did you not average the results?-You should have had more trials of that upside down one
Too many unessesary distractions
Presentation Notes