Technology Tools for the First Week of School
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TimestampNameWhere do you teach?What grade(s) do you teach?What tool(s) have you used or do you plan on using this year for the first week of school?Why did you choose this tool?
8/4/2010 17:26:10berrendsciIntermountain Christian School (K-12)9/12/2010Edmodo, wikistart supporting social media/class connection from the get-go
8/4/2010 17:26:31Chad KafkaForest Park Middle School, Franklin, WI8thFlip Cams - want the students to make a quick intro video to introduce themselves to the class.

Need to put the tech in the kids hands and let them experience it. Flip Cams are so easy to use.
8/4/2010 17:27:20AnnMLK High School9/12/2010Google Forms, Gmial,, WallwisherThey are all essential for opening days and continued practice throughout the school year.
8/4/2010 17:29:37judibeaHigh School--Cook County--Chicago suburbHigh SchoolAnimoto
Voice Thread
Animoto---allows us as librarians to encourage the students to create book trailers.

Voice Thread allows discussions centered around a shared "viewing"

Wikispaces allows me to create a collaborative environment where others can post as needed.

Weebly---I don't care for it but teachers use it to create their own webpages---for me I'd go with Wikispaces. But, there are numerous options

I am looking at Ubernotes and other ONLINE note-taking solutions. I always follow JANE's E-PICKS even though initially she was a productivity specialist but her 100 3-faves are the BEST survey of all that is happeing in the e-Learning field whether your are a school or a business, etc....
8/4/2010 17:31:46DianeIKM-Manning, Manilla, IA7 & 8wordle, glogster, wikispaces, weebly, itunes, Makebeliefs comixStudents have freedom to showcase learning in multiple ways, collaborate with others, learn from others
8/4/2010 17:34:13Roger CriderFranklin Regional Senior High9/12/2010Google docs
Google forms
Todays Meet
Google tools allow for online collaboration and online use
Blogger students read articles/watch videos and then post comments. Eventually create their own blogs.
Todaysmeet for chats
Twitter for creating PLN
Youtube for watching tutorials on my channel
Wallwisher for discussion starters
8/4/2010 17:38:00Jeff CooperI used to teach English and ESL at Richmond High in California. I was also the edtech specialist for the College of Education at Pacific University. I currently support K-12 classrooms online at Tapped In.K-12+ SupportTapped In

Tapped In is a professional educators' collaborative with over 500 professional development groups, university and K-12 classrooms. I'm on Helpdesk and specialize in helping teachers create, manage (and possibly collaborate with other) K-12 classes, giving tours every Saturday at 10 or 11am. Pacific. Membership is free and ad free.

I recommend teachers register at Snurl (or a redirect site of their choosing... being sure that their district doesn't filter it). It's important to shorten long links and edit them to something easy to remember. is a must site for all K-12 educators. Tools such as Rubistar (online rubrics) Quizstar (online quizzes) Trackstar (easily created web tours) PBL Generator etc. (also tools for laying out your classroom)
8/4/2010 17:42:524thGrdTeachMiddleton,, voki, voicethread, skype, wallwisher, animoto, prezi, google docs, glogster, flip cams, digital camerasBecause they were easy to use and teach to my students and they made sense to use with our curriculum
8/4/2010 17:47:14TracyEast Windsor, CT3tagxedo, & twitterI plan to use tagxedo with my students during the 1st few weeks as part of our community building. I'm hoping that they will share important ideas about themselves & then see if they can identify each other by their tagxedo.

I am also planning to use twitter these 1st few weeks. Last year, I began to use it as a newsfeed of what was going on in my classroom. I'll continue that this year, but with a focus of getting the children learning how to use it to create their own PLE.
8/4/2010 17:50:33aprogersLittle Rock, AR9/12/2010LCD Projector, computer, white board
Google wave (if it isn't gone!)
Animoto's of each class with student pictures
ppt of course explaining rules, biography, and what we will do this year
These simple tools are used continuously in my classroom
8/4/2010 17:53:40ebd35Primary special school in London England for children aged 4-11 with severe social, emotional and behaviour problems. They are in years Reception - year 6 (primary)5Itouches and ebooks from Rising Stars motivate reluctant readers with supressed reading skills.
8/4/2010 17:54:20Dana ZoraStevens Elementary
Aberdeen, WA
6Did you mean week?
iPod, macbooks /AnswerGarden
QuickieQ and AnswerGarden to survey students and parents on first day
All my students will be issued an iPod on the first day
classroom.4teachers so that each student can create a design for room...each student will get a chance to try their design
tagxedo to make shape art of words about themselves
glogster to create online goal poster to create individual website and blog. Website used to embed projects they create on other sites...
8/4/2010 17:56:48LauraFairhaven, ma6/8/2010Wallwisher, my new Smartboard, slideshare, Twitter Wallwisher will be great for a backchannel discussion. Twitter will help me show how the news is changing with the Internet.
8/4/2010 17:58:35SheilaCentral NJK, !, 2, 3, 4, 5With my kindergartners, they take pictures of themselves with a digital camera. I have a Fisher Price Kid Tough Digital Camera. I think print out the pictures as tags and put their name and their computer number on them. I put the tags on the computers before they come in so they know where to sit. The tags also come in handy if they don't know how to spell their names. They can look at the tag on their computer.I previously had used the camera with much success and then an aide at the school mentioned how the previous computer teacher had tags for the K computers.
8/4/2010 18:01:03Kathleen M. BurgessConshohocken Catholic Elementary School
205 Fayette Street
Conshohocken, PA
Pre-K3 to 8Tools that I have used and will use SmartBoard, Smart Notebook, Discovery Education, Glogster, Animoto, Photo-Story, MovieMaker, Blabberize, Noodletools, Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Access), Alice, Maxig Music Maker, CamStudio, Audacity, Scratch, any other drawing tools available, my Livescribe Pen, Wikispaces. I hope to use VoiceTheads, Blogs, and anything new that can help enhance a lesson for students.The SmartBoard aids when introducing new technology, Discovery Education used for videos and I use it to set up lessons for the students (each student has a page). All other tools I incorporate into the different subject areas as needed to show the classroom teachers how they can be to replace somethings that they have done or used in the past.
Need to stop husband waiting to go out. Hope this helps.
8/4/2010 18:04:53phelpsdNew Bern High School9/12/2010Moodle, Blog, Googledocs. Maybe pull in wiki later for projects.Started using moodle at the end of last year and worked well with students. Want to use blog for more student interaction (i.e. posting questions that require more thought process). Will try to pull in wiki for projects as year progresses. We are on a block schedule so might wait until 2nd semester so not implementing too much at once!
8/4/2010 18:19:36Kristina PetersSpring Lake Magnet Omaha, NE2Flip cams
I'm going to ask the students to record mini videos of them following directions and doing our procedures. We'll post on my school webpage. I'd also like to start Twiducate to empower students to get involved in social media in a "safe" manner. We might throw some more tools in the first week, but these are what I've planned for already.
8/4/2010 18:20:03Charter school for at-risk students. 6Luidia Inscribe wireless tablets for eBeam system.

The evolution of the technology in my school.
8/4/2010 18:24:08Deena WarwickChocowinity. NC (Chocowinity Primary School)4This school year I plan to use Prezi (or Glogster), OneWord (, and Google Survey.I want to use Prezi as a get to know each other tool. Typically, I have used powerpoint in the past, but I think Prezi (or Glogster) will be more engaging. It will really depend on which I can use with my school filter as to which I decide. I also plan to use OneWord to determine my students writing levels and Google Forms to do my beginning of the year Parent Survey/Information Card.
8/4/2010 18:40:31Karyn (2ndgradetchr)Chicago, IL2- Flip Cams (going to video tape procedures, our hopes/dreams, and perhaps little intros about ourselves)
- Wiki (want kids to upload the videos and comment)
It gives students (especially my ELLs) a voice and part of reviewing procedures. By uploading them to wikis and posting them with added comments I am hoping to empower my students with their Flip Cam usage this year.
8/4/2010 18:40:53Aviva (@grade1)I teach at a public school in Ancaster, Ontario, Canada.!Wordle
VoiceThread and/or Audacity (will probably use in combination)
GoogleDocs -- Use in conjunction with Posterous for a Full-Class Blog Post -- Will be moving into individual student blogs through Kidblog
Wordle -- Helps with generating ideas. Will start with learning how to write lists, and Wordle is great for listing words.
Skype -- Connect with other classrooms. Get students learning with peers on a global level. The same reason I'll use Twitter. Twitter's also great for interactive writing, so we'll do this too.
VoiceThread and/or Audacity -- Have Grade 1's share ideas where not all about writing. Gives different ways for students to share. Great for differentiation.
GoogleDocs -- Get students starting to write using the computer. Allows them to collaborate with others and share ideas with a global audience.
8/4/2010 18:42:45laineymic8th Grade EnglishLaptops (class set)
LCD Projector
Desktop PC
Laptops - to use MS Word, access my class Moodle, class website and class blog

LCD Projector - to project notes and guide students through using MS Word for their first essay and to help students navigate the moodle courses, class website, and blog

Desktop PC - mostly for me (lesson plans, gradebook, etc.), but also for Accelerated Reader and Star Reading Assessments via school district subscription to Ren. Place

That will probably be it for the first week.
8/4/2010 18:52:00BarbInNebraskaCatholic School in Nebraska3 I'm planning on making a VoiceThread about what we did over our summer vacation.Easy to use, the children can draw their pictures and I will scan it in and I will record their story.
8/4/2010 19:00:51Paula NaugleIn teach in a suburban, public school just outside of New Orleans.4On the first day of school this year I will use my Promethean board to demonstrate how to use Wordle ( to my 4th graders. Then they will work in pairs on the new netbooks I received through a grant to create a Wordle about themselves. Wordle creates such awesome word clouds and I know that my students love things that are visually beautiful.
8/4/2010 19:03:50@mrspal ( Megan Palevich)Montgomery School
Chester Springs, PA
7,8wiki on wikispaces
blogging on
google apps for education
smartboard technology
I spend the first week of school setting up my students on the web 2.0 tools that they will use the most. Each one of them has a blog on 21 classes where we discuss class novels and they create blog posts based on the big idea for the year. In 7th grade it is: What is right? In 8th grade it is: Who am I?

Each student also has a page on a book review wiki where they post all of their book reviews while they are in middle school...a digital reading portfolio of sorts.

I introduce these web 2.0 tools using videos that I created with screencast-o-matic on the smartboard....I use the smartboard in smart ways as well, but was just trying to list the tech for week 1 ;o)

I am fortunate that I will be piloting a google apps program for my students this year. I have also received a class set of netbooks in order to do this. The first week will be a lot of instruction about their accounts, sharing, organizing etc.

I chose all of these tools in order to make things more collaborative, reflective, and efficient over the course of the year. By setting up these standard web 2.0 tools that I use all year in the first week of school, students become excited about learning! It also makes them feel comfortable when I continue to introduce new tools throughout the year.
8/4/2010 19:07:35Loveland, CO.high schoolgoogle docs
Interactive white boards
Love 'em- they work
8/4/2010 19:09:08Akevy Greenblatt 5Google doc
Airliner/ smartboard
To make the learning more interactive
8/4/2010 19:09:08Catina HaugenPetaluma, CA (Northern California)
6prezi, kidblog (for our class blog), wiki (multiple)Prezi is what I use for the first day of school--sort of an outline for the items to cover. It keeps students engaged with the important how/what/why of their new classroom.
Our class blog will start with one student blogger each day, then around Thanksgiving, we'll transition to individual student blogs.
Our school wiki helps kids navigate through our networked sytems, find programs and curriculum the use regularly and find specific computer lab assignments.
My parent wiki helps parents stay connected to our classroom and me. It's informational only.
8/4/2010 19:27:37CarlosTallahassee, Fl - Middle School

Tallahassee, Fl - Virtual High School
8th, 9th,11th, and 12thPromethean Expressions

Good way for the students to express themselves so I can get to know them better.
8/4/2010 20:48:56RebeccaTexas4Smartboard
Stiky note
Make a class wordle of our class expectations
Document camera
Write our own version of "I've gotta feeling" and record it on a flip video or iPhone.
My hope is that all of these tools will get my kids excited about our class.
8/4/2010 21:47:14elemno1Eastern North Carolina!Website, interactive whiteboard, elmo, projector & laptop, CD player, computersI use a website for two purposes to store and make information readily available to parents since it often is misplaced or doesn't make it home and to provide my students with a way to share their accomplishments with a wider audience. They take pictures of lego structures and other temporary creations that could not otherwise be shared. This year I am planning a student produced introduction to first grade on video or slides.
8/4/2010 23:10:533Elmo
LCD Projector
Smart Board (Mimio)
Because these were the tools that I have available to me full time in my classroom. They keep the students engaged and allow me to do more showing then telling. For example, instead of just telling students how to solve a math problem, I can use manipulatives on the Elmo so they can see how to solve the problem.
8/5/2010 4:49:25Tania Ash (@tcash)Rabat American School, Rabat, Morocco5Hopefully student laptops
Student blogs, Google for Education, Wallwisher
I have a class of 21 students, and access to 9 laptops. So, this year, for the first time, admin has agreed to let elementary students bring in laptops (special 5th grade privilege). I'm hoping many will (we have a pretty privileged community).
I am hoping to start student blogging this year, and one of the first things students will do is set up their blog and write the "About Me" page.

My class will be piloting the Google Apps for Education this year, so I'm really looking forward to that (we currently use Zimbra as email/collaboration).

I have a graffiti-style "I wonder" bulletin board in my classroom where students can write questions down about some of the topics we will be studying (and some off-topic questions, too!) I would like to complement those with an online version via Wallwisher.

Not necessarily in the first week, but I plan to use a backchannel in my classroom every now and then. I'm not sure which one now. I guess Wave is out the window... I would like to use Twitter so kids can Tweet interesting facts as they do research, but I'm worried about privacy, and exposure to inappropriate content... 5th grade too early for Twitter? May use Today's Meet, but what I like about Twitter is the ability to go back and look through old tweets.... so many questions!

Sorry for rambling - thanks for the venue/questions to reflect!
8/5/2010 12:10:08CLykowskiBedford Public Schools, SE Michigan5Glogster EDU

Discovery Education Assignment Builder
Engaging, user-friendly, fits curriculum needs
8/5/2010 12:14:06Ron DanaultWhite Mountains Regional High School, Whitefield New Hampshire9/12/2010Moodle, Google Docs, Cisco Networking Academy, MS Office, Adobe PremiumIt fits into my lesson plans
8/5/2010 12:15:31@rgriffithjrHinsdale Central School - Located in Southwestern New York11/12/2010Wallwisher:


Wallwisher - Collaboration and Ice Breaking, students are already familiar with it. "Geeting to Know you activity" Each student will post info and we will guess who mathces the posts

Prezi: Introduction of course syllabus and overview of material "Zoom through the year". Use as a demo and model b/c students will be creating one in OCt..

GoogleDoc/Form: Receive Feedback and information about student expectations, interests, and goals
8/5/2010 12:24:57ClaireI teach at Cole Elementary in Nashville, TN. Pre-K, K, !, 2, 3, 4I teach in a computer lab, so in the first week(in the past) I usually spent time explaining the rules of the lab & introducing myself. This year, I am planning on having students complete a Google Survey -- what you are using right now :) -- about their knowledge & experience with computers.

I realized last year I never "got to know" my student's personal history with computers. By using a survey, I'm able to see quickly if they are used to controlling a mouse (PK, K, & 1), using a shortcut on the desktop(1, 2, 3, 4), reading and completing questions by using the keyboard. While these sound like little things, I think it'll help base my lesson plans by knowing my students' prior knowledge & experience with computers.
8/5/2010 12:32:03David DodgsonAt a private college in Ankara, Turkey.3/4/2005PowerPoint, Movie maker, Glogster (new one this year)I use them to overview syllabus and for a 'get to know your teacher' activity. Kids then prepare something about themselves with same tools (or others).
8/5/2010 12:35:15FaithBernard Zell Anshe Emet Dayschool, ChicagoK, !, 2, 3, 4Classblogmeister
I want to get the students started immediately on:
writing their thoughts in a blog, and commenting on others
Collaborating in a wiki and Kerpoof
Expressing themselves and getting their opinions on a Voicethread
Collecting summer pictures on Photopeach
creating a portfolio through Glogster
8/5/2010 13:30:21Tracy LavertyBedford Road Collegiate
Saskatoon, SK
SecondaryPoll everywhere
Twitter @tracylaverty
Poll everywhere - allows students to use their celphones to "Vote" in real time online poll, while seeing other answers as they go
Wallwisher and wifitti are much the same technology as polleverywhere except with out the question. Students can add brainstorming ideas from mobile devices and see them come up on projector or smart board in real time
Twitter allows me to stay connected to PLN and on top of professional learning
Blogging my classes allows my students (or parents) a recap of the class online where they can access it at home complete with links and resources (via livebinder)
8/5/2010 14:01:10Anne Vsuburban Philadelphia, PA7, 8, 11, 12gmail, googledocs, wikispaces and/or pbworks, eNLVM, NoodleTools

(I teach 7th and 8th grade math and high school environmental science)
communication and collaboration (gmail and googledocs), information dissemination and collection (wikispaces and pbworks),modelling and math practice (eNLVM) and research/writing (NoodleTools)
8/5/2010 16:27:02In Ontario3, Literacy TeacherTools-Multiple Intelligence & interest surveys, reading surveys, placemat tasks about interests, Running Records, reading conferences, family questionaire, Tribes community building activities. Garage Band-recording of students reading, newsletters to connect with famlies
I will use The Smartboard (IWB) to begin with shared reading tasks. I will use the iMac inorder to record initial readings and build an electronic portfolio.
I use the tools listed above so I can get to know my students and plan out my time with them. I want to know their strengths and their area of struggle. I want to know what engages them and I want to connect right away with the families and form a partnership. It's important to know the students' multiple intelligences, it helps me plan out my literacy stations and independent tasks. I need to know their interests so I can select appropriate books for guided and independent reading.
8/5/2010 18:07:524Prezi, Wall Wisher, and EdublogsPrezi is visually engaging and different.
Wall Wisher doesn't need emails or sign ins from students.
Edublogs is not blocked by school filter.
8/5/2010 18:57:01Rui I teach in a primary school in the west side of Singapore.!, 2I have been encouraging students to use blogs journals to inprove their writing. Also using Facebook to keep us connected.

Wallwisher is used by my students to post their views after they have absorbed my lessons.
To encourage students to embrance ICT and the effciency of these tools in learning.
They are free.
8/6/2010 13:41:05Ed AllenCardinal O'Hara High School11 and 12Our Class Ning
Google Docs
Our class ning is our collaboration place for our vocal music class. I need to get all the students on the ning and get the talk going? Google docs because they work so well.
8/7/2010 10:57:52Kathy RicePrince George, BC (Canada)K-7 Teacher-librarianWill be using Comic Life and easy to use - can use it for anything! We will be making "All About us" posters to display.
8/7/2010 11:00:32Patrick LarkinHigh School Principal9/12/2010We have used wallwisher, Google Docs, and Twitter as a staff to have collaborative discussions on different topics/issues.I like the idea of tools that allow staff to see the inclusive nature of our conversations. While we talk a lot about teacher voice/input and student voice/input and its importance, we need to keep using tools that show we are walking the walk. Looking forward to your article to see what other tools are available.
8/7/2010 11:00:37loriShort Hills, NJK, !, 2, 3, 4, 5Wordle, Comic Life, Word, KidPix, Pixie, Glogster, VoiceThreadExposure to new tools for student creation
8/7/2010 11:00:44BrianLaurel School for Girls in Shaker Heights, OH11/12/2010electronic textbook by Kinetic Books, projector, Google Docs The eBook due to its low cost and interactive features.
The projector is useful for displaying the book to the entire class.
Google Docs will allow students to share their data with me for our first lab.
8/7/2010 11:03:03Lynda Westside School District
Lancaster CA
3document camera
digital camera
I use them all the time!
8/7/2010 11:08:08gulaa9461SchoolCenter Page with my new blog. Demo how it all works
Smartboard for most info and instruction
Doc camera for instruction
6Not sure yet. We usually team and grade level plan first. I wish I had more stuff to share. I really need the info for my self and my team.Next year year I will be able to answer this question in detail.
8/7/2010 11:10:45MorganBrecksville, Ohio (suburb south of Cleveland)K, !, 2, 3, Special EducationProtopage for our class homepage- for third graders e-portfolios
SMARTboard with SMART Notebook software
BoardMaker Plus v.6
BoardMaker Activity Pads
WordPress for Class Blog to Parents/Grandparents
MS Word for Spelling, Typing, Writing
MS Excel to do Student/Aide scheduling
Twitter for my own PD
Google Docs for lesson plans
Google Calendar
Our school has just switched to Gmail and the Google Educator Apps for this school year which should help us to be much more efficient and effective as long as teachers embrace the "new."
BoardMaker (Mayer-Johnson software) is the most valuable tool any special educator can own to make visual icons but also create individualized lessons for the SMART board, interactive books, interactive boards, etc.
Protopage was an easy tool to use to organize links for my students and aides.
Our district supports WordPress as our blogging tool. I use Google Blogger for my own professional blog ( seems a good choice for student e-portfolios/blogs because of the visual icons for photos, titles, paragraphs, videos, etc.
8/7/2010 11:13:14Kym MizellClark Elementary SchoolK-5Glogster!!! Love it!!!Wonderful tool to allow students to communicate using electronic posters!
8/7/2010 11:13:33Boris BerlijnAshram College, Alphen aan den Rijn - Netherlandsvmbo-hav-vwo (klas 1 t/m 4)Laptop computer, iPhone, Software (SMART Notebook, Powerpoint & word), digital learning environment - elo (TeleTOP)It makes work easier ... and I enjoy it. :-D
8/7/2010 11:16:00Karen McMillan (@McTeach)Christ the King Catholic School in Pleasant Hill, California7th and 8thWordle
Wordle - I'm going to create one with all of the kids names to have on the ActivBoard when they first come in on the first day.

Voicethread - for a class review of the books we read over the summer (I think)
8/7/2010 11:17:41Jason BedellFrelinghuysen Middle School, Morristown, NJ6Buddypress and possibly etherpadBecause it will help me to start building a true sense of community in my classroom.
8/7/2010 11:17:50BobCocheco Arts and Technology Academy in Dover, NH9/12/ (LMS)
Google Docs
Aviary Suite (especially audio)
Haiku is the new LMS for the school. We liked the clean look and the ability to incorporate and embed other programs such as SoftChalk to run hybrid courses.

Google Docs changed the way we operate the school last year and we will continue to take advantage of all of the Google Apps.

Aviary is a free, cross-platform program that will help my Music Technology students get a grasp on basic techniques of mixing and recording.

RiffWorks is a great collaborative tool for my guitar ensemble. We use it to share ideas outside of class and keep tabs on assessments of practice time.
8/7/2010 11:19:38Theresa ReiterK-12 Teacher Librarian in 3 school districts: Belmond-Klemme Schools in Belmond, IA; West Hancock Schools in Britt, IA; and the Ventura Community Schools in Ventura, IA - all in the United States.K-12 Teacher LibrarianMy blog on school web sites: &
I also want to show the staffs several tools I just learned about - and I'm a tweep!
Blogs provide information to the reader and allows the reader to respond. I think blogs are more personal on a communitative level.
I like Glogster because I think it will be a fun way for students to do a job many don't like - book reports.
I use Twitter as my PLN. I've really learned a lot from my tweeps!
8/7/2010 11:21:01KbabineNew Hampshire5I will be using Glogster to create a glog that will guide my parents through my Back To School Night, which is usually just after the first week of school. This will not only make it easy for me to cover all of the aspects of my year that I need to share with my parents, but also walk them through this amazing tool that their children will be using.I was introduced to Glogster last school year, and ended up getting rid of, finally, those tri-fold boards for my scientific method investigations. Students were able to embed video taken while conducting their experiments, and record their personal reflections of their projects. I was so impressed with my students' use of Glogster! I anticipate using it in other areas this year and thought it would be a great idea to let parents preview and see the benefits if this tool right from the start.
8/7/2010 11:22:19Heather DurninOntario, Canada7/8/2010Google forms and docs: students fill in surveys about their interests and learning styles. They'll review the results from the interest survey to learn about their peers. Forms are found on my class website on the "day 1" page. They'll also be setting up their igoogle page on their own Gapps account, setting up their own Wordpress blog and using Skype to "meet" the class we're collaborating with throughout the yearWe've used Gdocs for the past 2 years, so my gr. 8's can help my 7's. I like the ability to collaborate with it.
I chose Wordpress since that's what I use for my blog.
8/7/2010 11:22:42KbabineNew Hampshire5I will be using Glogster to create a glog that will guide my parents through my Back To School Night, which is usually just after the first week of school. This will not only make it easy for me to cover all of the aspects of my year that I need to share with my parents, but also walk them through this amazing tool that their children will be using.I was introduced to Glogster last school year, and ended up getting rid of, finally, those tri-fold boards for my scientific method investigations. Students were able to embed video taken while conducting their experiments, and record their personal reflections of their projects. I was so impressed with my students' use of Glogster! I anticipate using it in other areas this year and thought it would be a great idea to let parents preview and see the benefits if this tool right from the start.
8/7/2010 11:25:44HeatherMerritt Island, FL81. YouTube (study like a scholar, scholar vid)
2. Doc Cam
3. Projector
4. Google docs (parent survey)
5. Animoto
1. Better choice of videos/more culturally relevant
2. Easier to model strategies with students than writing on white board
3. Goes w/doc cam
4. Saves paper, gives results in a spreadsheet, replaces the letter home
5. More interesting than me lecturing students on rules, plus can be linked to my webpage.
8/7/2010 11:54:33Josh ClarkLausanne Collegiate School, Memphis, TN8th this year but would use most of this in any middle school class.Voicethread
OneNote (Info Lit Pre-Assessment)
I am using Voicethread for "how to" tutorials beginning with navigating the school library page

OneNote is going to be mine and students main tool for organization...everything goes in Onenote

Trails is a great, free web-based pre-assessment of info literacy skills
8/7/2010 12:33:51Rich GonzalezBoys' Latin of Philadelphia Charter School9/12/2010Faronics Deep Freeze
Windows Deployment Service
Windows SteadyState
Deep freeze - to maintain a common student profile on each laptop and to prevent tampering with applications students need throughout the year. Also, to prevent service calls related to students damaging the OS or getting themselves infected online. If there is an opensource package that does this I'd like to know please!

Windows Deployment Service - to deploy 400 laptops WDS will multicast images to as many laptops as can be setup on the network at once. In my case about 50 at a time. Its part of Windows Server 2008.

Windows SteadyState - like Deepfreeze it maintains a locked profile. I use it on lab and other stationary workstations where I need it locked down but don't require all of the bells and whistles of Deepfreeze (like reporting, alerts, etc). SteadyState is free from MS.
8/7/2010 12:40:53Henk-janAshram college, Alphen aan den Rijn, The NetherlandsMiddelbare schoolInternet - teletop
Smart Notebook
Smart notebook is the program were I make my lessons in
8/7/2010 12:55:02Mike DialLawson High School in Lawson, MO9/12/2010SMARTboard with the SMART Response systemEasy, quick way to check student compression while integrating technology with every student
8/7/2010 12:58:28Rich GonzalezBoys' Latin of Philadelphia Charter School9/12/2010Forgot to mention that our school uses MS DreamSpark. Basically MS provides all of their developer tools and server operating systems for free to students in HS. We use it to give our students MS Expression which is a professional vector graphics package like Adobe Illustrator. As an administrator I use it to get Windows Server 2008 and Virtual PC to create testing and development networks.
Thousands of dollars of free enterprise level developer and design software available to students and educators is a great resource.
8/7/2010 13:03:53MelissaWest Yok, PA5student response devices- getting to know you interactive PPT students will respond to a variety of prompts including; what have you learned this week, what questions do you still have, and how do you learn best
I choose the response devices because it allows students to give their input with a sense of anonimity but gives them a sense of how the class as a whole feels about some questions or topics so they realize that they have commonalities.

I choose Edmodo because I get honest feedback and the kids are engaged by the FB/Myspace feel of the site.
8/7/2010 13:26:56gericoats9/10th grade ELA intervention and 9th grade College Prep ELA9/10/2010my own website:
class blog:
schoology or edmodo (still not sure which)
wii interactive whiteboard (if I can get it set up this week)
class website: information source for ALL
class blog: limit paper, and provide authentic audience for student writing
twitter: for ME, to grow and learn
schoology or edmodo: extend the classroom beyond the walls
polleverywhere: use student cell phones (buy in) and get info from students
wii interactive wb: just cuz it sounds cool
email: communication
8/7/2010 13:53:11Kevin JarrettK-4 Technology in a Lab SettingK, !, 2, 3, 4I use a range of tools to welcome my students to the lab including for those who are new to technology and for those more experienced; to discuss systems and simulations; or for gathering feedback on ideas for the new year; to make faux magazine covers for Back to School Night (like this: I've used these in the past because they are developmentally appropriate, easy to use, free, fun and reinforce 21st century skills! Thanks for asking!
8/7/2010 14:00:43SuzanneNew York4Wordle!Fun way to get acquainted!
8/7/2010 14:08:11Kelly SmithSan Diego, California6We will be blogging the first week of school. (Parents like to know what's going on.)A communication piece. 6th grade at my school is the start of middle school, and many of my students are the oldest sibling so this is a transition for the parents too.
8/7/2010 14:58:52Greece, New York7th grade mathtwitterI am going to use twitter in my classroom as a way to remind students of their HW, upcoming quizzes, what to study, etc as well as keep parents informed of what is going on in the classroom. Hoping to be able to incorporate a little friendly competition between classes and tweet when an entire class completed their homework, which class had the high quiz score, etc.

I have never done this before and I am hoping parents and students will get on board with me.
8/7/2010 17:46:10ToddMinot, ND
Jim Hill Middle School
8th - MathI will be using my Smartboard along with the Response Units. I will also be using the Smart Airliner.They are very teacher and student friendly. My students love to use the Smartboard.
8/7/2010 18:28:32@literateowlKelowna Secondary BC Canada10/12/2010
I will be launching a new website that embeds our blog like a RSS newsfeed. Our library will use a range of social media to promote reading and library services.
Power for content integration good luck
8/7/2010 20:14:45KrisLarge parochial school in Ohio5SmartBoard
SmartBoard - it's like an appendage to my body...I don't do anything without it.

Blog - I love to keep the line of communication open with my students and their parents.

Diigo - Just learned about it this summer and plan to impliment using it this year.
8/7/2010 20:33:46Craig NansenDirector of Technology, Minot Public Schools, Minot, NDdistrict levelWe are rolling out Google Apps for Education, Edmodo - both with district wide domainsWant to provide a secure place for students to write, collaborate, etc.
8/7/2010 21:07:19BenCityview, Minneapolis, MN (Mpls Public)6/7/2008Postcard Puzzles

Cut a bunch of postcards, give one piece to each student. They have to find the matching students, put the puzzle together and write questions about the postcard that apply to what I (the teacher) may have done over the summer.

I'll also use some music. I haven't decided on the songs yet.
I did the postcard puzzle activity at a recent training and the conversation was rich.

Music is always a great connector.
8/8/2010 9:06:04LindermanHinsdale Central SchoolMulti-age 4-6 gradeSmartboard, ipods, laptops, various educational linksTo figure out a way to get my students excited about learning again. To get myself excited about learning again.
8/8/2010 9:06:12Dominic A. SalvucciNew Brighton Area School District in New Brighton, PA9/12/2010iPod Touches as classroom computing platform, along with apps for my classes. Edmodo as online classroom, Google Apps for Education, Evernote, online textbook for Civics. Students will sign up for Edublogs accounts and Animoto for education accounts.I will use the first week or two as orientation to technology for my students.The above combination of tools seems to give my students a lot of flexibility to work from anywhere they have an Internet connection. The tools are also easy to learn.
8/8/2010 9:08:43LindermanHinsdale Central SchoolMulti-age 4-6 gradeSmartboard, ipods, laptops, various educational linksTo figure out a way to get my students excited about learning again. To get myself excited about learning again.
8/8/2010 9:09:13LindermanHinsdale Central SchoolMulti-age 4-6 gradeSmartboard, ipods, laptops, various educational linksTo figure out a way to get my students excited about learning again. To get myself excited about learning again.
8/8/2010 9:11:39@rkikerJust left Palisades to be an IT consultant.9/12/2010I have been using Edmodo exclusively as a classroom management tool. It is robust, clean, and powerful. I recommend it to many.After testing it for a few months, it quickly became apparent how it can connect students and teachers with an efficient set of tools.
8/8/2010 9:13:10Erik WittmerI teach in South Central PA, Hanover, PA. We usually tell people it is the snack capital of the world with Snyder's Pretzels and Utz Potato Chips being made in Hanover. 5I will be using glogster and wikispace the first week. My students will be putting together posters of their summer vacations, a little bit about themselves and setting a goal for the first part of the year. They will then embed them onto their wikispace so that we can remind ourselves who we are, what our goal is what fun we had during the summer time.
8/8/2010 12:46:35Mary LehmanStony Brook Elementary School, York, PA3We are going to use TodaysMeet ( on the first day. The students will learn how to use backchanneling and connect with each other and learn about each other.
We will also use the SMART Response system to assess where my new students are in terms of using technology. I will give a quiz to ask what tools they use at home and at school.
TodaysMeet is an easy and quick way to use for a short specific time period.

Our classroom is set up with SMART tools so it's a easy way to introduce them to what we have in our classroom.
8/9/2010 13:07:00Sports and Entertainment Marketing; Digital Communication Systems9/12/2010Tagxedo
Tagxedo - gives a different twist on word clouds-great alternative for students to create an "About Me" page.

Crocodoc - great collaboration tool for teachers and students alike. - great organizational tool; shorten multiple urls into one' it's like a one stop shopping format,,all of your files and/or forms in one url location.
8/9/2010 17:21:46Lisa OvertonAdrian, michigan2/3/2010This year I'll be using Prezi and StoryKit (iPod app).Prezi is going to replace Photostory as an interesting way for me to introduce myself. StoryKit will be a simple, yet engaging way to begin digital storytelling with little ones.
8/11/2010 23:37:12WmchamberlainNoel Elementary, Noel, MO7,8None, have to have user agreements signed by parents so students will wait. First thing we will do is get gmail for the students, then set up a blog.Most of the semester will be centered around using their blog as a tool for sharing.