151DA fuel tank on a barge has been certified by a marine chemist as being "Safe for Men" and "Safe for fire." This condition may change if___________.the ambient temperature changesa product leaks into the certified tankmuck, sludge, or scale in the tank give off additional vaporsall of the above
152AIn the event of an exhaust duct fire, most dry chemical and carbon dioxide galley range fixed extinguishing systems are automatically activated through the action of a stainless steel cable, spring and a __________.fusible linkstack switchthermostatpyrostat
154BA ballast tank is one-third full when additional ballast is added until it is two-thirds full. The increased amount of liquid in the tank will have the greatest influence on the surface effecttransverse stabilityvirtual rise in the center of gravityvalue of the moment to trim 1 inch (MT1)
155DCoast Guard Regulations (46 CFR) require that lifejackets shall be __________.provided for each person onboardprovided for all personnel on watchreadily accessible to persons in the engine roomall of the above
156CFuel oil tank vents are fitted with a corrosion resistant wire mesh screen to __________.prevent dirt from entering the tankdissipate fumes leaving the ventprevent flames from entering the tankprevent accidental overflow
158BWhich of the listed fire extinguishing agents would be suitable for use on an oil fire, but dangerous on an electrical fire?CO2Water fogHalonDry chemical
159DThe horizontal fore and aft movement of a vessel is called __________.yawswayheavesurge
1510AThe most critical time for preventing an accidental oil spill during bunkering, is when the __________.tanks are being topped offfuel begins to come aboardhoses are being blown downhoses are being disconnected
1512BWhere would you look to find out what your duties are during a fire?Ship's articlesMuster List ("Station Bill")Certificate of InspectionU.S. Coast Guard Regulations
1513BA vessel which is subjected to 'sagging' __________.has its main deck under tensile stresshas its bottom plating under tensile stressis supported on a wave whose crest is amidshipsis said to be under a form of transverse bending
1515DWhich of the following conditions will allow for a work vest to be substituted for a lifejacket in the total count of the required lifesaving gear?When it is approved by the Coast GuardWhen working near or over the waterWhen stowed away from the ring buoysA work vest may never be counted as a lifejacket
1516DWhat safety information can be found in the fire control plan that is posted or available in booklet form on your ship?Location of fire doorsLocation of the remote means of stopping fansParticulars of the fire detecting systemAll of the above.
1517CWhen administering only mouth-to-mouth resuscitation, you should continue the victim's ventilation rate at how many inflations per minute?481220
1518AWhich of the listed classes of fires can best be extinguished with a water fog?Class A and BClass A and CClass B and CClass A, B, and C
1519BThe horizontal port, or starboard movement of a vessel is called __________.yawswaysurgeheave
1520BIf a cup of oil is spilled during fueling and causes a sheen upon the water it __________.must be reported to the fire departmentmust be reported to the Coast Guardmust be reported to the harbormasterneed not be reported since the spill was less than 250 barrels
1521BWhen involved in fighting a fire aboard a ship with an aluminum superstructure, it is important to remember that aluminum structures exposed to the high heat __________.generate poisonous fumesare more susceptible to collapse than steel structuresare susceptible to spontaneous ignitionall of the above
1522BThe fire protection provided for the propulsion motor and generator of a diesel electric drive vessel is usually a __________.fixed foam extinguisherfixed CO2 systemsteam smothering systempressurized water sprinkler system
1523AThe zipper of an immersion suit should be lubricated with __________.the manufacturers recommended lubricantepoxy resin consisting of at least two coatingslow temperature water-soluble oilsealing compound used in liferafts
1524CThe blocking open or absence of fire dampers can contribute to __________.the accumulation of explosive gasesfaster cooling of the firethe fire spreading by way of the ventilation systemfixed foam systems to be ineffective
1525CIn accordance with Coast Guard Regulations, Coast Guard approved buoyant work vests __________.should be stowed in engineering spaces in lieu of approved life preservers because they are less bulky and permit free movement in confined spacesmay be used as a substitute for approved life preservers during routine drills, but never during an emergencyshould not be stowed where they could be confused with life jackets in an emergencyall of the above
1526APrior to entering a cargo pumproom, you should ensure that __________.the forced ventilating system is operatingthe cargo pumps are secureda suitable gas mask is availablethe oily water separator is de-energized
1527AWhen administering artificial respiration to an adult, the breathing cycle should be repeated about __________.12 to 15 times per minute18 to 20 times per minute20 to 25 times per minuteas fast as possible
1528CThe most common cooling agent used for fighting fires on tank vessels is __________.carbon dioxideflue gaswatersteam smothering
1530CThe Pollution Prevention Regulations (33 CFR) require that all oil spills in United States waters be reported immediately to the __________.local port authorityCorps of EngineersU.S. Coast Guardstate pollution board
1531BThe purpose of the a vessels "inclining experiment" is to __________.determine the location of the metacenterdetermine the position of the lightship center of gravityverify the hydrostatic dataverify data in the vessel's operating manual
1532DTo safeguard the operator and other personnel working on or near a hoisting operation, which of the following precautions should be observed?Keep a load on the hoist until all personnel are finished working.Set the load on a movable dolly when transportation may be needed.Have one man keep a hand on the load to steady it.Insure that the lifting gear capacity is not exceeded.
1533DWhich of the following statements describes one of the functions of the ballasting system?To permit flooding of any fuel oil storage tank on any class of ship.To use it as a secondary service system.To store reserve feed or potable water for extended cruises.To stabilize the ship by flooding certain designed tanks with seawater.
1535CA MODU is required to carry an Oil Record Book, and must maintain the book on board for yeartwo yearsthree yearsfour years
1536BApproved buoyant work vests may be carried aboard tank vessels and shall be worn by crew members __________.when working near or over the water under unfavorable working conditionsunder the supervision and control of designated ship's officersas substitutes for the approved life preservers during routine drills, weather permitting, when a vessel is moored piersideall of the above
1537BWhen artificial respiration is being given to an adult that shows indications of having a pulse, it should be administered __________.4 to 6 times per minute12 to 15 times per minute20 to 30 times per minuteAt least 30 times per minute
1538CWhich of the firefighting agents listed is the least hazardous to personnel?CO2SteamWaterCarbon tetrachloride
1540BTo prevent oil from escaping into the sea when ballasting through the cargo piping system, you should FIRST sea suction valves, then start the cargo pumpstart the cargo pump, then open sea suction valvesopen block valves, then start the cargo pumpopen sluice valves, then start the cargo pump
1541DAccording to Coast Guard Regulations (46 CFR Part 199), all United States merchant vessels are required to have muster lists to be posted __________.on the navigating bridgein the engine roomin the crew accomodation spacesall of the above
1543BThe external flotation bladder on an immersion suit should be inflated __________.before you enter the waterafter you enter the waterafter one hour in the waterafter you notice that your suit is losing buoyancy
1545CWhere would you find a list of the lifesaving equipment onboard your supply boat?Ship's articlesMuster List ("Station Bill")Certificate of InspectionU. S. Coast Guard Regulations
1546BA virtual rise in the center of gravity of a MODU may be caused by __________.filling a partially filled tankusing an onboard crane to lift a freely swinging heavy objectemptying a partially filled tanktransferring pipe from the setback area to the pipe rack
1547CThe rescuer can best provide an airtight seal during mouth-to-mouth ventilation by pinching the victim's nostrils and __________.cupping a hand around the patient's mouthkeeping the head elevatedapplying his mouth tightly over the victim's mouthholding the jaw down firmly
1548DWhy is it necessary to cool the bulkheads, decks, and overheads surrounding an involved compartment fire?Cool the metal below its ignition temperatureForm a dense coating of smothering steamPrevent oxygen from reaching the flamesPrevent the fire from spreading by heat conduction
1549CThe vertical motion of a floating vessel is known as __________.surgeswayheavepitch
1550BAn acceptable method of dealing with accumulated oil found in the pump room bilges is to __________.transfer the oil to the sea chestpump the oil into the slop tanksdischarge the oil over the side on an outgoing tidepump the oil into a clean ballast tank
1551A'Air gap' is the vertical distance between the bottom of the hull and the __________.still water levelwave crestwave crest plus the charted water depth and tidal correctionswave crest plus the charted water depth, plus tidal correction and storm surge
1552DWhich of the listed conditions could cause a dangerous reduction in oxygen in a shipboard compartment?FireRusting or the drying of paintDecomposing organic materialAll of the above conditions
1553CAn immersion suit should be equipped with a/an __________.air bottle for breathingwhistle and handheld flarewhistle, strobe light, and reflective tapewhistle, handheld flare, and sea dye marker
1554BPortable Halon extinguishers used on a class "B" fire should be directed the top of the flamesat the base of the fire near the edgein short, quick burststoward the upwind side of the fire
1555DThe existence of liquids in partially full tanks or compartments of a MODU causes a virtual rise in the height of the __________.metacentercenter of buoyancycenter of flotationcenter of gravity
1556AA MODU is required to carry an Oil Record Book to log entries in the book regarding the __________.discharge of ballast or cleaning water from fuel tankssounding levels of all fuel tanks on a daily basisgrade and specific gravity of all fuel oil carriedfuel consumption rates on a weekly basis
1558DPersonnel who are moving or handling material aboard ship should NOT follow which of the listed practices?Signaling that all personnel are clear before lifting or lowering material.Examining material for sharp edges or protruding points before handling.Closing, tagging, or securing valves that permit entrance of steam, water, or air into a fitting or other equipment.Throwing materials from high places to the deck.
1559CHorizontal transverse motion of a vessel is known as __________.pitchsurgeswayheave
1560DAs a precaution against oil spills when topping off fuel tanks, you should __________.close the deck filling valve to reduce the pumping rateclose all tank vents to prevent overflowfill the tank to the bottom of the expansion trunknotify the shore pumping station to reduce the pumping rate as tanks near full capacity
1561CWhen taking soundings on a floating MODU, the tape should be lowered and brought back quickly to __________.reduce the time the sounding tube is openavoid creating a sparklessen the effect of roll or pitch on the readinglessen the effect of heave on the reading
1562DThe regulations regarding Oil Record Books do not apply to MODUs that __________.are on an international voyageare on a voyage of more than 24 hourshave a valid International Oil Pollution Prevention Certificatehave a valid National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System permit
1563AWhich of the following conditions represents the appropriate time for setting off distress flares and rockets?Only when there is a chance of them being seen by rescue vessels.At half-hour intervals.At one hour intervals.Immediately upon abandoning the vessel.
1564DHalon extinguishers used on a class "C" fire should be directed at the __________.base of the equipmenttop of the equipmentpower sourcesource of the fire
1565AWhen taking tank soundings on a MODU, coating the tape with chalk helps to __________.better identify the correct readingshow the depth of any water in an oil tankmake the tape roll easierreduce possibility of sparks
1566CThe signal to man emergency stations on MODUs is __________.a 30 second on - 30 second off alternating signalthe continuous ringing of the general alarm signalan intermittent ringing of the general alarm for not less than ten secondsannounced over PA system
1567AWhen administering chest compression during CPR, at what part of the victim's body should the pressure be applied?Lower half of the sternumRight chest over the heartTop half of the sternumLeft chest over the heart
1568CA straight stream of water should be used to extinguish __________.galley grease firesfuel oil firesburning bedding materialsa fire in the paint locker
1569ARolling is the angular motion of the vessel about what axis?LongitudinalTransverseVerticalCenterline
1571AThe requirement to carry an Oil Record Book does not apply to a MODU that not equipped to discharge overboard any oil or oily mixtureis on an international voyage to a country that is party to MARPOLhas an International Oil Pollution Prevention Certificatehas an oily water separator of sufficient capacity for the oil wastes generated
1572BA virtual rise in the center of gravity of a MODU may be caused by __________.filling a partially filled tankusing fuel from a pressed fuel tankemptying a partially filled tanktransferring pipe from the setback area to the pipe rack
1573ATo release the davit cable of a davit launched liferaft, you must __________.pull the release lanyardpull the hydraulic releasepush the release buttonpull on the ratchet handle
1574CDry chemical fire extinguishers may be effectively used on which of the listed classes of fires?Class "A" onlyClass "B" onlyClass "B" and "C" onlyClass "A" and "C" only
1575BWhen removing the cap from a sounding tube on a MODU, the sound of air escaping indicates __________.the tank is fullthe tank may be partially floodedthe tank level has droppedthe tank is completely flooded
1576AThe Muster List ("Station Bill") of a MODU must be signed by the __________.person-in-chargeCoast Guard marine inspection officercompany safety directorentire crew
1577AChanging rescuers while carrying out artificial respiration should be done __________.without losing the rhythm of respirationonly with the help of two other peopleby not stopping the respiration for more than 5 minutesat ten minute intervals
1578BWhich of the listed types of fires should be extinguished with a straight stream of water?BilgeMattressGalley rangeSwitchboard
1579BPitching is the rising and falling motion of the bow of a ship oscillating about which axis?LongitudinalTransverseVerticalCenterline
1580DA segregated ballast system is a system where __________.all ballast is processed through the oily water separatorballast is taken on and discharged through a separate main deck riserballast and cargo tanks are separated by cofferdamsall ballast lines, tanks, and pumps are independent of those used for oil
1581AThe symbol shown in the illustration used to represent displacement is __________.1234SF-0022
1582DWhen the height of the metacenter has the same value as the height of the center of gravity, the metacentric height is equal to __________.height of the metacenterheight of the center of gravitysame as half the height of the metacenterzero
1583CIf a liferaft should capsize, __________.climb onto the bottomswim away from the raftright the raft using the righting strapsinflate the righting bag
1584AWhen is it required for a dry chemical fire extinguisher to be recharged?After each useWhen the air temperature exceeds 90░FEvery six monthsEvery 12 months
1585AYou are transferring fuel from a supply vessel to your MODU. If you close off one tank in the line of tanks being filled, the flow rate to the other open tanks on the same line will __________.increasedecreasestopstabilize
1586DWhat information must be entered on the MODU Muster List ("Station Bill")?Names of all crew members.Use and application of special equipment.Listing of approved emergency equipment.Duties and station of each person during emergencies.
1587BThe most essential element in the administration of CPR is have the proper equipment for the processthe speed of treatmentthe administration of oxygenthe treatment for traumatic shock
1588AA solid stream of water might be useful in fighting a burning oil fire on deck when it is used wash burning oil over the sideto provide cooling for the fire fightersin conjunction with chemical foamto cool the main deck
1590AThe term "segregated ballast" is defined in the Pollution Prevention Regulations (33 CFR) as ballast water introduced into a/an __________.tank that is completely separated from the cargo oil and fuel oil systemsfuel settling tank for segregation from lighter fluidsoily water separator for segregationisolated tank for analysis because of its noxious properties
1591DSymbol #1, as shown in the illustration, refers to __________.change of draftcenterlineangle of inclinationdisplacementSF-0022
1592DFor a floating MODU, the center of buoyancy and the metacenter are in the line of action of the buoyant force __________.only when there is positive stabilityonly when there is negative stabilityonly when there is neutral stabilityat all times
1593DYou should deploy the sea anchor from a liferaft to __________.keep the liferaft from capsizingnavigate against the currentkeep personnel from getting seasickhelp stay in the general location
1594CIn addition to weighing the cartridge, what other routine maintenance is required for a cartridge-operated dry chemical extinguisher?Weigh the powder in the canister.Discharge small amount to see that it works.Check the hose and nozzle for clogs.Check the external pressure gage.
1595CIf you observe any situation which presents a safety or pollution hazard during fuel transfer operations on a MODU, which of the listed actions should be taken first?Wait for the person-in-charge to act.Notify the ballast control operator.Shutdown the transfer operations.Sound the fire alarm.
1596DThe signal for fire alarm on a MODU must be indicated each alarm bellat each alarm actuatornear all exitson the Muster List ("Station Bill")
1597ABefore CPR is started on the victim, you should __________.establish an open airwaytreat any bleeding woundsinsure the victim is consciousmake the victim comfortable
1598CWhen entering a burning compartment equipped with a fire hose and an all-purpose nozzle, you should first direct __________.a straight stream into the center of the spacethe high velocity fog into the center of the spacethe high velocity fog at the overhead to absorb heatthe high velocity fog at the deck to cool it for entry
1599DAngular motion about the longitudinal axis of a vessel is known as __________.pitchsurgeswayroll
15102AImmediately after abandoning a vessel, lookouts should be posted aboard liferafts to look for __________.survivors in the waterfood and waterlandbad weather
15103CThe fire extinguishing agent dispensed by the unit shown in the illustration, is produced by __________.educting air through "D" and mixing it with water in chamber "E"educting chemical foam through "D" and mixing it with water in chamber "E"educting mechanical foam through "D" and mixing it with water and air in chamber "E"educting air through "C", mechanical foam through "D", and mixing them with water in chamber "E"SF-0020
15104BRecharging a previously used cartridge-operated dry chemical fire extinguisher is accomplished by __________.authorized fire equipment servicing personnel onlyreplacing the propellant cartridge and refilling it with powderpuncturing the cartridge seal after installationrecharging the cartridge and refilling it with powder
15105BThe free surface effects of a partially full tank in a floating MODU decrease with the __________.surface area of the tankdisplacement volumedraft of the MODUheight of the tank above the keel
15106DA load line for a MODU is assigned by the __________.Minerals Management ServiceDepartment of EnergyCorps of Engineersa recognized classification society approved by the Coast Guard
15107BWhen administering artificial respiration, it is of the utmost importance to __________.use the mouth-to-mouth methodclear airwaysuse rhythmic pressure methodknow all approved methods
15108BWhen entering a compartment which is on fire, must wear rubber glovesthe flames should be beaten back from the door with water foga straight stream of water should be used to cool the doora straight stream of water should be used to cool the fire fighters
15109CHeave is the motion of a vessel along the __________.longitudinal axistransverse axisvertical axiscenterline axis
15110APollution Prevention Regulations (33 CFR) state that when a tank vessel is discharging cargo, each sea suction valve connected to the vessel's oil transfer, ballast, or cargo tank systems must be __________.sealed or lashed closedfitted with a blank flangefitted with an anti-siphon devicelined up for immediate use
15111DThe symbol labeled #2, as shown in the illustration, represents __________.displacementbeam limitbilge levelbaselineSF-0022
15112COnce the daily ration of drinking water in a survival situation has been established, the drinking routine should include __________.small sips at regular intervals during the day.a complete daily ration at one time during the the daily ration three times during the day.small sips only after sunset.
15113AMechanical foam used for firefighting, is produced by __________.mechanically mixing and agitating foam chemical, water, and aira chemical reaction of foam components and airgas bubbles liberated when the foam chemical contacts firechemical reaction of foam components and water