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Date AddedInstitutionLocationSubject AreaReview DateURLRankAppointmentLast UpdateNotesNumber
7/19/2019DePaul UniversityIllinoisBiological Sciences (esp. Ecology & Organismal Diversity)Immediate Asst ProfFixed Term7/19/19 22:581) "One-year contract as a full-time Visiting Assistant Professor to teach laboratory sections of General Biology for science majors and lecture and laboratory Biology courses for majors or non-science majors during the 2019-2020 academic year. We especially encourage applications from individuals with specialization in Ecology and organismal diversity." This is my institution - and the position is indeed for the 2019-2020 academic year, do apply soon (there's something in the system that makes the deadline date show as June 2020). Also, there is another Adjunct position open as well that was posted earlier.
7/19/2019University of LouisvilleKentuckyTerm - BiologyImmediate ProfFixed Term7/23/19 7:47Description sounds like mostly teaching, but they still want a research statement. A bit unclear. "applications for a renewable term position at the Assistant Professor level to begin January 1, 2020". 2) Anyone know the salary range for this position? 3) I saw other Term Assistant Professors in the dept listed at $55K in a salary database1
7/19/2019Auburn UniversityAlabamaWildlife Science9/1/2019 ProfTenure Track7/19/19 19:2075% extension, 25% teaching
7/19/2019University of FloridaFloridaMosquito / Arbovirus Research9/15/2019 ProfTenure Track
7/19/2019University of FloridaFloridaMosquito Ecology10/1/2019 ProfTenure Track
7/19/2019University of New MexicoNew MexicoHerbarium Curator9/16/2019 Prof & CuratorTenure Track
7/19/2019University of New MexicoNew MexicoHerpetology9/16/2019 Prof & CuratorTenure Track
7/19/2019University of WarsawEurope (Other)Aquatic Ecology8/23/2019 ProfTenure Track
7/19/2019Tokyo Institute of TechnologyJapanOrigin of Life Studies8/30/2019 / Full ProfTenure Track
7/19/2019Harvard UniversityMassachusettsPlant/Fungal Biology10/1/2019 ProfTenure Track
7/19/2019Amherst CollegeMassachusettsEnvironmental Studies10/7/2019 ProfTenure Track
7/18/2019University of BristolUnited KingdomBiological Sciences (teaching)8/18/2019 / Senior LecturerTenure Track7/19/19 17:31These are teaching positions (3 posts).
7/18/2019CSU FullertonCaliforniaAnimal Physiology10/7/2019 ProfTenure Track
7/18/2019Iowa State UniversityIowaComparative Animal Physiology 8/20/2019 ProfTenure Track7/23/19 1:07SC member here, I just want to note that our uni has just transitioned to a new web-based HR/admin platform. We hope that this will mean that application submission will be straightforward. In the case that it is not or you have any other questions/concerns, please feel free to contact us at (E.g., right now the application page gives a consideration date of 8/15, this should be updated to 8/20 soon.) 2) could you please clarify if you want separate concise research and teaching statements or to include that information within the cover letter? It’s a bit unclear in the job description 3) SC member: Apologies for the confusion! This is part of the challenge when dealing with a new system and HR has had to adapt as well. We would like a cover letter and separate research and teaching statements and it might make sense to just submit these as a single file (it is possible to submit separate files as "additional documents"). I am hoping that we will be able to make this more clear on the site. Thanks for the feedback! 4) Thank you for being there to help us! X2 5) SC member: Happy to help! Just to clarify: please submit the cover letter and two statements as a single PDF file. And if you have other questions, please let us know. 6) @SC member: How long should the teaching and research statements be? 7) @6 SC response: We don't have a set length limit for these documents.
7/16/2019Middlebury CollegeVermontInvertebrate Neurophysiology9/30/2019 ProfTenure Track
7/16/2019Middlebury CollegeVermontConservation Biology9/15/2019 ProfTenure Track7/16/19 6:39"expertise should include field research with a vertebrate system"
7/15/2019Michigan State UniversityMichiganEntomology9/3/2019 Prof / ChairpersonTenure Track7/15/19 23:05Chairperson position at the rank of Full Professor.
7/15/2019UNC Charlotte, NCRCNorth CarolinaBioinformatics and Genomics OpenTenure Track7/16/19 16:25Position #001064. Strongly recommend that applicaitions include a paragraph explaining relevance to nutrition and health, the mission of the NCRC.
7/15/2019Aarhus UniversityDenmarkBiodiversity and Biological Conservation8/15/2019 or Asst ProfTenure Track7/15/19 10:53"focus on terrestrial coastal ecosystems, their biodiversity and the natural processes they depend on"
7/15/2019Aristotle University of ThessalonikiEurope (Other)Ecology and Conservation Biology7/24/2019 ProfTenure Track
7/14/2019University of InnsbruckAustriaPlant Adaptation7/31/2019 ProfTenure Track
7/14/2019Chinese University of Hong KongAsia (Other)Environmental or Marine Science OpenTenure Track7/14/19 11:13Ongoing search - multiple positions
7/14/2019National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM)MexicoSeabird Ecology7/23/2019 ProfTenure Track
7/13/2019University of New BrunswickCanadaEcology8/5/2019 Track7/16/19 19:23This is a tenure-tracking teaching position. No research component. 2) start date January 2020
7/13/2019Thompson Rivers UniversityCanadaFire Ecology7/19/2019 / Assoc ProfTenure Track7/13/19 20:14Tier 2 CRC
7/13/2019University of AlbertaCanadaBehavioural Genetics8/5/2019 ProfTenure Track7/13/19 20:11"behavioral genetics of learning and memory using Drosophila as a model system"
7/13/2019Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences (SLU)SwedenPopulation Genetics of Plants8/25/2019 LecturerTenure Track
7/13/2019Yale UniversityConnecticutIndustrial Ecology / Sustainability8/15/2019 OpenTenure Track
7/13/2019University of SouthamptonUnited KingdomBioinformatics and/or Systems Biology8/31/2019 / Assoc ProfTenure Track
7/13/2019Stony Brook UniversityNew YorkCellular Principles and Evolution9/10/2019 ProfTenure Track
7/12/2019Centenary CollegeLouisianaEcology ProfTenure Track7/12/19 19:10Review of applications begins immediately.1
7/12/2019Old Dominion UniversityVirginiaWetland Biology - Invertebrate Biology9/15/2019 ProfTenure Track
7/12/2019Old Dominion UniversityVirginiaWetland Biology - Botany9/15/2019 ProfTenure Track7/12/19 19:032 positions available
7/12/2019Western Colorado UniversityColoradoEnvironment & Sustainability9/1/2019 / Assoc ProfTenure Track7/12/19 17:10"focusing on collaborative approaches to land management and social-ecological resilience, while directing our five-year-old Master in Environmental Management (MEM) in Integrative and Public Land Management (IPLM) program."
7/11/2019University of LincolnUnited KingdomAnimal Behaviour & Welfare8/8/2019 / Senior LecturerTenure Track7/12/19 4:12
7/11/2019Georgia College & State UniversityGeorgiaVertebrate Biology9/15/2019 ProfTenure Track7/12/19 7:31Faculty - Teaching/Instructing; Primary teaching responsibility will be Herpetology and Vertebrate Zoology, with other teaching opportunities including core curriculum and lower level biology courses for majors as well as upper level and graduate courses in the candidate’s area of expertise. (1) this position was advertised last year, anyone know what happened with it? I never heard anything one way or the other.
7/11/2019University of British Columbia OkanaganCanadaQuantitative Ecology10/14/2019 ProfTenure Track7/11/19 17:21Should note that this is at the Okanagan campus in Kelowna, not in Vancouver.
7/11/2019University of MichiganMichiganBiology (EEB Focus)7/19/2019 IIIFixed Term7/11/19 13:26"Duties and responsibilities for this Lecturer III position are expected to include teaching Introductory Biology Laboratory, as well as developing new project-based labs for the course."
7/11/2019University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences, Vienna (BOKU) AustriaMolecular Plant Biology8/16/2019 ProfTenure Track
7/11/2019Linnaeus UniversitySwedenBiology Didactics9/6/2019 Senior LecturerTenure Track
7/10/2019Texas Woman's UniversityTexasMolecular Biology (inc. Ecological Perspectives)10/1/2019 ProfTenure Track7/10/19 17:272 positions. "We are particularly interested in strong candidates who wish to study molecular mechanisms of important biological processes and who will complement our existing strengths", which they list as including ecology.
7/8/2019American UniversityDistrict of ColumbiaEnvironmental Science Term
7/8/2019University of SuffolkUnited KingdomWildlife, Ecology & Conservation Science9/2/2019 Track
7/7/2019St. Edward's UniversityTexasPhysiology9/15/2019 ProfTenure Track7/7/19 22:23Looks similar to last year's call: "invites applications for a Physiologist, to serve as a tenure-track Assistant Professor in the Department of Biological Sciences, beginning August 2020."
7/7/2019Queens University of CharlotteNorth CarolinaBiological Sciences (but especially Ecology and/or Evolution)7/26/2019 Assistant ProfessorFixed Term7/21/19 15:291) Search committee member here, we will take applicants with any background so long as she/he is comfortable teaching eco/evo intro courses and a biological writing course. Note that this job starts in Aug 2019, the sooner applications are in the better! 2) Any chance this temporary position turning into a permanent position? 3) search committee member again, we will be running a permanent tenure-track search this fall, so the person who is hired for this position would still have to apply for that one, but if the temporary hire is doing well and fits in well with the department, it will certainly help for the tenure-track position. Additionally, the tenure-track position is for an ecologist, specifically 4) I remember an opening at Queens for an ecologist in the 2017-18 season. Is this a further expansion of an ecology focus in the department? 5) SC again: correct about the 2017-2018 search, but this is not an expansion, but rather a temporary replacement of the 2017-2018 position followed by a search for a permanent replacement.
7/6/2019Aarhus UniversityDenmarkEvolutionary Genetics11/1/2019 ProfTenure Track
7/6/2019Victoria University of WellingtonNew ZealandBehavioural Ecology8/31/2019 Track
7/6/2019Pontificia Universidad Católica de ChileSouth AmericaForest Health8/15/2019 / Assoc ProfTenure Track
7/6/2019University of Wisconsin MadisonWisconsinHorticulture/Plant Science9/15/2019 ProfTenure Track
7/6/2019University of Western AustraliaAustraliaTerrestial Biodiversity8/18/2019 Track7/9/19 14:491) Lecturer in Aus is roughly equivalent to Asst. Prof in USA. (2) established experience in marsupial or Australian plant systematics and taxonomy
7/6/2019University of VictoriaCanadaGenetics / Genomics9/9/2019 ProfTenure Track
7/4/2019Laval UniversityCanadaPhytopathology9/1/2019 ProfTenure Track
7/4/2019Laval UniversityCanadaAnimal Immunity & Host-Microbiome Relationship9/1/2019 ProfTenure Track
7/4/2019Queens University BelfastUnited KingdomParasitology7/16/2019 Track7/9/19 14:391
7/4/2019Uni LaSalleFranceAnimal Sciences8/3/2019 ProfTenure Track
7/4/2019DePaul UniversityIllinoisBiological Sciences (esp. Ecology & Organismal Diversity) - Part TimeFixed Term7/19/19 23:141) This is a job in my department: The close date for the overall posting is 30 June 2020, but we are looking for people for the 2019-2020 academic year so applications much before that deadline are encouraged. 2) If the link isn't working, try: 1
7/3/2019Umeå UniversitySwedenEnvironmental Science8/30/2019 ProfTenure Track
7/3/2019Hong Kong Baptist UniversityAsia (Other)Environmental Microbiology8/2/2019 / Assoc ProfTenure Track
7/3/2019University of Wisconsin MadisonWisconsinEpidemiology/Vector Ecology9/6/2019 / Assoc ProfTenure Track
7/3/2019Texas A&M UniversityTexasOcean Data Science9/1/2019 ProfTenure Track
7/3/2019Nova Southeastern UniversityFloridaMarine Biology7/31/2019 OpenTenure Track7/10/19 5:451) To my knowledge, NSU does not offer tenure, but renews contracts every 5 years x2 2) yes this is correct
7/3/2019Swarthmore CollegePennsylvaniaAnimal Physiology9/30/2019 ProfTenure Track7/17/19 2:06What happened with this job last year? x6 (2) Any guess?
7/3/2019Clark UniversityMassachusettsGenomics8/16/2019 ProfTenure Track
7/3/2019University of PotsdamGermanyPlant Microbiome Management8/8/2019 ProfTenure Track
7/3/2019University of HelsinkiFinlandEnvironmental Risk Analysis9/15/2019 OpenTenure Track
7/3/2019University of HelsinkiFinlandPlant Biology9/15/2019 Track
7/3/2019Trinity CollegeConnecticutEcology9/15/2019 ProfTenure Track
7/3/2019Leiden UniversityNetherlandsNatural Resource Management7/15/2019 ProfTenure Track
7/3/2019University of HelsinkiFinlandArctic Ecosystem Research9/15/2019 OpenTenure Track
7/3/2019University of HelsinkiFinlandCoastal Ecology9/15/2019 / Full ProfTenure Track7/8/19 16:27Looking for a "mid-career" applicant
7/3/2019University of GothenburgSwedenBiodiversity8/20/2019 LecturerTenure Track
7/3/2019University of GothenburgSwedenZoological Systematics8/20/2019 LecturerTenure Track
7/3/2019University of GothenburgSwedenZoological Physiology8/20/2019 LecturerTenure Track
7/3/2019University of GothenburgSwedenEnvironmental Science (Ecotoxicology focus)8/20/2019 LecturerTenure Track
7/3/2019University of GothenburgSwedenAnimal Ecology8/20/2019 LecturerTenure Track
7/3/2019Southern Cross UniversityAustraliaForest Science and Management7/17/2019 Track
7/3/2019Trent UniversityCanadaGlobal Change to Freshwater Ecosystems7/31/2019 ProfTenure Track7/3/19 16:05Tier 1 CRC
7/3/2019University of AucklandNew ZealandMarine Ecological Modelling8/2/2019 / Senior LecturerTenure Track
7/3/2019NTNU (Norwegian University of Science and Technology)NorwayVertebrate Biodiversity8/15/2019 ProfTenure Track7/3/19 16:02"The application deadline will be August 15th, 2019 (not August 4th, as written in the advertisement)."
7/3/2019Memorial UniversityCanadaMarine Fisheries Ecosystem Dynamics9/28/2019 OpenTenure Track
7/2/2019New Mexico State UniversityNew MexicoMicrobiology9/2/2019 ProfTenure Track
7/2/2019Utah State UniversityUtahPlant Physiology9/3/2019 ProfTenure Track
7/2/2019Cary Institute of Ecosystem StudiesNew YorkEcology9/1/2019 OpenPermanent Non-Academic
7/2/2019University of Maryland Center for Environmental Science - Appalachian LabMarylandConservation / Landscape Genomics8/26/2019 ProfTenure Track
7/2/2019Association of Fish and Wildlife AgenciesDistrict of ColumbiaScience Partnership Program Manager7/19/2019 ManagerPermanent Non-Academic1
7/2/2019Stephen F. Austin State UniversityTexasHuman Dimensions in Natural Resources 8/15/2019 ProfTenure Track
7/2/2019Oklahoma State UniversityOklahomaTeaching, Plant Biology8/1/2019 ProfFixed Term7/2/19 15:40"The successful candidate will teach 2-3 undergraduate courses per semester and contribute to departmental governance, service and outreach activities...The initial appointment is for three years, with continued employment during the term of appointment dependent on satisfactory performance and the availability of funding. The position includes benefits and is renewable and eligible for promotion."
7/2/2019USDA-Forest ServicePennsylvaniaSilviculture, Forest Ecology ScientistPermanent Non-Academic7/2/19 16:35This is an outreach for a permanent scientist position within the USDA FS in either Warren, PA OR Delaware, OH (location at the discretion of successful applicant) that will be advertised in the next few months. Hiring process is backlogged in Government currently, but we hope to have job filled by October. By contacting Dr. Patrick Brose (, 814-563-1079) you can get more info on the job and be placed on an 'early alert' listing to receive updates when job is actually posted.
7/2/2019UC Santa CruzCaliforniaField Conservation Ecology9/16/2019 ProfTenure Track7/22/19 16:50Job application site is awkward. It appears you can edit your materials as much as you want, and there is no actual "submit" button. Someone please correct me if I'm wrong in this. 2) I've seen that same behavior for other applications for jobs in the UC system. IIRC, once you've done everything required, it just marks your application as "complete", and you can edit it until the due date. 3) I kind of like that, so that I can update my CV periodically. 4) specifies terrestrial "wildlands-agriculture-urban"1
7/2/2019University of AlbertaCanadaHoney Bee Biology & Health ProfTenure Track7/19/19 20:30"We invite applications for a tenured position at the Full Professor level in the area of honey bee biology and health. Candidates with an outstanding publication record and a well-established, externally funded research programme in honey bees are encouraged to apply." 2) I bet this position will create quite a buzz here. 3) I agree, it sounds pretty sweet! 4) This position made me totally collapse.. 5) it's nice to not have to comb through a whole hive of postings to find this 6) In seriousness, my understanding from speaking to someone at UAlberta is that this position is intended for the spouse of the new dean. 7) Thanks for the heads-up about the spousal hire -and for all of the bee puns. They're pretty f-honey. [crickets chirping]...
7/2/2019Utah State University - Eastern CampusUtahWildlife Ecology & Management / Assoc ProfTenure Track7/2/19 15:2890% teaching, 10% service.
7/2/2019Aarhus UniversityDenmarkMolecular Environmental Microbiology8/1/2019 ProfTenure Track
7/2/2019Aarhus UniversityDenmarkApplied Mammal Ecology8/15/2019 ProfTenure Track