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TimestampInstitutionLocationSubject AreaReview DateURLRankAppointmentLast UpdateNotesNumber
1/20/2020 20:33:57Chicago Botanic GardenIllinoisPlant Phenology and Community Science
Budburst directorPermanent Non-Academic1/20/2020 20:38:47Budburst director. Director of a community science program on plant phenology. 75% education and 25% research.
1/20/2020 8:45:15Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México (UNAM)MexicoTheoretical Ecology2/28/2020
Assoc ProfTenure Track
1/19/2020 22:53:49University of GeorgiaGeorgiaHuman Dimensions of Wildlife Management2/9/2020
Asst ProfTenure Track1/20/2020 19:14:34Seems like a pretty broad definition of "human dimensions" which is nice
1/17/2020 9:59:30Technical University of Denmark (DTU)DenmarkEcosystem-based marine management3/2/2020
Full ProfTenure Track
1/17/2020 9:58:36Aarhus UniversityDenmarkMarine Biology / Arctic Research1/31/2020
Senior researcher & Deputy Head of DepartmentTenure Track1/19/2020 18:53:11
1/17/2020 9:55:12Scotland Rural College (SRUC)
United Kingdom
Socio-environmental systems1/22/2020
LecturerTenure Track1/17/2020 9:54:56Teaching-focused position
1/17/2020 9:51:12University College CorkIrelandEnvironmental Science2/11/2020
LecturerFixed Term1/17/2020 15:36:085 year fixed term 2) And main role is to teach in China 3) Last port of call for the Titanic. Never forget.
1/16/2020 23:34:52St. Francis Xavier UniversityCanadaAnimal biology2/10/2020
Asst ProfTenure Track1/21/2020 2:27:28We seek an animal biologist using contemporary molecular tools to answer questions of a broadly ecological or evolutionary nature. 2) Does anyone know what kind of salary to expect at a place like this? Starting salary is about 70 but increases depending on experience. 3) Presume that's CAD$70k? Currently under USD$55k...1
1/16/2020 9:33:39Marine Biological LaboratoryMassachusettsEcosystem Science, Biogeochemistry3/15/2020
Rank OpenNon-Tenure Track1/20/2020 19:44:48"The Ecosystems Center of the Marine Biological Laboratory (MBL) is hiring faculty at all levels to expand our program in coastal ecosystems ecology. " 1) Does anyone know if this is hard money or soft money? I can't tell from the description...
1/16/2020 3:20:36Utah Valley UniversityUtahField Botany1/15/2020
Rank OpenTenure Track1
1/16/2020 0:07:38University of GeorgiaGeorgiaForest Management / Remote Sensing2/21/2020
Asst ProfTenure Track
1/13/2020 16:58:15University of Hawaii at ManoaHawaiiGlobal Change Science1/31/2020
Asst ProfTenure Track1/17/2020 15:13:06emphasis in Botany 2) Anyone know who is on or leading this search committee? 3) SCM here. Feel free to email me questions. Chris Muir, you can google to get my contact info. 4) "expertise in global change science as applicable to plants and plant-animal interactions, corals, algae, and/or fungi.The specific research focus and system of study are open, although we are most interested in candidates who will address fundamental topics in global ecological and/or climate change impacts in Hawaiʻi and/ or the tropical Pacific, through the use of quantitative / computational approaches (need for lab/ field component is flexible)"
1/12/2020 20:44:44University of GeorgiaGeorgiaMarine Conservation Biology2/15/2020
Asst ProfTenure Track1/16/2020 22:22:18the review date on this is actually 2/28, though it is open until filled 2) Where do you get that info? Is it for this job? 1) This job is a search in my department. The search chair communicated with me that the review date will be 2/28. She is working with the moderator to get the date changed on this spreadsheet. 2) She should get it changed on UGA's job site first.. 3) what's the reason for the search so late in the job season? and is the department looking for someone trained as a oceangrapher, as that seems to be the focus of current faculty research and grad student training. 1) the position is advertised now because this is when the funding was approved; Marine Sciences is definitely not a department of only oceanographers, it's very interdisciplinary and very welcoming, and Athens is great. If your research is on topic, you should definitely apply. x2 Love Athens
1/11/2020 9:06:30UC DavisCaliforniaSoil-Plant-Environment Interactions11/15/2019
Asst ProfTenure Track1/19/2020 19:58:08Any news?2
1/10/2020 20:43:27University of Northern British ColumbiaCanadaMicrobial Ecology2/28/2020
Asst ProfTenure Track1/19/2020 6:19:57Ph.D. in Conservation Biology, Wildlife Biology, Ecology, or closely related field. 2.) Any insight on what they are truly looking for? CSU has some great people who are involved in this type of research, I think I'm quite redundant with a few. Still going to apply, but any insight would be great, thanks. (x3) 3) Curious if it is worth it for a plant community ecologist to apply. 4) I have no insight on the position, but in general I feel like if you don't apply you definitely won't get it and if you're interested and think you could be a fit, go for it. Unless you are completely starting from scratch, it doesn't take too long to write these apps. What's that saying, "you will miss 100% of the shots you never take" x2 5) They're looking for me, I'm sure of it. :) 6) @3-This department won't want a plant community ecologist - there are several other departments at CSU that would, however. 7.) Well when I applied for ths spatial ecologist one last year, I got a nice rejection letter pretty quickly, so at least you know quickly :). 8) @5 good luck. one of the best department in natural resource management
1/10/2020 20:41:43University of WinnipegCanadaEnvironmental Management2/3/2020
Asst ProfTenure Track
1/10/2020 20:40:28Memorial UniversityCanadaEnvironment and Sustainability: Science - Policy Interface2/14/2020
Asst / Assoc ProfTenure Track1/16/2020 21:45:01Priority given to Candian citizens and permanent residents. 2) I wouldn't be too concerned about the statement regarding being a Canadian citizen or permanent residence - this is required but Canadian universities routinely hire foreigners
1/10/2020 20:30:20Scottish Associate for Marine Science
United Kingdom
Biological Oceanography / Microbial Ecology1/20/2020
Lecturer / Senior LecturerPermanent Non-Academic1/14/2020 14:55:33
1/10/2020 17:20:47University of ChicagoIllinoisCommunity Ecology1/7/2020
Asst ProfTenure Track1/13/2020 23:10:29"a combination of experimental and theoretical approaches to understand ecological community dynamics, including invasion, co-existence and evolution. Appointment as tenure-track assistant professor is expected... open until filled" 2) Wow, search opens on Dec 23 and review begins on Jan 7?! 3) could be for spousal hire 2) @3 could be, but you'd think a private university could just do it without a search 4) I don't think you have ever legally hire someone without a search, private or not private. 5) um, what? senior & spousal hires often occur without searches 6) @4, that is definitelty not true, comparnies hire people without ever posting jobs all the time. 7) I will go out on a limb and say that wherever I've worked, spousal & opportunity hires were never advertised. 8) I was a spousal hire at a public R1 and my position was never advertised. 9) A 'national search' is sometimes required at US instituitions if the candidate doesn't have a US visa. 9) Target of opportunity hires do not need open calls. But I agree, this is an odd timeline... does anyone from within now anything about this? 9) I don't have any inside information regarding this position, but different places have different timeline requirements driven by HR - for example, where I am, we need to have the job posted for 30 days before we are allowed to begin review. It's possible that this has a much lower time requirement. 10) The description is my exact field of study, but I can't think of any peers doing this kind of stuff who have spouses at UChicago. Maybe a spousal hire or additional hire from the recent eco/evo hire from earlier this year.
1/10/2020 17:02:53Texas A&M University - KingsvilleTexasGamebird Research2/1/2020
Asst ProfFixed Term
1/10/2020 3:34:49UC MercedCaliforniaComputational Biology1/22/2020
Asst ProfTenure Track
1/9/2020 18:58:34University of PikevilleKentuckyBiology (Microbiology)
Rank OpenTenure Track
1/9/2020 2:34:19University of Hawaii at HiloHawaiiPlant disease management3/16/2020[0]=University%20of%20Hawai%27i%20at%20Manoa%20-%20College%20of%20Tropical%20Agriculture%20and%20Human%20Resources&sort=PostingDate%7CDescending&pagetype=jobOpportunitiesJobs
Assistant Extension SpecialistTenure Track
1/8/2020 22:25:35University of OregonOregonEnvironmental Remote Sensing10/15/2019
Asst ProfTenure Track1/18/2020 20:14:37Any updates? My refs were contacted.on 11/16, but nothing since. 2) Same deal here, asked for refs but heard nothing since. x2 1
1/7/2020 18:01:20University of ArkansasArkansasMedical Veterinary Entomologist12/5/2019;jobs&sa=X&ved=2ahUKEwiTpOyS-_HmAhVBUt8KHSW6BocQp4wCMAB6BAgHEAE#htidocid=P8LsLTDSCpvlm_bTAAAAAA%3D%3D
Asst / Assoc ProfTenure Track1/9/2020 2:01:56
1/7/2020 17:04:59University of Lincoln
United Kingdom
Biogeography / Spatial Ecology2/9/2020
Lecturer / Senior LecturerTenure Track
1/7/2020 17:03:17University of Exeter
United Kingdom
Marine Vertebrate Ecology1/12/2020
Lecturer / Senior LecturerTenure Track2
1/7/2020 16:55:40University of AucklandNew ZealandEnvironmental Geography / Environmental Management2/20/2020
LecturerTenure Track
1/7/2020 16:54:08New York Botanical Garden (NYBG)New YorkForestry, Ecology2/2/2020
Assistant CuratorTenure Track1
1/7/2020 16:53:28University of Southampton
United Kingdom
Lecturer / Assoc ProfTenure Track1/7/2020 16:53:58"profile in ecology in any of the following areas: land-use change, food systems, and/or sustainability, using methods that could include spatial modelling, field experiments, and/or molecular techniques."
1/6/2020 15:45:48Auburn University MontgomeryAlabamaRemote Sensing2/15/2020
Asst ProfTenure Track
1/6/2020 0:40:50Max Planck Institute of Molecular Cell Biology and GeneticsGermanyMolecular, Cellular or Developmental Biology1/15/2020
Asst ProfFixed Term1/6/2020 0:42:50Among topics of special interest are: "Evolution of molecules and genomes" and "Adaptation to environment". For a fixed period of 9 years.
1/5/2020 18:11:14Max Planck Institute of Animal Behavior / University of KonstanzGermanyBehavioral Ecology1/31/2020
Scientific WriterPermanent Non-Academic1/6/2020 1:30:39"The position is available first for two years and can be prolonged after this initial phase"
1/5/2020 18:09:41Max Planck Institute of Animal Behavior / University of KonstanzGermanyQuantitative Behavioral Ecology1/31/2020
Group LeaderFixed Term1/12/2020 13:01:27"50% research / 50% teaching" 2) could also be a part time position if they decide to split it with someone else "In principle, this position can be divided into two half-time positions". This is the dark underside of Germany academia, they (PIs) will cut up positions to increase their overall productivity. So, imagine having a part time assistant professor position for 4 years (and build up a team as group leader) with the expected output (several papers per year) so you can get another job somewhere, on half the income. 3) @2 I assumed that was as a possible accomodation for dual-career couples. 4) could be, but two people splitting one salary is pretty bad. That would assume that dual career couples would be studying behavior, which is probably pretty rare 5) Not at all rare! I agree two people with one salary sucks, but one salary with your partner not having a position at all (in the same place) is even worse. Two low paying positions far apart means double the housing costs and a ton of travel costs and is impossible if you have kids. Dual-career postdoc stage just sucks all this at least seems like it could be a modest improvement. 6) the problem is that with half a salary, you'll contribute half to your retirement but will need full retirement when you do retire. So, this sucks. Either live apart so you won't starve when you retire or end up having a mediocre retirement. And yes, retirement in Germany is pretty bad. You think Social Security in the US is bad, look at what the Germans offer. 7) Hi all, German expat here. The MPG group leader positions are highly coveted and definitely not to be split between people. However there's no tenure track so they are more like a postdoc fellowship than a professorship. If you plan to stay in Germany long-term it's just another round of playing the lottery but you have better chances afterwards. Not sure if people transitioned out from there into professorships in other countries easily, it might happen.
1/4/2020 21:56:36Marian UniversityIndianaEnvironmental and Ecological Studies
Asst ProfTenure Track1/17/2020 17:54:481) "Knowledge of and commitment to the mission of Marian University" - this is a Catholic School and the mission mentions Catholocism. If you're not a practicing Catholic (or don't live by those "values", e.g. lgbtq, takes birth control, etc) does that mean not to even bother applying??? 2) I don't think that's the case. There's a very helpful resource on "The Professor is in" - you may wish to check it out. You may also wish to read the mission statement of the school - most of them explicitly make commitments to diversity and there are non-Catholics on the faculty. 3) Thank you so much, 2! I have been wondering this about other schools as well 4) The school does ask for a written response to their Mission Statement, but I think that you can have similar values even if you are an atheist, though some adverts for other schools do specifically say that you have to be a practicing [whatever religion] . Religion is not a requisit to being a good and moral person. I won't mention Christ in any of my materials and will run for the door if they start thumping on books! 5) received email asking for written response to 5 questions related to their mission and to have recommendation letters sent in as well. 1
1/3/2020 17:14:47Concordia University of EdmontonCanadaBiology and Environmental Sciences2/1/2020
Asst ProfTenure Track1/5/2020 0:55:49experience in an area of molecular biology or cellular biology or genetics is expected.
1/2/2020 22:42:19SUNY PurchaseNew YorkBiology1/23/2020
Asst ProfTenure Track1/9/2020 21:17:30Preference for geneticist studying eukaryotic organisms 1) Has anyone applied to this positng? I submitted my app but did not get a confirmation email? Anyone else have this issue? 2) I applied and did not receive anything either. 3) @2 thanks!1
1/2/2020 19:49:06University of Wisconsin-MadisonWisconsinEcological Restoration & Design1/17/2020
Asst ProfTenure Track
1/2/2020 19:43:37University of FloridaFloridaZoo Wildlife Conservation Biologist1/17/2020
Research Assistant ProfessorPermanent Non-Academic1/2/2020 21:56:14>5 years of experience in Guyana, including an established research program in Guyana, is required. 2) Damn, I only have 4.5 years of experience in Guyana, guess this is not the job for me. 3.) I have sneaking suspicion there's an internal candidate, just a hunch. x2 4.) I was a PhD student in this department. This job is 100% specific for one person. You can still apply, but it's pretty transparent who they made this for.
1/2/2020 19:39:59Louisiana State UniversityLouisianaWetland Microbial Ecology and/or Soil Biogeochemistry.
Asst ProfTenure Track2
1/2/2020 19:10:42Western Washington UniversityWashingtonMarine and Coastal Science1/21/2020
Asst ProfTenure Track
1/2/2020 18:48:39West Virginia Wesleyan CollegeWest VirginiaPlant Ecologist / Botanist / Forestry1/31/2020
Asst ProfPossibly1/17/2020 19:21:13University website states review of applications begins January 3, 2020 (link: "Tenure track is possible based on the qualifications of the successful candidate and the needs of the institution." 1) what does the appointment info mean? 2) Did anyone receive a confirmation email? 3) Not yet, but I don't think all of my reference letters have been sent. 4) contacted for Skype interview x2 5) contacted for on campus interview x23
1/2/2020 18:45:08Northwest College, WyomingWyomingBiology1/20/2020
Asst ProfTenure Track
1/2/2020 4:59:55UC BerkeleyCaliforniaPlant Ecology in Changing Ecosystems2/19/2020
Asst ProfTenure Track
12/31/2019 2:55:49National Sun Yat-Sen UniversityTaiwanBiology2/29/2020,r1861.php?Lang=zh-tw&fbclid=IwAR0AIyVppgpi2iPXCVU4ACil2BjSsHqHxfb6ey0gS14YTlcs8Zz3vruT6xM
Asst ProfTenure Track
12/28/2019 22:59:13Minnesota State University, MankatoMinnesotaSoil Ecology1/15/2020
Asst / Assoc ProfTenure Track12/28/2019 23:04:04Failed search last year. Looking for candidate with agriculture background/emphasis.2
12/22/2019 18:24:21University of GroningenNetherlandsEnvironmental Planning1/16/2020
Asst ProfTenure Track
12/22/2019 18:18:30Aarhus UniversityDenmarkCoastal Marine Ecosystem Modelling1/15/2020
Full ProfTenure Track
12/22/2019 18:17:49Wageningen UniversityNetherlandsPhytopathology1/31/2020
Full ProfTenure Track
12/22/2019 18:15:14Université Claude Bernard Lyon 1FrancePlant Community Ecoloy1/1/2020
Asst ProfTenure Track12/24/2019 7:56:41My location (US) has been blacklisted? :( 2) South Africa also.
12/22/2019 18:14:21Université Claude Bernard Lyon 1 FranceBiodiversity & Hydrosystem Functioning1/1/2020
Asst ProfTenure Track1/7/2020 2:14:54Cannot be accessed from the US? 2) Works from Canada at least...try a vpn? 3) my vpn doesnt fool them :( still blacklisted (??) 4) Is that intentional to exclude US candidates? 5) South Africa also blacklisted. (6) so is Thailand :-( (7) Brazil too. 8) black-listed as in can't access the site? Works fine from Australia
12/22/2019 18:12:36Université Claude Bernard Lyon 1FranceFunctional Ecology1/1/2020
Full ProfTenure Track12/22/2019 18:13:12I couldn't actually find a review date for this or the other two Lyon positions...
12/22/2019 18:07:50Monash UniversityAustraliaGenetics/Genomics3/1/2020
Lecturer / Senior LecturerTenure Track1/4/2020 21:50:21"could include, but is not limited to, human and/or evolutionary genetics, environmental or conservation genetics, bioinformatics or information technology related to genomics". Word on the street is that the position was vacated due to a toxic work environment - possibly a red flag.
12/21/2019 20:54:47California State University - SacramentoCaliforniaMammalian Physiology2/1/2020
Asst ProfTenure Track12/21/2019 20:59:11Applications should outline in their letters how they will build a research program at a PUI and practice inclusivity excellence in teaching and scholarly activities. We are a congenial department and seek similar colleagues.1
12/21/2019 18:46:09University of New BrunswickCanadaFood Web Ecologist2/29/2020
Asst ProfTenure Track1/20/2020 22:27:38
We seek candidates taking stable-isotope approaches to questions in food web structure, trophic ecology, ecosystem dynamics, movement ecology, or other areas of the discipline.
12/21/2019 13:35:07University of ArizonaArizonaEcology / Evolutionary Biology1/15/2020
Asst / Assoc ProfTenure Track1/20/2020 16:43:23We are particularly interested in candidates whose current or future research plans focus on adaptation to climate change and/or human health (e.g. ecological or evolutionary approaches to infectious disease, microbiome regulation, cognitive health, aging). 2) Letters requested automatically. 3) Almost every search seems to automatically request letters. It's annoying, often forced by application software and I wish search committees would try prevent it somehow. It's a waste of everyone's time 4) The whole of the uacareers website seems to be broken, hopefully this gets fixed. 5) It just worked for me 6) wondering with such a broad position title, plant- and/or microbe-based research in natural systems worth giving it a try? 7) @6, I spoke w/ search chair, who said even though the ad sounds specific, they're doing a very broad search. I def think it's worth a try 8) @7, would you mind passing along who the search chair is? Couldn't find it in the job ad. Thanks! 9) 7 again - it's Renee Duckworth. 10) @7 -- Thanks very much! 11) Can someone explain how this post is different from this one: which is due on the 21st? 12) Both are exactly the same. And both say that review begins on the 15th, which is the relevant date here. 13) HR date to close the portal and department review are often times different. 14) Getting some website hits from Phoenix today. Seems like they are looking.25
12/21/2019 13:33:37Arizona State UniversityArizonaBiology Education Research1/19/2020
Asst ProfTenure Track12/21/2019 20:58:45
12/20/2019 22:48:50Yale UniversityConnecticutWildlife & Land Conservation2/21/2020
Asst / Assoc ProfTenure Track1/17/2020 4:38:081) FYI I have heard that this department is very toxic especially to women and minorities. 2) Are you able to elaborate on this? (without naming names, of course). As a female potential applicant, I am sad to hear this. 3) I've heard this too. I don't know any specifics, but I've seen a lot of cringy expressions when this department comes up in conversation with Yale faculty/students/alumni. x3 4) #2 here, thanks for this info X 2 5) #1 here. What I know is that my collegue who did his postdoc there said the female faculty there when he was there were miserable and clearly were discriminated against by some of the older male faculty. With several great female ecologists being denied tenure. 5) Did my grad work in this department - can confirm the comments above are accurate. This can be a very hard place to be for anyone but particularly researchers from underepresented backgrounds 6) Gave a talk at Yale a few years back and multiple women met with me individually and every single one talked about a pervasive toxic culture of sexism at Yale. It was really heart-breaking. 7) Can people please clarify for comments 1) to 6) whether they are talking about the Yale EEB department, or the Yale School of Forestry & Environmental Studies (i.e. FES), which is a stand-alone professional school and where this job position is to be based. I ask because in the last decade, the only female ecologists denied tenure have been in EEB, and in fact historically many ecologists instead were supported in FES. Thanks! 8) my guess is that 1-6 are salty people who heard unsubstantiated stuff about EEB and just felt like spreading it once they saw the "Yale" name. The truth is that its a pretty nice place to do research, especially with all the internal funding they have. 9) I'm #6, and I'm not a "salty person repeating unsubstantiated stuff." Hence my specifying I was invited to give a talk, and was alarmed by the number of women basically using our one-on-ones to workshop issues. And these were women in EEB and FES. 10) I've heard from a few people that they're trying to turn things around and they've made some female hires in the past few years, both post- and pre-tenure. 11) #8's slanderous comments are the kind of thing that perpetuates these situations. 12) These comments pertain way more to EEB than FES. 13) I can't speak for the faculty experience, but as a postdoc at FES I had senior faculty mentors who were real allies to young scholars, particularly young female faculty with families. Of course there is lots of work to be done to make it a more inclusive environment, but no more than most other institutions, and academia more broadly.
12/20/2019 22:38:00Goucher CollegeMarylandEcology1/20/2020;jsessionid=A738538D92884A950EFFEE4F4B382ABF?JOBID=119241&jobboard=148
Asst / Assoc ProfTenure Track12/20/2019 22:58:27No visa sponsorship6
12/20/2019 16:53:00Virginia TechVirginiaUrban Fish and Wildlife Conservation
Asst ProfTenure Track1/13/2020 3:03:11applicants who conduct research on fish and wildlife conservation in urban environments. We encourage applications from social scientists working on urban conservation issues. 2.) Closing date on this one is 1/24/20.
12/19/2019 21:21:13Georgia Southern UniversityGeorgiaEcology2/1/2020
Asst ProfTenure Track1/20/2020 22:21:03No visa sponsorship 2) in the news for white supremacy - 3) Kind of unfair. All universities, Ivies included, have white supremacist students x12. 4) also for book burning: ... but as 3 said, all universities have are dealing with issues such as this these days. 5) AP, if you're going to remove completely relevant comments about human rights in Oman that could result in homosexual applicants being imprisoned, you should remove completely irrelevant comments about white supremacy at GSU... This comment is based on one presentation by a single student, not a university policy. x2 6) I'm in the dept but but not on SC, speaking as an individual: As others have mentioned, this is a recurring issue that is not necessarily unique to our campus, but does effect our students, faculty, and staff directly. It may be worth noting that there are a growing number of people/groups/initiatives on campus that recognize the problem and are open to and seeking change. However, I agree that events like those mentioned by others are still deeply concerning. 7.) @6: Thank you for the insight! 8) @6 start by welcoming international applicants!2
12/19/2019 16:32:28University of Hawai at ManoaHawaiiMarine Biology1/20/2020
Asst ProfTenure Track12/26/2019 4:24:28I would not interpret this ad so narrowly as being about adaptation. It says seeking folks "who use integrative approaches to investigate the underlying mechanisms for responses of marine organisms to environmental change. Research should connect organismal biology to global change issues, and may integrate multiple biological, spatial, and/or temporal scales." I am faculty in the dept and just confirmed with the search chair that the term "adaptation" was not in the job ad but rather was added by some other mods later when the ad was posted. Subject area should just be Marine Biology, and we're looking for folks who connect organismal biology with environmental change (interpreted broadly). 2) Could you expand on which type of organisms specifically - microbes, inverts, fish, mammals, or any/all? 3) 1 responding to 2: the position is in the School of Life Sciences, which was just created from the merger of the Zoology, Botany, and Mircobiology deparments. So all organisms. 4) @1 another example of evoldir changing job titles8
12/18/2019 20:49:55Central Connecticut UniversityConnecticutFish Ecology1/30/2020
Asst ProfTenure Track1
12/18/2019 20:45:38Brescia UniversityKentuckyBiology2/7/2020
Asst ProfTenure Track1
12/18/2019 17:59:56Texas A&M University TexasSoil Hydrology, Physics, and/or Pedology1/15/2020
Asst ProfTenure Track
12/18/2019 16:08:07University of MaineMaineEcological Bioinformatics1/31/2020
Asst ProfTenure Track12/29/2019 23:23:30Candidate will contribute to the research and broader missions of the Maine-eDNA EPSCoR program ( and the Maine Center for Genetics in the Environment.1
12/18/2019 16:07:06University of MaineMaineAquatic Ecosystem Genetics1/31/2020
Asst ProfTenure Track12/29/2019 23:23:42Candidate will contribute to the research and broader missions of the Maine-eDNA EPSCoR program ( and the Maine Center for Genetics in the Environment.2
12/18/2019 14:08:41Paul Smith's CollegeNew YorkPlant Biology / Ecology2/28/2020
Asst / Assoc ProfTenure Track12/18/2019 16:45:16"The position starts in fall of 2020 and will support our baccalaureate degrees in Biology, Environmental Science, Fisheries & Wildlife Science, Forestry, and Natural Resource Conservation & Management. The successful candidate will teach General Ecology lecture and labs and may also teach Plant Biology, Flora of Northeast North America, Plant Physiology, Wetlands, or Mycology." 2) Wildlife search at this school was abruptly cancelled last year - red flag?1
12/18/2019 11:46:58SUNY College at Old WestburyNew YorkBiology (Comparative Anatomy, Vertebrate Physiology)
Asst ProfTenure Track12/18/2019 14:27:42"Candidates with past funding history and potential for extramural funding are preferred." 2) "VISA sponsorship is not available for this position."
12/17/2019 19:58:29University of PikevilleKentuckyBiology (Genetics)
Rank OpenTenure Track
12/17/2019 16:58:14University of British Columbia (Vancouver)CanadaData Science1/19/2020
Asst ProfTenure Track12/23/2019 15:41:07In School of Population and Public Health. "The successful candidate will hold a PhD in a relevant discipline, including, but not limited to, statistics or biostatistics, economics, computer science, mathematics, physics, electric (and computer) engineering, linguistics." 2) Doesn't particuarly sound eco/evo, IMO. 3) Data sci jobs are posted here frequently. If you don't think it's relevant to you, don't apply 4) Agree with 2, data science jobs were never posted here before this year, and when they are, they are related to biology. This one seems to be somewhat related to biology, but in public health? 5) Data sci/ecoinformatics/bioinformatics/stats jobs have definitely been posted in this list in previous years. 6) I posted a DS job here and got a bunch of great applicants. Totally relevant as lots of eco evo people have awesome data skills! x5 7) Eco/evo people have lots of diverse skills. Under that rationale, just about any job becomes relevant. 8) Uh huh.... keep rationalizing
12/17/2019 16:42:34Cal Poly San Luis ObispoCaliforniaSoil Science & Restoration Ecology1/31/2020
Rank OpenTenure Track1/10/2020 23:20:04Scholarship should include the field of soil science, restoration ecology, and the interaction between social and biophysical systems at the landscape scale. Some potential areas of specialization may include restoration/conservation/landscape ecology, soil remediation, and land management that connect terrestrial and hydrological systems with social systems. Research experience related to conservation and planning of natural areas, managed landscapes, and protected areas at landscape scales and geospatial analysis skills that connects biophysical and social datasets are preferred. Hiring at any level dependent on experience. 2) seems like this dept has had a bit of turnover in the past few years - anyone have any insight? 3) @2 I know someone who was there and left, but it was because her partner got a job in the midwest with a spousal hire ;
12/16/2019 22:41:46Davidson CollegeNorth CarolinaGenetics / Microbiology / Biochemistry1/3/2020
Asst ProfFixed Term1/17/2020 23:42:33They are hiring three VAPs with expertise in each of these topics because of many overlapping parental, sabbatical, and professional development leaves in the department. Applications reviewed beginning Jan 3 but they welcome applications after that date. 1) Any news? (01/13)1
12/16/2019 19:44:46University of Illinois at Urbana-ChampaignIllinoisInsect Toxicology1/20/2020
Full ProfTenure Track12/16/2019 21:08:50Endowed Chair in Insect Toxicology. Toxicology is defined broadly here to encompass the study of any chemical substance with detrimental effects on arthropods and thus candidates working in the areas of chemical ecology, venom biology, insect pathology, plant-insect interactions, chemical signaling, and allied disciplines are welcome to apply, as are candidates working on pesticide mode of action, detoxification, environmental persistence, and resistance evolution.
12/16/2019 19:18:18Albert Einstein College of Medicine New YorkSystems and Computational Biology
Rank OpenTenure Track12/17/2019 20:04:34Just saw this one. Don't know when it closes or what rank they are hiring at. 2) (note, posting expires Dec 23, so maybe due then?) 3) Did anybody email them? Is the search still active? 4) Had letters requested 10/22, but heard nothing since then 5) Sounds like the deadline has long passed2
12/14/2019 16:54:18University of MonctonCanadaPlant Biology3/15/2020
Rank OpenFixed Term12/14/2019 20:41:073-year term with possibility of extension. This is a French-speaking university, so knowledge of French is essential.
12/14/2019 16:51:20University of InnsbruckAustriaBotany1/2/2020
Senior ScientistTenure Track
12/14/2019 16:49:42Wageningen UniversityNetherlandsApplied Statistics2/1/2020
Assoc ProfTenure Track12/14/2019 16:50:03"Statistical Genetics and Genomics and/or Big Data in the Life Sciences." I think this could be quite relevant for some eco-evo people.
12/14/2019 16:43:46Colorado State UniversityColoradoWildlife Conservation1/31/2020
Asst ProfTenure Track12/29/2019 16:13:293
12/13/2019 20:54:07California State University San MarcosCaliforniaAnimal / Comparative Physiology1/20/2020
Asst / Assoc ProfTenure Track1/3/2020 1:47:12
12/13/2019 18:08:53University of Southern MississippiMississippiBiological Oceanography2/1/2020
Asst ProfTenure Track1/6/2020 1:53:47Failed search last year1
12/13/2019 13:59:21Coastal Carolina UniversitySouth CarolinaCell Biology12/15/2019
Asst ProfTenure Track12/13/2019 13:59:51Preference will be given to candidates with demonstrated research expertise in the fields of cell biology, immunology (innate or acquired), neuroscience, or parasitology1
12/12/2019 17:10:24University of TampaFloridaGenetics1/17/2020
Asst ProfTenure Track12/16/2019 17:17:17Requires 3 letters of rec4
12/12/2019 5:16:07Monash UniversityAustraliaEcology3/1/2020
Asst ProfTenure Track12/14/2019 13:16:33Why is this "Fixed term"? Also looks like there are two positions? 2) Aussie schools don't use US-style tenure 3) That's why the job form specifies "Use "Tenure Track" for tenured positions or their equivalent." - mod can you change this to "Tenure Track"1
12/12/2019 1:51:23SewaneeTennesseeEnvironmental Studies1/5/2020
Asst ProfTenure Track1/21/2020 6:16:31They are asking for letters with the application. Expertise in climate change, sustainable land use, food production systems, watersheds, environmental health, energy 2) Is the name of the university Sewanee or The University of the South? Their "About Us" page doesn't help. 3) It may be both: Sewanee - The University of the South 4) I attended Sewanee....Sewanee is the name used by all those familar with the institution and University of the South is it's official name. 2) again. Thanks #4! 5) did anyone receive a confirmation once the references sent the letters to the email address in the job posting? 6) I never heard anything, no. 7) I did not receive a confirmation. My references sent the letters, but the portal still shows "letters pending". 6) again, the portal for me does not say pending anywhere. Maybe call? #5 again. I reached out to the chair. They are manually updating the portal after checking the letters and hence, taking time. 6) again, good to know they were responsive!! 8) @7, who is the search chair? Mine also says awaiting applications, though my writers have submitted the LOR 9) I reached out to the person mentioned in the job ad (someone named Kristen?) It happened to me too. My references submitted the letters and it showed awaiting letters until recently. I wrote to her and she confirmed that they are going slow since they are manually checking the letters and updating the portal (similar to what #5 said). 10) New poster here. I just checked my portal status updated to "In review". But, one extremely strange thing is that I can view all the letters that my references emailed to them directly. I am surprised the university is not holding them confidential and made them viewable! 6) Oh geez, I hate reading letters people write for me! I can see mine as well. 7) #4 again....talked to my undergrad advisor at Sewanee and he mentioned that there is an internal candidate for this position. 8) <--- of course there is. 10) #9 :| that is strangely annoying. 11) Sorry if this question is stupid. Can someone please explain what is an internal candidate? I am applying from Asia and have very little experience in the US academic market. 12) In this case, it means that there is a Visiting Assistant Professor who is filling in for this position until they hire a permanent faculty member. This person has also applied for the position.5
12/12/2019 1:35:05Oklahoma State UniversityOklahomaRangeland Biodiversity1/6/2020
Asst ProfTenure Track1/20/2020 10:19:16Any News? 2.) Nope. 5
12/12/2019 1:12:49Lees-McRae CollegeNorth CarolinaVertebrate Zoologist, Biologist, Plant Ecologist
Asst ProfTenure Track1/19/2020 2:44:48hiring three positions: Assistant Professor of Wildlife Biology (Vertebrate Zoologist); Assistant Professor of Biology; Assistant Professor of Wildlife Biology (Plant Ecologist). 1) currious what position people applied for: Vert Zoo x4 2) Jesus, the chronicle claims the average assistant and associate level prof makes 40 thousand. Is this accurate?; 3) Yikes. 4) Anyone heard anything back? 5) @4 Nope (01/13) x29
12/12/2019 1:07:14University of Hawaii at ManoaHawaiiApplied Conservation1/17/2020
Asst ProfTenure Track8
12/11/2019 19:52:17Jacksonville State UniversityAlabamaBiology
Asst ProfTenure Track1/17/2020 19:25:58Applications reviewed on a "rolling basis". 2) Anyone get any feedback yet?; 3) not me (1/9) (11/13) x2 (1/17)4
12/11/2019 19:33:03University of Tennessee - KnoxvilleTennesseeWildlife Health1/24/2020
Asst ProfTenure Track2
12/11/2019 18:36:28Simon Fraser UniversityCanadaWatershed Ecology2/5/2020
Asst ProfTenure Track12/11/2019 21:14:01Alternative posting link:
12/11/2019 15:41:18Seattle UniversityWashingtonEnvironmental Studies12/1/2019
Asst ProfTenure Track12/23/2019 17:52:39I am certain this was added to this spreadsheet before, but I can't find it anymore. 2) no, it wasn't. 3) It was flagged for being inappropriate for this forum and hence, probably deleted. The position asks for expertise in env. economics. AP) Yeah I deleted it before since it is explicitly economics, but what the heck...4) An apology to OP @2? (I am not the OP; just someone who is disappointed with the increasing levels of rudeness in this forum this year)x5 5) If stating facts is rudeness we are lost. 6) @5 the "fact" from @2 turned out to be false. I guess you are referring to "alternative facts" 7) It wasn't posted at the time 2 wrote it, so keep spinning your brilliant logic engine 6 8) The OP said they were certain that it was posted. There was no reason to doubt that unless #2 had another reason, which they didn't specify. I wouldn't qualify that conversation as rude, but I think it is polite to accept that they were wrong.
12/11/2019 9:01:46The Hong Kong University of Science and TechnologyAsia (Other)Ocean Sciences1/8/2020
Rank OpenTenure Track12/11/2019 9:02:10"chemical oceanography, marine biotechnology, marine ecosystem dynamics, ocean sensor and sensing technology as well as ocean data science."
12/10/2019 17:29:59Western Colorado UniversityColoradoEnvironment & Sustainability1/20/2020
Asst ProfTenure Track1/18/2020 0:52:40Seems oddly similar to the one that they posted earlier this year... maybe failed search? "interdisciplinary applied scientist for a tenure track position directing our Master in Environmental Management (MEM) in Sustainable & Resilient Communities (SRC) program while focusing on collaborative strategies for regional, national, and global climate actions." 2) That pay though.. 3)Yeah...pretty dang low for a position with director in the title. Although add in the summer stipend and it's similar to starting salaries at other LA schools...3) #2 again. You are right. Is Gunnison an expensive place to live? 4) No idea, quick google search makes it seem about average. 4 hours from nearest major airport though. 5) More expensive than you might expect. Most houses over $300K. 6) Looks like you could get a 440 sqft house for $190K; that affordable right? ;) That salary is a joke, but as #3 pointed out, it is unfortunately similar to the starting salaries at other LA schools. 7) no wonder it was a failed search the first time around 8) ummm, isn't this school in Gunnison, CO? 9) former CO resident here - Gunnison is relatively expensive as far as COL (and only going up). decent housing is going to run easily into the $300s and healthcare is $$ in rural CO. it is nice there though if you're into the outdoors and don't need any city ammenities. nearest Target is like 1.5 hrs away. 10) #8 yes CO [LA=liberal arts] #8 haha, i should have guessed; feel stupid. Thanks #10! 11)#10 - don't feel stupid. Took me a minute to get that too 'cause usually I see SLAC. Was definitely wondering why salaries in Los Angeles were relevant lol1
12/10/2019 9:11:47Texas A&M University - Corpus ChristiTexasEcosystem Science & Modeling1/31/2020
Assoc / Full ProfTenure Track12/10/2019 23:29:32
12/10/2019 3:30:39University of MichiganMichiganSustainable Systems1/3/2020
Asst ProfTenure Track1/17/2020 13:13:07This job might not be applicable to this forum since it is not directly on env science. But, few might find it relevant. 2) did the review date change recently? 3) Yes, I think it was originally Dec 1 and they changed the date to Jan 3 x2 4) has anyone heard anything?3
12/9/2019 17:57:18University of GeorgiaGeorgiaEntomology Education1/31/2020
Asst ProfTenure Track50/50 teaching/research1
12/8/2019 17:32:12University College DublinIrelandBiology and Environmental Science1/24/2020
Ad Astra Fellow (Lecturer / Asst Prof)Tenure Track12/12/2019 9:25:383