2017 Candidate Questionnaire (Responses)
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What is your name and preferred campaign contact information?TimestampEmail AddressWill you or a representative from your campaign make it to our "Meet the Candidates" Event in June?What position are you seeking?Are you an incumbent to this position?Are you opposed by anyone in this race?Do you support Sanctuary Status for the area you would represent?Please explain your response to the Sanctuary Status question.What resolutions from PCYDs or the WA Democrat State Party do you align with? (PCYD: Decline to Sign I-1552, Petition: Tacoma City Council: Protect Undocumented Immigrants #HereToStay)If you could achieve three accomplishments in your coming term, what would they be? (500 words/3600 characters max)What are the top five needs of your constituency? (500 words/3600 characters max)How do you plan to involve the voices and needs of young people?Do you have any plans for improving police-minority relations?Please explain your response.Do you have any staff from PCYDs currently working or volunteering for you? If so, what are their names?What consultants for this current campaign have you worked/collaborated with?How will you advocate for the homeless population? Including in regards to city camp sweeps and voting rights?Would you advocate for Net Neutrality on a Federal Level?Please explain your response to the Net Neutrality question.How would you protect peoples in your area from having their info sold through ISP?
Largo Wales5/20/2017 21:56:54lawales@comcast.netYesAuburn City MayorNoYesNoI believe in inclusive communities and safe neighborhoods. It is not the role of local law enforcement to implement immigration searches etc. BUT if necessary in the pursue of criminal enforcement we need to provide mutual aid to our fellow law enforcement colleagues.We need to protect our non-discrimination laws and work to ensure fair and equal treatment...we need to work with our no-criminal immigrants to help with enforcement. Three areas of concern, first building a sustainable budget line for local preservation of roads, provide in the industrial area a multi-service homeless center for only Auburn residents and thirdly, make our neighborhoods cleaner and safer.I have doorbelled 3,000 homes and what I hear is clean and safe neighborhoods, better local roads, assist the homeless and decrease their population and finally get the economic engines of Auburn moving.Currently as the Deputy Mayor I have a City Youth Council of 18 that serve their ideas and goals for Auburn.YesThis is a constant endeavor as new groups move into our communities and the world changes. This issue will rise to the forefront with the selection of a new Police Chief during the next calendar year.Early in campaign and still working to get volunteers though I do have high school student on my campaign committe.The campaign at this time is still developing.Each community needs to develop strategies to meet the needs of their own homeless population. Services need to be wrap around with guidance provided by the experts in the human service field.YesWe need to have equal access and not have it managed for the purposes of consumerism. All internet traffic should be treated equally. The best way to explain network neutrality is that a public information network will end up most useful if all content, websites and platforms are treated equally.Work with the federal government to have regulations re-instated.
Patti Dailey, text to 253-678-00295/21/2017 22:49:49electpattidailey@gmail.comYesUniversity Place City Council, Seat 3NoYesYesI am categorically opposed to profiling, rounding up and deporting anyone based on their immigration status. I believe in a legal track to residency and citizenship for those who have been here, working, learning, contributing to the economy and sustaining their families. I believe that cities need to protect those living in their areas from invasions from ICE and we as a community should not be aiding or abetting them in their mission. Although I don't live in Tacoma, I think "Welcoming" is a cop out and means to skirt the issue. I would love to see all the incorporated cities in Pierce County resist the targeting of anyone based on their country of origin.I am categorically against I-1552, and have been sporting a nice big sign in the rear window of my SUV asking people to decline to sign for weeks. One of my favorite places to hang is the County building where paid signature gatherers are out in force. Again, I am not a Tacoma City resident, but I definitely support protecting undocumented immigrants. I have a personal family connection to someone who is a Dreamer, but can't afford the money or the time he would be expected to return to a country where he has no ties, he has a family with four children that he supports. I think we need to do more to provide reasonable paths to legal status and citizenship for them.My first concern is our lack of balance in our budged line items. While police protection is important, we also need to insure we are paying for our parks so our children have safe, maintained areas to participate in sports and recreation programs. My second is to insure we adhere to prevailing wage and safety standards on all public works projects. Preferences should be given to contractors with excellent records in this area, with no history of violations. My third is to insure we protect the Chambers Creek trail system, Audriana Hess Refuge and our portion of the Puget Sound shoreline. These three areas are resources to all residents of Pierce County and The City of University Place is a steward to them. The council right now is very conservative, and I would be the only Strong Democrat there. I would like to provide a new voice representing the working class, single parents and the 44% of our population who rent here.1. We need to insure affordable housing continues to be available so people already living here can continue enjoying our city and not be pushed out.
2. We need to attract businesses that pay living wages and contribute to the community. I'm not impressed that the last two new businesses were Whole Foods and Jimmy Johns. We also pushed out Big Lots because building rentals were too high. We have empty storefronts that we can't fill because of landlords with high expectations
3. We need to insure that our public projects use contractors who honor the prevailing wage and safety standards, use local apprentices and journeymen, which offers opportunities for young adults to learn a trade right here in our community
4. We need to insure the 44 % of our population who rent in our community have an equal voice to the 55% of residents who reside in their own property. Property owners who don't even reside here should not have a stronger voice in what happens and how we govern our community.
5. We need to provide more employment options for our young people so they stay in the community and have viable means of support. Employers need to pay a living wage, and provide benefits.
My son will be 30 this year. He is a typical Millennial, and I understand a lot of the challenges this generation is facing. I am very proud of this generation and their passion and interest in getting involved and making sweeping changes. The status quo is not working for them, and we need to listen. I would have an open door, and reach out to young people for their opinions, concerns and ideas for change. They are our future, and they deserve a hand in shaping it.YesWe contract our police from Pierce County. I think it is a county-wide issue and we all need to work together to insure we are not profiling, using excessive force or treating anyone differently based on the color of their skin, age, or other demographics.I don't have any 'staff' yet. I would love to have help from YD's, and hope they would help.I have not worked with a consultant yet. The one I would have considered is now working for a congressman, so not actively consulting. I would rather spend my available funds directly, rather than to a consultant. I am getting a lot of valuable advice from prior candidates like Marisa Peloquin, current elected officials like Christine Kilduff, and people who have worked with campaigns.Good question! Pierce county needs to find better solutions for our homeless. City camp sweeps simply kicks the can down the road. People move out into the suburbs, further from areas where there are resources like day labor, food banks, missions, employment counseling services, etc. This does not solve anything. I would love to see a homeless coalition county-wide, where we can provide a tiny house community with an opportunity for people to have a stable address, a place to lock their belongings, a safe place to sleep, sanitary facilities, and access to computers and social and mental health services so they can find a path out of homelessness.YesI believe net neutrality is important because it helps to avoid discrimination and ensures equal access to information regardless of a person's socio-economic status. Without net neutrality, ISP providers are free to charge premium prices for access situations that should be free, like libraries. An example of how this is a problem was the lawsuit against Comcast, who slowed down streaming for anything coming from Netflix, until Netflix paid them a premium for allowing service through the Comcast ISPs. This is only a win for the corporations, and a loss for consumers. It contributes to the higher costs for streaming services like Netflix and Hulu - as they have to pay these surcharges to Comcast, Wave and other companies.

I don't think ISP corporations should be able to hold both independent streaming companies or other entertainment, educational content or other services, hostage with the eventual loser being the consumer who will not only have to face the extremely high costs of getting internet access, but also the rising costs of other services. I think this is just another way to punish people who choose to abandon conventional cable services and get their information via internet services.

Net Neutrality is important because it means that there can be no restrictions of any kind on access to content on the Web, no restrictions on downloads or uploads, and no restrictions on communication methods (email, chat, IM, etc.) It also means that access will not be blocked, slowed down, or sped up depending on where that access is based or who owns the access point(s). 
What does Net Neutrality mean for the average Web user?
When we get on the Web, we are able to access the entire Web: that means any website, any video, any download, any email.

We use the Web to communicate with others, go to school, do our jobs, and connect with people all over the world. Because of the freedom that governs the Web, this access is granted without any restrictions whatsoever.

I am having difficulty with the requirement on this question to write at least 2250 characters. I feel I have adequately answered the question, so am trying to fill the extra space until the 'pink' goes away and I can submit this questionnaire to you. Rough question... :-)
I would support legislation that would protect people from having their information sold without their permission.
Sarah Morken5/22/2017 15:00:48morken4tacomacitycouncil@gmail.comYesTacoma City Council At Large #6NoYesYesTacoma Police Department should not contact or collaborate with ICE when they encounter a person who they suspect is undocumented. Both of those. I'm not aware of other resolutions by the Democratic PartyI would help my fellow Tacomans stop the construction of the fracked gas plant in our port and fight for a climate bill of rights that would provide legal protection for people to take non-violent direct action against further fossil fuel projects in our city. Housing is a human right. I would help my fellow Tacomans get quality, publicly funded housing built in Tacoma. The housing would be democratically run by the tenants. I would help us set up publicly funded community safety committees, democratically elected by the communities they would serve. I would like to see funding diverted from the police department and instead spent on community safety committees. Homes. A healthy climate. Reformed unions. Living wage jobs that help people and the environment. By continuing to collaborate with young activists that Youth Activism of Pierce County. By listening and YesDefund the police and set up community safety committees democratically controlled by the communities they serve. no NoneI already spoke about public housing. The voting issue for the homeless is huge. If you don't have an address thats a huge barrier to many things including voting. Until the housing issue is improved, I would need to discuss the issue with a lot of homeless people themselves to help figure out ideas for voting access. YesI would need to investigate what grass roots groups are working on this issue and find out how to support them.
It seems like Tacoma is in a good position to help with this fight because we have our own publicly owned broadband system. As secretary for Jobs with Justice I supported the fight to keep Click network publicly owned, rather than leased to a corporation. Tacomans should have free internet.
Admittedly, is an important issue that I am not super informed about. The efforts of corporations and the government to provide preferential treatment of some data over other data is a symptom of capitalism. My activism is rooted in helping my fellow working class see capitalism for what it is, a system based on exploitation of people and nature for the profits of a few. I'm a socialist because I think we need a democratically planned economy based on the needs of humans and the environment and I think it is up to the international working class to fight for this. Under a socialist system Internet would be free for all and democratically controlled, not for profit.
We need a workers' party in the US, independent of the Democratic Party. Obama's appointee to the FCC, Wheeler tried to undermine Net Neutrality. As long as the internet is controlled by privately owned corporations, this type of issue will continue to crop up. *******************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************
I don't know. I would need to consult with technical experts on this issue.
Lawrence Genova5/23/2017 8:44:43campaign@lawrencegenova.comNoDuPont City Council, position no. 7NoYesYesYes, but I don't think DuPont would support since it's a primarily conservative town with about 9000 people. Tacoma, which is the largest nearby city, has also not taken a stance on sanctuary status. The Tacoma mayor admitted that she couldn't totally support it because she knows that she does have a detainment center within city limits that may have undocumented immigrants.I say NO to I-1552 since that discriminates against transgender Americans. I also think Tacoma City Council should protect undocumented immigrants.1) Set up a monthly Farmer's Market in DuPont that include food trucks. 2) Improve communication between city government and its residents by re-configuring the city's Facebook groups. 3) Re-establish Youth Council to work on development of extracurricular options in the neighborhood for teens, since there currently are none.1) Decrease traffic near exit 119, 2) Staff our fire department with paramedics, 3) Attract more businesses such as restaurants and stores to DuPont, 4) Maintain safety and quality of life, 5) Provide extracurricular options for teensBy campaigning on re-establishing the Youth Council to include teens and young adults.NoThere are already minorities on the police force. This town is a small military town and therefore has a lot of minorities (Black, Hispanic, and Asian). Therefore, DuPont does not have a problem with police-minority relations.No.I've consulted with Jeff Zenk, Democratic Precinct Committee Officer in Mason CountyWhile I do support helping our homeless population and have even volunteered at non-profits that support the homeless, DuPont does not have a homeless population. With a town of only about 9000 people, DuPont does not experience the same magnitude of issues that a bigger city would face. Like I mentioned earlier, it's primarily a conservative-run town. Although my views are progressive, my goal is to figure out how to win their trust. This will help in the long run on a state or national level when the goal will eventually be to compete against a Republican for votes.YesThere are many reasons why Net Neutrality is a good thing. For the sake of brevity, I’m only going to focus on one: innovation. But before advocating for or against Net Neutrality, it’s important for people to understand what it is. Internet Service Providers (ISPs) are dominated by companies like Comcast, AT&T, and Verizon who provide package deals that include internet, TV, land line, mobile phone, and other services primarily for homes and companies. They also promote tiered services and premium subscriptions where, for an increased cost, a customer can enjoy the benefits of more data, bandwidth, and other features.

ISPs who are against Net Neutrality say that it hampers “innovation” and the free market. They predict that without Net Neutrality, it will decrease the costs for customers who use the internet very minimally while heavy users and companies can pursue higher tiered options. So on the surface, this all looks good. But if you take a closer look, you’ll see that not only does Net Neutrality NOT hamper innovation, it actually allows it to thrive.

I still remember back when internet on mobile phones was just barely getting started. Most people had Nokia and Motorola phones at the time--long before the iPhone, Droid, and even the Blackberry. SMS and the higher-priced MMS were charged either individually or as part of a monthly subscription that also included a specific number of minutes. And for a cent per kilobyte, I know I could get on the internet from my Motorola Razr, but it was slow to load and couldn’t load a website properly anyway. Also, because I was in the Air Force and stationed in Germany at that time and I often called back home to the U.S. from my home phone, I think I paid about 3 cents per minute, which got really expensive.

Eventually Vonage came out where I could make calls over the internet for about $25 per month. This was the beginning of voice-over-IP (VOIP). My favorite part about Vonage was having a portable U.S. phone number that I could take with me wherever I moved. And then more recently, phone companies got smart and made minutes, SMS, and MMS unlimited while focusing more on tiered data plans. This was likely a response to Blackberry, Apple’s iMessage, What’s App, and other messaging apps that which allowed the user to send messages similar to SMS and MMS without having to pay the “per use” cost. Even companies like Comcast/Xfinity saw where the market was headed and collaborated with Netflix. So now, I can watch Netflix on my TV via Xfinity’s OnDemand. Of course VOIP continued to innovate. After Vonage came Skype, Tango, Facetime, and Google Hangouts--and Facebook even got in on it too. In the end, this provided the customer with more and more options and lower the cost.

Without Net Neutrality, all of that would not have been possible. Phone companies like the Madison River Communications company would’ve continued to restrict Vonage. Comcast wouldn’t have collaborated with Netflix. As a matter of fact, I’m pretty sure that, in the beginning, I wasn’t even able to login to my Netflix account, even though my flat-screen TV had an option to connect directly to the internet. It was pretty obvious why--time spent watching on Netflix is time away from watching on Comcast. But like I said--they got smart. They innovated and it was because of Net Neutrality.
Amend the DuPont Municipal Code to prohibit service providers from selling our residents private information.
Nate Lowry5/23/2017 22:56:23electnatelowry@gmail.comYesHouse of Representatives 31st districtNoYesNoI support protecting local residents however if it comes at the expense of everyone else I do not support it. Better-off municipalities or even whole States that have better means to go toe to toe with Federal Government in court I might feel differently but for right now the Fed seems very interested in attacking this stance with many funding dollars at stake. Cities in the 31st I do not feel have the means necessary nor the interest given it is a swing district in becoming sanctuaries.I also a not a fan or supporter of i-1552 as the PCYD are. I feel it is an unnecessary law trying to be enacted by those more on the extreme end and don't reflect the majority of people's views. Also a bit odd they talk about the shame, defamation and emotional trauma students suffer without this law being enacted without one regard whatsoever for the real victims which are those being singled out and the shame defamation and emotional trauma they would suffer at the hands of such bad legislation. It will be a short 60 day session barring any special sessions which are likely with McCleary final completion in the balance and then re-election again in 2018. That being said three accomplishments I would like to do in that time starts with bolstering/supporting early childhood education which is important to me. McCleary is a monumental shifting mandate and there will be an opportunity I hope to support early childhood education. Strong component of the decision is how to adequately fund each district and each child but am hoping to support that age group of children followed closely by higher education. Second accomplishment is more of a defensive accomplishment and includes protecting Washington State against Federal de-regulation including health care. Healthcare, our environment, education system, progressive taxation are all under attack at the Federal level and State Republicans already are and will continue to seize on this. We need strong voices to stand up against far right agenda bills that will be sure to come before midterm elections. Third accomplishment would be to do something about the tax structure of ST3, I need to represent the constituents of my district and there will be no shortage of calls or emails regarding the taxation in this package. We need mass transit I strongly agree, however I can't tell the guy in deep Enumclaw I agree with him paying the same as somebody right next to a new future light rail stop in Bothell. The top five needs in my mind include: education, healthcare, transportation, ST3 relief and regressive taxation (whether they know it or not on the last one). People of the 31st need reliable voices to stand up for a McCleary decision that is best for all kids and keeps out the current Federal education agenda and who knows what State Republicans might throw in. Healthcare is an obvious one and up in the air, seems either way states will have more say in what happens with funding measures. This means we need strong democratic voices stateside to ensure what comprises 1/6 of our economy doesn't become a luxury item hurting all of society in the process. Transportation studies, funding and improvements are needed sorely in the 31st, we have worked on quite a bit of this on my local level in Edgewood on City Council and plan to bring the same attention to the problem to the legislature. Most constituents of the 31st district will see the short end of the straw from ST3 more so than any district, I support the premise and applicability of ST3 however the funding side needs work and I plan to look at how it can be more fairly represented between the tax payers involved. Last being regressive taxation, if I showed you a graph of income levels and how much each bracket pays to taxes by % it is a sad state of affairs in Washington. More needs to be done to educate people of how our tax system needs reform, how they will benefit from it and lastly what are the mechanisms to enact to make it happen. First I think it takes reaching out to get them interested and involved. I see social media as a strong way to do this, obviously coming to events and talking with people in the PCYD and KCYD groups is a great place as well. I think the best way would be to actively seek younger voters input. Most people are not aware that the largest generation in America right now is Millennials and everyone in the group is voting age now...I think this means that legislation needs to reflect a younger demographics input if it is spoken up enough for. I do feel though that there is lack of participation in the age group whether that be on the fault of the voter, the candidates or the party outreaches I don't fully know just feel that sentiment exists. So hopefully more input equals more younger voter turnout, more legislation that reflects their needs and hopefully more younger progressive voices being heard and running for office in present and future years.NoI would leave that to the professional that are involved, I just am not knowledgeable enough myself. One thing that does bother me is the halt to consent decrees at the federal level. This is very troubling as we do have a violence problem in this country that does involve police and adequate oversight needs to be present. Don't think much can be done to force the sitting Federal AG to do a more reputable job but probably an up hill climb there. No, not yetJason Bennett (main consultant). Larry Seaquist, Chris Hurst both secondaryI support the tiny house villages that have been popping up in recent years complete with privacy, utilities and one of the most important thing access to services to improve people's situation. I would support a limited stay but not less than a year so people can get the job services, mental health, disability or
possible social security/medicare/medicade they may be eligible for and don't know it. I think more can be done in a peer to peer setting as well, people opening up their property even outbuildings and backyards for others to stay for awhile without scrutiny. I think more needs to be done to plan public spaces for homelessness, it is a problem that isn't going away and needs to be accommodated better than it currently is.
YesNet neutrality is a needed requirement so the big guys doesn't just hog the system and leave others to feed off of crumbs. Everyone needs a seat at the table and the more food (bandwidth) there is for everyone to use collectively the better. Doing away with net neutrality in my mind means less collectively for everyone else to fend for, hogs at the top and peasants given the leftovers to squabble over is the picture I get. Just seems there will be major players who try and monopolize the system and maximize their business positions, regular occurrence in a capitalistic society I feel needs protections against in this instance. Pretty much a fairly cut and dry decision that needs protection in my opinion. So it won't let me submit my answers because I haven't written enough characters to re-iterate really what is the same position I have listed above. Sad that Cortez Kennedy, Seahawk Legend and HOF died the other day at the young age of 48, he had motor like no one else and was the sack master of his day. I bet he would support net neutrality as well since he was such an efficient sack master, would he really want to be bogged down by Comcast streaming 12G equivalent phone speeds to Mark Zuckerberg while the rest of us minions have to suffer along at 4G...I should think not. Why should Mark get 12G speeds anyhow, its not like his board of directors really has any say in the next FB app spin-off or major earth shifting FBer announcement. That is kind of what this is, Tez didn't want to be bogged down by a bum knee (Fox News 12K streaming), FB shareholders (i.e. not bandwidth hoggers) and users might just want a more comprehensive rather than dictator based system...afterall we can't all have Zuck cash lying around and can stream the latest season of Walking Dead in 15Kx15G speeds. Sure it would be nice to have the cash to cordoned off 15x15 space in the net swimming pool for yourself but will you really feel all that great when sunbathing out next to your 5500 sf pool? I guess it depends on the end user and what level of guilt or consciousness they possess. Anyway, pretty obvious that without net neutrality the fat will get fatter at the expense of everyone else and that isn't something I am willing to support. Guess I will just end this with if you are the one that required 2250 characters and the mind splash the presided because of that requirement...go back and read again please. We need legislation against this and a couple of bills have already been introduced, HB 2200 and SB 5919. Both are aimed at protecting against this and I would be a strong supporter of both bills.
Joe Aboubakr 253-273-11575/23/2017 23:59:42joeaboubakr@gmail.comYesSteilacoom Town Council Pos. 3NoYesYesI am the first generation of an immigrant father. We cannot violate civil liberties because of outlandish policy change.Decline to Sign I-1552 because any discrimination is wrong. Especially reversal of those protections.Increase in Public Safety Cross Walks and Bicycle Lanes

Open a good line of communication between the Steilacoom Business Chambers and the Town Council

Provide a democratic opinion that is currently absent.
Public Safety
More Local Store front business
Ease on Building Permits
Political Diversity
Listen to the younger voter. Attend events that younger voters are located.YesI will have to assess the situation once in office. This is a very sticky question. But one that needs to me addressed for sure.No but I really would love some!!NoneYes I believe the homeless and all need a warm bed and food.YesMajor corporations should not have all our information and be able to share it with others. Our safety and privacy is very important. Below is the wikipedia definition:

Net neutrality is the principle that Internet service providers and governments regulating the Internet should treat all data on the Internet the same, not discriminating or charging differentially by user, content, website, platform, application, type of attached equipment, or mode of communication.[1] The term was coined by Columbia University media law professor Tim Wu in 2003, as an extension of the longstanding concept of a common carrier, which was used to describe the role of telephone systems.[2][3][4][5]
A widely-cited example of a violation of net neutrality principles was when the Internet service provider Comcast was secretly slowing (a.k.a. "throttling") uploads from peer-to-peer file sharing (P2P) applications by using forged packets.[6] Comcast didn't stop blocking these protocols like BitTorrent until the FCC ordered them to do so.[7] In 2004, The Madison River Communications company was fined $15,000 by the FCC for restricting their customer’s access to Vonage which was rivaling their own services. [8] AT&T was also caught limiting access to FaceTime, so only those users who paid for the new shared data plans could access the application.[9] In April 2017, a recent attempt to compromise net neutrality in the United States is being considered by the newly appointed FCC chairman, Ajit Varadaraj Pai.[10][11]
Research suggests that a combination of policy instruments will help realize the range of valued political and economic objectives central to the network neutrality debate.[12] Combined with strong public opinion, this has led some governments to regulate broadband Internet services as a public utility, similar to the way electricity, gas and water supply is regulated, along with limiting providers and regulating the options those providers can offer.
Internet neutrality[edit]
Network neutrality is the principle that all Internet traffic should be treated equally.[14] Internet traffic includes all of the different messages, files and data sent over the Internet, including, for example, emails, digital audio files, digital video files, etc. According to Columbia Law School professor Tim Wu, the best way to explain network neutrality is that a public information network will end up being most useful if all content, websites, and platforms (e.g., mobile devices, video game consoles, etc.) are treated equally.[15] A more detailed proposed definition of technical and service network neutrality suggests that service network neutrality is the adherence to the paradigm that operation of a service at a certain layer is not influenced by any data other than the data interpreted at that layer, and in accordance with the protocol specification for that layer.[16]
Open Internet[edit]
The idea of an "open Internet" is the idea that the full resources of the Internet and means to operate on it should be easily accessible to all individuals, companies and organizations. This often includes ideas such as net neutrality, open standards, transparency, lack of Internet censorship, and low barriers to entry. The concept of the open Internet is sometimes expressed as an expectation of decentralized technological power, and is seen by some observers as closely related to open-source software, a type of software program where the maker allows users access to the code that runs the program, so that users can improve the software or fix "bugs".[17]
Proponents of net neutrality see this as an important component of an "open Internet", where policies such as equal treatment of data and open web standards allow those using the Internet to easily communicate and conduct business and activities without interference from a third party.[18] A "closed Internet" refers to the opposite situation, in which established persons, corporations or governments favor certain uses. A closed Internet may have restricted access to necessary web standards, artificially degrade some services, or explicitly filter out content. Some countries block certain websites or types of sites and monitor and/or censor Internet use using Internet police, a specialized type of law enforcement or secret police.
WOuld need to research my options once in office.
Lisa McClellan mcclellan.fife@gmail.com 253.381.08655/25/2017 15:16:01mcclellan.fife@gmail.comNoCity of Fife Council Member Position #6YesNoYesWe need to provide safe spaces for those who feel they are in danger from unfair deportation.Both are absolutely great resolutions that I stand behind 100%!Better relationship with Puyallup Tribe, getting a grocery store within Fife City Limits, and opening more channels for community to get involved in local government decisionsImproved access to social services, more amenities within city limits, lessening the gridlock within the city, balancing out industrial with residential and more accessibility to local government when it comes do decision making that could adversely affect residents.Mainly by just getting out into the community and listening. Also by showing them the numerous ways they can get involved locally!YesI will work to continue the proactive police force that we have that do a tremendous job being involved in our community. The Fife Police Department puts on various events throughout the community that really help reinforce those close bonds.I do not!
Progressive Strategies NW
The council is currently working on putting together some ideas on partnering with our regional partners on some ideas that have been brought to us by our city attorney (he has been a great advocate for the homeless).YesIt is imperative that all users and content providers have equal access to internet service. The internet and access to information is something that cannot be controlled by companies.Working with local and state representatives to ensure that we are doing all we can at the local level to ensure equal and fair access for all our community members.
Joanne Babic, prefer email @ friendsofjoannebabic@gmail.com5/26/2017 10:04:20friendsofjoannebabic@gmail.comYesTacoma City Council, District 5NoYesYesThere are a lot of immigrants in my district. Some are struggling families. Having the threat constantly hanging over them that at least one of the parents may be taken and deported causes strains that are unimaginable and leads to problems at work, home, and at school. Knowing that their community is a safe haven and that they are protected eases this strain.Decline to sign I-1552, $15 Now, pretty much all of them.Establish Tacoma as a Sanctuary City, though I hope the current council takes care of that ASAP, Establishing effective transitional housing plans to deal with homelessness, and raising the minimum wage and the number of paid leave days.The 5th District is a food desert. We have no grocery stores in South Tacoma. Most of the jobs in the 5th are retail or restaurant jobs, notoriously low-paying. While we have a lot of apartment complexes in the district, the rents are high for low-income earners. We need more subsidized housing. Some of the streets are badly in need of repair and upgrades. Lack of curbs and gutters causes road disintegration and patching only makes it worse. Traffic flow through some areas is unsafe and intersections need stop signs or lights to improve flow and lower carbon emissions.I will regularly visit the Pierce County Young Democrats for updates and input and I will visit schools and local colleges for the same.YesI will research plans and programs that have been successful in other areas and recommend training in the ones that are most successful, such as the deescalation training in Salt Lake City which has been so successful. I would also strive to hire more officers so there is less tension among our police force members who are overworked.No, I don't, though I have asked.None, but not for lack of trying.I plan to develop transitional housing so camps will not be necessary. It does absolutely no service to anyone to raid and "clean up" the camps when the people who live in those camps have no where else to go.YesNet neutrality is incredibly important. The internet is no longer the purview of scientists, the government, and the wealthy, but a necessity for the education of our children and increase in potential job sources and the quality of life in general. It is inexcusable that anyone would even consider creating a level of service structure that would keep anyone from using unrestricted internet service. My doing so illegal.
John Hopkins5/26/2017 11:37:45john@electjohnhopkins.comYesCity Council district 1YesYesNoI support Welcoming City....it accomplishes the same thing without putting a bulls-eye on us.No on I 1552
Support here to stay
Connect Riverwalk to Foothills Trail.
Open up the Mansion by building a Plaza where State Farm is.
Most important is for Puyallup to continue its work with Community Connections, and Homeless Providers, for REAL solutions to the homeless crises. This is something I am working on with other Mayors now.
It sounds boring, but infrastructure is vital. We have failing sidewalks, utilities and neighborhood streets. These are a huge problem for the elderly, the blind and the handicapped.
Public Safety needs include a building, less property crimes and reduced speeding.
Parks and trails need work all over town.
Progress on the flood protection must continue.
Obviously and the most important thing, is the many issues surrounding the complex homeless needs. .. Affordable housing, youth job training , senior housing, mental health crisis intervention, addiction, domestic violence, etc.
We need to encourage more applications to be on our boards and commissions.NoI don't have any, but I know it is an ongoing discussion between H.R. and our Chief. I have confidence in them.NoNoneI am currently working with the Mayor's of Cities and Towns and forming a task force for Regional Collaboration.
I am on the 2060 ( affordable housing )and the 2163 ( homeless ) committees, and the Citizens advisory board ( block grants ), plus attend the homeless coalition meetings.
YesI believe in free press.Advocate through our lobbyist.
Stephanie Smith via email Stephesmith@hotmail.com5/26/2017 15:00:16stephesmith@hotmail.comYesCandidate for Metropolitan Parks District of Tacoma Position No. 4NoYesYesI support Sanctuary status. People have come to our country in search of better lives, possibly escaping dangerous situations and we shouldn't place them in a position where they won't report crimes or be able to protect themselves due to the fact that they are afraid to ask for help. We should protect everyone's right to live without discrimination and free from fear regardless of where they come from or how they identify themselves.1) Save Portland Avenue Park and Community Center from being shut down and sold off.
2) Place additional parks and green spaces in underserved areas of the East and South sides of Tacoma.
3) Ensure existing facilities in underserved areas are usable and of comparable quality.
More Parks in low income areas
Greater Support for Chip In volunteers.
More low cost/ no cost recreation opportunities in low income areas.
Better representation of local neighborhoods in decision making process.
Parks serve children and young people. Their input and needs should be a part of the decision making process. Having local children and youth provide their vision of what these local parks should have and what they should look like and using them to make a more usable space.YesEngaging members of the police force in recreational activities in the neighborhoods they serve through competitions, collaborative arts projects, volunteerism, festivals, athletic activities. There is a great deal of negativity and partly through lack of understanding and openness. None. No staff yet.I've just started. Much of my collaboration has been having conversations with fellow community leaders.Homeless people use our cities parks and facilities. Providing more free recreational and enrichment activities to all citizens would benefit them as well. The parks system should act as a bridge to encourage them to use safer alternatives to outdoor encampments by connecting them to service providers.YesIt might not be high on my priority list but, if faced with impending actions that would jeopardize our rights I would act. My focus would be primarily on parks and recreation. Encouraging them to only go through services that have committed to protect our privacy, so that other providers will do the same.
Cat D Henderson5/26/2017 22:17:55acatdhenderson@gmail.comNoMetro Parks Commissioner POS 4NoYesYesAbsolutelyPUI, decline to sing I-1552. Human rights advocate.Responsible spending plan for parks initiatives, maintain existing services.Representation, representation, representation!Go to where young people are to listen to their concerns.YesGet them together in as many venues as can be thought of.NoIndividuals from the community. As many as want to talk.Advocate for human rights in all circumstances.YesNet neutrality is an absolute base as is human rights. Advocate at every opportunity.Advocate for legislators and legislation to guarantee net confidentiality.
Andrea Smith5/27/2017 18:51:21AndyLee.Smith20@gmail.comYesMetro Parks Tacoma #4YesYesYesI believe that immigrants have a right to become US citizens and if they are in that process, they should be allowed to stay in Tacoma. Families should not be torn apart through deportation.Yes I support Decline to Sign I-1552 and the Petition to Tacoma City Council to protect Undocumented ImmigrantsAs a Parks Commissioner I want to ensure that the Eastside Community Center is built as that area of our city is lacking services. I want to ensure that the 2014 Bond funds are leveraged to their fullest so that all projects are completed as promised by 2024. Parks are maintained and safe for all. Park classes/activities and athletics are held equally in all areas of the city. By listening to any who would contact meNoAs a non-minority I was taught to respect police. I would hope that police would have ongoing classes in respecting all people and to not judge others by the color of their skin. I believe that the Chiefs of our local Pierce County and City of Tacoma law enforcement are committed to equal treatment of all citizens and continue to be role models for their departments.NoneOther elected officials - this is my first campaign as I was unopposed for my previous electionThose who want help out of homelessness, should be assisted by an agency who will find them temporary housing, benefits such as SNAP and job training or job search assistance. If the camp is "unsanitary" as I understand that some people prefer to live "off the grid", live in a sanitary manner so a camp would not be a health hazard. YesI do not understand the issue well enough to form an intelligent opinion except to say as we as a society are more and more dependent on the internet, it should be treated similar to a utility with equal rights for all.Through State and/or Federal legislation
Yolonda Brooks. Preferrred contact is by email: YolondaBrooksforCouncil@gmail.com5/28/2017 12:56:22YolondaBrooksforcouncil@gmail.comYesCity of Fircrest, City Council, Position 1NoYesNoThe term "Sanctuary Status" does not have a definitive meaning. "Sanctuary Status" jurisdictions have the possibility of having Federal Funds withdrawn from established programs for immigrants being eliminated due to lack of funding.Protect Undocumented Immigrants1. Put a bond before the voters concerning the recreation center/pool.
2. Have the City of Fircrest pre-purchase library cards from the Tacoma Public Library System.
3. institute a mandatory two week minimum notification time for all City Council events and meetings
The City of Fircrest has a population of less than 7000 residents. The top 5 needs are:
1: A viable police and fire department
2: A viable city administration
3. Decisions to be made regarding what course it will take regarding the recreation center/pool.
4. A fair process regarding choosing interim positions, and council positions recommending someone and expecting them to be chosen because they are a friend.
5. Library cards.
By asking people what they would to see in their community. This would be done by asking the two schools in Fircrest to ask their students about what they want to see in their community. By having surveys available at the recreation center and by direct engagement.YesMy plan to increase police-minority relations is by continuing to stay engaged with the police department and working with them if issues arise.Yes. Julius BrooksNoneI will advocate for the homeless population by working for funding to assist them with housing, training, and food. I will also engage our homeless and ask what they believe they need in order to achieve self-sufficiency. Would encourage our homeless to become a registered voter so they can assist with their own advocacy.YesI do not believe ISP's have the right to sell our data from various carriers differently. Access to the internet is a basic right.I would work with Congress in ensuring Federal Laws are implemented.
Lillian Hunter Info@ElectLillianHunter.com 2553-219-54195/28/2017 16:46:46HunterLillian55@gmail.comYesTacoma City Council Position 6NoYesYesAs an immigrant myself, I believe in protecting all of our constituents and doing so "cleverly" so as to not get on the national radar screen. There is no legal definition for Sanctuary Status and it is a lightening rod with the regard to threats from our disappointing national leader. I subscribe to the model developed by my Danish relatives in World War II: protect masses of Jews, get them evacuated to safety (when the time came) and doing so without the German occupying forces realizing what was going on. My parents were part of this action. The Danish Resistance set the standard for underground resistance. We could learn much from their mode of operation. I am dismayed that this has to be part of our world. How far we HAVE NOT come. Unacceptable!Decline to Sign: All members of our community deserve our protection, respect and consideration. As a former teacher and alternative high school principal, I saw firsthand the emotional toll on individuals who were excluded from protections, respect and consideration. I fought for them then - I continue to do so now (but have expanded beyond the school yard.)

Protect Undocumented Immigrants: We have had a total systems failure with regard to immigrants. It is unfair and inhumane to penalize people who are already here and blame them for those failings. I came here as an immigrant - it wasn't easy and we persevered. My family would not have made it if we had been constantly looking over our shoulders. The whole thing stinks. I am appalled that there is any consideration of deportation of families and children who have been here for decades. No! It's wrong, wrong, wrong. They are here and part of the fabric of our community. Let's not start shredding.
Millennials have come of age in a period where housing prices and student loan debts continue to rise while wages remain stagnant. As your council member, I will prioritize the following:
1. Increasing the minimum wage isn’t enough! Minimum wage jobs are still on the bottom rung of the earnings ladder and will never realize a family wage middle class income. We need to support business to grow and establish living wage jobs and create pathways for people to get the training needed to secure those jobs. We need to support hard working young people who want to increase their earning income capacity by providing access to education and training with affordable tuition. I’ve spent my career in public education helping others learn the skills they need to provide for their families and to live a life with dignity.
2. Insist that any development is smart development! Building massive micro-units without consideration of neighborhoods, parking, transportation and services run the risk of becoming Tacoma’s tenements of tomorrow. Strategic design with long term vision is critical. We must also require developers to engage in Community Workforce Agreements (hiring local, union workforce) in return for expedited permit processing and create long term win/win strategies.
3. Restore public confidence in local government: citizen involvement, careful listening, and due process. Too many Tacomans are falling behind – city government can do better.
1. Jobs and economy: we need to support the businesses that survived the recession and help them grow new jobs. Concurrently, we have to build the local workforce by providing affordable, accessible training opportunities.

2. Housing: people need to have the capacity to earn a living wage in order to afford decent housing (See number1). Affordable housing has to be done smartly and with long range goals in mind. Building hordes of micro-units is short sited if not balanced with family friendly construction. We need to plan housing that allows for new families to expand – 400 square foot units won’t suffice.

3. Environment: There was a time when Tacoma was known for the “Tacoma Aroma”. Tacoma was also home to one of the most toxic and polluted bays in the country. Over the past few decades, concerned citizens have worked diligently to improve and preserve the quality of our air and water. We will not go back to the days of polluted air and waterways. I will work to ensure Tacoma gets its fair share of economic stimulus and federal aid to support clean air and water which will help existing businesses upgrade operations for environmental gain. We must also be clear with potential investors that our standards for clean air and water will not be compromised. This is not an unreasonable expectation of any port city in this era.

4. Mental Health and Homelessness: The "revolving door" approach to mental health and homelessness isn't working. The city must collaborate with our regional partners, service providers, faith-based communities, and law enforcement, fire, and EMS to address the root causes of homelessness, substance abuse and similar problems in our community. We must establish a strategic long range plan with measurable goals with regard to solving these issues and helping people to a preferred future– and be accountable for the actions. We cannot afford to make the same mistakes as Seattle – throwing money at the issue with no game plan and then wondering why the homelessness continues to spiral out of control.

5. Public safety – we need to restore public safety workforce staffing to pre-recession levels to include police, fire and emergency services. It is not OK for citizens who are burglarized to be told nothing can be done. During the lean years, the City budget was balanced by not filling vacancies in these departments when people retired. This practice spread our public safety officers too thin which is not a good environment for crises decision making.

I've spent 32 years as an educator dedicated to at-risk youth. I have always valued their voices and their potential. I intend to be a full time city council member and work diligently at community outreach to hear all voices including those of our youth. Young people are our future. I will bring clear focus, citizen involvement, active outreach, innovative thinking and common sense to the council. YesContinuation of the Peace Project (creating opportunities for police and youth dialogue in schools) is great example of pro-active relationship building. I support this program at schools and throughout the community.

It is imperative that our police are not expected to be Immigration Control Enforcers. Preventing, reducing, and solving crime happens when there is trust between law enforcement and community members. If people become afraid to interact with police fearing possible immigration action, public safety will be compromised.

We must restore the public safety workforce staffing to pre-recession numbers. Police (and firefighters) cannot engage in quality work and building relationships when they are spread too thin. This sets the stage for overload and potential calamity. Any profession that has been asked to do too much with too little for too long will become compromised. The public safety workforce must also be afforded regular, ongoing training opportunities in cultural competency and best practices in working with all constituencies - including our minority communities.
I would welcome your assistance.Progressive Strategies; Kess Smith, Nic Van Putten and Ben AnderstoneMental Health and Homelessness: The "revolving door" approach to mental health and homelessness isn't working. The city must collaborate with our regional partners, service providers, faith-based communities, and law enforcement, fire, and EMS to address the root causes of homelessness, substance abuse and similar problems in our community. We must establish a strategic long range plan with measurable goals with regard to solving these issues and helping people to a preferred future– and everyone needs to be accountable for the actions. We cannot afford to make the same mistakes as Seattle – throwing money at the issue with no game plan and then wondering why the homelessness continues to spiral out of control.

Reasons for homelessness and the needs of the individuals involved are complicated. A one-size fits all plan cannot be adequately executed. Multiple options must be available with assistance to help people get to a level of functionality, independence, and a life with dignity including shelter, food, safety, self sustainability, and their rights as citizens.

YesThe internet is the new millennium's public utility. Just as we expect that all people would have access to the same quality of clean running water and electricity in this modern age - so should the access to internet (and information) be made accessible. This was a primary focus of the Tacoma Public Library when I served on the Board for seven years. We cannot deny access to information to our citizens. Information access by only the elite few fosters oligarchy and fascism and is not consistent with opportunity for all. Let's start with a new President sooner rather than later. The recent federal legislation which wiped out privacy protections and will allow our personal information to be sold is a travesty. In the meantime, we need to be vocal with our Federal representatives to reverse this action. On a local level, as the debate about CLICK services continues, one caveat for future negotiations and contract requirements is to secure an assurance that CLICK will not sell private information. That could be a defining issue which ultimately makes or breaks CLICK's future in Tacoma.
Bart Johnson, email bartjohnson4psb@gmail.com5/28/2017 22:07:23bartjohnson4psb@gmail.comYesPuyallup School Board DirectorNoYesNoIf you're in America illegally and don't pay taxes, or commit a crime against a citizen of the United States, then you should be deported or put in prison and then deported. However, if you're in America illegally, we should give you a chance to become an American citizen legally. If you don't bother trying, then I say bye-bye.No on I-1552. We're all here together, can't we just accept each other as we are?The top thing I would love to accomplish, for the very first time in the Puyallup School District history is to achieve 95%+ graduation rate in our district. Secondly, I would love to have the Puyallup School District to be one of the first school districts to educate our young students year round. Another important accomplishment I would love to achieve would be creating a open district, which means if their is room at a school, you can attend said school without an attendance waiver.(1) Stop teaching for tests, start teaching, to teach our students (2) Safety for the students (3) Get Olympia to give us the money we need (4) All students to have an equal opportunity to an equal, and great education (5) Self supporting sporting eventsTown meetings, social media, word of mouth, as well as going to schools, and listening to our students needs.NoAt this current time, I do not have a plan.NoNoneI would offer shelter, education, drugs and alcohol rehab. Anything that can get them in a better place. In regards to voting rights, I would offer them shelter, and if they decline, they would have the choice of receiving a post office box giving them an address to receive mail, therefor giving them the ability to vote.YesI believe that Net Neutrality is a must. Allowing Internet Service Provider (ISP) companies to control which websites or services receive, or do not receive better connection to customers is nonsense. Bigger companies shouldn't be allowed to pay off ISP companies to shut down smaller ones for fear of competition. Every service, or company in our great country should have the same abilities as others to reach customers, without fear of ISP's companies shutting them out.I would protect people in my area from having their info sold by ISP's by promoting, and pushing for a law to pass, that would prohibit such companies from doing so. People have a right to their privacy, and in our modern day lives, every household relies on a ISP in one way, shape, or form to help stay connected, or to relax at home after a long days work. By doing so, we expect ISP's to not abuse our personal information by selling it.
Noah Davis ElectNoah@Noah4Port.com5/29/2017 14:19:09electnoah@noah4port.comYesPos 2, Commissioner Port of Tacoma NoYesYesPort of Tacoma Police should not be stopping visitors or workers for the purpose of asking any question relating to immigration status. During a legitimate Terry or other stop, if immigration status comes up, Port of Police shall hold undocumented persons nor forward immigration status concerns to ICE or other federal immigration authorities. I support the Port as a sanctuary "city".Will review and update response.1. Bring a substantial number of clean energy tenants to the Port (and with them, hundreds and hundreds of new jobs). 2. Suspend the LNG storage tank construction and steer it to a non-populated area; 3. Put Pierce County residents first by ensuring that Port emissions do not negatively affect the health and economic success of Tacoma and Pierce county.1. Safety (Residents want to make sure the Port does not endanger their safety with decisions such as locating the ticking time bomb that is LNG storage tank on the tideflats. 2. Health (Tacoma and Pierce County no longer accept pollution at the levels they have been). 3. Jobs (We need to keep the number of jobs we have and then increase the number of livable wage jobs at the Port). 4. Economy - How can the three priorities above actually stimulate the PC economy; 5. Roads and Traffic. The port needs to do its fair share in paying for infrastructure and not clogging up traffic in and around downtown Tacoma, Fife and NE Tacoma.We (the young people) are the voices that are tired of the same old Port. We demand more of the Port, more safety, less pollution and more jobs. We know we can do better.YesThe Port Police must be a diverse police force and must enforce the laws non-discriminately. There will be little, if any, tolerance for any discriminatory actions of the Police force.no. n/anone yet.There may be Port property that can house more permanent homeless encampments. Walden Three?NoI support Net Neutrality, but I'm not sure if that is an issue for the Port. If it is, then I would certainly advocate neutrality.The Port's contracts should include provisions preventing ISPs operating in/through the Port from selling personal information.
Janis Clark (253) 330.6489 electjanisclark@gmail.com5/30/2017 11:15:10electjanisclark@gmail.comYesTacoma City Council, Position #5NoYesNoOn or about February 2017, Mayor Marilyn Strickland asked the City Council to "not declare Tacoma as a Sanctuary City, although the city already engages in many similar practices". I would have voted with the Mayor because the federal funding that the City of Tacoma receives supports the needs of our most vulnerable populations.I support resolutions that will “Empower young people through voter registration, campaign activities, petitions, and grass-roots lobbying efforts”,” Provide your members with valuable skills and information about jobs and internship opportunities”, and “Ensure that the youth related concerns are addressed by elected officials at all levels of government”.1. Restoring previous cuts in Public Safety - (Police, Fire and other emergency services). By involving the leadership to help reprioritize the budget to involve more “on-street” patrols in our neighborhoods, which will maintain healthy relationships with our neighborhoods.
2. Developing a strategic plan that will have current and future investments in infrastructure. To create a dedicated source of funding and a line item in the budget that can be only obligated to ensure our streets, curbs and sidewalks are repaired quickly.
3. Ensuring Tacoma is a destination for companies that provide livable wage jobs. Lead efforts to bring business, government and labor leaders together to strengthen Tacoma’s ability to bring innovative companies to our city that also agree with the “priorities of government”.
1) Public and Community Safety, 2) Affordable Housing and Human Services, 3) Livable Wage Jobs and Workers’ Rights, 4) Sidewalks and Streets Repair, and 5) Youth Homeless Shelters. To create spaces/places for effective communication that will allow their input and participation.YesAs a minority woman with residence in Tacoma over three decades, I have always been involved at the grass-roots level in ensuring open communications with police and the communities that I have lived, worked and played. I will continue to support the Tacoma Peace Project. I will help instill the need for Police to address issues they see important to building stronger police-minority relations.Not at this time, however I would encourage them to become more marketable and diverse.I have not sought consultants on this current campaign.I personally know the issues of homelessness all too well. It is important to know the issues and to connect with other organizations that are helping to get people off the streets.

A strategic plan should be adopted with the support of local elected officials, homeless service providers and individuals who have experienced homelessness, to include the voice of youth. The media should be involved, as well as, our legislators.

Bottom-line, if the systems work towards prevention and rapid re-housing; those that remain may need deeper solutions to other environmental issues, such as having a criminal record where a number of landlords may not accept their rental applications. Landlord Solutions can play a major role with assisting with “knocking-down barriers “that prevent housing of this vulnerable populations. With respect to their voting rights, once the people see that you care enough to ensure housing placement; voting will not be resisted.

However, we must keep in mind that the voting rights cannot be the main subject in dealing with the homeless. What they need is shelter.
NoThere is much to do in Tacoma with our Click Network, on the local level, where our citizens have to go to an ISP to complete their internet experience. Even Tim Wu, the man who coined the term net neutrality, will tell you that the fast lane idea isn’t what it seems. “The fast lane is not a literal truth,” he says. “But it’s a sense that you should have a fair shot.”

On the modern internet, as Wu indicates, the real issue is that such a small number of internet service providers now control the pipes that reach out to U.S. consumers—and that number is getting even smaller.

The real issue is that the Comcasts and Verizons are becoming too big and too powerful. Because every web company has no choice but to go through these ISPs, the Comcasts and the Verizons may eventually have too much freedom to decide how much companies must pay for fast speeds.
I believe if I had the single measure to protect the people from having their info sold through ISPs, it would be a paradigm shift. However, I agree that we must hold the ISP’s accountable to have internal controls to prevent theft and human error, as much as possible.

John McCarthy, 206-434-0793, electjohnmccarthy@gmail.com5/30/2017 14:17:20electjohnmccarthy@gmail.comNoPort of Tacoma Commissioner Pos. 1NoYesYesIn general I support this concept, however, I would represent all of Pierce County since the Port of Tacoma district is County-wide. Therefore, this question may not be applicable to my race and the santuary status issue is not something that the Port is charged with determining. Most of those resolutions are not something that is applicable to a public port district. However, I am in favor of declining to sign 1552 and in general protecting undocumented immigrants.Not applicable to the position of Tacoma Port Commissioner1) Jobs. Growing good livable wage jobs in strong working waterfront while improving a world class international clean maritime-industrial Port.
2) Safety. Ensuring the safety of the people who live and work in and near our Port while building the public’s confidence in the Port and its operations.
3) Environment. Continuing to protect and enhance the environment, fisheries clean air, and clean water, with responsible environmental conservation and mitigation.
4) Working to secure the enhanced shipping activity through the Regional Port Alliance while protecting the assets of the Port of Tacoma.
5) The Port must also improve its communications, public relations, and relationships with its surrounding neighbors and the greater community, to ensure that the public is better informed about the activities ongoing and proposed at the Port; while doing a better job listening to its neighbors and articulating a clear plan for progress which incorporates the best interests of the community and the environment. Ultimately, The Port must engage the public in a way which sincerely addresses legitimate concerns, while building the public’s confidence in the Port’s ability to protect our community and our environment.
I will work directly with the local and state party to create a system for receiving feedback and counsel on any major decision. I will also make sure to have regular meetings with young rcommunity members to ensure I remain well apprised of the issues that matter to youth and students. I want to have a strong working relationship with young local party members to maintain a network that can help me make the best decisions possible for all Port stakeholders. In addition, the Port should consider appointing some citizen advisory committees to ensure an efficient and substantive process for incorporating public input into Port decisions. NoThis is not applicable to the responsibilities of a Port Commissioner. We have no jurisdiction over police conduct.Campaign Manger, James RolphSarah Rumbaugh, fundraising
We have consulted with other professionals who have worked with my wife and I in the past. My wife was ellected as the Democratic State Auditor last year. Previously she was the Democratice Pierce County Executive and Auditor for many years.
The Port does not have jurisdiction over homelessness policy. However, we do strive to provide union-backed family-wage jobs to people of all backgounds and income levels.YesGenerally, I respect the rights of all people to have access to the internet, but this is not applicable to any policy area within Port jurisdiction. This is not applicable to the Port.
Marisa Peloquin email: Marisa.peloquin@gmail.com5/30/2017 19:45:56marisa.peloquin@gmail.comYesUniversity Place School Board, position 2NoYesYesWhile University Place is not labeled as a sanctuary city, it is one that welcomes all of its residents. We need to reduce and remove barriers to our immigrant and refugee communities. I support "Decline to Sign I-1552; Protect Undocumented Immigrants; Tillicum Ballot Box Initiative; Paid Sick Leave, and other WA Democrat State Party issues.I would want to reduce the achievement gap, increase the graduation rate, and reduce the amount of high-stakes standardized tests.The top five needs of my constituency within the University Place School District are 1) affordable, safe housing; 2) access to affordable medical care; 3) quality K-12 education; 4) good public transportation; and 5) safe, welcoming communities.I will look for ways to improve school board outreach, such as holding meetings at dates/times that will enable young people to attend. In addition, I will be responsive to questions through different media (e.g. text, email, phone, Facebook, etc.).YesI will ask that School Resource Officers (SRO) receive continuing training and opportunities for engagement with diverse populations. In addition, I think that it is important for community leaders to look like their community. As a minority, I hope to be one of these leaders. My son, Gregory Peloquin, volunteers for me. I have reached out to several school board members, including T'wina Franklin, Michael Ehart, and Rick Maloney (former member). In addition, I have communicated with my former treasurer for my Senate campaign I have not collaborated with political consultants. I will advocate for the homeless population, because students thrive when they have a safe home environment that includes reliable transportation to their school. Homeless families are at risk of maintaining this stability when they are forced to move from their camp. Voter suppression is likely when homeless citizens do not have access to ballot boxes, which allow them to vote without having to spend money on postage. They also need a way to receive their ballots when they don't have a stable address. YesBig businesses should not be able to squeeze out smaller companies who lack the resources to compete on a global scale. I would support legislation requiring ISPs to communicate their terms in clear language, as well as in several languages besides English.
Nancy Backus, backusformayor@nancybackus.com or nancy.k.backus@gmail.com5/31/2017 0:08:38backusformayor@nancybackus.comYesMayor, City of AuburnYesYesNoI fully support being a welcoming/inclusive city, and our policies and procedures reflect that. Our City employees do not ask for documentation status, and make no decisions based upon that information. Auburn currently receives federal grants that help fund approx. 1/10 of our police force. In fact, some of those officers are dedicated to community policing - like our Community Response Team. We have received $2 million from US DOJ's Office of Community Oriented Policing Services (COPS) in the past five years, and the grants have also helped us hire an additional bicycle officer. We have seen great response from our actions within some of the at risk neighborhoods when there isn't a windshield between our officers and the people we serve. We are working to ensure that all communities feel comfortable calling 911 to report crimes. Our current policy states that it is unnecessary for officers to notify Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) when someone is booked into jail or to hold people in jail extra time while ICE investigates - unless there's a warrant or federal criminal charge.
The term "Sanctuary City" has recently been more narrowly defined by U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions as places that prohibit information sharing with federal immigration agents. He also stated that $4 billion in law enforcement grants is at stake - including the COPS grants. Our community can ill afford to lose those grants, as we rely on them to support and keep our entire community safe. As mayor, it is my responsibility to ensure the safety of all in our city - regardless of documentation. I do, however believe that if there is a federal criminal warrant, taking that person into custody could result in a safer community.
I most definitely support Decline to Sign I-1552! This initiative rolls back long fought battles to stand against discrimination and to encourage diversity within our state.
If I understand Tacoma City Council's recent ordinance, it creates a temporary regulation that targets future expansion at the NW Detention Center (a privately owned facility). I support their stance to not allow expansion of a privately owned correctional facility.
In my second term, I would like to continue the work that I have been actively involved in over the past 3.5 years (and before) related to:

Ending homelessness: I am a member of the Coordinating Board for All Home (formerly the Committee to End Homelessness) - King County where our objective is to make homelessness "Rare, Brief, and One Time." We must work regionally to ensure we are not duplicating actions and that we are focused properly to reduce the barriers to being sheltered and preferably in long-term stable housing.

Economic Development: I will continue to work regionally to ensure that we are all thriving in this vibrant economy, and are positioning ourselves to be in a positive place moving forward.

Improved Public Safety: That doesn't just mean hiring more police officers for community policing, but also road improvements - including motorized and non-motorized options.

Improved Funding/Resources to address Behavioral Health. I have been an active participant in the South Sound Behavioral Health Alliance - working to secure funding for a 125-bed behavioral health hospital on the Allenmore Hospital campus. Washington State is ranked in the bottom 10 of all states for resources! We should be in the top 10.
-Public Safety - increased resources for community policing
-Long-term funding solutions for road improvements
-Funding to reduce the number of individuals who are experiencing homelessness - including shelter space for immediate need, but more importantly - permanent supportive housing for long term solutions.
-Resources to battle the heroin & prescription opiate epidemic
-Transportation options
We have a Junior City Council that is comprised of two students from each middle school and high school. Their focus is supposed to be to provide a youth perspective on the issues facing our City. I have also started meetings with some of our high schools to just have conversations on the issues that concern them. These aren't big formal sessions, just easy discussions to keep them engaged and to share ideas. YesWhile our officers are very well respected in our City, the make up of our department does not reflect the make up of our City. We are working with a recruiting company that focuses on diversity hiring. We are doing more outreach and want to better align with our residents. We are not without fault, but it is the intention of our City to treat all people fairly and with dignity and respect. No, but I'd love to!Jason Bennett - Argo StrategiesI have been an active advocate for homeless issues for the past three years. As a member of the All Home Coordinating Board, I am fully committed to reducing the number of individuals who are unsheltered. I have worked closely with Valley Cities Counseling, and we will be opening a day center and overnight shelter within the month. While this won't resolve or eliminate the issue, it is a start. We will offer wrap-around services to assist those in need to move up and out of the system into permanent supportive housing. YesI believe that there should be equal access to content on the internet - not determined by the level of income. In Auburn, we are working collaboratively with the Auburn School District to provide digital parity within our City. We have many of our schools that have over 50% free or reduced lunch participants. The ASD has dedicated funding to provide Chromebooks for each student, and those devices will be eligible to take home. If a student doesn't have wifi available, the device is rendered useless. We are focusing efforts to provide coverage - at a basic level to up to 80% of our students. The City Council is currently discussing what % coverage should be set as their goal. I do not agree with ISPs selling data. I'm honestly not certain of all that I could do, but I do believe that "opt-in" consent should given before sharing browsing history.
Rick Offner, rickoffner4council@gmail.com, 253-432-44075/31/2017 14:07:25rickoffner4council@gmail.comYesGig Harbor City Council Position 1NoYesYesI believe Gig Harbor should be a safe community for all persons to live and work I have signed the Decline to Sign I-1552 pledge1) Manage growth and its impact through smart development practices; 2) Create an open and transparent government that listens to its citizens; 3) 1) Improve approaches to traffic congestion; 2) Balanced approach to development that adheres to established zoning rules; 3) Preservation of the character of Gig Harbor's downtown and its maritime heritage; 4) Engagement of the community in decision-making process; 5) Establish representation for residents in Gig Harbor North which has been most impacted by development. I will be establishing community forums and Town Hall meetings to discuss issues with residents, that will include reaching out to the high schools, PCYDs, and other organizations involving young people. NoI have not yet formulated a plan for police-minority relations. This is an area I need to study further. Not at this point. PCYD volunteers are very welcome NoneI will support efforts in Gig Harbor to ensure that homeless citizens are treated with dignity and respect, and have access to needed services and supports. YesI do not foresee that NN issues will come before the City Council I will review ordinances, laws and municipal policy regarding sale of information to ISPs, determine how the City Council can work to ensure information privacy.
Evelyn Lopez, campaign email is Evelyn@electEvelynLopez.com, campaign website is www.electEvelynLopez.com5/31/2017 16:08:34Evelyn@electEvelynLopez.comYesMayor of TacomaNoYesYesI am an immigrant, and want all Tacoma residents to feel secure in their city. Tacoma will not be perceived as a "welcoming" city if it does not provide clear guidance to city staff about how we will work with residents who do not have legal status. I want to show that Tacoma protects its people, and being a Sanctuary City will put Tacoma on the right side of history--I'm certain of that.I am opposed to I-1552--it is merely a tool to make trans people feel at risk, and it presents real safety threats for trans youth and adults. I am in favor of protections for undocumented immigrants, and I'm particularly concerned about protections for children who came to this country with their parents and proposals to keep them in this country (they are as American as I am). I support progressive social change, increasing living-wage jobs, and building vibrant, safe, and caring communities. I am committed to working with all segments of the city to develop policies that benefit all of us.(1) Identify the barriers to high-quality employers locating in Tacoma, then fix the problems that create those barriers. (2) Locate clean industry, particularly future-oriented industries like hydroponic farming in the Tideflats. (3) Close the Detention Center, or reduce the population detained to only those facing deportation due to serious criminal offenses, and continue reducing until it is closed.(1) More living wage jobs in Tacoma and broader employment options; (2) Cleaner development/industry at the Port and Tideflats; (3) More affordable housing units; (4) Lower crime rates across the city, but more so in South Tacoma and Eastside; (5) Increased drug/alcohol services and assistance for those who are homeless.This is a question I asked frequently at the PDC--how to involve young people in politics and open government. I am comfortable using social media platforms to push information and engage with people. I would regularly ask for input and would set up opportunities for informal meetings. My door would be open.YesI would start with discussions. We have different minority communities, with different police relationships. Here is my reality--I can drive around with my tail lights out, and it's very unlikely I will ever be pulled over; and if I am, I will receive a warning. Younger people, and minorities face a different reality. They are pulled over because the police think they are more likely to have warrants or other infractions (because the system is rigged against the poor and people of color); and once pulled over the interactions can go very badly. First we have to recognize and acknowledge that there are problems--racial problems--then we can work on training so that we (all of us) recognize our biases and learn how to work through them. This is not a situation that is solved overnight--it's a long term human relationship situation.No, I only started my campaign as of May 10 and do not have staff or volunteers yet.Progressive Strategies Northwest (Kess Smith, Nic Van Putten, and Ben Anderstone)I am looking forward to seeing how the city plans to implement the temporary tent housing area, and how it plans to help people transition to housing. I need more information and a better understanding of the issues--there are different populations of homeless (those who are temporarily unhoused and can be assisted into housing, particularly families; those who have medical/mental health issues that need assessing; those who have drug issues). The starting point is compassionate assessment and assistance, and I would strongly advocate for that. I would advocate for voting options for homeless citizens, and believe that the Pierce County Auditor is also in favor of that.YesI'm in favor of open government, and lots of public debate, so of course I'm for the open, free internet. Over my adult lifetime, the explosion of information available to everyone has been a revolution--anyone can find out just about anything with very little effort. That is an enormously democratic and equalizing power for social justice and social activism, and I don't want to see anything stop that power. This is not something that is easily regulated at the local level, but we do have open data and open records laws that might be used to help people find out if their data is being misused. Right now, data is sold all the time (that's why when I go to a news site, it shows me an add for the jacket I was looking at yesterday on a completely unrelated retail site). I'm not sure if we can roll that back, but I would be open to discussion about possible options.
John C West6/1/2017 11:49:10westjc_69@yahoo.comMaybeCity CouncilNoYesNoNo, I support the laws of the land and currently my city does not support sanctuary status.I can't say as my position is a non-partisan. Promote public safety, affordable housing, smart developmentPublic safety, affordable housing, smart development, small business growth and property rights.I rely heavily on the public hearing process, planning commission and attending public meetings including school board, pta, county and city councilYesPromote youth safety and public crime watch, get the young involved and educate them about the role of law enforcement and their role collectively as responsible members of the community.NoMembers of my Planning Commission, City Council, and neighboring jurisdictionsHomelessness is a condition that results from other causes. I believe in helping address the root causes as a way to resolve housing. NoWho defines net neutrality defines free speech! Today it's defined by click rate, if you are popular you get clicks. Why would we want to prop up unpopular media and stymie other popular media?Yes, I don't agree with using personal information, biometrics, shopping habits or other as property that is private and I believe foundational to constitution.
Kevin Grossman - 253-370-7341 or kevin@kevingrossman.com
6/1/2017 15:36:15
YesTacoma City Council Position 4NoYesYes
Families should not be broken up over lack of documents. Domestic police are to do the work of the City not the work of ICE.
I always support people's right to decline to sign - and in the case of 1552 I don't agree with the initiative. I don't know enough about the Tacoma petition to weigh in on it more than my answer to the Sanctuary question above.
Increase economic opportunity for all people of Dist. 4, the City and South Sound - both regarding quality job growth and regarding a supportive environment for establishing small business startups and growth. Increase City sustainability - built environment (better support for renovations and adaptive reuse and renewable energy) and natural environment (tree canopy, open space). Increase transparency and accountability of the City to the Citizens across the board – public works (especially related to roads maintenance and capital spending), decision making processes such as they relate to Click, respect of public processes by senior staff following City requested community input processes, more documents online that are Public Records. This openness and accountability will have two huge benefits – the Public will have better knowledge and understanding of what is going on, and the staff will receive better informed feedback from the Public with which to make better informed decisions.
The District top priority needs are: 1. improved roads (there are still literally dirt roads that are official city streets in Dist. 4); 2. improved public safety, mainly increasing police coverage, especially community policing, back to closer to pre-recession levels; 3. homelessness, which is a complex issue that requires both housing (with wrap around services) as well as enforcement (no sleeping and loitering where it impacts residents and businesses); 4. economic opportunity by improving vacant and abandoned buildings to be occupied by new families and businesses, as well as quality job growth regionally and small business startups and growth locally; 5. Improving the environment through sustainability, aligning land use and transportation planning, attending to our habitat and community livability overall.
Listen. Be accessible. Reach out to people of all ages, and especially young people who can often feel left out of public processes and sometimes not respected when they are engaged - yet it is the youth that all current decisions are going to impact the most.
This isn't my area of expertise. I do support proactively engaging in conversations between the Police and the Public, especially communities that have problematic relationship with and historic reason to be cautious of police. I'll support active engagement to continuously improve relationships.
No, but I'm open to it.
Dorian Waller, James Rolph, others on an ad hoc basis
They need services to get back to self sufficiency. If they have behavioral health issues, they need help. If they have drug issues, they need treatment. If they are capable of working, they need stabilized housing and job placement (and perhaps skills training) to get back into the workforce to take care of themselves. This is a team effort of the City, County (with State and Federal funding) as well as healthcare and work-skills education organizations.
This is crucial to the innovative digital economy and equitable access to information and communication. It is the foundation on which so many social and economic gains have been made, across industry and society. To move away from that will allow the major players to hold all users hostage in some fashion and constrict the innovation and disruptive breakthroughs that have been the basis for much of the headway we've made related to the internet of almost everything as a country in recent (the last 20) years.
I don't know where the regulatory and legal boundaries are in that arena, but if there is a role the City can play in protecting customers from ISP appropriation of their information. I would support disclosure and possibly outright restrictions of it.
Eric Holdeman6/3/2017 14:49:33
YesPort of Tacoma, Position OneNoYesNo
It is a sorry state of affairs when our cities feel they need to protect themselves from our Federal Laws and actions, recognizing the Sanctuary City movement grew under the Obama Administration. We need to protect all people, immigrants included. I would like to have a society where government is trusted at all levels--it might be hard in our current culture, but that is what I will strive for.
I'm not familiar with these.
(1) I would like to restore trust in government, starting with the Port of Tacoma. (2) Bring true transparency to the dealings of the Port of Tacoma and (3) bring about term limits for port commissioners. People get elected and stay in office too long. 20 years or more for three of the five commissioners on the commission today.
We need good paying blue collar jobs and to do that we need to protect the industrial area that the tideflats is today. It is not a given we'll have a maritime port due to competition from other ports. We need to remain competitive via innovation. I believe everyone needs to go home after a day of work, alive and well, thus safety should not be a slogan, but a reality and an emphasis for the Port and its workers. As noted in my earlier response, restoring trust in government and promoting transparency will be a big step in that direction. Lastly, we need to have good environmental stewardship of our land, air, and water. We can fix past mistakes and keep from creating new ones.
I am a big user of social media, blogging; LinkedIn; Twitter. I'll use those extensively to communicate and also look to have a two way communication with others.
This is not a function of being a Port Commissioner. It is appropriate that the Port of Tacoma Patrol should be respective of all people, no matter their race. However, they do not have police authority.
Archway Consulting LLC
Not part of the Port Commissioner race
Big companies should not reign over the average consumer.
Not familiar with that issue
Dave Christian6/4/2017 9:58:26
NoGig Harbor City Council #3NoYesYes
We need to welcome immigrants, not reject them
No comment
Better understanding between pro-growth and slow growth interests in city. More involvement by county in city's increasing traffic problems. More realization of the tie in of interests between Gig Harbor and Tacoma.
Traffic, population growth, parks improvements, incorporation of more urban growth areas.
Invite them to open Council Meetings and open one-on-ones town hall type gatherings for input.
Still thinking about what might be helpful in Gig Harbor. If elected, will seek input from minorities and police on this.
NoMayor Jill Guernsey
Not in favor of camp sweeps- not solving the problems of drugs and mental illness and cycle of poverty.
Total net neutrality is not the answer; we need some compromise to try to inhibit fake news, uncontrolled hacking, etc.
No answer on this.
Chris Beale; email
6/4/2017 19:03:59
MaybeTacoma City Council, Position 5NoYesYes
For years now, imperialist US trade and economic policy has created a global scale crisis wherein US multinational corporations have ruined the economies of growing nations such that people must seek out better economic futures. I view immigration largely with the lens of economic exploitation over the issue; many 'illegal' immigrants are, in my view, economic refugees. Not only should we be a sanctuary city, but we, as a local government, actively resist ICE deportations and incarcerations.
I 100% support the Decline to Sign I-1552 campaign and support the rights of all of our community, including those who identify as transgender. Its a dangerous, discriminatory initiative that will set our state back. I also support the protection of undocumented immigrants and, as the Chair of the Tacoma Planning Commission, supported the ban on private ICE detention/deportation facilities the City Council considered (but did not adopt).
1) Sending out an affordable housing and homelessness services bond measure to the voters. This would be aimed at improving human, mental health, housing and drug treatment services for those experiencing homelessness; 2) establishing a community workforce agreement policy for public projects. This would achieve living wage job growth and work training objectives. 3) Increase funding for Safe Routes to Schools funding to ensure all school children have a safe way to make it to school and home.
1) Living wage job opportunities; 2) public safety; 3) Safe walking and biking facilities; 4) Additional affordable housing; and, 5) Social services.
I plan to remain involved in my community through various forms of outreach, including regular town hall meetings, regular door knocking and various opportunities to input on policy issues through social media.
I would like to explore further the possibility of citizen based oversight committees on police conduct.
Archway Consulting; KHB Campaign Management
I will be a champion for those citizens who are experiencing homelessness; we need to provide multiple types of housing solutions to get those who live 'out of doors' off the street, or at least in a temporary situation that provides the basic services, such as running water, showers, trash cans, and sanitation services. My goal will be to provide services to all of those who experience homelessness in our community a chance to improve themselves and get out of street living.
Net neutrality and internet privacy are very important issues to me and my constituents. I will, in any forum, advocate for privacy protections.
I will support the retention of Click! to ensure that the municipal level broadband provider is net neutral in terms of selling data. I believe that upholding and retaining Click! will be key to this strategy.
Philip Cowan6/4/2017 23:59:07
MaybeTacoma City Council District 2NoYesYes
As a city and as a country, we need to worry about enforcing crimes on others. People who come to our country in an attempt to better their lives are not criminals and should be left alone. Tacoma should join with others in becoming a Sanctuary City. It is morally the right place to be in my opinion.
I am a strong believer in the Decline to Sign campaign. As a father of a 10-year old daughter, I was proud to take her to a rally in downtown Tacoma for this campaign earlier this year. It was her first political rally and it gave me a chance as a father to explain this topic to her.

Similar to in the first question, I support the concepts in the #HereToStay plan. Having the detention center in our home has always been hard for me to accept. At the very least, we can make sure it isn't expanded and that people held there have chances to improve their conditions. These are not hardened criminals and should not be treated as such.

As director of The Grand Cinema, we instituted our own $15 minimum wage several years ago. We also provide PTO for all employees, no matter how many hours they work, and give 100% paid platinum medical coverage for any employee who averages 30 hours a week. I believe in these ideals for our society and am proud to represent these values within my organization.

I am also a STRONG believer in any efforts to preserve and protect our environment. My opponent has not show consistent, progressive leadership in this and other areas, and I offer an alternative to that. I received an overwhelming endorsement from the 27th District Democrats and wholeheartedly support the ideals of the Democratic Party.
Tacoma has a long history of environmental problems, from the smelter to the "Tacoma Aroma". We can't continue with ways of the past. It should never be a choice between jobs vs. the environment, and I will support planning and initiatives that support the right kind of jobs.

I support public safety in our community. Our fire and police departments still have not had their funding reach pre-recession levels. In a community that ranks well below average in crime rates and response times, we need to fix that. Funding must be restored both wisely and efficiently.

We must also continue to work on our infrastructure. Tacoma is an aging city and we have no where near enough funding to to keep repairs and improvements ongoing. This needs to be done equitably too, paying attention to the areas of our city who are most often ignored. We need to get creative on our funding models for these improvements, and make sure spending is allocated effectively. Too often we patch over problem areas, only to find another patch needed several years later. We need to be more intelligent in the ways we spend these precious dollars.
This is similar to the last question. This district includes the Port and tide flats. Environmental issues are critically important there because homes are so close to that industrial center. I support clean jobs and protection of our environment. We should not pursue projects that threaten to repeat mistakes of the past.

Property crime is common in this district and should be addressed more effectively. I am lucky to live in a safe part of Tacoma, but probably half the homes in my neighborhood have experienced break ins, including three times in my home. Very few solutions have ever been offered but that needs to change.

Emergency response time in NE Tacoma is a problem. That is one reason why our Fire Department lost accreditation. We need to intelligently plan to fix that.

We also need to continue to promote density within our city. People are inherently averse to change so when a bigger building comes up in your neighborhood, the instinct is often to oppose it. Density, however, is a better environmental choice. Sprawl causes green areas to get paved over and requires more roads/infrastructure and longer polluting commutes. Intelligent density, which should include affordable housing, is the better choice for our city.

Homelessness is also something that should be better addressed in this district that includes downtown. I'm a proponent of areas where homeless can live in greater density so that services can be provided to them. Clearing out the areas they live doesn't resolve anything and only disperses them temporarily. The Mayor's new plan is a step in the right direction but must be followed up with services.
When I was in college, I was a member of the Young Democrats. We were passionate but didn't always know how to connect with others in the community to best make an impact. I don't know if that is the same now, but either way, I want to make sure I intentionally reach out to our youth to both learn from them on their interests, as well as to educate them about what is going on in the community and how they can help.

I serve as Executive Director for The Grand Cinema and I frequently am asked to speak in front of local college classes, or to be a part of class projects. I almost always accept these invitations because I feel it is important both for The Grand - we can learn a lot - and for the students. I will continue to listen and interact as a member of the City Council.
In a City Manager form of government, the details of this are created by the City Manager and Police Chief. That said, the Council has an important role to ensure that we use community policing to integrate within our communities. We also need to make sure our police have proper training. Too often around our country situations escalate when they could have easily been diffused with different reactions, and the city should always invest in opportunities to provide our force learning opportunities.
As a recent entrant into the race I do not, but would very much welcome such connections.
Veteran campaign consultant John Wyble is working for my campaign. He works only for progressive candidates and I am very lucky to have is intelligence and support.
I talked about that some before. I believe in pulling them together, not dispersing them. We need to support them, not ignore them. This also makes it more likely that they can obtain an address that would enable them to vote. I do also support Ban the Box on employment applications that can help many in job possibilities.
I support Net Neutrality because not doing so puts big business in an advantageous position that I can not support.
I support legislation at any city, state or federal level that protects people's information, and requires permission for using it. That is one reason that Tacoma should retain control of Click! because we can help craft their policies toward citizens of our city.
Dick Marzano - rpmarzano@comcast.net
6/5/2017 11:36:24
YesPort of Tacoma Commissioner Pos. 2YesYesYes
This would not be applicable to Port properties. Port security is responsible for ensuring compliance with Homeland Security.
ANY and ALL discrimination is wrong.
I will continue to work towards growing more family wage jobs in a safe and clean environment. I will also work with both state and federal law makers to secure funds for our infrastructure to meet the needs of our community.
While our community grows, the demands for employment in a clean and safe environment are a top priority. Investment in our terminals and infrastructure to ensure the flow of cargo is also a top priority. Working with both main line railroads is a high priority as over 70% of all import containers move to the Midwest and East Coast.
I plan to reach out through social media, the Port's webpage, and by listening to young people at union meetings and on the docks to hear their concerns.
The Port Commission has no jurisdiction over local police.
NoNone at this time.
Although this question is not applicable to my campaign and position, I plan to grow family wage jobs. This will result in putting more people to work.
This is not a jurisdiction The Port can influence.
The Port does not and will not sell personal information.
Name: Tono Sablan, Email: tonosablan@gmail.com, Phone:(253)227-1444, Website: https://www.facebook.com/Tono4Schools/
6/5/2017 15:59:44
MaybeFranklin Pierce School Board, Director District 5NoYesYes
It's important that all of our students feel safe and welcome on our campuses. However, this is not currently the case with executive orders from the new federal administration. I support the rights of undocumented students in our schools and support their right to a quality education.
I align with the opposition to I-1552 and I also align with protecting the rights of undocumented citizens.
1. Strive for equity in our schools and develop a tangible plan of action as it relates to equity.
2. Advocate for our students to receive an education that will adequately prepare them for life in the 21st Century.
3. Ensure responsible expenditure of monies from the recently approved Franklin Pierce Schools Bond.
1. Better connections to local social resources (housing, food access, etc.)
2. Tools to best prepare students for to lead meaningful lives in this generation.
3. Equitable representation (leaders that look like our community members).
4. More transparent communication and a seat at the table
5. Learning facilities that are built for this era.
Our students do not have enough representation at our school board meetings. I hope to actively include students and young folks into the decision making process (perhaps even holding a board-level position). It's also important for the school board to make strides to listen (and act) to what our students have to say.
As School Board Director, I believe that I can make some serious impact on the relationship between students and school Community Resource Officers (CRO). I hope to facilitate meaningful conversations around the role a CRO plays in our schools. I hope to help foster a good relationship between students and their CRO.
Cecile Lancaster
Austin Beiermann: Campaign Manager, Jp Avila: Communications Director
In a school board position, I would be uniquely positioned to advocate for students that are involved with McKinney-Vento. I would be a fierce advocate for maintaining this act.
Considering my limited scope on net neutrality, I think that it's important for folks to share the content that they want without being bothered. However, this is of course barring hate speech, illegal acts, etc.
I do not have a specific plan to ensure that folks in my area don't get their personal information sold through ISP. However, I am an advocate for internet privacy rights and will support measures that attempt to meet this goal.
Melony Pederson
6/5/2017 21:09:07
YesCity of Sumner Council Pos. 1NoYesYes
I support providing a safe place for families in times of transition and need.
Decline to Sign is close to my heart. Its been difficult seeing the country deal with this non-issue in the manor in which they have. I appreciate the language in #HeretoStay and agree that issues are much better solved when dealing with the root issue rather than the symptom. Let's protect these families while removing the roadblocks to a legal status.
Engaging City Council Meetings, Removing legalese from Development notifications, Providing a clear neighborhood investment plan
Clearly I'll find out more as I have the opportunity to doorbell in the coming months, but on the surface it appears to be easing traffic, development outreach, marketability as a city, deep engagement and safety.
I would love to see more interaction with the School District, there's so much great work going on already and there just needs to be a better bridge in some cases. First would be learning the existing systems in place, then working with the High School's leadership program to a Middle School Assembly to an Elementary School Neighborhood Building Day. At each one of these types of events it shows our youth we care about them and they deserve a seat at the table as well.
Always. Coming from one of the most segregated cities in the country this is a passion of mine.
While we don't have homelessness on the level of camp sweeping in Sumner its still an issue and especially for our youth that needs to continue to be addressed.
Everyone deserves equal access, basic principle. Corporations should not be able to leave pockets of our citizens out who are deemed unworthy for any reason.
I have no idea and am eager to research and learn more about whats possible here.
Julie Door, jdoor4dist3@gmail.com or cell (253) 686-3491
6/5/2017 22:32:11
YesPuyallup City Council, District 3, Position 2YesYesYes
Sanctuary Status is important; however, we should be striving to do more by providing fair and equal opportunities for individuals to become citizens.
I would not promote, participate in, or support any petition or actions designed to discriminate based on an individual’s race, creed, color, national origin, sex, marital status, age (40+), disability, retaliation, sexual orientation/gender identity, honorably discharged veteran or military status, or use of a trained dog guide or service animal by a person with a disability.
Public Safety - Puyallup is struggling with an increase in property crimes, drug addiction and homelessness. Providing information, education and supporting our first responders will help to alleviate some of the community fears and allow us to focus on solutions to these issues.
Business/Jobs – I have, and will continue, to advocate for redevelopment of our downtown core. The Council is currently funding a Planned Action SEPA to assist in our revitalization efforts. The revitalization will provide business opportunities and sustainable living wage jobs for our residents.
Homeless – Pierce County is experiencing a dramatic increase of people experiencing homelessness. I have toured Nativity House, Recovery Café, New Hope Resource Center, St. Francis House, rode with the PPD Community Outreach officer for a day, went out with the Tacoma Rescue Mission on a search and rescue, and have visited the camps along the Puyallup River to gain an understanding of the issues facing our homeless population. I will continue to be a voice that advocates for solutions, i.e. exploring an East Pierce County shelter, working to find common ground between the extreme sides of this issue. Without being willing to listen, understand and respect the differing opinions in our City, progress cannot be made. The Council needs to lead by example.
Protecting Seniors – Puyallup was the first City in Washington State to receive the designation as an “Age Friendly City.” Ensuring that senior citizens are engaged, valued and have input in our City is a major priority.
Parks & Recreation – Robust parks and recreation are essential to a health community. Preserving green space and the rich farming soil is vital to our environment and our health.
Infrastructure – Prioritizing and planning for infrastructure replacement is essential to financial stability for our residents. If we do not do planned maintenance and replacement, the cost to our taxpayers becomes much more significant.
Public Safety Building – Puyallup has purchased property on South Hill to build a new public safety campus. Combining the Police Department, Jail and Court will increase efficiencies, allow for the growth the PPD has experienced, and ensure that the Court is operated in a secure facility.
Building bridges and repairing relationships – In past years, Puyallup has struggled to work effectively with our neighboring jurisdictions and outside agencies. I have worked very hard to repair and establish relationships with the Puyallup School District, Central Pierce Fire & Rescue and Pierce County to ensure that our constituency has the benefits of positive relationships, shared information / experience and financial efficiencies.
I was proud to receive the enthusiastic support of the Young Dems in my first race and have worked hard to engage youth in public service and city affairs since. I will continue engaging with groups such as the Pierce County Young Democrats, the YMCA Youth Investment Center, Pierce College, Puyallup School District, and continue to provide educational tours of City Hall to youth oriented groups.
Although I firmly believe the men and women of the Puyallup Police Department are serving our community well, we can always look for opportunities to improve communications and relations throughout the community. One of the reasons our police department has earned its reputation for serving all members of the community is because they do an outstanding job utilizing social media and other communications to inform and provide public outreach. A few of our successful endeavors:
● Any resident can request to ride along with police officers.
● All citizens can sign up for and attend the annual Citizens Academy.
● National Night Out – police and members of the council visit several locations for neighborhood events to meet, greet, and obtain feedback.
● Officers visit the Library and read to any children.
● During the holidays, officers accompany children/young adults to store to purchase gifts
For my part, I will continue to work cooperatively with the police to ensure they are accessible to all members of the community.
Jason Bennett, Argo Strategies
I will continue to advocate for those who are vulnerable and marginalized - like families or individuals with children who find themselves homeless or sleeping in a car – just trying to get by day to day.
Before I gave any thought of running for the Puyallup City Council here some of the actions my family (husband and children) were involved in annually toward helping our community: Food Drives for the Puyallup Food Bank and EFN, Clothing Drives for YMCA Battered Women’s Shelter, Salvation Army and Foster Children. I attend, and contribute financial support, to annual charity events such as Communities in Schools, St. Francis House, the Puyallup Food Bank, Open Hearth Ministries, Santa Cops and Metropolitan Development Council.
I support expanding voting rights to all eligible citizens and making it easier for all people to vote.
Since becoming a council member I now have supported $174,000 being allocated annually from the City to agencies such as Homeward Bound, Open Hearth Ministries, Share & Care House, St. Francis House, and Exodus Housing. Puyallup has formed a Coalition to work on the homeless challenges that face communities across the United States. Separate from what I am able to do as a council member, my family has continued to support local agencies providing services to those less fortunate in our community. I am a member of Kiwanis and serve on the Youth Services and Community Services Committee. I am also an elected member of the Kiwanis Foundation Board. Kiwanis provides support and services to children in need in our community.
I am disturbed the work that is being done on the federal level to reverse net neutrality and would support legislation on the local level, like Rep. Drew Hansen’s legislation, to counteract the negative effects of the roll backs.
It is my understanding the US Senate recently voted to eliminate broadband privacy rules that would have required ISPs to get consumers' explicit consent before selling or sharing Web browsing data and other private information with advertisers and other companies.
I will work with my fellow council members, county, state and congressional representatives (willing to do so) as well as our community members on this important issue that will impact us all.
Gregory Hogan6/5/2017 23:27:13
MaybePosition 1 Orting City councilNoYesNo
Need more clarification on status
decline I-552 ???
Let Mangers manage . If they do not produce replace . Support staff , all groups (especially at their desk and in the field ). See how we can bring in new blood to replace those who retire and maintain work ethic to show community they are getting the best bang for their buck .
Safety in community . support for those in need. No money waste on budget items . Traffic for commuters and merchants . Try to bring some sort of industry to our community
Please inform me of your definition of young people
If elected must feel out police on what their policies are , and what kind of training staff is receiving
Need to understand our citizens more who are homeless before deciding which direction I would go.
Victoria Woodards, Victoria@VictoriaWoodards.com, (253) 677-9007
6/6/2017 12:40:45
YesMayor of TacomaNoYesYes
I support Tacoma becoming a sanctuary city. And more than that, I'll put real action behind our words. I will fight an expansion of the Northwest Detention Center, work to keep hospitals, schools, and places of worship off-limits to ICE, and ensure our immigrant and refugee neighbors are informed of their rights, especially those facing deportations.
I support both of these resolutions. I was an early endorser of Washington Won't Discriminate (decline to sign I-1552) and recently I was a sponsor for their Tacoma fundraiser. I would also support #HereToStay because we must do better by the people who help make our communities strong, vibrant and diverse.
1. Create more Family Wage Jobs
2. Reinvest in Public Safety
3. Protect our safety net by focusing on decreasing Homelessness and increasing Affordability
1. Family wage jobs - While addressing unemployment we have to remember that there are many families in our community are underemployment. United Way has a report that talks about A.L.I.C.E. (Asset Limited, Income Constrained, Employed) a segment of the population that is just above the poverty line but still struggling. We need better paying permanent jobs with benefits for our residents.
2. Accessible and Dependable transportation
3. Affordable housing – as our region grows we need to be able to ensure Tacoma remains affordable so that everyone who wants to live here can.
4) Public Safety - Everyone in Tacoma deserves to feel safe and welcome.
5) Safety Net - We had to make cuts during the recession and now it’s time to re-invest in what makes our community strong.
I believe young people are not only our future, but they are also our present and we need to be sure their voices are heard now. As Former President and CEO of the Tacoma Urban League, I not only chartered the Tacoma Urban League Young Professionals Auxiliary Group, but I also personally mentored young men and women, particularly young students of color. Under my leadership, we created Student Government day in the City of Tacoma. I will continue, personally and as mayor, to incorporate the voices, thoughts, and ideas of young people.
At a time when our nation was (and is) grappling with distrust and violence in our police systems, I led efforts to work on police reform with a broad coalition of community members. Not only did we work on Project PEACE - a community policing program - but we also came together with over 800 community members, elected officials and front line police officers to discuss community priorities, build relationships and understand each other’s shared experiences. Out of those meetings, we created a list of community priorities, as mayor I will work to make sure that those priorities are implemented. I will also continue to find best practices from across the country and implement them here at home.
Not at this time. However, as in past campaigns, I hope to engage the PCYDs in this race.
Moxie Media - Delana Jones and Emma Tupper. Orca Organizing - Phil Gardner. McShane Strategies - Raven McShane
As a city councilmember, I worked to build a stronger system for combating homelessness. When preparing and adopting the 2017/18 biennial budget I’d advocated for more investment to address the homeless issues in Tacoma. We increased funding by 50% and focused on a continuum of services to ensure that all of needs were being address to include housing, mental health, and employment. As Mayor, I will continue to find permanent solutions that break the cycle of homelessness in our city.
I do not support city sweeps of tent encampments and believe we need to look to better policies that respect the dignity of our homeless population to address this issue.
Net Neutrality ensure everyone has access to internet without having to pay more. I would absolutely fight against efforts to make it harder for working people and young people to access the internet, as it is an essential to creating economic and educational opportunity.
At the local level, I believe we should require key internet service providers to obtain permission from users before selling their browsing information and data.
Jim Merritt (253) 272-2626
6/7/2017 14:05:18
Immigrant communities within the city of Tacoma are tax payers. They should not fear deportation when attending church, school, court, going to the hospital, or a wedding. If our police departments increase their collaboration with ICE, they will not be able to keep the trust of our immigrant communities. This will cause organized crime to take root in these communities and exploit their vulnerabilities. I was the first candidate to support Sanctuary Cities and all others have followed my lead.
I was the first to sign the #HereToStay petition. I have declined to sign I-1552, rallied with Washington will not Discriminate and endorsed their campaign.
Family-wage jobs. Mass Transit now, not later. Make Tacoma emergency ready by fully funding public safety services.
Access to affordable housing. Help the homeless. Higher paying jobs. Public safety. Balance between family-wage jobs and protections to the environment.
All of my campaign staff are young people and they are helping drive this campaign. I have conferred with young immigrants of color and young democrats on policy.
I will support the training and continuing education of our police force so that they can better relate to the communities they serve. Project PEACE is just the start, and is not enough. All sides of the issue must be brought together and allowed to express their concerns and fears without censorship allowing tensions to dissipate. If more police officers lived in the communities they serve, I believe this would foster better relationships with our communities and our police.
Yes: Felicia Jarvis and Jose Manzano
This is a grassroots campaign.
I have long term relationships with folks who have been, and are currently, homeless in Tacoma and meet with them on a regular basis to discuss ways to alleviate their circumstance. We must treat our homeless population with dignity. I believe the rights of citizens of the United States shall not be denied or abridged by anyone regardless of permanent residential address.
We must ensure the right to freedom of speech, access to uncensored information, and the free market.
I believe that we need to ensure the privacy of consumers. Internet service providers need to communicate their terms in clear language and obtain consent from their consumers.
Jugal Thakor6/10/2017 8:24:53
Steilacoom Historical School District No.1, Position 2
I believe in treating everyone as Human and equally. I would defend in my power to keep our kids in school regardless of their status in this country.
I will absolutely support to protect Undocumented Immigrants and ask every mayor, governors, law makers to give them documents to work and pay fair share of taxes, buy insurance, buy homes, raise family in safe America. Its good for our Nation economy, good for families and kids.
I would like to start STEM program in our school district. Next wave of jobs are going to be STEM related. I prefer to have more AP classes earlier in High school years so that kids do not feel pressured when they enter college and fall apart. I would support raising teachers salary and better, brighter and greener classrooms.
STEM program, Advance Placement Classes in High Schools, Technology in Elementary schools, Balance spending budget money between no child left behind and highly capable
I listen to student & parents needs more then politicians wish...
Community involvement from police is the way of dealing and stopping many issues in our society. No force require, but more understanding is required.
My position does not impact Homeless situation.
We leave in free press, free speech and freedom for all country. This was set up by our four fathers and I would like to keep it that way.
I would encourage them to contact right government agency, news channels and other non profit orgs to help their voices heard.
Larry Nelson6/10/2017 10:36:43
Central Pierce Fire Commissioner Position #5 (Pierce Co. Fire District 6)
residents of Washington that have been here a long time (many have children that are US citizens) should not live in fear of the police splitting up their families. Their families are productive members of the community.
I agree, but I don't live in Tacoma, so its moot.
Our district is facing rapid growth which is stretching our resources to the limit. The proposed zoning changes to the South Hill and Spanaway area come with no impact fees. If passed they guarantee that we will not be able to respond with needed equipment in required time. The 2nd issue funding for equipment that is wearing out much sooner than in the past( due to increased call volumes). This may require a new fund source ie. a bond or levy.
We have excellent firefighters and paramedics they need the resources to respond to our citizens calls. The growth in our area is going to require a re-examination of where our stations and ladder trucks are placed. I want the fire districts to have more input on the zoning changes. They can result in unfunded mandate to the department.
1. roads are over crowded. We need to finish projects that are started and do those that are planned. The cross base highway, connecting to the Orting Valley, the Canyon road extension- both north and south. Road connectivity is very important to our first responders.
2. maintaining our levels of service to our district. We will have many projected retirements coming in the next 5 years, these replacement firefighters must be able to hired and trained. This is no small job. The police are facing the same issues.
3. Most of our calls ( about 80%) are medical, we need to be able to respond in a timely and appropriate manner. The county needs to work on methods of response that meet the citizens need.
4. Pierce county needs to attract more family wage jobs. The available land is rapidly being covered with warehouses ( not many jobs ther)
We need to listen to them. Through our community outreach efforts and school programs.
We send out our people to community organizations , high schools, job fairs, etc., and advertise to those groups
My firefighters respond to their calls a lot. I think we treat them with respect while trying to encourage them to seek assistance. We don't deal with citizenship or voting rights at all.
I haven't studied this issue, as it doesn't affect fire service that I'm aware of.
We deal with health information only ,I hope there is no weakening of the Hippa rules.
Nate Downes6/11/2017 9:58:51
YesSchool BoardNoYesYes
As a member of the school board, the scope of my position is to ensure that all students can feel safe while they learn.
Decline to Sign I-1552 I have already been promoting. I support #HereToStay, the $15 minimum wage (actually feel it should be higher), I support equal rights regardless of race, creed, color, religious belief, marital status, sexual orientation, or gender.
To transition our school district from $120 textbooks to $70 ebook readers
to eliminate rote-based homework in favor of interactive with instant feedback
to give our students more of a say in school policies.
To restructure our financials to come into compliance with the state supreme court ruling.
To prevent more lawsuits over student rights.
More schools to better serve the region.
To maintain our academic standards
To offer greater access to the school board, including recording the meetings for parents to be able to watch at a later time.
Students need to be shown early that the school administration, all the way up to the board, is open and accessible to them. That means expanding social media access, opening up communication channels, even a newsletter for them to read and give feedback on would be a huge step forward for our board.
This falls out of my area to influence beyond that of any other concerned citizen. Ultimately, the issue here is one of relation, as in the police do not relate to the people that they are there to protect. Every community has unique challenges, and no outsider, no matter how well intended, can grasp those. The first key to relating is to gain access, and trust, of those who live in these communities. In the old days, there would be watchmen, people from a community who would serve as first alert volunteers in case of trouble, who worked under a police officer (this is precisely why the police are called Officers in old English). This model, adapted to the modern age, would do wonders for police-minority relations I do believe, and am supported by those communities which do use such a system.
I've consulted with a kitchen cabinet, informal advise from people such as Amy Pivetta Hoffman, Anita Latch, and Patti Dailey.
While this falls outside of my nominal duties, I can encourage schools to run campaigns to help support the homeless, such as packing backpacks for them.
Unless every packet is equal, the very function of the internet is compromised. Tracking and logging priority packets, restricting prohibited packets, adds overhead which in turn reduces service capability while increasing costs. It also eliminates the redundant failover capability which makes the internet such a powerful tool to begin with.
Require that any ISP for public schools be prohibited from selling such information, and stop doing business with any which do.
Don Meyer phone 253-691-9891
6/11/2017 10:57:07
MaybePort of Tacoma Commission #4YesYesYes
I was born and raised on a farm and still have an interest in agricultural issues and this is a big one. I believe we must get past punishment discussion on undocumented workers and recognize we need a pathway to recognize their contribution to and the role they play in our economy. We need to get them to a lawful citizenship status like some form of community service for a limited period of time. This excludes any persons involved in criminal activity.
Creating family wage jobs is a priority for me.
Grow family wage jobs in Pierce County by 5%, right-size our maritime terminals to accommodate larger vessels and adopt a sustainable policy with a focus on clean air, clean water and no export of fossil fuels on port land..
Good paying jobs, good schools, access to educational opportunities after high school, affordable housing and adequate transportation systems
One way is to participate in job fairs targeted specifically to high school students. I will continue to be a major supporter of the Sea Scouts and educational programming in the Seaport Museum. Student internships are also a great way to get involved in the maritime industry.
This seems to be more specific to city government positions.
None at this time but would welcome their help.
John Winkler of Columbia Communications
This seems to be more specific to city government positions. I will however continue to support local entities like the Metropolitan Development Council because they provide programs like Housing First.
This appears to be a good question for city government positions. I generally favor a regulatory role to ensure internet access is provided on an equal basis to all users.
This seems to be more specific to city government positions.
Catherine Ushka, email votecatherine@gmail.com, or call/text 253.579.3129
6/11/2017 13:00:42
YesTacoma City Council, District FourNoYesYes
I do support the ideas put forth in #heretostay, other than this title. As a Welcoming City we do more than Sanctuary City already. Establishing the requests of #heretostay without using the name Sanctuary City would provide protection without making our communities a target. I also am concerned about claiming this moniker since our communities that will be impacted have not asked for this, to the best of my knowledge, in fact testimony from Tacoma Community House at the council meeting was in gratitude for the Welcoming City status and informing them of the fear many immigrant communities are currently living in.

We literally have a president who is looking for this word and building targets to direct both ICE and funding cuts. We must protect all of our citizens and in this case and at this time I think doing so means not taking the name.
I am an early endorser of Decline to Sign 1-1552 and have been highly involved with this issue including working in partnership with our LGBQT+ leaders to help the YMCA return to policy of allowing people to use the restroom of the gender they identify with last year or the year prior, and working to defeat that petition. This included working with core groups on strategy and supporting learning communities where I was able to, going to Olympia to be available to provide testimony and offer support, and writing an editorial published in the News Tribune. I was one of few straight gender normative elected officials to be vocal about this support even in a non-election year. My support continues as a co-host of the Tacoma Fundraiser, and as a speaker at the rally at UWT earlier this year.

See my support of #Heretostay in the prior question.
Increase public safety working to restore police levels to pre-recession and meet national best practices.

Contribute to the building of innovative partnerships to both address and prevent homelessness, the Eastside food desert, and health disparities.

Create policy and partnerships that build career ladder jobs, greater economic investment and expand housing opportunities across all income levels.
Public Safety (the full breath of this including code enforcement etc). Jobs and Economic Growth, Transportation solutions, keeping housing affordable for all of our neighbors, and of course - great schools.
Outreach and invitation. We need to build civic communities specifically for youth in Tacoma, schools could be a great partner, however I know from experience that young people are less interested in the exciting meetings of neighborhood councils and we need their voices. We also need our youth to feel empowered to participate, particularly those of color and of the LGBQT+ community so that we our future municipal, state and national leaders want to be part of the hard work that is our democracy in action as adults as well.
I think there has been great with the Project Peace initiative. I also think highly of our Tacoma police force. However, there is not any area of COT employment that cannot grow with further education in diversity. With the tensions around the country so high in this regard we must be proactive in building these relationships from both sides.
Not currently, but let this be an invitation! District four is really fun to doorbell!
Progressive Strategies NW, the best data in the state and the team that knows district 4 better than any other consulting firm, also formerly very active YD's. (I think they aged out but don't tell them I said that).
In terms of voting I will reach out to the County Auditor specifically, and seek to partner with them as a Councilperson to ensure voting access, and the legislature where restoration of voting rights is concerned.

We need to invest more in 'housing first' models that had been successful but are under invested, but also look across the whole spectrum of why people are homeless and what they need to get back on their feet as well as what would have prevented them from being homeless in the first place. Still there are people who are persistently homeless and we need to create and retain shelter and services for these individuals.

The need for mental health, drug and alcohol treatment and recovery, as well as an economy with broad based job entry and growth points is needed.

Our homeless people need immediate relief but we need long term solutions. Nobody in the country has resolved this but I am confident that Tacoma can be leaders in solving this crisis, if we work across partnerships toward the outcome we want.
Free and equal access to the internet is like free speech any more. I will work with my congress members and provide the support they need to protect us from Ajit Varadaraj Pai's proposed legislation. I believe that the failure to protect net neutrality will encourage predatory practices that almost always hurt communities at risk the most, deepening the economic and racial divides that are already too broad in our country.
Local legislation to prevent this, and state and federal advocacy for the same.
Keanan Taute - keanantaute@gmail.com or 2532686952
6/11/2017 14:05:18
YesPuyallup City Council Dist. 2 Pos. 2NoYesYes
I believe that sanctuary status is a vital first step to protecting immigrant communities.
I have canvasses for the Decline to Sign campaign and voted in favor of the PCYDs endorsing
1. Homelessness: Homelessness is the most important issue for Puyallup to work on. In addition to what I said above, I believe that we need to coordinate with Tacoma and the county to solve homelessness in our region. Otherwise, I am going to find out what, if anything else, they want to see change in this city while canvassing. Homelessness is not just a Puyallup problem, it is a regional problem, and it should be treated as such. 2. Youth Rights: The Puyallup youth have not been listened to in the last few years, and we have seen this bubble up in to protests in Puyallup High Schools. I want to be an advocate for the youth voice on the City Council, but on top of that, I am in the preliminary planning stages on leading efforts to establish a youth commission in Puyallup. 3. Smart Business Development: New developments are important in Puyallup, but we need to make sure these developments are both sustainable and that they don’t significantly and negatively impact our city.
Addressing Homelessness, creating an ethics commission, giving youth a stronger voice and increasing civic engagement among young people, continuing to protect the environment, and to increase a sense of safety for all residents.
I am the outreach organizer for the PCYDs, and I believe that young people have a voice, and I believe that this voice should be listened to in government. I support Puyallup establishing a youth commission as a means of getting more youth voice in politics. I am a young person, and I understand what it feels like to have political opinions about national and local issues, but feel like you don't have a legitimate place to express these opinions. I also know what it is like to be young in politics. For these reasons and more, a stronger youth voice is a central issue for my campaign. I would also be the youngest city council member by at least 20 years, and would be one of the youngest elected officials in the state.
To my knowledge, Puyallup police have a good track record with police-minority relations. I support any new plans to improve these relations.
Alex Cornyn is volunteering. I am a member myself and am the acting outreach organizer
I answered this a lot earlier, but I am against city camp sweeps. I hope to be leading the charge for voting rights for homeless populations in pierce county through the PCYDs (we are in the planning stages of this too), AND I am meeting with community leaders on homelessness to discuss the best solutions.
I don't want internet companies slowing down my speeds to specific websites.
I am against this policy and would support giving people back these protections.
Shalisa "Shay" Hayes
6/12/2017 10:23:27
MaybeTacoma City Council Position 4NoYesYes

My position is that all citizens regardless of documentation status deserve the freedom and right to thrive in without fear of deportation. The community I live in is home to many immigrant families. I know them personally and have a deep rooted respect for my neighbors. My lived experience does not allow the option of turning my back on the youth and families that I walk alongside of everyday.
I support both Decline to sign I-552 to keep discrimination of the ballot as well as #HereToStay to protect undocumented immigrants.
Supporting, protecting and serving our youth is one of my top priorities. The reality of the Eastside Community Center accomplishes some of that work, There is always more to do and I will continue to seek out and listen to the youth voice in order to effectively advocate for their needs. Public Safety and Affordable Housing are also in my top 3 priorities. In fact all three of these priorities are interconnected and vital to having a thriving Eastside.
Affordable Housing options
Safe community spaces for all
Access to healthy food
Public transportation
Protection and support for the most vulnerable (access to affordable medical and dental, support to maintain housing/prevent homelessness, access to education and living wage jobs)
My entire campaign involves the voice and work of young people. From my campaign photos, social media engagement and the focus of my recent door-belling efforts this past weekend.
First, we must hold police accountable for their actions and inaction's when it comes to interacting with communities of color, especially youth. As a community, we all have a responsibility to support, teach and advocate for our neighbor and most importantly, our youth. I believe strongly in "Each One, Teach One" and think that must be the basis within the police force as well as the communities.
Not yet! Argo Strategies
The homeless citizens in our communities are unseen and unheard. My outreach will include voter registration and outreach.
Net Neutrality is vital to our right to free speech. Our access to information and ability to communicate freely online should not be monitored or restricted. Without open internet, there may not be platforms to allow communities of color to share our own stories. Mainstream media does not accurately represent my lived experience. In fact, it upholds and promotes the erasure of folks of color.
First, I'd educate internet users about the importance of keeping eye on their providers privacy policies and making a change as necessary if those policies do not offer adequate protection for consumers. The use of encrypted sites can assist with protecting your information and browsing practices. I'd also advise them to check on how service providers depict their online activity so that they can see firsthand the information collected and shared. In addition, it is important to understand how incognito and private browsing windows work and use them as a preventive measure.
Meredith Neal electmeredith@gmail.com
6/12/2017 13:54:32
YesTacoma City Council, #6NoYesYes
I would support the City of Tacoma become a sanctuary city as it legitimizes the protections many departments in our city are already offering.
I support both.
I have three things I want to work on and accomplish if elected. Affordable housing, living wage jobs, and infrastructure improvements. Tacoma has historically been fairly affordable and had many good living wage jobs, and both of those are in danger. For housing, I believe that we need to add more housing inventory at all levels, and we need to review building incentives to more strongly encourage affordable units in new projects. To grow our living wage jobs, we need to strengthen city support of new and growing businesses, attract good employers with living wage jobs, and encourage more workforce development and skilled trades apprenticeships. To address infrastructure I want to make sure we are planning our developments around transit hubs to create spaces where people can live and work in Pierce County.
Affordable housing, living wage jobs, access to services, infrastructure improvements such as adequate public transit, and a safe community.
I look forward to engaging with younger members of our community through making myself accessible.
I would like to see increased communication and engagement between officers and the public. Project PEACE, and TPD talks are a great first steps but I would like to see more officer engagement with the public.
No, former member Alisa Lee is managing my campaign
Archway LLC
I strongly believe that our homeless need stability before they can be expected to take further steps to get off the streets. In January I participated in the point in time homeless count. Many of the people I met were chronically homeless and dealing with mental health and substance abuse issues. To address these issues people first need a stable space with access to basic things such as clean water, bathrooms, and access to services. I do not believe that camp sweeps are the right way to approach this issue and support the city establishing a safe space for these individuals. Then the real work of address why these individuals are on the streets can begin.
I support Net Neutrality as the internet it is a vital source of information for all and is a fundamental way to exercise free speech.
I would support increased education and awareness so users know how to disable trackers and protect their privacy. Within my ability I would also support policies that require service providers notify users that they are collecting information and provide materials on how to opt out.
KRISTIN ANG (info@votekristinang.com)
6/12/2017 15:19:14
These aggressive immigration enforcement policies is counterproductive and plain harassment towards immigrant communities. These diverse communities contribute to our county. We want to encourage immigration populations to work with law enforcement without fear of deportation. Aggressive enforcement simply fills up the detention centers making their corporate owners wealthier. The immigration courts are already backlogged. A lot of these cases will qualify for relief, but not before using court resources and cause suffering on immigrant families. If their case does not qualify, families will be separated.
I am against discrimination.
1) Environmental stewardship and sustainability. 2) Change the culture at the Port to foster genuine transparency and high public engagement. 3) Prioritize the health and safety of Pierce County residents.
1) Restore trust in government, particularly the Port Commission. 2) Constituents want to be heard and have a say on the development of public lands. 3) Health and Safety -reduction in pollution and the moving away from fossil fuel industry exports and high impact projects. 4) Jobs 5) Improvement and investment in infrastructure at the Port and the roads.
1) Social Media 2) Public forums / speaking engagements at schools and organizations. 3) Student internships and job fairs.
I would suggest diversifying the police force, de-escalation techniques and minimization of force training for law enforcement, community relationship building, and evaluation of terry stops /police interaction with citizens.
No, not currently. I welcome them to volunteer and join my campaign!
Cable and phone companies should NOT get to decide the speed and access of information. I am for open internet and communicating freely.
I would need to consult tech experts.
Shanna Styron Sherrell Campaign: Citizens to Elect Shanna | together@voteforshanna.com
6/12/2017 20:08:58
This is not a YES or NO answer for me. Sanctuary City is a new term to many of us, including myself. I don't believe in breaking the law, but I also don't believe in the way our current President has handled immigration. I'm against putting the fear of deportation and possible family break-up among those who are in the country illegally. I'd like to see our federal, state and local governments work together to refine our immigration policies.
I support the additional funding for the Washington State foster care system. We must take care of these children and slashing funding will not work. We need adequate funds for social workers, foster homes, social services, subsidized child care and early learning programs.
First and foremost, I want to create a City Hall that is functional, transparent and welcoming to our citizens. Without a properly managed City Hall, there is no way we can be a productive city. Second, will come a realistic budget. With functionality and a proper budget, I then hope to tackle the tasks that are needed. I hope to be able add sidewalks to major roads in my first term.
*Transparency in our City Hall, including communication and website
*Safety in the form of properly staffed Police Department, improve and build sidewalks & crosswalks, and properly maintained roadways
*Businesses that enhance our city
*Park space & enhancements
*Keeping the small town feel while advancing to the future
I'm 100% open to the involvement of youth & the younger generation! They are the future. One thing I'd like start are internships and volunteer programs in our city geared toward the younger generations.
Milton has a top-notch Police Department! They are connected with the community and there is a mutual respect both ways. I have not seen or heard of struggles in Milton with police-minority relations. Should they come up, I'll work with the MPD and the community to find a solution.
We can not deny that Washington State has a homeless problem. I believe that homeless camps are a mask and not a solution. We must support programs that will help them regain their self-worth and become productive citizens. Job training, drug & alcohol treatment, mental health services and social services are all necessary.
Net Neutrality is a topic I have not read or heard a lot about. I need to research it before I can speak on the topic. You must select Yes or No, but I can't say either way.
I do everything in my power to keep certain personal information private. It's disheartening to think that my web browser history could be sold. I'm not up to speed on this topic, so more research will need to be done on my part.
Gary Barton elect.barton@gmail.com 253-778-2315
6/13/2017 0:41:08
MaybeLakewood Water District Commissioner #3NoYesYes
I support Sanctuary Status cities and counties because they fight for human dignity by not enforcing bigoted and racist Federal Law or President Trump's Executive Order.
WSDCCRES - 724 - 150418 - PASS - ENV - Regulating Carbon Pollution (31st)2016SCRES - 050 - 160618 - PASS - LAB - Failure to Enforce Trade Laws
WSDCCRES - 583 - 120922 - PASS - LAB - Protect Collective Bargaining Rights
2014SC - 067 - 140621 - PASS - LAB - Public Employees Pensions
WSDCCRES - 741 - 150919 - PASS - CIV - Voting Rights Act
2016SCRES - 011 - 160618 - PASS - CIV - Black Lives Matter
2008SCRES - 126 - 080614 - PASS - CIV - Marriage Equality
WSDCCRES - 772 - 160130 - PASS - CIV - Supporting Transgender Rights
WSDCCRES - 525 - 110430 - PASS - HUM - Against Medicare Privatization
WSDCCRES - 526 - 110430 - PASS - HUM - Against Social Security Cuts
WSDCCRES - 670 - 140201 - PASS - HUM - Affordable Housing Assistance
2008SCRES - 194 - 080614 - PASS - CORP - Holding Corporations Responsible
2016SCRES - 085 - 160618 - PASS - ENV - Carbon Tax
2016SCRES - 126 - 160618 - PASS - ENV - Support GeoThermal Power Plants
2016SCRES - 140 - 160618 - PASS - ENV - Overfishing
Ensure the viability of the NEW District’s Customer Assistance Program that allows customers to donate money to help those who need assistance paying their water bill.

Approve yearly operating budgets that adequately funds both maintenance & capital improvements to the water-supply infrastructure. The Water District is 70 years old and we need to continue funding the replacement of aging and undersized water lines before the infrastructure becomes a barrier to economic development and redevelopment.

Support policies that help protect the aquifer system beneath Lakewood so we continue to have a clean source of water. This District solely relies on groundwater pumped from 30 local supply wells, but contaminates currently impact one supply well.

My constituency want a water supply that continues be safe, clean, plentiful and affordable for all residences and businesses
Young people today are much more progressive than older generations. They believe in science. I will engage them by having close supporters blog about my experience in water resources. Young people demand that their water supply continues be safe, plentiful and affordable for all residences and businesses and that is the reason why I am running for Commissioner. My qualifications are that I am a Licensed Geologist in WA & PA with 30 years’ experience in groundwater resources and supply wells, published papers on water resources and pubic supply wells, and have spoken at many water resource conferences.
This is specifically about supporting the economically challenged which includes minorities.

As Commissioner I will help ensure the viability of the NEW District’s Customer Assistance Program that allows customers to donate money to help those who need assistance paying their water bill.

As Commissioner I will help ensure that the water-supply infrastructure in minority and poorer communities have their fair share of maintenance and capitol improvements.
Susan Hartle, a Democratic PCO in the 28th LD, is my campaign manager.
Not applicable to a Water Commissioner.
I strongly advocate keeping the current Internet where we are all on equal footing. Internet users should be free (1) to go anywhere on the internet or (2) to run any application knowing the data stream will not be blocked or throttled.
As Water Commissioner I would regularly ask the Lakewood Water District's IT Department to report on customer data security.
sUSAn JF Johnson
6/13/2017 14:35:43
YesPosition 2, City of MiltonYesYesYes
I currently work at PLU and the University supports Sanctuary. The City of Milton has not brought the issue to the council. I have not heard of any concerns or reports as to issues for immigrants in our city at this time. We are a city of around 7,000 people bordered by Edgewood, Fife and Federal Way. I do believe all immigrants should have a fair, safe avenue to citizenship. However, any individual who commits a crime and is found guilty and is not a citizen or holding a correct visa, green card should be deported. The many hard-working immigrants trying to make a way for their families in our country with the promise of the dream should not be penalized. I do believe all should contribute to the tax base in this country for the services provided to citizens. The children born in the US or the DACA youth of immigrant parents who do not hold citizenship or green card status should not be put in fear of deportation. Let them become individuals who can walk with all of us into the future to make our economics and social welfare better for all. I agree we need to fix our immigration system because it is so cumbersome. It is a shame it costs undocumented people so much money to try to become documented.
1. Energy, Environment, and the Climate Crisis: I have asked and been unable to get our council to do a proclamation to support other municipalities and the Puyallup Tribal Nation against the Methane Proposed Plant in the last year and the LNG plant. We need to keep the EPA as an enforcing agency.
2. Protection of a free flowing media is essential to our country.
3. The Tribal Relations and Sovereignty should be respected and not diminished within the State.
4. Health care and human services in our expanding society is important and a human right.
5. Corporations are not people.
6. Transparency at all levels of government and corporations is essential to a democratic society.
7. Protection of farms and the clear labeling and prevention of genetically modified crops.
8. Water is a PUBLIC RIGHT, not under a CORPORATION control.
9. Exposure to the Arts develops a whole individual.
10. I have always support the Equal Rights Amendment.
11. End Human Trafficking.
12. Legislation that does not weaken protections of pension funds.
13. I-522 is a difficult. Our society is changing in so many ways. I can see both sides of the issue. I will not sign the petition because it reminds me of the South and the signs for "Coloreds Only."

1. We have poor attendance at our council meetings, I have pushed for over a year and continue to push to have either audio or video of the council meetings incorporated on our website with the printed minutes. We have many citizens who are unable to come to meetings, especially the elderly and disabled.
2. Formation of a National Dog Walker Watch group in our community. Many people own dogs and walk them. Neighbors need to watch out for others and this program would train people to observe and report back any unusual actions happening around the area. Neighbor to Neighbor Protection in this day and age of crime. Another type of crime watch from the National Night Out program.
3. See if I can get the Junior High School and its PTA to become more involved in our government. Education of politics for students by coming to city council meetings. Tours of the City offices and the police station. Go into the schools and talk about city government. The youth are the future. We must plant the seeds early to get them excited about becoming a active participant in their society as they grow up.
1. Public Safety: Citizens have shown concerns over the up numbers for car robberies and home invasions, plus mail box break ins.
2. Streets and pass through community issues: As growth continues around us, traffic increases thorough are main street. Street repairs are lacking in some neighborhoods.
3. Economic Development: Mostly a residential city with zoning for businesses limited to the outer edge of the city along Meridian and HWY 99. We need businesses to generate sales taxes to help maintain and improve our services to the citizens.
4. Growth and overcrowded schools: In the Fife School District and neighboring city Edgewood is having a growth spurt in multi-housing and single family building. We also see single family homes being built on what was once a huge parcel and subdivided.
5. Sidewalks: Citizens want more sidewalks within Milton.
I plan on seeking out the Boys Scouts and the Girl Scouts meetings and introducing myself and listening to what they think about their city.
May be naive of me. However, I have not seen any indication that police-minority relations are an issue in our city. Our community continues to brag about our police force. We have 13 on our force. Our police chief is Hispanic and we have one Asian officer.

I will begin to ask questions when positions come up in the city and to ask for Affirmative Action reports on the applicants.

No staff. Volunteers: Lori Hutson, Brandy Wade, Christie Dean, April Balsley
I am the city representative on the Pierce County Citizen Action Board. We have not done city camp sweeps. We do have ordinances that prevent panhandling in our city, plus stay out of prostitution and of drug areas.
The NET was created with tax funding and needs to stay out of greedy corporate control. I have donated last year to ActBlue. I will again go online and write to my representatives I am against the removal of Net Neutrality. During my council reports, I often bring up issues that our city and society face. I will make Net Neutrality one of my reports.
I will support our state's effort to prevent info sold through ISPs through bringing the question to our council during my reports and by posting on my facebook page and also writing to support our legistature and governor in this effort.
Robert Thoms6/26/2017 13:36:49
MaybeTacoma City Council Dist. 2YesYesYes
We are currently a Welcoming City currently and I have stated I would be open to moving to a sanctuary city. However, when I have spoken with some in our community they have suggested that with recent moves by the administration that our welcoming cities policies are appropriate and support our citizens. I am open to pursuing and have asked the sponsors of our City's welcoming cities policy and they have stated we are fine for now.
I am supportive of Decline to Sign I-1552 and have said as such. I am going to read about your HereToStay and see if I could support.
I will be focusing on reducing crime, I put the first new money in Tacoma's budget in over a decade for more officers as we should not be the number one property crime and DV city in the State. I also lead for the subarea planning process that is going to set the vision for the Port and Tideflats for the next 50-100 years. We must ensure our waterfront's future is cleaner than its past. Finally, I will continue to push for major investments in critical infrastructure in our City to help create jobs and make investments that show Tacoma is a great place to bring jobs and create commerce.
- Public safety is by far what I hear the most - that is why I added 18 more police officers to the budget, first time in over a decade for new money.
- Better Roads
- More jobs
- Protecting our Quality of life - I was the first and only councilmember to speak out against proposed Methanol Plant.
- Better notification for projects happening in the City - this is something I worked hard to move from 400 ft. notification to 1/2 mile notification for projects and we can do better.
I speak to youth groups, I have folks from our local high schools working with my campaign and as a father of 3 and coach, I have the utmost respect that my job is about making a better Tacoma for them. I will continue to engage youth from our local high schools and also those going to our community collages and show them I am their candidate for Council. As a former YD leader, I know how vital the support and advice of our young leaders our to our future successes.
I was a proud supporter of the City's Project Peace Initiative to improve relations between our community and our Police. I sponsored the first ever property crimes task force to help get a better understanding of what police are dealing with and how to engage our community to lower such crimes in our City. The goal is to create trusting relationships and develop policies for increased accountability. I am supportive of efforts to continue this work and welcome such discussions and policy ideas.
Former mbrs for sure and at least one volunteer I can get you the names
Ben Anderstone
I have fought for historic investments by the City to address homelessness and I am very active with existing efforts. We must not allow anyone to have to sleep on the streets in Tacoma. I have been a leader on this issue and will continue to push for policies and programs that fix this issue, it is about human dignity and making sure our City addresses the root causes as well as the other issues associated with homelessness.
I believe we should protect our public investments in internet technology, it is a public asset. I have supported city legislative efforts to protect privacy for TPU's CLICK customers in the face of Federal attempts to strip away protections.
I have supported city legislation recently to protect privacy for TPU's CLICK customers in the face of Federal attempts to strip away protections. I will always fight for consumers rights on this and big industry who prey upon an unsuspecting public.
Ryan Felix7/16/2017 1:14:06
NoWest Pierce Fire District Commission, Position #3NoYesYes
I support sanctuary status for Pierce County and its cities, and have been disappointed by recent setbacks in those efforts. Our county must welcome and serve all residents, regardless of legal status.

This issue absolutely affects our fire and EMS services. Fire does not discriminate. When a person without legal status sees a fire, or smells a gas leak, or is concerned about a fire hazard that could lead to injuries or deaths to our first responders and our citizens, do we really want them to hesitate in picking up the phone to dial 911?

West Pierce Fire District does not, to my knowledge, collect any information regarding legal status or share any such information with other agencies. If elected, I will introduce a resolution to affirm this practice and incorporate this affirmation into our educational materials, and will seek to have educational materials distributed in the native languages of our immigrant communities.
I decline to sign I-1552, and I fully support equal rights for transgender people. I think that should go without question in 2017.

Transgender people face increased challenges in career fields such as fire protection and emergency services, where workers share living quarters and facilities. If elected, I will introduce a resolution affirming the right of transgender West Pierce Fire employees to use facilities corresponding to their gender identity.

I am not a Tacoma resident and so do not feel it is my place to voice a position on your #HereToStay petition to the Tacoma City Council. I would support similar petitions to the Lakewood City Council and the Pierce County Council.
1. Pierce County has 11 different fire & EMS districts. Each of these districts has its own administration, its own IT department, its own HR department, its own accountants... and that's just the fire districts; all of Pierce County's police departments and other emergency services have their own versions as well.

There's no reason why we need 41 different computer networks, 41 different HR systems, 41 different finance systems for Pierce County's services. They're all doing basically the same thing, just for different districts. I will spearhead an effort to consolidate these services among the fire and police districts. The taxpayers need to be confident that their tax dollars are being spent efficiently. Right now, they aren't.

The savings from consolidating these services will be directed toward improving our services to the citizens of Pierce County.

2. South Sound 911's new computer system has been beset by failures. The system that SS911 bought was known to be flawed at the time it was purchased; the company was under investigation by a San Jose (CA) grand jury, and had its contract with the New York City Fire Department terminated early.

On the night that Officer Jake Gutierrez was shot, the SS911 system completely froze; dispatchers had to switch to old-school radio dispatch, tracking units on pen and paper.

We know that our region is prone to natural disasters. Mount Rainier is the only volcano in the US on the IAVCEI (International Association of Volcanology and Chemistry of the Earth's Interior) list of Decade Volcanoes, those volcanoes that require particular study due to their unique threat to life and property. The Big One, a magnitude 9.0+ megathrust earthquake, could hit at any time.

The evening of Officer Gutierrez's tragic death showed us that our emergency dispatch system is not up to the job. If it could not handle that situation, there is no way that it can possibly handle a volcanic eruption or earthquake.

South Sound 911, whether out of pride, or for political reasons, or maybe because someone was paid off, is giving bullshit answers to questions from the Tacoma News-Tribune and the public on this topic. I have a very low tolerance for bullshit. I will make it my mission to get to the bottom of why SS911 chose a subpar system of out Alabama when we have an abundance of companies here in Washington that can do the job better.

3. Commissioner Rankin, the incumbent for this seat, has done an outstanding job of supporting West Pierce's fire and emergency personnel. I will follow his example in that regard.
1. West Pierce Fire District taxpayers must know that their tax dollars are being spent responsibly, with as much as possible going to provision of fire and emergency services rather than overhead.

2. As mentioned above, West Pierce residents must be confident that their 911 emergency dispatch service will be available when it is needed most. We can't be confident with the system we have now.

3. An ounce of prevention is a pound of cure. Fire prevention efforts must remain a high priority. This includes both education and code enforcement.

4. Recruitment has been down. We need to ensure we have enough young firefighters and EMS personnel beginning work to replace those who retire - and then some, because the region is expanding. Constituents need to know their fire and EMS services will continue to be well staffed. We need to expand existing partnerships with Clover Park Community College and examine other ways of expanding recruitment.

5. West Pierce residents want to know that their first responders are honored. I will continue that tradition.
Here's an idea.

The West Pierce Fire Commission accepts public comment.

I've read through the past few years' minutes. The public rarely chooses to comment.

What if we wrangle local AP US Government classes into offering extra credit for researching and giving comment on issues to the commission?

I was an AP student once. Smart high schoolers are actually pretty smart. We could probably learn from them.

Young people have perspectives that aren't colored by years of exposure to our current national politics. They're uniquely situated to offer fresh perspectives. We should welcome their participation, and we should give their ideas equal consideration.

I don't know what in particular young people need from the fire district that is different from anyone else. If you have any ideas, I'd love to hear them!
West Pierce Fire District does not have the authority to implement plans for improving police-minority relations.

Personally I support such efforts. As I noted above, I will seek to make our educational materials available in the minority languages spoken in our community.
I don't have any staff.
I'm flattered by the question, but I am not in a financial situation to hire paid consultants, nor do I have any desire to.
Homeless people are residents of West Pierce Fire District as much as any other people, and we must serve their needs too.

I would welcome education regarding how West Pierce Fire can better serve our homeless constituents. Could PCYD give me a rundown on this issue?

I absolutely support the right of homeless people to vote in the district they reside in, or if transient to vote in the district they are registered in. We cannot deny anyone the right to vote if we want to call ourselves a democracy.

I support the rights of homeless people and want the best for them. I also commute to Seattle every day, and I've seen how a "hey homeless people, we love you and you can do whatever you want and we won't stop you" policy turns out. Surely there's a better way!

I've followed Utah's successful experiment with housing-first policy with interest. I think it's shameful that Washington Democrats have been outdone on this issue by f*cking Utah. Up your game. Stop trying to look good and pass purity tests, start trying to solve problems.
I'm a web developer. The recent moves toward curtailing net neutrality would threaten the open, dynamic tech marketplace that supports so many livelihoods (directly and indirectly) here in the Puget Sound region. I'm with you 100%.

If elected, I would not address net neutrality as a member of the board of commissioners. I do not believe that it is useful for special district boards to spend their time passing symbolic resolutions that have no effect on their operations. It is a waste of taxpayer money and, frankly, an insult to our voters' intelligence. I believe PCYD should respect and endorse this view, and direct its efforts toward supporting pro-net neutrality organizations and campaigns at the national level.

Basically, it's an important issue, but none of us running for local office can possibly have any impact on it (beyond our impact as private citizens). Let's focus on what we can accomplish locally.
Again, this isn't an issue that I feel is within West Pierce Fire District's purview.
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