Annual Goals 2012-2013
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June 2013ProjectsPrimary Theme (note tab for Themes at bottom)Strategic PlanStatus Updates Through June 2013
Students will easily access and use technology-based services and learning modules. Students, faculty, staff, devices, applications, and data are mobile, and technology advances will support the mobile community. A variety of technologies will provide learning engagement opportunities for faculty and students.
1Upgrades to uPortal, uPortal environment, and uPortal technical architecture.3, 12g, 3bCompleted September upgrade to uPortal.
2Develop new portlets1, 32a, gCompleted mid-term grades portlet. Completed Financial Aid January. Email Preview Portlet planned. Enhancements to Course Schedule and Grades portlet is underway, Oakland University is collaborating with University of Wisconsin-Madison.
3Banner Proxy Access12gCompleted. Implemented Banner SAIL Proxy Access in November. Students can now establish parents with proxy access to view records selected by the student.
4Develop and release MySAIL App32aCompleted. App was released for availability on the iTunes Store in July.
5OU MySAIL App for Android32aCompleted. Developed prototype. Worked through legal license review. Released Android app in September. Enhancements were released in January 2013
6Banner Mobile Framework32aCanceled.This has been evaluated and Apereo's uMobile has been selected as our primary mobile environment at this time.
7Campus Maps12a, gCompleted. Updated portal maps. Added parking lots to Maps.
8Redesign uPortal and Mobile icons1, 32a, gCompleted by fall 2012. Worked with Communications and Marketing to create graphics and a theme for the portal.
9Redesign class schedule portlet12a, 3bCompleted Work was outsourced to a vendor.
10Develop mobile views of portlets using jQuery mobile32aCompleted Summer 2012; this allows for mobile views for our portal and mobile apps.
11Assess accessability for Progress to Degree portlet12aCompleted a user-friendly update to the Progress to Degree portlet.
12Redesign emergency notification registration page12a, 5aWork was completed for inital design, given Ellucian's direction we are working on a new design
13Provide leadership in mobile intiatives.1Participated on the conference committee for a state-wide IT leadership summit on Bring Your Own Device. Established procedures at OU to support purchasing of mobile apps. Lori Tirpak and Aaron Grant delivered a webinar on OU's mobile implementations and Lori jointly presented at the Educause conference on the topic, as part of the JASIG community. Lori jointly presented at Educause conference on Educause mobile frameworks committee work. Lori participated on Educause ACTI Mobile Committe which published Mobile Frameworks Guide. Oakland received recognition for being the first adopter of the uMobile native iOS application.
The campus network will provide robust and secure, wired and wireless, connectivity for education, research, and administrative activities.
1Complete migration of network core to the Network Nook. This provides network expansion both for the number of buildings we can add to the network and for the bandwidth capacity for each building.6, 21 b, c, d, eCompleted move of the network core from ODH to the new O'Dowd IT building. This improved network traffic capacity for existing buildings, added space to accommodate networking to new buildings, and improved resiliency due to improved environment management. Completed software upgrade on the core router in November.
2Complete network installation for Human Health Building.61 b, c, d, eCompleted wired network installation. VoIP implemented. Supported networking for new Crestron classroom management systems, with emerging requirements.
3Complete installation of Cisco Emergency Responder for 911 services.61 b, c, d, eCompleted. Installed in the fall, installation details continued, and production implementation completed early 2013.
4Complete fiber build projects.61 b, c, d, eIn cooperation with Ryan Giorio, kicked-off Tactical Master Plan project to analyze and plan for additions to outdoor cable plant.
5Provide network consultation and support for Hannah Hall renovation.61 b, c, d, eSupport for Hannah Hall renovation is on schedule. Worked with CP&D and the medical school on the design of the HHS anatomy lab.
6Provide network consultation and support for new Golf Clubhouse Building.11 b, c, d, eCompleted needed upgrades in August to support outing. Finalized consumer wireless installation.
7Provide network consultation and support for new Engineering Building.61 b, c, d, eEngaged in planning meetings.
8Provide network consultation and support for O'Dowd renovation and rewiring project.61 b, c, d, eSupport for O'Dowd renovation and rewiring is on schedule. Wiring work scheduled to be completd June 2013.
9Provide network consultation, engineering, and installation of specialty data center network equipment to support administrative and research computing61 b, c, d, eExecuted the installation, configuration, and implementation of the Nexus devices in the data center in October. These devices will be used to redundantly connect the fabric which makes up the virtual architecture and storage. The project was designed to increase capacity, provide high availability, improve reliability, and increase performance. The project included installation of 10G Nexus 5500 switches.
10Residence Halls networking rearchitecture project, including review and refresh of network design and components.61 b, c, d, eInstalled redundant hardware in the ResNet core router, providing resiliency for the Residence Halls network. Moved the Resnet Meru wireless network controller to the NFH communications facility and out of USA 4000. This move allows for redundant uplinks to the Meru controller and better traffic flow for ResNet. These projects were completed in December.
11Plan border upgrades: router replacement and firewall replacement.61 b, c, d, eFirewall: 10G-capable border firewall environment hardware and software replacement/ upgrade completed. Router: 10G-capable primary border router installation completed 6/12/13.
12Upgrade network architecture for 10G for distribution (fully utilizing Network Nook installation).61 b, c, d, eThe majority of campus buildings are now connected to the 10G campus backbone (DC, DHE, EH, HHB, KL, "MISC," OC, PH, SEB, VAR, VBH, and the Data Center). The remaining buildings (HHS, East Campus, NFH, ODH and RAC) will be completed later in the summer.
13Improve network and data analytics.61 b, c, d, eResearched and evaluated Statseeker product. Intermapper configuration updated.
14Plan VoIP campus rollout.61 b, c, d, eCompleted plan and testing prototype rollout in small buildings. All new phones ordered and delivered. Project is underway April 2013.
15Engage in projects to advance the university network.6Installed new 10G-capable router with a high availability configuration in Varner. Upgraded the Oakland Center and Wilson Hall building switches to gigabit-capable components. Completed upgrade of electronics in Sunset Terrace. Completed upgrade of Bradford Campus Manager system used for network system registrations.
16Support planning for the new Residence Hall construction.21 b, eAttending initial planning meetings.
17Evalute wireless network technology direction.2, 3, 61 b, eIssued RFI in December. Testing and evaluation completed April 2013. RFP to be issued by May 2013.
The cyberinfrastructure needed to support and secure research and educational activities will be advanced.
1Provide consultative technical support for the Physics Computational Cluster.64 a, c,d,e,hInstalled server upgrades for the Physics cluster in July.
2Provide consultative technical support for the Chemistry Computational Cluster.64 a, c,d,e,hReceived new compute node in January 2013.
3Provide consultative technical support for the proposed Biology Computational Cluster.64 a, c,d,e,hProvided consultation services for the new Biology cluster. Cluster was received and installed in December.
4Improve support for statistical analysis.64 a, c,d,e,h Provided consultative services for a collaborative purchase of SAS / JMP statistical analytical software through a partnership including SBA, SON, and CAS. Improved the information about statistical software on the UTS web site.
5Analyze support needed to align with university direction to grow research.67 a, b, dResearch started in December, focused on Research Data Management Plans and Internet2 participation. Initial budget request submitted.
Security and compliance are high-priority objectives.
1Rewrite NetID portlet65a, d, eThis has been rewritten using latest development standards and mobile views were created Summer 2012.
2Implement Fine Grain Access Control on GOREMAL65lCompleted September 2012.
3Redesign reset pin page.65a, d, eCompleted. Based on Ellucian's direction we are working on redesigning this.This page and underlying pages are being worked on using current technology. These pages have been developed on desktop and are currently being set up on the server for user testing
4Develop obtain your GrizzlyID process.65a, d, e, h, lThis is being worked on with the Reset pin redesign
5Implement Netsparker monthly scans.65iThis has been implemented and we are working with the vendor to possibly produce a case study in the near future.
6Complete select self-audits, with Banner Finance as this year's target.61 b, c, d, eCompleted expansion of VPN secure network access to all employees by default. Completed software upgrade to better support Mac OS X and mobile devices.
7Improve back-up environment. 1, 66 eMigrated the backup environment to a new storage architecture.
Enterprise technology will be efficient and effective, demonstrating technical progress.
1Implement Cascade User Interface for Self-Service Banner13a, fCompleted July 2012. The new client interface is much better organized.
2Develop and maintain portal statistics, including statistics portlet12gCompleted. Monthly reports are being sent for review
3Clean up and reorganize portlets in uPortal 12gCompleted.
4Support improved reporting.13c, 3dCompleted improvements to Revenue by Section reporting.
5Improve State of Michigan data exchanges.13b,c,e, 5aCompleted state requested changes
6Implemented requested changes involving Web Tailor for user-interface improvements.13cCompleted direct deposit history procedures.
7Redesign web directory.13c, dThis is on hold waiting for new direction
8Redesign Banner Access Forms.13dComplete
9Develop new online routable forms.13dCompleted new forms: Payroll - Miscellaneous Pay and Annual Giving - AUFD Payroll Deduction.
10Upgrade LDAP.15hUpdates applied to existing structures. Testing on next generation (RHDS 6.x) tested and verified for next cycle implementation.
11Implement authentication improvements for NetID and ADMNET.15hImplemented new web self-service pages.
12Upgrade Documentum document management environement.13a, cUpgrade complete fall 2012.
13Upgrade GoAnywhere file exchange environment.13a, eMove to Virtual Server and upgrade completed in November.
14Support campus Lean Projects.27kImplemented improvements to Athletic Compliance in Banner. Participating in Lean review of the Employee Orientation process. Launched eAward Notification for Sponsored Funding.
15Replace Banner job submission servers.13aTest environement replacement completed. Verification of environement completed. Replacment of production system begun.
16Complete Banner UC4 agent installation.13aUC4 installation completed. System in use.
17Comply with required Banner maintenance by installing upgrades, releases and patches related to all modules.13aUpgrades performed for General, Web Tailor, Web for General, Accounts Receivable, Advancement, Advancement Self-Service, Mass Data Update Utility, Payroll, Position Control, Employee Self-Service, Financial Aid, Finance, Finance Self-Service.
18Upgrade dSpace installation by rebuilding install.12e, 4e, g, hdSpace completely rebuild and all data migrated. Creation of developmental evironment slated for next cycle.
19Upgrade the OU web secondary environment.12aExisting structure migrated to all new operating system and underlying software (coldfusion).
20Upgrade ADMNET Windows domain environment.15e, fDomain completely upgraded. Half the environment systems are now virtual while the other half remain physical for fault tolerance and high availability.
21Upgrade Footprints helpdesk system.12aCompleted separation of UTS and Helpdesk projects.
22Migrate Symantec Endpoint to new server.15aSymantec migrated and fully updated.
23Upgrade PortADM administrative Moodle installation.12gProject postponed due to staffing changes.
24Implement change to Rave for Emergency Notification System 15aCompleted move from Everbridge to Rave March 2013
Technical innovation will support university goals.
1Complete implementation of Blackboard Transact ID Card environment.11d, 3aSystem implementation completed July 2012. Working through remaining post-implementation installation details.
2Implement Visage Digital Signage system.13aSystem implemented in December 2012.
2Evaluate Groovy & Grails for portlet development12gCompleted training scheduled for January; direction established.
3Evaluate SVN organization for portal management.12gAfter evaulation we decided to go with Git. Currently we have repositories on that maintain our 12 projects for portal. We are looking to installing an internal repository using Gitlab.
4Redesign role for uPortal Banner Objects12gCompleted Summer 2012, this tightens data security on the portal.
5Review alternative e-forms products.17kRFI from Vendors have been submitted to OU. Created RFP is on hold due to higher priority RFP's
6Redesign Forms environment using CSS317k
7Upgrades to the Centralized Authentication Service (CAS).6, 32g, 5e Completed upgrades in October.
8Complete post-production tasts for Banner Relationship Management implementation.13a, 3bBanner Relationship Management was implemented in production in August 2012. However, much time has gone into reviewing an announced product direction change. Banner Relationship Manager will be limited to Banner Communications Management. Implementation direction is under evaluation.
9Install and implement Banner Relationship Management analysis and reporting modules by May 2013.13a, 3bSupporting the Ellucian consultants with the install of the Operational Data Store.
10Implement Banner Effort Reporting & Labor Redistribution.13aCompleted install in November.
11Complete Banner application server replacement cycle for Internet Native Banner, Self-Service Banner, Flexible Registration, Banner Workflow, Banner Web Services.13aApplication servers migration to virtual machines on new hardware completed June 2013.
12Complete Oracle Fusion Middleware upgrades for Banner application servers, for Internet Native Banner, Self-Service Banner, Flexible Registration, Banner Workflow, Banner Web Services.13aInternet Native Banner servers migrated to Fusion Middleware July 2012. Remaining server upgrades begun.
13Prepare and implement components for Banner 9 implementation13aPlanning Tomcat server installation.
14Complete Banner Horizon upgrade.13aNow Banner XE. Postponed to 2013-2014.
15Implement Banner Event Management.13aPostponed to 2013-214.
16Deploy Banner 9 Student Course Catalog and Class Schedule13aNow Banner XE. Postponed to 2013-2014.
17Deploy Banner 9 Faculty and Advisor Self-Service Grade Entry13aNow Banner XE. Postponed to 2013-2014.
19Deploy Banner Attendance Tracking13aNow Banner XE. Postponed to 2013-2014.
20Provide consultation and support for campus change in CATV services.51d, 2a, eProject canceled due to cable issues.
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