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TimestampWhen is the sound the loudest?Please describe the soundDoes the sound ever stop? Please tell us about this.Does the sound ever "pulse" or "throb"?Where is it the loudest?Have you tried tracking down the source of the noise?If you want others to be able to contact you, you can add your email address here. No business addresses allowed. NOTE: You possibly expose yourself to spam by doing this.Answer in kilometres (km)When did you start hearing it?Can you provide a precise date when you first noticed it? (If "No", then leave blank)In which ear is it the strongest?If you have matched the freuqency of The Hum with a tone generator, please tell us the matching frequencyHow far away from high voltage lines are you?Are there natural gas pipelines in your area?Does your home have a "smart meter"?How far away is the ocean from your location?Please list any unusual geographic, geological, or other features in your areaWhich is your dominant hand?Your genderPlease enter your age (just a single number, no words please)Medical complaints from The Hum (check all that apply)Please list the city where you live or can hear The HumPlease list other cities where you have heard itDo you have any medical issues with your hearing?Did we forget to ask anything? Do you have any other information or details for the project?If you have matched The Hum frequency using a tone generator, the dominant frequency is roughlyWhere is the Hum location you are reporting? PLEASE READ THIS: Do not use your home address, and PLEASE DO NOT refer to more than one place or a to a general region (there is a place for that later in the survey). City, country, and postal code or zip code will work. DO NOT use words or phrases like "south of", or "everywhere in the state", or "in the area of". I have to spend a lot of time correcting such mistakes. What direction does the Hum seem to come from? (If any)
01/12/2012 22:20:51At nightLow tone/bass speaker type sound, pulsatingFor a two day period over the past four months.Between once and twice per secondIn house main floorWith great effortWaiting for travel. Will update.2012Left ear56 Hz1-2 mileswithin 5 milesNoless than 1 milemany Sechelt, BCRightMale48Ear discomfortSechelt, BC, CanadaTofino, BCTypical age-related losses.Detailed description of the Sechelt area on the Yahoo Hum Forum.56 HzSechelt, BC, CanadaEDITED BY GLEN MACPHERSON: After some experimenting I discovered that the Hum always seems to come from some direction to my left, simply because I sense the Hum much more strongly in that ear.
02/12/2012 00:33:39At nightA low level but persistent hum at around 37 Hz [from memory of tests].
Sometimes it has a beat to it of about 1 sec, much like a diesel engine in the distance.
This is classic hum to hum to me.
I do get tinnitus, but this is completely different and preceded the hum as factor in my hearing..
Occasionally, sometimes for a few days or when changing location but ti always comes back.
Weather fronts can also alter the pattern somewhat so an atmospheric component is suspected.
Around once per second on averageIn house upstairsWith great effort2005right earless than 1 mileNot sureNo16-50 milesNothing outstanding- semi rural urban fringe near motorway.
Clay soil. Moderate for floods. Low lying- 300' above sea level.
RightMale69Fatigue, Irritability, Sleep disturbancesNo- but slight roll off in HF hearing due to occasional machinery proximity at work.Thanks for setting this up- long time needed.
I think there are many types of hum- some incidental, and some intentional, and not meant to be detected.
Sensitive hearers are put down by authorities too readily. Why?
02/12/2012 01:40:47At nightVibration of 60 Hz with pulsing. Sometimes pulsing appears to be directly related to my heartbeat, though at other times I have perceived it to be unrelated.I'm uncertain about this, though at times I am more aware of it than others. Certainly there appears to be times when I am 'free' which can sometimes be weeks at a time, but it always seems to return.Varies a lotInside a stopped carWith great effortequally in both earsless than 1 milewithin 1 mileYesSituated near the top of a hill. RightMale41Fatigue, Irritability, Sleep disturbancesNoWould be great to follow this up with a "perceived hum intensity vs time" on the map, as well as the perceived frequencies of the hum, which can easily be determined with the help of a tone generator. Nice correlations could be made with this extra data. THANK YOU FOR THIS; I'VE ADDED A FREQUENCY MATCHING QUESTION TO THE SURVEY. glenmacpherson
02/12/2012 02:08:14At nightVibration of 60 Hz with pulsing. Sometimes pulsing appears to be directly related to my heartbeat, though at other times I have perceived it to be unrelated.I'm uncertain about this, though at times I am more aware of it than others. Certainly there appears to be times when I am 'free' which can sometimes be weeks at a time, but it always seems to return.Varies a lotInside a stopped carWith great effort2009equally in both earsless than 1 milewithin 1 mileYes1 to 5 milesSituated near the top of a hill. RightMale41Fatigue, Irritability, Sleep disturbancesNoWould be great to follow this up with a "perceived hum intensity vs time" with reference to location, as well as the perceived frequencies of the hum, which can easily be determined with the help of a tone generator. Nice correlations could be made with this extra data. THANK YOU, I'VE STARTED TO ACT ON THIS. glenmacpherson
02/12/2012 05:49:07At nightIdling diesel engine off in the distance. Gears up and gears down. More felt that heard.Yes stopped a year ago. Now rarely.Between once and twice per secondIn house main floorWith effort2002noequally in both earsNot surewithin 25 milesNoMore than 50 miles awaysit on a ridge 1.5 miles from large lake. Honeycombed limerock with sinkholes in the neighborhood.RightFemale62IrritabilityInside my home, McIntosh, FLNonenoIt began after a new cell tower (Voicestream) was installed within 1/2 mile CAN YOU GIVE ANY DETAILS ABOUT THAT TOWER AND PLACE THEM IN YOUR MAP MARKER ON THE MAP? Thanks, glenmacpherson
02/12/2012 08:35:24Same day and night75-80 Hz, with a ~1 hz "throb". Left ear only, earplugs do not affect it. Unable to record it using laptop, WM-61 mic (no preamp), Spectrum Analyzer software.Very seldom at home, but sometimes for a few days after a long trip (airplane or car). Easily masked by a small fan, so I seldom hear it in the summer due to background noise. Never heard in large city, presumabaly due to background noise.Around once per second on averageIn house main floorWith effort200414/09/2004Left ear1-2 mileswithin 5 milesNoMore than 50 miles awayMississippi River about one mile away from house. Answers above are with respect to this location.

First heard in the Boundary Waters (Canada side) near Thursday Bay of Basswood Lake. I have heard it in numerous places in Quetico Provincial Park. Easily masked by a light rain. 48.199362,-91.743994

Also heard in remote area of southeast South Dakota near Fairview (mostly open farmland, 5 miles from Big Sioux River.

Also heard in residential area of Sioux City, IA.
02/12/2012 10:30:00Same day and nightIddling motorYes. It is not constant, it's strongest at dawn but not always present.Varies a lotIn house main floorLittle effort2011equally in both earsless than 1 milewithin 1 mileYes16-50 milesRightMale42No.
02/12/2012 10:32:45Same day and nightIddling motorYes. It is not constant, it's strongest at dawn but not always present.Varies a lotIn house main floorLittle effort2011equally in both earsless than 1 milewithin 1 mileYes16-50 milesRightMale42Fremont, USA, 94536No.
02/12/2012 12:40:50At nightThe "droning engine" descriptions fits it pretty well. It sounds like a very distant idling vehicle, but there is also a vibratory aspect to it....akin to hearing the bass from loud music that's been muffled by distance and walls. Also like when you can hear/feel the bass from stereo systems in other people's cars.Yes, I don't always hear it. Sometimes it'll go on for days or weeks and then abruptly stop (and I might not hear it again for weeks or months).Between once and twice per secondIn house main floorWith effort2002equally in both earsNot sureNot sureNoMore than 50 miles awayTypical southwestern desert terrain - some mountains in the distance, but primarily flat land, mesas, and rolling hills.RightFemale39I have lived in New Mexico for the past 30 years. I have heard the hum in Santa Fe and Rio
02/12/2012 13:46:25Same day and nightI have heard this sound for almost three days. At first I thought it was a car or home stereo with a lot of bass power but, it has persisted for about 60 hours now. I live in a rural area without many close residences so, I took a couple of walks in an attempt to locate the source of the sound. No matter what direction I go or how far, the noise does not change. The sound is not a smooth or constant sound. As I stated above it sounds like bass music.Not yet.Between once and twice per secondIn house main floorWith effort2012equally in both earsNot surewithin 1 mileNoMore than 50 miles awayRight56Irritability, Sleep disturbancesFlorahome, FL 32140Not that I am aware of.
02/12/2012 16:34:27At nightExtremely low resonating sound, sounds like a machine close by but there is none.I am not sure if it ever stops I think it just can't be heard when other noises around which is usually during the day. I CAN hear it sometimes during the day as well.

Both my partner & I can hear it.
Steady tone/humOutsideWith some effort2011Not sure1-2 mileswithin 50 milesNoMore than 50 miles awayRightFemale47I don't live in a city I live in a rural areaNo
02/12/2012 20:06:51At nightVery low frequency Diesel engine like throbbing sound. Sometimes it drones on for long stretches before it has a short pause / throb, then picks up again, repeating the rhythm. Sometimes the droning / throb rhythm speeds up slightly and other times it has irregular quick throbs, similar to irregular heart beats.
Can't block it out even when plugging ears; therefore it appears to be sensed by the body, which interprets it as sound. Only hear it / sense it inside enclosures; in house, parked car in driveway and partially outdoors when under carport, which has ceiling but open on 2 sides.
Worse between 10 pm and 7am when all other external noises (e.g. traffic) are not or less present. Wakes me up middle of night when loudest between 2am and 3:30am and it's difficult to get back to sleep, if at all. Have heard it at other places I have visited. Within my very close group of family / acquaintances, which are about 13 people, only 3 can hear / sense it and 1 can only sense it.
During full moon phases it seems to be quieter in the early hours of the evening, but still loud in the middle of the night. When it rains it seems to be less intense or not present.
Just started hearing it in late August 2012, shortly after a drought and very hot temperatures in my area, so not sure if it is more prevalent during colder months until I get through a full year's cycle.
Varies a lotIn house main floorWith great effort201217/08/2012Left ear1-2 mileswithin 1 mileYesMore than 50 miles awayI am located in the Niagara escarpment area, which is vey hilly, very gravelly / sandy and there are lots of underground and above ground rivers / creeks.
I am in Caledon Village, Ontario, Canada' which is 485 meteres above sea level.
My ears pop every day due to elevation changes when going to / from work ( just kike in airplanes).
There are multiple gravel pits within 1 - 5 miles, which have created mini lakes due to gravel / sand extraction.
I am about 30 miles away (south / east) from windmills in Melanchthon, Ontario, Canada.
There are no new cell towers.
I am in a small subdivision surrounded by rural / farming and a green belt.
We are on septic tanks and are on town water. Have gas (stove, fireplace, pool heater, dryer). Some neighbours are still on well water.

Ambidextrous (can use both well)Female52Fatigue, Sleep disturbances, NauseaCaledon Village, Ontario, Canada.

I have added my location on map.
Scarborough, Ontario, Canada
Newmarket, Ontario, Canada

Have added above to map.
I've had issues in the past hearing very deep voices, such as my husband when he speaks quietly.
Therefore it's surprising I can hear / sense this very low frequency hum sound and my husband can't.
The following questions may be applicable:
1. Have you had cancer? If so, what tpe and what treatment did you have?
2. Have any neighbours had cancer? If so, what type?
3 . Do you have an autoimmune disease? If so, what?
4. Any other health concernes?
03/12/2012 06:57:16At nightIt is a low pitched rumbling tone around 80Hz. It does vary slightly in volume and pitch, much like a large diesel truck or locomotive idling off in the distance. The source of the hum is non-directional, it seems to come from everywhere. No, it never stops. Even during a recent region-wide power outage that lasted more than 24 hrs, the hum could still be heard.Around once per second on averageIn house upstairsWith great effort2011equally in both ears3-10 mileswithin 25 milesYesMore than 50 miles awayTerrain is predominantly wooded areas intermixed with open farmland, rolling hills and valleys, ~15 miles east of the the Hudson RiverRightMale52West Taghkanic, NYNoMy wife does not hear it 71-90 Hz
03/12/2012 13:58:04At nightVery subtle low frequency hum like a generator or diesel engine running in the distance. Seems to grow and wane in intensity over time (weeks / months). For example it sounds loud for several weeks or even months but then inexplicably reduces intensity for a few days or even a week or more beofre getting loud again.Over a period of 12 months I notice it seems to disappear or substantially reduce in intensity for a few days, or even up to a week a few times in the years for the last couple of years. Varies a lotIn house main floorWith great effort2010equally in both ears3-10 mileswithin 5 milesNoMore than 50 miles awayWe have a cluster of huge feeder gas lines passing about 4 or 5 miles from my house. It travels West-East accross the entire state of Mchigan and on into Canada where it crosses the border at Sarnia, Ontario, Canada.

Also, northern Oakland County is the terminus of a glacial morraine from the last big glaciation period 13,000 years ago. Its very hilly. The surface is mostly rock sandy till dragged down from Canada.

Also, the part of Michigan I live in is at the bottom of the Michigan Basin -- formed when there used to be an ancient seabed here. Its surrounded by ancient Domes on three sides: In Wisconsin, Ohio, and Southeastern Ontario.
RightMale61Sleep disturbancesOrtonville, MI 48462I have a mild case of tinnitus that Ive had for 30 years. Its very high-pitched. But it doesn't cause me any distress anymore -- I've just gotten used to it.Less than 20 Hz
03/12/2012 14:13:33Same day and nightvery low sound, traveled to 150miles away can still hear it.never stops just for a split second only sounds like machinery very far away. re verbs if I am using correct word pulsates with no rymthym more detectable by others inside my buildingno only when blocked by other sounds but always in back ground Varies a lotIn house main floorWith great effort2012equally in both earsNot surewithin 1 mileYesMore than 50 miles awayless than block from Hudson river leading to ocean but traveled into mountains more than 150miles away and could still hear itRightMale48Headaches, Fatigue, Irritability, Sleep disturbances, very sore jointsTroy New YorkWoodford vermont and springfield vermontnone at allnnnone at allbeen here 48years never have heard a sound like this that was not explainable seemed to get more detectable the more north I traveled sounds kind of power oriented kind of like a lot of electric jumping thru the air Less than 20 Hz
03/12/2012 15:19:57Same day and night50-ish hertz 'buzz' that phase-shifts if you move your head.Yes. When I first heard the sound in 2008, it was only at night and was annoyingly loud. it was a constant unwanted night-time companion that summer ('08). Over the last few years, I hear it only intermittently and have heard it during the day too, though it does seem to be more audible at night/evening. I heard it last evening for a brief time (12/02/12 - 8 PM-ish PST). Steady tone/humIn house upstairsWith great effort2008equally in both ears3-10 milesNot sureNoMore than 50 miles awayRegarding the previous question - I am very far away from the ocean, but am less than 3-miles away from Puget Sound - WARightMale37Seattle, WAMild high-frequency tinnitus 51-55 Hz
04/12/2012 08:21:05At nightA low reasonance hum that is not explainable. I thought was the extractor fan or tv/computer vibrating against the wall in the flat downstairs (I'm top floor in a block of 6). It's not constant - the description of a distant diesel lorry with engine problems is exactly right.

My whole bed seems to resonate with the noise and earplugs do nothing to help. Nobody else can hear it. It's not audible when I go to bed around 11pm, but by 2am every night I'm awake and being driven mad by it.
I only hear it from around 2am to 7am. I live near Heathrow airport so when the planes start flying around 5.30am it's a blessed relief. Most people complain about the plane noise, but not me!!

I've tried unplugging every electrical item in the flat - but to no avail. The sound doesn't seem audible outside.
Varies a lotIn house upstairsWith great effort2011When I moved into the flat. Worse in Autumn and Winter months.equally in both ears1-2 milesNot sureNoMore than 50 miles awayNone that I can think of.RightFemale41Fatigue, Irritability, Sleep disturbancesWindsor, Berkshire, UK
N/aNone. I am a singer and have very sharp hearing....which I think doesn't help in this situation.Thank you so much for starting this survey. I seriously thought I was going loopy, and it's so good to know that other people struggle with this problem. I'd love to know if there are other people in my area who have the same dilemma.
04/12/2012 09:33:05At nightSounds like a diesel train idling. For years I thought it WAS a nearby train, until I realized there are no train tracks near my home.I can only hear it when other noises are minimized. Generally only when it's very quiet in the house.Around once per second on averageIn house main floorWith effort2008equally in both ears3-10 mileswithin 1 mileNoMore than 50 miles awayRightMale44Ear discomfortDenver, CONone
04/12/2012 10:35:34At nightHas changed over the last 7 years. Initally classical Hum sound.
Then had complex tones and alomost morse code like properties. Then sounded more like TV timebase. Now seems much lower ( like pulsing infrasound).
Yes as soon as there is a lot of vehicular movement and with strong winds. In house main floorWith great effort2005right ear3-10 mileswithin 1 mileNoless than 1 mileLeftMale56Irritability, Sleep disturbancesBangor, WalesHull, England
York, England
Ingetestone Essex, England
Cheltenham, England
NoAre you magnetically sensitive- Can you hear the Hum in a stationary car when the interior lights are dimming?

Can you hear a different Hum if you stand under high voltage power lines with ear plugs in?
Less than 20 Hz
04/12/2012 13:04:27At nightJust a constant low hum. It sounds electric and distant. I don't notice it much during the day.Steady tone/humOutsideWith effort2011Not sureless than 1 mileNot sureNot sure1 to 5 milesI live in "the blue hole" of the northern olympic mountains, on the Quimper Peninsula, part of the greater Olympic Peninsula in Wa. State. Port Townsend is a 5 mile square peninsula, surrounded by the Salish Sea on three sides.RightFemale51Ear discomfort, Headaches, Fatigue, Irritability, Sleep disturbances, NauseaPort Townsend, WAYes, I have had hearing aids prescribed. I have over-sensitivity and pain in one ear, preventing me from using aids; the other ear is catching up.
04/12/2012 19:42:37At nightIts a high rpm but low tone at night... its not always here. Last night 12/3 & tonight 12/4. Have been especially bad for me. Its like something is overloaded and about to explode. It can be heard all over house but mainly south to sw side of house and especiAlly second floor(attic-style). We r on well so don't know if fluctuation in water pressure... in 3.5 years have been woken several times by sudden vibration like earthquake in nighgt. Then hae this constant hum other times. I am going to keep journal and try to be more aware of its presence and if hum changes... thankyouIt seems to but I guess its more that I don't notice it-it may still be there. The last two nights especially have been bad. As soon as I lie down and no other distractions, it seems so incredibly loud. More than twice per secondIn house upstairsWith great effort2012equally in both earsless than 1 milewithin 1 mileNot sureMore than 50 miles awayI live at bottom of large hill. Also near mountains.LeftFemale41Ear discomfort, Fatigue, Irritability, Sleep disturbancesoutside gettysburg, paNot that I am awareIf I cover my ears it is more faint but still audible. Also seems to come with a matchinlg vibration. Thought I had issue from blood pressure med but water bottle on night stand. Had visible waves--Faint but there.
05/12/2012 11:30:59At nightits definitely middle pitch sound not too low but not too high.
I heard an idle diesel engine and sounds so similar as wiki says.
it drowns sometimes and changes pattern of vibration repetitions and then comes back againMore than twice per secondIn house upstairsNo effort2010equally in both ears1-2 milesNot sureYesMore than 50 miles awayValley surrounded by mountains
HIgh Altitude 7874 feet above sea level.
RightMale23Sleep disturbancesMexico CityNothere have been other noises like airplanes but could not be since its a constant sound. like noisy air150 - 200 Hz
05/12/2012 12:17:23At nightSounds like a diesel truck idling 100 yards awayI only hear the hum during the winter months and not at all during the summer (Southeast Florida)Less than once per second on averageIn house main floorWith effort2008right ear1-2 mileswithin 5 milesYes16-50 milesRightMale47Fatigue, Irritability, Sleep disturbancesPlantation, FL - USACarmel, NY
Pawling, NY
NoI have environmental allergies. I do have tinnitus but the sounds are VERY distinct from each other. Tinnitu is a very high frequesncy whine and the hum a very low frequency droan.
05/12/2012 17:18:16Same day and nightSounds like a diesel engine running in the area - sometimes sounds distant, other times nearby. NOT an electrical noise because the "power" company AND an electrical company have come to check the noise - which they could not hear. Sometimes it has the same sound you would get if you blew across a wide mouth bottle (do not misread that as a jar, but a bottle)NO! Sometimes it isn't as loud. I appreciate the warm weather that requires air conditioning because I can put a window unit in my central air home and that masks/blends the HUM to a level that it can only be discerned but not disorienting.Varies a lotIn house main floorWith great effort1999right earNot surewithin 5 milesYes16-50 milesI marked "ocean" but live near the Gulf of Mexico. There are no real hills or unusual terrain in the Florida Panhandle. RightMale70Headaches, Fatigue, Irritability, Sleep disturbancesMilton, Florida (Pensacola(Mt. Vernon, Indiana
Jacksonville, Florida
No medical issues, but have a permanent hearing loss in the left ear.YES
That would be - do you know what tinnitus is?
I DO know about tinitus and along with the "hum" I also experience tinitus and always have.
05/12/2012 22:15:19At nightA low frequency tone rough match from the piano -not quite D# or Eb which equates to approximately 41 or 82 Hz, hard to distinguish which. First heard on July 28th 2004. Initially sounded like a diesel truck, but later like an electrical drone. Wednesday 24th January 2005, Australia Day. 7.01 am No hum. Then very faint until 8 am when it was loud again.
22nd July 2006: 2.30 am: woke up to no hum. Returned gradually till full on at 3 am.
Varies a lotIn house upstairsWith effort200428th July 2004Left earless than 1 mileNot sureNoless than 1 mileTwo places are involved, one north west of the town, had a disused high grade iron ore mine approx half km away. The house was situated towards the bottom of a small hill, leading to a low lying area of reclaimed swamp. Mixture of red clay, serpentine and sandy soil. Area undergoing massive infrastructure changes within 400 metres.

The second place is south of town, 600ms from the beach. The hum is less intrusive here and generally without physical effects. Sounds more electrical. The 207Hz on tone generator nullifies the hum.
RightFemale75Ear discomfort, Headaches, Sleep disturbances, NauseaPort Macquarie NSW Australia

Coffs Harbour
Randwick and various other parts of Sydney, NSW Australia
25dB to 30dBs in upper speech range in each ear. 60dB loss narrow band at 2000Hz in right ear (industrial cause)No hum in the MacDonell range NW of Alice Springs.
Re gas lines. There are none within 80kms to south, 150kms+ to west and north.

In Q. Where in the house is it loudest, allow more than one option if the hum is equally loud in more than one location.
05/12/2012 23:32:28At nightLike others its at it's most noticeable early hours of the morning..I wake every day to a low monotonous diesel drone . I travel about the local area a lot and can hear it clearly during the day in other towns surrounding me. Some days its not so bad other times so loud I wonder why people aren't out on the streets shouting "what is that ?" !!I'm not sure ..there are times when its barely noticeable or even not there , though I try to minimise the quest for absolute silence as its one of my coping strategies. If there is a time to look at I would say early hours of Monday mornings though I may be imagining that a little.Inside a stopped carLittle effort2010Not sureNot sureNot sureNoMore than 50 miles awayRightMale58Sleep disturbancesWells Somerset UKNo
06/12/2012 07:22:00At nightidling diesel engine would be the closest comparison. Sounds as if two frequencies are undulation. When it is very loud it feels as if there is pressure on my eardrums - similar to when you are driving in a car with one window cracked open but not as bad as that.We do not notice it in the summer months. Have turned off electric main to test that theory.
Outside ambient noise drowns it out I believe during the day which is why it is loudest at night.
Less than once per second on averageIn house main floorWith effort2011October 2011equally in both ears3-10 mileswithin 25 milesNoMore than 50 miles awayseveral caves to our immediate south and west. have heard the hum in cave - about 1/3 of the groups we take can hear it. sound is not consistent though in caves. it coincides with when we hear it at our house. Limestone and sandstone bedding layers in our area.. more limestone to our west and south and more sandstone to our east and north. Large man-made lake a few miles to our south. Near Mt. Carmel fault line and New Madrid fault line is further away to our west. Several limestone quarries to our west.RightFemale38Ear discomfort, Sleep disturbancesBloomington, INBedford, INNone - have been tested and have slightly better than normal hearing rangein process, need better speakers
06/12/2012 15:22:04Same day and nightSound is like a 60 Hz frequency and could be either side. It is generally slightly pulsing. I hear it both inside and outside. The sound is more noticeable at night since others sounds traffic are reduced. I have located south west of my home and there is 4 miles of ranchland between my house and town. The Hum has been continuous for about two months and it is not heard in other location away from my house. Visitors do not hear it nor does my wife. I am 75 good health with high frequency tinnitus in one ear from a blow as a boy.The hum ceased one time for two days and then resumed continuously. Wind direction may have affecte the noise. I think i semse it as a vibration but not sure.Between once and twice per secondIn house main floorWith some effort2012Left ear1-2 milesNot sureYesMore than 50 miles awayLime stone hills withcavernous acquifers. Hills around the area and major granite batholith a few miles north. Elevation is about 1960 feet.Ambidextrous (can use both well)Male75Sleep disturbancesFredericksburg, TxNoneTinnitus most of life in one ear from children injury. Gunshot notch 15-18 hz
06/12/2012 20:24:16Not surethis sound is felt as well as heard, and can change from sounding like a transformer attached to your house, a diesel train just sitting and idling right under your bedroom window, a combination of a ring along with sound of very loud bees swarming, or just the bee sound alone, or ring at all different levels alone. The diesel sound is very low and is felt so strongly that ice packs are needed on my head area. All these sounds carry a vibration, especially felt if in bed. Sometimes these different sounds can start up abruptly, go on for days at intolerable sound levels, and stop abruptly, only to start up again within a very short time period.
Weather definitely plays a part, and different phases of the moon or tides.
Aproximately 4 days before a full or new moon, the sounds and vibrations become louder, during it and about 2 days after.
These sounds can feel and sound like it fills the entire house.
Sometimes the buzzing sounds are so loud while driving, they actually override the highway sounds of trucks etc. going by.
yes, the sounds can and do stop, but very infrequently, with a 24 hr., 7 days a week the norm.
Steady tone/humIn house main floorWith great effortJune 1988Not sure3-10 mileswithin 5 milesYes6 -15 milesgigantic rock formations that were studied years ago; we live on a lake
living near trains, airports and ocean are the worst.
Winter weather carries the loudest sounds and I live in New England
Ambidextrous (can use both well)Female68Ear discomfort, Headaches, Nosebleed, Fatigue, Irritability, Sleep disturbances, Nausea, went deaf finally, plus a brain tumor removalmoved 14 times between Massachusetts and New hampshire; tried many areas, only to find that I tune in within a short time period.
Presently in Nottingham, NH
Melrose Ma.
Westford, Ma.
Newburyport, Ma
Carlisle, Ma.
Concord, Ma
Groton, Ma
Cape Cod, Ma.
Dunbarton, NH
Deerfield, NH
Nottingham, Nh
White Mts., NH
Lebanon, NH
Sunapee, NH
Thornton, NH
Now I hear it wherever I go
now have ear implants in both ears from going deaf
brain tumor removal
stomach complaints
blocked bile duct
symptoms of Vibroacoustic disease without any signs of depression; still love life in spite of the biggest complaint....SLEEP DEPRIVATION
Also have an eardrum that will not close up anymore;
(note, I have tried different noise cancellations including the latest Bose Headset, and cannot tell if they are turned on or off because this noise is so all permeating)
had auditory training twice, and finally purchased an Auditory Training set to have in my own home.....very little to no improvement.

ice packs around my head/temples and wearing my hearing aids on the 1st setting or phone setting works somewhat, along with several purifiers and fans room sounds like a factory, and still at times when the sound is at its loudest, they cannot cover the extreme frequencies, whether high or low.

I seem to sleep better when the morning rush hours starts, as there is an all over white noise effect....up most nights, and cannot drive long without having to deal with the vibrations going through my whole body which is very tiring and drains me. I also feel blocked in the chest if drive is past 1/2 hour. This is partly due to other traffic noise, as driving back at night seems to work when there is little traffic on the road.
I have been constantly told I have Tinnitus, but this is much worse.
07/12/2012 11:01:58Same day and nightHas been constant low pitched humming sound since March/April 2012Not really although it does sometime dissipate during the day and over the last week (ie the first week in Dec 2012) the sound was very moderated for the first time since Mar/Apr 2012. Sometimes there are several momentary lulls (only seconds) during the early hours of the morning and then it starts again. Toady 8 December it is back with a vengeance. This sound can be heard by others and reports have been made by people over 50 kms away. Steady tone/humIn house main floorWith great effort2012Mar/Apr 2012right ear3-10 milesNot sureYes16-50 milesWe are about 2 kms from part of New Zealand's Greendale fault which is about 30 kms long and which ruptured 4 September 2010. Since then there have been thousands of small earthquakes in the decaying sequence. The faultline tracks through a substation 5 kms away. We are about 8 kms from another large substation and the HVDC national grid is not far away. We are close to a braided ephemeral river system and surrounded by open farmland. RightFemale57Ear discomfort, Sleep disturbances, tingling in jaw and back of headslight tinnitusWe have reported the phenomena to the local authoritiesNear Darfield in Canterbury, 7671, New Zealand
08/12/2012 10:06:11At nightIt is constant changing vibration of low frekwency. It is for me as resonances in airsound from different sources.Little better at summer with dry air. The sound kan escape when I am in Sweden on camping.More than twice per secondIn house main floorWith some effort2000right ear3-10 mileswithin 25 milesYes1 to 5 milesVery flat area without any woods. Very hard, closed underground without rocks.RightMale56Ear discomfort, Headaches, Fatigue, Irritability, Sleep disturbancesEverywhere except some places in Swedish forests.Strong Tinnitus, depend on how much noise is around me. My hearing is not good. I use hearings apparatus.Ask more information about; technological activity, wind turbines (I have more than 100 around), Ships; I have 100-200 tausend horsepower from big ships around me.
I kan found places in Sweden without hum, in forests.
Less than 20 HzEurope, Denmark, Søllested, 4920
08/12/2012 21:04:43At nightLow throb that varies in intensity.YesAround once per second on averageIn house upstairsWith some effort2012equally in both earsNot sureNot sureYesMore than 50 miles awayRightMale4345231
09/12/2012 10:07:56At nighttruck or compressor engineyesLess than once per second on averageIn house upstairsWith great effortNov. 1991Left earless than 1 milewithin 5 milesNoMore than 50 miles awayLg. riverRightFemale69Sleep disturbancesCovington, La

Picayune, MS (very lightly, post time no hum)
Hattiesburg , MS
NOCovington, LA 70433
Picayune, MS 39426
09/12/2012 11:28:59Same day and nightAlmost constant low frequency hum. Has been present for the 15 yrs we have lived here. No relation to day/night, seasons, weather etcNever completely, but appears to be cyclical (I have not measured the frequency - Weeks) once has reached a maximum, then appears to be a short (day at most) quieter periodSteady tone/humIn house main floorWith great effort19991997equally in both earsless than 1 milewithin 1 mileNoless than 1 mileNothing really, rural location, small villageRightMale52Headaches, Fatigue, Irritability, Sleep disturbancesNoneNoUK LA12 7RQ - Penny Bridge, a small village outside Ulverston - English Lake District
10/12/2012 15:05:40Same day and nightLow frequency humMost notable inside the house.
Seems to stop mid-morning through mid-afternoon.
Around once per second on averageIn house main floorWith effort2007equally in both earsless than 1 milewithin 5 milesNoMore than 50 miles awayFargo is very flat; 920 feet elevation; rests in a 10,000+ year old lake bed.RightMale59NoneCottonwood, ArizonaNoLess than 20 HzFargo, North Dakota
11/12/2012 10:19:52Same day and nightClassic Hum
Distant Diesel engine noise
Steady tone/humIn house main floorWith great effortThe night I moved to that location. 6/31-19921-2 mileswithin 1 mileNoMore than 50 miles awayLeftMale50IrritabilityCommon coping strategies for those who are affected.Greenbriar Dr.
Notrh Augusta, SC
no direction
11/12/2012 14:08:48Same day and nightUsually a multiple low pitched sound that is an irregular throbbing hum that sounds like an idling engine or generator. Rarely a very loud vibrating hum, as if it were being generated by a large fleet of propeller aircraft, at high altitude, which doesn't move - I.E. no Doppler.The hum is becoming louder. I have not heard the hum turn off this year.Varies a lotIn house main floorWith great effort19991992equally in both earsNot sureNot sureNot sureless than 1 mileThe loudest that I've ever heard the hum was in 2005, on the mountains behind where I live in Marbella in Spain. It was so loud and clear that the non hearers that I was with could easily detect the sound. When I asked them to describe the noise they all responded in agreement, "It sounds like a large diesel engine idling in the distance". Also in 2007 on the North Shore in Auckland New Zealand, where I was sat at a large table which vibrated at the same frequency as the hum. I was able to feel the table vibrate through my fingers while simultaneously hearing the noise.
RightMale51I live with it.Since 1992 I have detected the hum in the following countries; Spain (Resident), United Kingdom, France, Germany, Switzerland, Italy, Czech Republic, Poland, Turkey, Morocco, Tunisia, Malta, Mallorca, Canary Islands, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Hong Kong, USA, New Zealand, Ireland.Tinnitus in my left ear since 1995, high pitched ringing whistle.Over the years I have kept notes on where I hear the hum, its different intensities, some facts that I have discovered, and what I think the possible cause is. If you are interested please contact me at need to get the tone generator.Elviria, Marbella, Malaga, 29604, Spain.All directions
12/12/2012 10:29:38Same day and nightvery low frequency, constant with some vibrato and variation in volume.NoMore than twice per secondIn house upstairsWith some effort2012equally in both ears3-10 milesNot sureNoMore than 50 miles awayLeftMale42Ear discomfort, Sleep disturbancesNo2413 Norwood Ave
Boulder, CO 80304
16/12/2012 23:01:44Long continuos beep, sounds distantNo, I can hear it over other devices, my wife can't hear it19991995equally in both ears3-10 milesNot sureYesMore than 50 miles awayNear military base, full of military related background noises for example, shooting ranges, airport, loud speakers 28Sleep disturbances, Insomnia No, I'm required to take a yearly hearing test in the military, I pass them with flaying colorsYadkin/ Soutwick dr, Fayetteville, NC 28303All directions
17/12/2012 08:58:55At nightLike a rumbling truck, drilling, some kind of pump running. Very low-pitch sound vibration.It seems to stop for about 2 nights and then start again for 4 nights in a row or longer.Around once per second on averageIn house upstairsWith great effort2012mid-June 2012right earless than 1 mileNot sureNot sure16-50 miles2.5 miles away from a power plant substation, .8 miles from a UPS customer center with trucks going in and out at all timesRightFemale42Ear discomfort, Fatigue, Irritability, Sleep disturbances, NauseaNoSeems to be louder when it rainsDowntown Redmond, WA
7910 170th Pl NE 98052
maybe east
17/12/2012 14:53:18At nightsounds like a bus on a tread mill because its sounds like its running in place it doesn't fade. I've also described it to my boyfriend as a drone sound when i was trying to get him to hear it. not really i hear it in the day too but most the time its not as loud. it comes from the mountain behind the house. Steady tone/humIn house main floorWith some effort2012oct 2012 when i moved hereNot sureNot sureNot sureNoMore than 50 miles awaythe mountain. they do allot of fracking here a friend suggested that it might be that but i don't think so. RightFemale28Ear discomfort, Fatigue, Irritability, Sleep disturbancesnouhrichsville Ohio 44683the mountain
19/12/2012 15:21:41Same day and nightDiesel engine idling in a distanceBecome aware of it in June 2012,stopped for couple of weeks and came back in late September,didn't stop for a minute since.Around once per second on averageIn house main floorWith effort2012Not sureNot sureNot sureNot sureMore than 50 miles awayRightFemale39Ear discomfort, Headaches, Fatigue, Irritability, Sleep disturbances, NauseaOrlandono33837 Davenport FL,Ronald Reagan Pkwy
20/12/2012 00:11:04During the dayVibrating hum, almost like a chant in a monatery and seemed to get louder and closeryes. Less than once per second on averageIn house main floorNo effort2012Not sure3-10 milesNot sureNo16-50 milesRightMale32noPhahon yothin 63 and Phahonyothin Avenue bangkok, thailandWest
24/12/2012 21:21:45At nightLike an engine running. Used to sound like it was in the distance, now it's like there is a vehicle parked directly outside my house, idling.It seems to be more quiet during the day and gets louder after dark.Steady tone/humIn house main floorWith great effort2007equally in both earsNot sureNot sureYes16-50 milesLakeside residence. 1200 ft above sea level.RightFemale37Ear discomfort, Fatigue, Sleep disturbancesNo.Ashburnham, MA 01430North
25/12/2012 11:14:57At nightMetallic-like sound, like a loud diesel engine that goes on several seconds and then stops, only to start again moments later.It stopped 20 minutes later, it did not continued.Varies a lotIn house upstairsWith effort2012Dec 21, 3:00 AMNot sure1-2 milesNot sureNot sureMore than 50 miles awayRightMale21Sleep disturbancesSan Antonio, Texas 78230
Vance Jackson Road 12330
26/12/2012 17:14:08Not sureA low hum, around C# in tone. Fairly intermittent, more off than onSteady tone/humInside a stopped carWith some effort2012equally in both ears3-10 milesNot sureNo6 -15 milesAmbidextrous (can use both well)Male31Launceston, ukHave tinnitus but the hum is quite differentTruro, cornwall, tr1
Have noticed in other parts of cornwall
26/12/2012 21:07:00At nightHigh frequency humming sound. A bit of vibration to the wall also.Yes. During the day it's not as noticeable. Evening it cuts in and out. Solid on throughout the night. Just began with weather temp drop Christmas 2012Between once and twice per secondWith great effort201225/12/2012equally in both earsNot sureNot sureNot sureMore than 50 miles awayMiddle of downtown dallas in Kirby residences third floorRightFemale25Ear discomfort, IrritabilityDallas, tx, main and akard, ?, 75201, Kirby residences 3rd floor water pipe cuts through loft.
27/12/2012 22:56:30At nightHumIt's always on going.Steady tone/humIn house main floorWith effort2009right ear1-2 mileswithin 1 mileYesMore than 50 miles awayLive by the San Andreas FaultRightFemale26Ear discomfortChihuahua, MXno92203
28/12/2012 03:27:40At nightContinuous low hum like a machine in the distanceFall asleep before I noticeSteady tone/humIn house main floorLittle effort1999equally in both ears11-50 milesNot sureNot sure1 to 5 milesRightFemale35Sleep disturbancesBrisbane,
comes from the bay I think
28/12/2012 16:53:03At nightLow frequency sound similar to a buzzing bee. This sound is very annoying and frustrating, it can cause easily a headache. It's got a very low oscillating tone.I have had heard the sound for about 5-6 hours yesterday night. It just randomly comes and goes away.Around once per second on averageIn house main floorWith great effort20122012.12.28.; 1:50 AMequally in both ears11-50 mileswithin 50 milesYesMore than 50 miles awayI live in a plain, so there are no specific geological features.RightMale21Headaches, Sleep disturbancesI never heard it until yesterday.No. I have a very good hearing.Less than 20 HzOkolicna na Ostrove, Nitra district, 946 13, Slovak Republicfrom outside (southern direction)
28/12/2012 22:59:27At nightA low, rumbling, pulsating sound. It goes for a count of 1-2 stop 1-2 stop then it goes for approximately 6 beats stop then linger for a lot longerI haven't heard it in weeks. I've heard it before many times in the last 4 years but thought it may just be something in my head. Varies a lot2008Not surewithin 1 mileNo1 to 5 milesI don't live near an ocean but I do live close to Lake Ontario at the mouth of the St. Lawrence River. RightFemale42Ear discomfort, Fatigue, Irritability, NauseaNone. Kingston, Ontario Canada K7M 5V6not sure if it's coming from the ground and eminating through the walls or coming from the air
28/12/2012 23:06:28At nightA low, rumbling, pulsating sound. It goes for a count of 1-2 stop 1-2 stop then it goes for approximately 6 beats stop then linger for a lot longerI haven't heard it in weeks. I've heard it before many times in the last 4 years but thought it may just be something in my head. Varies a lotIn house upstairsWith great effort2008equally in both earsNot surewithin 1 mileNo1 to 5 milesI don't live near an ocean but I do live close to Lake Ontario at the mouth of the St. Lawrence River. I also live on the 3rd floor of an apartment building but have heard it in other homes on the main floor or upper floor.RightFemale42Ear discomfort, Fatigue, Irritability, NauseaNone. Kingston, Ontario Canada K7M 5V6not sure if it's coming from the ground and eminating through the walls or coming from the air
29/12/2012 04:33:21At nightLow pitched hum, intermittent, loudest from 3 a.m. to morning.Yes, it will stop for a few seconds and then start up again, but it is mostly continuous.Steady tone/humIn house upstairsWith effort2012Between 12/25/12 and 12/26/12equally in both ears1-2 mileswithin 1 mileNot sureMore than 50 miles awayNone that I can think of.RightFemale53Fatigue, Irritability, Sleep disturbancesSome mild tinnitus.It has been getting louder since I first noticed it a few days ago. Currently it is so loud that earplugs do not help. It seems to be loudest in the early morning hours -- I.e., 3 to 5 a.m. -- which is when I can no longer sleep.53130Not sure
29/12/2012 08:56:21At nightA low frequency moaning with no repeating pattern for the most part. The diesel engine description fits only in the frequency, an engine would (does) have a more repeating sound. Like I stated above, it's intensity changes at times, through the 90's it was very loud at times and seemed to change intensity over weeks from very loud then less intensity each week until negligible, then reverse and gain intensity for weeks until very loud again. As stated above the hum seemed gone for a long while after 9/11/2001.....I thought something in me had changed and I couldn't hear it any longer. After hoping it be gone for years I actually sort of missed it. It's been heard by me since then (last night even) but never at the intensity of the late 1990's.

Below I will answer it's the upstairs where it's loudest but in actuality it's the same down stairs and inside a non running car but never outdoors.
Less than once per second on averageIn house upstairsWith some effort1999Summer of 1994equally in both ears1-2 milesNot sureNo6 -15 milesMany acres of cranberry bogs directly behind my home. LeftMale52learned to embrace itMartha's Vineyard, island off Massachusetts.

Newport Maine.
NoI'm not sure if you want this but if there's any questions about what I submitted, contact at

46-50 HzMiddleboro Massachusetts (USA 02346) Moved here in 1994, asked neighbors what it was and all said they didn't understand as they didn't hear it. My daughter heard it, son never, wife started hearing it this year, 2012. Note that I'd moved from a town (Rockland) just about 20 miles north and never heard it there.

It comes and goes, the intensity, at times off in the distance, others, like it's in the back yard of our house. Comes right out of the pillow at night, can't be heard outside.Very intense through the 90's, almost non existent for a few years after the 9/11 attacks. Recently seems more intense after hurricane Sandy. I've heard this at home, in northern Maine and on Martha's Vineyard off Cape Cod too.
From home, it's south
30/12/2012 04:34:46At nightHum goes on and off erratically. Yes. For a few seconds. Steady tone/humIn house main floorWith great effort2012equally in both earsless than 1 milewithin 1 mileNot sureMore than 50 miles awayRightMale51223 w st john rd. phx az 85023Walls or floor
30/12/2012 09:00:56Same day and nighthumming noise, sounds like a electric motor pulsing 24/7Around once per second on averageIn house upstairsWith some effort2010equally in both ears3-10 milesNo16-50 milesmoutainsRightMalegranite falls wa. 98252
31/12/2012 10:58:29At nightLow droning sound, like a far away machine or engine idlingYes the sound is intermittent. I have not heared the hum for 2-3 months but within the last
couple of days its back. Quite faint this time and only noticable at bed time. I have been hearing the hum for a few years now somtimes quite loud .
Between once and twice per secondIn house upstairsWith some effort2001equally in both ears3-10 mileswithin 1 mileNoMore than 50 miles awayRightMale55noI have lived at 3 locations in the city of Derby UK. I have heard the hum at all 3 sites usually indoors but also outdoors on a couple of occasions when the hum was very strong.de723senot specific
31/12/2012 15:33:44At nightSimilar to an idiling semi with pulses. Sound is not rhythmic.Varies a lotIn house upstairsNo effort2010equally in both ears3-10 milesNot sureNot sureMore than 50 miles awayRightFemale47Sleep disturbancesAuburn Hills, MI 48326I have tinitiusTrenton, MI 48183
31/12/2012 18:03:29At nightLow hum that sounds like a truck idling outside very close to our house.
Seems to pulse.
Louder in some rooms than others.
NoBetween once and twice per secondIn house main floorWith great effort2010right earNot sureNot sureNot sureMore than 50 miles awayNoneRightMale45Ear discomfort, Headaches, Irritability, Sleep disturbancesMenomonee Falls,WI. 53051Eastern direction seems louder
01/01/2013 05:54:46Same day and nightA low frequency hum or vibration much like a distant diesel engine that is idling. There is some oscillation in the hum. I heard it off an on over the last year or so. Most recently, in the last month or so, it has been constant. I hear it indoors and outdoors when it is quiet enough (without car's running or people talking). Less than once per second on averageIn house upstairsWith some effort2011equally in both earsNot surewithin 1 mileNoMore than 50 miles awayRightMale56annoyance No56-60 HzCarmel, Indiana, 141st and Ditch, 46032north
01/01/2013 17:12:48At nightlow freq vibration/hum felt and heard 3-5am intermittentlyYesMore than twice per secondIn house upstairsNo effort2011Not sureNot surewithin 1 mileYes1 to 5 milesRightMale35Sleep disturbances32940?
01/01/2013 20:51:43At nightSounds like a pulse which increases and decreases volume.
It is a low frequency sound.
Less than once per second on averageOutsideWith some effort2011equally in both earsNot sureNot sureNo6 -15 milesPuerto RicoAmbidextrous (can use both well)Male54NoManati, Puerto Rico (zip code 00674)East
02/01/2013 00:21:37At nightDescription of Sound: I started hearing it around 12/21/12 (ish) a Morse code like modulation of a subsonic hum. I as well can compare it to the "star wars series light sabers sound" (and I am not a Star Wars fan), except when they swung and or moved the sabers the tone changed (in the movie) / this sound or humming I perceive similar to that just without the change in tone, but instead a change or pulse like increase in volume or loudness (in my ear/head) and it sometimes feels like the air pressure is increasing and decreasing with these humming modulations. I can actually feel what seems like pressure in/on my eardrum/inner ear.
I as well for the first time this evening 1/1/13, upon arriving home heard the hum outside of my home in my driveway upon getting out of my car to enter my home. It was quite loud as well.
Prior I would go outside and hear nothing resembling the hum. Prior as well the hum was always the loudest in the upper levels of my home, like the bedrooms.
during the day at times I believe, although since this hum recently started for me so I have not taken much notice when it is not there, only when it is.Around once per second on averageIn house upstairsWith effort201212/21/12right earless than 1 mileNot sureNoMore than 50 miles awayboth the locations I mentioned here have mountains in the area (although not large) or could be considered in mountainess terrain and there are minor fault lines I believe, and radon & radon remediation devices, and wells at both home locations.RightMale50Ear discomfort(Bucks County) Warrington Pa. 18976no - not aware of any.(Bucks County Pa.) Fairhill Dr. & Charlotte Dr., Chuchville Pa. 18966both no direction & all directions
02/01/2013 15:40:11Same day and nightConstant humming buzz, similar to the sound from my local electricity substation, since summer 2010It never stops, just background noise washes over: cars/wind, etcSteady tone/humWith great effort2010June/Julyequally in both earsless than 1 mileNot sureNoMore than 50 miles awayNoRightFemale50Ear discomfort, Headaches, Fatigue, Irritability, Sleep disturbances, Joints/muscles acheYes, tinitus, but the hum is a different sound. I've had my hearing tested and it's goodI have had the local council out, and they are testing. There are many others who can hear the hum locally too. I'm convinced it's the electritcy cablesLess than 20 HzCharlbury, Oxfordshire UKabove the house
02/01/2013 17:42:08At nightCar engine on idleSteady tone/humIn house upstairsWith effort2012equally in both earsNot sureNot sureNoMore than 50 miles awayRightFemale46Fatigue, Irritability, Sleep disturbancesRochdale, England, OL162SY
03/01/2013 11:22:52At nightPulsing, grinding, no rhythm, random modulation, impossible to ignore or blockVery, very occasionally, generally during a spell of settled high pressure.Between once and twice per secondIn house upstairsWith great effort2000Left earNot sureNot sureNoMore than 50 miles awaySteep narrow valleysRightMale47Fatigue, Irritability, Sleep disturbances, Problems concentrating, HoplessnessNoThis is the truth (and proof) about the cause
18Mossley, OL5 9NR, UK
03/01/2013 18:00:28Same day and nightLike a nonstop running motor, almost like on the plane, but quieter.
The humming seems to put pressure on my ears, at times it hurts.
Although it seems that at nights it's louder and more pressure on my eardrums.
Varies a lotIn house upstairsWith great effort2012August,2012equally in both earsNot sureNot sureYes16-50 milesThe area seems to be very rocky.RightFemale50Ear discomfort, Nosebleed, Irritability, Sleep disturbancesRecently I've heard it in Madison,NJNoNot sure. Ridgefield,CT 06877
03/01/2013 22:42:54Not sureThe sound is like a humming, almost like some sort of machinery is running from a distance away it stops me from sleeping.Yes it does. It will continue for about 20 minutes then stop.Steady tone/humIn house main floorNo effort2008right earNot surewithin 5 milesNo1 to 5 milesThis is an industrial area, i am also 2 minutes away from a train stationLeftFemale29Sleep disturbances, stresses me outnonenonot sureWollongong, Australia
04/01/2013 09:25:46Not sureA low pitch Distant Diesel Engine Vibrating you always think central heating system pump noise but its not as I have main turned power off.
Yes some times in the day its alot quieter and some times I wake about 3 am and it sems to have stopped.Steady tone/humIn house main floorWith great effort2008Left ear1-2 mileswithin 1 mileNot sureMore than 50 miles awayRightMale48IT has to be quiet to hear it but I do heat it
in alot of places around UK but dont hear it in other places
if you know what I mean
NoI do live in a noisey area-within 1/2mile a A1M
I dont believe I have tinnitus but others will say I have.
Just today I can hear some Generators from a building site demolishing for a new build about 1/2 mile away and they drown out the ''hum'' louder but similar wavelength, when they stop work the low ongoing hum is back.
Hope someone can crack this one day before we crack
21-30 HzOld Welwyn
06/01/2013 02:09:03Same day and nightVery low frequency oscillating hum. It often reminds me of what a cell phone sounds like when placed near a speaker at just the ring angle. The start-stop oscillations of communicating with the cell tower is very similar. However, at times, it will be constant and steady for minutes at-a-time. It sounds like a 60hz tone in my head, very fast, constant at times, short burst at other times. Always very low, though.Yes. It varies in intensity on a seemingly random schedule. I have gone weeks without noticing it, but when I do notice it; it is overbearing. I cannot tell if it is seasonal, but I can say that I have noticed it more intensely during the winter months. Varies a lotIn house main floorWith great effort2011Moved here in 2011equally in both ears3-10 milesNot sureNot sureMore than 50 miles awayAmbidextrous (can use both well)Male36Headaches, Fatigue, Irritability, Sleep disturbances, NauseaI have never noticed it before moving here and have not noticed it when traveling over the past few years either.No.There is a cell tower within 1 mile of my home. There is a fairly large high power complex about 3 miles from my home. When I stand in front of the cell towers, I can hear the hum but it is similar to in my home or standing outside of my home. So it seems inconclusive, even though the hum seems to mimic cellular activity. When I stand in front of the high power complex, the hum is deafening and feels as though it pulses against my eardrums. I can easily hear it over the sparking, crackling of the high tension power lines overhead.Villa Rica, GA, USA 30180All directions
06/01/2013 02:12:27At nightA deep throbbing rumble like an idling diesel engine. Until I heard about this phenomenon called "The Hum", I didn't realise that other people heard this too. I thought that maybe a truck driver somewhere in the valley was warming up his engine for ages. My husband doesn't hear anything, but it sometimes keeps me from sleeping. Often the sound is also a vibration sensation in my chest and stomach. It is stronger when my head is on the pillow on either side, not so strong when on my back.The sound is noticed sometimes when I try to sleep about midnight. On occasions it has stopped between half an hour and one hour later, as if an engine has been turned off. Other times it carries on until I go to sleep with some difficultyBetween once and twice per secondIn house upstairsWith some effort2006equally in both ears1-2 mileswithin 1 mileNot sure1 to 5 milesMy house is halfway up the hill in a long steep valley, in a country and city on seismic faultlines. When an earthquake is approaching at night time, I also hear it as a very deep rumble, before the shaking starts. The sound of earthquakes and the hum constant rumble are similar, and so it is hard to avoid feeling anxious when I hear them.RightFemale51Fatigue, Irritability, Sleep disturbances, NauseaNosuburb of Northland, in city of Wellngton, New Zealand 6012through the ground
07/01/2013 08:26:09Same day and nightConstant hum like a truck engine idling far in the distance.At first, I could only hear the sound in the evening for about 2 - 3 hours at a time. This went on for about a week. Last night was the first night that I could hear it all night long and into the morning. Steady tone/humIn house main floorWith some effort2013Left earNot sureNot sureYesMore than 50 miles awayRightFemale42Sleep disturbancesNoThe hum is steady and constant, but will immediately disappear if I make ambient noise (such as rolling over in bed, talk to someone, etc.). It's as though a sound like turning/talking cancels out the hum completely. However, as soon as I lie still and stop moving, or stop talking, the sound resumes immediately. I can only hear it inside my house, but can also hear it in my neighbour's house (we are semi-detached). No one else can hear it but me.Toronto, Ontario, Jane St. and Annette St. M6S 3V8
08/01/2013 15:48:16Same day and nighthumming, droning, motor like sound, whirling, circular. Like a person blowing over an empty bottle. Like Niagra falls. Hard to describe.
Sometimes I think it stops but then I'll hear it. The slightest sound like a fan will drown it out.Varies a lotIn house upstairsWith effort2010Not sure3-10 milesNot sureNoMore than 50 miles awaykaurst. rivers, underground caverns with lakes in nearby Charles Town, WV. Potomac & Shenandoah rivers nearby.RightFemale49Fairmont, WV, C&O towpath Sharpsburg, MarylandnoIs it underground water?Shenandoah Junction, WV 25442
09/01/2013 02:33:15At nightDull throbbing slow intermittent sound that appears to vibrate the houseI think it is masked by local traffic and therefore when local traffic dies down after 12 am it becomes very apparentAround once per second on averageIn house upstairsLittle effort2012equally in both earsNot surewithin 5 milesNot sure6 -15 milesRightMale28Sleep disturbancesNoneNogarrynure, milltown road, dublin 6, IrelandEast
09/01/2013 22:07:37Same day and nightThe hum is omnidirectional and definitely external as I can hear other sounds as well (ie: tv, birds, wind, people talking etc, if it was tinnitus my hearing would be blocked and I wouldn't hear other ambient sounds), it sounds like an idling diesel engine or helicopter is in the near distance and differs in intensity or 'volume'. Volume not in the sense of sound waves per se, but as in a vibrational frequency. I can cover my ears and put the pillow over my head but it makes no difference. The ELF is amplified inside the house but I can still detect it outside the house. As of today, 10 Jan 2013, I have been hearing the hum since early Feb 2011. I have been recording the times and dates of hearing the hum since March 2011. It used to come and go randomly with no pattern, either for a few days only late at night or a few weeks late at night but for the past four weeks it has been almost continuous day and night with varying levels of intensity. It isn't stopping, hence my motivation to go online yet again to research it and I found your website.Steady tone/humIn house main floorWith great effort2011Feb 2011equally in both ears11-50 milesNot sureYesless than 1 mileAuckland is sitting on an Isthmus - meaning we are a harbour city, on a narrow neck of the main North Island where it is a short distance between the west and east coasts.RightFemale41Sleep disturbances, dizziness when very intenseNo.I have racked my brains trying to figure out the source/cause of the ELF. These are my options:
1. Volcanic activity (NZ has a lot of volcanoes either active, reawakening or dormant)
2. Electromagnetic Pollution (the hum has been so random with no pattern and quiet for extended periods of time that I have more or less ruled this out)
3. Man made radar or related type technology that has not been made public. For example HAARP etc, black technology being used. I have researched this and there are many 'Research' projects which makes this the most likely scenario. Possibly the following 'AARDDVARK' project?


The Antarctic-Arctic Radiation-belt (Dynamic) Deposition - VLF Atmospheric Research Konsortium (AARDDVARK) provides continuous long-range observations of the lower-ionosphere. The Konsortia sensors detect changes in ionisation levels from ~30-85 km altitude, with the goal of increasing the understanding of energy coupling between the Earth's atmosphere, Sun, and Space. We use the upper atmosphere as a gigantic energetic particle detector to observe and understand changing energy flows; this Science area impacts our knowledge of global change, communications, and navigation. The joint NZ-UK Antarctic-Arctic Radiation-belt (Dynamic) Deposition - VLF Atmospheric Research Konsortia (AARDDVARK) is a new extension of a well-establish experimental technique, allowing long-range probing of ionisation changes at comparatively low altitudes. Most other instruments which can probe the same altitudes are limited to essentially overhead measurements. At this stage AARDDVARK is essentially unique, as similar systems are only deployed at a regional level.
Glenfield 0629, Auckland, New ZealandOmni-directional
11/01/2013 09:28:37At nightSimilar to an huge diesel engine rotating at constant RPMYes, there are days of full stop, days with light hum and days with important humVaries a lotIn house main floorWith effort2012right ear1-2 milesNot sureNoMore than 50 miles awayRightMale46IrritabilityITALY, TREVISO
NOmeasured 56HzITALY, BELLUNO.
11/01/2013 14:35:36Same day and nightbelow 60hz. Steady tone with mild even harmonic overtones.Yes. I generally only hear it indoors. Also, if I tap on a horizontal resonant surface, like a table top, it interrupts the hum very briefly. I can also hum around the same frequency to sort of cancel it.Steady tone/humIn house main floorWith some effort2013Jan 3rd 2013equally in both ears1-2 milesNot sureNo1 to 5 milespacific ocean, lots of seismic activity.LeftMale44Sleep disturbancesno56-60 HzUSA, 90066omnidirectional
12/01/2013 09:18:06Not sureIt's a deep tone that I could feel as well as hear. I didn't notice a variance in the pitch or tone. It went on for 2-3 hours at about 9 PM on January 9th or 10th, 2013. I don't notice it when I'm inside the house, so I can't say for sure how long the tones go on. But the noise DID stop the other night. Steady tone/humOutsideNo effort2013equally in both earsless than 1 milewithin 1 mileNot sureMore than 50 miles awayRightFemale51Ear discomfort, Sleep disturbancesNear Spokane Washington, coming from the direction of Fairchild Airforce Base.West of my house, near the airforce base and airport.
13/01/2013 13:13:36Same day and nightA Low Frequency Occilating sound. Like a desil engine at a distance.NO.Between once and twice per secondIn house main floorWith some effort1999May 1993equally in both ears3-10 milesNot sureNot sure16-50 milesMt. Rainier, which is an active volcano.RightFemale43Ear discomfort, Irritability, Sleep disturbancesGlendora, CA
Broomfield, CO
Santa Rosa, CA
Yreka, CA
No.I believe this HUM is government related. They are using Extremely Low Frequency (ELF) for experiments and communication.

ELF radio waves are generated by lightning and natural disturbances in Earth's magnetic field, so they are a subject of research by atmospheric scientists. Because of the difficulty of building transmitters that can generate such long waves, ELF frequencies have been used in only a very few manmade communication systems. ELF waves can penetrate seawater to a depth of several hundred feet, so the US and Russian military have used ELF transmission facilities to communicate with their submerged submarines. The frequency of alternating current flowing in electric power grids, 50 or 60 Hz, falls within this frequency band, and power grids are an unintentional source of ELF radiation.

HAARP is a scientific endeavor aimed at studying the properties and behavior of the ionosphere, with particular emphasis on being able to understand and use it to enhance communications and surveillance systems for both civilian and defense purposes.
Yelm, WA 98597All around
14/01/2013 00:51:36At nightabout 50 to 60 ha with almost a baudot sounding pulsing. Baudot is an old mode of communications over high frequency times the sound is lower in intensity - but recently since the new year it is very noticable in quiet rooms in my home and other buildings.Between once and twice per secondWith some effort2000Left earless than 1 milewithin 5 milesYes6 -15 milesthere are two fault lines nearby - the calaveras and hayward.RightMale39fresno, san jose, san francisco, livermore, sacramento, ridgecrestnosan jose, 95127
14/01/2013 06:28:39At nightExtra Low Frequency sounding like blowing accross a large glass bottle that keeps in a steady pattern of a heartbeat repeating consistently with a duration of any 5 letter single sylable word's spoken length; books, books, books,,, games, games, games,,, etc.The sound DOES stop. Curiously when I try to alert my wife, or when i study it (which will REALLY get the sound in your head from focusing on it). For example, when I was just about to come to a conclusion of the spoken word length, it stopped.
I have stuck my head WAY out of my window and can't hear a thing. Where we are is in the middle of the desert literally away from Las Vegas 10 miles south located near Saint Rose Parkway & Las Vegas Blvd.
Around once per second on averageIn house main floorWith effort2012Late summer / early fall 2011equally in both earsNot sureNot sureYesMore than 50 miles awayRightMale42Fatigue, Irritability, Sleep disturbancesnoneLess than 20 Hz355 E. Larson Lane
Henderson, Nevada
Can't tell which direction it comes from.
14/01/2013 11:32:36At nightlike a plane in the distance, an aquaraim air pump against the wall etc. or an ocean liner vibrating past in the near distance. Differant than the hum caused by motor bikes that come from i-95 durring bike week etc. My hubby hears it as well my teen does not. Steady tone/humOutsideWith effort2012equally in both ears3-10 milesNot sureYes1 to 5 milesThere lies the ocean to my east with a river between us a short distance straight over to the Atlantic less than 5mi .
To my west an interstate about a mile and then further over farm land for miles. To the south residental mix and the north residental then city
RightFemale47Irritability, Sleep disturbancesnostanding by the smart electric meter no change or direction. No new appliances. Familar with sounds at this address for 25 plus years.Saint Augustine Florida, 32086 Mid - WildWood Drive
15/01/2013 01:31:33At nightSounds like a truck idling far away, louder inside home. Unable to locate direction of noise when I go outside.Usually lasts 2-3 days, all day long then stops.Steady tone/humIn house main floorWith some effort2005equally in both ears1-2 mileswithin 25 milesNoless than 1 mileAmbidextrous (can use both well)Female52Sleep disturbancesNoThere is no manufacturing,drilling in the area. Small town.Sandhill and Alderwood road Belfair WA 98528unable to pin point
15/01/2013 14:37:22Same day and nightA constant humming/droning sound, like a diesel engine parked across the street, most audible in the garage and house, can't escape from it.Yes, it stops for a day or two... sometimes weeks, but always comes back. If I go away for a few days and come back, it takes a few days, but it's back.Varies a lotInside a stopped carWith great effort2008August 2008equally in both earsless than 1 mileNot sureNoMore than 50 miles awayvalleys and mountainsRightFemale59Ear discomfort, Irritability, Sleep disturbancesI've heard it everywhere in the Okanagan and Slocan valleys in British Columbia, Canada, in buildings and in my vehicle and sometimes outside, even hear it when I am up in the mountain (outside, not in a vehicle).I have tinnitus, but my partner also hears the hum and he doesn't have it, the hum has nothing to do with tinnitus as many people claim.My cottage, located in New Denver, has no natural gas pipeline and the hum is worse there than in Kelowna which has natural gas. Would be nice to hear from others how they cope with this affliction.New Denver, BC
Kelowna, BC
many directions, always changing
18/01/2013 18:01:02At nightIt is a pulsating throb bass like sound. Goes about 1-2 seconds with a very slight pause in between. Longer at night(maybe up to 6-7 seconds). Always a space in between. 24 hours a day.No.It started around november 11 2012. Sunday/Monday early morning. I was the only one who could here it. Sunday's were loudest. Then on CHristmas 2012 it got so bad another family member could here. It is worse when it is cold. Around once per second on averageIn house main floorWith great effort2012right earNot sureNot sureNoMore than 50 miles awaywe are near a lot of water, but the pacific ocean is 100 miles away or so. They just put up a lot of new medical buildings around 5 miles from here. RightFemale46Ear discomfort, Fatigue, Irritability, Sleep a matter of fact it is too good. This is a senior community and my neighbor has it in her apt. too, but she said she is partially deaf. Yes, does the hum ever stop? Has anyone reported that? my email is Thanks LauraPuyallup, Washington USA zip code 98374 502 43rd avenuenorth
18/01/2013 22:03:31At nightconstant low frequency 'hum' with slight beat which you 'feel' like the vibrations on a small passenger ship - masked by sufficient noise, but worsened by ear plugs etcnot yetAround once per second on averageIn house upstairsWith great effort2012September 2012equally in both earsless than 1 milewithin 25 milesNo1 to 5 milesRightMale51Headaches, Sleep disturbances, Nauseanoseems worse in larger room here (22ftx12ft) - possible resonance31-35 HzOnchan, Isle of Man, British Isles, IM4 (rural)no specific direction
19/01/2013 04:14:43At nightThe sound is constant, and it varies from mild to very loud up to a point where it just makes you want to scream. At times it feels as if there is a rythm a constant rythm but then it's just the same constant low note.The sound seems to fade away in rainy days or when there is a lot of noise, but when there is a moment of calm and silence it comes in as if it never left.Steady tone/humIn house upstairsWith great effort2012Novermber 10, 2012equally in both earsless than 1 mileNot sureNoMore than 50 miles awayRightMale18Ear discomfort, Headaches, Irritability, Sleep disturbancesNone21-30 Hz00011 Tivoli Terme RM, ItaliaAbove
20/01/2013 11:29:00Same day and nightLow humming sound sounding like a big truck idling. Intermittent breaks for 2 to 10 seconds and then begins again for up to several minutes. No persistent rhythm and extremely annoying. There is a internal vibration which feels invasive and unnatural. I have noticed a break in the "hum" for up to 2 hours.Around once per second on averageIn house upstairsWith great effort2007Not sureNot sureNot sureYesMore than 50 miles awayI moved 20 miles away from the first location of hearing the "hum". This has not made any difference. RightFemale54Ear discomfort, Headaches, Fatigue, Irritability, Sleep disturbancesDavis, California Although the pitch and frequency is different.noThe corresponding note is a low "D".I have heard the hum for the past 4 to 5 years. Strangely it has stopped in the last month and has not returned. I have been able to sleep in my bedroom without white noise for the first time in years. Amazing.

Bakersfield, California
in the ground
21/01/2013 10:04:24At nightA loud, low frequency rumble that kept me awake, pulsating in my ears. The first night I really became aware of it, it seemed to shake the windows and my body. I was alarmed at how loud it seemed, and frightened that I could not escape it. I have only experienced it loudly a couple of other times since then, and more mildly many other times.The sound was occasional and only at night, between 1 and 5 am. I noticed it more in the winter. It seemed to go on and on, like a machine running. I didn't notice the sound in the day time, or outside, but in my apartment.Around once per second on averageIn house upstairsLittle effort2012January, 2012equally in both earsNot sureNot sureNot sureMore than 50 miles awayThis apartment in on the Village Square of Pocahontas, Illinois. The train tracks are about 1/2 mile south, and Interstate 70 is 1/2 a mile north. There is no large industry around that I am aware of.RightFemale39Irritability, AnxietyNo.It just really sounds like an engine - like a giant ship, or a power plant.Pocahontas, Illinois, 62275. Town Square.Train tracks, just south?
21/01/2013 17:45:53Same day and nightI have been referring to this sound as a bass noise. It sounds as though the neighbors have their bass cranked up. It typically follows a mmmmmm mmm mmm mmmmmmm pattern. It can become so loud that it resonates through my ears. I first noticed it at home but have also noticed the hum at work. For instance today I had to just leave because it was just that loud, and NOBODY could hear it. It's ironic that something could be so unbelievably loud to one person and another can't even hear it. I thought I was going nuts! I usually only hear it at work after my students have left for the day (I am a teacher). During the school day I must be too busy and with the hustle and bustle of the students I do not notice it. At home I must run a fan to block out the noise.The hum is at complete random. At times it is completely quiet and can be for hours. But then low and behold, there it is! Between once and twice per secondIn house upstairsLittle effort2011In the summer of 2011 after moving into an apartment complexequally in both earsNot surewithin 25 milesNot sureMore than 50 miles awayRightFemale28Ear discomfort, Irritability, At its loudest, the hum will make my hair feel as though it's standing on end(this is unusual but has happened more than once)Not that I'm aware of...indiana, pa
21/01/2013 18:24:55At nightLow, throbbing, inconsistentI don't think it stops, but it becomes less noticeable. I don't know. I hear it every night.More than twice per secondIn house upstairsWith some effort2012right earNot sureNot sureNo6 -15 milesRightMale29Sleep disturbancesBurnham on sea ta82tyNo my hearing is very good 71-90 HzTrelawney road, Bristol, uk bs66sdNorth west
21/01/2013 22:45:21At nightVery low hum like an engine running in the distance. It vibrates in my ears and skull. I hear it indoors and outdoors in equal measure.The noise never goes away. It increases and decreases in volume but the noise is always there, 24 hours a day. Between once and twice per secondIn house main floorWith great effort200504/07/2005equally in both ears11-50 mileswithin 50 milesNot sureMore than 50 miles awayLarge, deep lake called Lake Pend Oreille. The navy conduct sonar/acoustics experiments in the deepest part of the lake at approx 350m deep. I've often wondered if the hum could be related to these tests but I talked with a naval commander and he said it could not be related.RightFemale48Ear discomfort, Irritability, Sleep disturbances Sandpoint, Samuels, Athol, Rathdrum, Hope, Clark Fork, Bonners Ferry. No. I've traveled over 100 kilometers radius in effort triangulate the direction and source without success. No hum permeates a vast area. Sagle, Idaho 83860from the ground
22/01/2013 08:09:31Same day and nightLow rumbling as if there's a diesel truck just outside your window idling.It's mostly noticeable at night largely b/c there is no other sound in the house. It's also more noticeable in the winter ... when we have windows open in the summer we do not notice it.Around once per second on averageIn house upstairsLittle effort2011equally in both ears3-10 milesNot sureYesMore than 50 miles awayRoughly 2 km from southern shore of Lake Ontario. Twenty Valley is roughly 100m from our backyard. 3km from Niagara Escarpment.RightMale37Ear discomfort, Fatigue, Sleep disturbancesn/aSlight hearing loss in right ear from childhoodThere is a relatively new electrical transformer nearby that feeds the underground electric for a relatively new subdivision. As well, at the end of the street (roughly 300m away) is some sort of sanitary sewer/water pumping station with was upgraded a while back ... haven't investigated if either of these might be the source of the hum. Both my wife and I can hear it ... so it's not tinnitus.41-45 HzJordan Station, Ontario, Canada L0R1S0 at the crossroads of Bridgeport Drive and Prince William Streetomnipresent
22/01/2013 12:05:41At nightthe noise is like an idling distant train or diesel truck nearby outside. its stops shortly after getting out of bedAround once per second on averageIn house main floorWith great effort2009augustLeft earMore than 50 mileswithin 50 milesYesMore than 50 miles awayI live in a remote fly in only community in northern Ontario, there are no roads or high voltage power lines anywhere near here. i've also heard it when there was a power failure in the whole community. RightMale37Headaches, Sleep disturbancesRed Lake Ontario, Canada Snady Lake Ontario, CanadaI've lost hearing in my right ear due to playing in a live band 21-30 HzKeewaywin First Nations, Ontario, Canada
22/01/2013 12:22:17At nightlow hum like an idling engine of a truck- deep hum from a big ship on the wateryes- not heard all of the timeSteady tone/humIn house main floorLittle effort2012Not sure3-10 milesNot sureNoMore than 50 miles awayRightMale40Sleep disturbancesNANANAN9E3H5, Windsor Ontariounknown
22/01/2013 17:30:07At nightA low level hum much like a motor in the distance.Yes, it stops at various times. This is not attributable to weather, or weather changes of any kind. It is not any louder during Winter heating season versus Summer, Spring, or Fall. There is no way to predict when or why it will stop. It just abruptly stops and and sometimes has stopped for several months at a time and then it re-starts at will too. There is no known industry in this area that is new that could account for this hum in any way that I can discern.Varies a lotIn house main floorWith some effort2010right earNot sureNot sureNoMore than 50 miles awayThis area is flat as a pancake, mostly consists of sand and clay with a peat base. It used to be part of Lake Michigan back in history. The Indiana Dunes is not nearby, so there is nothing remarkable here at all geographically speaking.Ambidextrous (can use both well)Female55Irritability, Sleep disturbancesClayton, IndianaNoNot doneDyer, Indiana, Rt.30 and Sheffield Ave. 46311everywhere, not discernable
23/01/2013 11:02:21At nightThrobbing sound that sounds louder when head is on pillow. Wearing earplugs only slightly reduces the sound.Less than once per second on averageIn house upstairsLittle effort2006equally in both ears3-10 mileswithin 5 milesNo16-50 milesRightMale36Fatiguech3 8ez
23/01/2013 15:38:34At nightIt comes from the sky and from a long distance.
I think it is like ecolocalization sound.
First become higher, thus decrease to nothing, pause, and begin again.
I noted it near 3AM when I weaked up to bathroom, I listened it for 10 minutes or so, thus I goes to sleep again.Around once per second on averageIn house main floorNo effort201321 or 22 / Jan / 2013equally in both earsMore than 50 mileswithin 1 mileYesMore than 50 miles awayLeftMale49this is my first timeI think I have tinnitus, but also I'm extreme sound identifier. I can hear a small insect carving at 4-5 metters if total silence.San Onofre, Sahuaayo, Michoacan, Mexico
MX-zip 59000
From the sky
24/01/2013 13:50:46At nightLow frequency, loud oscillating hum.Yes. This has been happening on and off for a number of years.Around once per second on averageIn house upstairsWith some effort1999Winsford, Mid Cheshire, England, UK.omnidirectional