lEmail AddressPlease Title Your PhotoshootTell us a little bit about the shootDeadline Tags you'd like us to upload this work under (correctly capitalized, comma separated)Complete Shot ListHow many images would you like from this shoot?(ballpark number)Location(s)Please upload 1-5 examples of the vibe you're going for with this shoot (grab them from anywhere, copyright doesn't matter, just make sure they're jpg images)
1/6/2020 9:17:33marketing@cscedc.com2020 State of the StateCapturing the event vibe of our 2020 State of the State with Gov. Polis on Jan. 31 from approx. 11 a.m. - 1:30 p.m. Looking for photos similar to State of the City: attendees networking, Gov. Polis speaking, sponsors smiling for the camera, etc.1/31/20202020 Chamber & EDC State of the State, Colorado Springs Chamber & EDC, Governor PolisAttendees networking and mingling, preferably showing all faces (no back of heads) | All podium speakers | Sponsors smiling for the camera (will include a list and their table #s) | General crowd shots | Images of Gov. Polis interacting with attendees, conversing with attendees, etc. 80The DoubleTree - Grand Ballroom (1775 E. Cheyenne Mtn. Blvd., COS, 80906)
1/6/2020 9:34:56marketing@cscedc.comJanuary 2020 Photoshoot: DevelopmentUpdated photos/drone images of ongoing developments around Colorado Springs, including shots of crane activity in downtown; U.S. Olympic & Paralympic Museum and surrounding redevelopment activities; William J Hybl Sports Medicine and Performance Center at UCCS construction; etc. 1/31/2020Downtown, UCCS, U.S. Olympic & Paralympic Museum (and others as you see fit/appropriate).Crane activity in downtown | U.S. Olympic & Paralympic Museum and surrounding redevelopment activities | William J Hybl Sports Medicine and Performance Center at UCCS50Downtown; UCCS
1/6/2020 9:49:36marketing@cscedc.comFebruary 2020 Photoshoot: Winter Outdoor RecreationPhotos of people participating in winter outdoor recreation in and around Colorado Springs, including snowshoeing, hiking in the snow, etc. Basically, we want images that showcase our region's winter outdoor assets and demonstrate that we're a year-round outdoor rec mecca. Fresh snow as a backdrop is key, so we're flexible on the deadline. 3/31/2020Winter, Outdoor Recreation (plus any other tags you see fit based on final location)Photos of people participating in winter outdoor recreation in and around Colorado Springs, including snowshoeing, hiking in the snow, etc. Basically, we want images that showcase our region's winter outdoor assets and demonstrate that we're a year-round outdoor rec mecca. Fresh snow as a backdrop is key, so we're flexible on the deadline. 50We're open to your suggestions. North Cheyenne Canyon Park, Garden of the Gods, and Palmer Park all come to mind, but we'll let you make the final call. : )
1/7/2020 10:29:25joe.hollmann@coloradosprings.govPanorama Park - Before This park is getting a major remodel in the SE side of town. We are looking to do a lot of before/after messaging once the remodel is done, and want some “before” pics – the worse the park looks in the pictures the better, and if any details of the park look extra bad please use your judgement and take some photos of them!1/22/2020Panorama Park, parks, southeast, remodel, Panorama, pavillion, playground, parking lot, baseball diamond, baseball field, youth sportsa. Pavilion
i. Ground close-ups and medium wide-shots
b. Playground
i. Aerials, ground close-ups/ medium wide shots
c. Baseball diamond
i. Aerials and ground wide-shots
d. Parking lot
i. Aerials and ground wide-shots
e. Field
i. A few wide shots of the field/grass/open space
40Panorama Park (4540 Fenton Rd, Colorado Springs, CO, 80916),,,,
1/7/2020 10:40:32joe.hollmann@coloradosprings.govEl Pomar Bike Park El Pomar Bike Park is a small mountain bike park next to Hillside Community Center. This shoot is primarily about having photos to be able to promote the park. It is a unique asset to the community center on the SE side of town, as well as to our Parks department. We would love to have photos that include people utilizing the park. 1/31/2020mountain bike, El Pomar, El Pomar bike park, Hillside Community Center, community center, southeast, parks, park, mountain bike park, kids, youth, recreation, a. Shots of the ramps
b. Shots from top of hill looking down on track
c. People utilizing park (both aerial and close-ups)
d. Any other generic shots you can think of
25El Pomar Bike Park - east of the Hillside Community Center (925 S Institute St, Colorado Springs, CO 80903),,,,
1/7/2020 10:54:19joe.hollmann@coloradosprings.govAustin Bluffs Open Space/Pulpit Rock areaThis shot is primarily focused on getting inventory on all this open space has to offer. With a lot of trails, great views of the mountains, and great views within the open space of itself (rock formations, valleys, etc.), a lot of people use this space. 1/31/2020Pulpit Rock, pulpit rock, open space, Austin Bluffs, Austin Bluffs Open Space, parks, trails, mountain biking, running, walking, dogs, dog walking, recreation, central, views, trail running, a. Trails
i. Aerials and ground shots
b. Pulpit Rock and bluffs from the ground
c. View of the city from the park
i. Aerials and panoramic/wide shots from the top in all directions
d. View of the park from the trail head w/ signs
i. Ground shots
e. People utilizing the trails
i. Running, walking, walking dogs, biking, mountain biking
25Pulpit Rock and Austin Bluffs Open Space (several entrances to park),,,,
1/7/2020 11:05:57joe.hollmann@coloradosprings.govDowntown ParkingThis shot will focus on the City's Parking Enterprise assets. These include the three City parking garages (Kiowa and Nevada, Colorado and Nevada, and Cascade and Bijou) as well as on-street parking meters that are all downtown. 1/24/2020parking, parking enterprise, downtown, downtown parking, parking meter, parking garage, downtown parking garage, Parking Enterprise, Scott Lee, on-street parking, meters, public parking, parking rates, parking hours, a. Closeups of meters downtown
b. Row of meters on streets
c. Cars parked at parking meters
d. Exterior of each city parking garages (Bijou and Cascade, Kiowa Street, Colorado and Nevada)
e. Medium shot of car exiting parking garage under the exit arm
f. If possible, someone feeding a parking meter
g. Elevators and stairwells from exterior
i. Interior shots of cracks, things that might need maintenance
30You can find exact addresses of garages here: Parking meters in downtown core and southwest downtown (near Fat Sullys/Atomic Cowboy) would also be great.,,,,
1/7/2020 12:12:57joe.hollmann@coloradosprings.govVehicle PuffingThis shoot is in regards to puffing - unattended running vehicles - which happens primarily during the winter months. This can be entirely staged (with your own vehicle even!) or you can take a chance at tracking someone down doing this, but we would want to maintain the context of where this would primarily occur - aka neighborhoods. Earlier in the morning the better since most puffing occurs in the morning. And a colder, frostier morning with the exhaust really thick gets the point across about why it's called puffing, though doesn't have to be just is preferred.1/30/2020puffing, puffing vehicles, winter, driveway, Puffer photos (unattended running vehicles, none are aerial) (baically just need 2-3 angles for each type of photo:
a. Photos of running vehicle in home’s driveway
b. Photos of car running on street in front of home
c. Photos of close-up shot of exhaust coming from tailpipe
d. Photos through the window of a car at empty driver sear/steering wheel
2/13/2020 15:40:22joe.hollmann@coloradosprings.govAffordable Housing Plan ShootThe City's community development division has helped finance a couple of affordable housing projects that are going up in the city and we would like to include them in the official housing plan that will be introduced and hopefully adopted by the City. These housing projects vary across the city, though several are in the downtown area.
2/24/2020Affordable Housing, housing plan, attainable housing, housing, community development, planning, Community Development, PlanningNote shots in each description. Probably only need 5 good shots of each of the 10 types - 50 shots:

• Greenway Flats aerials (59 W Las Vegas St, Colorado Springs, CO 80903)
• Traditions at Colorado Springs ground and aerial (6010 Tutt Blvd, Colorado Springs, CO 80923)
• The Ridge (under construction) ground and aerial (4375 Broadmoor Bluffs Dr, Colorado Springs, CO 80906)
• Rocky Mountain Apartments ground and aerial (2812 E. Bijou St.)
• And the Dale Street Duplexes ground and aerial (2618 A&B, 2620 A&B E. Dale St)

Finally, if possible, a duplex, tri-plex, and multi-plex (a house with more than 2 units), a home with a wheelchair ramp in the front, apartment buildings. I will follow up with exact addresses, we are hunting down these types in the downtown area to reduce the footprint on different sites and keep in nice and tight within the downtown area. But ground and aerials of these types as well.
50See above,,
4/8/2020 16:00:23joe.hollmann@coloradosprings.govCOVID-19This shoot will focus on emphasizing new policies and ways of doing life in COVID-19. Whether it is how city personnel are doing work, social distancing whenever people are out, wearing masks or doing curbside curbside delivery and takeout, this will be a good way to show the new normal.4/15/2020COVID-19, COVID, covid, coronavirus, corona, public health, social distancing• Examples of good physical distancing by people out walking/jogging/hiking or in our city parks
• Examples of people picking up curbside takeout downtown or at other restaurants (lunch hour is probably best bet downtown)
• City workers out providing essential services (while still physical distancing) ie: CSPD, CSFD, streets workers, snow plows, utilities (we can help coordinate places staff will be)
• Empty streets (to show that people are staying home) these could be awesome aerials (and a small bit of local history!)
75Downtown, City Facilities, Any streets that don't have cars on them, parks and trails,,,,
5/4/2020 12:40:54amensink@cscedc.comMay 2020 shoot: safe shopping + takeout in COSWe would like to get some photos of consumers safely supporting our small business community, including shots of ppl safely conducting in-person shopping (masks, social distancing) and curbside pickup/takeout. We are open to photos from any businesses, but we'd especially like images that include our member businesses. A few of our members noted below in case a couple of them work. Let us know if you want introductions to the retail owners to take photos inside their buildings.

- Anglers Covey
- Downtown Fine Spirits & Wine
- Platte Floral (if open)
- Rutledge's

Takeout/curbside pickup:
- Colorado Craft
- Lazy Dog
- MacKenzie's Chop House
- Oddyssey Gastropub
- Oskar Blues
- PigLatin
- Phantom Canyon
- Springs Orleans
- The Bench
- Roosters House of Ramen
- The Famous
- Urban Egg
- ViewHouse
- Pub Dog
- Salsa on the Rock - Rockrimmon
5/25/2020Shopping, Colorado Springs, Colorado Springs Chamber & EDC, Restaurants, COVID19See above (tell us about your shoot section)20See "about shoot"; most are in downtown area
6/2/2020 12:09:40amensink@cscedc.comJune photoshoot: Peterson AFBProcuring updated photos of common areas on Peterson AFB and Fort Carson to support our #usspaceCOm campaign and our defense development work. Specifically, we are need photos of the following spots on base:
- Peterson’s Bldg 1 (with Pikes Peak in background if possible)
- Evans Hospital (Fort Carson)
- Main sign of each installation (incl. Schriever AFB)
- Headquarters sign at corner of Peterson Blvd and Vandenberg St at Peterson
6/15/2020cscedc, military, Peterson AFB, Fort Carson, defense- Peterson’s Bldg 1 (with Pikes Peak in background if possible)
- Evans Hospital
- Main sign of each installation
- Headquarters sign at corner of Peterson Blvd and Vandenberg St at Peterson
50- Peterson’s Bldg 1 (with Pikes Peak in background if possible)
- Evans Hospital
- Main sign of each installation
- Headquarters sign at corner of Peterson Blvd and Vandenberg St at Peterson
6/16/2020 15:15:07amensink@cscedc.comJuly 2020: Updated shots of Interquest Pkwy development; Amazon build @ COS AirportWe'd like updated drone / crane photos from the development happening along Interquest Parkway, including the In-n-Out distribution facility and restaurant, apartment construction near the cinema, Scheels construction site, and general activity along the corridor. In addition, we'd like updated photos of the Amazon construction projects happening at the COS Airport.7/20/2020In-n-Out, Scheels, Interquest Parkway, Amazon, Colorado Springs, Colorado Springs Chamber & EDC, developmentSee above.50See above.
7/9/2020 13:49:58amensink@cscedc.comBusiness owners wearing masksSimilar to the shoot earlier this summer, we are looking to get photos of business owners / leaders wearing masks. The difference this time is that we're looking for more staged images of the business owners / leaders standing in front of their business or near an identifiable spot in their business with their mask on. We have a comprehensive list of businesses below in the shot list.7/31/2020#MaskUpCOS, Colorado Springs, COVID19, Colorado Springs Chamber & EDC, pandemicHeart to Heart Academy, Terrell Brown at Hillside Connection, JE Dunn Construction, Signarama, American Overhead Door, Brookdale Skyline, RTA Archiects, American Veterans Cleaning Services, HB&A, Boyd Lighting, ServPro of North Central COS, Neon Pig Creative, Pub Dog35Same as shot list
7/10/2020 12:52:37joe.hollmann@coloradosprings.govFront of City buildings shootThis will be pretty self-explanatory, but we would like shots of the front of several major city facility buildings. I tried to cluster the facilities within the downtown core or just west of I-25.

-City Administration Building (30 S. Nevada Ave.)
-Parks, Recreation and Cultural Services Administration Building (1401 Recreation Way)
-Police Operations Center (705 S. Nevada Ave.)
-Gold Hill Division Police Substation (955 West Moreno Avenue, Colorado)
-Fire Department Complex (375 Printers Parkway)
-Any Fire Dept. Substation - easiest for this cluster would be CSFD #1 at 29 S. Weber St., CSFD #2 at 314 E. San Miguel St., or CSFD #3 at 922 W. Colorado Ave.
-Pikes Peak Regional Office of Emergency Management (3755 Mark Dabling Boulevard)
-Pikes Peak Regional Building Department (2880 International Circle, Colorado Springs, CO, 80910)
7/24/2020city building, city facility, City of Colorado Springs, administration building, CSPD, CSFD, CAB, Parks, PPROEMWe just need 5-7 good shots from differing angles of each of the major City facility and administration buildings from ground level perspective. If possible, please capture photos with signage in the foreground and the buildings in the background to give it context, as well as wide-shots of just the building. Attached a couple of examples from your own shoots for what we are looking for.45-City Administration Building (30 S. Nevada Ave.)
-Parks, Recreation and Cultural Services Administration Building (1401 Recreation Way)
-Police Operations Center (705 S. Nevada Ave.)
-Gold Hill Division Police Substation (955 West Moreno Avenue, Colorado)
-Fire Department Complex (375 Printers Parkway)
-Any Fire Dept. Substation - easiest for this cluster would be CSFD #1 at 29 S. Weber St., CSFD #2 at 314 E. San Miguel St., or CSFD #3 at 922 W. Colorado Ave.
-Pikes Peak Regional Office of Emergency Management (3755 Mark Dabling Boulevard)
-Pikes Peak Regional Building Department (2880 International Circle, Colorado Springs, CO, 80910),,,
7/10/2020 13:09:13joe.hollmann@coloradosprings.govSummer City Parks shootThis shoot is to take advantage of the greenery and summer aesthetic for several popular city and regional parks.7/31/2020parks, Parks, open space, trails, community park, neighborhood park, summer, Blodgett Peak, Blodgett Peak Open Space, Venezia Park, Ute Valley, John Venezia ParkThis will focus on three major parks - Blodgett Peak, Venezia Park, and Ute Valley Park. I've attached some photos from shoots you did at Memorial Park that I thought were great, only addition would be a few ground-level shots at all three locations.

Blodgett Peak would be great to get people hiking (or even biking) on the main service trail or on some of the off-shoot trails to the south. Don't feel like you have to go very far up since it is a steep hike up the peak. Some general landscape shots of wildflowers, tall pines, and of the peak itself would be great. And if you wanted to bring out the drone, any pic that captures the open space and the peak looking to the west would be awesome!

Venezia Park we want some aerials of the park, especially highlighting the variety of amenities. So shots of the turf fields, pickle ball courts, tennis courts, splashground and pavilions in the main shot would be great. If there are people in the splashgrounds or utilizing any of the amenities, any ground level wide-shots would be great!

Ute Valley Park might be an awesome shoot around golden hour. It is a heavy hiking and biking trail, so ground level shots of people doing that would be great. Aerials would be a nice snag too, both with the park in context to the bluffs to the east and the foothills/mountains to the west. Signage shots of the park would be great too.
60Blodgett Peak Open Space - 3786 W Woodmen Rd
Venezia Park - 3555 Briargate Pkwy
Ute Valley - 1705 Vindicator Dr,,,,
7/31/2020 13:47:19joe.hollmann@coloradosprings.govConstruction ManiaThis shoot will focus on two areas that have a ridiculous amount of construction activity - the Airport Peak Innovation Business Park and Interquest Parkway between I-25 and Highway 83.

The Airport Peak Innovation Park (see file upload for park's footprint) currently has one of Amazon's largest distribution centers in the United States being built, two hotels and some other office space/amenities. I am not sure how drone flying works that close to Airport, so I will leave it up to your knowledge of that if pictures are possible from aerial.

On the other corner of town there is Interquest Parkway, which includes over $1 billion of current construction/development projects. This includes Scheels, Ent Credit Union's new HQ, hotels, residential, and commercial retail space. Basically we are looking to point a lens at everything that is being built, and perhaps get creative on contextualizing the shots with Pikes Peak in the background or USAFA.
8/14/2020construction, development, redevelopment, Airport, Interquest, Interquest Parkway, Peak Innovation Park, economic development, summer 2020For the Airport, we are looking for any shots of construction, either aerial or ground level. (15 good shots of this would be great). This includes any dirt that is being moved, not just necessarily steel going up.

For Interquest, same deal, photos of anything being constructed/dirt being moved both aerial and ground. A little bit more action up North so 20-25 shots would be great)
40See upload for footprint of Airport's footprint. Interquest is pretty self-explanatory but between I-25 and Highway 83.,,,,
7/31/2020 16:11:38joe.hollmann@coloradosprings.govDowntown Major Projects - Video FootageThis shoot will focus on the major construction and redevelopment projects in downtown.

We are looking for a few videos of the newly finished Olympic Museum, aerial footage of the Vermijo Streetscape project, aerial footage of the demoed warehouse buildings, aerial footage of the pedestrian bridge construction at America the Beautiful, some video on the new Switchbacks stadium, some footage of the Pioneers Museum flying west to east with focus on clocktower, and then some generic footage of Colorado College's Robson Arena. If you wanted to grab a photo or two from each location too that would be awesome!

Don't need a ton of variety on each location, just need a couple of really good ones at each spot.
8/14/2020downtown, construction, development, redevelopment, Olympic Museum, southwest downtown, Switchbacks, Pioneers, Robson, VermijoSee above for detailed shot list25I don't think you need addresses for these haha :)

Olympic Museum
Swithcbacks Stadium
Pioneers Museum
Vermijo Streetscape (Vermijo between Cascade and Sierra Madre)
Robson Arena,,,
10/26/2020 14:11:12amensink@cscedc.com2020 State of the Region | Wednesday, Dec. 9, 2020We are planning to co-host our annual State of the Region with El Paso County at The Boot Barn Hall at Bourbon Brothers on Dec. 9 from approximately 11:30 a.m. to 1 p.m. The event will feature keynote speaker County Commissioner Mark Waller. It will be a plated lunch event. 12/9/2020Colorado Springs Chamber & EDC, El Paso County, 2020 State of the Region, Business Keynote speaker: Commissioner Waller; Intro by Dirk Draper; shots of people networking while abiding by health guidelines (masks, social distancing); and people seated at tables.50Boot Barn Hall at Bourbon Brothers - Colorado Springs (north side)
4/15/2021 10:11:35amensink@cscedc.comSwitchbacks Stadium / Weidner FieldWe'd like to get photos of the new downtown stadium in May 2021.5/31/2021Colorado Springs Chamber & EDC, Downtown Colorado Springs, Downtown Stadium, Weidner Field, City for Champions, City of Colorado SpringsExterior of stadium, including public art installations; interior to show field/turf; aerial shots to show stadium with mountains in background; aerial/distance shots to show construction projects happening in vicinity of stadium. Prefer mid to late May shoot so trees/landscaping are green and construction is done or very close to completion. 40Switchback Stadium / Weidner Field
4/15/2021 10:20:15amensink@cscedc.comConstruction progress @ Robson Arena on Colorado College campusWe'd like to get aerial shots of the construction progress @ Robson Arena (new hockey arena at Colorado College). The project isn't scheduled to wrap up until October; this will include shots of building under construction.6/30/2021Colorado Springs Chamber & EDC, Downtown Colorado Springs, City of Colorado Springs, Colorado College, Robson Arena, City for ChampionsBuilding exterior; aerial shots to show arena with mountains in background, downtown in background, and relation to CC campus; interior shots to show progress on arena seating. We can connect you with the appropriate contacts at Nunn Construction and Colorado College to access the construction site, permission to photograph, etc.40Robson Arena at Colorado College
4/29/2021 15:11:18amensink@cscedc.comInterquest Updates 2021Get updated photos of developments and construction in and around Interquest Parkway & North Gate. Please include some photos with laborers and close-up shots, among the good landscape-scale images.7/30/2021Colorado Springs Chamber & EDC, Interquest Parkway, North Colorado Springs, City of Colorado Springs, North Gate Boulevard Exterior and aerial shots of Scheels; Ent Credit Union; home construction / development near Scheels; overall aerial shots to show growth and development in the Interquest Parkway and North Gate Blvd. exits/areas.60Scheels, Ent Credit Union, and other developments, including housing construction, in the near area.
4/29/2021 15:12:57amensink@cscedc.comBanning Lewis Ranch developmentWould like aerial footage of home construction in Banning Lewis Ranch. In addition, we'd like some photos with laborers, and some close-up shots, among the good landscape-scale images.5/31/2021City of Colorado Springs, Colorado Springs Chamber & EDC, Banning Lewis RanchAerial footage to show overall footprint of new home construction; a few close-ups to show homes under construction20Banning Lewis Ranch housing development
4/23/2021 8:57:55amensink@cscedc.comRed Leg BreweryFootage of their new brewery and beer garden off Garden of the Gods Road. Prefer to have shoot during a day/time when people will be outside enjoying the beer garden and lawn games. Currently have this shoot scheduled for summer in hopes construction will be wrapped up, but we can play it by ear.7/31/2021City of Colorado Springs, Colorado Springs Chamber & EDC, Red Leg Brewery, breweriesPeople outside/inside enjoying the new brewery and lawn games. Please include some shots of brewery exterior to show relation to foothills/west side.40Red Leg Brewery: 2323 Garden of the Gods Road
4/23/2021 9:05:23amensink@cscedc.comDowntown Colorado SpringsLooking to capture construction progress and return of in-person activity post-pandemic. Prefer to do this shoot in the summer in the afternoon to include patio dining, outside happy hours, etc. 8/31/2021City of Colorado Springs, Downtown, Downtown Colorado Springs, Colorado Springs Chamber & EDCTrolley Building exterior to include ppl eating/drinking outside; Kinship Landing atrium; construction cranes in sky with mountains in background; USOPM and pedestrian bridge to America the Beautiful Park; Tejon Street Eatery; people walking, shopping downtown.50Trolley Bldg, Kinship Landing, USOPM + America the Beautiful Park, Tejon Street Eatery, Downtown Colorado Springs
4/23/2021 9:09:21amensink@cscedc.comNorth Cheyenne Cañon ParkUpdated shots of outdoor scenery and people hiking, mountain biking, etc.9/30/2021North Cheyenne Cañon Park, City of Colorado Springs, City of Colorado Springs Parks and Recreation, Colorado Springs Chamber & EDC, outdoor, outdoor recreationScenic shots, photos of people partaking in outdoor recreation, including hiking and mountain biking50North Cheyenne Cañon Park